One Thousand Strong

Hello everyone,

It’s been exactly one month since we opened this little corner, and I want to share some statistics with you:

– We are just about to pass the 1000 subscriptions milestone.

– We had 350,000 views overall.

– We had 27,142 views on December 22 alone, that great DADT/START day.

I could not be more proud in what we’re building here, and I know we’ll just grow more and more, as we continue to have this great president’s back and gearing up towards the 2012 election.

Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for being here, and much more important, thank you for being smart and mature and realistic and sensitive enough to see the truth through the noise. I can just hug you. In fact, *I am* going to hug you the best way I can:





234 thoughts on “One Thousand Strong

  1. Thanks to you BWD!!! Hugs all around 🙂

    Your website is truly an oasis in the middle of this craziness that is our MSM, the teabaggers, and the frustrati!!!

    Bless you!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m just overwhelmed with emotion by all these photos. I’ve shaken PBO’s hand, I’ve seen FLOTUS in person, but one of the best hugs I’ve ever gotten was from the gorgeous Maya, PBO’s sister. She warned us before she approached the small audience that she is a big hugger and she was right about that. Wouldn’t it be great to hug POTUS and FLOTUS??!!

    BWD, it’s such an honor and a pleasure to be among you and all of your amazing readers. I’m really looking forward to 2011 with great anticipation of how we can work together to provide even greater support to our President and our agenda for CHANGE.

    Lots of love to you for every single thing you do to allow this community to flourish. And a huge congratulations on your success so far! Your gift has been truly received. XOXO!

  3. I also want to share this very interesting and informative article. It actually seems like a good bit of journalism as well!

    Jeff Zelny at the NYT does an outstanding job previewing the political environment and personnel shift we are likely to see in the White House come January:

    Obama Is Set to Shuffle His Staff

    It’s vintage PBO: careful and thoughtful analysis and deliberation about next steps and long term goals. Too many good paragraphs to cite. Read the whole thing!


  4. THis site is truly addicting with its positivity. I love the pictures and the people here and learning about some of the POTUS’s accomplishments. (Big Orange should have a list, but they stopped caring as soon as Obama didn’t haul Bush off in chains)

    I bet BWD will get a million views before she knows it, and 10k subscriptions the same way. It’s like having an oasis in the sea of negativity, and a refreshing drink of cool water. I feel refreshed and happy once I come here, and recently I keep coming back several times a day to check and see if there’s a new thread.

  5. Merry Christmas to ALL

    What a phenomenal accomplishment. It just goes to show that so many of us were looking for an alternative place to gather and share our beliefs about this President and his accomplishments.

    YOU made that possible.

    Thank you and the Hug Picture are fantastic.

    Have a wonderful and safe Holiday!

  6. I was re-reading David Plouffe’s book “The Audacity to Win” again on my flight, and it just struck me again how Plouffe captured the President’s approach to governing and his style: Pragmatic, persistent, and focused on the long game and not just being swayed by that opinion or this opinion or the 24 hour news cycle.

    As a result he’s the smartest man in the room, because he truly is playing 3 dimensional chess where everyone else is playing checkers.

  7. BWD, you. are. a. treasure !!

    May God bless you for all you do to keep hope alive !

    Merry Christmas !

  8. Both BWD and President Obama, the gifts that keep on giving. Merry Christmas to everybody, take some time away from the computer ad enjoy where ever you are and who ever you are with. (Though knowing me, I wll still be checking in from time to time.)

  9. Thanks Meta,

    I read this last night and thought its going to be quite interesting next year. His gears are churning and I am sure he will take the lessons of these last two years and make awesome adjustments much to the extremists on both sides angst.

    I cannot wait to sit back and watch. The Right is furious that with the LameDuck they let him end the years with a Win Again in 2010 🙂

  10. What a wonderful way to get a hug! You’re amazing, BWD, and I’m very grateful for, and addicted to, your wonderful posts.

  11. Hiya, folks! Merry Christmas Eve! We’re sitting here in St. Louis after an 8 hour road trip from Michigan and it’s actually snowing here! Wahoo!

    I just wanted to remind folks that, if you are interested, my wife’s photomosaic poster of the President, “Out of many, we are one”, is on sale for only $5 until January 1st. Get the details and special order code over at Eclectablog.

    It’s our Christmas/holiday gift to all you awesome Obama-supporters. Love ya!

    – Chris/Eclectablog

  12. Thank you, BWD, for all your work and congratulations on your remarkable success. I love the facts, the stories and the pictures. These pictures are part of history, too, and they tell a very different story from what you might hear on the evening news. Happy Holidays and hugs to all!

  13. Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Walk step by step with the President as he signs the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” looks back at an historic lame duck session, reads to kids for the Holiday season, and receives the Census report.

  14. Hey Donna! I just feel so reassured with PBO at the helm. And as you say, having a brain like Plouffe around is also going to be an enormous boost. Who PBO decides to replace Summers, Gates and very possibly Gibbs will make a tremendous difference. Gates’ departure will create a very complex transition.

    Bbbbut we won’t let you sit back! I was listening to an interview last night and it really hit me: we are going to be super busy gearing up for the 2012 election very, very soon. I know! It’s hard to fathom but these folks were saying that the campaign will begin early in 2011. Lace up those boots! Here we go!

  15. Megahugs to you, Blackwaterdog.

    I don’t get tired of watching how people react/respond to Obama — especially children of all ages.

    It’s amazing the way babies and toddlers respond to him. I’m somebody that children like — after a little bit of stranger anxiety — though.

    Just look at the way children respond to him! Wow!

    Thank you for doing this.

  16. Good Morning O-fam! BWD, this is such a wonderful post to wake up to, and I’m sure this community will just grow and grow!

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We have been on quite a rollercoaster ride, and it’s only going to get faster and loopier! I’m glad to have a place to go to get the all the information I need, as well as commiserate with some good and positive people.

  17. Merry Christmas Vero

    Have a safe and happy holiday!

    2011 Promises to be one heckuva year 🙂

  18. BWD, I can’t tell you how proud I am to be one of your first 1000 subscribers. This is an amazing place!

    I’ve been up cooking since 5:00 this morning and this hug from the President was just what I needed. Happy holidays to BWD and all her many fans!!

  19. This is a safe place to express gratitude and wonder. What I saw in those pictures was love. I believe the only way to overcome evil in this world is with good and this site feels like a place to plan for the good and to acknowledge it when we see it.

