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  1. Too bad this wasn’t circulated BEFORE the fall elections this year! Send it to your friends, and especially those who are joining or have joined the “no nothing” movements and the revitalizing racism lurking barely under the surface of the political slim. Make sure your other friends and acquaintances get copies as well because they need reinforcement.

  2. Somebody sent this to me in an email, and I was most impressed by this graph. It would be more effective if the source was cited. Thanks for putting it here. I’d like to see more!

  3. Where did this graph come from? (I assume BEA.gov again, but couldn’t quickly find it.)

    Folks, please … just cuz you like the message, don’t assume the data is straightforward:

    1. Is 1.1 million a big number or a small number? How many jobs were created during Bush Sr.? Reagan?

    2. What’s the significance of 1.1 million new jobs in the context of 10% unemployment vs. 7%?

    3. How many jobs were lost during Bush Jr. vs. Obama?

    The answers to the above may well ALL be favorable to Obama supporters (of which I am one). Be like Obama … THINK. QUESTION.

  4. Question, why hasen’t there been more media coverage regarding President Obama’s many achievements. This is what is sorely needed,and would have made a hugh impact in the mid-term elections. The word has to get out and stay out. People are so uninformed. Many Obama constituents have little or no idea what the President has achieved on their behalf and consequently choose to respond to the rhetoric that the Repugs put out each day. Perhaps whoever is in charge of this should be replaced.President Obama has done and achieved so much for this country and the word has not been getting out.

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