Further proof that Obama = Bush

He is still playing Golf, even though the professional left command him to stop. Sell out.


65 thoughts on “Further proof that Obama = Bush

  1. Man, that guy just goofs off all day long. If he’d abstain from golf, like Bush generously did in his final years, then maybe we’d have DADT repealed by now–oh wait, I can’t use that one anymore. Well, you all know what I mean.

    Good pictures, BTW.

  2. hello like minded friends compliment of the season to you all now Grumpy young man that you just said right there is really cracking me up but yet so true….the adults are here again

  3. Good morning Pragmati! Last hump day of 2010 – make it a good one! Oh, almost forgot to add that I LOVE my president 😀

  4. Playing golf occurs for me as
    the camel going through the eye of the needle: Difficult. A bold undertaking. Like politics. Awesome. Looks like good training for my
    most favorite President of the United States.

  5. BTW: Christie and his LT governor took off to disney world during a snowstorm! Can you imagine if the President did something similar? Also, Bloomberg is getting alot of criticism for his handling of the snowstorm, alot of people say his handling of this was pitiful! However, No criticism from the MSM! They ignore everybody else, but are obsessed with this president!

  6. Barack Obama does more in one day than Bush did in his entire presidency, and with far less damage to the country.

  7. Do they close the course to the public when he’s out there? Does the US government pick up the tab for the golf course and its loss of business while the President plays? The place must be crawling with secret service guys. Is Joe Biden minding the store? The most powerful man in the world shouldn’t be hitting a little ball around with a stick. And FAUX said the US taxpayers paid all the expenses for POTUS and FLOTUS to fly out to Hawaii – and seperately too – double the expense! (But they didn’t complain about Haley Barber’s $500,000 in transportation fees charged to the taxpayers of MIssissippi) Oh well…
    Seriously, He sure looks good on the golf course – who cares what the score is…. He needs a vacation (he works way harder than Bush ever did.)

  8. Nice to see the hardest working President take a few moments to recharge himself for the coming new year (and the headaches with dealing with the idiotic GOP!)

  9. Uh oh. Domenico Montanaro from MSNBC’s first read was just on The Daily Rundown discussing some new poll numbers indicating 78% of Democrats want president Obama to be re-elected. (Count me in as part of this group).

    He noted this was consistent with their NBC
    poll numbers for the president and suggested 1) alot of the president’s support is returning following a string of successes and 2) the complaining from what he described as the “twitter left” does not represent most Democrats. This just confirms what most of us already know, the rage coming from the frustrati does not represent most Democrats but they get alot of attention.

    Nora O’Donnell laughed and told him to get ready to be attacked by the twitter left for calling them that but I have to say I kind of like it. 🙂

  10. Of all the criticisms leveled at Obama, the one that gets me the most is that he is arrogant. I just don’t see it. Listen, I am as white a guy as there is, but to me, it sure sounds like arrogant is being used as a replacement for uppity. Apparently they don’t think he knows his place.

    And this is after we had probably the most arrogant Pres-VP combination ever in the WH for 8 years.

    I don’t buy into a lot of the arguements about there being racist motivation behind most of the criticisms, but this one sure comes close.

  11. My understanding is that he plays on a marine base where security concerns are relatively minimal.

    Your other concerns are not serious. By your logic, the president will be able to do very little because, out of the necessity of meeting his security needs, everything he does costs a lot of money. Maybe, by your logic, we need to eliminate the job of President of the United States in order to save money.

    Anyone who begrudges this hard working man time on the links deserves to spend his holiday season with Ebenezer Scrooge.

  12. Sorry, I didn’t read the last part of your post so I missed the facetious nature of it. You were being facetious, weren’t you?

  13. whoa – I don’t know about those shoes! this will probably land him on the worst dressed list 🙂

  14. I agree with you. The president has shown his compassion and caring for the people of this country in so many ways that the “arrogant” label seems as if it must be coming from a sense that he has overstepped his bounds and is acting above his proscribed role in life. That particular canard does appear to come from racism on the part of those who make it. I wouldn’t say it is the only criticism that comes mainly from racism but it is an obvious one.

