The Mishmash

1. Yea, Booman! Go with it. 🙂

At this point in his presidency I think it is fair to say that Obama is already in the conversation as best president since Abraham Lincoln. His only real competition is FDR and LBJ, and I think it’s a safe bet that Obama will neither beat the Nazis nor start an unwinnable war in Vietnam. In other words, he’s in a battle with FDR to be the best president since the Civil War.

Maybe some of you think that I am joking. I am not. Maybe some of you think I am damning with faint praise. Maybe I am. But that doesn’t mean that I am wrong. I am not wrong.


2. It gets better:

Economy brightens as consumers spend, layoffs slow


3. Yea, go with it!!

Economy appears to show signs of life; some expect 2011 to be best year in more than a decade


4. He told you he was persistent.

President Obama to  renominate Nobel-Prize winner Peter Diamond to Fed


5. With a stroke of a pen:

EPA Agrees to Limit Emissions From Power Plants, Refineries


6. That terrible health care bill, I tell you…

Obama orders breastfeeding policy for federal workplace


7. Gallup: Look who is at 49% today.


98 thoughts on “The Mishmash

  1. Just outstanding. This WH is absolutely headed for the history books. Major transformation. For all of the doom and gloom pertaining to the end of the world theories re: 2012, I think that those prophesies predicted an end to the world *as we know it* and could potentially suggest a new age of reason.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

  2. Thank you tulips! What a beautiful thing for you to say. I’m just on Cloud Nine at the moment and thank the Democratic base so deeply for closing ranks around this President and giving him the political legitimacy which he needed to effect such an outstanding lame duck session. 80% approvals with liberal Dems? Even in the midst of the tax cut deal media excess? I’m just incredibly proud of us.

  3. Lord, please guard me against arrogance

    But, with that said..Have you ever watched a boxing match and one of the boxers is just getting pummeled, gets up–dazed and confused–and starts throwing random punches air –and the other boxer is just circling him..and land the knockout punch.

    I almost feel sorry for the Repubs…..naaaah, they deserve it.

  4. Yes im thinking on what i can do to help The president. I think i want to do a letter campaign about exactly what the dream act is. If we inform the public, i think we can sway more support. Im going to get with some people and get a detail explanation of exactly what the dream act does, then i will ask for support by writing congress. My goal is to get more youth involved.

  5. They do deserve it because they decided before even giving the president a chance that they were going to dig a ditch for Him. We must work to not let that happen.

  6. I made the mistake of reading the comments after the Booman article. Seemed evenly split between those in the reality based world and those who seem to have a pathological hatred of President Obama. If I hear that stupid “he should have fought more for the tax deal” I will scream. There were actually comments saying Bill Clinton was a much better president than Obama. Talk about revisionist history. I believe some on the left are willfully ignorant and cannot give credit where credit is due. Maybe it is as juvenile as thinking it is cool to be against an authority figure. In their twisted view it is better to be defeated on passing healthcare legislation than to pass healthcare legislation that insures 30 million citizens. In their view Clinton is the winner and Obama the loser.

  7. Only read comments of this site and the blogs on the roll to your right 🙂

    I was surprised Ec Conf wasn’t an upward trend. May be early.

  8. I think that the youth engagement is simply a terrific idea. I remember talking with a stranger prior to the midterms; she was like so many people, just tuned out. But when I discussed how much POTUS needed an assist, she became excited and talked about bringing ideas to some group of teenagers she was involved with in a YMCA program. We failed to engage youth on a large scale, but that can be rectified IMO.

  9. IIRC, the Presidential Scholars List that was released a few months back had President Obama at #17. GWB was ranked as among the 5 worst American presidents. The only thing the scholars noted as “working” against him having a higher score was “background,” which to me is another way of saying that they have been listening too much to the birthers. For the life of me I can’t understand how ANY American with eyes and a functioning brain cannot see how the legislation the president has supported and signed into law is meant to help them.

  10. Sound advice G. The fringe left seems to be afflicted with “beautiful loser syndrome” (i.e., losing with purity is superior to winning with compromise). I thank God for this oasis of sanity. Thank you and Happy Holidays to BWD and my fellow posters on this fantastic site.