  20. Thank you for starting this site. I love our President. This makes our fight in the 60’s worth every minute. I love the pictures, the hugs, the information. Keep up the great work!

  21. Thank you, BWD, for these wonderful pictures of our “cool”, “aloof”, “unemotional” President. According to the MSM, since he isn’t constantly having temper tantrums, he has no feelings.

    And thanks for your wonderful contribution to sanity, not to mention joy, in politics. I look forward to all of your posts!

  22. Perfect start to the day, BWD.
    This reminded me of the great kissing montage in the movie Cinema Paradiso- makes me smile and tear up at the same time. How lucky we are to have this President and First Lady, and to be among friends a this site. Can’t wait to work together to keep this momentum going.
    Best to you all-

  23. Thanks BWD and everyone here!

    As the President reminded us – out of many we are one.

    And if I may, can I humbly request that you consider putting my little blog on your blog roll? I’m not as prolific as some of you are, but its where I’ve found that I can continue to write my thoughts about not only our President, but our current human condition.

    Thanks for the consideration.

  24. Saw this today re. wilderness land:

    “The Obama administration plans to reverse a Bush-era policy and make millions of undeveloped acres of land once again eligible for federal wilderness protection, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said Thursday.

    “The agency will replace the 2003 policy adopted under former Interior Secretary Gale Norton. That policy – derided by some as the “No More Wilderness” policy – stated that new areas could not be recommended for wilderness protection by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, and it opened millions of acres to potential commercial development …”

  25. Why is it that I get so teary-eyed on this site??!!! The hugs are so genuine. And to see people of all walks on earth just wanting this connection with our President.

    wahhh… I’m crying again!!! But from happiness!

  26. If the President is already setting up his campaign office in Chicago, it has begun and we are ready.

  27. For mercy has a human heart,
    Pity a human face…
    William Blake

    Happy holiday season to all 🙂
    Thank you for the national (and personal) hugs, BWD!

  28. Congratulations BWD. Your site is a hit and will continue to grow as the election nears. Thanks for providing it to all of us.

  29. Congrats BWD, your success is well deserved. Only here do I see much information omitted through neglect or design elsewhere.

    Season’s Greetings and a happy and healthy new year as possible to all.

  30. Hugs to you, BWD. Only wish all 1,000 of us could do it physically, but mental hugs are good, too.

  31. It’s been wonderful to be able to come here and enjoy our President. It just makes life better, doesn’t it?

    Congratulations on the blog’s success. Happy Holidays to everyone here!

  32. You need to read this whole article. Much praise for our President:

    “Russia’s president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, on Friday called the New Start treaty “a cornerstone of security for the coming decades,” and spoke warmly of President Obama, saying that “under very difficult circumstances, he managed to make the Senate ratify this document.”

    Mr. Medvedev said Mr. Obama “is a man who knows how to hear and to listen, a man not trapped by stereotypes, a man who lives up to this standard — he keeps his word.” He said he expects the thaw in relations between Russia and the United States to be a lasting one, despite midterm Congressional election gains by Republicans who are wary of Russia.”

    And Emanuel will be running for Mayor in Chicago. I like the guy and hope to support him as well:

    “Rahm Emanuel forged ahead with his campaign for Chicago mayor yesterday after an elections panel ruled his name can appear on the Feb. 22 ballot, rejecting arguments the former White House chief of staff forfeited his city residency when he went to work for President Obama in Washington.”

  33. Thank you for sharing the site stats Blackwaterdog! It’s great to see the growth and know that you are truly making a difference here!!! Leaving that other place and creating this refuge was a fantastic move!

    Congratulations, thank you, and happy holidays!!!

  34. Proud to be a subscriber, BWD. I have Barack’s back — no matter what evil the GOOP, the MSM, the Teabags, or the Leftea Partiers inflict on him.

    Merry Christmas, (Belated) Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Cheery Festivus, and Happy New Year to All.

  35. Merry Christmas to all! Prayers for peace and happiness for us all in the New Year! I love this blog and I know where to come when I need to see some positive and uplifting photos! Thank you BWD!

  36. It was big because it gives him some momentum back. The GOP have big plans and I think they hopes to bully their way through against a President who just got in his own words “shellacked” as a party.

    With the negotiated tax extension fall out from the Left it allowed him to be seen as more centrist, in the level of attacks from the left versus the MSM saying it was a fair deal, and in the bi-partisan vote.

    Also every time President Obama mentions the deal he makes sure to say how much he hated the extra tax cuts for millionaires that the GOP insisted on. I think that is setting the ground work for his counter-attack to the GOP trying to take some faux principled stand on spending in the new Congress.

    DADT passed with 5-6 GOP votes, and START passed with 13 and the food safety bill passed with near unanimous cross party support.

    So while the lame duck was very successful in that a lot of stuff was done, it was also done with bi-partisan votes in the Senate which will be important.

    Both Mitch McConnell and John Boehner’s jobs will be getting much harder. It’s easy to say “vote no on everything” and then demonize it when stuff still gets done because the Dems have the votes to do it themselves and the Senate Conservadems pull it to the center enough anyways.

    Now the GOP Senate has to supply seven votes – meaning there will be pressure on McConnell to get things done as well – he can’t insist on no cooperation with votes because being short seven votes is a lot different than being short one in optics. So when 4-5 GOP senators have signed off on a piece of legislation, now they’ll be working to shake loose two more votes from their caucus. This is a hugely different dynamic than the Dems trying to pry loose one vote from the opposition party.

    In the House, Boehner needs to make a grand stand on spending – however his personal political history tells a hypocritical different story. And they President Obama has that extra Bush tax cuts for millionaires to hold over both the House and the Senate.

    Any spending cut they try to make will be held up against the extra tax cut. GOP wants to cut spending on education it will be “Republicans was to cut billions from our kids futures but gave away extra billions to millionaires and billionaires when they held firm with the Bush Tax extension” – that can play out on every issue.

    The key will be to find an issue that can split the GOP House caucus quickly. Early on it will be hard and it will be budget issues and the 60 freshman House members will be told to toe the party line and vote as they’re told.

    President Obama will need to use the bully pulpit to frame the issues, and given the tax negotiation he’s seen as the man in the middle, free from any hardened ideologue battles. President Obama will be able to point to a few high profile instances when he bucked his party and felt the wrath – no public option, staying in Afghanistan, and agreeing to an extension of the extra Bush tax cuts for millionaires being the most recent. What has Boehner or McConnell done in the last two years that bucked their party? I think this could be a compelling case should Boehner shut down the government.

