Using my bully pulpit…

Hi guys,

I respectfully ask everybody to reduce – as much as possible – the attention that we give to a very specific one other site.

I’ll explain:

1. Turn out that quite a few members of our community never even heard about that other site – can you believe it!? – and I don’t want anyone who comes here to feel like they have no idea what the rest of the class is talking about. 

2. Taking shots at the Professional Left is fine. I do it all the time. It’s important to push back against the spins, lies and more than just a hint of racism coming from the self-appointed “speakers” of the “base” – Because apparently being a part of the 95% approval the president has among Liberals, still doesn’t mean that we are the base. (Not to mention many other parts of the Obama coalition – Moderates, Conservatives, all kinds).

Having said that – and understanding as well as anyone the need to vent about that specific place – I have no desire to elevate one blog (even one that is still somewhat influential among the Keith Olbermann base) by making it a main discussion topic here. They really don’t deserve it.

3. Many of us – including myself – left that other place with no intention to ever go back. I think we’d like to hear as little as possible about that depressing venue.

4. And most importantly: We are here to have the president’s back and celebrate a truly amazing presidency in real-time. I’m not going to ban any topic, I’m not going to censure anything – but in the spirit that we created here, I simply ask everyone to try to stay focus on what this place is meant for: Spreading the TRUTH about this great president.


Two more quick notes:

1. Some people asked how they can get in touch with me and where to send links. It’s easy:

2. “I’m Grateful” sticky post still brings amazing comments that can leave me speechless – especially what’s going on under the photos. However, some comments contained full home address and phone number of the poster. I edited these posts and left most details out. Please don’t publish your full home address. This is the Internetz. Be careful.

Thanks everybody. Happy New Year.


257 thoughts on “Using my bully pulpit…

  1. Agreed. Even though the other place left me with a sense of profound disapointment and sadness at how off track they have gotten, this place would have never came into being without the strange turn the other place took. Now I dont have to wait a week for BWD, I can come here. That is one heck of a gift!!

  2. By the way, did you see our guy smack the congress in the face with 6 recess appointments? He’s skinny, but he’s tough

  3. and understanding as well as anyone the need to vent about that specific place

    Thanks for that remark – I had the feeling that just venting about negative attitudes *in general* generated its own negativity, something we certainly don’t need here.

  4. Hey qmastertoo, I read that. That was pretty cool.

    When President Comes back though, I will give him the “Heads Up” info to keep him up to speed, just in case.

    The Republican Party is NOT to be trusted at all.
    They are perpetual liars,thieves and murderers with no shame. However, if they do not repent and turn, they will stand before Christ Jesus who they so called profess with their so called obedience and love, they will find out that the Lord God almighty would say…
    “depart from me you workers of iniquity and into everlasting punishment.”

  5. I know, I know. It use to be our playground. But now it’s just a sad place and I don’t want that sadness here. We should leave this trauma behind us. A new year is coming, 2012 election just around the corner, we have a lot to focus on.

  6. Thanks, BWD. Understood. BTW, I got a I am grateful sticky post in my e-mail two days ago.

    The person that sent it to me is an activist here in my red district. It didn’t have a link showing where it came from, but I already knew.

  7. Good idea, BWD. I think that we should be looking ahead, although I admit that I do have a lot of fun taking shots at the professional left and some of the frustrati. One of the things we have to remember is that while they make a lot of noise, and can disrupt various Internet forums, they are not the base of the Party, in fact they are a relatively powerless fringe element. If we put them in “time out” (i.e.; don’t give them the hits), everyone will be much happier, and the attention they crave will disappear.

  8. BWD, starting in the summer, you should run fundraisers on this site, for POTUS re election!
    In essence, you can be a bundler for him, reach a goal, and give the WH a call saying I have such and such dough for POTUS, from an act blue account!

    And good morning!

    Just saying!

  9. Thanks BWD, I totally agree with you. The mission for all of us is …..

    Spreading the TRUTH about this great president.

    The job of the traditional media is to educate and inform the public, but they have been derelict in their duties. Instead, they have created a firewall that filters out any positive news. For too long, the only good news about President Obama was bad news. That has got to change and it is up to us to do something about it.

    Breaking through that firewall is not going to be easy. But your blog and the many amazing sites on the blogroll are making a difference and are starting to break through. I sense a movement towards fact checking and truth telling that will hopefully spread far and wide.

  10. PARTY OF EIGHT: President Obama’s last reported activity in Hawaii was an adults-only dinner party at Alan Wong’s restaurant, according to the pool. Joining Obama at the Honolulu restaurant were the first lady, four of their friends and two of Michelle Obama’s relatives. “All adults, no kids for dinner,” the pool says.

    They were there for nearly three hours, according to the report.

    Politico 44-

  11. The MSM does this all the time:

    Rumors of Bill Richardson replacing Hillary Clinton as U.S. secretary of state exploded across the Internet Monday and appear to have been started by a report from and have been falsely attributed to Washington Examiner — which is unrelated to — by Fox News, among other outlets.

    The report, which cited “numerous sources,” came from Dr. Michael Williams, an Albuquerque pastor on Christmas Eve. Williams also posted the report on his personal website. …

    Locally, KOAT reported on the rumors, saying the “rumors cropped up on Korean media outlets.” KOAT included a denial from “Richardson’s staff.”

  12. I totally agree BWD, negativity breeds more negativity. No need to feed the beast . Let us start the new year by staying focus on important stuff. Happy new year everyone.

  13. Thanks for saying this BWD. The other place was our place for along time. But now that I don’t go there anymore I feel so much better! It is so great to be surrounded by positive people. That is how we get work done.

  14. Good morning people,

    I’m in total agreement with BWD, we have work to do in the near future to make sure 2012 election is a successful one. Our energy should be put to good use not spent on negativity.

    On another note, I’ve been watching the news about the snow in the NE and the criticisism Mayor Bloomberg is receiving. Now, I think back to the oil spill when the President was criticized by Bloomberg for not moving fast enough to alleviate concerns and here we are today – Bloomberg in the spot light. I thought then that Bloomberg was being a jerk for saying anything about the administration’s response. What this shows me is that what goes around comes around.

    President Obama has many critics but what’s interesting is everyone of them at one time or another will face a similar situation where they fall short and have to eat their words. Karma….

  15. I forgot to add a thank you for the list of other great websites. They are all in my bookmark now.

  16. Easy to do. I love it here. So much positive energy. It is the first thing I check in the morning.

  17. One always have to read carefully in these cases.

    Just as Gov. Richardson went there, so did ex-president Bill Clinton (to get some US prisoners freed).

    Always, these people, how “public” they seem to our eyes, are on a “private visit”.

    That’s on purpose. If anything goes wrong, diplomatically, with their visit, the administration is safe.

  18. Completely agree, BWD. I’ve enjoyed my time at the other site, and hope things will turn around over there eventually. What’s more, this site has its own merits–it shouldn’t be seen as a reaction to another blog, anyway.

  19. Yes, leave the sadness there. The new Congress will give us much to cry and wail about.
    🙂 😦

  20. Circular news reporting. People don’t check things anymore, just say them. They don’t even use logic: why would Obama get rid of Hillary anyway, since she’s doing a good job? Let’s not forget that with a more Republican Senate, appointments get harder to get through. A high level appointment like Secretary of State would require weeks of testimony and generate weeks of opposition. Without a real reason, there is no reason to do this.

    I imagine that from now until 2012 unless there is a need for a sudden appointment, the only candidates will be people already on the list and therefore already vetted. There are no surprises that way.

  21. Good Morning Everyone!

    Another sign that the labor market is improving.

    WASHINGTON — The number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell to its lowest point in nearly two and a half years, a sign that the job market is slowly improving.

    Applications dropped by 34,000 to 388,000, the fewest since July 2008, the Labor Department said Thursday. The number of applications has either fallen or remained unchanged in five of the past six weeks.

  22. I agree BWD. Love the positive energy I get from your blog, and I wouldn’t want to loose it. Thanks!

  23. Its amazing that this should appear today because my thoughts ran in that direction the last time I opened my email from this site and enjoyed the posting and the comments. I understand the human side of hurt feelings, being excluded and even being bullied. However, resentment and grievance are not our best sides. There is nothing there for us once the feelings are expressed. Its time to move forward and embrace a sense of appreciation even for those we may have fallen out with. This site can be a safe place to celebrate each victory no matter how small and to quickly rebound from each defeat to lose no time in forging ahead. The thing is, if resentment is the message, that will not happen. I love Aung San Suu Kyi’s thoughts, “People must work in unison. Only then can we achieve our goal”. Coalitions, like relationships, take tremendous work and the recurring need for reconciliation.

