Best. Photo. Ever

Pete Souza:

Β “Another snowstorm blanketed Washington for the second time in a few days. Because it was a Saturday, I hung around the White House thinking that the President might venture out in the snow with his daughters. Here they are playing in the Rose Garden in the midst of the storm.”


75 thoughts on “Best. Photo. Ever

  1. Since we’ve had snow flurries in Phoenix today, it’s fun to see this. It reminds me of growing up in Minnesota. What a beautiful family!

  2. The Obamas come from Chicago, y’all. That storm was playtime for them πŸ™‚

    The genuine love in this family brings tears to my eyes…

  3. Now that IS a cute pic! The Obamas are definitely from Chitown because the rest of us in the DMV were INSIDE! LOL

  4. Hi AZ GMA, from fellow AZ GMA. It snowed for a while here in Catalina too – clear now, but temps will go down to 25ΒΊ. Am waiting for a local news conference on the Ethnic Studies Program at TUSD.

  5. I can totally relate to Obama. While he is a cool and refined brotha, he’s also geeky and goofy. Especially around his kids.

  6. LOVE this pic! LOVE this family! LOVE this president!!! What an obviously great father he is and his daughters are obviously just thriving. The White House hasn’t witnessed this much fun since the Kennedys. Fond memories of those two kids playing with their dad are brought back seeing these two kids in the snow with their wonderful father.


  7. I’m just glad he’s having an uneventful vacation, is unwinding, hanging out and hopefully being re-energized by the Hawaii sun.

    This time last year he has the underwear bomber issue sucking up a lot of his time.

    The next year is going to be a constant battle. I assume he’s writing his SOTU speech – hopefully he uses it to frame the issues and put the GOP obstruction in full view, how the GOP will have to supply seven votes to get anything done and they just can’t sit on the sidelines anymore. Point to the lameduck session and how many things were passed with bi-partisan votes.

  8. Pete Souza is such a professional. He has been peerless in giving us fabulous pictures of this Administration.

  9. Happy New Year, Everyone!

    I have no idea how to thank you, BWD.

    What a “mitzvah” we received in President Obama.

    May he and his loved ones be healthy and safe in 2011 and always….g

  10. Love it! I can’t wait until the right wing loons get ahold of it, though. I can just imagine it now… “Leader of the free world bows to little girls!” Charming photo and how lucky the Obama family is to have a pro like Souza documenting their lives. My family photos are never that perfectly framed or in focus! πŸ™‚

  11. That is such a cute picture. Look at Mr. Hawaii rolling around in the snow with his girls. It’s a very natural, loving portrait of a Dad with his kids.

  12. Happy Holidays g, and to all of the terrific voices here (waving at NLinStPaul). I hope that you enjoy the New Years and you remain in my prayers g.

  13. Hi, Arizona Grandma…I never saw them. My daughter did. Nothing on the McDowell’s though..I HEARD all the rain, and saw the flooded front yard, but that’s it. Funny thing the other day though…I’ve been preoccupied with other things so I had forgotten about all the bowl games here. I was sitting at a light, and I see all these people walking around in short sleeves and shorts. IT’S FREEZING OUT! Then I saw their shirts…said “Iowa” all over them..50 probably felt good to them. I was freezing!

  14. revgerry…please let us know how that news conference goes. Good lord, these people are NUTS!!!!

  15. Here! Here! A son would be alright:) They could try….what a wonderful, wonderful family. No matter WHAT they do. They should be very, very proud.

  16. Checked out Pete Souza’s flickr. I’m sure BWD has featured this photo, but I hadn’t seen it til now. Love it.

    Feb. 21, 2010
    “The President and First Lady were dancing along to the music of the Harry Connick, Jr., Big Band at the Governors Ball. Mrs. Obama turned towards me and, for one split second, looked right at me. Usually I strive to capture moments when the subjects are unaware of the camera. But this an exception where I actually liked that she was looking at me.”
    (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


  17. omg, I was born and raised in Georgia, and I had to google Mineral Bluff! Now that I know where it is I can say – that’s a beautiful part of the state! I bet the snow was breathtaking!

  18. OT but still important on START.

    Here’s a snippet of editorial in one of India’s most respected newspaper On President Obama and more importantly calling out the despicable rethugs.

    “Obama wins at Start

    President Obama has achieved a significant success in gaining the United States Senate’s ratification by 71 votes to 26 of a new strategic arms reduction treaty (Start) with Russia. The document, which Mr. Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed in Prague in April, requires each side to reduce its nuclear arsenal from the current limit of 2,200 to 1,550 deployed strategic nuclear warheads by 2017.

    New Start is a major domestic triumph for Mr. Obama in a lame-duck Congressional session that followed heavy Democrat defeats in the November mid-term elections. Mr. Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden have coordinated a strong team of senior Democrat Senators, not least the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair John Kerry. They have worked under severe pressure of time to convince a number of recalcitrant Republicans that their concerns about the treaty had been addressed, particularly over restrictions they feared on any future strategic plans and over funding to modernise the existing U.S. nuclear arsenal.

