President Barack Obama talks to Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who led Duke to win the NCAA Men’s Division One Basketball Championship, in the Oval Office, April 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

President Barack Obama talks to Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who led Duke to win the NCAA Men’s Division One Basketball Championship, in the Oval Office, April 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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195 thoughts on “President Barack Obama talks to Coach Mike Krzyzewski, who led Duke to win the NCAA Men’s Division One Basketball Championship, in the Oval Office, April 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

  1. Ipray for our President and his family daily. I also pray for Joe Biden who has his back. May God give him the strength to endure all of the montracities he has been dealt. It’s time for America to grow up. It’s time for us to show respect to our leader. It’s time to give him the backing needed, so that other countries will see us as the UNITED STATES of America. It’s time to realize the old adage: United we STAND….Divided we FALL.

  2. I write for the Chicago Tribune and my son is medical director of the NFL. From these two perspectives, we see President Obama as:

    * a man of quiet courage that needs none of the head-bashing weaker men call courage!

    * a man who is riding the bronco of history at a rough time for the West whose post WWII power is actively envied by 90% of a restless world from the Middle to the Far East; given this historical reality, anyone in the Oval Office can only be judged by riding not necessarily conquering this bronco; and ride Mr Obama does very well!


  4. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. President Obama was elected by God’s Divine intervention. I challenge all chrisitans to interceed on his behalf. Jesus is aware of our heart and our thoughts. Merry Christmas to all.

  5. Im in agreement with you Crystal Lee, God has place President Obama where he is today and he’s sitting high looking low on all us today with his loving arms around President Obama & his family. God Bless President Obama & First Lady Michelle and their loving daughters, Merry Christmas to all & A Happy New Year.

  6. Here’s a heartfelt respons from the Netherlands: touching photo’s the world needs to see! We pray for president Obama and his family too and for the UNITED States of America. This is the time for change, for peace on earth. We are all Gods children and so we are one big Family of Humanity. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me…

    God bless you all, take care!
    Hartelijke groeten vanuit Nederland (warm greetings from the Netherlands)

  7. The President is operating from another realm. Most can’t perceive or comprehend the tactics being used. In a few months all who don’t have perversity in their hearts will see and understand.

  8. Crystal Lee, I am in total agreement with you.

    The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. President Obama was elected by God’s Divine intervention. I challenge all chrisitans to interceed on his behalf. Jesus is aware of our heart and our thoughts. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  9. Since this man, Barack Obama got notcied I fell to my knees and prayed that this man will become the President of the United States of America. The as soon as they anoouced who won the election I screamed and danced and cried. This man is going to change everyting. And he did.

  10. the country needed a man who identifies with people of all nationalites, creed, ethnicity to understand and strategize what the country needs to heal itself and get back on track of being the ‘Great Nation’ we are… I love to see his whole family as a unit standing strong before millions- I pray that God continues to guide, strengthen and protect this man as he attempts to do what needs to be done!

  11. I know and serve an AWESOME GOD who has placed our President in position to do His Will. I know that President Obama’s heart and soul are for the people. He is a conduit of Power for those who are and feel less empowered. God bless the Obamas!

  12. May Jehovah God bless our President and his family at all times. President Obama is a kind and thoughtful man.

    He does the best he can do in running this country. He have my support 100 percent, and I will stand by him always, because I know he cares deeply for this country and its people.

    Some Americans don’t understand that, he didn’t make this mess our country is in today, it was something that has been brewing for the last ten years. You can’t mess up a country like this, in the short time he as been in office.

    All of you haters, leave him alone, and let him do his job.

    Be Blessed,
    Liz Smith

  13. It’s really funny how we forget so quickly whose world we live in. There is a God and He is still in charge. Eight years prior to President Obama America tried to force and we all know what that led to, two wars a broken economy and a gloomy future. I believe in my heart that Mr. Obama was the best choice America could make to bring itself back from the brink of disaster. You go Mr. President!

  14. From the first time I heard senator Obama speak. I knew he would play an important role as one of the the leader in the history of the USA. I too am very proud to have this gentle giant as my president. I wish him all the blessing that he will need to help unite this beautiful melting pot of personalities that we call America. Also note that at one time I thought I was working toward being a middle class citizen. I now know and call my new class (The Struggling Class) Because of our current econimical situation there are the Rich class the Struggling class and the poor people. Lets start telling it like it is. If you live pay check to pay check like most of the people I know than you my friend are in the struggling class.

  15. President Obama is bringing a sense of unity to the nation despite the parties disparties and oppossitions. He is a calm, sea deep in his reserve. Clearing his thoughts and turbulance when evil doers try to take advantage of good people.

  16. THank you. You are a real person with real care and concern for this country. I thank you for surrendering yourself for the greater good. I wish you did not have to take all the negative, unfair and trivial comments and stuff from those who have alternative motvies, but you seem to have broader shoulders than they think. I will continue to keep you and your family in my prayers.

  17. I pray for our President and his family. God has a plan for his life and no man’s arms are long enough to box with God. Remember Mr. President that ‘no weapon formed against thee shall prosper.” I am very proud and honor to have you as my president. May God continue to bless you and keep his arms of protection around you and your family.

  18. I am truly grateful for our President and his generosity to the U.S. I will continue to include President Obama and his family in my daily prayers. May God continue to bless you during your presidency.

  19. We FINALLY have an intelligent and articulate man as President of the United States of America. He needs to hear from us, his supporters, that we are absolutely backing him and are willing to do the work that is necessary to assist him and other officials in the work of saving this nation. God bless him, God bless us and God bless America.

  20. Mr.President, your life and the lives of your family have been threatened, your dedication to God, and not much has been done to deter this by the very government that you serve. May God continue to protect and bless your and VP Biden’s families. Please stick to your convictions, you are loved, and especially by our Lord in heaven. Keep listening to him.

  21. Yes– supporters need to support our president. AND his advisers need to do the same. AND the media should praise him for the accomplishments which have been made. Above all, the president himself needs to brag about what has been accomplised. He needs to confront his opponents as he has recently started to do.

  22. I often do not understand and I disagree. I often lose patience.However, I never doubt that President Obama’s amazing intelligence, good will, and humane concerns are always for the best interests of our United States of America.

