Christmas Mishmash

Hi everyone

Here’s a collection of this and that from the last few days. First, did you all see this excellent OFA tool? Spread this like a virus:

Progress in your community 


1. It gets better (part 1)

Holiday 2010: The year shoppers came back

2. It gets better (2)

NYT: Experts Citing Rising Hopes for Recovery

3. It gets better (3)

Job Offers Rising as Economy Warms Up

4. It gets better (4)

The US Economy Is Now Everyone’s “Surprise” Pick To Surge In 2011 


5. I guess it’s easier in Russia, but you still should call your DUMA-MAN and tell them to vote for the treaty…:)

New START treaty easily passes first test in Russian parliament

6. I still remember how world’s leaders talked this way about Bush:

Medvedev: “President Obama is a man who knows how to hear and to listen, a man not trapped by stereotypes, a man who lives up to this standard — he keeps his word”


7. Dear new Just-Say-No-Congress, meet Barack Obama, the man with the pen: 

What’s wilderness? Bush-era curbs are repealed


8.  Yea, that awful, awful health care reform:

Medicare agency unveils massive plan to comply with healthcare reform law


9. Very true.

Take a bow, Nancy and Harry


10. And my favorite item:

NYT letters to the editor

President Obama is a realist who gets things done: he makes his case, counts votes, makes his best deal and the country moves forward. That’s progress. He doesn’t gloat or count enemies but moves to the next task.In contrast, others hold to principle and accomplish nothing. Purists for health care reform, for example, insisted on the best solution in 1993 and came away with nothing. Mr. Obama took the best he could get and came away with sweeping improvements to the health care system.


Mr. Obama promised change we can believe in, the politics of the real — not the remotely possible, or the “should have been.” He has delivered on his promise. The chattering classes, from the right and left — especially the left — should amend their critique, admit that their shallow, hasty analysis was wrong and apologize to the president.In these difficult, complex times, we are fortunate to have Mr. Obama in the White House.

John E. Colbert, Chicago, Dec. 23, 2010


….President Obama, at his news conference on Wednesday, again showed how masterful he can be in communicating the justification for his agenda. His command of subject matter and his heartfelt joy in presiding over the enacting of historic legislation were a welcome coda to the achievements of the departing Congress.

Let us hope that the president does not allow the political narrative to slip away between now and the 2012 elections.

Domenick Morda
Sarasota, Fla., Dec. 23, 2010


Your editorial about the Senate’s accomplishments reflects, beyond anything else, Barack Obama’s courage. History will judge this president well for his willingness to compromise on several fronts. His vision to rid the world of nuclear weaponry by gaining ratification of the New Start treaty will be noteworthy for generations to come.

Nearly 60 years ago, my father witnessed 26 nuclear tests in the Nevada desert. He died of acute leukemia 16 years after being exposed to the ionizing radiation from the mushroom clouds. He was just 40 years old.

I have no doubt that the deaths of people like my father played a part in Mr. Obama’s advance of this treaty.

Mark Joseph Williams
Mendham, N.J., Dec. 23, 2010






39 thoughts on “Christmas Mishmash

  1. Awesome list of accomplishments – and the timing is perfect. Media and the economy have spread doom and gloom. Then, Blam! Treaty! DADT! People saving money because of the new health bill! Even the nay-sayers can’t quite overlook or massage away the growing list of administration accomplishments.

    No, there has not been enough job creation. Yes, Afghanistan continues. But there is progress, and, as a result, hope.

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I love this:

    “Yet Mr. Obama is not a politician who uses circumstances and relationships to cajole. He is not one to say, “Let’s have a couple of drinks and hash this out.” He does not confuse his work friends with his real friends. He jealously guards his time with his wife and daughters and the tight circle of intimates like Eric Whitaker and Martin Nesbitt from Chicago, who are with him here. And he is perfectly content to leave his public persona at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and slip, however briefly, into private life”.

