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  1. It looks like President Obama is trying to smile through all the rain and flood warnings in Hawaii. Of course he’s not missing any great weather in D.C. either. Hopefully he can use this time to relax with a good book, which is one of the best things about a rainy day.

  2. Maybe a self-satisfied “I’m home” kind of smile. He looks 19 again there. All the weight of the world fell off going home.

  3. I certainly envy those little cuties being able to wear shorts at the end of December! Before I went to sleep last night, the temperature dropped to 26 here in Middle GA, and it’s supposed to be 22 here tonight. At least we don’t have to deal with the snowstorms or the flooding. I feel for those in the NE, MW, and in California.

  4. The executive order dissolving the existing intern program put in place by President Bush. AP
    President Obama issued an executive order on Monday ending the Federal Career Intern Program after 10 years, a decision aimed at changing the government’s hiring practices and ending loopholes at agencies.

    “The existing competitive hiring process for the Federal civil service, however, is structured in a manner that, even at the entry level, favors job applicants who have significant previous work experience,” Obama wrote in the order. “It places the Federal Government at a competitive disadvantage compared to private-sector employers when it comes to hiring qualified applicants for entry-level positions.”

    The new “Pathways Programs” will consist of an internship program aimed at high school, technical college and community college graduates. A modified Presidential Management Fellows Program aims to foster leadership and management at agencies, and the order creates a Recent Graduates Program that will offer two-year apprenticeship programs for students up to two years after they graduate.

    The new program will also allow veterans to apply for positions for up to six years after they complete their service.

    The executive order dissolving the existing intern program, which was put in place by President Bush in 2001, will begin in March.

    Politico 44-

  5. He looks soooooooooooo relaxed and pensive at the same time. Satisfied that he accomplished some impressive legistlation and can’t wait for round two. GREAT pics today – I love them all.

  6. And all the photos remind me that he knows we’re here. I sure didn’t get that message from the numerous photos of the previous President.

  7. That is our leader, everyones, rather you like it or not!
    I did not care for neither bush, but they wedre still our presidents’.
    Put your hatred behind you and get behind yours and our president.

  8. Who is this guy Cenk Uyghur? He is a caustic prick, that is who… What a cynical and hateful person. How would you like to have him as a friend? He was on the Ed show, and he has NOTHING good to say about anyone, arguing with Joanthan Alter, who also called him cynical!
    Old Cenk(whoever this guy is) seems to relish being a cynical jackass, they all do!
    Sorry for my rant, but I just watched the Ed show and it was pitiful! LOL!

  9. Such cute children and look at that handsome President. I love seeing children waving our beautiful flag. No matter how crazy people get in the political discourse, I love this county so much.

  10. The jackass is trying to be an even more assholish Dylan Ratigan. Say shit is shit and don’t bring a goddamn thing to the table. Basically an ideological douchebag who doesn’t know what the fuck he talks about. I saw this coming ever since he was whoring himself out for the MSNBC timeslot on his youtube channel.

  11. Don’t know if someone has already posted in other threads (apologies if it has), but Dennis G @ Balloon Juice has a great article called “Going Electric” re: Obama being so far ahead of the game…

    Here’s the link:

    And here are some salient snippets, using Bob Dylan as an analogy (courtesy of Glenn Thrush), about Dylan going electric to the disdain of his folk music “base” in that Obama “offends” liberals like Bob Dylan offended folk-loving hippies when he went electric. But Dennis stands up for both Obama and Dylan:

    “Dylan shocked these folksters when he plugged in an electric guitar at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival…Dylan let the self-appointed guardians of American music know that he would not be constrained by their narrow definition of what worked, what was allowed and how music could be played…
    They did not hate the songs. They hated the way that Dylan presented the music… Dylan had a very hard time accepting their rage as sensible on any level and from time to time he lashed out…some folks today might call ‘attacking his base’. …
    [T]ime proved Dylan right and the process outrage of the folksters just looks silly in retrospect. And two years into the Obama Administration I think the same can be said about all the process rage directed at President Obama.
    Based on the evidence so far I think Obama’s approach to getting shit done is more like Dylan’s. I think he has gone electric and that he is changing what is possible in real time. He has produced real results and I expect that the next two years will produce more.
    It may be useful to have a new tag “Obama goes electric” to have at the ready as more and more outburst of outrage erupt from these self-appointed guardians of ‘progressive’ thought in the coming two years…”

    Well, said, Dennis G!!!

