No competition



President Barack Obama is Americans’ Most Admired Man of 2010, substantially ahead of the former presidents, iconic religious leaders, and others who fill out the top 10 list. Obama first became Americans’ Most Admired Man in 2008, shortly after his election as the nation’s 44th president, and has held the title since then.


105 thoughts on “No competition

  1. Of course Barack Obama is the most admired! But ‘Dubya’ being number two is well,……sickening.

  2. I was actually surprised by that as well!! Who the heck is voting 5% for bush??? And what’s up with Glen Beck??? I’d even put Katoe Couric before Glen Beck!!!

  3. By a very wide margin, Barack Obama is the person in any country, man or woman, whom I admire the most. Hands down. There is indeed no contest.

    A leader like this comes along once in your lifetime if you are lucky to live at the right time, and I do mean that. I wish more of my idealogical birds of a feather could see that.

  4. Wow, it wasn’t even close. Count me in that 22%. Thank you POTUS (and thank you to the entire First Family); I’m excited to be living through this time of history and legend-making.

  5. My vote too. We are lucky to have such an intelligent good-hearted president. Thanks to BWD for this site for all the information that our media skips over in it’s quest for scandal and poutrage.

  6. President Barack Obama is Americans’ Most Admired Man of 2010, substantially ahead of the former presidents, iconic religious leaders, and others who fill out the top 10 list. Obama first became Americans’ Most Admired Man in 2008, shortly after his election as the nation’s 44th president, and has held the title since then.

    Ok, get out you anti-hater shield and helmet they are goint to blow their last brain cell behind this.

  7. And this is why the Republican 2012 contenders are staying in the dark. They will keep trying to bring him down to their level so that they are better able to compete.

  8. people are frustrated with the unemployment, when that change things will be better judged. People who never been down will blame whom ever in charge . People are starting to see that they have been lied to preyed upon, and fear once again to over their emotions.

  9. BWD, just read the London Review of Books review and you’re right — so on point (well, I’m sure it is — I wouldn’t buy or read that book if my life depended on it) and VERY funny! Thanks for the link.

    And thanks to you for all you have given us in this wonderful website — not just inspiring words and moving photos, but facts and truths that we might never see if not for you. I can compare my state of mind today with the way I was feeling before I found you here (was already a huge fan on DK) and honestly say I am a lighter, happier, better person today! Thank you so much and hope you and everyone here has a very happy new year.

  10. Not even a close second. I’m not bent out of shape. Bush has fans who put more store into what he said and what he felt rather than what he *did.* I don’t share that view but am unsurprised by it. Happy Holidays to you and yours Starkyluv!!

  11. People are slowly coming around to appreciating the calm, intelligent leadership skills of this unique man. Even some of my “red” relatives have to admit he has reached out to everyone and they are embarrassed by the sillyness and immature behavior of the Republicans who have slapped his hand away. They are seeing that the President puts people and country first – not just his political party (which burns some Dems).
    I’m hoping he can accomplish even more during his next two years and then be re-elected in 2012. He’s got my vote.

  12. I wonder if this will be one of the lead stories on the so-called news shows this evening? You can bet that it would be if he had been supplanted by someone else. They do not see that there is more to our citzenry than the professional pundits and the loud, attention-seeking idiots to whom they give a voice. All of them are in the own (wealthy and connected) world where they feed on each other and play tit-for-tat, while the rest of us are just trying to survive and thrive. The president gets this and is doing what he can to help all of us. We are smart enough to see this and to appreciate him. But, they will continue to underestimate him and us. They may be surprised when he is re-elected, but we will not.

  13. Well of course Bush is number two… You see how may employees of the Bush administration works for fox news? Nuff said!

  14. I see some brave soul posted a diary at dk recommending this site. And I see that AdamB is not a BWD fan. He said BWD does hagiography and propaganda. He is obviously not a supporter of Obama either, only allowing that he doesn’t do EVERYTHING wrong. (geez) And all the most obnoxious haters and naysayers have joyfully jumped in. They’re all spitting mad about Obama being the only adult in the room too. And they don’t like this listing of facts/real news events either! It makes them furious. They like their negative analysis better.

  15. So, that rumor in the washington examiner, about Hillary leaving her SOS job- and richardson taking over, guess what, it is a LIE!
    Ed Henry asked a sr. adminstration official and said it is BOGUS!
    WTF? More lies by the righties!

