The NYT praises President Obama on Guantanamo

As you know, an executive order is being prepared these days for the president to sign, regarding the fate of 48 Guantanamo detainees who are too dangerous to be released, but can’t be tried due to the actions of the idiot who occupied the WH for the previous 8 years, and his evil VP.

As the professional left and the rest of la-la-land are ready with their predictable “Obama = Bush” bullshit memo, it was heartening to read this editorial coming from what considered to be the beacon of the “Liberal media” – not only appreciating the president’ effort to restore the rule of law, but also laying the blame for Guantanamo still being open exactly where it should be  – Congress.


A Step Toward Fairness

This country continues to pay a high price in both security and reputation for the Bush administration’s many violations of international law at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. After more than a year of review, the Obama administration is preparing an executive order intended to resolve the situation of four dozen prisoners in the prison there who are caught in a legal limbo: they cannot be freed because they are considered a potentially serious terrorist threat, and they cannot be tried because the evidence against them is classified or was improperly obtained, often through torture.

The proposed order could give these prisoners a form of legal representation and a system to review their cases. It would not remove the tarnish to the American justice system of holding prisoners without trial. But it could represent a significant step forward in dealing with these cases and possibly reducing their number.

The order, which could be signed by the president as early as next month, would require periodic review of each prisoner’s case by a kind of parole board drawn from agencies throughout the executive branch and not just the military.

This board would regularly assess whether a prisoner still represented a danger to public safety or was safe enough to release. The prisoners would have access to an outside lawyer, if they requested one, and would also be allowed an advocate within the system — a change from the Bush administration’s policy of allowing them only a “personal representative,” who was unable to help them make the case for release.

President Obama’s plan to close Guantánamo — thwarted by Congress — had always recognized that there would be a small core of prisoners who could not be tried because of the nature of the evidence against them or the illegal way that evidence was obtained. (Others could be tried by a civilian or military court, or sent to another country or simply released.) These endless detentions clashed with the most basic legal protections of the Constitution. But judges have upheld them because of the public-safety issues involved.

The Obama administration deserves credit for trying to come up with a realistic legal process for these 48 prisoners, particularly after the Bush White House seemed content to hold them indefinitely with only a thin whitewash of due process. President Obama has rightly barred coercive interrogations and other forms of torture for new prisoners, and the administration needs to ensure that any future detainees are held only on admissible evidence.

Unfortunately, Congress seems determined to stymie every effort to close Guantánamo and begin dealing with its remaining prisoners in court. Last week, Congress passed a defense authorization bill that prohibits spending money to transfer a prisoner from Cuba to the United States, or to buy any prison facility in the United States that might hold the 48 in-limbo detainees.

To continue with military operations, the president will probably have to swallow his objections and sign the bill. Over the next year, he must work harder to persuade Congress not to interfere with the work of bringing fairness to the justice system at Guantánamo. As Mr. Obama rightly argued when discussing the detentions last week, “We have these core ideals that we observe — even when it’s hard.”



66 thoughts on “The NYT praises President Obama on Guantanamo

  1. Outside the high operational side AQ detainees, and especially if there is a deal struck between the Taliban and Afghanistan, all the others should be flat out released at this point. I mean even if they go back and take up the fight, how would they be any different than the 1000’s currently holed up in Pakistan’s tribal regions.

    Non-nationstate POW’s is completely different animal as you simply can’t release them when the war is over with their nation than responsible for them.

    The GOP is 100% against trials because they don’t want Bush’s torture programs to see the light of day in court proceedings. So they they gin up irrational fears about a mass prison break happening in order to paint lily-livered Democrats to vote with them rather than voting to have terrorists running free in America.

  2. Everyone knows that it’s the fault of Congress that Guantanamo is still open. Now getting some folks to admit that, and stop placing the blame on the President, is another thing.

    We voted for a President, not a King.

    Junior Bush may have acted like he didn’t have anyone to answer to, but that doesn’t mean we should wish for our own version of a king.