  23. We are not members of any website but thanks to the person who sent us this and we have much to be grateful including the personwho sent this. Love to you, the President of this country who has so much on his shoulders and to the people who help him. Merry Christmas with love to all!

  24. Given the great problems, foreign and domestic, that our nation faces, I can only say that I truly believe Barack Obama is the best person we can have as our president at this time. It is a crucial moment in the history of the United States of America. May President Obama be successful in his decisions. God save this nation.

  25. God has put President Obama in Place for this time, and this Season of our lives to help us in this crucial time of our lives and and i give him all the praise. President Obama
    in 2 Timothy Chapter 1 Verse 7 God words say, and i quote For” God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. just keep up the good work and remember this verse.

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

    December,19 2010 at 8:14

  26. Alfred – – 100% correct. He does operate from a different place. Thank god, he is the smartest person in the country, and has the purest integrity.

  27. Dear Mr. Preisdent,
    I’ve supported you from your first appearance on the national scene and I continue to feel you are a blessing. I’m a white-haired 71 year old lawyer, have always been deeply interested in political leadership and have never felt so confident that a President understood the complexities of the situations and the dilemmas before him as I feel you do. I feel you read, listen, understand, do the best that you can in a very tough job in a very mean time.
    Thank you for being there. Please know that out here the country loves you and wants you to continue.
    Valerie Mannis

  28. Thank you to whoever started this very positive and supportive message for our President. His is an incredible job and it is in all of our highest good that we support his peace and caring efforts for our country and the world.

  29. If Barack Obama was so great as the President of our country, we would have a real jobs program providing jobs like Roosevelt accomplished during the Great Depression; we would have used the additional $30 billion a year being spent in Afghanistan to help them rebuild their own country and provide their own security rather than continuing to occupy a failed state; he would be leading our country in making a transition to a renewable energy future and a sustainable society; and we would not have to give more tax breaks for the wealthy or anyone because our economy would be growing and healthy again.

    Unfortunately, none of these things have happened under President Obama’s leadership and the result is that the Republicans won the election and can block almost anything; and now none of this is likely to be accomplished. What a waste of a powerful mandate.

    Rob Wheeler

  30. Should be obvious to point out that God allows/ordains all leaders not just ‘good’ ones.. but ‘bad’ and evil leaders as well. Nothing happens without God allowing it. It’s all part of the plan

  31. Oh, what a web you are weaving!! Don’t give in! Don’t give up! Keep the FAITH! Your influences on AMERICA and the WORLD will be appreciated ONE DAY by your adversaries!!! I’ll continue to PRAY for you and your FAMILY.

  32. President Obama is a man of integrity and poise…. Having said that, he has the intelligence to know the Ocean of sharks he’s in….. Most politicians don’t do good for the majority of the most NEEDY in society…. To many are influenced by the MOST RICH in society…. this is a problem for President Obama because his natural instincts are to help those in need, not those in GREED!! He’s doing an excellent job, and is mindfull of the Biblical Passage Matthew 19:23 & 24–“And Jesus said unto His disciples, (23)VERILY I SAY UNTO YOU THAT A RICH MAN SHALL HARDLY ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN(24) AND AGAIN I SAY UNTO YOU THAT IT IS EASIER FOR A CAMEL TO GO THROUGH THE EYE OF A NEEDLE, THAN A RICH MAN TO ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN…
    President Obama knows that while there is need for the resources and jobs that buisness leaders have, his main concerns are health care, jobs and education for all Americans!!! Not just the well to do….

  33. Mr. President and your Family:

    “I thank God upon every remembrance of you.” May God protect you, give you wisdom and understanding as He gave to King Solomon; give you strength and courage to continue to lead this awesome but sometimes cruel nation.

    I will always pray for you!!!

  34. I thank whatever god/God/gods or fates sent you to be our President. I pray for you and for your family. Thank you for all you do, stand for and try to do. Keep being a standard of how one should be a leader and do what you know to be best for the country and its people.

  35. I did not think I would live long enough to be this happy about a President. Many of us 60s types lost heart when John Kennedy, then Martin, then Bobby were lost. I cannot express well my pride and happiness with this brave man who is leading us while surrounded by inestimable levels of greed and graft.

  36. Your family is alway in my prayer and I pray for the world as well. People with one a sided mind can only see what is in front of them and not the future, so keep Christ in your life and he will directoe your past. Happy hoildays!!!

  37. I think President Obama is a very smart and powerful man. I pray for him and his family. It is ashame that some American’s would rather see the country fail then to see a man of color achieve. He is doing the right thing, but he has some many other people trying to pull him back. If all Americans cooperated, we would be a wonderful country. Isn’t it something that President Obama can go to a foreign country and be imbraced and respected better than he is accepted by some of his fellow Americans.

  38. Surround him in prayer! He leads this nation and continues to give his best!

    May the Lord God Almighty keep him in his grace and mercy.

  39. These sentiments for our President have brought me tears and much joy, thanks all of you! We have a thoughtful, intelligent President who may not have all the answers but has a wide enough and open mind to search for them.

    President Obama, captain of our ship, we’re with you all the way. The head winds are fierce, the seas unrelenting and the sharks are circling. Yet we move onward.

    God Bless President Barach Obama and the United States of America.

    B Keith Collins
    Medford, MA

  40. I’m so thankful to have a strong man as Mr. Obama as our President. He is not perfect nor are you and I. But he is striving to do the best he can for the American people. He and the administration unfortunately will not be able to turn things around over night, as some seem to think. It took the last administration 8 years to turn this country upside down, lets give our current President the 4 years he earned to start seeing some significant changes. I will continue to pray for our country, our President, his family and the entire administration, Democrates and Republicans. He can not do this by himself. God bless you Mr. President.

  41. I am in awe of the President. I pray daily for him and his lovely family. I believe that Mr. Obama sir, was sent by God for such a time as this. God is working it out, through him, as I speak. I pray no weapons formed against him shall prosper, and good people surround him, and have his back. Keep praying Mr. President, and stand back and watch the salvation of the Lord! Merry Christmas!