  16. Gallup a little late, just telling us what we already knew:) President Barack Obama the most admired! Good to see the numbers though.

  17. I was just reading that. They obsess about BWD. You would think that if they thought she served no viable purpose with this site that they would just ignore those types of diaries but instead they jump in and shout their vitriol to the moon about every negative nasty thing that they can think up about what she is doing here.

    She doesn’t bother them. Rarely ever mentions that place anymore and has moved on to a very successful blog here (her I’m grateful thread was mentioned on the Northern Va Democratic Committees site this past weekend) but still they harbor whatever ill feelings they have about her simply because she posted positive accomplishments w/pictures and videos of the Democratic President on a Democratic Website.

    p.s. What’s left of that place that actually has a voice (meaning posts in most diaries) are some of the meanest, most hateful “progressive/liberals” that I have seen in my lifetime.

    It’s just weird IMO.

  18. Agree. They ridicule this site because it is all positive, but what’s left there is all negative. And agree about the absurdity of a supposedly Democratic site being all negative, and nasty as can be, about a Democratic President. Damaging and preposterous to the extreme.


    If you have not read it yet this is a great post by dengre (Dennis G) at balloon juice looking at all the poutrage on the left, comparing it to the outrage of folk music followers over Dylan going electric. Dylan was vindicated as our president will be. The true leaders do just that, they lead! We.are fortunate that President Obama has a vision but also the common sense and pragmatism to make it a reality.
    NPR morning edition also had a great story this morning on the president’s pragmatic liberalism, featuring Kloppenberg and his great book, Reading Obama.

  20. I heard that NPR bit this morning and was very interested; I think I may have to check-out that book.

    What will be interesting to see when this presidency is all said and done is how WE changed during that time.

  21. I might have to start selling blood pressure meds over there.

    I know mine went down when I left 🙂

    Seriously though, I can’t think of a better word to describe what has gone on over there the last 6 months than wierd. It’s just effing wierd to me. Some say it’s no different that previous schisms and that may be true, but it’s still a wierd a trajectory.

  22. I figured there’d be some hate over at the left haternation at Kos. This is an amazing accomplishment for the President. It flies in the face of every BS that is posted at Kos that he is losing his base.

    I LOVE this site!

  23. Kos is just not relevant anymore except to those who only have hate in their lives.

    I LOVE this site!

  24. It made me start to think conspiracy theory. I keep asking myself why would a website that is suppose to be a Democratic site spend so much time being negative? At first I thought I was just being sensitive because I remain supportive of the President but cleary this diary today tells me that there is truly something weird going on over there.

    Here is a diary that would have fallen right off the front page had they not given it the attention (albeit negative attention). Instead they come in droves bashing the diarist for daring to post something about BWD’s site.

    BTW BWD expect another round of subscribers because of the reaction to that diary. Although most of the comments are negative the few that are not negative are thankful to the diarist for reminding them about your site and are stating that they are bookmarking it. 🙂

  25. BWD, thank you for this blog! Now some of us don’t have to go there looking for you while clinching our teeth for having clicked on their site.

  26. On Christmas day a family member asked my twenty-two year old daughter who she admired most and wanted to emulate, without hesitation she replied, “President Obama”.

  27. kittypat, you have done a great job raising your child from what I am seeing; she know what she is capable of doing. I love to see children such as yours.

  28. I know it sounds cheesy but beyond the respect and admiration I hold for the President, he just feels like family and I have never felt that way toward any leader before.

  29. AdamB is Markos’ lawyer IIRC. He knows where his bread is buttered. He seemed like a reasonably rational person – but if he can’t see DK is nothing but a hate site, well he’s lost in the echo chamber.

    Truth be told the pictures and the “Our President is so hott!1!” here makes this site easy pickings as does all the Obama-based avatars. It is what it is, but we have to be self-aware here as well. Some of the positive news that is highlighted here will get lost/discounted because of it.

    Of course there is Blue Wave, Peoples View and others that offer similar news gleaning for folks who find this site isn’t their cup of tea

  30. Thank you maritza, she’s a good kid and I can’t think of any better role model than President Obama.

  31. AdamB was one of the netroots folks echoing Hamsher’s sexist attacks at Caroline Kennedy when there was talk she may be appointed to the NY Senate seat. He is a follower and repeats the talking points from Hamsher, kos, etc.