    Also, h/t to Zoë Pollock, who is part of Andrew Sullivan’s team covering for him while he’s out on holiday. She posted on Dennis’ piece at the Daily Dish as well.

  12. Thank you to whoever posted that PBS show about Presidential photographers in one of the last threads. It was really compelling.

  13. Thanks, BWD, for posting so much positive news this holiday season. You and our phenomenal President are likely the reason I got through this holiday season in such a goofily, giddy, positively gay emotional state.

    I haven’t felt this good around the Holidays in at least 10 years … or maybe even 40 years. I must admit the Christmas episode of “Glee” also helped to put the icing on the “lame duck” legislative cake. But the cake would have been sweet enough even without the icing.

    And thank you all, dear posters here, for your joy and caring!

  14. President Barack Obama is passing the time on a cloudy, rainy day with a family trip to the bowling alley.

    The president, 12-year-old Malia and 9-year-old Sasha arrived at the bowling alley at Marine Corps Base Hawaii on Monday afternoon. It’s the same base where the president plays golf and where the first family uses a private beach.

    The Obamas haven’t had much in the way of beach weather since the president arrived here Saturday. More rain is forecast throughout the week.

    While Obama is a frequent golfer and basketball player, he hasn’t proven himself to be an expert bowler. A 2008 campaign stop at a Pennsylvania bowling alley proved an embarrassment for Obama when he bowled a 37.

    Before going bowling, Obama and his wife worked out again this morning at the gym at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

    Their motocade left the house at about 8 a.m. and returned aftet 9:30 a.m.

    Along the way, a family of four waved American flags as the motocade drove past.


  15. I am so happy the President and his family were able to get away from DC to enjoy the holidays. He deserves some rest and relaxation.

    I am so thankful and so pleased he is our President. He makes me feel so proud.

    What I cannot understand is some blogs are going after him still and almost like they are manufacturing stories since Christmas Day. They are talking about issues like they just happened. I Just do not get it.
    I guess they have to bash and hate even around the holidays.

  16. Glenda, you didn’t feel this good or even better during 2008 holiday? Especially between Nov 4,2008 and January 20th 2009? I think 2008 was the best holiday year ever for me. 😀

  17. Hello Sequana: I made a remark about the Presidential Photographers because someone had mentioned it when it first appeared on PBS. I went online and then purchased the DVD for my historic home library, and I enjoy it so much. In fact, I watch it often when I am down and tired of the negative people on MSNBC at times. I never allow myself to leave my thoughts and moods in the negative when retiring for bed. I enjoy listening to speeches, and this new DVD is so refreshing also. I am glad that you also enjoyed it. We need to see our POTUS in a good light because so many are so hateful and mean in spirit. So I like to remind myself with those elements of seeing him in a respectful setting. We have much to be proud of in this leader for sure.

  18. It is so good to constantly see our president make the best of each day, no matter what comes his way. Look how he made the day a worthwhile activity for the entire family by doing an inside activity. That also shows us how he thinks. He is always thinking how to make everyone move to a state of happiness by really thinking out things in a good way. That is why I will support this president for the next 6 years. Yes, six! He will be re-elected. He is a patient and intelligent leader. I like that about him. The right man for this time in our history, and I have seen many presidents in my lifetime. I am grateful for this 44th president.

  19. Well, I predicted on here a few days ago when everyone was noticing that those blogs were giving praise to the president after the DADT and START victories, that, give them time, they will be back to their usual sniping and complaining. It only took, what, one week for that to happen?

