“Christmas shopping brisk, spirit abounding”

Thanks to pnh for the link to this feel-good story:

If shopping trends in the Golden Triangle are any indication, there’s going to be a little bit more under the Christmas tree this year.From large department stores to smaller locally-owned boutiques, the trend seems to be the same — people are spending more this holiday season.


While sales are up at many local retailers, so is the amount of Christmas spirit. “It’s in the attitude of the clientele. We say ‘Have a nice day’ and they say ‘Merry Christmas.’ We don’t normally get that back,” Jill Klinkhammer, sales associate with Kimmy’s Kloset/Everlasting in Central Mall, said.//“It’s been very good. I haven’t compared it with last year, but we’ve been doing very well. I think people are in a good mood. I think people are spending,” Rita Theis, owner of the Painted Porch in the Groves downtown shopping district, said.


I should also add pnh’ lovely comment attached to that link (thanks for sharing):

My local paper — rightwing owned — has a story online that said not only was spending better this year — Christmas spirit seemed up.

This is low income area — more than half the school children qualify for free or reduced lunch — the standard often used to make that determination. I had commented over at Weeseeyou that in contrast to that Dkos fraud’s remarks that poor people were miserable and angry — for the last two years — there were lights up all over my poor neighborhood — something I’d never seen in my life.

That spirit is trickling up. Many of the store owners featured in the local story are from the “redder” areas outside the main city. So — in contrast to what Republican politicians and the let’s-primary-Obama crowd are saying — across the board people are feeling better.

I like that. That’s real progress. The more inclusive changes are — the less hostility there is toward them and the less you have to fight to keep them.

Contrary to what critics are saying — my president is helping to make changes for the better that the entire country can believe in.

This was a great Christmas. I did something out of character this year. I bought myself a present — something I’ve been wanting for the longest time but wouldn’t get because I don’t “waste” money on myself. I bought it and then left it in the package — handed it to the boys and told them find a use for it (they knew I’d been wanting that — knew that meant wrap it up and give it to me as a present).

My kids were much happier this year because I got something I really wanted — too. There wasn’t the usual they seem happy — but something is missing. It made their Christmas better. Tip to other low-income parents — sacrificing yourself at Christmas might be self-defeating. Usually — that $24 I spent on me would have gone on something else for them. They were happy all day and I think it’s because they knew I got something I really, really wanted — something that was for me — not the house — something wasn’t a necessary item — too. (I finally got the Star Wars prequel trilogy — on sale — I love Star Wars!)


By the way, I’m proud to tell you that i deleted our first ever teabagger-hateful-comment (RIGHT-WING teabagger, that is…;). I was so proud, i decided to celebrate with this quick Christmas slide show of photos from America, Afghanistan and Iraq. Enjoy.

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  1. Aww, this site makes me feel ridiculously giddy. It’s ruining my reputation. Keep it up.

    Congratulations on being discovered by the Right Wing Noise Machine. That’s always a good sign that they’re scared.

  2. Hopefully, if they notice the site is moderated, few will even bother to try posting.

  3. BWD = The Gift That Keeps on Giving

    Come to think of it, same with POTUS!

    The WH holiday photo is amazing. Does anyone know when and if the Souza program will be repeated?

  4. For g. The President’s Photographer, Pete Souza is out on DVD now. I purchased it from PBS, and I keep it readily available to encourage me. I also saw it in online for a very reasonable price. A must for your library, if you so desire.

    I was listening to some programs this morning, and I find still that MTP and others are still trying to “frame” the conversation and poison the conversation regarding how POTUS wants to move forward. Valarie Jarret was sincerely trying to convey what the president is trying to do with his agenda for the coming year with Congress, and Gregory was still trying to belittle the president’s office and who he is. We must continue to focus on the positive and keep the true facts out in front, and be willing to confront the liars, and negative positions that they will continue to do to President Obama. So let us move forward and be proud of our president and help him to be a continued success this coming year. Thanks so much for this beautiful place to come to each day. Thanks especially to you, BWD. I love it here.

  5. My family members were so relaxed and happy at our extended family dinner. Even the new baby was so giddy and playful. This year was so different than last. Or maybe I am.

  6. Thanks, HZ. I was thinking that I might purchase this, as you said, a tangible reminder of why this POTUS is so special.