  42. I admire our President and believe in my heart that he is the real deal and will never sell out………..

  43. Dear President Obama:

    I am very proud of your achievements as a President and myself and family wants to wish you and your family all the best for the holidays and the coming years ahead.

  44. “One who kneels to God can stand up to anything.” I Pray for President Obama constantly. I believe in him…

  45. I agree that God who has ordered President Obama’s foot steps and will guide him along this journey. Though He may stumble and or fall, God will uphold him with his mighty hands. Merry Xmas to all, Joan Perry

  46. Yes in deed, I agree with this opinion, our President Obama will ride with dignity and commanded the respect from the world, as he leads the world’s most powerful nation on earth. The test of true gold, is its ability withstand the pressures from the elements of time, with out showing any remenants of a tarnished discoloration. Joan Perry

  47. I believe in our President and I think he is brilliant. Things take time to turn around and people don’t realize this. We have had the biggest financial disaster in history and yet despite the suffering, our president has managed to stem off true chaos and disaster which most people have to idea about. It would be a sci-fi film in reality!!
    He inherited a mess and he is working with diligence, balance and integrity to guide us forward. We have to help and stand behind him!!
    I love our president!!!

  48. What wounderful pictures of our president ..
    We should all be so proud of having placed this brilliant and observing man at the helm in these troubled times.

    I know I am…

  49. I pray for our President Obama and Vice President Biden, everyday. I say a prayer asking God to give him the strength to do the job he was elected to do.
    Mr. President, your warmth, kindness, and thoughtfulness come across, even through the medium of television. I have never been prouder.
    The spiteful things that are said to hurt you, only show how desperate those people are. Keep on keepin’ on, Mr. President. I know you’ve got this, and you’ve got our support for as long as it’ll take to get the job done. May God Bless America, and our President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and their wonderful supportive families.

  50. For the first time in many years I believe we have a moral, ethical and extremly intelligent man leading our country. It gives me great comfort.

  51. Thank you for posting this. We hear a lot of bad mouthing of the president and it is easy to give up hope. The grass roots organizations that have sprung up are a testament to his ability to lead and inspire. I won’t give up.

  52. I am french and I trust president Obama. Why have we got Nicolas Sarkozy ? It’s a shame for me and I am envious of Americans who choice that clever man.

    Jean-Pierre Barbier

  53. Only a magician could accomplish what you suggest, and only with a cooperative legislative branch. Everyone has an axe to grind–you too, it seems.

  54. I am so grateful and proud to have this intelligent, thoughtful man leading us out of the mess of the last administration and into the better relations around the world, as well as all the accomplishments he can claim…and in only 2 years!
    The sparkle is back in the Whitehouse with this beautiful family!

  55. So many of us think that way. Somehow governments get in the way. Ability to organize into multiple “like minded” ethnisities is bigger than we can handle currently. We have been working towards that concept, however.

  56. This site feeds my president. He requires and has the ability to acquire constant knowledge from his followers/believers/heartfelt members of “the world’ This is the energy he runs on. The bigger the force behind him, the more he can accomplish.

    Sounds like someone whose “side” I would like to be on. Caring. Fair. Genuine. Connected. Following an agenda, through to signing. You go Barrack. You play NICE. Nice is being noticed. Be who you are, not what reporters, press, journalists say. I have judged persons on their affect on my inner spirit/life dreams toward happiness, not on others opinions. Seems so difficult for persons to make their own decisions based solely on only video clips or radio. Absolutely no exposure to any other interpretations/discussions .

  57. Barack Obama is an exceptional man well suited to serve as President of this great and diverse nation. My heart goes out to him as he genuinely struggles to identify the big problems facing the nation and the world. He learned that the most pressing problems are those that effect the people in their daily lives and that other, even larger issues may have to wait to be addressed. May he continue to grow and learn to deal effectively with the myriad challenges that confront us. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as he continues to valiantly lead the way.

  58. WOW! I am so proud of all of you. You’ve re-instituted my faith and beleif, that we have a lot, of “GROWN FOLKS”, still alive and kickin, here in America. There have been so many of us, out there, who have been seriously mis-informed ad mis-led, to beleive the things that have been said, about our current president, as opposed to the previous administration. We are supposed to be the most intelligent species on this planet, yet there are those of us who, no matter what our educatonal accomplishments and level of intelligence and comprehension,”CAN BE LED AROUND BY A CARROT”. My complimens, to you all again and my wonderful president. Keep up the good work.

  59. A President to remind one that all is not darkness, no matter how much hate and nonsense there is in our world. His is a task that is almost impossible to fulfill completely, but he has done well. Sometimes I think we as a nation do not deserve an intelligent, compassionate President who actually cares about the good of the nation. To be given what we do not deserve is called GRACE and we have received grace. Merry Christmas, America and Happy New Year!!

  60. Mr.President you and your family are in my prayers and god has put you in the white house for such a time as this you have my support and i believe that whatever decision that you make comes under the direction of the holy spirit.i hope that the new year will be one of peace and that your cabinet will work and support

    May god bless you

  61. The more the world changes, the more it remains the same. There are those who will hate just for the sake of hate. We have a President who has tried to do only what is best for our country and still there are those who will try to tear him down. Yes, God did put him there for this time and I pray everyday that he will protect him and his family, as well as guide him as he tries to restore this country to the position that it once held in the world. God Bless.

  62. My family prayers are with you and your family. We are very proud of you-and your accomplishments!!!Stay strong–Stay prayerful.

  63. At last a leader who is intelligent, compassionate and wise in spite of the fact that the system has been corrupted by greed and money mongers. It is time for the nation to wake up, grow up and we now have a leader who can guide the nation as we slowly evolve to
    expose those who deceive. Peace, protection, to you and yours and
    may you be guided, inspired and appreciated.

  64. I donot know what the sharks in washington want from our great president,do they expect him to walk on water,with all that he has accomplished they still try to tear him president I love you and your family and I will continue to pray for you and family and pray that God keep a fence around you to protect you from harm

  65. Where are you from…Mars? What should this great president do…? Wiggle his nose, tap the magic wand, or simply snap his fingers for jobs to appear. You are cynical and extraordinarily negative. Be real. All is well and will be well.