    I’m alsu sure somebody has a report of the amount of filibusters, delays, nominations blocked or still pending in the Senate over the last two years and how it compares historically. McConnell and the GOP largely got away with that the last two years as the media didn’t want to tell that story – but the facts are there.

    The GOP gave up considerable leverage in their budget desire to slash spending all to give their millionaire buddies the 4% extra tax cut. If they would have given that up, they could have fought for their spending cuts saying “We’re taking the deficit and debt seriously – we agreed to let the Bush Tax cuts expire for the rich because they were adding to the deficit/debt and were never paid for” instead it will be “Look we need to slash spending on education, healthcare, entitlements, but still wanted to give millionaires and billionaires an extra tax break while slashing spending on you little folks”.

  37. I feel like I’ve found an island here in the midst of the sea of insanity!
    Thank you for providing a place minus the hate to come and celebrate our President

  38. I’m not a subscriber – but only because I figure I’m usually here a few times a day already.

  39. That was an excellent article and very encouraging. I am thrilled that David Plouffe is replacing David Axelrod in Washington, D.C.. I thought the ending of the article summed up the strategy for the next two years in a nutshell…..

    Mr. Obama intends not only to extend a hand to Republicans but also to begin detaching himself more from Congress and spending more time making his case directly to the American people.

    “In a world of divided government, getting things done requires a mix of compromise and confrontation,” said Dan Pfeiffer, the White House communications director. “What are the things you can do without Congress? In some cases, that involves executive orders, but it also involves using the bully pulpit of the presidency to make a political argument about the direction of the country.”

  40. BWD…You give good hugs! Thank you for giving us this safe haven from the noise and endless chatter. Like I have said before, I feel at home here. At peace. There is no greater compliment, in my mind,than that. You have created the oasis that so many of us have longed for..and we are all so grateful to you for this intelligent, thoughtful place. Big hugs to YOU!
    All the best to my 1,000 new family members:)Happy New Year, Peace, and Love.

  41. {{{{{Hugs}}}}} to you BWD and my new O-Family!

    Also congratulations on your growing site. Thank you Electrablog for informing many at that other less happy place.

    Merry Xmas ALL!

  42. OMG! This is great news BWD. I am so happy for you and all of us who come here to find some good news and the gorgeous pictures. Really great batch today. Happy Holidays to all.

  43. I echo all the above comments. BWD – you are a treasure for starting this positive site. Your selection of photos and news updates are so appreciated. I noticed that all the HUG photos included children of all ages, races, sexual orientation, and religions. President Obama is really trying to be the president of all Americans, trying to unite us not divide us. The love he has for his family is so evident, but his generous spirit is seen in all the other photos too. I was particularly moved by the near tears and pride shown in the face of Sidney Poirtier….”Its been a long time coming, and you’re doing a great job, Brother.”

    A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

  44. Thanks, BWD. That was a GREAT hug! I’m smiling from ear to ear.

    Although I do have to add that someday (if not already) Malia is going to be very pissed off about that wedgie shot. 🙂

  45. Happy Holidays to BWD and everyone. I am so thankful for this wonderful site. I was getting very depressed over the whole treatment of the President. Now I am got an message from a cousin who said he was sick to his stomach because the queers are taking over this country.
    Thank goodness for this site and the sanity of the people here. I now do have hope for this country. The next 2 years are going to be really tough but I think the Repubs have overstepped and people will stand up more. I don’t know, I just know with this site here I am stronger myself. Merry Christmas everyone!

  46. Thanks BWD…brought tears to my eyes…so beautiful. The President and you have a whole lot of love to give. Reminds me of the old saying: “You get a lot more with honey than you do with vinegar.”
    Merry Christmas!

  47. Thank you – I’ll be ordering some. I work with the most die heard BO supporters. They would love this. 🙂

  48. God Bless you, BWD! I pray your 2011 is million times more Blessed than your 2010. I see you in the future and you look better! Merry CHRISTmas.

    Isaiah 9:6

  49. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful: the photos, BlackWaterDog, this site and all of you!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.



  50. CONGRATULATIONS, BWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The subscription numbers and views will only continue to increase as we get closer and closer to 2012, and clearly you’re becoming “appointment reading” for a lot of people. I’m proud to be part of Phase 1 ;-).

    That said, to everyone — posters and lurkers alike ;-), I’d like to say, “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

    And may tomorrow be a day full of blessings and love…

  51. Congratulations, BWD. Well done and well deserved.

    Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you and the rest of O family on this blog.

  52. BWD – thank you. This site is filled with hope. Love. Compassion. And Joy. The only way to live in the short time we have.
    Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Peace to All.

  53. I don’t think the Rs have a plan per se. What to date has demonstrated they have a plan beyond obstruction? They don’t write antitheses to what he’s doing. They just say no. Yes, they want to limit his service to one term in office but how can that even happen? The Orange Man & Co. are going to have to show up for work and propose legislation.

  54. And those numbers are going to just keep on growing.

    Thank you, BWD. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and much more in the New Year.

    To our growing family here, I wish everyone has a Merry Christmas. G, especially, you are in my prayers and please take good care of yourself.

    Long time ago, there was another place I’d go first in the morning before I looked any where else. Not any more. These days, my first stop is BWD and it is refreshing to come here and not be holding your breath. My refrain used to be, “What’s next today?” Now, I look forward with gusto coming here each morning.

    Thank you to BWD and everyone for making this a happy place to come.

    Those hugs, OMG, how warm and lovely.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  55. Dear BWD,

    Thank you for the lovely Christmas present. The pic with Sidney Poitier hit my buttons the hardest. So much summed up there.

    Best wishes to you for the holidays and the new year. Please keep doing what you’re doing.

  56. From “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint Exupéry:

    Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

  57. Wow! Those numbers are fabulous.. and all those hugs brought me to tears, of course.. I swear they are the huggingest first couple I’ve ever seen. Honestly I’ve never seen a President be hugged so often as President Obama.. and it is always so touching.

    to you ((((((((((((BWD))))))))))))

    thank you so much.

  58. I’m one of those who wanted the Bush administration criminals to receive their just deserts and the pain still lingers. However, I feel that Pres. Obama is very, very smart and has a sturdy moral compass. If he didn’t give me and millions of others what we wanted, likely there’s a good reason (like he didn’t want to see the country torn apart).

  59. That’s the first time I’ve seen “pragmati” and I’m stealing it! 🙂 Happy holidays!

  60. The picture of the little boy in the plaid shirt with the big crop of hair with his little fingers resting gently on his back and their cheeks touching just makes me melt.