    I started to question my beliefs about him when I was on other blogs. I lost objectivity. Being here, realizing how many of us there are online, and looking at the photos to see our compatriots IRL…Well, my faith is reaffirmed, I always said I had good instincts 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

  7. This is why I find the “communications failure” complaints to be so wrongheaded. I’m sure that the WH can devise improved strategies, but the bottom line is that we have a set of information gatekeepers who are uneven.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  8. I’ve read more than several comments saying much the same. Glad to hear that your holiday was so terrific!

  9. Ever since President Obama signed the tax cut extension, there has been a palpable shift in the rhetoric in the corporate press. He’s suddenly turned into a clutch-playing winner and the season suddenly turned really bright again for all of us.

    We had 8 people over for Christmas dinner last night and when I raised my usual toast of “Long live Barack Obama!” there were cheers all around. Americans can see the economy recovering right in front of their faces and they KNOW who’s been steering the ship of state off the Rethuglican rocks. Thank you, President Obama!!! LIVE LONG AND STRONG!!!

  10. HZ, I got the best gift of the Pete Souza photo book for Christmas yesterday! 🙂 Can’t stop looking through it! Just the BEST!

  11. Right on, BWD! I love the fact that the haters are unable to come here and crap all over the positivity on this blog. Viva la “The Only Adult in the Room”! We are driving them nuts and I’m loving it. Lol.

  12. I know what you mean. Truth is that what really drove me away from that other place wasn’t their nasty bullying – i sort of gotten use to it – No, it was waking up one morning full of doubts in this man. That’s when i knew that i had to leave, because i knew that those doubts were not real – they were just the result of being stuck in a swamp of negativity, racism and hate, and not from the Right, but from the Left.

    Even if i didn’t set this place up – i would never go back there. Barack Obama is the first politician that when he speaks – i believe him, and i won’t let the Internetz to destroy this faith. The only one who can destroy it is president Obama himself – and i *know* that he won’t.

  13. Well, if Mr woodward ever leaves a comment on this site, be sure to delete him too, he is a hateful and I think a PUMA! He tries desperately to compare this President with President Clinton(On MTP this morning).
    How long will that Media angle last? It is played out! Yes?

  14. I know …. gotta love it and it’s so deserved for bwd and the amazing community she has already assembled.

    We have much to do, together, in the years ahead and it’s great to be able to have a place to share in our endeavors to support our President as he, we, build a better America.

  15. Yes, to the above. I dont go to KOS much now and find it easier. I too, feel better and calmer. I used really doubt him as they put up argument after argument.
    Isnt is SS now? How he will gut it.
    I just dont believe it!
    What if it could be better and serve seniors even more?

  16. They have no idea what he’s going to say – nobody knows – yet they’re already well into their usual routine of shredding him over something he didn’t do, and didn’t even suggest that he’s going to.

  17. I remember “they” used to sling around the words “hope and change and faith” as though they were something to be defended. And my default mode DID become one of being on the defense there. But guess what, frustrati – I DID have faith, as did many others, and…
    WE.WERE.RIGHT! I get that they considered it”uncool,” but so be it.

    Signed, Uncool, Blizzard stuck in Ct (but couldn’t be shut in with better people),,,g

  18. Because with every piece of good news, a small yet loud group of people would come along to “balance it” with (generally overstated) lists of areas of disagreement. So glad to have alternative spaces.

  19. Their batting average is zero for infinity (as the kids say :)) I took them seriously when I assumed they were the “brightest people in the room.” Then I learned they weren’t. In fact, with the combustible combo of personal issues and hidden agendas that kept surfacing over there, I decided I would stay on the unwarped side of the Looking Glass.

    I once said that having been involved over there was one of my stupidest mistakes of the last few years, But then, it led… H*E*R*E !

  20. Reuters) – U.S. online shopping rose 15.4 percent to $36.4 billion for the holiday shopping season, a MasterCard Advisors’ SpendingPulse report showed on Thursday.

    Online sales registered double-digit growth in six out of seven weeks since October 31, SpendingPulse said.

    “Today eCommerce accounts for a much larger share of overall retail sales compared to a few years ago,” SpendingPulse’s Michael McNamara said in a statement.


