Even more cute photos of the president

President Obama goes to buy Shave Ice at Kailua Beach Center, December 27.


45 thoughts on “Even more cute photos of the president

  1. She seems to be as lovely as she is kind…
    The President and First lady have done such an amazing job keeping the girls so grounded…

  2. Hey, that’s ice cream looks great!!! Hope you’re getting some much deserved rest Mr President.

  3. Hi BWD … I was a long time lurker over at another ‘shall not be named site’ though I have never posted a comment, lol, and though I can’t remember exactly when, but at some point I became a fan of your posts :o). Thank you for starting this blog. I no longer visit the other site much, I can’t understand all the negativity that is expressed elsewhere about this Prez. I feel he’s a good man too, and one who has accomplished much for the people of his country.
    And…as someone who was born and raised in SE Asia (Canadian now), I have to say, the pics of the ‘shave ice’ is bringing back memories. Can’t wait to eat that again on my next visit back. LOL

  4. Thanks for the pictures, they are taking it easy! Thank goodness! The kids seems so well adjusted!
    Anyways, how about that MSM~! Aren’t they good? NOT! We have decided to dust off the tea bagger crazy stuff of the last two years, and the birth certificates and death panels are front and center, AGAIN!
    Man Alive!

  5. Yesterdays Pool report:

    Pool #3

    Motorcade left the rental at 1:29 PM and headed back into the Marine base. POTUS is bowling with his daughters at the local alley on the base.
    At 1:40, pool holding at the golf’s club house.
    Pool #4

    At 3:30, as the pool was moving from the club house by bus to another holding location, we learned that POTUS and his party were now playing basketball, still on the Marine base.
    Pool #5

    Per WH, POTUS played basketball indoors with the same party with which he bowled earlier on, ie Sasha, Malia, and members of the Whitaker, Nesbitt, Ramos and Titcomb families. We don’t know which members, and FLOTUS was not among them.
    At 4:03 we’re motorcading out of the Marine base.

  6. Also, The new CNN poll showed that the HCR law has only 43% aproval, 9 months after its signing!
    We have got to find a way to raise that approval, albeit, with all these law suits and repeal notions, it will be extremely difficult! This is what the righties do, they demonize everything!
    I am surprised they have not villified Mothers day!

  7. At least they also polled further and found that, of the 57 % disapproving,13% say the HCR law is not liberal enough so in fact really the poll should read:

    Those wanting HCR 56%(13% want it more liberal ie public option)

    Opposed or other 44%

    Makes a real difference to perception.

  8. Well, the president is looking rested. Good for him. Hope the rest of the week is quiet for him. He and his family deserve it. Next year will bring a lot of outrage from the right and probably the left again. Oh well…..

  9. it is actually 56 percent in favor if health insurance reform. 13% feel the bill is not liberal enough ( more reform, not less). The reports skip over this important part to misrepresent broad support for universal health care. Kaiser Family Foundation just came out with 2009 figures: more than 50 million in the US without health insurance.

  10. Who cares? Cat48, outrage can not put for you and your family dinner (food) on the table. They both (extreem left or right) live in a fantasy land, he is a serious man especially when it comes to helping the poor and the middle class. I care less for anyones outrage at this point. I am ready to inengage and help this Prez in any way I can as usual çause I beleive in his directions and patient more than anything else. They can shoot from the hip all day long I will wait his moves.

  11. Let me just say this once and for all and I may not/never say this again:



  12. Thanks BWD for the cute photos. They make me smile and we need more of that these days. I’m sure he feels comfortable and safer in his home state of Hawaii so he can relax and unwind.

  13. Huffington Post has this as a headline to make people think that the numbers refer to the current situation and not 2009 numbers BEFORE HCR was signed.

  14. Welcome, JS – yoo’ll love it here!
    BTW, we were just talking about Canana – planning a vacation to the Maritime Provinces this summer.

  15. I echo G’s welcome:) Come join us in this blissful, intelligent, thoughtful place that BWD has created. It feels like home.

  16. Immature people, especially those of minimal pigmentation, for whom being “smart” was their claim to fame (they were not the Brad Pitts in looks, nor the Kobe Bryants in Sports, not the Gates in entrepreneurism…need SOMETHING. So, being the smartest kid in class was available, especially since the other candidate had a racial handicap. And the frustrati were stripped of that. Quelle domage. For the sane ones among us, we are thrilled, RELIEVED to have a POTUS we can look up to. To the neurotic – their center is not holding.