    That site is such a joke.

  32. I am not shocked that Obama was #1 on this list, but I am a bit shocked that Bush is ranked above Clinton. That has to piss off the PUMAs. They’ve been clinging to the idea that Clinton is the most respected politician in the country.

  33. So? I bet that freerepublic hates this site too. People are entitled to their own *opinions.* Who cares.

  34. MSM is always trying to cause drama between Obama and Clinton. If Hillary does eventually step down, it will be her choice and she will not be replaced by Richardson.

    This bogus rumor likely started because Richardson went to North Korea recently. But it’s only because he has prior relations with KJI, and only did so at the behest of President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

  35. Exactly Saint Roscoe.

    Just like POTUS though, we couldn’t do anything to please them. And just like the ridiculous arguments about BWD’s diaries (they were soooo easy to avoid I know many of us just never got the faux outrage over them and the pointless beef with BWD) the same answer holds true regarding this site…there are so many other places to go.

  36. Which is surprising is that President Obama ranks only behind Bush amongst Republicans. Bush is at 11%, Obama at 6%.

    However President’s always lead this list, and Obama took a pretty glaring drop from the polling last year. So pushback spin is is ready and waiting.

  37. “Easy picking” by the Daily Fox crowd? I could not care less.

    And to be honest, i resent the suggestion that this place is less serious than others, just because i post nice pictures of the president. This sound a little bit too similar to what i heard over that other place for two years. It wasn’t fun then, and it’s no fun now.

    I have only one goal here: to have this president’s back. I don’t want any part in any of that other crap.

  38. I agree …it’s interesting that President Obama is ranked second among Republicans. Yes, his overall percentage has dropped, but it also started out so unusually high for a president-elect and he’s had a grueling year in the press.

    I’d like to see Michelle Obama a bit higher … I understand that Democrats also vote for Hillary, but still … Sarah Palin at #2??

  39. Dude mylittlepony has a rainbowpony doll in that collection right? Maybe rainbow can be a new frontpager there, you know, to replace the people of common sense who left.

    Or in other words, who cares. Really, let people be who and what they are. They’re purity trolls, so long as the media isn’t pretending that they represent the base, they’re not hurting anybody. They’re just dumb; stupid is not a capital offense.

  40. My 18-year-old daughter would say the same thing – she adores Barack Obama, volunteered for him in 2008, and will be looking for ways to help in 2012.

  41. kittypat, I too (if I may brag a little) have a great daughter who is (please keep this to yourself!) 30yrs old, with a great education as her husband does, (old fart who is 32yrs old) these kids met at Drexel University and got married some years after college and she (all of us here in my Hispanic family do) adores our president plus the whole first family.
    You know how the military hates our president-(sarcasm!)? My husband is a Vietnam Vet (USMC) for Obama allllllllllllll the way too.
    I am happy to report that I have had to this point the very best President of USA in my lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Can anyone tell me why Beck would be ranked equal to a former president and two religious leaders? Can anyone tell me why Beck would even BE on the list?

  43. this site and comments here are like supplements for the soul I thank you BWD and love our President

  44. There are so many effective ways to present a perspective of politics in this country. I certainly don’t know anything about the daily routine of the head of state and head of government of the United States except in the most abstract terms. The images of the previous President were available all over the place, TV, papers, blogs, whatever, and I saw a man who cleared brush and wore a flight suit, had a few photo ops with various heads of state who visited the US, attended dinners in a tux, looked out of an airplane window at Katrina devastation, and… not much more–that’s what was important to him. And the First Lady was pretty much at the White House, and rarely seen. OK fine, that’s who they were and they (still) have enough fans.

    The images I see here of the current President couldn’t be more different. He (and his family) are out amongst the public unscripted often, the President is regularly working with reps and senators, he’s all over the place working incredibly hard and getting things done (my fave list for December 2010 would make this comment way too long 😉 These images convey all that he’s doing and has done, give me hope for the future and, frankly, affirm my primary and general election votes. I will not, in all likelihood have the opportunity to meet and greet the President or his family, and the photos and insightful commentary provide an excellent perspective. Thank you, BWD 🙂

  45. You may resent that opinion but it doesn’t invalidate it. You’re site isn’t going to be everything to everybody. There is going to be Obama Administration supporters who don’t like it.