  24. More progress! DROPPING BELOW 400,000 for the first time in a LONG time:

    Jobless claims hit lowest level in more than two-years
    Dec 30, 2010 08:50 EST

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – New claims for unemployment benefits dropped more than expected last week to touch their lowest level in more than two years, suggesting the labor market recovery was gaining strength.

    Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell 34,000 to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, the lowest reading since early July 2008, the Labor Department said on Thursday. That was well below economists’ expectations for 415,000.

    The prior week’s claims figure was revised modestly up to 422,000 from the previously reported 420,000. A Labor Department official said there was nothing unusual in the state-level data and described the report as clean.

  25. Hope this isn’t too “out there” but I happened to get this yesterday from a daily quote I’m signed up for (from the Abraham/Hicks group), and when I read it, I had a similar thought about all of this. Here it is:

    It is natural that by knowing what you do not want, you are able to clarify what you do want; and there is nothing wrong with identifying a problem before beginning to look for a solution. But many people, over time, become problem oriented rather than solution oriented, and in their examination and explanation of the problem, they continue the perpetuation of the problem. That which is like unto itself, is drawn—so tell the story you want to live and you will eventually live it.

    — Abraham

  26. I agree, blackwaterdog. There is nothing productive in rehashing old grievances. If one wants to be healthy, one must actively pursue health, not bemoan illness. I received an email with your “I’m Grateful” posting from a friend who is never in the blogosphere, which means it has become very widespread. Thank you.

  27. I hope the spotlight stays right where it belongs, on Mayor I-am-the-most-competent-man-in-the-room Bloomberg, into his 3rd term as mayor. The preceding ‘full name’ is how he likes to portray himself, yet he’s been sleep-walking through term 3 and possible staging for a prez run.
    He didn’t declare an emergency despite the blizzard warning. This was not Katrina, this was a blizzard that could have been managed much better if he had been listening to anyone outside his inner circle and stayed ahead of the storm by mobilizing the remaining public workers he does have available (he likes to save money by cutting the public work force). Storms like this do happen on the east coast and the key is to stay ahead of them: Why should people have been stuck overnight on subways, vehicles stranded all over the place? No question that this was a difficult storm but there are easy precedents that called for standard preparedness that in this case was not implemented–public services are in place for a reason and we should expect them to be used appropriately.

  28. I had already made that one of my New Year’s resolutions. Part, and only part, of this site, is to educate and correct the falsehoods out there. So if somebody hears or reads something, no matter what the source, that is blatantly false, it is proper to bring it up and discuss how to counter, IMO.

    But, after my brief attempt at psychoanalysis of the PL a couple days ago, discussing them as a unit, specially the site you reference, is off my radar. They will be who they will be and we aren’t going to change them. In fact (and I may get some disagreement on this) some of the comments I have seen here about them borders on the same level of hyperbole and judgementalism that we have been condemning.

    Another purpose of this site (again IMO and perhaps BWD would disagree) is to allow like minded people to gather together, discuss the issues, even disagree with civility about things, be mutually supportive and provide ideas as to how to counter the slander that is out there.

    Regarding your comment on journalism, I grew up in the days of Edward R. Murrow Huntley and Brinkley, Walter Cronkite and others. The last of the real journalists, Bill Moyers, is not really doing much these days. It is sad that the public in general can’t trust anybody to really tell them the truth.

  29. What is interesting about the critics, Flojo, is that they seem unable to understand that much of the real work is done behind the scenes. If the President is not in front of a microphone screaming and gesticulating, they assume nothing is getting done. Would they prefer he shower in public so they can check up on his hygienic habits? I am not a Bloomberg fan, but I would think he, as mayor of the country’s most prominent city, would know better.

  30. BWD,

    If that is your wish for us to not engage that other website, I will try my best to ignore them, but keep in mind that the vileness they display towards you will not go unanswered.

  31. I completely understand and agree with the editorial choice as long as it was 100% choice and AdamB’s interest here wasn’t professional from his line of work. It would be ridiculous, but it wouldn’t be the first time lawyers tried to bully for things even when there isn’t any legal grounds to stand on.

  32. Yep. And Bloomberg knew what was coming, he had time to prepare. The BP disaster came to the president from nowhere.

    Maybe Mr. Bloomberg should learn how to put himself on someone else’ shoes.

  33. Happy New Year to you BWD. What a pleasure to continue to come here and find peace, support for ou President, and intelligent comments on the given subjects. You are doing all of us such a kind, thoughtful, and productive act of goodness. Yes, I concur, let us enjoy this refreshing site. Thank you again, BWD and friends here. I enjoy it.

  34. Thanks guys. I guess I’m still skittish from you know where, when you could expect attacks on any comment that “they” didn’t think was important.
    What a sigh of relief I breathe here. Certainly a better frame of mind for working to support the agenda and reelection of the best President I know.

  35. Democrats’ Top 10 Accomplishments of the past two years.

    10. Passing Credit Card Reform (CARD Act)
    Protects Americans from unfair and misleading credit card practices

    9. Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
    Ensures that all workers in America are paid what they deserve, regardless of race, gender, or age

    8. Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan
    President Obama nominated and the Senate confirmed Associate Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

    7. Student Loan Reform
    Helps make college more affordable for students and families

    6. Wall Street Reform
    Holds Wall Street accountable, ends “too big to fail” bailouts, and enacts the strongest consumer protections in history

    5. The New START Treaty
    Keeps America safe and strengthens our global leadership on nuclear weapons issues

    4. ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal
    Ends the discriminatory policy preventing gays and lesbians from serving in America’s armed forces

    3. Ending combat operations in Iraq
    Effectively ends Operation Iraqi Freedom and withdraws 100,000 troops

    2. The Recovery Act
    Saves and creates millions of jobs, investing unprecedented resources in building a new foundation for our country, and preventing a second Great Depression

    1. The Affordable Care Act
    Reforms our country’s broken health care system by holding insurance companies accountable, lowering costs, ensuring greater choice, and improving the quality of care for all Americans

  36. I’m a New Yorker, did not vote for him once, although I ESPECIALLY did not vote for the third term!
    I heard Joe Klein, his outgoing schools chancellor, on our local npr station this morning BASHING the teachers UNION up one side and down the other. And the kicker? He’s going to work now for a “Rupert Murdock company”.
    Basta! And by that I mean, ENOUGH!

  37. Great! I am so happy to hear that the President and First Lady are enjoying some more quality time with those dear friends and family members. It is fitting to do so. I love it because they also know how to balance their time with the girls, then give some time to the adults. What a First Family we have to enjoy. Let us take pride with graciousness in this wonderful gift of a leader that we have in Barack Obama.

    I so appreciate all of you who bring great news that is thoughtful for all of us to read. Yes, let us keep this beautiful space for support, “Got Our POTUS Back.” Thanks to all of you. You lift my day in a beautiful way. Thank you and have a very Beautiful New Year!!!

  38. You’re right BWD – The “BP spill” vs “Blizzard” is like apples and oranges, and that’s why I felt he was a jerk for commenting because it was so unexpected. Now, the storm like many have commented was known and he did not take the necessary steps to prepare the city, so the critiques are on point about management. I lived through many of these storms and disaster planning is key.

  39. Steve Benen of Washington Monthly has a very depressing post about Republicans rooting for failure. But all we hear from the traditional media about this is crickets. If the roles were reversed, the 24X7 media coverage would make Reverend Wright look tame.

    The Republican Party wraps itself in the flag while clutching the bible. And we are supposed to believe that THEY are the true patriots?


    In general, the right seemed to agree that there was nothing especially wrong in hoping for failure. The contingent was led by Rush Limbaugh, who told his audience the day before Inauguration Day, “I hope Obama fails.” A month later, Limbaugh, talking about efforts to revive the economy, added, “I want everything he’s doing to fail… I want the stimulus package to fail.”
    But the partisan breakdown was especially interesting. Among Democrats, 89% are hoping for success. Among self-identified Independents, it’s 59%. Among Republicans, a 61% majority went the other way, hoping to see the president’s policies fail.

  40. I want to leave my dear friends here with two quotes for today;
    “True happiness…is not attained through self-gratification, but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” Helen Keller

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” Gandhi

    Have a wonderful day all of you! BDW, you knew that we needed this place to come and help ourselves and others move to a greater level so we might help others in the future. Thank you!!!

  41. Hi Sheila,

    I place the blame squarely on the media folks who want the visual (perception) of getting something done rather than the end results. President Obama understands that results are more desirable but the general public have bought into the perception game that it’s become extremely difficult to convince them that a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush:)

  42. Hi Nina,

    You’re right he blew it with New Yorkers and Chris Christie I hope won’t recover from his Disney vacation, he should of opted for a “staycation”.