  17. Amazing pictures.

    It really is a little scary how fast his hair is turning gray, isn’t it?

    I wonder if that’s not job stress. Haven’t seen a President since Reagan who didn’t visibly age — remarkably so in some cases, cf The Big Dog — in office.

  18. I simply don’t understanding that woman! I must be honest, when she first came on the scene I really liked her. Full disclosure, her church, The Assemblies of God came out of my domination. After her hateful ramblings against then Senator Obama, now President Obama and now our First Lady I can say with certainty, this woman is NOT a Christian. If I didn’t know better I would say she has a crush on President Obama and is extremely jealous of our First Lady.

  19. That’s crazy! Apparently, they didn’t poll folks who have pre-existing conditions, and children over 18 with no health insurance.

  20. I love snowballs, that what we call them in Baltimore. My sister and I had a snowball stand when we were kids. I loved vanilla flavored snowballs.

  21. Darn it BWD…you are going to piss off Bob Herbert at NY Times for showing real data. Not to undermine that there is hardship out there but I find, to do an analysis of what is the reality of our economy from the opinion of the most vulnerable and those without a job is rather disingenuous. I guess pooling opinion of folks who are out of work and have not been able to find a job for over a year is the measuring stick of the pulse of all Americans. Just amazed!

    Here is the article.

    Great pic and vid, BWD. It is nice to see the real man out of Washington and relaxing.

    He deserves it and so does his family.

  22. Thanks Criquet. The other fact is that they should poll whether the separate components of the legislation are popular. We need to know how many of those disapproving people also say they don’t want protection for their children, protection against insurance rescision, protection against increased premiums for the purpose of paying huge bonuses, protection against insurance “death panels”. The generic disapproval is mostly just people wanting to stick it to President Obama – rather than not actually wanting health insurance reform.

  23. Wow. I like what Nesbit said about Malia — she always has the facts — they call her the Oracle, he said. She must be a smart cookie.

  24. Thank you g and desertflower. That was very nice of you both.

    g, I have never been to the Maritime provinces, but have heard that it is absolutely gorgeous out there. I am thinking of a short trip out that way myself, next summer :o)

    desertflower, I agree this is a great site. I don’t read all of the articles, but I go through each comment and I have to say that I enjoy reading them because they are not only informative but sometimes just downright funny,lol.

    I have to say that reading all that I do here and at the ‘other’ places including HP once in a while, I even had the ‘nerve’ to remind a couple of Americans whom I am friends with on FB to vote, back in Nov …LOL.., when one of them made a hesitant comment about all politicians being the same etc etc, I made sure to mention something like this, ‘boy, I am glad that you guys got some form of healthcare reform started, isn’t that great?’or something close to that (can’t remember exact words now)… LOL

    I find US politics way more interesting than Canadian politics. I am not politically active but wish I was and that I had volunteered in some way, cuz now we (Torontonians) are stuck with a right-wing mayor for the next 4 years – ack! Oh well :o)

    Thanks again …

  25. Snow Cones were like newspaper routes for kids during the summer in the late 1930s-early 1940s in our New Jersey town. The kids pulled around a block of ice in a wagon with a rack of shaker bottles.

    Every once in a while a mother would come out with one or two of her kids and ask the boy — it was always a boy — “are these natural flavors?” And the boy would say “Oh, yeah.” And perhaps they were, but thinking back, I wonder….

    The shaver gadget was a rounded thing with a flap on the top and teeth on the bottom that the boy ran over the ice with two hands. The thing turned out a ball of shaved ice which would get plopped into a stiff paper cone, and then get several vigorous squirts of colored syrup.

    They were pretty good, especially on a hot day.

    I can remember so well standing there watching them being made.

  26. Lorraine, I agree she wants President Obama’s attention, she’s like the Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction “I’m not going to be ignored” famous line. Even if that means attacking his wife to get a reaction. She’s a stalker, grifter, mean girl still stuck in high school mode plus willfully ignorant ….smh. The repubs have already started attacking her veracity, they won’t fund her run for president and she’s just trying to remain relevant.

  27. Nice to see POTUS and friends enjoying their time together. I love the way Malia gives the hugs like FLOTUS. They have to be so proud of the girls and how well they have adjusted to their life as our First Daughters.

    Our intelligent, caring, and compassionate President of the United States makes me proud also. What a great leader.

  28. Thank you for what you do to support our country, our President and his family, and all those that help him to be the greatest President this country will ever see. Just wait AND see!!

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