    This is so him. He is just a wonder.

  3. im trusting that 2011 will not be bad. He will have challenges, but i think he was preparing for it all along. I am excited about his reorganization, and truly just watching him deal with the country problems.

  4. Ah! You picked the very paragraph that I was going to highlight! I confirms so many things I feel about him.

    He is a wonder. He is a gift.

  5. it really does get better….let me just add as long as we have president Obama. thank u BWD. merry christmas to you n yours n a happy new year.and also a happy festivus 4 the rest of us.thank u.

  6. First Lady, my oh my how gorgeous is she? So, down to earth lady with style. They both lucky they get each other. Anyway, I am sensing that 2011 will be the year of smarts, if the GOP dont stop just saying no, then they will be in trouble. No question about it, distraction will help you for one period but not always, they can’t confuse people like last time always. They need to govern especially now that they have got the House, but we will see. These people look dummy to me, though!

  7. Nice post, BWD. I like these link round-ups, because I usually haven’t read these stories until I see them here. You have a way of grabbing the best stories. It’s like you have an eye for the best news stories that are out there, you find it and bring it to us. It’s much appreciated! I like the cartoons, too!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all!

  8. Merry Christmas everyone and esp BWD.
    This post makes me a bit teary for all the good news on such a special day.
    Thank you all

  9. Thanks for that article, rritz. It’s nice to see how loved the president is in Hawaii. I read about his time as a young man growing up in Hawaii. I’m glad that the pres has a special place where he can go to re-connect with his youth and get away from Washington.

    Also glad that Neil Abercrombie is the Governor of Hawaii now. It’s such a small world. Abercrombie knew the president’s parents when they were students at the University of Hawaii in the early 60s.

  10. Thanks so much, BWD. These pictures move me to tears.

    I’m especially moved by the pictures of our President hugging the little African American boys. I hope they see the possibilities for their own futures when they see him.

    Have a happy holiday, everyone!!!

  11. I agree. His r & r is important. It’s important for all of our public servants, and I am wishing them all, friend and foe alike, a restful and restorative couple of weeks. They work hard, long hours.

    I love that Governor Abercrombie is showing so much respect for the President’s parents.

  12. Cool. But now that nyt has written about it, expect that twit from tundras go shrill next week. Blumenauer should have STFU, imo.

  13. I’m hoping that the press sees how cowardly they’ve been in the past, how they’ve let idiotic and UNTRUE narratives like the birthers and this crap get away unchallenged, and that now they will stand up to them. This is an opportunity for them to do the right thing. This is their second chance.
    I pray, I pray.

  14. Not gonna happen. In any other sane country, teabaggers and twits like palin would have been laughed off the political stage.

    One bitter fact is two bit hacks populate the third rate fourth estate who are truly the fifth columnists.

    /My gos sigline

  15. Merry Christmas everybody. Even though it is nearing the end of the day here in the Chicago area (at my age 7PM is near the end of the day) the feelings of hope that surround this holiday season will continue for more than just the 12 days of Christmas.

    The economy is turning around. Like an aircrat carrier, it takes a while, but once it starts, it doesn’t stop.

    I know that the republicans will try to take credit as the biggest gains will come this upcoming year, but I don’t think the public will buy it this time.

    BWD, I just want to thank you so much for not only providing a place where we can see the real news, but also for creating a community of sane people. You have done something very special.

  16. Happy holydays to you all BWD’s crowd, Oh, and you too BWD!
    I LUV my POTUS, FLOTUS & Family!!!

  17. May I suggest another blog for the blogroll?

    Swing State Project:

    It is a good blog for election analysis from a Democratic point of view. The dialogue is intelligent and civil. I thought it would be a good addition to your blogroll, since you don’t have a site specifically focused on elections and campaigns.

  18. Jealously is right. I think a lot of the disdain towards him is because he has a very tight knit circle that everyone wants to be a part of (including myself :))but can’t and they don’t seem to understand why.