  20. Turn off MSNBC commentators. I can’t stand any of them anymore from the left or the right. I don’t watch any of those shows anymore, Olbermann, Maddow, O’Donnell, Jon Stewart, Ed Schultz. I get my news online. Occasionally I will watch the evening news broadcasts on NBC, CBS, or ABC, or PBS. But the commentators on cable news, turn it off. Even Obama says turn it off. There is a quote by him to that effect. The 24-hour news cycle is toxic.

  21. Very toxic.

    So, much so, that seeing how quickly it took so many to go back to whining after the major, historic victories last week, that it’s beginning to feel at “best” ongoing cyncial attempts for clicks/views/ratings, or at least, a misery-loves-company-feeding-frenzy, or at worse, an orchestrated effort.

    The good news is that either way, the majority of Democrats/left-of-center independents don’t seem to have been fooled and sucked into the drama.

  22. I thought i was the only one that did that LOL! My favorite is the convention speech. If you listen to that speech he is trying to do everything he said in that speech.

  23. I think its a combination of misguided nader
    flunkys, dumbass libertarian ron paul
    followers and a dash of larouche & republican
    trolls dipped in dog shyt…hehe…The sad
    thing is that they don’t have the guts to
    just state their business and make a case for a viable 3rd party…Im glad they’re too lazy
    to build the infrastructure to even get on
    the ballot.
    Yep…They can go right ahead throwing bricks & hiding on supposedly Democratic blogs, while ignoring the heavy lifting…I mean really…We’ve seen what Pres. Obama had to go through over a two year campaign…That’s why POTUS is where he is and them…well they’re dumster diving 🙂

  24. I turned off every last one of them a while back…And I’ve been blissfully and positively saner, healthier and happier for it…

    (I still regret signing the petition to reinstate Olbermann which I literally strong-armed over a hundred friends, family and co-workers to sign – many of whom are now really furious with me especially since the crazed Olbermann returned with a malicious vengeance…)

    But thanks to Olbermann’s possessed act along with all the other ridiculous orchestrated anti-Obama madness emanating from so-called “liberals”, I’ve been sure to take with me as many people as I turned onto these short-sighted and horrid people in the first place…

    I still do listen to Randi Rhodes…

    Had to switch of however, until the New Year – Randi’s on a 2 week vacation and this crazed, gad-awful Obama-hating, John Edwards supporter Nicole something or the other is subbing for Randi…

  25. Well Ed Schultz loves the guy — they can hate together and fill each other’s rage. They have their excuses all in place (like the majority over at dKos): if this President cannot accomplish anything it will be all his fault. They expend an exorbitant amount of energy on hating this President rather than remembering who our enemies are: Republicans. So while they hammer that without a public option, HCR is useless, the Republicans are free to spread their lies and the perception sticks. What passes for progressive media is now all about hiring pundits who hate this President.

    And Oprah is starting a fluff network instead of helping us build a reasoned progressive voice in the media. I just saw the ads for her new network and was quite annoyed.

  26. I have to find Randi again. She’s not on progressive radio in Chicago anymore. I need to find her online.

  27. The problem with most of these anchors is that they are stuck…stuck in time, stuck in a mould, for if you take away the constant shitstirring via the aggressive affiliation, they wouldn’t have much to talk about. I am just a tad worn with all the much ado about nothing daily political griping.

  28. I felt good in 2008 but nervous and wary. I was nervous about what the victory would bring and whether Obama would be able to accomplish much with a then (and now) dysfunctional Congress and a hostile Supreme Court.

    That it brought changes that more than met my realistic expectations has overawed me as to Obama’s “poker-playing finesse” and made me into a giddy optimist these days. I hope it last more than a “minute”; it’s been that long since the cynic in me was routed.

    I don’t consider the denizens of GOS to be optimists in the slightest. At worst, they are addicted to cynicism. At best, they are idealists led by ideologues. Thankfully there seems to be some too-late navel-gazing by smarter members of the community there.

    Will it change for the better? Maybe yes, but definitely only temporarily. I’ve watched the ebb-and-flow for six years and the introspection lasts a few months. But there is no long-term learning/teaching to make dialog better in the long run. Markos’ blindness and intransigent pro-confrontational attitude has become the problem.

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