  61. Thank you for this fine site, Blackwaterdog. As I stated earlier on Blue Wave News, because of these new sites, I have regained my optimism about humanity. I was beginning to wonder if all the fine people I met in the real world had secret lives as abusive bloggers on the Internet, even though no one I met would admit to commenting on the Internet. Now I know these fine people, if they had time, would come to the new truly-progressive (what is more progressive than optimism and kindness?) blogs. I hope everyone is having a fine holiday season and will continue to do so in the next week. To 2011. We are beginning to be a better nation, though there is much work to do.

  62. Congratulations on the well deserved success, BWD. I’m not a subscriber, but I am often here, I might as well subscribe.

    You should add to the blogroll Steve Benen at – he is thoughtful, measured and a wonderful source of information and analysis.

  63. You’re exactly right and that’s one of the reasons why people like Tweety drive me nuts when they talk about the Prez being remote, detached, aloof. Tweety a couple of months ago actually said the Prez needed to improve his image by going out and hugging (or kissing) some babies. Colour me gobsmacked to hear that!

  64. And also… I think blogs like this, and the others you’ve listed are a sign that possibly the internet can ‘grow up’ a bit.. it doesn’t have to consist entirely of folks ‘venting’.. of letting it all hang loose. This is realism and mature.. and frankly I believe we all benefit from that, as a blog.. and ultimately as a nation- it makes us far more functional.. as opposed to all that dysfunction GWB brought to our country’s leadership. This is what we saw at OFA when it began- folks working together, respecting one another.

    Lemme tell ya, during the primaries and onward, we at OFA each were able to set up our own ‘fundraising’ – thus we could send out donation requests to friends family.. and to one another on the OFA blog. One of the fundraisers a member in Arizona set up was an “Obama Quilt”.. many folks across the country made quilt squares (my mother included, since I’m no sewer).. then it was sewn together by the Arizona blogger.. and ultimately ‘raffled’ off via our fundraising. I wish I could remember how much we made, however the high ‘bidder’ was a lady in Chicago.. and I think it even went on the road with the Chicago Museum exhibit for a while. The point is: Virtual strangers got together online for a worthy cause- electing the next President of our country.. we united, we created something beautiful and we succeeded. I have photos of that quilt and it was truly a masterpiece. I’m just saying: You bwd, all of us.. are quite capable of creating something very purposeful here.


  65. Thanks again, BWD!

    I am in tears after seeing these pics. They show the compassion and concern our president has for all people. It’s high praise when the leader of a foreign nation sees that we have a good leader in the WH and predicts that his nation, our former “enemy” under the GWB Administration, is willing to work with him. It also shows how petty some of our own citizens and politicians are in denying President Obama’s contributions to the nation and the world for purely political/personal reasons.

    Congratulations on your success, BWD. When I found your blog, my spirits improved dramatically because I always read your DK diaries and enjoyed them for the good news they contained. I knew that by signing up for a subscription, I’d have access to more of your positive, pragmatic POV of our president and his efforts to do what is right for our nation.

    To all–I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Mine will be good, but not as good as it could be because my s/o is having problems with his diabetes and has been in the local VA hospital for the past three weeks, and counting. Just as I’ve kept the faith in our president, I’m doing the same for my s/o.

  66. I can almost hear President Obama saying a prayer for the person he’s hugging. He’s such a caring and compassionate man. You can’t fake that.

    Thank you for this site, BWD. It keeps me believing in that hopey changey thing! Merry Christmas to all!

  67. Well said Sheila.. my opinion and outlook too were being very negatively colored by all the animosity I was reading at that other place.. I truly was taking it out into the world with me- exactly how you described, thinking the flesh and blood folks out there were just as deeply nasty as the ones I was reading on ‘the blog’. Not so.

  68. I love this. So heartwarming. PERFECT for the season. Love shared all around. Thanks for the hug photos and this site.

    Merry Christmas to you. You bring joy to many.

  69. Dear Blackwaterdog:
    This has been an island of sanity for me.
    I thank you, and I wish you, and all who read or post here, a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.

  70. That’s it:

    New Rule – NEVER apply mascara before visiting BWD.

    I love you all. There are no words to express my gratitude for what our beloved BWD has accomplished in the Real World.

    Huge congrats on your success. You completely, unambiguously, totally deserve it. As most of you know, this has not been a great time for me, but I have many offsetting blessings, and this site, is surely one.


  71. OMG!! 350,000 views in such a short time. I think I contribute about 300,000 of those. 🙂 lol. Seriously speaking, I love that this place is here now, it was desperately needed.

    I look forward to us all helping our President as he will be confronted with an even more hostile and unfortunately more powerful GOP congress in the new year. Lets also not forget the disgusting MSM and the horrid irl trolls like the owner of the one we do not speak about. *rolling my sleeves up even further*

    God bless

  72. Looks like a great gift for my soon-to-be-99-year-old grandmother! Mental note made to place an order!

  73. Interior plans new wilderness protections, scrapping Bush-era policy
    By Ben Geman and Andrew Restuccia – 12/23/10 04:25 PM ET

    The Interior Department rolled out a policy Thursday aimed at conserving natural areas in western states, abandoning a controversial 2003 agreement that limited new wilderness protections.

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar has signed an order that will enable the review and protection of tracts of federal land that are currently outside of congressionally designated wilderness regions.

    The order applies to lands overseen by Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

    The initiative supersedes a 2003 deal between then-Interior Secretary Gale Norton and the state of Utah that became known as the “no more wilderness” policy.

    “The BLM, which manages more land than any other federal agency, has not had any comprehensive national wilderness policy since 2003, when the wilderness management guidance in the agency’s handbook was revoked as part of a controversial out-of-court settlement between then-Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton, the State of Utah, and other parties,” Interior said in a description of the new policy.

    Salazar told reporters Thursday that the 2003 agreement Norton struck “should never have happened and was wrong in the first place.”

    Under the new plan, BLM will be empowered to “designate appropriate areas with wilderness characteristics under its jurisdiction as ‘Wild Lands’ and to manage them to protect their wilderness values.” Officials pledged to ensure robust public input into their decisions.

    It also gives land managers a new tool to protect large areas that are outside of existing Wilderness Study Areas pending before Congress, and official units of the National Wilderness Preservation System that lawmakers have already designated, according to Interior.