  43. That quote is beautiful. Work toward a solution — this explains how the Obama Administration works!

  44. I stopped making new year resolutions many years ago but in this case I vow to make the new year my mission to stay positive and to help others. I want to thank BWD for this new post and I will tell all my friends about it so that our numbers grow. May everyone have a very good New Year. There will be times that will be troubling with the 112th senate and republican controlled house, but make a daily visit here to regenerate our resolve to stay positive. I received the email to get a Thank You from the president. I say we send HIM a thank you!

  45. Thanks for posting those reminders for those who spent so much time talking about that other blog. I was never a visitor to it and I got tired of so many going on and on about it. It was too much negativity and it seemed too cliquish for those of us who are new to this site and had no history with the other. I was happy when I found out about this site from the very positive Obama photo and video diary, but more and more I found the tone troubling. Thanks again, for cleaning house and reminding all about the reason why this blog was created. I hope to stay and become part of an amzing community.

  46. I didn’t hear that! Good for him.

    “Massive power grab!” will be the cry, as they massively try to grab massive amounts of power (bad English intentional).

  47. Me too!

    I received a Christmas Card from our President and Family for the second year in a row and you would have thought that I had won the lottery.

    Needless to say they get framed each year 🙂

  48. You are so right! I got such a kick out of the NYT posting at about 5:30 in the afternoon that Bloomey had “easily” won his 3rd term. Yet after almost $90 million bloomey bucks against the invisible Thompson, the results were 51-46, with some votes going to the other runners (The rent’s too damn high!). With the media in your pocket….

  49. Chris In-Your-Face Christie should have at least had a few in-your-face twitters or phone calls to make it look like he cared and to indicate he was at least paying attention and in contact making decisions. Of course he can delegate authority, the problem is that he didn’t do that. In your face, Christie!

  50. Yes! It was an amazingly close outcome considering Bloomberg was holding so many cards, so many IOU’s, so many hostages.

  51. You have said what I feel. Sitting around for a week waiting for BWD news and pics was worth it, but because of “those” people now we have a site available every day. thank you BWD

  52. Please don’t forget about Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) and Home Affordable Refinancing Program (HARP). I know many folks are disappointed still about the housing market but the problem is that many of the banks are not playing ball. For those who was able to push through the red tape the programs work. I’m looking into the HARP program and hopefully can decrease my mortage interest rate in 2011. Thank you Presiddent Obama, but can we make this work better by mandating the banks to accept & process the applications. According to Wells Fargo it is voluntary on their end for HAMP.

  53. Knowing what the frustrati are saying is part of the dynamic we must address. I don’t know if we can just ignore them and do positive things. They are a front we need to combat in this war, because now that we finally have a few national liberal voices in the media, the vast majority of them are destructive.

    Stephanie Miller is no intellectual heavyweight but she is constantly looking at the big picture. She thinks like we do. She can find a way to voice some unhappiness without ever being destructive to the overall marathon that we’re in to take back the country. She understands that we are moving in a progressive direction and wants to celebrate and encourage that.

    She moved to New York I’m assuming to try to parlay her approach into TV exposure. Ed Schultz did it and got his own show. But Stephanie has moved back to L.A. She got guest appearances but no invitation to join the national progressive media on TV. You now have to be an Obama-basher to get airtime, like Cenk. I have not watched much of Sam Seder filling in for Keith. I’ve always loved Sam and frankly I’m afraid he’s going to jump on the bash Obama bandwagon.

    My point is, the frustrati are not just some cranks full of insults on dKos and FDL. They are the public voice of the progressive movement, and they don’t like this President. There is absolutely no way that that helps our cause. I don’t think we can avoid them and just do positive things. We have to find a way to get our voices in the national progressive media.

  54. Thanks BWD, agreed. We have a new future to build.

    I send people here whenever I can. I’m frequently recommend your site on Facebook.

  55. Also, what were the issues with Richardson that he couldn’t be nominated for a cabinet post? There was some faux controversy but enough for him to withdraw from consideration.

    Just FauxNews stirring up trouble — again.

  56. I agree with BWD’s premise. The time for venting about how certain “liberal” blogs suck is over. Lets stay positive.

    My house was broken into yesterday. They took my XBOX360 w/Kinect, my beloved iPad and for some odd reason, the envelope full of letters and pictures from a beautiful woman I dated in Spain over a decade ago (that REALLY hurt).

    Now, I could choose to wallow in misery over the violation of my personal space and feelings of vulnerability, or I could’ve gone on a date with a cute little redhead teacher in DC. I chose the latter.

    A Public Service Announcement: I didn’t have Renter’s Insurance. I have now purchased it. It’s cheap and could’ve saved me a lot of money to replace my stuff.

  57. Donna, I am so jealous. I didn’t receive a card this year but I plan to figure out how to change that for 2011.

    You would not believe the boxes of campaign merchandise, books, magazines, posters and newspaper articles I have on Senator Obama and now President Obama. I am interested in everything he does.

    It’s gotten so bad that some friends and family will often say don’t get Ladyhawke started talking politics and President Obama. She will never stop. Hilarious…

  58. I didn’t say “ignore them”. I was very specifically talking about *one* site. I’m all for pushing back. I just don’t want all that inside wars and wreck list stories to take over this place. It’s not why i started it.

  59. More than a little. I’ll say it again: I make complete separation between pushing back against the fake speakers for the “base”, and some 1000 comments diaries on that other place. I don’t want to elevate them to a place they don’t deserve to be.

  60. StarkyLuv, I am sorry to hear that. I thankfully do have renter’s insurance, not because I was smart enough to purchase it on my own, but because my complex requires it. It is a life saver in circumstances that you described, but I am glad that you have it now. I hope that they catch the person/people that broke into your place.

    Happy New Year to all of you. BWD I agree with your sentiments. Actually part of my New Years “Political” Resolution is to stop discussing what the “professional left” is doing, and to just focus on getting the facts out to the electorate. I asked myself how was I any better than them, if I try to tear them down. We have to fly above it, and that’s what I plan on doing.

  61. Those programs should have MANDATORY participation and MANDATORY rules…I am supposed to be working on a mod and Chase is, AT THE SAME TIME, foreclosing on my house.That’s not good faith.Calling the lawyer again today, which is how I’ve spent this entire vacation. Dealing with this farce of a bank…my New Year’s wish is that I see a bunch of white collar criminals be frog marched to jail for all kinds of fraud. If those Gitmo prisoners can’t come, we might as well fill up those unused cells with these fraudsters…it’s sick what they all conspired to do to this economy, and it’s not over yet.Sorry. Had to vent.

  62. Nah, I’m good. I’m more disgusted and sad than angry. The iPad can be replaced but not those letters and photos.

    But I’m good. I think I’m handling it better than I would have a few years ago.

    You just keep the awesome posts going. I work a job where I can’t take my cell phone into the building and don’t have access to unclassified internet. When I go to my car at the end of the day and see an e-mail update about a new post on TOAITR, it puts a smile on my face!

    So, thanks BWD and the TOAITR community. I have a good feeling this place is gonna rival “that other site” in size and influence by the time the 2012 elections come around. Along with The People’s View, Norbrook’s Blog, Pragmatic News, WEE See You, etc. Love those sites!

  63. Thank you for that. Try to do that everyday. The weirdest thing just happened with that comment, BWD! I clicked to post and it popped up and said that I was trying to post a duplicate comment, that I already said this:) Never had that happen, is all.

  64. Agreed. I’d rather root FOR a team than root AGAINST another.

    It’s easy to get sucked into old habits, but lets try!

  65. As I worked thru the comments, I was feeling so good ’til I came upon Starky’s post. And yes, the taking of that envelope is totally tacky and thotless. Almost makes you think it might be someone you know……huh?

    Well…….Happy New Year to everyone. I know for sure it will be more positive now that we have our new place here. So a special thx to you, BWD.

  66. The antidote to Christie is Newark Mayor Cory Booker. We need someone who is not against teachers, unions, democratic judges, poor folks and someone who will work with the administration to bring high speed rails to state. Chris Christie was positioning himself for a presidential run but these days it’s looking less likely.

    It is being reported that the snow plowers deliberately slowed down the process to protest cuts in the budget. Gov. Patterson is disgusted and calling for an investigation into the matter.

  67. Nah, I don’t really know anyone in my development and my friends would never do that to me. I’m just clueless as to why they would take that.

    Anyway, didn’t mean to bring people down. Just used that as an example of how NOT to let something negative suck you into a vortex of negativity. Things happen that you can’t control. How you RESPOND to it is up to you.

    We can continue to vilify Dkos or we can contribute to the purpose of which BWD created this site. Lets go on that date with that cute redhead teacher!

  68. My parents got a loan mod after getting really swindled. Their montly payment went from $2100 to $1200 – much more affordable for them as retirees.

  69. Sage advice, bwd.

    So much to do and so many good folk to do it with. That’s what is already attracting many to your blog.