  66. I am proud each and every day that President Obama is the face of our nation.That this man and his beautiful family represent what is good and calm and wise to the world.And I pray to give him the strength and courage to take the best path for us all in the coming year!!

  67. I am so glad to see these pictures and read all of these supportive comments! I am sick of the far-right media and all the politicians that are trying to do damage to our great President. I am very proud of President Obama, though he has been put between a rock and a hard place, his character is unblemished and he is working to unify our parties and clean up a mess he inherited. History will surely look back on him as one of the greatest Presidents we have ever seen.

  68. These comments are most inspiring. President Obama, we each thank God for a leader like you and pray that you will continue to be fearless and dedicated to helping all of our citizens. There is no one else on earth that we can trust to lead our country as you have and will. Bless you.

  69. Thank you God for giving us such a great man in our time of need. For you looked down on the world, saw the trouble we were in, and said “I got you.” You gave us President Barack Obama! He speaks in a voice I associate with your voice and his smile is like a bright sunny day. May the world be able to let go of their years of anger, unite and give thanks to this great man you have sent. President Obama, I believe you are the real deal. I believe in YOU!

  70. Finally! Recognition and appreciation for a President who is deserving of this and so much more!I have never been so driven by an Administration as I am by this one. Thank you President Obama for restoring the faith of a Nation in its President and giving Young America something to aspire to! God’s Speed.

  71. President Obama, let God use you. Be not shaken by the so call powers of the world. God bless you and your family.

  72. President Omama assumed office when this country was in utter doldrums- deep in a recession and bridled with two hopeless wars. If not for him, we would have quickly dissolved as a world economic power. Check the decline of all the economic indicators since 2007. The majority of the ill-informed right wing talking heads would have you think otherwise. More power to the President if there is to be any hope for this country!

  73. I agree. The Lord has allowed my heart to perceive HIS devine moves through our President. The President is annointed with love for all Americans and in the very difficult decisions he is guided to make for the greater good of this country. He is a towering example of leadership to our neighboring nations around the world.

    May blessings abound to the entire Obama immediate and extended family.

    P.S I am so happy to see and read messages from Americans with a spirit of Godly Wisdom, Respect, Grace and Love.

  74. I do not hesitate to agree. Our President is truly awesome. He has accomplished an impossible amount so far in office, with hard work, intelligence and dignity. “The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that he inherited have to be dealt with patiently and wisely. He is working with grace and thoughtfulness,and will continue to do so by rising above the mean spirited and ignorant who have sabotaged compromise, taken their pay from the tax payers and contributed nothing toward the good of the nation.
    There is much being done, and much to be done. I am proud that our President is working steadfastly to shrink the mountain of problems he inherited. Mr. Obama is genuinely

  75. I wish that in the new year the American people will be informed of all the positive things the President has accomplished and that the press will treat him fairly!

  76. Support and best wishes from Jamaica. It is a pity that some Americans are so blinb the cannot recognise and appreciate how very lucky and blessed they are to have such a brilliant and awesome president and first lady who is also president material. I endorse all the previous good wishes and sentiments.
    Ignore the naysayers Mr. President and just keep on trucking….

  77. “There are none so blind as those who WILL not see”
    President Obama is a remarkable human being who walks the higher path. He takes this very seriously and is following his conscience. The people who try to run him down cannot see this man.He is a brilliant and compassionate man with vision that personifies his notion of changing how Washington works. It’s pitiful that so many cannot see what he is doing and has done to uplift our counrty, especially for those less fortunate.
    America needs patience and tolerance and stop wanting immediate gratification. The wheels of change grind very slowly. I love you,Barack!!!! You are my hero!!!

  78. I do not pay attention to those who yell and spit venom. I pay attention to those who have a real voice. I have heard many professionals who are in leadership positions say how they know our President is doing a good job. However, they appear on PBS late night news when many of you who hate this man simply because you live in a country whose constitution allows you to do so without fear. Shameful to know that foreigners can see what we have in this president and wish they had the same strength in their leaders. Hatemongers, don’t forget while you’re trying to dig a ditch for the President, you are digging one for yourself. Rush will probably end up the same as AL gov. George Wallace saying “I’m sorry” to the black population in AL before he died.

  79. Thank you Frank for your steadfast support of this excellent President. Thank you for pointing me to this link.

    Obama is way, way above in the stratosphere when it comes to grace, class, intelligence and humility. The talking heads on TV, especially on the Left are wortking with the Right Wing to undermine Obama because as Frank notes about Rich and Krugman, they never forgave Obama for winning. They are hoping for bad news–so he can fail. The same goes for the Huffingtonpost–with people like Arianna and Seikoff.

    They are toxic and mean. They will jump on any microphone to bash the president, even when they know nothing about the issues. Obama has smart people around him, he reads, and has accress to more and better information than his dumb critcs.

    Obama is way above them; he knows that America is 308 million people, not a few hundred thousand extremists on either side of the political divide. He is America’s President, not a conduit for Leftist extremists who are just as noxious as Palin, Limbaugh or McCain.

    Like many of you, I too, pray for the President and his family. I am also grateful to Frank for his solid support for this president. Thank You all!

  80. Mr. President, I am an Atheist, so no prayers, and even though I would have preferred a much more progressive outcome, e.g., immediate cessation of the war in Afghanistan and a single payer Health program, I deeply respect and admire you and your family and the admirable way in which you conduct your office with a most reasonable and quiet elegance. You make me proud to be an American. I wish you and your family a very healthy and happy New Year.

  81. Thank you for these excellent words.

    And thank you BWD for this site. I, too, am a refugee from that other site. What a lovely home you have created here.

    President Obama is so much more than our country deserves at this time, but certainly not more than it requires. I just hope that Mitch McConnell and his ilk will find their obstruction wins them nothing good, even in the short run.

  82. Mr. President,
    I am proud of you, Mr. President and First Lady Obama. An awesome leader who is very smart and intelligent. You have done great things. Continue to do great things You have done a lot in a short time. Fret not because of evil doers. For they will soon be cut off; and Do not worry about tomorrow; Tomorrow will take care of itself–because GOD IS IN CONTROL. I love you man!