  3. Since they would be allowed to get outside representation maybe Greenwald could take a case or two or all. Put his money where his mouth is sort of thing.

  4. Saint Roscoe- if they took funding to close it and President Obama does the executive order. Where will the funding come from .

  5. I wasted 20 minutes of my precious life on the big orange trying to discuss this with people in advanced stages of ODS. Thank God someone somewhere in this country gets it, the professional left seems to have embraced the dumbed down and numbed approach to living in reality.

  6. People who can’t admit when they are wrong or judge something wrongly are very immature and stubborn, The only way they will see their mistake is when it happens to them. It will when judge people unfairly, it will come back to bite. Just like it bit them on DADT, all of them over their who said some vicious things are now quiet, until another controversy comes that they can trash. They live off populous rants and not reality.

  7. BWD does not only show us nice pictures: she is also able to show us in one sentence what a develish problem this is.

  8. The Gitmo closing will also bring money back to the states. The town here in Illinois want them to use a facility they have thats not being used and the town people says it will bring a lot of revenue and jobs to that hard hit suburb. So i hope it comes here.

  9. Goodness knows, the Obama administration has had much more than the economy and two wars to clean up. The Guantanamo thing is a nightmare, and President Obama is continually being blamed for something he had nothing to do with. Every time I see a headline on the site which should not be named like, “Eeeek! Obama calls for indefinite detention of Guantanamo detainees!” I do my own version of face-palm.

  10. OMG, that looks like potus tearing up face to me. I thought they were both crying. 😦 Good article.

  11. The best thing would be to deport all of them back to their countries and keep an empty gitmo, which then the chickenshit congress critters can ‘fund’ to keep ‘open’.

  12. BTW and not for nothing: Their have been several drone strikes in North Waziristan this week, killing many bad guys!
    Something is happening up there, maybe trying to get supplies to Taliban in Afghanistan.
    Cutting off their supplies is first rule of war!
    I only keep you guys updated, because the sooner we do well, the sooner we leave that God awful place!

  13. President Obama said he would close Gitmo when he did not have full knowledge of what a tangled bed of snakes it all was and before he knew just how much Congress would thwart all his efforts.

    Some of the people detained there are really dangerous. Their own countries don’t want them back. No one wants them and they can’t be released. According to our laws, their rights have been totally violated and they can’t be tried when any evidence is the result of torture.

    What a huge stain of shame on our country and what a huge mess that President Obama now has to sort out while Congress runs and fights to hide their own complicity.

    Congress needs to accept the blame for this when they all bowed to Bush and let him wrap our country in flags and fear. They are all cowards and dogs who once groveled at the feet of a despot. Now they wish to pass the blame on to anyone but themselves.

    Congress will do anything to stop closing of Gitmo because it is their stain and sin, not that of President Obama.

  14. Interior gauging interest in offshore wind development off Massachusetts coast
    By Andrew Restuccia – 12/28/10 12:54 PM ET

    The Interior Department is trying to determine whether companies are willing to invest in offshore wind development off the coast of Massachusetts.

    Massachusetts wants to position itself as a leader in offshore wind development. The state is moving forward with the development of the Cape Wind offshore wind project, which has been mired for years in regulatory delays. If completed on schedule, the project could be the first offshore wind project in the United States. But the project faces continued difficulty in finding a buyer for the electricity it produces.

    The Interior Department published a “request for interest” on Tuesday to help on that front.

    “The Request for Interest issued by the Obama administration today begins a process that will lead to up to 4,000 megawatts of wind energy installed far off our shores — enough electricity to power approximately 1.7 million households, and enough to take this new U.S. industry from infancy to maturity,” Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Ian Bowles said in a statement.

    The request for interest, issued by Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), is part of a broader effort by the department to develop offshore wind on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

    “The Administration has expressed its commitment to putting our nation on the path to a renewable energy future, and BOEMRE will continue working to fashion an expedited but responsible process for leasing and permitting on the OCS,” BOEMRE Administrator Michael Bromwich said in the statement.