    Happy New Year

  70. So sorry to hear that SL.Hope your date was awesome though, the rest, though expensive and important, is just “stuff”. Good head’s up to all about the renter’s insurance. We learned the hard way, many years ago that the couple hundred dollars a year was worth its weight in gold.Put a smile on your face and figure that who ever stole from you, must need it more than you do.I’ve had things stolen from me and that’s what saved me after my initial anger, and even more so, the disappointment that someone would actually do that to another person.

  71. More Promising News!!

    Pending Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rose 3.5% in November

    The number of contracts to buy previously owned homes rose more than forecast in November, a sign sales are recovering following a post-tax credit plunge.

    The index of pending resales increased 3.5 percent after jumping a record 10 percent in October, the National Association of Realtors said today in Washington. The median forecast in a Bloomberg News survey called for a 0.8 percent rise in November, and the gain was the fourth in five months.

  72. Thanks. But it was a game system and an iPad. I don’t think they needed it as much as wanted it. But it’s all good. My life is good and this site is good. I love coming here. I never thought a site like this would exist in these “Obama is a Marxist/Communist/Closet Republican-sellout” times.

    But here it is!

  73. I know I have personally refrained from mentioning that place or even clicking the links posted here to the good diaries that still remain. I would always find myself going down to read the comments and be rolling my eyes after just a few of them. Besides, there are so many other worthy PL targets to crack on.

  74. I agree with you. What makes this blog unique is that it is a repository for the positive.

  75. Hpaay New Year to all of you out there in the world!!!

    BWD, I have not been to the other site since I found you here and will keep away for ever.

    Some of you may want to check this website:

    “The microvolunteering networkIt’s online volunteering, for busy people.”

    That website has nothing to do with me but it is a good one.

  76. I can ONLY hope! The whole thing is a rotten scam…really, I know too much from reading 6 hours or so EVERY NIGHT just to keep up with all the BS they are doing.Glad for your parents, to be sure:)

  77. Desertflower – Sorry you’re going through this nonsense. I don’t qualify for HAMP but have a shot of refinancing through HARP. Unfortunately, I can’t take advantage of non-tradition mortage servicers because I can only go through the loan originator. I asked Wells Fargo about HAMP to get more info for a friend and when they said that it was volutary I was taken aback. The guy told me that they do not have to honor the application because the home owner made the decision to stop paying. I scratched my head because the intent of the program was to help those who have fallen behind. Imagine my surprise to here a loan adjuster admitting that they pick and choose who to help. That’s why the administration need to change the program by forcing the banks to process the applications for individuals who qualify and not give banks an option.

    By the venting is fine – we all need to. My motto the 3 R’s; Relax, Relate, Release:)

  78. Although my site name is “what is working”, you can just call me the “new kid”. Until President Obama ran I was not that involved in politics. Once he was elected I had this incredibly naive attitude that it was all going to turn out just fine because he was the President and Democrats controlled congress.

    Month after month I grew discouraged as the bad news piled up. Every morning I would think “this is the day he turns it around”. I kept waiting for ABC and CBS to have stories of his success. As I said, I’m new.

    The 2010 election was the first time I have ever made a political donation, called to get out the vote or put a sign in my lawn. It was easier than I thought. I even started a blog.

    Since Nov. 2010 I have been looking for a site like this, and I am very grateful. I am also slightly clueless. I post comments on the wrong page, don’t have a any idea what the “other” site is, and am not really sure of the etiquette of posts and blogs. I think this is a pretty safe place to learn.

    The tone of this site is just what I was looking for. Virtual Hugs.

  79. Flojo…I could take this ENTIRE precious space up just telling you MY horror story, and there are MILLIONS of horror stories out there! Think about this. It’s OUR money that they’re saying that we can’t have! Bailed them out, with the premise that they would help homeowners, and they aren’t. They are trying REAL hard to make us out to be deadbeats that didn’t pay their mortgages. Guess what? THAT WAS A PREREQUISITE to get them to even TALK to you!!! I called BEFORE I missed a payment, and they told me too bad, we were current, no can do. Would have to miss payments in order to qualify. THEY told us to default,and now they want to foreclose on my house!!That’s just the beginning..the tip of the iceberg, so to speak…it get’s more bizarre and criminal from there.

  80. I do still participate and comment at the “other site” and don’t plan to leave any time soon (hey – SOMEBODY’S got to provide some kind of counter-balance), but certainly, there’s no reason to bring any of that here.

    I agree, keep this is positive site. There’s more than enough cynacism elsewhere.

  81. Thank You BWD for reminding us again today of why you created this blog. I am lurking here every day, often several times a day. Your posts and those of many members “rev” me up for the work ahead of us to counter misinformation with fact and negativity with positives.

    I long ago learned to scroll past the trolls who post on OFA so it is easy for me to focus my attention on the comments of those here who are intent upon spreading the truth about our AMAZING PRESIDENT and supporting all others who do so.

  82. Bloomberg’s hiring of an ex-mayor of Indianapolis who didn’t need no experience with New York because he knew how to run a government.

    I’m from Chicago and have to go through Indiana quite often. I avoid it if there’s weather because Indiana has totally bought the conservative mindset. “We need our money in our pockets, not pay big government taxes!” So Indiana roads are impassable in snow.

    So Bloomberg hired a guy who is the epitome of conservative ideology. Heckuva job there, Bloomie.

  83. This is even getting reported on MSM. Except MSNBC managed to find an “expert” who said it wouldn’t matter if the unemployment rate stayed high. Okay — you’re an alleged expert and don’t understand the other factors that contribute to the actual unemployment rate number?

    MSM makes my head hurt.

  84. That quote sounds like the way the president runs things, doesn’t it? So many in the PL do get stuck focusing on the problem and not looking at the long term. I think it is a source of the major disconnect they have when reporting on this administration. Everything is all about today and yesterday with little to nothing about the future. The President didn’t excoriate Joe Lieberman when he first was elected and the PL thought that was a mistake because they saw the Democratic voters were angry with Lieberman right then and they thought making an example of Lieberman would have been politically wise. It may have been, for a day or two. But, the President isn’t operating on a 24 or 48 hour outlook. He was looking at his whole agenda and what he would need to succeed. For that, Senator Lieberman was on balance a larger plus than a negative and punishing him would have led to losing him on important future issues – like the repeal of DADT. By keeping his focus on the longterm, the president made the right decision that would get him more support from Democratic voters than a temporary high from a loud smackdown ever could. And more importantly, not punishing Senator Lieberman, gave him a much better chance to do what was right for our country.

  85. The DNC’s “Top 10 GOP Are You Kidding Moments of 2010” 🙂

    10. Ken Buck (R-CO) called the Department of Education ‘Unnecessary’: “We need to get the federal government out of education.”

    9. Representative Steve King (R-IA) patriotically declared: “If I could start a country with a bunch of people,” it would be the Tea Party folks.

    8. Senator-elect Rand Paul (R-KY) argued Social Security should be privatized and called it a “ponzi scheme.”

    7. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN), during a speech to the Independent Institute, vowed that health reform must be stopped: “What we have to do today is make a covenant, to slit our wrists, be blood brothers on this thing. This will not pass. We will do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t pass.”

    6. Senator-elect Ron Johnson (R-WI) during the election, denied the existence of global warming claiming that the “science of global warming is unproven.”

    5. Representative Joe Barton (R-TX) apologized to BP after the oil spill and the company agreed to create a fund to help victims on the Gulf Coast: “I apologize. I do not want to live in a country where any time a citizen or a corporation does something that is legitimately wrong, is subject to some sort of political pressure that is, again, in my words — amounts to a shakedown, so I apologize.”

    4. Sue Lowden (R-NV) stated that, “before we all started having health care, in the olden days our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor, they would say I’ll paint your house. I mean, that’s the old days of what people would do to get health care with your doctors. Doctors are very sympathetic people. I’m not backing down from that system.”

    3. Sarah Palin, in what soon became Politifact’s prestigious “lie of the year,” wrote: “The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s “death panel” so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their “level of productivity in society,” whether they are worthy of health care.”

    2. Christine O’Donnell (R-DE): “I’m not a witch. I’m nothing you’ve heard. I’m you.”
    **Paired closely with Christine O’Donnell’s denial that the separation of church and state exists in the United States Constitution.

    1. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) asserted Republicans’“top political priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term in office.”

  86. Good morning It happen to me. My burglars had a can of beer while robbing me. They left finger prints on the can. It turned out to be teenagers. They stole my son game system and games. I started changing my routes and alternating my times. That helped. Glad you were not there or harmed.

  87. I know one thing i have had a better spirit. Will take your wishes to heart because what your are saying BWD is helping me be more positive. I have so many new blogs on my tool bar that is more interesting.