  21. BWD you have expressed my sentiments exactly about hearing constant negativity from the “progressive” site you used to blog on. I was having doubts and suddenly Electroblog told us about your site. I will forever be thankful. My whole attitude has changed and feel more hopeful for the future. I refuse to watch any of the Sunday shows since President Obama won election and throughout the HCR. I no longer watch KO and occassionally watch RM. I watch Lawrence O’Donnell now. I listen to Stephanie Miller and Randi Rhoads because I can no longer listen to Thom Hartmann because he sounds like the rest of the professional left. I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

  22. SECURITY BRIEFING. The White House Sunday released the following readout of a conference call between President Obama and his top national security staff:
    This morning, John Brennan convened an inter-agency coordination call with Secretary Napolitano, DNI Clapper, NCTC Director Leiter, National Security Staff travelling with the President in Hawaii, and other representatives from the FBI, CIA, and the counterterrorism community. During the call, they reviewed our continued efforts to stay vigilant throughout the holiday season, and to coordinate with our foreign partners.

    Later this morning, President Obama received a briefing on our ongoing counter-terrorism efforts from National Security Staff Senior Director for Counterterrorism Nick Rasmussen and Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Ben Rhodes. The President was also briefed on the tragic traffic accident that took the lives of a number of American citizens in Egypt, and the U.S. government’s ongoing efforts to support the victims and their families.

    Politico 44-

  23. The attempt by the tea bagger to enter your site is a good sign I think. Obviously people are hearing about The only adult in the room. congrats to BWD.

    Now we do not have to wait around for a friday delivery from you. The photos have always lifted my spirit. Great job BWD!

  24. Im looking forward to the state of the union address. He seems to think that President Obama, will seal the republican fate with the Dream Act.

  25. What a joy it is to come here. Thank you for deleteing that teabagger. We can see enough of those comments at other sites. This is a site for positive outlook and for truth.

  26. You know… I did the same! I see that BWDs blog post I’m Grateful is being linked at all sorts of strange places (but not bad strange, just unexpected strange!)

    Simple word of mouth, hey??

    Also – I think someone I sent the link to the blog said she was going to put the link on her facebook page. I don’t use facebook, so don’t know if she did! I’ll ask her when I see her.

    I think it’s wonderful the way word of this place is spreading!!!!

  27. I 2nd that 100%! I cannot thank BWD enough for this refuge; I used to go to that other site to look for BWD till some blog posted her direct blog address and I emailed it to myself to keep on looking for her posts. That was a relief for sure. Me happy now to just click and BINGO!!!

  28. Me too. I also love it when Hal Sparks is on Stephanie’s show on Wednesdays. He really knows his stuff and effectively shoots down so much of the antiObama propaganda out there. I’m so grateful for this blog and the other fair-minded progressive blogs sprouting up everywhere. I’m sick of being called a “cheerleader” just because I support the decisions the president has made. And anyway, what’s wrong with cheering for someone who is doing the right things and making the right decisions? I believe the antiObama progressives are finally being seen for what they truly are: a contingent of spiteful malcontents bent on smearing one of the greatest (if not the greatest) president in U.S. History.

  29. I’ll keep this one to myself and thank you for posting the link. Just so that people know, there are a lot of “paid trolls” there so p/u your info and run.

    jovie, are you going to post this one over at OFA?

  30. I agree about that other place. It just seemed so ugly and juvenile. I just asked them to delete my account. I was on the verge of subscribing and support it as a progressive blog. But the frustrati are amazingly persistent and overwhelming there. The Prez works hard and gets stuff done at the end of the year. Their response: Why didn’t it happen sooner; DADT will not be repealed immediately, blah blah blah blah.

    I like it here a lot. Positive images. FACTS. Positive and energetic people.

  31. It was also eroding my faith in humanity in general, because I was finding myself wondering if all the truly nice people I meet in the real world are secretly abusive bloggers online. Now I realize that sites that are mainly negative, pessimistic and competitive attract negative and competitive people. It’s all so simple.

  32. Yep. The day AFTER DADT was signed and START was ratified by the SENATE, one blogger posted on the Kos main page that Press Secretary Gibbs said the Debt Commission report would be used to reduce the deficit. It was inane and insane how that one statement (asked and answered on Twitter) became a full on lie about the President cutting Social Security. It was utterly, utterly insane. I have never seen such sloppy logic.

    Gibbs was asked a specific question . . . will the Debt Commission be used. He answered that question in the 140 characters allotted. Did the insanerati at Kos wait to see what ELSE could be used? Nope. Did they wait to ask for expansion on that topic? Nope. Instead, extrapolation and hysteria. Lots of hysteria.

    It was sad.