  15. Junior Bush answered to his Daddy’s warmongering buds and Vile President Cheney, the Master Puppeteer.

  16. This is the whole problem, there are dangerous people there. I don’t have a simple solution for this – there isn’t one. If the problem was on my head I couldn’t justify turning these people loose, no matter how angry I was at the way they were treated. I feel sure that President Obama would feel personally responsible for any deaths that resulted from freeing one of those people.

    The Bush Administration – the clusterfuck that keeps on giving!

  17. I hope some day that the minefield of mistakes, mismanagement and underhanded dirty dealing left behind by the Bush administration is fully documented in history books. The President has been in so many of these no-win situations since he took office it boggles the mind. Thank God he is capable and calm and rational.

  18. Wasn’t there a study some time back that concluded that none of the previous detainees has gone back to aq/taliban ? The chances of the remaining detainees causing a american death toll is minuscule when compared to keeping them there.

  19. You’re right, none of them has been found to have joined up with AQ, but the only people released so far are the ones who never posed a threat in the first place. I think that’s what makes this so dicey – the people who remain are people who can be considered a danger.

    The problem is that only one of them has to get a dirty bomb into a subway system and this country will be in full freakout mode for decades.

    After 9/11 I heard from a few friends in foreign lands who were disgusted/amused by the fact the Americans had discovered terrorism. My Israeli aunt-by-marriage was rather caustic. She and her husband have taken their regular patrol of the city walls for the last 28 years and have been under rocket attack more times than I can remember. I keep imagining my neighbors in that situation, and all I can see is random gunfire and lots of innocent victims.


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  21. Plenty of countries have terrorism attacks and none of them has a gitmo. As for the remaining persons being dangerous, if you have the evidence, why not take them to a trial ? Just like dubya’s tax-cut bill, gitmo is a poisoned pill. Both could have been crushed and thrown away if only the boneless dem congress backed the president.

  22. I read that 544 prisoners have already been released from Gitmo and of those, estimates vary on how many have returned to terrorist activities.
    CBS said in Sept., 2010 that 18 have while the Pentagon back in 2009 said 61 have. Sounds like we should just let all of them return to the native countries and save a whole bunch of money. Aren’t we looking for ways to cut our federal budget?

  23. Some want change to roll in a snap while change is a hard process. I have no doubt given the time, this President will do what he said he will do. I believe in him and I think America is blessed to have a President like him.

    Happy New Years to all.

  24. The same folks who were marginalized in the Bush 41 White House were given all the power in Bush 43’s Administration.

    Cheney picking himself as the best VP candidate when he was supposed to be vetting others should have been a huge red flag to Dubya if he had a clue. He probably figured – great, less work for me.

  25. 35 one way plane tickets to the detainee’s country of origin shouldn’t cost too much.

    Just leak that some have agreed to be spies and call in information and that should keep the detainees out of the hierarchy going forward. Hell, tell wikileaks that they’ve been implanted with small GPS devices and the Taliban/AQ will probably kill all of them looking for such devices.

  26. How could AQ/Taliban ever trust the former detainees. 5-6+ years in captivity means they could have easily been flipped and their freedom was given in return for spying against AQ.

  27. Except the high level ones of course, but I agree. I mean these guys will not be trusted enough out of fear they’ve been flipped, so at most they’d go back to being low-level fighters, no different than the thousands already in tribal Pakistan and Afghanistan.

  28. Basically I’m going on trust here. I believe that if President Obama felt reasonably safe releasing these people he;d do so. If he’s putting together an executive order that allows him to hold them without trial, there’s a reason for it. Maybe that’s blind faith, but I don’t think so. It’s more like trusting that there’s someone in the WH with intelligence and honor, and some smarts about how the world works.

  29. Thank you BWD for providing a place for positive news and informative news what the Obama Administration is doing. The fake MSM only wants to manufacture headlines to keep their rating high. I refuse to watch any of those shows – CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, FAUX Noise (formerly known as Fox). Even the entertainment noise is ginning up fake news about the President and statements made to the Eagles owner Michael Vick. They take a 2nd hand conversation and twist it around. These people make me sick.