    The fact that you post photo diaries opens your site up to calls of “cult of personality”, propaganda jabs from folks who want to attack it. Those very photo diaries is probably a large part as to why you’ve built this site up to 1000 subscribers and 250,000 views in about a months time.

  46. I left one of them a little note about things I’ve learned here – and a comment about how the bullies really won’t tolerate anything that doesn’t fit their narrative. I still remember the first Cenk Ungyar diary I read about Obama dissing progressives – I thought it was snark and responded appropriately. I’m still there – half the diaries on the wreck list sound like Frank Luntz was the ghost writer. I’d know nothing about what this administration is accomplishing if I wasn’t hanging with the Pragmati.

  47. Let em hate BWD. If people weren’t talking about you trying to drag you under, you wouldn’t know if you were doing a damn good job.

    Like Jill says to the haters,” HEH HEH!”

  48. I know it is maddening. But to my mind, the best way to deal with those people is to ignore them. At the rate of sounding like a broken record, I will say it again: success is the best revenge for envy.

    BWD must be doing something right, that’s why some of those folks are seething.

    Leave those them to stew in their own bitter juices.

  49. I thought about that and I don’t think even God would try to save them. It’s hopeless. I hear he is reopening purgatory just for that crowd, with blackboards. They’ll never know the difference.

  50. Considering how extreme and rampant the anti Pres O. rhetoric was this year and considering the midterms was supposed to finish this potus 22% seems amazing to me.

  51. Why would Dubya be #2? What did he do to be so admired? Glen Beck and Screeching Sarah made the list? Wow.

    As much hatred that is spewed against President Obama on a daily basis, he still ranked #1 as the most admired person. How do you like that MSM!!!

  52. But facts are facts, DADT IS history, the economy IS improving. Etc, etc, etc. God almighty, they have issues.

  53. That one did cause the gorge to rise in my throat…but there has to be some explanation for that.

    I’m just scared to find out what it is.

    But I’m very happy that Obama is the most admired. You probably could not tell at DKos or HP or at SC, however…

  54. BWD – my husband was just asking me about the huge popularity of this blg. I told him that it has become (and always was, but to a less developed degree, of course) the complete package. Ye, the photos are gorgeous and inspiring, but we have the news component and now the action piece as well. We have the synergistic relationships with other Prag blogs, and lastly we have community.

    The’ll cherry pick the photo aspect of it as they cherry pick everything. That tactic is obvious and stupid and boring.

  55. One of the latest “diaries” screams that President Obama is going after teachers’ unions! I see no evidence of this in the MSM, but the diary is on the wreck list. The comments on the BWD-related diary are past ugly. These folks seems to think that they hold the answers to the world’s most pressing questions. I left the following comment: TNHCKMBA. Let them figure it out. It pissed me off reading the vitriol they vomit from their mouths about BWD’s DK diaries. They want to claim that the diaries were based on “worshiping” the president which shows they know nothing at all.

    There’s a difference between criticizing the president’s policies and taking potshots at him for no reason. These folks’ lives must really be fu*k*d that they can never give credit where credit is due or never admit when they’ve been wrong. If they call their ad hominem attacks on the president “constructive,” they can save it and stuff it up both of their rear pieholes, the one in their face and the one they sit on. That d@mn place is TOXIC.

  56. They need therapy, not blogging. But I’m past giving a damn. There was one woman there – one of life’s losers I tried to lay off on. She reminded me of Lindsey Lohan – ticking time bomb. But hating POTUS, glomming onto other haters for self validation isn’t the answer.

    They are just so crazy neurotic there, but hell, I’m retired 🙂

    Best I can do is stay away, which I have for about six months. I tried to send my condolences when exmearden died, but was blocked by the Bladed Dude. It was so ironic though. Unbridled praise for this woman who lived her life in love…on that blog. And they never saw the disconnect. Yes, her sub-community does fine things, but how, can they support a place like that?

    Too complicated and irrelevant. I think I’ll go find a Ghost Hunters Marathon 🙂

  57. I am so hooked. Even though, GH can be formulaic, it is reassuring in some ways. Life may spin and morph, haters may hate, politics may suck, but G&J will still be there…”Can you show me some of the hot spots?”