    While the new policy would allow new limits on future oil-and-gas drilling and other activities, Salazar called it a wise economic decision, noting the millions of jobs tethered to outdoor recreation industries like hunting, fishing and hiking.

    “Wise stewardship isn’t just the right thing to do. It is good for business and it is good for jobs,” Salazar said, noting employment generated by hotels, restaurants and outdoor retail shops that are tied to backcountry recreation.

    But the plan drew immediate criticism from Rep. Doc Hastings (R-Wash.), who will be chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee when Republicans take over next year.

    He called it an end-run around Congress and promised the panel will “fully review” the decision that he said would enable “severe limitations on public access, prohibits motorized and mechanized recreation and severely restricts job-creating and energy producing activities.”

    “The Administration clearly knows that the law only allows Congress to designate Wilderness areas, though somehow they hope giving it a different label of ‘Wild Lands’ will pass legal muster. This new policy will have significant ramifications on our economy, jobs, recreational opportunities and American energy production,” Hastings said in a statement.

    The Pew Environment Group, in contrast, applauded the plan.

    “This improvement in determining which wild lands have important wilderness values and merit interim protection until Congress has the chance to make final decisions is a long time coming. While Congress ultimately decides what is or is not included in the National Wilderness Preservation System, members of Congress benefit from the analysis of field experts in BLM, and the process affords public review and participation,” said Mike Matz, director of the group’s Campaign for America’s Wilderness.

    Areas given the new “Wild Lands” designation may include regions in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A), a large area in northern Alaska that’s targeted for oil-and-gas development but is also home to several species of birds and other animals.

    But Interior emphasized that it is not abandoning energy development there.

    “The BLM must inventory the lands in NPR-A and may designate Wild Lands in NPR-A as part of its integrated activity planning for the area. Consistent with controlling law, the BLM will continue to conduct an expeditious program of competitive oil and gas leasing in the Reserve,” Interior said in a description of the plan.

    The Hill-

  74. Thanks for starting my Christmas Eve morning with those wonderful hugs. How blessed we are to have a President and First Lady so filled with love and who aren’t afraid to show it!

  75. Thanks for the link, overseasgranny. Medvedev understands our President much better than the talking heads and frustrati do.

  76. Glad to be amongst the 1000. A small suggestion: If you’re going to put all those photos in a post, don’t force the reader to scroll through them to get down to the comments link. Put the comments link in the post-lead to make commenting easier.

  77. This is odd! Mark Warner will be chairing the Senate next week, in order for the POTUS NOT to be allowed to make recess appointments!

    Tricky, tricky!

  78. WOW!!! Thanks so much, bwd!!! I’m in Obama Hug Heaven!!!! 🙂 Great way to go right into Christmas.

    BEST. PRESIDENT. EVER. Best blog, too!!!!

    Peace to you all and Merry Christmas!

  79. Obama’s approach reminds me of the Catholic Serenity Prayer:

    “God grant me the courage to change the things I can change, the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

    It is the frustrati’s inability to do any of those, and Obama’s ability to do all of them, that is causing so much angst among the PL.

  80. BWD, thank you for the hugs and hugs in response. Can’t wait to start the 2011/12 campaign. Fired up and ready to go.

  81. Congrats BWD!! I visit everyday and I have recommended that all my like minded friends do the same.

    Good luck for more of the same in 2011.

  82. I agree, Starky. Not that I don’t love each and every photo, but depending on logistics and time contraints, it’s not always possible.

    Happy Holidays, and it’s been lovely meeting you…g

  83. BWD, I get goosebumps and teary-eyed looking at these beautiful pictures. I never get tired looking at them.

    I would like to thank you once again for given us a wonderful haven from all of the vile and hateful craziness out there. This is a wonderful Christmas present.

    I just know this site will play a major role in helping to re-elect our amazing
    President Obama in 2012– who BTW will be the next face to be carved on Mount Rushmore!!!

    Happy Holidays to All.

  84. Dorothy – are you an artist, by any chance? I’ve been wondering about your Gravatar I like to click on it and study it – beautiful – your design?

    I’m an art buff – started out life as an Art Major.

  85. Merry Christmas to everyone here! Great postings, and congratulations on the numbers, BWD! You do realize you’re getting into major league numbers here, don’t you? 😆

  86. I feel all warm and cozy I love me some huggggs. I have a giant oil painting of the first couple in a warm embrace. So nice.

  87. Im glad to be in a place where negativity is not the norm. The biggest gift you gave me is having a place postive and other than dkos. the peoples view, the obama diary, bluewave news, jack and jill , norbrooklog, eclectablog have uplifted a lot of people and i thank all of you and merry christmas.

  88. Sheri – I read a phrase you wrote about an hour ago, and can’t get it out of my mind “Blogs GROWING UP” Brilliant and apt. Thank you. I always enjoyed “knowing you” at GOS – a pleasure to REALLY meet you finally here. Best holidays – and HEALTHY ones, g

  89. I LOVE that book! Have since I was a little kid:) You put another smile on my face today. Thanks so much.

  90. Thank you, BWD. I have told my daughter and everyone I know to come here. For truth. For inspiration. For adult conversation. These pix are perfect for this day.

  91. Oh, I love all these pics! Just gives me such warm feelings inside! And many hugs and much love to you blackwaterdog! I can’t thank you enough for this site and community of voices on it! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all!

  92. Very much appreciate Hawaii Gov Abercrombie’s statements in this article in the NY Times:

    “It’s an insult to his mother and to his father, and I knew his mother and father — they were my friends, and I have an emotional interest in that,” Gov. Abercrombie said in a telephone interview late Thursday night. “It’s an emotional insult, it is disrespectful to the president, it is disrespectful to the office.”

    Mr. Abercrombie, who represented Honolulu in Congress until leaving Washington to run for governor, said he has initiated conversations with his attorney general and his health secretary about how he can make public more explicit documentation of Mr. Obama’s birth on Aug. 4, 1961, at Kapi’olani Maternity and Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu. He said he has done so of his own accord, without any request from the president or the White House, which declined to comment.

    “He’s a big boy, he can take sticks and stones, but there’s no reason on Earth to have the memory of his parents insulted by people who’s motivation is solely political,” Mr. Abercrombie said. “Let’s put this particular canard to rest.”

  93. …and if anyone has not seen this diary and you have an account at DailyFox, rec this. I hate to see Poor Black folks being used as a punching bag to further undermine this President. Thank you!

  94. Co-signed. So I guess our tiny secret little oasis is not so secret anymore! A million thanks and happy holidays to a vibrant community which sprang up from nowhere in a literal matter of days.