  30. Today Deoliver47 wrote a beautiful diary in response to the “Rainbowgirl” scam situation that occured over the last couple weeks at kos.

    I know that most of you want no more to do with that site which is why I am not linking to it but I felt it was worth you all reading this masterpiece.


    As some of you know, I’m one of the editors of Black Kos, a twice weekly community diary series here at Daily Kos which is on holiday hiatus and will return after the New Year.

    I host the Tuesday section which is subtitled “Tuesday’s Chile” …taken from the saying “Tuesday’s Child is full of Grace” but “child” is written as many of us pronounce it – “chile”.
    We opened the Tuesday series with a hymn that has become a universal symbol of the abolition of the slave trade and part of the theme music for the struggle for civil and human rights.

    Community members of Black Kos are people who come together to discuss news, the arts and events which are presented about and from the perspectives of the varied people’s of the African diaspora and other communities of color. A majority of the regular readers and commentors in Black Kos are not African-American, which reflects the demographic make-up of the main site.

    We come together each week in the spirit of Grace.

    “Amazing Grace how sweet the sound ….I once was lost and now I’m found….was blind but now I see”

    So in that spirit of Grace I appeal to Kossaks who got lost in last weeks debacle with a now banned diarist to have the grace to apologize for the hurt you have inflicted on many of us here and perhaps make amends for that painful episode by agreeing to attempt to take off the blinders around issues of racism.

    By amends – I’m using that term in the classic AA sense (not African-American but Alcoholics Anonymous) Amends is not saying you are sorry, but resolving to change behavior for the future.

    What hurts?

    Let me be as clear as I can. When someone comes to your house (and Daily Kos is our Democratic house) and makes charges pointed at one group of residents, insinuating that we are here solely at the behest of outsiders (in this case David Axelrod and Barack Obama) to disrupt and silence white progressives by using our “race” to guilt trip y’all into silence re criticisms of the President and the Administration, it is a specious charge. But more than that, it is imho provacatuerism. Staged only to divide and disrupt in an atmosphere that has already been fractious enough.

    But what is even more painful is to stand on the sidelines and watch fellow residents agree with those charges…in essence “co-signing” the allegations that were made that were deeply hurtful to those of us who were accused. Some of us stood by silently. Others attempted to push back. Most of us felt ignored.

    Added to that were the charges of “tribalism”. Many of you may be aware that the use of “tribalism” in certain contexts becomes a pejorative. It evokes a stereotyped images of blacks (though can apply to other ethnic groups as well). I teach cultural anthropology and rarely do you find “tribal” used to describe any current groups of socially constructed “white” peoples.

    But to go deeper into the portrayal there was the insinuation that blacks here and those allied with them are singularly uncritical and part of some type of herd-mentality – slavishly following a singularly non-analytical embrace of all things Obama.

    The majority of those who read Daily Kos on a regular basis never come into Black Kos to read and engage in the lively discussion that takes place within the confines of the series. Perhaps you feel you have to be black to be a part of. Perhaps you feel that our perspectives are of little interest to you.

    I stress “perspectives” in the plural since we are in no way shape or form monolithic in our views or opinions on a host of issues. Just as no communities of color are never monolithic.

    Since many of you don’t read Black Kos – you might be unaware of the diversity of perspectives expressed weekly within the confines of that diary series. However, one thing we do expect of each other. That we handle disagreements and variance among each other with Grace.

    It’s why we call ourselves “the front porch”. It is reminiscent of the kind of discussions that take place on our front porches or stoops, around dinner tables or in barber shops, beauty parlors and bars…among friends, neighbors and family. And yes – we feel like a family.

    So when the family gets “dissed” we react. We push back. We are not uniform in how we do that since we are also individuals.

    It is true that African-Americans have voted solidly Democratic for several decades but this assuredly had nothing to do with the phenotype of the Head of State or even the leadership of the Party.