  83. Will be the BEST President this country will EVER have, no doubt about it, he already is. He is the smartest, most intelligent and coolest ever. I pray for you sir and I love you.

  84. History will look upon President Obama with grace and dignity and he will truly go down as one our greatest President our great country. It is time for us Americans to appreciate him and give him the love and support he needs to continue his great work now and the next four years. Get out there and support President Obama! Yes We Did!

  85. Here in England, I immediately granted fealtly to the President on his coming to power, something that I never done before or since apart from our monarch. Yes, he has taken some battering (and mud, from the oil) but as so many have observed he is the redeemer the country needed, and boy, wasn’t he bang on time! I have always thought that the wars, including the brutal murder of Saddam Hussein, were wrong and wished that the US could disentangle itself from these squalid adventures but here again, he has shown great vision and judgement, so indeed, it is tempting to think that God Almighty has directed his (and his country’s) destiny.

  86. I think President Obama is a man with a heart for the people. As of today my 25 year old son is back on my health insurance and able to get the medical help he needs. We are so grateful. I pray for him and his family daily.

  87. I totally agree with Lucia. I too pray daily for our President, his family and all those chosen to help move our nation forward. I am diaappointed in those Americans who have publicly wished the failure of our President. They in doing so also wishes the failure of this nation!. My wish for the New year is that the new Congress work with our President to get this nation back to its highest poitsof strength!. I want our legislators on both sides to stop acting like spoiled children and get to work on creating jobs, supporting health care for all citizens, working to improve education for all and continuing to move toward clean energy, the halt of global warming and stop the greedy and those with hidden agendas from destroying our country. I am so proud our our President and his work so far. I support him and pray that the deceit and lies come to light on all who wish to destroy his outstanding work so far! Glod bless President Obama, our Vice president, their families, his cabinet, advisors, our service men and women, and all the citizens of these suppose to be United States of America. United We will continue to stand, Divided we open our nation up to our enemies both within and abroad to take us down. I know we have the right man for the job of President. Iam equally glad that supporters are making their voices heard. Keep the positive messages coming. Shout from the roof tops, on the airways, internet and anywhere you gather, that it is up to all of us to help rebuild the strength of our nation. we all must sacrafice, work with positive attitudes, hope, determination and
    support to do the right things for our country and our futures starting with backing our president in his efforts to make us whole as a nation again!

  88. This man is gracious. His presence on the scene has been a long-awaited pleasure. I trust his intelligence and abilities because he has earned that trust time and again. I see his footprints all over this country as he attempts to remedy all kinds of problems, and I am amazed. God bless the Obamas.

  89. I will always be greatful that I had the absolute privilege of voting for Barack Obama and that he will be looked on through the lens of history as one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. We are lucky he had the backbone, oratorial skills and intelligence to run for the office of President of the USA.

    Blessings to both him and the first Family.

    Diana Burke

  90. We must always pray for our presidents…and not send hateful thoughts toward them…which block the blessing God wants to give them.

    There was so much hatred for President Bush when he was in office…instead of prayer.

    I continue to pray blessing on President Obama and his family. I pray God will give him much wisdom and open his eyes to lead by God’s Holy Word of truth.

    It saddens me that President Obama supports planned parenthood instead of the sanctity of life. God hates the murdering of unborn, innocent babies.

    The problems in our great nation are the consequences of greed and murder of the unborn children…to name a few…everything that is an abomination to God…who loves us so much and wants to bless us.

    Please pray for President Obama and all those in leadership…to lead with God’s wisdom.

  91. President Obama is just great! We are so lucky to have him in the White House. He deserves our support.

  92. It opened my heart even wider for this awesome soul. He will go down as one of the most amazing presidents we had. He is up to his task at hand. All will be inspired by his vision.

  93. Our president was handed a list of crises as he took office that few before him had seen. He has responded to our nation’s problems as well as any before him might have. He has been accused of many things by a thoughtless minority who have not wished him well from the outset. His successes have been many and sometimes those have been attacked wrongly by a vocal few who offer nothing of value in return. Has he erred in some things? Of course! But the good far outnumbers the bad and he has begun the restoration of our nation’s standing in the world. We are far better off than we might otherwise have been without his leadership!

  94. President Obama has inherited a nightmare, and those who blame him for the present situation our country is in should be ashamed. Where there was no true leadership, integrity, or hope, this young courageous man stepped in to give us his all. Because he doesn’t posture like a rooster, he has been accused of being weak; because he shows his humanity, he has been accused of not being presidential. I challenge those who criticize him to walk one minute in his shoes. Suddenly all their black and white thinking will dissolve, and they will understand the impossible task he has undertaken. I pray for the president’s safety, sanity, and continued leadership of our country. May he and his family be blessed for all their sacrifices.

  95. Very proud of President Obama and get overcome with great emotion when looking back on the history of these United States to see our growth as a nation. Much love and blessings to the family.

  96. Wish he was my President. I pray for him everyday. God bless President Obama and his wonderful family.

  97. Well said! President Obama is a true man of God, a friend of the people, a true American and international hero, a friend to the friendless.

    History will show that his policies and hard decisions in the best interest of even those who want to “take our country back” to the failed policies of the past.

    For even the rich will perish without a base of people to consume the products they provide!

  98. People the world over envy the US for the quality of the executive. If only Americans could realize how lucky they are!

  99. Dear Mr. President:

    This is my prayer for you in 2011; PSALMS 91.

    “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almight. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust. Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shall thou trust: his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day; Nor for the pestilence that walketh in the darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh three. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the most High thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling; For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone. Thou shalt treat upon the lion and adder; the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet. Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and show him my salvation.”

    May you always walk with God and be found in His favor all the days of your life. Selah.

  100. It’s been awhile since we’ve had someone in the oval office who has our Love, respect, admiration and prayers. President Obama is a man of great conviction and genuine compassion for those of us among the poor and struggling class, his compassion is not limited to America only, I see it in his many travels around the world folks look to him as he were a God sent, very respected upon the world stage.

