Christmas morning gifts

The president and the first lady visiting US Military and their families at Anderson Hall at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, December 25.



59 thoughts on “Christmas morning gifts

  1. They look really great and relaxed. How wonderful. I hope everyone had a great Christmas today! Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Beautiful to see POTUS and FLOTUS so rested. It is also wonderful to see them giving out those precious hugs from all of America. It almost seems like the president is saying a prayer for these lovable kids and their parents.

    I am very grateful that we have such a leader of our nation. And our First Lady is so beautiful. She also gives great hugs. I am thankful for both of them this Christmas Day and every day. God bless our service men, women and their families.

  3. SO proud that these are our POTUS an FLOTUS. Even people the didn’t vote for them seem to be honored to meet them. The sign of people that earn respect, not demand it.

  4. Great pics BWD!!! Love the first one with the little boy.

    Here’s wishing everyone’s days are merry and bright.

  5. Great pics of a great couple. Thanks for posting. I continue to be so incredibly impressed with–and proud of–both of them. Here’s to their actually having a relaxing holiday season this year!

  6. MARINE DINNER: The Obamas dined with Marines and their families at the Marine Corp Base Hawaii.

    “Did you get everything you wanted?” President Obama asked one little girl. She said they did and showed him her new bracelet. He checked it out and pointed Michelle Obama’s wrist, indicating that she, too, had a new bracelet. The first lady and the little girl compared bracelets.

    At another point, Michelle Obama cradled a tiny infant baby who was wearing a Christmas bib. Another little boy at the table kept telling the president, “I got a punching bag for Christmas! I got a punching bag for Christmas!” So the president held up his hands and let the little kid take a few whacks at his palms. He then posed for a photo with the family. “Who’s action figure is that on the floor?” he asked, and the little boy who got the punching bag quickly snatched it up.

    Politico 44-

  7. BTW: When the campaign starts to ramp up, BWD can start a fundraising drive, right here on her website.
    She could be a bundler for POTUS, and ya know how he rewards his bundlers? With ambassadorships! Cool!

  8. I love my POTUS and FLOTUS. They’re awesome! Like several have posted, kids DO know genuine.

  9. Thank you BWD for the wonderful photos of the first couple. They look so happy together and it appears in only a few days our president looks so relaxed. Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas and those that will be celebrating Kwanza today.

  10. My local paper — rightwing owned — has a story online that said not only was spending better this year — Christmas spirit seemed up.

    This is low income area — more than half the school children qualify for free or reduced lunch — the standard often used to make that determination. I had commented over at Weeseeyou that in contrast to that Dkos fraud’s remarks that poor people were miserable and angry — for the last two years — there were lights up all over my poor neighborhood — something I’d never seen in my life.

    That spirit is trickling up. Many of the store owners featured in the local story are from the “redder” areas outside the main city. So — in contrast to what Republican politicians and the let’s-primary-Obama crowd are saying — across the board people are feeling better.

    I like that. That’s real progress. The more inclusive changes are — the less hostility there is toward them and the less you have to fight to keep them.

    Contrary to what critics are saying — my president is helping to make changes for the better that the entire country can believe in.

    This was a great Christmas. I did something out of character this year. I bought myself a present — something I’ve been wanting for the longest time but wouldn’t get because I don’t “waste” money on myself. I bought it and then left it in the package — handed it to the boys and told them find a use for it (they knew I’d been wanting that — knew that meant wrap it up and give it to me as a present).

    My kids were much happier this year because I got something I really wanted — too. There wasn’t the usual they seem happy — but something is missing. It made their Christmas better. Tip to other low-income parents — sacrificing yourself at Christmas might be self-defeating. Usually — that $24 I spent on me would have gone on something else for them. They were happy all day and I think it’s because they knew I got something I really, really wanted — something that was for me — not the house — something wasn’t a necessary item — too. (I finally got the Star Wars prequel trilogy — on sale — I love Star Wars!)

    Here’s the story I referred to in case somebody out there is collecting and blogging about positive trends around the country.

  11. Good morning everyone. Have you notice when he holds children the hugs are so real he closes his eyes as if he s praying for them.

  12. I especially enjoy the picture of the Marine hugging our First Lady. His smile is a joy. Thanks BWD…great stuff.

  13. Fun to see them both looking relaxed. I love how he looks at her – the love is all over his face. This may sound silly, but it gives me hope that I could meet someone who feels that way about me, something I gave up on 14 years ago. That’s a true confession I may regret making.

    Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year to all. I have officially survived the most intense schedule I’ve ever played! And I did it very well, in spite of Cedar Fever and a whole lot of tired.

    Love to all you special people who keep spirits up and hope alive – esp BWD.

  14. Loved the Pictures….this was the best Christmas ever….My son brought presents with his own money….I’m so proud of him for giving and not being focused on what he’s getting.