    African Americans by and large when I was a child and in the time of my grandfather were staunch members of the Republican Party. The history of that shift has been documented in several diaries here so I won’t repeat much of it except to say that those of us who became Democrats did so for a reason. In spite of the fact that we are painfully aware of many of the “warts” on that body. We see them accept that they are there, and work toward a future when they are excised.

    We have learned that waging struggle in a nation where we are still a minority requires the discipline of both maintaining solid support at this point in time as Democrats, and requires the building of coalitions with other Democrats many times in spite of or with acute awareness of the unresolved issues around racism in America. It is not an easy place to be positioned but we have – for the most part, done so with grace.

    There are those within our communities who do not ascribe to this position and we accept that and move forward. I have in my own family nationalists who will not ever become Democrats. I spent many years of my youthful life voting for third party formations. I supported Mrs Fannie Lou Hamer’s organizing of an alternative Democratic Party at a time when Dixiecrats were still among its leading lights.

    As I grew older and hopefully wiser, I joined with many other progressives in becoming a solid supporter of the Democratic Party though perhaps part of its more leftist wing. And here I stay.

    But it ain’t easy. Those of you who have read any of my comments here on Daily Kos know my sig line.

    “If you’re in a coalition and you’re comfortable, you know it’s not a broad enough coalition” Bernice Johnson Reagon

    It exemplifies my core political philosophy.

    So – back to why I’ve written this.

    There was a Kossack who did write a diary of apology which has since been deleted. There were those who stated in comments that we should just “let it go”. That the advent of RainbowGirl was over…she’s banned so move on.

    I disagreed. What she managed to do in a short period of time – was to epitomize and evoke all that is wrong about how we are perceived here and to inflame others using the manipulation of masquerading in a type of “blackface” that is repugnant. A cold calculated attempt to sow more discord than we already have. To weaken the ties that bind us – across race and ethnicity.

    I am not going to just let it go, wall-paper over it – cause the stain is gonna leak through.

    I am not going to debate the Rainbow-far identity. Suffice it to say that I have had past experience with said person at MyDD and more recently at The Motley Moose. I am firmly convinced about who that was and why she came here to hype up dissent.

    But she is gone. The bitter taste is still here in the mouths of many of us. Shoving the entire debacle under the rug and acting like it didn’t happen does not lance the boil of pain, resentment and dismay.
    It will continue to fester unless we find a way to achieve reconciliation. And that requires grace.

    Your grace (to those to whom this missive applies) and the grace of those wounded to accept those apologies.

    Some have already done so in the scattered threads from that hectic Christmas Eve and the following day. Others here are continuing along the same ugly path of accusation and denial.

    And we stand here watching it all.

    I have no desire to ensconce myself only in Black Kos, rarely to emerge onto the main site. That would mean agreeing to be marginalized.

    Nor will I remain silent if there is a repeat performance enacted here by the departed or any other person of that ilk. I will not muffle my opinions about what I perceive to be racism based on my life experience. Does that make me an authority – no.

    But I am deeply disturbed that my simply questioning what I knew was a “wrongness” led one person here to describe me and others as “wilding” which evokes yet another set of pejorative images.

    I am even more perturbed that there were others here in agreement with that assessment.


    That leaves us simply with Grace.
    Here’s hoping we find that space of Grace and move forward.
    There is much work to be done, and we can only accomplish it – together.

    She ends by posting two video versions of “Amazing Grace”.

  31. I have no idea what all that was about. Was “rainbow girl” a fake black person instigating race wars, or what? What was her real identity and how was it discovered?

  32. Few people realize how painful it is dealing with those whom one thought was on their “side,” but it turns out that they are no different than the others who hate you for one reason or another. This is why I left the DK community. As a black person, I felt that there was no longer any place for me on the site. Deoliver has a very forgiving heart, but I have a less forgiving heart when I’m the object of racism that comes from those who’ve never had to spend Day 1 of their lives dealing with what I’ve had to deal with. I can say with certainty that none of them have ever been forced to use “separate” anything, so they don’t share the same experiences that I do. Even employing a lot of empathy, it’s impossible for them to fully understand the impact that racism has/has had on others unlike themselves.