    This past December I watched him skillfully negotiate with the Republicans relief for the less fortune, he could have very easily said no to the Republicans, but I’m sure he asked himself, if I should do that, what would become of those less fortunate. The well being of the few out weighed the satisfaction of the many. Despite what the media tries to imply, President always have our best interest at heart.

    Thank you Lord for sending us this gracious and caring man……

  101. I love our president like a mother loves her son. I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished. I pray for him by asking God to cover him And give him wisdom to lead our nation. If God be for him, who can win

  102. Very once in a while, there is a person whose thoughts and values are so high above the average that we have problems just “seeing” them. I thank God for those people of vision who have not forgotten what an awesome person Obama is, and who appreciate what a monstruos burden he holds in a time of change and chaos…
    The absolute “hatred” of him we hear in certain media is just that– hatred, prejudice, fear, and sometimes– propaganda. Let us keep our heads and our thoughts high, above the rumble of cheap street prejudice.

  103. Mr. President, thank you for being you!

    You are a class act and some day I hope this country will catch up to your authenticity and total devotion to making this world a better place. I know the rest of the world has.

    In this horrible economy with all the pain felt by so many of us, the one bright light is that we FINALLY after SO long have a president we can think of as a true visionary. On this New Year that is a form of hope I can believe in. And thank you Joe Biden for everything you do for us.

    Keep heath care alive. It IS a moral issue and I know what Jesus would have said, “fight on man”,fight on till it’s done right.

    Atlanta Ga.

  104. To the Obama’s, remember that, Whom God has blessed, no man can curse. You and your family are truly blessed.

  105. I really want the President to be successful in this term and serving a second term. However, he is going to make some drastic changes in the way the rich has and is still being allowed to get richer while everyone else gets poorer. To some I have a great income, but in accuality, I am having a hard time maintaining. I really don’t waste money. I don’t have a lot of debt. Just paying the everyday bills is crazy. These companies, gas, mortgages, cable tv, telephone and cell add to that taxes, healthcare contributions, how are we to survive nevermind progress! Please do something!

  106. This one of the most inspiring things that Iv’e ever read. all I can say is AMEN to all of the comments!!!!

  107. He stopped a great Depression and has so reversed the horrific economic policies of decades past that he created more jobs in 2 years than Bush created in 8.

    How this is maligned or disdained is an utter mystery to me.

    Everyone is entitled to her or his opinion, but yours does not appear to adhere to a comprehensive view of the facts.

  108. I am so proud to hear intelligent responses about our President Obama. Where were these same comments eight years before him. I think our country slept for those years. My concerns now is that the media address him as Mr. Obama! Every president has past and present been addressed as President and their name. Why is he called Mr. Obama during their narrative? Just listen and you will hear. I love what he is doing. If nothing else, give him the respect that he truly deserves.

  109. I am thankful that there are intelligent and positive comments out there for our president. Where were they eight years before him? I am concerned that he is constantly addressed as Mr. Obama by the media. Bush and all others are called President. Why is he not given the same respect? He is President Obama!

  110. This site has been an answer to my prayers.Far too often I wonder if there are critical numbers out there who truly see the intelligence, wisdom,dignity and sincere heart of our President.He is a giant among men, but one prepared to fall and rise again. Why do we so readily and far too frequently hear the poison from ugly, mean-spirited, short-sighted,ignorant and shrill voices (including those from the media). So,each morning and night I visualize light and energy around our President and his family and those who serve this Whitehouse.I envision his life and actions infused with calm, strength, purposefulness and integrity.Surley we can all do this.Surely this collective activity can be understood as significant contributions to a vibrant, participatory democracy! It would be wonderful if we each knew that we were participating in this powerful way…together. Finally, might there be there some way for this site to be printed and offered personally President Obama? I imagine this gift would feed his spirit and help offset the free flow of toxicity his way? Let’s think about it. Mariposa

  111. My heart feels very full now, after reading the good thoughts so many of you have. I am so very glad that so many have the same positive feelings of President Obama! I was a huge supporter of his since he began running for President. He inherited a mess, has worked dilligently to solve our problems. People have to be more patient. I really see a better future for the people of this great country!
    I love you Mr. President! And your beautiful and intelligent family!

  112. President Obama is truly a man of courage, dignity, integrity, and with a heart as big as the world he has chosen to reach by serving this country he loves so much. I, for one, am increasingly thankful every day that he is the leader of our nation, but I think sometimes we don’t deserve him.

    We have become a cantankerous society, one bent on inuendo, believing lies instead of searching for truth, listening to the most negative of the politicians, and others who scream their non-sensical diatribes at a media who is only too willing to show our worst side for their own benefit, the almighty dollar.

    President Obama, you have your plate full, but I know in my heart that God has sent you to lead us as a Prophet. I love and respect you, and I pray for your safety every day, especially after the shootings in AZ yesterday. Thank you for being you, and for your willingness to attempt to lead this divided country. Bless your heart. God be with you.

  113. I am very proud of our president and his wife he has step up to the plate to fix years and years of the anglo saxons mess and they can’t just say thank you because it would be to much like right. But Mister President you just keep it moving I know a lot of american who love and support you no matter what

  114. We must stand behind our President. We put him in the white house, let’s not leave him there along. He will need our continous support, because there is so much hate in this world because of the color of his skin, and racist people trying to make him fail. So stand with our President because he is a great man and is working hard for all the people.

  115. Dear Mr President
    You are a good man, you make all of us proud Americans. The bright future belongs to our children. Keep the good work. May GOD bless you and your lovely family.

  116. President Obama is a great man. One reason he’s not being accepted in this country is because most Americans, although they may have voted for him, are not ready for a black man to be in a position of authority. For whatever reason, God put him in this position at this time in history, no one can change that. I believe he has a heart of gold because he truly has the best interest of the people in his heart. So many want to “take back America” but what does that truly mean? I believe it means “they” want to take back the power and position of this country from a black man and back in the authority of “white” America! God doesn’t need to bless America, America needs to bless God and get back to putting God back in our Nation and then and only then will we blessed. Keep up the good work President Obama, no matter what they say. Just hold your position.

  117. From the day I heard the then Senator Obama give his electrifying speech at the Democratic Convention, I said “This man is going to be our first black president.”