  15. I’m glad they are finally admitting that the loud left is not representative of the base of the Democratic party. It is past time that their raging be given only the amount of attention that it deserves – only a very small amount and always followed up with the fact that their opinion is not widely held by the public.

  16. I read your article and was amazed to see that comment just a few comments in. I moved on, away from the site.
    Is Kos happy to lose those of us who wont put up with insults of the President?

  17. I love to see President Obama relaxing and enjoying himself on the golf course, getting a well-deserved break from the 24/7 pressure of that job he’s got. Golf is not my thing, but I am surrounded by golfers in my family, and I know how they love it and the escape from the everyday it provides.
    This president works harder and longer hours than any other I’ve witnessed, a daily schedule so jam packed it appears excruciating and utterly exhausting to most people. He needs this break.
    And haha—mr. dotster saw me looking at these pics this a.m. and he said I wouldn’t look that long and hard of photos of him on the golf course. I assured him I would. 🙂

  18. I completely agree, japa21. Arrogance = uppity.

    It’s been pointed out that Tea Partiers can’t name one freedom they’ve lost during the President’s tenure. I can name one: the freedom to prevent minorities from participating in government and sharing power. The arrogance charge seems like racism to me.

  19. Narcissists often mistake self-confidence for arrogance because they are basically paranoid and do not like to see in others what they themselves lack.

  20. I’m right with you on this issue. I don’t see racism behind every criticism, but to call the man arrogant, aloof, out-of-touch is so ridiculous that I can’t see any other basis.

    As is the idea that he can’t connect with working class/rural whites in middle America. That was a right wing creation and with help from the MSM and sort of became a self-fufilling prophecy.

    I mean the 47 yr old community organizer from the south side of Chicago can’t identify with working class folks, but the 70 yr old candidate with seven houses who’s been well off his whole life can? Riiight.

  21. I agree with you. No one who has hugged half of the men, women and children in this country already can ever be described as arrogant.

  22. I think the thing that angers people who say he is arrogant is that he does bow to their every whim. He does not prefer to hang out with them, hence the label.

    On the flip side, he and his beautiful wife relishes hanging out with the so-called ordinary people they meet.

    Maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing the same kinds of pictures we see of the president mingling with people of George Bush.

    Pictures tell a much more vivid story without any text. And the pictures we see of this president reveals a man who is genuine and is comfortable in his own skin, no matter the situation or environment.

    So, as far as I am concerned these prople harbor much envy because this president would not spend his precious time catering to their every whim.

    Go figure.

  23. The fat cats might do well to remember the old Urdu proverb (or maybe E. M. Forster just made it up): “The money goes, the money comes. The money stays, death comes.”

  24. LOL — the twitter left. We should tell him to use the term, frustrati next time. I hoping we can get that term meshed into the main stream. I used it the other day in a comment I wrote at the NYT.

    Yep, but O’Donnell is right. That is going to make the PL dizzy. They don’t like to be called out. After all, they are perfect and lord knows they are smarter than all of us. And more importantly, they believe that they are the “base.”

    Go figure.

  25. Don’t forget W, the man you would want to have beer with even though the man is a total classist.

  26. Thank you Electablog for your consistancy in bringing the truth to DK. I do go back and lurk, but I haven’t signed in for several weeks.
    I just got so depressed, I have to stay away. I am so glad to come here and I really like your blog. I am expanding my horizons and feeling much better. It is so go to be around people who are positive. I do love this President, but I do know that he is human and the whole administration doesn’t always do what I think is best. But in this time and place I am so glad they are in charge.

    I hope the President and his family have a wonderful, relaxing time in Hawaii. Keep the pictures coming.

  27. I don’t understand how these fat cats think. If WE the poor and the middle class do not have money to spend then THEY the fat cats don’t get no money to sit on.