  95. TIMT:

    I went on dkos and saw that diary. I am wondering who the person is who is writing those diaries. Someone asked her where she is and the person said she can’t divulge that information (why?). The person is new and I have a feeling is trying to stir the pot! IMHO! I suspect the person is not black (I think she is claiming she is?)…

    I have not signed into dkos since this site was created so I am not commenting or recommending anything.

  96. I haven’t signed in there either, and don’t plan to. I only read the diaries that someone here refers, such as in this case.

  97. Good diary, TiMT. I didn’t tip and rec you though, mainly because I think my “priveleges” were revoked some time back. I would’ve though, otherwise, just for you. I don’t even go there at all anymore, except to read a diary that someone here refers.

  98. I tipped and rec your “counter diary” TiMT.

    I really believe that Rainbow person is a phony. She/He is tapping into the negativity over there and running rampant with it.

  99. GN, my friend – have a wonderful and healthy holiday. We are going up to Maine next week. We stay in Ogunquit – POTUS supporting region of Maine 🙂 This community and the WH are coming with me.

  100. T&R’d. I (UL) only go there now to support the few remaining reasonable liberals who post and have stopped commenting and posting diaries.

    Thank you.

  101. The picture with the President and Sidney Poitier was the most touching for me also.

    Thanks BWD this site, these pictures are indeed welcome Christmas gifts.

    Contratulation and besh wishes for the future

    Thank you

  102. Thank you for all the work you do in creating this wonderful place to go that shows what this President and his administration are accomplishing without anyone “telling us” how we should be reacting.

    I’m so glad that you posted all those hugs our POTUS and FLOTUS give. In fact I chose the picture with the young boy putting his head on Pres. Obama’s shoulder as my AVATOR. I always loved that photo.

    Happy Holidays and hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who are struggling with Health or financial issues for themselves or with family members.

  103. Merry Christmas, BWD, and Happy Holidays to everyone here! Thanks for creating a place for supporters of the President to come together and celebrate his (and our!) accomplishments.

  104. Congratulations on the success with your blog, and many, many thank you’s, blackwaterdog!

    Just realized I haven’t subscribed. I’ll do it now and maybe I’ll be #1001!

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.
    Blessings and peace to you all this Christmas Eve….

  105. BWD,

    I believe your “hugs” post brought a tear to my eye. I’d like to give President Obama a hug back. But it’s Chistmas, and since he’s Santa Claus this year, the hugs seem to be his for the giving, and I’ll take what I can get from your pictures. Thank you, BWD.

    It used to be easy for me to stand out in a crowd at other websites with either praise or constuctive criticism and possible suggestions for the Prez (you know, sensibility), but now with you guys here, I can’t quite stand out like that anymore. And that’s the way I like it (although I’ll bet heaven to Betsy that I stand out somehow anywho). Don’t get me wrong, I WILL give feedback on my opinions of the Prez and our representatives, but it’s so nice not to feel alone in that endeavor, and to recognize when what’s being done is just and good.

  106. Wish I could retrace my steps on Twitter to know who to thank for finding this site and would love to know who BWD is on Twitter. This is truly like finding a sanctuary, like an early Christmas present, like coming home and realizing your family was there waiting for you all along.

    Call me a late bloomer (wouldn’t be the 1st time), but I didn’t read/devour Audacity of Hope until early this year. It’s more like a reference guide at this point and I find myself wanting to send a copy to anyone who wonders who our President is, or doubts his incredible grasp of the challenges we face, collectively and individually (not that you can really separate the two). When I count my blessings, I count him twice. If there was a Nobel prize for consciousness, he’d deserve that, too. But the unconscious wouldn’t even know what that meant.

    If there was a retweet link here, that 1000 would be more like 100,000.

    Many thanks and huge hug BWD.

  107. I love the two top little boys hugging the President. I mean their little arms are REALLY hugging his neck – total trust. They really wanna hug this guy!! And usually small children will be cautious about strangers, even if they are presidents! LOL

    And the one of Sidney Poitier. Sigh. I’ve always loved Poitier growing up and seeing him in movies.

  108. Impressive stats. Wow – and well deserved. I think it demonstrates that there are more of us sane folks out there than I realized and it gives me so much pleasure to see it here.
    I wrote a piece on how the far-left mirrors the far right in its use of epithets, its anger, hypocrisy and so much more. If I had my eyes shut and Anonymous was reading the comments that have been made by far-left and far-right (on their blogs), I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

    So, thank you again. I’ve added you to my roll. I think it is you who deserves a big hug for sticking with it and for giving us a place to celebrate. I hope you and all of your followers have a wonderful holiday and a fulfilling 2011.

  109. I love hearing the good news about the subscriptions, bwd! I use RSS feeds and hadn’t signed up for the email. I usually check here a couple of times a day — it doesn’t matter if there is a new post or not, there is always some new comments or something good to read.

    But I just did sign up for the email subscription to help you have more accurate stats. There are probably some other folks like me that visit regularly.

    I loved the pictures and my smile got bigger and bigger as I looked at them. What a loving, giving man! Thanks for the hugs. 🙂

  110. I’ve always had the feeling that President Medvedev liked President Obama and that they seemed to work well together. Thanks for the link, overseasgranny. And happy holidays!

  111. Off topic, but, LOL!!! I had a meeting yesterday and someone said to me that I received some things from “Jay” but couldn’t remember his last name. I said “Jay Willie?,” with your screen name totally on my mind. Someone else said, “Uuuh, no!. Jay [so and so].” It took a second to dawn on me what I said and I cracked the heck up. The seven other people in the room w/me obviously wanted in on my private joke. I did not share. Anyway…

  112. Congratulations BWD!!!! Can’t thank you enough for setting up this wonderful place and for all the work you put in to it – it’s a pure joy. Hope everyone has a great holiday and a wonderful new year.

  113. HONOLULU — Hawaii residents haven’t seen much of President Barack Obama since he arrived in his home state for a holiday vacation two days ago, but the first dog, Bo, is already making an impression.

    As the president and first lady readied to leave their beachfront compound for the gym Friday morning, one of their neighbors told reporters that her dog had met and made friends with Bo the day before when the first pup was out for a stroll.

    On Thursday, another one of the Obamas’ neighbors was out walking his dog and said he’d spotted Bo on the beach earlier in the day.