  33. Yep this person was new to kos and took advantage of the anger over the tax cut situation and started writing diaries. She claimed to be a poor, out of work black girl and her divisive diaries started going straight to the wreck list. People were agreeing to her racist undertone in her diaries and as indicated by Deoliver47’s comments there were many who spotted that she was a fake immediately but they were treated poorly by the usual suspects.

    Bob Johnson on Christmas Eve figured out that her writings were similar to some zombie writer that infiltrated kos during the campaign named “linfar”. He reported it to Meteor Blades (who was receiving notices from users that this person was a zombie but he claims he couldn’t find anything wrong with her”) and so it was confirmed that she was either a fake or she was plagiarizing this linfar persons work and she was banned. Even after she was banned the bullies said that they still agreed with the content of her diaries even if she was a fake. Thereby prompting Deoliver47 to write this diary.

  34. The problem is some don’t get to know the African American they chose to believe the labeling that is placed upon us. Some who are in our lives know the truth. My anger comes with anybody being judged unfairly, and in a negative light. I always say where their are some that is negative towards AA. Theri are many more who fights for fairness and they come from every race, sexual orientation, and religious back ground. Assumption runs high when it comes to AA i just like it when they are proven wrong. Black kos was a weekly learning and perspective of great minds. No matter what color they are we can all learn from one another. So when ever someone come out and say outrages things or quote mis information. I smile and say you don’t know us at all.

  35. I am lost here, what is this? What is all these resentment about? This is really very strange to me? Because I don’t know about all of these people and about racism in DK or anything. But why is this necessary to post it here? This is just a question and I am sorry for being ignorant about all these.

  36. So she claimed to be a black girl, but her diaries were racist? Yikes! And the haters there fell for it, happy to jump on the bandwagon? Yikes! I bet I can name the joyous participants too. And I bet ol’ rainbow girl is not the only fake personality there. I suspect there are many. I see someone there is now calling Obama O’Precious, in a sneering, hateful comment. There are people there who hate Obama with a passion. And they are supposed to be Democrats? HA! No way! That place is now so narrow and fringey weird, it has lost all sense of purpose and significance and has become worthy of ridicule.

  37. Apparently during the primary wars she was someone called linfar. She was banned because of racist posts she wrote.

    Seizing on the already divisiveness over there, she came back under the persona Rainbowgirl. She started off making comments in different diaries, all of them venemous to POTUS. She inferred that she was black, when in fact she is a 60-year-old white woman.

    After writing several comments in various blogs, she penned her first blog, stating that she was of poor minority ethnic background.

    Immediately people like TiMT and Soothsayer called her out. They didn’t believe her. But because she was supposedly this black person trashing POTUS, the folks already amenable to this sort of thing, globed onto her, giving her the confidence to write more diaries. Then in one of them she insinuated that the AAs on the site were agents of David Axelrod, a major astoufer and POTUS sent to sow discontent and denigrate white progressives.

    Bob Johnson figured her out. And supposedly Meteor Blades then checked her out further and banned her.

    I spent all of yesterday just reading all three or four of her diaries and all the more than one thousand comments. The usual suspects, you all know them propped her up. But lots of people there were having none of her fake saccharine tripe. She was sly and ugly. Even when people contested her in her diaries, she would go back and tip them.

    It was very odd to me. I couldn’t understand it. Like many people as I read her comments, i thought something is stinky here.

    I vowed never to comment over there, but if I had gone there on the date she wrote, I would have commented. As I sat reading those diaries, I was so incensed. I read Sis Deo today, but did not comment either.

    That woman caused a lot of hurt over there, but had the climate not been so ripe for it, none of this would have happened. There were people there just waiting for this sort of person — a black person to take president Obama apart. She fit the bill and they could use her as an excuse. It was her and Cornel West they used to justify that black folks had had it with POTUS.

    Just from reading her stuff, you knew something was definitely awry. I think the diary has been taken down.

    But it left a lot of hurt, and it proved what so many of us had been seeing that site denegerate into. It also lay bare the souls of some people, who continue to show their true colors.