  33. BWD, I feel like such a jerk for ‘complaining’: I am watching comments I post ‘disappear’–are there some guidelines to bear in mind (I’m not linking to agent orange or anything like that.. )? Thanks!

  34. Thanks, jovie,

    I found this to be very important since many conservatives favor paying workers slave wages:

    “Another recent study, to be published in April 2011 in the journal Industrial Relations, finds that even during times of high unemployment, including the most recent economic downturn, minimum wage increases have not led to job loss, according to NELP.”

    There’s one comment in response to the post, and it must come from a conservative or a member of the frustrati because the person wants to paint the good news about jobs and the recovery as “another Obama lie.”

    Some conservatives and members of the Frustrati Brigade (FB) have so much in common!

  35. I am so happy you started this blog. I am usually a browser and rarely comment. I used to browse Daily Kos, but could not stand it and only did on rare occasions. On one of those ocassions, someone linked your blog. I am so happy to have found it. It lifts my spirits.

  36. Thanks for this uplifting post. I had a great Xmas due to family gathering. Met my youngest daughter’s boyfriend and liked him. She met his parents at Thanksgiving. I just said goodbye to them but will see my other son and will meet my new granddaughter tomorrow. I hope everyone else enjoyed their Xmas too.

  37. The traditional media handling of the 911 Health Care (Zadroga Act) bill was disgraceful. This post by Eric Boehlert of Media Matters documents the atrocities:

    Jon Stewart Did What Pundits And Reporters Should Have Done


    In other words, Stewart was simply practicing journalism on the first responder story, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, Stewart was practicing journalism on the story because it seemed nobody else would.


  38. I don’t know if someone has posted this yet or not, but to your point, BWD, about the seeds of doubt being planted at the other place — MB with the help of Bob Johnson (and other commenters), just outed a person who’d been banned before over racist postings, but this time was posing as a poor, black person, and under this guise was spewing racist, conspiracy theories in “Obama-sux” diaries that of course were embraced, rec’d, etc.

    As we speak, I’m happy to say that while there is still a contingency of people trying to play this off that it’s not a big deal, there is pushback on what happened, and how the toxicity there allowed this woman to find “love” there.

    I’m also happy to say that there are some who rec’d her, who are now seeing how they were so easily duped, and writing mea culpas about it whether as comments and/or diaries.

    So, I really, really appreciate you noting what made you leave. Deo is posting that they’re not going to run her out, which I admire, but I’m still very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very grateful that you put up this site.

  39. Bob Johnson, “This will help”, Bob Johnson?

    DK people buying into that crap, unfortunately, does not surprise me. Sad, though, that some are saying it’s no big deal.

    Deo is much stronger than I. Sure wish she’d come by here and visit every once in a while.

  40. Yup, Bob Johnson. Starshine, he was on it, and straight up called the imposter racist multiple times, that he thought she was not who she said she was, and named who he thought she was, and proceeded to link her prior writings (horrible b.s., will not do here to break the great vibe we have going).

    Before she was banned (MB noted that he had done so), it was amazing and great to see the immediate pushback by the pragmati there ;-), either to her directly or commenting on her diaries that they suspected that she was not who she said she was, let alone the crazy she was writing. Even Deo pointedly asked her direct questions, that she would not answer. But oh, how this person was defended by some members of the frustrati and a few non-frustrati(some of who are the ones doing mea culpas diaries/comments).

    And the “no big deal” people (some frustrati or non) seem to be trying to deflect being duped, and keep trying to say, “but she had valid points,” totally missing that they would even say that in light of what this person did is part of the problem.

    But again, just happy, happy, happy that BWD has this site. She was right to leave, and do this instead.

    And if Deo hasn’t already subscribed here, I’m hoping that she at least lurks here for positive rejuvenation, and that’s what enables her to stay over there ;-)…

  41. Beautiful pictures. They help me remember that elusive quality that I won’t give up on – hope.

  42. I’ve noticed that effect on a couple of blogs—effective moderation seems to shut down the whack-a-loons and the spammers. 😀

    Good bye, Teabagger. Don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya 🙂

  43. This is probably preaching to the choir, but I really enjoy this site. I’ve gone a full two weeks (maybe three) without watching KO (Rachel Maddow is still on probation with me; I might start watching her again. Maybe. I’m still undecided.) I haven’t gone to Agent Orange since I discovered this site so that’s been…since Thanksgiving 😀

    And you know what? My sense of hope for our country is renewed; I know that we’re all going through hard times, but this country has been through much worse and come out the other side. We have a strong, intelligent, decent man leading our country who knows what he’s doing, and I’m glad—so glad—he’s the one running the show.