    It’s Bo’s first trip to Hawaii for the Obama family’s annual holiday vacation. Last year he spent Christmas in Washington. This time the first family made sure he went through the several layers of shots and testing Hawaii law requires, including a brief quarantine.


  114. Merry christmas and Happy Holidays to you, friend. This was a moving post by BWD, yes? Peace be to you as well.

  115. The serenity prayer is attributed to Reinhold Neibuhr. Obama once said Neibuhr is his favorite philosopher.

    I’ve always loved that prayer and try to live it, too.

    And yes — the frustrati doesn’t grasp this. Their methods and the strategies they’d like to see are largely built around the belief that they can change people. They believe that everybody sees the world as they do — unless they lack education or they’ve been indoctrinated or they’re evil. They have little empathy — confuse empathy with sympathy and believe their strong emotions evidence of abundant empathy.

    That’s the big difference between us. We largely accept and try to deal with people as different individuals and try to appeal to them on their personal values to change policies. The frustrati thinks they can teach or shame people into acknowledging that the frustrati’s opinions are all right and true — they think all good and honest people would have much the same thoughts and feelings and priorities they do.

    They don’t do it on purpose. As aggravating as they can be — as we must do — they see the world through the eyes they were given.

    I’m not religious — but I love a lot of things attributed to Jesus. One of my favorites is “father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” Sometimes we do evil believing we’re doing good — sometimes — we know not what we do.

    I’m not saying I’m right about everything and they’re wrong about everything. I’m just speaking to that lack of empathy — their inability to understand the complexities and variations of perspectives. This is why — to them — we’ve been bedazzled by Obama’s charm. They don’t understand our point of view at all.

  116. Wonderful pictures. I especially like those that show his true affection for his wife. I can definitely identify.

    Truth is Barack Obama is above assault by the GOP. He is a man of faith, genuinely a family man, in love with his wife and not his reflection, no known failings other than an occasional cig and tries to do his job. Seems like everything the GOP claims they want and represent. Instead we get Diaper Dave Vitter, billionaire boys club behavior and wall to wall narcissism. Our president is deserving of respect because he earns it everyday, not just because he has the title.

    BWD I want to thank you for providing a home for those of us more interested in building our country than tearing down. We have done a lot and have more to go, but I remain as proud today as the night America elected its first (and I mean FIRST) African American President.

    And thanks to all the other commenters for keeping this place civil, information and a big hug with every visit.

    Feliz Navidad

  117. The President is giving AND receiving when people hug him, they give him little pieces of themselves and some of their strength too.

  118. Hi Smartypants
    I visited your site… you had me with Pheobe Snow. I really enjoyed your musical selections especially Claire DeLune and the lunar photography. Wonderful!
    Thanks for a very refreshing “mental break”. I will visit often. Thanks so much.

  119. Hey!

    BTW, BWD, hugs back at you! And hugs to all!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  120. Thanks for the hugs BWD! And thank you for this wonderful diary. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you.

  121. Every one of those ‘hugs’ made me smile. The pure joy on the faces of those regular Americans being hugged was touching but none moreso that the picture of Sidney Poitier with our President. You can only imagine the surreal “wow” going on there.

    Thank you for this fabulous blog and Happy Holidays to all that come here with the best intentions, genuine spirit and desire to seek out the “better angels” in us all.

    Bless our President and BWD.

  122. Hi Jovie,
    I cked out The Hill site. Besides the note re: FLOTUS I peeked at the comments. The bitterness and vitriol was sickening. I thought that site was relatively non- partisan. Guess not!!

    BTW, BWD congrats on this wonderful site and Merry Xmas.

  123. The comments section, on the hill website, has been infiltrated by the rnc trolls, they are all over the blogosphere, usually accompanied by about 10-20 comments of nonsensical BS(probably because they are sitting next to each other)!

  124. Hugs and kisses to you BWD and all of the terrific commenters on this site. May your holidays be uplifting and blissful and may your New Year be as full of optimism as this President!

  125. Amen for me too. The courage and tenacity of BWD inspires me to refocus on making sure that I do everything in my power to counter the negativity and hatred of this President. Thanks BWD for creating this incredible blog. Thanks also to all the reasonable and compassionate people who post on this site. Best wishes for the holidays.

  126. tipped and rec it whole heartdly. I didn’t bother reading the other diary, most likely it is bait. TIMT, you are such a fighter, I respect you so much even though I believe over there is a lost cause.

  127. Fellow, NDN and New Policy Institute :

    Obama’s successes in the lame-duck session capped the most productive first two years of a presidency, in terms of legislative victories, since LBJ — arguably surpassing FDR’s track record in his first two years. One analysis by Eleanor Clift suggested he won more than 95 percent of the votes in Congress where he staked out a clear position. The lame-duck session’s track record only confirmed the president’s complete mastery of the 111th Congress and his superior legislative skills.

    Of course the problem he faces is that he was elected president, not legislator-in-chief, so his overall popularity won’t improve, no matter how well he deals with Congress, until he masters the art of executive leadership as well. But the skillful way he brought both new START and “don’t ask, don’t tell” back from the brink of defeat to triumphant, bipartisan victories in the lame-duck session suggests his on-the-job learning curve will make him a formidable executive during the next two years that both Republicans and Democrats will have to learn how to deal with.

    As we enter the new year, thanks to the outcome of the lame-duck session, the learning curve has moved to the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.


  128. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. And thanks to BWD for her great site which will continue to grow. It’s so refreshing to be able to come here and appreciate our president, FLOTUS, the Bidens, and this administration. We have made progress and will continue to support the changes that will restore economic opportunity, peace, and civility. Yes we can!

  129. Hi, BWD!

    Knowing you, you may have already decided to do this over the holidays, but in the spirit of getting us to stay “reality-based” ;-), and getting things “straight from the horse’s mouth” and wanting to start engaging more people as we ramp up for 2012, I’d like to suggest that you add to the blogroll — and

    In addition, it would be great to add the link to PBO’s Cabinet webpage, so that people are able to access all of the links to the various goverment agencies in one place (then we can link other people to keep them reality-based, too 😉 —

    Finally, it would be great to link to the Supreme Court, as a way to keep watch of what’s coming up the pipeline — — And yes, they have a contact page that we all may want to start using to express our positions as citizens or to ask questions about cases ;-).

    Because you have stayed (gratefully) reality-based, it’ll be great to encourage people to add the actual government websites to their daily “lurking’ list, to counter the “noise” heard in the news and other sites.

    But most importantly these sites, along with the others you have listed, will keep us engaged in our democracy — and help us to “pick up a mop” ;-).