  88. The better to reward your contributors with–I mean hire private contractors for snow removal and other important city functions 😉

  89. Yes Li, I see it too, in the Lieberman example, in the Clinton choice, and even recently when the WH lauded Jon Stewart and The Daily for their efforts with the September 11th First Responders Fund. I’ve loved Jon S. for a long time, but he has been jumping on the President pretty hard this year, and I finally had enough.
    He and his team are just stunning to watch, and there is no doubt who’s leading the game — the long game, played with integrity.

  90. BWD I pledge to be more positive and to try and avoid the negative in the new year.

    I have to admit something to you all. Sometimes when I am feeling a little down for whatever reason I click on the “Sticky” I’m Grateful thread and read some the comments behind the pictures.

    It is an inspiring experience and makes me want to work twice as hard to make sure that we have this great man lead our country for another term.

    My new years resolution is to take on the MSM in 2011 with a vengence. I honestly believe that they are doing this administration a grave disservice and I am not going to take it anymore. I hope we can build a real media bomb team here at TOAITR to really hold them accountable in 2011/2012.

  91. So true. NJ did one of those reaction votes to vent on Corzine but now there’s a Christie. Let’s get a great dem to stand against Christie. What our NJ neighbours do makes a difference 🙂

  92. Agreed! Let’s use this site, and our post, to continue to lift President Obama and us up as well. Thanks for keeping it real BWD!!!

  93. *Very* sensible policy, bwd! If I understand this correctly, there can be a modicum of discussion about some of the mistaken memes in the national or new media, but this blog should strive to serve as more than a little chat room for the goings on at another blog. I think that’s brilliant editorial guidance.

    My only hesitation is that there are people who might like to link to their own pieces elsewhere (I’m thinking eclectablog); I’d hate for them to not be able to do that. But I think that the discussions which follow are what probably need to be scaled back (and I’m very guilty of chiming in and talking junk). So perhaps if someone is looking for recs, they can just post a link with no additional discussion, and those who are inclined to rec can do so and those of us who have eschewed a space can simply skip over such comments with no remarks. Thoughts?

  94. So sorry that happened to you. Feels pretty awful, I know. I did a lock change the very night it happened to me. Take precautions like that–I guess there’s not much more one can do. Maybe the pics and letters were dumped when the thieving buggers realized they didn’t contain anything monetary–look in nearby places they might be? 😦

  95. The other place is Daily Kos. Don’t bother going there it’s morphed into a fringe hate site.

  96. Sheila, this is just blowing me away. I knew that the “I’m Grateful” piece was special, but I’m kind of amazed that it’s being circulated so widely.

  97. That makes a lot of sense. There are people here who still have a voice over there and some are still involved in the various ‘communities’. Leaving the communities there was difficult but I found that I just did not have a voice at all–I was always looking over my shoulder, fearful of either witnessing or being the victim of the viciousness.
    I suppose a Venn diagram might be drawn to represent the intersection of groups that work there, here and at other sites as well, but BWD doesn’t need to bring the whole orange set here 😉

  98. I have issues with him, particularly with the new schools chancellor, but I accept the explanation for the missteps: the blizzard was forecast belatedly and exactly at a time in which people were relaxing (and most likely tispy): Christmas afternoon. They made serious mistakes, I’m not thrilled about being immobile for two days, and they need to do much better in the future (the Deputy Mayor needs to back off of the Sanitation Union), but at the end of the day this is not the biggest deal in the world to me.

  99. As a former redhead (now more gray than red).. I think you made the correct decision. 😉

    I’m sorry starky for your losses, having had my house robbed years ago- I know theres a sense of violation that can be upsetting.. in my case the worst part was that my St. Bernard let them walk right past him- which however led me to realize that my thieves were just kids.. and ultimately we did get most of our stuff back by tracking them down… I will keep positive thoughts for you on this. However, your attitude is very healthy and by far the most sensible way to handle whats happened. Best wishes.

  100. Not out there at all, rritz! I actually happen to have read quite a few of those books. I stumbled onto them when I wanted to understand a little bit about a certain type of mentality which I found puzzling (I wanted to understand why people would do something like let a phony shaman talk them into sweating themselves to death in a fake misappropriated Native American ritual–remember the story of the HuffPo columnist who led people on a sweat and a few of them ended up dying–I wanted to understand the mentality). I ended up loving those books! I don’t take them utterly at face value (personal preference) but I really like the series.

  101. donna I am totally with you on going after the media “with a vengence”.. they deserve All of our might, imo. Count me IN.

  102. Agree about In. roads—-we always have to go that way to visit family, and their roads are always 100 times worse than in Illinois, especially those in NW In. with the lake effect and incompetent road maintenance. We slid off into the ditch once in that area, one of many times we have had to contend with the treacherous conditions of snow/ice packed roads. And their rest stops, now under the operation of some foreign country, are the filthiest and grossest of any state. And I see their Repub gov., “our man Mitch” was interviewed as a possible pres. candidate the other day, as the Repub Party flounders around for a candidate, any candidate. I used to laugh at all the bumper stickers in Indy, where my daughter lives, proclaiming “He’s not MY man”.

  103. Bingo!

    I know many folks are disappointed still about the housing market but the problem is that many of the banks are not playing ball.

    Problem is that they can’t! Numerous financial houses on Wall Street simply don’t have the operational capabilities and most people have no idea because they think that the whole “masters of the industry” mythology is real. People would be soooo surprised to learn about how utterly short-sighted some of these financial houses have been with depriving their back offices (the part of the banks which handle that red tape) of the money and talent to provide adequate and error-free service. This is what landed the administration in hot water with HARP: the WH, like most of the country, assumed that these rich, fancy financial houses have smoothly running operations departments.

  104. Yup, and as I understand it, by repeating and reacting to ridiculous comments, we are doing nothing but amplifying them as well as introducing a poisonous space to people who didn’t previously know nor care that it exists. Talk about counterproductive; I think that the policy is spot-on.

  105. Yeah, me too. I was very fortunate to find a teacher MANY years ago – actually the host of a radio show on WBAI, In The Spirit – who urged us to question, question, question. And even more than that, to listen to ourselves — see what felt right, never follow blindly, take what works where you find it, leave the rest behind. I like what I’ve read of the the Abrahams (they always refer to themselves as “we”) especially “Ask…” and I am really enjoying these daily quotes that get delivered to my email inbox right along with BWD!

  106. BWD,

    I’ve gotten into the habit of checking in here *at least* once daily. It always lifts my spirits. I believe you are doing so much — more than you know — to help those of us who persevere to remain hopeful. Thank you, sweetheart.

    May God bestow his grace and blessings on you in the new year.

    –Laura (“beulahmo”)

  107. It was an ongoing ethics investigation, but was cleared some weeks after the inauguration. It must have been a huge disappointment for him.

  108. Donna, I completely agree with your idea to hit the media. This blog would become very powerful if everyone would participate in media bombs and on a continual basis.

  109. Oh man, Donna, i know. Isn’t it just stunning. Sometimes i just shake my head in amazement, and sometimes i feel like I’m being seriously punk’d. But i know it’s real, and I’m so grateful and proud.

  110. Well, I do have to admit having mentioned the other site a few times here. I will no longer do so. I still go there pretty regularly and have been happily telling Obama supporters there where they can go to find those of like mind to theirs. I’ll continue to do that, but will forgo any more mention of the other site.

  111. Oh, they can do that freely. Of course. Really, the only thing i want to avoid, is making whatever going on over that other place into the main topic here. And i trust everyone here to understand where the limits are.

  112. WiW (or New Kid),

    I am so glad you have recently become active in politics. It’s pretty new for me, too. It’s not surprising that you became discouraged over the last two years — the day-to-day accounting of political wrangling is usually a real downer. Two things I try to keep in mind as we go along:

    1) from a broad, historical perspective, President Obama and the 111th Congress have brought about more positive (progressive), transformative changes than any since LBJ. And since this is only the first two of Obama’s first term, he may yet achieve the greatness of other presidents like TR and FDR.

    2) day-to-day political reporting will always put an inordinate amount of focus on conflicts that, after a year or two, most people have a lot of trouble remembering. Sometimes I think it’s better to ignore most of the daily news….

  113. I agree that moving forward in a positive direction is the healthiest thing to do.

    However, each new refugee is going to need some time to get the old site out of their system and need some place to commiserate. Hopefully we can have some room for the newbies to join.

  114. Hey Hey Hey !! Happy New Year to you also. Thanks for a great site. As for me, I am focused on walking STRAIGHT. I have visited other sites and watched “them” on TV, but that’s as far as it goes..Amen.

  115. BWD, if you haven’t already, please read the last two paragraphs of P M Carpenter’s latest blog post:

    I admire his insights, but in this case what he recommends as a specific course of action is something you could use your already rather potent ‘bully pulpit’ to urge the type of approach he is recommending regarding ‘voter re-education’ starting now.

    Thank you!