    Many of them, such as the Senate Minority whip John Kyl, who voted against the treaty, had been manifestly disingenuous, participating in a lengthy series of discussions and then announcing that it was too late in the Congressional term to debate New Start fully. They have been exposed for their unthinking, reactionary antipathy to anything that has to do with Mr. Obama. President Obama, for his part, will now be better prepared to handle more Republican hostility and obstructionism in the next Senate, which will start its term with a much smaller Democrat majority than the present one. He emerges from this episode greatly strengthened as a shrewd, tough political negotiator β€” and as an international statesman.”

    A great read

  19. I am unable to put the link since the post with the link does not get published. You may cut & paste the link from below by omitting the “{}”brackets.


  20. Excellent read. In this country where people with blinders see weakness, others in the world see leadership and srength.

    Thanks for posting this. I love it.

  21. Yes indeed Africa. Five superpower leaders made a beeline to India in the last two months – USA, UK, French, Russia and China. Of these, only Obama’s visit got the maximum press coverage and is still being talked about here.

  22. I can’t understand why journalists in this country choose to not report truthfully.

    John Kyl was disingenuous.

    This, I especially appreciate:

    They have been exposed for their unthinking, reactionary antipathy to anything that has to do with Mr. Obama.

  23. It is priceless. I am so happy that they still and he still plays with them. Beautiful photo.

  24. Little Lulu, Happy New year to you. BWD, thank you for what you have given to all of us.

  25. OMG that pic in HQ is sick. Mrs O looks amazing, love that eye makeup…Damn they both giving me so much beautiful there, I can’t handle….. πŸ˜€

  26. What a beautiful sight to behold! I am totally loving seeing this wonderful President in my life-time express so many lovely moments with his beautiful girls. I am tearing up simply because I have not seen this since we had another wonderful President in the Oval Office, JFK. I have such fond memories of that beautiful family. You beautiful, inspirational, and intelligent young ones on this site, you are so blessed to see such joy coming from the White House with this lovely family. Let us enjoy every moment. Thanks to Pete and BWD for making us happy with these. My heart is filled with so much joy for our wonderful First Family.

  27. Thanks so much for that, Ann. Great show…plus the narration by Morgan Freeman didn’t hurt…he’s got a good voice for that:)

  28. It is a great picture – but it’s not from the recent snowfall – it’s from Feb. last winter. Doesn’t make it any less fun, just explains how he could be at the White House and in Hawaii at the same time.

  29. These year-end photos are amazing. Every time I look at these White House photos of President Obama, I get this sense that I am looking at something that is very significant and that I am fortunate to be living during this time. There is just something about seeing him in the White House, the Oval Office, in Air Force One, etc. that makes me very proud and cognizant of how important this is. I never felt that way about a sitting president before. I guess it’s the way that I would have felt had I been alive when JFK was president. But it’s more than that even, because Obama is a more transformative president than JFK.

  30. and as an international statesman.

    Right on the money ! I remember too well how anxious I was at the election in 2008, because the US electorate wouldn’t just vote for their President, they would elect – necessarily – someone who would exert influence over the whole world …

  31. Thank you for your stellar photographs of our beloved President.
    His capacity for fun, love of family and humanity (& sports) make him a down-to-earth, no non-sense, responsible leader. We love you, BO!!!

  32. yes….All I know is that because my own dad worked such long hours… and I had 5 other sibs I had to share him with, every moment I had with my dad one on one when I was a kid, especially, was so important to me!!!

    I can feel how his daughters are feeling… just having fun with their Dad… and loving being with him!

  33. I watched it.

    One of the things that struck me was that they have a gallery where they put these photos up in the White House – and apparently update them very often. They talked about how everyone on staff (even POTUS) loves going to look at the new ones when they go up.

    It reminded me of BWD’s diaries and how much all of us love seeing Souza’s work. And I imagined how much everyone in the WH would love BWD’s diaries.

  34. Thank you again, BWD, for picking out the photos that epitomize why so many of us love this man and his family.

    I remember the Kennedy family in the WH. The feeling was very similar. My favorite photos are the ones where it’s so clear that President Obama adores his wife! They warm my cynical heart.

  35. Amazing, isn’t it? Interesting that it takes the international media to call out Kyl and his ilk. But I am also pleased that they see what a good number of us see in this president.

    This, while our own media prefers hair on fire stories.

    Go figure.

  36. I took a look at the link and found quite a few fabulous photos I’ve never seen before. In those photos you see a very active POTUS doing everything from hosting parties to meeting with all sorts of VIPs to working the phones and the crowds. In between are exceptional candid shots of his interactions with the regular people who come to the White House and others who have been thrust into the limelight. There was an excellent shot of him walking with SSgt Sal Giunta, the young man who received the Medal of Honor from him, and it was nice to see how much SSgt Giunta seemed to be enjoying his stroll with a relaxed and affable Obama. Spock seems to have a lot of very human moments for one who’s been painted in the press as “aloof”. Bookmarked the site on my computer. Thanks.

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