  130. Michelle Obama helps out Santa tracking hotline.

    “She said they were nice guys and that her husband was “a pretty good guy”.

    “I mean, it’s a tough job and sometimes you want to do everything you can to help him, but it’s pretty easy being married to him. He’s kind of funny – fun to hang out with.”

    Mrs Obama assured callers Santa’s journey “was going well this Christmas Eve”.”

  131. Oh man, that whole set of that little boy did me in…still sniffing. Also the 2nd picture has been one of my all time favorites, the comfortable joy on the little boy’s face always makes me smile.

  132. This is a beautiful place to come and see so many lovely personalities. Thank you so much for this site, BWD. You are great!

    I believe in my heart that our POTUS will be just fine because we all here and in many places will have his back. He is a great president and will be the greatest, I believe.

    We will take the positive attitudes to take him into 2012 with a victory!

    Thanks for the hugs!! Our president even hugs with thoughtfulness and compassion. What a gift we have been given. Now it is up to us to take very good care of our beautiful gift. I pray that he is having a great vocation with FLOTUS, the girls, his friends, family, and BO. Keep our prayers constant this Christmas for him. May you ALL enjoy a blessed holiday. Thanks for the love I feel when I come to this site.

  133. ((((BWD and friends of BWD)))). I am so glad I’m a subscriber to this wonderful site. Thank you for the work you do and I am positive this site will be a major force in GOTV for 2012 and also just for some inspiration and peace from the negativity of the internet pundits. I have said this before and will continue to say this, BWD you are appreciated for bringing us the information that you do and moderating so that this site does not become filled with negativity. The Blackwaterdog email fan club is extremely happy with the many posts and my FB friends are sharing your site with others. That hopey changey thing is working…..;0)

    Holiday blessings to all, have a fun and food filled day.

  134. Well, that diarist is now re-banned. She was a zombie. Update in my diary. I just feel we much continue to fight even in that place.

  135. TiMT:

    Saw that diary in the morning and thought it was pretty weird.

    Tipped and recc’d yours. Glad Bob Johnson (are you here Bob?) leaned on MB to ban the poster. I was also dismayed by the people who originally recc’d that diary.

    I think Kos is going through a cycle of self-immolation. 2006=2008, they wanted a big tent to defeat Republicans and now, their circle of “progressive” wagons has become smaller.

    I hope, as was mentioned in the diary–that everyone takes a minute to pause over there and think about what they’ve been doing “on automatic”. Its less of the community organizing force it was and has become alot like FDL. Paraphrasing Shakespeare: “All force and fury signifying nothing.”

    The rest is silence.

  136. Thank you BWD for this wonderful site. You have truly created an oasis for those who appreciate the hard work, dedication, and incredible accomplishments of President Obama.

  137. bwahhaahahaha…

    To all those who supported “her”!!!

    Thanks for the Christmas Present! 🙂

  138. All so wonderful who could pick a favorite? And yet I can and will: The second from the top, from the campaign, our President so tender and warm (he really does love kissing babies, it’s not just an obligation), the father in the background, so proud and joyful as he snaps that picture, he could burst, and the little boy, so happy and secure and at home in loving arms that will never let him down.

  139. That’s precisely it. Putting the last administration on trial for war crimes would indeed have torn the country apart, and nothing, not one bit, of the amazing accomplishments we’ve seen to date would have gotten done.

    And here’s another thought for all those who’d like to see Bush et al. hauled into court: What if there’d been no convictions? What if the jury or juries had looked at the evidence, heard the defenses (national security, 9/11, etc.) and acquitted them? Which to my mind is a very likely outcome, however much I believe they deserve conviction. Not only would Obama’s presidency have been destroyed; the left itself would be so thoroughly discredited that Republicans would, I believe, take back political control for a generation.

  140. /tangent/

    Hey, Christin, are you the Christin of That Other Place who was struggling to give up smoking? And one ETF offered support at a difficult time?

    Well, ETF be me; new identity for a new world of positive blogs.

  141. BWD, it’s really looking good.

    Merry XMAS everyone. May good food and good friends find their way to you on this fine Saturday.

  142. i luv the picture Mr.Sidney Poitier…hugs,is one of those things that you can never have enough of…thanks for the diary and thanks 4 the pictures.

  143. Has anyone noticed that Queen Arianna has yet to address ANYTHING that has happened in the last two weeks? She missed no opportunities to document the President’s “weakness” whenever she saw fit. But with the string of victories of the last two weeks, not a single sentence from her congratulating him.

    What an asshole!

  144. Thanks BWD for this site, the info, encouraging people it draws. Thank you for the HUGS portfolio. My eyes well up with tears with the expressions and emotion they convey. Kudos to Pete Souza. As a photographer myself I know the difficulties of capturing precious moments.

    Our president is nothing short of a miracle for this country and if mainstream Americans can sift through the media screen of opposition they will see the ‘turning of the wheel’ in this country.

    To top off President Obama’s vast and momentous accomplishments encompassing and directly affecting so many varied people in this country, is the single miracle he gives to each and every child of color that he touches. I see the light of inspiration in their eyes when they reach out to him, most especially the fortunate who receive a touch or a hug. Their whole world changes because of him and the pride they feel in themselves…well, words fail me to describe this worth.

    A Joyous Holiday to All!

  145. Elsan, I work in the classroom with minority students. I see this reaction often. One child, AA and LD was looking at a children’s book on POTUS. He came up to me – “The President is REALLY Black, Mrs G, REALLY Black?? I’M Black too!”

    I know this story sounds fictional, but it happened :

  146. Hi – May I answer for her? It’s is indeed our beloved Christin! I was Another Ct Dem over there and enjoyed her presence immensely!

  147. I didn’t even read rainbowgirl’s diary, but just reading a couple of the comments I assumed she was a fraud. It’s amazing that smart people on dkos (I do think they are mostly very bright) can fall for this B.S. Just amazing!

  148. The actual quote from Shakespeare, a passage from MacBeth, is in fact a superb summing up of what’s become of dKos:

    a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

  149. Darn…you’ve got me in tears! It almost seems unfair that this one person has so many people’s hopes and fears on his back!

  150. WOW!…. That’s enough hugging to last me a lifetime, and it sure feels good….:o)

    Thanks, BWD for posting this.
    Happy New year to everyone on this wonderful site.

  151. THE best email!!!! Thank YOU sooo much for this wonderful community……every day I look forward to it……..thank you!!!!!

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