  116. You’re probably right, but I know that I told myself that they must’ve needed it more when it happened to me. Made me let go of the anger, I guess. I hate negative things…worked for me at the time.
    This place is a gift. Like a hot bath and a glass of wine. And bubbles. All rolled into one happy moment. I love it here and this is how I always begin my days.

  117. Hear Hear BWD!! I will take this 2 heart and try to be as focused and positive. I don’t like negativity and bad vibes and I will try to bring a more positive energy and contribution to this site.

  118. Totally understood. Seems like the pattern goes like this:

    1. Well-meaning, terrific people who still participate there or are angry at recent treatment come here and vent, or express amazement at the frothing at the mouth ridiculousness (many of us have been guilty of this!)

    2. We pile on, happily, lol, to the confusion of people who don’t know and don’t care to know about sourpuss spaces, and to the dismay of people who would like that space to stop being considered so important and such a center of attention (IMO it is a fringe purity site; God bless them–so long as the national media doesn’t imagine that they speak for the base as I think has been aptly demonstrated at this point, I think that they should just be left alone to say and do whatever they want, not “balanced” not “corrected,” just left to do their thing)

    I think that it is *terrific* that your new guidelines are aiming the commentary into something more positive and more uplifting of this space. Two thumbs up and a fist bump to you!

  119. Just read on propres blog how someone nicknamed John Boehner – Weeper of the House. How fitting. Hope it goes viral.

  120. That is just so cool. The comments on the piece is mind blowing. Lots of it is spiritual, too.

    So good to know that so many people out their are feeling this great vibe from our president.

    I wrote that person back and told her to check out this blog and others like the TPV, WSY, The Obama Diary, etc.

  121. I read here and only other place I heard it was Tom Joyner when I was taking my morning walk. Shame on the media. Shame, shame.

  122. We don’t have reporters any more. What we have are a lot of sensationalists. It is a shame because all they do is dumb down this country more and more.


  123. On the flip side, it is being reported that Corey Booker, Mayor of Newark was out there going at it for his citizens.

    Having said that, I think sometimes it is difficult to know how the weather is going to play out, even for the forecasters.

    But hey, what do I know, living down here in Florida.

  124. But it’s not too late to do something about this. The economy can’t fully revive if the housing market is in a free fall. There are many more people will be heading into foreclosure in 2011; homelessness will have to become a priority. I’m not sure who said this before but a writing campaign could force the issue in the forefront. Not a one time campaign but everyday dumping emails to all congressmen including the WH to keep this issue in the limelight until something is done. Allowing the banks to pick and choose who gets help will only make the matter worse. We need participation to be mandatory by all banking institutions as Desertflower suggested. Finally, Elizabeth Warren need to get involved overseeing that people who apply have a speedier process and not wait months only to get turned down without recourse.

  125. Totally agree ! Let’s let the “site that shall not be named” and the sites if all the frustrati fade into irrelevance – as they are quickly becoming irrelevant in realty!!!

  126. Agreed. And I think that the administration has been proactive in demanding improvements (IIRC there was an exercise in which banks were tested re: processing modifications). But utterly agreed that more can and will be done.

  127. So sorry to hear that, Starky. But good for you on your choice.

    I hope in time you will recover some of those things.

  128. No need for counter-balance. Counter-balance just makes that site look more reasonable than it is. Just stop posting there. Let it become totally insane where every rec listed diary is an Obama-hate fest. Only then will people see it for what it is. Every reasonable person that continues to post there gives credibility to the site and enables the “professional left” element that controls the site now.

    BWD wants people to not mention that site here because she doesn’t want to elevate that place in importance. Well, by commenting and diarying over there, you are elevating the importance of that place 100 times more than you ever would by just mentioning it here. Think about it. Every comment, every rec, every diary you post there elevates the importance of that site.

    I just stopped commenting, stopped reccing, stopped diarying there. That’s how you stop elevating the place.

  129. Brief write-up at Slate:

    “Obama appointed ambassadors to Turkey, Syria, Azerbaijan, and the Czech Republic, named William Boarman as public printer of the United States, and, most controversially, made James Cole deputy attorney general.”

  130. The national media does in many ways portray that site as representing all liberals, because the site is one of the largest liberal blogs. So the way to stop that is for people to stop posting there (comments, recs, and diaries). Those people to whom you refer who continue to post there while also posting here are elevating that site in importance, because they are contributing content to it.

  131. I also agree. In the sense that I know I do still go to that site (for other reasons), and while I do feel I need to resolve certain issues I’m having (my own personal feelings relating to it) I also _do_ know that I love being renewed here. And don’t want that negativity to rub off here.

    This should be a safe place. And I do find it a haven.

  132. I also got one from the Democratic Party leader where I live. I replied with the URL of your site. 🙂

  133. Utterly agreed. Although I understand viewpoints to the contrary and find them reasonable, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. I think that decentralizing the new media so that the national media or legislative Dems can’t use one space as shorthand for the base is an utterly terrific idea.

  134. Off topic, but thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, for removing that moving photo gallery at the top of your home page. That gallery was causing your home page to load very slowly for me and I’m on DSL. I know it had to affect people on slower connections. Your home page loads for me now in a few seconds. I love the photos, but that moving photo gallery took forever to load. Thank you. Please keep it this way.

  135. Hi everyone. 🙂

    Just wanted to say Happy New Year. And the request not to mention that other place is a easy one to meet. Espcecially since that leads to even less clicks for them. Wheeeeeeeeee!

    2011. I still can’t get over it.

    I simply cannot. I thought I would never get used to saying 2000.

  136. Hi Yasuragi, I wish I could take credit for this fabulous space, lol! It’s just blowing me away that the “I’m Grateful” piece has gone so viral.

  137. Fabulous is right! Thanks! Everyone go look! Now! Every photo is a gem. I’m going to go look again and study everyone in every photo. They tell the story.

  138. Pete Souza does astonishing, extraordinary work. Lots of very moving photos. He captures the spirit, the love, the hard work, the playfulness, the exhaustion of it all. BRAVO.

  139. Thanks so much for posting those lovely pictures; tears again as I think of what a great man he is.

  140. Someone on the receivers’ list sent back a “Reply to All” message (I’ve learned to avoid that button like the plague) saying something like (I deleted the message): “This is all very well, but the true test of Obama will be what he does about Wikileaks.” Can you imagine that being your litmus test of the President?

  141. Hi Sweet GN –
    Tomorrow night is going to be my last big who cares how many grams of fat are included. Then I say – bring on 2011. And the treadmill. (ratz. )
    Happy happy joy joy to you. 🙂

  142. Hi Flojo –
    I never ever do NY Resolutions. Ever.
    Except for this year.
    1. Lose ten pounds.

    That is it. No more. No less.

    And that would bring me back to what I weighed in November 2010.
    Before I quit smoking.

    I got on the scale this week.
    Kinda so not liking what I saw.
    So I’m going to do something about it.
    I went out and bought my yoga gym stuff today.

    And you? 🙂
    Happy New Year!

  143. Happy happy Christin!!!! Scritches to all your bunny and pootie family and hugs to you too!!! Let’s vow to focus on the positive in this new year!!!!! (and eat an occasional garlic bagel with a schmear of scallion creamcheese. Hee hee)

  144. Christin,

    I had to smile when I read yr post. Losing weight is at the top of my list too. Getting healthy for 2011 is my overall goal. Doing green smoothies once a day to get started. Got my kids involved – we are doing a 30 day challenge, changing eating habits, exercising.

    This year I mean it:)

  145. K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that was me jumping up and down going K!!!!!)

    Many many many many many many many many many hugs and warm wishes to you and your family.

    Do you know when the last time I had a garlic bagel was? Last month. God I miss them so. But I really only eat one a month now. But that’s more than some, right?

    I remember Missy’s Brother telling me the only way I was going to lose my quit smoking pounds was to work out. And dammit it all, he was right. I cannot believe I am eating less and weigh more. Damn that MB! (he quit a month before me). SO, here we go. Back to the gym at work. January 2011 is going to be something.

    Oh that’s right! Stay positive. Ok. THE DAYS ARE GETTING LONGER and by March I will be 1/2 to my goal? 🙂

    Spring! it’s coming!

  146. I can’t change my eating habits. 😦 I already gave up coke (the drink), cakes, chips and all that. And I eat organic and healthy! I really do. This is though, the result of eating breakfast and lunches, when instead I used to smoke. I never ate either of those. Nicotine KILLS your appetite, let me tell you.

    Which means I have to face up to what everyone told me. Working out, even if it’s just doing the treadmill or eliptical, can’t be shoved under the bed anymore.

    I am sorry. I do.
    I hate the gym.
    I hate getting changed. Getting sweaty.
    Being in pain.
    I am the laziest human bean EVER.
    Ever. Ever.
    I am so lazy.
    God i am lazy.