    I also, BWT, have a crush on Barry Fitzgerald from GH International.

  58. I enjoy Barry and his accent. :)I like Tango, too. What a cutie he is!

    And, G&J do the fist bump!

  59. donna – That thread had crossed over 600 when I saw it. I thanked the “progressives” there for all the free publicity to bwd and urged them to make it a 1K comments thread.

  60. Hopefully, the team that’s already beaten them this year! 😀 Suddenly, that particular team isn’t looking too solid. 😦

  61. Ahahaaa! likelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelikelike

    This comment! 😀

  62. Just go to the NPR site morning edition today. Can’t figure out how to link from my NPR app.

  63. I think dengre is another refugee from GOS. His posts on the neoconfederates are always good.

  64. That place is insane. Just saw the thread that everyone is talking about. Pretty much everyone that I hate on that blog is in the comments on that thread. Reminds me why I don’t bother with that place anymore. The 600+ comment threads throwing pies at everyone are a joke. Such a monumental waste of time and energy.

    I learned something recently. Check jotter’s diaries. There are only about 2,000 people who comment on Daily Kos in a typical day. They talk about how many millions of viewers they have and how influential they are, but what you see in the comments and diaries on that site represents the views of only about 2,000 people. That’s why it is so extreme and diverges so much from reality.

  65. I was through when I heard that W cam in 2nd, but now that I see the percentage breakdown,…nah, still don’t understand it. And Palin being near the top of the women’s list? *shakes head* Nice to know that the majority of polled people picked a person with so many admirable qualities. =)

  66. There’s a lot to be said for photos: they convey what words cannot. For one, you have only to look at many of the photos when the president is out and about with “realAmericans” to laugh at the meme that the president is cold and lacks the human touch. Remember Callie Shell’s photo series from the campaign? (published in time then in her book)

  67. I find it ironic that people who thump the bible according to Glenn Greenwald and Jane Hamsher accuse others of being in cults of personality. That accusation is yet another in a long line of projected and false accusations.

    A POTUS this popular with the Democratic base is going to have a legion of Democratic-leaning admirers. That DKos is too much of a purity troll to host such a thing speaks for itself. BWD shouldn’t lose sleep over the accusations of people who prostrate themselves before trolls yet disdain a POTUS who does so much help real lives. Says it all about what these respective sites choose to uplift versus disdain.

  68. I have not seen anything on Morning Joe’s (I know) report on MSNBC’s most influential Americans of the 21st century so I thought I’d post this. MSNBC commissioned a poll of more than 1000 Americans. Of course, President Obama is No.1. He was also the No. 1 person Americans would like to have dinner with.

    Morning Joe’s stupid crew reported the findings on Thursday, I believe. It was hilarious to see them try to spin why President Obama shouldn’t be No. 1 (it’s too early, blah blah blah). They just can’t stand it that the American people love this president and appreciate his brilliance and hard work. And in spite of the media’s negative spin, the President keeps coming out on top.

    Here’s a link to a video report.,+Part+6/6809462

  69. That said, I understand your point Saint Roscoe. Not everything is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Free country but glad *you’re* here.

  70. I hope you don’t take this as an attack, but your post is the reason why so many people stopped displaying their Obama bumper stickers, and openly declaring their support for the President. They were ridiculed, called cultists, bullied into being ashamed to declare their pride and respect for this President. I, for one, am thrilled to display my Obama avatar, and see so many others who openly appreciate the wonder that is this President.

  71. I don’t want, ask or need it to be for everybody. I didn’t force anyone to read my DK diaries and i don’t force anyone to be here – but at least here i don’t have to put up with the same crap i was going through over there.

    And if you think that i care about popularity, you really don’t know me.

    This would be my final comment on this matter. I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll stay, but i’d appreciate if you can leave DK talking points about me outside the door.

    Thank you.

  72. I tried watching this Morning Joke program and fast forwarded through it first to see who came up. But when I saw Palin and some of the others, and heard Morning joke saying how Bush protected the country after 9/11, and I think they ran through all their lists and none of them seemed to have the President on their lists; I just deleted it to save my blood pressure. Glad that the American people spoke up again and put President Obama on top. In any other year, one would hope that the man who is called the “Leader of the Free World” or the “most powerful man in the world” would appear pretty high up an a list of the most influential Americans. Even if it’s just a matter of national pride…

  73. well… the more the President’s successes, the harder they will try and convince everyone he has _still_ “betrayed” them on something or other.