  11. Definitely, hear you, G, but the problem is that Booman is one of the sites on BWD’s blogroll ;-). I think that it’s okay to read comments, but as soon as you see that it’s a b.s. rant move on, because there will be no constructive criticism/suggestions, just whining and ranting.

  12. Do yourself a favor and let go of caring about the utterances of people at unmoderated spaces. Know how easily I could declare myself Republican, and then during the next Republican administration go from site to site to site nitpicking at that WH and claiming myself betrayed? How easily I could convince well-meaning GOP partisans to come along for my trollish ride? All I’d need would be a missing conscience and willingness to engage in foolishness.

    Don’t believe the hype. And we need to stop giving importance and weight to viewpoints which are quite frankly outliers. In this person’s *opinion* POTUS should have taken a purity stance re: the tax cut deal. That is simply their opinion. It is not shared by most of the country. Take heart, and don’t waste time reading 99% of the junk at certain spaces.

    My two cents.

  13. Swing voters in particular were confused by the media swarm IMO. Same as during the runup to the Iraq War, when so many people were fooled by media excess into acting against their own best interests. We just need to figure out how to reach them.

  14. I used to be a Booman’s member – never did get a handle on him Most of his commenters were decent at that point in time. He’s inconsistent, I think.

  15. Back at you, Eric! I wonder if BWD ever imagined her blog would become so much more than just…a blog 🙂

    Damn, I wish I could repay her….and she said she does not need monetary donations…I guess just continued support, and speading the word!

  16. The government funding battle will be huge come the new congress. That seems to be the place where the GOP wants to take their stand, feeling that they can keep their caucus united.

    GOP seems to think they can hold all of the cards, because President Obama would give in before allowing the Government to shut down. The key this time around will be that the GOP House will have to put together their own piece of legislation to pass and lay bare where they want to cut. Look for aid to States be a big target of the GOP because they made a push for Governorships for a reason – to declare bankruptcy and break the unions. This is why Whitman spent so much money (I bet she’ll get a good chunk of it back now from secret benefactors) – Ohio, Pa and Michigan are in for a rude awakening as well. Then maybe that could be good for Obama and Congressional Democrats in 2012. Florida royally screwed up with the criminal Scott as well.

  17. And only a month ago, the media thought Obama was on the canvas and listening to the count. How confusing it must be for them to see him bounce back onto his feet and just land left hook after left hook onto his opponents as if they were seven stone weaklings to his Ali.

  18. After the holidays. i will draft a petition. link it and them if you guys argree to maybe we can email it to friends and get at least a millino signatures or more.

  19. CNN reported that POTUS has extended his vacation by 1 day. Good. 10 days is a nice round number.

    I pray to god there are no emergencies while he’s gone so he can get some rest. We’ve had enough emergencies the last couple years anyway.

    Stupid North Korea better behave itself!

  20. yes i will get teenage son to do a email drive of 10 friends and have him to set up a face book page. Call it teens 4 the dream.

  21. I’m sure any of you have seen this Progress link (I have focused on NY but you can go anywhere you want). As PBO says,

    These are stories of progress. They unite us, and they are ours to share.

    ‘Progress’ makes purity look rather unattractive 😉

  22. Hi…happy holidays!
    Took a brief break from politics, but I’m so proud to support POTUS right now.(Still hate the tax deal, though.)

  23. And let me amend that: from my observation, booman gets a ton of stuff right. He generally maintains his head. But every once in a while…he can slip into the excesses of whatever the purity swarm of the moment is peddling. But in terms of a longstanding member of the new media, he’s head and shoulders above a bunch of other people in terms of maintaining some degree of perspective. This analysis does not extend to his commenters or diarists (many of whom are outright sensationalist), just him.

  24. BWD, great work. Keep it up.

    LBJ didn’t start the Vietnam war: gotta blame either Ike or John for that one. Or maybe both of ’em. And I’m not forgetting the French. What a cluster f/ck that was.

  25. My thought is that the tax cut deal enabled the lame duck session to turn into something spectacular, and it enabled us to receive some very necessary items in return. It was well worth it. I understand the differing points of view, but I wish that elected Dems were more invested in using the precious air time which they were finally allotted on the news shows to selling the virtues of DREAM rather than slamming POTUS for that deal.