    I hope I have not broken any rules here by discussing this. I hope this helps dotster.

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  39. Agreed. The president deals in good faith, while the Republicans try to undercut him. And every time because he has good intentions and is a person who thinks before he acts, he comes up with results.

    I too, believe we are blessed to have him.

  40. That Jennifer Hudson can sing!!! Like no other! What a powerful performance that was! Truly moving and thrilling.

  41. Thank you for posting that. This is not the first time Deo’s judgment has been proven wise and right. It will not be the last time the DailyKos devolves into race-baiting.

    I’d bet anything that this “rainbowgirl’s” diary was uprated/recommended by slinkerwink. If you want to identify an instigator, hypocrite, liar, and pretender, she would be it. She’s poisoned the discourse on that blog, and is one of the reasons I refuse to go back there.

    Not sure why any reasonable person would stay there at all.

  42. UNDER THE SEA: President Obama and his family are snorkeling in Hawaii — but don’t expect any pictures of the president without his shirt on.

    The pool reports that the reporters and photographers following Obama “are under explicit instructions that there will be no long lenses or other sneaky attempts to take pictures.”

    The Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, where the first family is snorkeling, is “closed off” for the two hours that the Obamas are there, the pool says.

    Politico 44-

  43. I thought this blog had a very interesting and informative critique of the issue without going into the hysterical, hyperbolic, shrill shrieks of the PL –

    If only all disagreements on policy could be that civil…

    This whole thing is a balancing act by the Pres – trying to protect our “values” without setting the stage for another potential terrorist attack of which the political blowback would be devastating. Trying to hold true to this variant of a Ben Franklin quote he used in inauguration speech: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Yet, he’s getting no help at all from Congress on this very difficult issue…

  44. I spent the day on Deoliver’s thread, mostly because I always liked her and thought the theme was perfect.

    Most of the reasonable Kos posters were in the mood to listen–with the exception of the noted few who we all know, it has been generally reasonable.

    As I said before on Kos earlier today – I have watched since the incident with RainbowGirl and the positive reaction to her made me sick to my stomach. Its going to take a while to get over–not just what Rainbow Girl tried to pull, but those who go to any lengths to use what she did-a travesty of community trust-as a means to prop up their agenda. These are the people who populate Kos. Its very sad.

    As a favor to Cordelia Lear, who I like and who has been coordinating “What’s for Dinner?” diaries this whole year, I promised I would be doing a WFD diary on the 8th of January-a promise made long before BWD’s departure and the whole dang mess. You won’t see much of me there afterwards and for a good long while.

  45. Can’t wait – Bill T. Jones is getting honored.

    I work with his sister Rhodessa here in SF.

    His piece on Abraham Lincoln: “Fondly We Hope, Fervently We Pray” is one of the best pieces of American dance I’ve seen in a long time.

    The theme tonight is about the honorees coming from humble roots. Its so right to have that feeling and recognition. Looking forward to the show.

  46. Given the level of rabidness over there, I doubt this will garner the desired response. Some on that site are so far gone, and others are being paid to insult. This was a beautifully written diary, and the pain is palpable. The damage being done will last for a long time for some.

  47. I think it was posted here because a lot of people on this site fled from DKos when things started to get out of control and ugly. It’s a sad statement on the state of affairs over there.

  48. Well said! Seems to me the ferocity with which both Republicans and Democrats oppose all of President Obama’s efforts to close Gitmo may well reflect the guilt and shame you posit, and the cowardly refusal to admit it.

  49. Cape Wind has been fought tooth, nail, clavicle and uvula by a variety of foes ever since it was first proposed. It’s somewhat of a miracle that it’s made it this far, but it’s jumped through just about all the requisite hoops and even has a contract for half of its output recently approved the the state’s Department of Public Utilities. There must be some very deep pockets behind Cape Wind to have carried it over so many years of expensive legal and regulatory battles.