    And BWD’s diaries always showed successes, whether big or small. Contrary to their perspectives? dunno. They’re all sick.

    It’s just important to remember “they” are not the true base. What’s bad is those that shout loudest do get heard. And the quieter more reasonable voices get lost in all the cacophony.

    And I think some of them just like to argue for argument’s sake. They are so aggressive it isn’t funny.

    Toxic is a good word.

  74. I think that this site has drawn viewers and readers because there’s a huge HOLE out there in reporting the President’s daily actions. I don’t know of any medium out there (aside from the whitehouse site) that conveys this to the general public. It’s fascinating, and one comes to truly know the President as a man and human. It reflects the books he’s written about his life, who he was, who he is today. I admire him because he is so committed to public service – as a President should be!!!

    In these ways he is like Clinton – he worked for his money. He did not come from money. He knows how hard it is to earn it – and he never has forgotten it.

  75. I agree and dont visit that site at all anymore. I would also say that we can never be certain that all of these people are really progressive voters. It wouldnt surprise me at all to learn that at least a couple are really right wingers playing DK far lefties and their tendacy to go all lynch mob, like they’ve done when Dean and Hamsher tried to stop the passage of the HC bill. I bet most of y’all remember Maddow and DK raging over Reverand Warren for at least 10 days and that was just because of the President’s choice of a preacher for the invocation. In any case I cant over state how much I appreciate BWD for founding this site and also the people here who post comments that dont make me want to pull my hair out. It’s fun to imagine the haters who try to post here pulling their hair out when they find that they wasted their time trying to get their hateful posts past BWD.

  76. What Im hoping for is a change in the perception that those people are typical emocrats ot even typical liberals. Before the founder of Kos basicly accused Joe Scarborough of killing his secratary(he claims that’s not what he was doing but if so, why did he mention it at all in that stupid tweet?) he was one of the supposed Democratic pundits that Meet the Press and KO paraded before the cameras so he could rip the P. It would be an understatement to say Im not a Joe S fan but a rational person, and I believe that’s the desciption of the Democrats posting here, wouldnt even dream of making such a petty and according to police if Fla, unfounded tweet. Kos made a fool out of himself but he still has followers that actually call themselves Kossacks, who seem to be just as prone to losing their minds as ther leader proved himself to be. Those followers must not be seen as the average Democrat.

  77. Damn right BWD. I think a poster got away with insulting us here even though, besides the fact that we are Democrats who would be expected to support a Dem President, the links to newspaper stories and other blogs almost always deal with factual information. Over there however they are much more into tearing the President down despite the facts. once again I site the insuation by the founder of that site that Joe S killed his secratary as an example of how low the bar is over there. I saw a link here today about how the HC bill’s tax incentaves for small bussiness is having a positive affect. Is there any hero worship in posting that La Times story that sited facts and even quoted a couple insurence spokesmen who were not having the same results as Kaiser and others at targeting small bussiness that are in a postion to take advantage of the tax breaks? Isnt it a fact that he said he would get congress to overturn DADT despite Maddows( RM was standup about this after passage as we all know) claims that it was impossible? The uptick in spending this Xmas wasnt made up by hero worshipers, it’s a fact. Theres plenty of links here to facts that reflect positive ly on the President but they’re damned hard to find on DK or Huff Post. Thats why the lady opened this website and I dont walk away from this computer pissed off over what I read on blogs while trying to commune with good sane democrats like me. Well now Ive found my Democrat friends and I expect we’ll be seeing a bunch of new arrivals here in the future.

  78. i agree it had become very hard to look at dkos recently, but it’s not all negative over there; there have been and still are, many contributors who share knowledge/insights, some only slightly related to politics;

    and i’ve become very adept at finding only those

    this poll demonstrates immense stupidity, even if the prez comes out looking the best;
    our fellow americans know your name if you’re the potus, period.

  79. I like TPV, BWN, and a number of other sites, but BWD will always be a hero for me.

    This site is also filled with lots of news.

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