  15. How genuine. How full of true patriotism and Christian love (and I say that as a Jew!).

    these are good people, giving back to their country and their fellow man. I wish the Obamas a safe, warm and blessed holiday season and New Year.

  16. What beautiful photos, especially, the one with the president holding the infant. Thank you so much for this site BWD, you are a true blessing.

  17. Especially loved the complete non-issue of the multi hued gathering.

    Mrs Obama is gorgeous, but I enjoy seeing her without all the lip gloss and camera makeup. Beautiful dress though.

    What a First Family to represent our country. We have been planning out of country travel (now postponed). Under Bush, I was truly embarrassed. Not anymore!

  18. Hey 4tulips,
    I think he closes his eyes because he is receiving the pure energy and joy that unassuming innocent children give him. I think children re-energize him. That’s the connection he loves. IMHO

  19. You never know, I Love OCD, sometimes love finds us when we least expect it!

    Do you play an instrument? (Just wondering because of your words about your schedule)
    I love music, life without it wouldn’t be fair.

    I’d not heard of Cedar Fever until now, so I googled it. Hope you feel better, soon!

  20. I’ve been married 98 years, and he’s great, but the way they look at each other still boggles my mind. In fact I’ve shown my husband photos…”See, do you think….” LOL

    I hope you find your match ILOCD.


  21. What a wonderful first couple that genuinely cares about the everyday people. Enjoted the pics.

  22. g! You’ve been married 98 years? Please tell us how you managed that! My husband and I have been married 48 years and we feel pretty good about that, but 98 years would be something to crow about!

  23. I play the organ and the piano at the local Catholic church – I’m not Catholic, but I’m a good musician and don’t charge them much because I’m teaching myself to play the organ and love having one available.

    Cedar Fever is not something I believed in until I moved to central Texas. Now I’m targeting trees for culling – the ones that emit clouds of pollen must go!

    As far as relationships go, it’s astounding to me that I’d even think such a thing, much less write it down. They give me hope, in so many ways.

  24. Seeing these people actually touching the president and first lady makes me yearn so to be able to travel somewhere and do the same. What lovely spirits they are, both of them. And the children will be able to tell their children and grandchildren that they were actually held by their president. And what wonderful pictures!

    I didn’t expect another post from you, blackwaterdog. Yesterday was Christmas after all. You are truly wonderful to afford us this enjoyment. Thank you, thank you, and bless you, not only for this Christmas season, but for all time.

  25. The thing that comes through is that their visit was not staged. They really appreciate the troops and their wishes come deep from within their hearts.

    To have a President and First Lady who are at ease with regular folk shows what they are made of. No phony pretending to care. Their hearts burst with the love and kindness to everyone.

    Every time I see the POTUS holding a baby, I get the feeling he would love to have another baby of his own. He is such a loving father.

    Snowing today in CT and I would love a hug from my President: one of the greatest of all time: no matter what the naysayers mumble.

  26. I’m a saint! The first Jewish Buddhist Saint 🙂 And he’s Swedish.

    BTW, you look about 48 in your pic! Must have been marriage in utero.

  27. fuhgeddaboudit!!!! I’m on Long Island. I don’t understand. Early yesterday morning they said this storm was gonna miss us!!! Then by noon, it was gonna hit with 5-10 inches. Now it’s a blizzard!!!!


    Don’t travel, g… too dangerous!!!

  28. I agree! And I love that her face sometimes gets that goofy flirting with babies look (you know, the look that all adults exaggerate because babies love that so much!! LOL) She doesn’t mind just being real. 🙂

  29. Right now we’re thinking Tuesday. So, today I shall spend the day cleaning the house and working out…or hanging out online and napping. Hmmmm….

  30. By Tuesday things should be clear, I think!! It’s coming down pretty fast and heavy right now. I feel sorry for the wildbirds out there. It’s a wet snow, too. gonna be a bitch to shovel!!

  31. Seeing the same thing up here in Harlem (NOT reported in the NYT, however…). Great story, pnh 🙂

  32. “I’m a saint! The first Jewish Buddhist Saint 🙂 And he’s Swedish.”

    Well, g, that explains everything!

    We were married when we were 32. I’m 80, but that picture was taken when I was 70 and I’m looking down and laughing at my youngest granddaughter. Nothing like laughing to smooth out the wrinkles!

  33. What lovely pictures, BWD—the kids know genuine, decent and kind when they see it. 🙂

    Happy holidays,


  34. Wow thanks so much. this Blog and these beautiful pictures help start my day off in the PLUS.

    Thanks SO MUCH
    Happy Kwanza

  35. What a nice pick-me-up, seeing positive stories regarding the President and our First Lady. 🙂
    Thanks, BWD

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