    I was apprehensive when he entered the presidential race before even completing his first senatorial term. Nonetheless I backed him, and predicted not only his win, but a convincing victory. I also predicted he would become America’s greatest president. He already is.

    The hand of God is in this amazing saga. “Arise Barak, and lead thy captivity captive.” -Judges 5:12b

    I was inspired to write a documentary on African American History in his honor, “From a Nightmare, to a Dream, to Hope”, which has had five well-received presentations so far, has been videotaped, and is a work in progress.

    God bless President Obama, his family, and all America.

    Lloyd G. Tapper

  118. To God be the glory for the good He has done. First, I thank God for even giving me the opportunity to praise Him in a public way. I am thankful to be alive to see His word manifest! It is an honor and a privilege to know the word and see How God’s word is true. If each of you take time to read the word you will know that President Obama was predestined for the role for which he is in. (Just as we are)

    It is our duty to pray for him even when we disagree with him. We must pray for our leaders and their families. May America stop being so judgemental and bypass the color of his skin and support him and pray that as long as he goes about our Fathers business his job gets done for the best interest of us all. Pray for him people and trust the will of God. If you believe it you can receive it. Remember when two or more are gathered in His name there He is also. President Obama and family please know you are always in my families prayers. Be blessed and continue to do the will of God, that is all I can ask of you.

  119. I pray everyday and night that President Obama will go down in history as our greatest president.We are a great country to have elected him, and our world will be rewarded. God Bless the Obama Family they are so courageous.

  120. God is good. HE gave us Barack Obama to be the FIRST African American PRESIDENT! We are so Blessed!!! ALL should hold him up in Prayer CONSTANTLY!! Dont forget to Pray for his entire family. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  121. We should continue to pray as we go thru these tough times. Pray that God will continue to Bless the United States of America and Our President as he continues to lead us.

  122. We are so lucky to have a President with such integrity. He is a man who truly wants what is best for our country and its citizens. I feel that he is spiritually more evolved than most of the presidents that we have had. He believes in Unity and acceptance of all. Those who still live in fear and need to demonize those who are different from themselves, don’t understand him. Is he too evolved to lead our country? I am hoping that he will be a model to us all and we the people will rise to his vision.

  123. After enduring the 8 yrs of embarrasement that was GWB I am once again proud and inspired by our current POTUS. As we all are aware however this country has too many guns and too many crackpots….I fear for the unspeakable. May God and the secret service see him through. “We have miles to go …”

  124. I keep our president and vice president in prayer. The congress is acting worst than bad,stupid children. Some changes will have to made in the time Senators and congressman serve in the service of our country.

  125. Wow! How uplifting to hear so many American voices supporting our president. How uplifting to hear so many voices recognizing President Obama’s intelligence, his integrity, his sincerity and his honesty as he watches over the interests of ALL Americans, of every class, creed and sexual preference! How uplifting to hear that so many others share my profound belief in this man’s abiliity to dramatically change the world in a positive way! Thank you all! Thank you, God, for providing the right person at the right time. I feel so fortunate to live in our country under such an amazing leader. PLEASE TAKE NOTE, PRESIDENT OBAMA, AND MOVE FORWARD WITH THE STRENGTH AND CONFIDENCE THAT YOU HAVE EARNED! Patty

  126. I agree with what has been said. We truly have
    a remarkable President that many do not appreciate. He is intelligent and he carries himself well. I pray for him and his family daily. He is for all the people and not just for a certain group and everyone should realize that. Let’s stand behind our President
    and show the rest of the world what we Americans are really about.

  127. left a commet but I guess it did not take. I believe that we have a wonderful President.
    He is intelligent and he knows what he is doing. They have blamed him for so much of the ess that the last administration left us.
    I pray for him and his family daily that God
    willgive hime the wisdom that he needs to lead this nation. We are to be an example for the rest of the other nations but wih all of this bickering and childish behavior that is why we have lost so much respect. Lets stand behind our President and give him the support that he needs.
    Sonia Grant

  128. Thank God for letting us live to see the greatest US President of all times .Thank You. Dolores & Wilbert

  129. I agree I also pray for the President and his family, but most of all for the people who can’t bring themselves to believe that if we pull together as one we can do anything but if we fight nothing gets done. I think our President is a strong leader he believe in the people he has not gotten the respect that goes with his title nobody has the right to disrespect you for the color of your skin. I believe with all my heart that god gave us this person because he believes in him.

  130. Thank you Mr. President for the wonderful work you and your staff are doing. It is a sacrifice beyond most can imagine. God bless you, your family, and this country. The first step has been taken in raising the bar on the character and integrity of the office of the President. The next step is to raise the bar on those who are elected to the offices of the Senate and Congress, those who are suppose to be promoting the will of their constituents, and not their self proclaiming agendas. I think the people of this country has spoken, and that statement is, we want a United America not one that is divided by Titles, Status,or Labels but one that is good for the common interest of humanity.

  131. Amen. All working toward his endtime purposes. I reminded of the verse where Jesus said let the wheat and tares grow together…….I have my own questions re his “Christianity,” but I make no judgment. I only see that he did not participate in the National Day of Prayer (everyone is included in this) and that they “had” to cover the cross when he spoke at Georgetown. However, he has had two White House dinners to celebrate Ramadan(?). Actions always speak louder than words. God is sovereign over the affairs of this country, our lives, etc. So we continue to pray for the entire Administration.

  132. President OBama is the first politicion since President Rosevelt that deserves the full support of any thinking american.

  133. God will continue to bless and protect our President. Our President will continue to walk with the Lord, who will guide him. There is a reason Mr. Barack Obama became our President. In good time, it will be evident to all, and all will give him the respect, love and honor he deserves. God bless America and our President.


  135. Yes, he was sent by God. We need to keep him and his family in prayer at all times.

  136. I have loss several email friends because they saw fit to slam my President. Well good luck to them. I pray each night that God will protect Mr. Obama and his family and keep them out of harms way. May the grace and goodness of God guide him and help him make this a great nation.

  137. I have the ultimate respect for President Obama and his family and what he is trying to do for our nation. Our creditability in the world’s eyes has improved and President Obama is definitely a world leader. He has the admiration of the world.