    If that’s not reason to be hopeful, what is?

  44. P.S. now after this latest drama has unfolded,
    My views will be cut back even further
    over there.

  45. Jovie, thanks for the updates. I see potus is still putting in work even during his much needed holiday. Best and most hard working Pres ever.

  46. Thanks BWD for creating this wonderful site that has attracted thoughtful and well grounded people who support this President for what he has been able to accomplish in two years. BWD you really have been a voice of inspiration.

  47. DK and the like sites are soul sucking. I wish a lot of the lurkers would somehow take some time away from those poisonous and realize how their outlook would change.

  48. Deo really had to deal with a moral/ethical dilemma. SHE decided it was important for the DK AA community to maintain a presence there, but many in here group feely it was capitualating. About half of her group split off. They not willing to adhere to MB’s rules and ignore what they believed was clear evidence on the site. So, Denise and Doppler handled their membership at kos in one way, and Sistah Speak (“We WILL addresss the elephant in the room”) a different way, I believe the family members felt torn loyalities and deep sadness that all this transpired. I attributed it to inept moderation, and an apathetic or worse owner. Adding much fuel to the fires was the clashes between the AA and gLBT communities. Our friend TIMT remained an ally to all, with a maturity that I did not possess, but POTUS does. All in all, it was a very ugly, but very ullustrative chapter the non-Democratic ideals of that bogus prog plog.

    I know the above as fact, but not having been there in months, I have no idea if there was reconciliation between any of the players. All this me, is that dK is poison.

  49. Nothing will change there. And the people praising Blades for ousting this person. So, f’ing what – he’s one for about 100.

  50. Great post from Dennis G. at balloon juice. Talks about the irrational rage aimed at Obama from the left. He compares it to bob dylan going electric (I am not old enough to have seen that happen).

    When Dylan went electric it freaked some people out and they hated it. They did not hate the songs. They hated the way that Dylan present the music. They hated that it was different and at odds with the way they thought his music should be presented. Dylan had a very hard time accepting their rage as sensible on any level and from time to time he lashed out at them with comments that some folks today might call ‘attacking his base’.

    From the moment Obama announced his run for the White House to now he has been following his own process and priorities—strategies and tactics—to meet some pretty ambitious progressive goals. So far, the list of accomplishment is long and I doubt there would be a fraction of these successes if he had stuck with the orthodox and predictable game plans of very knowledgeable pundits, bloggers, activists and thinkers who claim to have all the answers for progressive victory. Hell, if he followed their advice he would have never been elected in the first place. And yet for all their rage about how Obama is not following their game plan it is very hard to think of any victories won by anybody who has ever followed their advice.

    Great read


  51. The lies the GOP and Fox are now telling about health care will do them in by 2012. They say most people do not like it, but the polls show differently, and by 2012 even more people will know they like it and that they are hearing a lie, and that they don’t want to give it up.
    Same with the lie about small businesses dropping health care – the employees will know that is not true either. Seniors won’t want to go back to a donut hole. Kids will have coverage they won’t want to lose.
    I’m sorry, but a lot of republicans can be really stupid jerks most of the time. They will learn.

  52. This leads to a suggestion for a post. People who have benefited from the Obama policies. First, mine. I’m a Fed so I only paid some attention to the health care stuff.

    But one policy of the new health care plan allows for one free visit for a physical. Tomorrow, I will be getting the first physical I’ve had in a long time. Now, I’ve had medical care all along, but a workup is probably long overdue for me. I’m a little nervous, but at least I will know if anything else is going on besides the diabetes stuff. No copay.

    Let’s not even get into the exchange pools, which benefit people who still have insurance. I know that there is something out there for me if I lose this, and 2014 isn’t that far away. Or Bernie Sanders’s getting increased funding for health clinics. I too have seen some uptick in the economy. People are definitely buying at least for Christmas. People know there’s a long way to go, and I personally think we are going through a restructuring as well as a recession. But people are certainly glad to get the 13 months of unemployment. (Personally, I think it will be 26 months-nobody wants angry unemployed voting for your opponent in an election year, and the Republicans hope for a Republican President who will side with them instead of tangling with Obama again)

    Sanders was successful in securing the largest increases in funding in their history for community health centers and the health service corps in the reauthorization bill passed by the Senate health committee and in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the stimulus package).