  28. I have new found respect for George Clooney. I had no idea he was so committed to this or any humanitarian efforts. Was he appointed/assigned to this or did he take it upon himself?

  29. As conlakappa so aptly stated, he has the nerve to be President without their permission. Quite frankly, these people can go pound sand. POTUS has an approval of 91% with liberal Dems. So really why is so much disproportionate attention given to that 9%? I think that it’s awesome that people are still mining and relocating commenters from less than productive spaces, but I find the venom spewed by the purity trolls, egomaniacs, and assorted dummies over there to be less than interesting.

  30. I always think this too, gobrooklyn, but I do not have a good grasp of the financial sector. It seems it’s a house of cards, much of it on paper without a basis in the real world. I, like you, think it will collapse eventually. As for tangible things we can do, we can be responsible consumers to the extent that it is possible.

  31. They need to stop kidding themselves. POTUS’ support had largely not gone anywhere! We’re talking about shifts from low 80s approvals among Dems to a shift in the mid 80s. How is this indicative of some broad shift in support? I’m glad that they are returning to reality, but the bottom line is that they are still trying to save face with this “comeback kid” meme. The Democratic party approves of this President at consensus levels and ALWAYS HAS. The national media was simply played for fools because they listened to the bible according to DKos and the poison memes which that site spreads elsewhere. They need to understand that that site does not represent the base in any way shape or form, particularly at this point in time, in which it’s simply a purity troll, no more no less.

    If the media would like to avoid ridiculousness like the bs meme about POTUS “losing the base” via the tax cut deal only to be instantly contradicted by polling numbers, they should expand their horizons and actually listen to what the quieter and less sensationalist voices are actually saying.

  32. Short-term thinking gobrooklyn. I have a feeling that businesses are going to resume hiring now that the tax cuts for the rich are back in place for another two years.

  33. Went over there just to tip and rec your diary. I no longer have TU status. No surprise, since I only go there for a quick look around any more and only once a day, if that. It’s so boring to hear the rethug talking points whenever the president’s name is mentioned. So predictable, as well. That place has simply been totally compromised and taken over by righties posing as concerned Dems. I don’t buy it for one minute, so I don’t waste my time or my attention on Marcos’ lost site anymore. It honestly bores the shit out of me.

  34. President Obama sure looks good on the golf course. (I know, I’m shallow. But I admire his brilliance and intellect, too.) And he likes Nike socks like me.

    I’m so glad there were no major issues in the country so that he and the first family could truly get some rest and enjoy the holidays.

    Did you guys hear about bully New Jersey gov. Christie being at Disneyland and his lieutenant gov being in Mexico while their state was pummeled with the blizzard? Folks are not happy. I just hope they remember when the next election rolls around.

  35. Turns out that the Lt. Governor was visiting her father, who is an advanced stage of cancer. What’s Christie’s excuse? In contrast, a NJ Mayor, Corey Booker, jumped feet first—I mean, this guy was apparently on twitter, like “you need diapers? I’m coming to bring them!” “you need help with your car–I’m coming!”

    Now that’s what I’m talking about in terms of a hands-on approach. Bloomberg (NYC mayor) can take some lessons, lol.

  36. Not only is he still playing golf, he’s shilling for Nike! I wonder how much they paid him to wear their socks? Corporatist!

  37. Sorry to hear about her father. But Christie has no excuse. As gov the buck stops with him. Lazy hypocrite. Presidential contender my foot.

    Booker is going to go places. He’s intelligent, eloquent and dedicated.

  38. Yup; Christie has none. He’s one of Joe Scarborough’s preciouses because he has himself taped while bullying hapless constituents (particularly union members). That may make Joe orgasmic, but that sort of “leadership” is ill-suited to a national stage, as POTUS is demonstrating so aptly. My prayer is that POTUS’ tenure can usher in a new American appetite for calm, thoughtful, forward- and long-term-thinking leadership rather than the bombastic red meat purveyors of the past. Christie cost schoolkids in this state over $400M in federal funds because he was too much of an ideologue to make concessions to the teachers’ union, as the Department of Education made prerequisite in the race to the top funding program. He’d be horrible in the WH and needs to stick to being a youtube sensation.