  138. May the Lord continue to bless your President with brilliance, wit and charm and all the other wonderful qualities that he displays,and your equally brilliant,lovely and charming first Lady. America is blessed !

  139. I pray that GOD will continue to bless you and give you the strength to carry on. I’m so proud to call you our President.

  140. Mr. President. On Election Night when Jon Stewart looked at the camera and announced that Barack Obama was just elected as President of the United Sates, I cried uncontrollably for hours.I was so extremely thankful because if you had not won I was not sure I could continue to live in this country that I love. The miracle happened. WE now have a brilliant and TRUE leader representing what America can be again if we all help you. Every night, Mr. President, I pray for your health, your safety, your continued positive emotional state and that you get a full night of restorative sleep. at AGE 63 I have never had such feelings of respect and love for a president before, But Mr. Obama I would GLADLY lay down my life for you.
    God bless you and your beautiful family!

  141. Mr. President, you’re an amazing young man, and it’s an honor to have you as our President. My pray is that God will continue to bless you and your beautiful family each and every day. Mr. President, if you would please, a song for you to listen to when things get a litte tough. “The Battle Is Not Yours It’s The Lords.” By: Yolanda Adams. I’m so proud to call you our President. Much love, and be Bless knowing that God has your back!!!!!

  142. It does not matter whether our president is Christian, Jew or Muslim.. He is a man of GOD and the Higher Power knows his heart and knows we are all ONE. Division is not where we are. Division breeds seperation and hate. Believe in the ONE God and we will come together as one people, one world together to solve the problems we all face. Raise the consciousness, evolve!!

  143. I pray for my president because that is what I am told to do my gracious loving heavenly father in his word–the bible..I don’t have to agree with all any president says or does but I do have the responsiblitiy to lift him in prayer and ask God to show him what to do and guide him in his endeavours. I wouldn’t want his job…it is very difficult and so many people are quick to speak but don’t think about if they were wearing their shoes..

    God Bless You, Mr. President and God Bless America–the greatest country in the world and we as US citizens and God-loving, God Fearing people need to take back this country that was built on the principles of God’s Word…Bring back the 10 Commandments and see what change we will see…..God is watching us and our choices…


  144. Amen, very well put. It’s time that we as Americans take a stand for right and forget about race. Please give President Obama a chance, he didn’t create all that we are having to endure in this country at this time. As it was stated United we STAND…Divided we FALL. Let’s stand behind the man that we elected to lead this once great nation.

  145. I am a legal immigrant from Germany (50 yrs)and caucasian. It NEVER amazes me more than when PATRIOTS attack THEIR president. Why? Because he is BLACK, highly intelligent, caring,a true visionary and appraisor of this revolting situation created by the former powers-that-be. THEY JUST CAN’T TAKE THAT. THEY? Those who think of themselves as WHITE SUPREME HUMANS.It’s power, money and sex in this country, anyone of these is totally interchangeable.I thought we had evolved better. Thank you a million times for president Obama.

  146. I want to give thanks to President Obama he was very brave to take over after the big mess the Bushes made for all those years.I salute President Obama he is our god send to america for all the people Thank You.

  147. I wish some american would relize that Pesident Obama has a white mom but most of you are hateing his africa side.He has done a lot for our country and i am proud to say i lived to see a black president and iam from Jackson mississippi with signs like white only and colored the back of the bus all that.

  148. I am praying for you Mr. President! -President Obama! You are amazing in many ways. Your leadership has been amazing! You will be one of our greatest presidents because of your character, ethics, wisdom and leadership!

  149. I am so proud to call you my president. Keep fighting the good fight for ALL the people. I so appreciate your determination, your desire to help those who need it so much and how hard you work for what you believe is the right thing.

  150. President Barack Obama and Michelle are the most amazing President and First Lady ever. They are God send, that is why there are so many haters. I work in a government office, not one person in my office has mentioned the mission against Osama bin Laden. They (the haters) still will not give our great President his due. But our President is a gracious man and God sent. My prayer is that God continues to watch over him and his family, the Vice-President and his wife and family and the rest of the staff. God is good and all the time God is good.

  151. With the likes of Trump,Palin,Bachman,Paulenty etc.. The Republican presidentcial field looks VERY weak. My intuition tells me we will have four more years of our wonderful President, Barack Obama. His way of being is very spiritual and thoughtful. I pray he brings us peace by getting out of the wars and stops the madness in the congress. If all of congress was as thoughtful as Obama.. we would be helping the poor and downtroden. What would Jesus do?? The Rs are all about greed.

  152. I agree with you. He is a great President. Given half a chance he would accomplish great things. But the opposition does not want him to succeed.

  153. Alway’s Pray so man will not faint. Jesus was a good man.All he got was ridicules,slanders,disrespect and he was very well hated by modt people.even his own family and friends. I say this,Obama is on the winning side of the track. The doors God open for Obama, can’t no man or woman shut. God Bless the Obama family and America. Amen.

    May 11,2011

  154. God Bless our President and Vice President and their family.God bless America,and our Military come home soon, Please Mr President!

  155. presedent Obama is the best president evey that i know in the US. Love you all.

    Melanie from Holland.

  156. I agree with you on president Barrack that he is the best president ever! Since Bill clinton!

  157. Fran your right! Obama is a great man.And my heart goes out to him and his family! They have tried to find some type of fault in him and they can’t find none! That’s because he’s a god fearing man who love his family and people. When he was running he has done everything he said that he was gonna do! And Im gonna vote for him again.He’s the best since Bill Clinton!!!!!!!

  158. WOW! I couldn’t have said that better myself! It’s sad how this nation is ran by haters! Greed! Just pure evil! but it always been like that. But God gonna send his wrath down and clean all this mess up!

  159. Our heavenly father, I thank you for letting your will be done and for adding blessings to each and everyones day! In the name and the blood of Jesus I pray amen.

  160. President, You have set a record for endurance against all odds. I often wonder our First Lady will be able to say she is proud of America again.
    I don’t wish the obstacles you have endured on anyone. I doubt that you will ever read this e-mail but perhaps the well wishful prayers will reach your agenda and you will feel comfort in knowing that you are giving it your best.

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