    Your post was motivation central though. 🙂

    I got a new scale for xmas. Can you tell?

  147. Hi Mister Mallay himselfs. I can only assume you’re still throwing it down at (insert _______________ here.)

  148. Thank you for sharing – great pics especially the ones in India and Afghanistan. Mr. & Mrs. Obama look so happy on their trip. My wish for them in 2011 is a new bundle of joy. The president need a Barack Jr. running around. Can you imagine how happy they would be? Not sure if they would be the first couple in the WH to give birth to a little one.

  149. Thank you BWD for expressing so eloquently what I’ve been thinking. There is absolutely no need for us to keep mentioning other sites/blogs which exist to make negative comments about our esteemed President. When we buy into their trap, we’re only helping them to further spread their lies and hate for our President. They cannot accept the fact that President Obama actually understands and knows politics, policies, economics, finance, law, etc., that he thinks, analyze, decides,…that he knows
    what he’s doing, that he achieves and executes his goals brilliantly, all to the advanage and benefit of the American people.

    I love President Obama, I endorse all that he has done for Americans in particular and humanity in general. I will work for his re-election in 2012 by spreading the truth and the facts. These cannot be denied as they are all on tape and on paper. To all who are proud of President Obama’s accomplishments and his leadership, of how he reinstated the USA in the eyes of international partners, how he elevated us from being despised to being respected and admired, let us all work together to help the President continue his agenda for another four years, while at the same time handing the greatest and largest defeat to the haters!

    Thanks for this site… best wishes for its success. To everyone, have a Happy New Year!

  150. Ok, I’m stumped, what is the name of the site? I thought I got everything, but I am not sure what you are referring to.

  151. Believe it! What you’re reading is the actual base; you’re reading a Democratic party (and some others in addition) who have coalesced around this presidency at near consensus numbers on a very consistent basis (70s-80s approvals). Since when have liberals, moderates, and conservative Dems agreed on much of anything? This WH has created that consensus.

    We’re actually quite picky in terms of going through the nuances of what is taking place, discussing some likes, some dislikes at length. Most people? They’re happy with their choice in 2008 and happy to see the fruits of their labor (which is why they love the pictures; people mistake a feeling of pride and ownership in terms of helping this to happen for hero worship), and have vague feelings that this POTUS isn’t being given a fair shot in the press. That’s it. They’re not saying, “well I sent you money/knocked on doors therefore you had *better* do abc or I’m going to find a media microphone and hammer you.” That’s an opinion and action to which people are entitled, but IMO polling has never ever suggested that it mirrors the sentiments of the average Dem-leaning supporter.

    Amazing that once the mirage is lifted, how beautiful the spirits which installed this WH actually are. *That’s* what is present in the sticky comments sections.

  152. OMG you’re hillarious. Remember the little engine that could – Well, it’s mind over matter. President Obama is the best inspiration. If can he put up with congress and still pass great legislation, then there is nothing you can’t do. YES YOU CAN:)

  153. LOL! They seem to be quite happy with their two daughers. Plus the First Lady is already past a healthy age for conceiving and giving birth naturally. I’m not sure why people think that families automatically need sons to make them happy or complete…

  154. let me also state for the record Kishik – i just read this comment:

    “I just bought (spent $$$) on some tender orange tree… just for the blossoms. It’s COVERED in them. They’re about to all explode open. The guy at the nursery kept telling me – don’t leave it in the car for long!! Don’t go shopping. Go home. It’s too cold outside. All the buds will drop off if you keep it in the car!

    So of course, I had the heat blasting as I zoomed home. It will be heavenly when they open. The smell. It will smell like summer. 🙂

    You need to go and find some smelly blooming plant at the nursery. That definitely helps.

    PS – lantana brought inside again. Last year had two plants. This year four. They are multiplying…..”

    it is easy to miss things here at time. 😦 I was cleaning out some emails while the SO is snoring at SEVEN IN THE PEE EMMMM! and was like huh? orange blossoms?

    Okay. Me want. Now.

  155. Keep fighting DesertFlower. So sorry you have to go through that. As a renter, I have no advice other than: hang tough 🙂

  156. Listen – I gots more in me than that Barack Obama it seems. He “supposedly” quit smoking in Demember 2007. Come to find out, he didn’t quite make it. He “supposedly” had his last schmoke for reals in March of 2010. Plus. He still chowding down Nicorette like it was going out of the stylin. Me? On. My. Fat. Ass. Own.

    HA!! I am stronge then Bee Ohh!
    You heard it here first.
    I’m on it.

  157. Sorry, I work third so I missed your post. My friends are on it though. I actually love this place. It feels so good

  158. ooohhh… it smells HEAVENLY!!! How can you go wrong with the scent of orange blossoms in the middle OF A BLIZZARD.


    ps – I have lantana buds. FOR REAL.

  159. agreed. You’re very right. I gotta admit and I’m not ashamed to say that I kinda needed this site. This new year will belong to us!!! Go Obama Go Dems!!!

  160. Send Orange Blossom tree now.
    I think UPS lost the xmas gift you sent me.
    So you could make it up by sending this.
    WIN/WIN? Yes.
    I wish you could see my new greenhouse.
    It’s so much nicer than the old one.

    By the way? Did you send it yet?
    You need adress?
    MY GOD. The SO woke up for one minute.
    Went “Woh!!!” Then fell back asleep.
    On it’s way.
    The more things change…

  161. CNN, MSNBC, FAUX-news, the Gredge-Report, the republic on and on and on and on…you will be sick if you go there even once every year.

  162. Christin,
    Special K with Red Berries cereal for breakfast. No joke. It helps with losing pounds.

  163. Hillary could replace Gates. Gates may leave this year. But Pres Obama would prob never get rid of her, she is doing an awesome, unreal job.

  164. So sorry to hear that your space was violated. I am inspired by your up beat attitude about it. Just know they will never steal your memories. Be safe and have a Happy New Year.

  165. Welcome friend. If you have not already joined OFA (Organize for America), President Obama’s grassroots organization. There is one in just about every community. I joined in 2008 and we meet ocassionally. I am in SoCal and OFA was instrumental in getting a fully Democratic dominated governing body – Governor, re-elected Barbara Boxer, and just about all the major offices. Welcome to politics and keep fighting to elect more “real” Dems – no blue dogs.

  166. Happy New Year Everyone!

    I have been thinking a lot about all of the comments re: supportive actions we might begin taking soon both:
    * to push back on the lies being repeated by the repugs and
    * holding the MSM accountable when they insist on either no covering the positives of this administration or repeating the repug talking points.

    One of my pet peeves has been the repugs get on tv and repeating over and over:
    -“they (the dems) went behind closed doors and did the healthcare bill” with absolutely no push back from the dems or the WH Press Office.

    That is an outrageous LIE!

    *first, there are approx 150 amendments offered by the repugs and accepted by the dems…how come even the dems do not mention this?
    *second, did not the President go to THEIR caucus on the Hill to discuss working together on the bill? Did not they vote before he arrived to say NO?
    *third, did he not travel to Balt to do live television conference on health care?
    *fourth,did he not hold a full day conference in Blair House with the repugs?

    Were not all of the floor fights and Mark-ups carried live on CSpan for both houses of Congress? Did not Dear Max Baucus allow Grassley, to waste 3 months while the Tea Party got organized?

    The repugs are going to come out of the gate swinging against Healthcare and I think we have to be spreading these facts to friends, family, etc.

    Just a couple of thoughts. I have been so incensed about this for months. Sorry about the rant!

    I am totally committed to this President!! But we, his Press Office and the dems have simply got to do better because we will get no help from the MSM.

  167. What we focus on expands…..better to expand possibilities, solutions, hope than to wallow in pessimism, stagnation and doom.

  168. yaaaaay?
    it was a year for me december 5th.
    i walk through a cloud of smokers and still miss it.
    I was hoping i would be disgusted by now.
    like a crack addict, my eyes light up and my pleasure receptors go off the charts.
    talking about it now makes me want one.
    really badly.
    but i can’t slip. i have not yet.
    and i won’t.

    wow. more than a year later.
    i’m still this pathetic.

    congrats JoJothecat!!!
    Major major major victory, right? 🙂
    As much I still miss it.
    I dance for joy. extreme joy.
    you too, right? 🙂

  169. Hmmmm. Now I reading that.
    While the SO (who actually opened his eyes to open his Nook which means we keep it forever) is now making teavanna white cherry blossom tea.
    And with that.
    We are going to eat a Wegman’s chocolate dome cake.

    And for breakfast?
    I eat two crumpets.
    Two morningstar pretend breakfast links.
    Morningstar Pretend faux bacon.
    And OJ.

    And I wonder about the ten pounds that I say came out of nowhere?