  39. typo: schoolkids in *his* state (thank God that as dysfunctional as the NY gubernatorial administration has proven, Paterson has nothing on Christie in terms of ineptness).

  40. Not so long ago, Frank Rich wrote that president Obama should be more like Christie. That he should do the theatre and show his conviction!!! What a load of crap. No amount of acting can cover the bad news that Christie is. I hope that the people of NJ will not forget where their governor been when they has snow covering their living rooms.

  41. I reran the “end-of-the-season-press-conference” and then it dawned to me:

    All these results the last days of December – all this bipartisanship (seen as weakness by some) – what does it signify for the upcoming 112th Congress ?

    It struck me like lightning …

    This was putting the cart before the horse.

    The bipartisanship wasn’t weakness to get some compromise laws into effect – that was just collateral “damage” – this was the ultimate exercise for the coming 2 years:

    “How to use the presidential power to force bipartisanship over issues to split the Elephantine Party”.

    The big problem of the Republican Party in 2011/12 is the various factions.

    If rational Republicans want to make deals with a pragmatic President, their position is like ours on the Left: How to silence (or at least, out-vote) the vocal “crazys”.

  42. That’s going to be quite the challenge for them considering the upcoming GOP presidential primaries…if you look at the polling, the Democratic base is actually less fragmented than the GOP’s. I think that this is going to become more apparent as time goes on.

  43. I had not seen this video. It is good to know he has caring friends to support him when it all gets crazy. I have been thinking of adding a page of videos to my blog. Sometimes you don’t want to read, or comment, just watch.

  44. Please explain what you mean by “professional left”. It’s a term you use often.


  45. If I am correct, Br. Pethoud, the professional left, generally speaking, are pundits who are self-described Democrats/liberals/progressives.

    A good many of these pundits claim the President is not a “true” Democrat or liberal. And in some cases these pundits claim he is a sell-out, that he may as well be a Republican.

  46. Golf was good enough for Eisenhower. I say, let the man GOLF and stop trying to find something wrong with every breath he takes.

    The frothing right wing and whinging left wing are both heading for early strokes. Chill people, it just golf.

  47. You know Japa21, you are right about the term “arrogant … being used as a replacement for uppity.” What I have observed is that people, especially those in the MSM, as well many members of Congress, expect the President to be more humble and respectful of them, even though they give him no respect. Moreover, the fact that President Obama exudes self-confidence, and happens to be more intelligent than they are, drives them insane. By the way, Pres. Bush was never described as arrogant. Rather he was depicted as having a swagger, a quality they valorized. What is more amusing is to see the same people who accuse the President of being both arrogant and weak, a person who caves in to the “manly” Republicans.

  48. Hey TJ: Good comment. By the way golf was also good enough for Bill Clinton. The way I see it, the attacks on everything President Obama does really proves the attitude deeply held by African Americans: ” A black person has be twice as good as a white person before he is grudgingly accepted as an equal.”

  49. Cory Booker is amazing. I’ve been following him on Twitter since Van Jones suggested him to his followers earlier this year.

    I was always impressed with how he responded to residents who tweeted him with questions or about problems i.e. garbage pickup, etc. He always seemed on top of it and willing to help.

    The media seems to just have taken notice of him on Twitter now b/c of the snow storm and some of the beltway folks seem a little cynical about what he’s doing. (On NPR some reporter from Trenton made a snarky comment crime rates rising in Newark and Booker being very good at PR and even Ezra Klein made a comment on Twitter about Booker’s retweets being “political brilliance”)

    But from what I can tell, Mayor Booker actions seem pretty consistent with the tweets I’ve been reading for most of the year.

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