  26. This is phenomenal…

    Just 2 years in his presidency, President OBAMA has achieved what many thought was impossible.

    We always have to step back and try to comprehend what we are witnessing.

    Nobel Prize Laureat 2009 and with the START Treaty Ratified, we know why.

    Health Care: 7 presidents attempted to pass a health care reform and all have failed. President OBAMA is the one who made history.

    Most sweeping Financial Reform and Consumer Protection since the great depression.

    Preventing a 2nd great depression.

    Allowing our Troops to serve openly.

    Equal pay for equal work

    and many more…

    President OBAMA is all about fighting to perfect our UNION.

    GOD Bless President OBAMA!

  27. JFK got sucked up by the military who insisted that if we did not stop China in Vietnam, there would be a domino effect and China would own the whole world by now. We went in first with “advisors” and then the Green Berets. Had a friend who was a GB and the guerrilla war almost destroyed his mind.

  28. They are invested now in having the President fail, just as much as the Republicans are. If they admit he is succeeding then they will be proved wrong and they can’t handle that. Just ignore them. They are not representative of very many people and they will not change at this point. If the last week didn’t get them to stop being negative all the time, nothing will. What they want is attention and for everyone to pay heed to what they say. I say ignore them. If you see a comment from the terminally negative just skip on by and comment as if they weren’t there. Let’s keep our focus on helping the Democrats and pointing out the faults of the Republicans. That will keep us plenty busy!

  29. Overseas Granny, your comment has just forced 😉 me to repost my fave list of what this President, who knows how to work with the legislative branch of the government, got done, yep, in December alone:

    * Restored protections for the wild lands that the Bureau of Land Management oversees
    * DADT
    * START
    * Food Safety
    * Judges appointed (many)
    * First Responders
    * Unemployment extended
    * Got U.N. to restore gay reference to violence measure
    * Shark preservation act
    * Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act
    * Health Insurance companies have to justify more than 10% increase
    * South Korea trade deal
    * Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act
    * And still found time to celebrate with his family
    * Oh yeah, the trip to Afghanistan
    * And needs frequent diary updates
    * Great ideas from posters here (I mean just today alone)…

    It’s the 8 days of Hannukah, 12 days of Christmas, 7 days of Kwanza, Islamic New Year, Bodhi day…. Oh, it’s just awesome!

  30. Another excellent entry from Frank Schaeffer:

    President Obama 1, Critics 0

    While President Obama brilliantly cajoled 13 Republicans to join every Democratic senator to ratify the New Start nuclear arms treaty with Russia, adding (as the Times put it) “the capstone to what now shapes up to be a remarkably successful legislative agenda for President Obama’s first two years…” in an interview with The Times of London Julian Assange compared himself to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He also compared the Obama administration criticisms of him to the “persecution” endured by American Jews in the 1950s.

    While President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell into law the Michael Moore – once again – interpreted history through what might be charitably called a very personal lens when he – again – let his readers know that yet more WikiLeaks documents mention him and his movies!

    While President Obama orchestrated the push back in the Senate—that then unanimously approved a bill to pay for the medical care of workers who cleaned up ground zero… after McConnell and other Republicans blocked the bill, Markos Moulitsas on Daily Kos that blasted the President saying “It’s really obnoxious hearing Democrats like Obama trying to make that argument [that Obama needed to compromise with the Republicans on the tax cuts].”

    Wait a minute, “Democrats like Obama”? Would that be President Obama you’re talking about so dismissively?

    The Senate ratified the New Start arms-reduction treaty, which the President said was his foreign-policy priority. Republicans surrendered, then grudgingly allowed the passage of the Sept. 11 legislation too. And that was after they tried to undermine the repeal of DADT.

    The President never backed down. He won a string of bipartisan legislative triumphs. Meanwhile the Left keeps saying that to be bipartisan is a sign of weakness. Really?

    The President’s Right Wing Republican critics are now thoroughly exposed as the hard-hearted empty suits they are.

    President Obama’s Lefty critics look more and more like petulant teenagers.

    Score One to President Obama, Zero to his critics.