    Special K with berries.
    Added to my 2011 List of Major Improvements in my life.

    Ok. Tea ready.

  170. ugh. I just ate warm Fudgey Brownie Pie with vanilla ice cream. I’ve gained at least 5 over the course of the last month. ugh.
    But yes, the Special K is great, although the berries are those funny freeze-dried strawberries.

    Care to share tips for quitting smoking?

  171. Hey All and Happy New Year!

    Why yes, I think that focusing on the positive work done by the President PLUS seeking out ways to expand good works is a great thing! President Obama inspired me into get interested in politics and issues and yes, even changing my career!

    When I found DKOS for news from a Democratic perspective I thought I could hook up with like minded people to help the country. At DKOS I thought that was something that I would be able to do. But even with some of the positive people from Portland, Oregon who post there, the negativity, viciousness and anger just finally got to be way too much. There’s lots of good people there, just not enough to drown out by the baiting anger.

    So thank you, BWD, for providing an alternative site and a set of links where I can get info from a non Reich wing perspective and look for positive action to help our neighbors.

    Thanks! 🙂

  172. Well said BWD! Journalism in America has increasingly morphed into tabloid news. Sadly, this “crap” news is very calculated to create hysteria and divisions among Democrats. What is really tragic, however, is that there are so many people who are prone to believing this “big pile of crap.” Fortunately, sane voices, like your blog, are pushing back against the lies and misinformation peddled by the so called “journalists.”

  173. It’s something else to think… how we bridge this gap between those dems who can’t seem to find anything the pres is doing right with those that see the country definitely moving forward from the shrub years!! (all due to the President’s hard work, thank you very much!!)

    But this is the thing that is bothering me the most. Because that gap does need to be bridged somehow. Who is it that said they’re the CoffeeSipper party… or something like that??!! LOL

  174. Flojo…you seem to have the basis for understanding the situation. It’s complicated. I work all day, then I come home and read all I can about this for at LEAST 6 hrs/day. The fraud, lies, extortion is rampant, and something needs to be done NOW! As long as we have the instability of housing like we do, no one can rest easy. Not even people that THINK they are not effected…they are. Maybe not now, but the house of cards will come tumbling down and effect every homeowner. Just a little for instance. Example: Why does Fannie Mae have a cadre of foreclosure mill law firms on retainer?? One of them is coming after me. The Fannie Mae that is OWNED by the American taxpayer!! Were it not for us, Fannie and Freddie would be gone.So,rather than work something out with you, these law firms get MORE money to foreclose on a property than they do to help a family out. And they sell the house for pennies on the dollar, and repeat the fraud all over again. There is a very good chance that they don’t even have the authority to foreclose on all the families they have, but people in this position usually have no money left to fight this injustice, and they know that.The securitization often has flaws that, if found, would have allowed thes folks to stay in their homes. So we bail out Fannie, Freddie, the banks who then turn around and DON’T work with you, or claim that you don’t qualify…after they promised to work with homeowners to stay in their homes as part of the bailout promise…and they end up, actually…choking the homeowner to death with their own money…lather, rinse, repeat. The fraud starts all over again. It’s WAY more complicated than that, and that is only a tiny part of all the fraud that goes on…it stunk for the beginning of the loan process…everyone’s fingers are in the cookie jar..title companys, originators,servicers,Fannie, Freddie…lawyers, Wall St, ad nauseum.I don’t think that anyone really WANTS to know and unravel this mess because it would not only bring the banking system to it’s knees and further threaten our fragile economy, it would be a catastrophe bigger than we thought possible. The premeditated evil that has been perpetrated on us is hard to wrap your head around. Truly. Evil.It’s much easier to call these homeowners “deadbeats” that deserved to be thrown out of their homes than it is to go after the criminals that lied, cheated, stole, and nearly broke the back of the world’s economy.What do they say about the one that holds the riches??? None of us is free…the more I read and the more I know, the plan to leave the poor and middle class, even upper middle class, without, is stunning. This needs to be pressed a the highest levels of govt…with THIS President, for us to even have a chance.Elizebeth Warren has talked about this at length, she understands it, warned about it. That’s why they (R’s) don’t WANT her there…she’s on to them!!!!I’ve ranted long enough…you just want others to know what you know, and understand what you live through…website to read: You’ll find links to other sites from there. Scary stuff. Thanks for listening:)

  175. BWD I swear it’s as if you read my mind! I agree re: “the other” and I have left for good. I don’t need “my own” to denigrate our President especially when I feel he is the most gifted, brilliant and elegant holder of this office in more than 40 years. (all due respect to Bill Clinton who was a great POTUS too)

    Anyway I love this place and I think the fundraiser is a great idea–someone suggested it here.

    I’m all-in.

    Happy New Year and thank you for creating this blog.

  176. I think that your impulse is lovely kishik, but POTUS has an 85% approval rating with Dems; 91% approval with liberal Dems. If you examine the polling, there’s no gap to be bridged. The meme otherwise is a media creation.

    Too much attention is focused upon a few loud fringe so-called “progressive” outliers and not enough upon the swing voters whose lack of support for this presidency keeps his overall approvals under 50%. Let’s focus on that group of persuadable yet non-liberal people who have been led by the GOP to believe that Dems spent big yet delivered nothing for average Americans. This is why I love love love BWD’s new editorial policy: it takes attention away from a space which is nothing more than a diversion and outlet for the opinions of a very fringe point of view.

    This is going to be a super-tough two years. The GOP is going to try to bankrupt the states IMO and they’re going to try to use every trick in the book to dislodge President Obama for the 2012 elections. There will very likely be a partisan witchhunt and attempt to investigate and discredit stimulus spending. Whatever little that we can do in this tiny corner of the new media to give an assist, I think that this editorial policy creates the focus with which we can provide that assist.

    My two cents.

  177. Throw stones at the birds!!!

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one.

    Seriously though, the media (and that other site that shall not be named) is on its heels right now and the Prez is looking pretty good.

    Now, pay close attention to my left foot…

  178. Bravo! Excellent quote!

    I :heart: Lincoln. The man new his stuff. I think if I am the one to rate Presidents from my feeble understandings of history, and I read alot, Lincoln is squarely #2, but barely behind Washington.

    President Obama, I know whose Bible you swore your oath upon, and I encourage you towards that lofty goal of equality. Step by little step, so mote it be.

  179. Setting up a litmus test for someone else says more about the person setting it up than it does about the person(s) they are setting it up for. If one must have a litmus test, why not have one that applies only to oneself, as one cannot change the world but only oneself in relation to the world, thus hopefully setting off a chain of reactions that will bring about improvements in the zeitgeist, even though they may be small ones? Let one’s own litmus test be: before saying or doing anything, ask oneself whether or not it will contribute to the sum total of love and beauty in the world. If not, don’t do or say it. I realize this is tremendously difficult — and please do not think I regularly put it into practice myself — but unless we hold ourselves to an ideal, how can we hold others to one? As I just read recently in an art review, “. . . thought precedes action (or should), so carving out space for the impossible might spark the beginning of radical change.”

  180. There are some things which do not require response to. I think what BWD, or perhaps just me, is trying to say, is that it’s not even worth the effort. In fact, it is possibly the best current offense, IMO.

  181. Well said, HZ. Happy New Year to you, and to BWD, and Happy New Year to all!

  182. Shaddup. You knew what i meant by NY. Is there anyway I could HR you? Oh wait. Wrong……

    Never mind.

    I’ll be in New York soon enough. We have reservations at Candle79 tonight. I will look at the tree before we eat. Think about my last huge meal before I adhere to a diet of bird seeds and water.

  183. how’dja know??/ That’s what I sent to you. Expect a package. Bird seed and ice (it’s cold enough the water will freeze. But the ice will keep the bird seed fresh and worm-free).

    HAVE FUN TONIGHT!!! Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

    I wanna see bunny eating chili.

  184. Many jobs went overseas, payrate lowered, and many put more into the debt monster than they should have (in hopes that things would improve, which they didn’t), and that’s not even mentioning the home loan schemes that were out there. How do we fix the mainstream economy? Well, besides raising taxes on the wealthy which by and large created this economic mess, we need to impliment a progressive VAT, just like almost every other country has. Look it up.

  185. I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s not just the one site that went to the dark side. There are several I know about.

    Look at what Huffington Post has become. They are just as bad as Drudge Report now.

    No worries, what they haven’t realized is they are sowing the seeds of their own demise over the long term in exchange for a short term blip in traffic by trying to intentionally stoke things up.

    You can only yell fire in a crowded theater so many times before people start ignoring you.

  186. jovie, a blackwaterdog ActBlue page is actually an excellent, excellent idea for 2012. I think that as this space continues to grow, BWD could prove to be a significant bundler indeed. Just a terrific idea. So we’ve got a year to spread the word about BWD! 🙂

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