  19. Hey where’s dancing Bugs Bunny? I posted it in my 1st comment above…oh well:
    Bugs Bunny appear? (no preview, so i can’t tell)

  20. blackwaterdog,

    Thank you for establishing this site for us. It is the greatest gift! We are filled with joy to have such a calm environment to discuss the many daily events involving President Obama, Vice President Biden, First Lady Michelle Obama, the Lovely Dr. Jill Biden, and all things related to the President Obama administration. Thank you sincerely!

    Also, we all wish you “Merry, Merry Christmas!”

  21. Change has come to America and the world. We give thanks for our great leader, President Barack Obama.

    What a wonderful balance he has brought to the Oval Office. We give thanks for Nancy and Harry.

    We have much to be grateful for this year and the years to come. I pray that the president and First Family will have a restful, peaceful, and relaxing vacation.

    Again, thanks so much BWD for this beautiful place to come and get intelligent news. You have done a beautiful job. Again, thank you.

  22. The dedication that the President and First Lady have shown the troops is wonderful to see. The pictures speak for themselves.

  23. The OFA tool documenting real gains, district by district is definitely a winner. I shall be mailing a copy to everyone I know along with a personal note.
    How neat to be already up and running in the pushback against the “misinformation machine msm.”

  24. Good Morning,
    My thanks begin and end with President Obama, Michelle and V.P Biden and Jill. They bring forth so many good things and their admiration is worldwide.

    RE: NYT article. I wonder what they would print if they could not add a negative angle.

    The OFA site is slamming. I sent it to my Obama group.

    RE: The upcoming session and the “death panels” discussion. I wonder if the strategy is to put it out there and take the PR advantage from the repugs. I for one am delighted that they figured out a way to do it administratively. These talks are badly needed. Our experience with our mother’s passing as well as two of her sisters is all the proof I need. If only we had known to have those conversations with her and her sisters.

    The upcoming legislative session is going to be a glory to behold. The repugs have just realized that he is smarter than they are, more devoted to the country than they are and his approval rate is 50% and theirs is in the toilet.

    Lastly, BWD thanks so much for the loving offering of this wonderful site. Thanks for sharing your positive life energy with us.

  25. I have to tell you that my Dad (76) received his $250 check for reaching the donut hole for his medication. 50% off brand name drugs will help enormously next year. When Dad showed me the letter, I showed everyone and said Thank God for President Obama and explained what the HCR means.

  26. I was waiting for mine but if you owe IRS anything even if you are 70 yrs old, they will withhold the check. I think that stinks but I guess they are still trying to recoup losses. I am happy for those who are getting theirs though.

  27. Dear BWD,

    I am thankful for the work that you do. I know it takes time to collect this and put it together. This is my favorite site. Even in the worst of criticism, you have good things to say, and I need that.

    Thank you!

    I’d like to make one request, it’s personal preference. Could you set this up so that when I click a link, it opens to a new page? That way, I don’t lose your page behind other pages. But, if you like it this way, I respect that.

    If you ever need any help with anything, please let me know.


  28. Just wanting to add my heartfelt THANKS! for creating this site, for keeping us informed and for keeping it POSITIVE!!!!!
    I’ve shared you with all my OFA folks and hope they will take a “hit” now and again…me, I’m here every day! Tears at the delightful and poignant photos..good belly laughs at the cartoons…and still I wonder how it can be that more folks don’t see the WONDER of this man and all those dedicated “servants” around him?

    Joy to the World!

  29. Hi Kiku

    If you right click on the link you’re aiming to open and choose ‘open in new tab’ you won’t lose the page you’re on. The new link will be open on a new page.

    You can also select ‘open in new window’ when you right click the link. Then you’ll have a new window, probably not what you want because it will overlay the current page.. So try right click on the link and choose ‘open in new tab
    Hope I understood what you were asking 🙂

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