  53. I’m of mixed emotions on the deletion of the teabagger.

    Of course I’m a huge believer in freedom of speech and people should be allowed to express their opinions. On the other hand, when an obvious troll comes to a forum for the express purpose of causing strife and angst, they should be deleted.

    Like going to a Chevy forum to talk about how awesome Ford is. That person is obviously not there to discuss the merits of Chevy and there are plenty of Ford forums out there. So that person should be escorted from the premises.

    So, obvious anti-Obama folks should be deleted. There are plenty of blogs that thrash the President out there. And I’m just talking about the “liberal” blogs! ;o)

  54. Are you hitting the back browser?? I know I did this one time. And I thought. huh. Maybe there’s a lag somewhere??

    But when I went off and came back onto the internet, my comment was there. dunno!!

    Also – I found that through my dashboard, I can also find all of my comments. Did you try to see if yours are there??

  55. Wow. No wonder even AP had to creep into saying that confidence was back and shopping was up.

  56. Hey – a shout out to you, too TiMT… because you challenged her openly. She took the bait. She was outed because she could not resist but to take the bait.

    There will ALWAYS be naysayers. There will always be those who will insist on “proof” before they believe. but those numbers are diminishing with this. Because I think it was a good hard slap to those who got sucked in – and are above it enough to to first admit they were duped, second to admit that they need to really examine themselves as how they were duped. Ultimately, no one likes to be fooled.

    It’s scary, the meanness over there!!! But I’m one with eternal hope. And I’m hoping that slowly some will either push back enough to keep that site in balance, or will recognize that it’s someplace that shouldn’t be _totally_ trusted when it comes to the motives of some who participate there.

    But thanks again, TiMT. It was quite fascinating to see the whole thing burst open. it was thin layer by thin layer was removed before all that hot air couldn’t be contained anymore by so flimsy a disguise and the truth just exploded out.

  57. Update On POTUS:

    IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN KAILUA: The winter break continues for President Obama, who was last reported in Hawaii playing 18 holes of golf at a Marines base before the sun set.

    Politico 44-

  58. We’re back on the “death panels” BS. One media source I saw mentioned it in the proper context about end-of-life planning while another did not. And had it on the front page of the paper. Le sigh.

  59. A republican state(ALABAMA) will be getting the most funds from the federal governemtn for medicaid:

    The White House is set to announce that $206 million in Medicaid payments will be made to 15 states that sign up children for public health insurance who hadn’t been getting it, The New York Times reports.

    Most states didn’t apply for the grants; three out of the 18 that did didn’t meet enough guidelines to qualify for them, the paper says. Alabama, which signed up 133,000 more children than expected by a formula, will get $55 million, more than double any other state.

    Families of 4.7 million children are thought to be unaware that their kids are eligible for the policy, funded by the reauthorization of Children’s Health Insurance Program. “The stubbornness of the problem is one reason the government expects millions of people to remain uninsured even after 2014, when the new health care law requires most Americans to have coverage and vastly expands government programs to make it affordable,” the Times says.

    The paper adds: “Because of the formula’s requirements, none of the money will go to California, Texas or Florida, which account for nearly 40 percent of all uninsured children. Nor will any go to the four states that do the best job of signing up eligible children — Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine and Hawaii.”

    Politico 44-

  60. It’s this wording that confuses:

    The White House is denying that a policy reimbursing doctors for talking with seniors during checkups about how to end their lives is new.

    No, not about how to end their lives, but what measures to go through at the end-stage of their lives. It’s not semantics but sloppy writing.

  61. Sloppy writing, but deliberate writing, meant to misinform the public. The overall agneda, is to keep the HCR law polls down, to give them a chance at repeal! Sadly, people fall for it! State run media is illegal, so they call it something else, =Fox News!

  62. Beyond that, the message should be that end-of-life planning is important. How many people have expressed to their loved ones what their wishes are? How long have living wills been in force and enforceable in most States? I’m a native New Jerseyan and can remember back to the Karen Ann Quinlan case as the starting point in family conversations on the subject.

  63. Merry Christmas everyone! My sister told me an eye opening story that sheds light on what’s going on in the comments sections of so many sites. The Gates Foundation recently hired people whose job it is to write THREE HUNDRED letters per day — that’s 300 each person each day — to education blogs to push the Gates education agenda of school privatization. So that’s what organizations are doing, whether by hiring or by recruiting volunteers. So an unmoderated site is a sitting duck for all this.