  50. am finding it easier to get toaitr now that the various items are being offered separately on the email message;

    and easier means more appreciated than ever

    i’d really love to be able to comment on a comment…

    thanks over and over, bwd

  51. Exactly! Also, if POTUS wants to use, say, executive privilege when ISSA starts to call people from, his administration? Why can’t he just say, because they are governing?

    All they are going to have is probe after probe, hoping to find something on POTUS! Jeesh! Does america really want to do this…

  52. We know what we’re going to hear from the frustrati: the only remedy is to let these prisoners go.

    Now I consider myself a dyed in the wool liberal and I always have been. But when Ivory Tower liberals refuse to acknowledge the consequences of certain actions, then they are as reality-challenged as the tea party. In some cases — surprise!– the illegal and un-American actions against these prisoners must be weighed against who these prisoners are and what they have done or will do if given the chance. Why can’t the Left separate out those that were swept up in Bush’s net from those that are truly a danger where release is the only option? I applaud this President and his DOJ in trying to navigate these difficult waters to find the most effective means of dealing with these prisoners and maintaining their legal rights, regardless of the mess that Bush created.

    Obama will be vilified by both sides on this, I’m afraid.

  53. There’s something I’ve always wondered about: are there prisoners who due to their treatment or otherwise, too damaged to even be allowed to be released? Torture can permanently damage people physically and mentally to the point where they can’t cope on the outside at all-can’t work, may need help caring for themselves, whatever. Could the provision for indefinite detention be a cover for some of that as well, and could that be why Congress is so resistant to trials that would establish what guilt they do have if any? If torture made a person incompetent mentally or physically, they may fear that a compassionate jury might let them go anyway. Perhaps the fearmongering since September 11th would cease if the public could see the sorry specimens they are now.

    As for the implied fear that sympathetic Muslims or terror cells would try to break them loose, people forget that these are “martyrdom” exercises. It was expected these people would either die or be killed. With such a mentality, these people now locked up are disposable, having served their purpose. With younger, more capable recruits behind them, why spend the billions to break prisoners out of an impregnable facility into a country where there is no sympathetic hiding place besides the cell members themselves?

  54. In the olden days trolls were hounded, mocked and ridiculed. Now they’re escorted to the top of the Wreck list. I spend time at the large orange confronting RW memes because it was an important place for me not so long ago and I’m deeply offended that Frank Luntz and the Heritage Foundation are now controlling thought and emotion there. It only takes a few plants to skew things because they appeal to the stereotypical blogger type, the misfit who’ll jump on any bandwagon for the illusion of belonging.

    I truly never expected to see this. I suppose once the real activists left the void was filled with those who lack critical thinking skills and an ability to make independent judgements. There are still a faithful few fighting for sanity over there, but far too many of the comment threads could have written at Red State. I’m boggled!

  55. I think that particular facility is no longer in the running. Something I heard about a week ago. Wish I remembered the details.

  56. I wonder what the frustrati would have done if Obama had compiled every campaign utterance and promise and told his brand new administration to make it all happen by February 28, 2009. Whether or not he had a staff in place or not. By all means, let’s pretend that the Republicans had nothing to do with stymying (?) his department heads, putting in a staff, etc.

    Oh, wait — I know what they’d do. They’d whine that he didn’t think things through, that the consequences of his ‘rash actions’ have hurt his country and his Party, yada yada.

  57. Oh, silly you — all that reality-basey stuff you’re spouting.

    I’ll take it one step further: not everyone in Gitmo is an innocent child swept up in Bush/Cheney’s net. Those have by and large all been released. Now, how to deal with the real bad guys whose prosecution Bush screwed up with torture.

    The only choices that would please half the population are (1) summarily executing them; or (2) letting them all go free. Obama will make no one happy with his careful, considered actions that balance national security and respect for American law.

  58. I wish this blog could somehow appear on Computers everywhere. It is truly one of a kind. I finish each day with this wonderful, informative, delicious work of art. I can be so depressed from hearing even the evening news, & reading the local newspaper, but coming hear inspires me in a way that is so healing. I love our president & will never understand how some completely misread him. May this country figure it out in 2012, it is beyond important.

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