  64. Good Morning Everyone!

    I hope everyone had a safe and blessed holiday.

    Today I came back to work after being off since last Wednesday to find an email that one of my co-workers sent me. He lives in Northern Viginia and is pretty active in his community with the Democratic Party so he wanted to share something special he had recieved from the Fairfax Country Democratic committee. It was BWD’s I’m Grateful photo display along the video that has been put on Youtube. His message was “Y’all may have already seen this – very inspiring. Merry Christmas everyone”.

    I got the biggest smile on my face when I saw he had sent this email to everyone on his email list and people were responded in amazement and appreciation of this collection.

    You’re a SUPERSTAR BWD – Your work is being appreciated EVERYWHERE!

  65. Because blackwaterdog isn’t an agent of any level of government, speech doesn’t apply. It’s her Web site. Would you let someone come in your house and spit on the carpet?

  66. And I doubt if Gates’s is the only organization that is doing that. Now he can afford to pay people, but I suspect there are plenty of volunteer organizations as well doing this.

    One more thing: I’ve run across sites that say “blog for pay” and I wonder if that isn’t another source. People who don’t believe in what they are writing, but who are trolling because they get paid for trolling.

    If you don’t have a spam filter on your blog, get one. It’s caught a fair amount of them already, and they may also catch some of these scofflaws as well.

  67. One comment, in reply to one of yours upthread. Oh well, nothing profound (of course), just a bit of mild mocking of that… site 😉

    Just in case the info helps I basically said that the aforementioned site engendered fear for the future in me, etc, thus I left. Also said too many of the commenters there swarmed to form into a mean insulting megazord, personally attacking you and PBO. Then noted that with distance I see them more as little ‘fear demons’ and linked to a ‘Buffy the Vampire’ site. Perhaps that link? A ‘trademark’ name? As you can see, not much there–I’m more interested in why the comment disappeared–other comments I’ve made, with less frivolous links, have disappeared as well, so I was wondering if links mattered. (We’ll see if this posts!)

  68. BWD, Thanks for your work and all the best for 2011– our wonderful president needs all of the help we can give him

  69. yes… I think people are latching on because there’s little to latch on there in the MSM!!! And these are those who are saying – I AM grateful!!! How come no one else seems to share my sentiment. And then bam – someone sends them the link. And they are like – OMG – there ARE people out there who feel just like me!!!


    It makes me smile, too!!!!

  70. I hear you, G, but I’m trying to be more like Obama and give credit where credit
    is due (this is what I think has been part of his success to get some GOPers to
    break from the GOP-Borg every once in awhile, he gives them props when deserved ;-). And to his credit, MB took care of it swiftly, once he connected the dots.

  71. ummm…. do you mean as a handle or do I even have hope for the site?? LOL

    My handle is the same here as on there. 🙂

    Personality-wise, I am kinda the eternal optimist.

    These days (over there) I’m out to only recommend positive diaries – with content that is constructive. I had soooo much stuff to do when this thing hit… but I couldn’t stop reading. It was really a concerted effort by many. In a sense it was inevitable that she exposed herself. The sort that feels untouchable. They always go down eventually.

  72. So, I had to go over there and read some of Bob and Deo’s comments. Great job Bob. Great job Deoliver.

    It’s interesting to me that even as Deo is trying to explain things (from and AA perspective) that she still gets pushback. As if she is being untruthful about her experiences. I can not wrap my brain around the thinking of some of those there.

    Here’s to Bob :), Deo and all here!

  73. Hmmm… not sure why the title of the video showed up. For the record, I am defintitely not in Sondrio, Italy. It looks lovely, though!

  74. Yep – it is my private theory (I’m not an economist) that US companies do well in Europe because, even though the price of unionized labor might be higher, the cost of labor (total) is lower because of the insane health insurance costs in the US.

    But that’s just a theory – I can’t back it up with data.

  75. Toon, it has more to do with corporate tax policy and is different from country to country in Europe. Ireland gets a lot of US companies coming in because the corporate tax rate is only 12 1/2%. Beyond that, however, Ireland is in the EU, the people speak English and are well educated, so it is an ideal setting for companies that want to do business in Europe. I think the Netherlands rate might be slightly lower.

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