  31. An observation
    BWD posted that she still gets new comments on the I Am Grateful post Got curious and checked them out.Many by very religious people . You can imagine their reception on dk.
    Thank you BWD for a truly big tent. We ALL share our support for POTUS. All one.

  32. Well I’ve never forgiven Michael Moore for his bs diary regarding President Obama’s mom.. and as for Markos Molitsas.. don’t look now MR. X (heh) Republican.. but your site has become as disgusting as Redstate.. not to mention you couldn’t pull up PRESIDENT OBAMA’s Socks.

  33. Oh let’s be real. The President could achieve World Peace and there will be those (who shall remain nameless!) who will insist that he _still_ can’t stop thunder AND lightening from occurring during a summer storm, thus how can he be all that great.


  34. Is our purists learning? The remedialness of Moore, Kos, Hamsher, KO et al. makes me think, ‘not so much’. This means that if they ever do learn anything (beyond their own dusty little brains), they’ll need to put in a lot of effort on their own. Perhaps the only way they will start to understand anything is on the “at long last, have you no shame” model of learning.

  35. Exactly, unless somebody been living in a cave over the last 2 years its well known that most ppl that comment on those sites are troll bands that run around with their blog feeds waiting for anything that has “obama” in the headline then they go at it.

    The GOP sent that order out days after this pres was inaugurated, fake outrage meme was the beginning. I Just leave my positive comments, I don’t waste time or energy reading that crap.

  36. Russia’s Duma will be ratifying the Treaty most likely tomorrow. It will be a done deal.

  37. That’s a great strategy, kelly. And there are some people whose hearts are in the right place, but are misguided during this period of confusion. Best to just keep building up the alternative emerging spaces!

  38. Yeah, that lousy health care bill-it’s only kept me alive because there are no longer annual or lifetime caps and they can’t drop me for getting sick. Eleven days after the effective date, I went into cardiac arrest because of a misdiagnosed genetic heart defect. Yeah, lousy health care reform.

  39. (((((MufsMom)))))

    I’m so glad that you were helped by this legislation and prayers towards your health.

  40. Remember the 2007-8 campaign and all the books about it? The president was counted out many times, made mistakes, but persevered, learned from his mistakes, and was the clutch player that he still is today, fortunately for us. Deaniac has a great post today on the president’s remarkable record of winning despite being underestimated on multiple occasions.
    I just watched FLOTUS’s speech at the democratic convention again and was reminded of his insistence on never giving up our focus on moving toward the world as it should be.

    We can all write letters, talk to friends, family, engage locally to support the DREAM act. Thanks for all the suggestions; this site has become an inspiration for action.

  41. And the quite competence of all those now serving in the different agencies, from Secretary Clinton and Gates, to Salazar, Solis, Dr. Chu. So much flies under the radar. Visiting the websites of all the agencies: much more consumer friendly, informative. And look at the transformation of the White House to the People’s House: the number of visitors in the last two years has set a record.

  42. As SOS Clinton once said, President Obama could walk on water and his critics would ask why he couldn’t swim.

  43. Booman is one of the best. He keeps his head and always strive to make an actual argument, even when he has criticisms. One of the smartest bloggers around.

  44. I hope they visit again! Thanks, k. THIS is a grass roots movement – I’ll bet POTUS would be pleased!

  45. I hope you recover 100%.

    There are many stories like that. I have a whopper of a PEC. I was worried if we ever had to find different insurance. Not anymore.

  46. Much overlooked part of the picture. From the Secretaries of each department to the heads of the different agencies within departments (when he has been able to get them through the confirmation process) he has nominated and put in place people that really know wha thy are doing. There may be some criticism of his economic team as having been too much of the problem, but in my way of thinking,if we are going to resolve a problem, we need somebody that was on the inside and knows the details.

    But I can’t think of one appointment which was purely for political reasons, unlike his predecessor. And he even has (gasp) Republicans, but I think Gates has been excellent and was integral to having DADT repealed and LaHood has been an excellent Sec of Trans.

  47. It’s because there’s so little POSITIVE messages out there these days regarding the President. Just the MSM looking to see what controversy they can get a story on. People are so tired of the negative!!

  48. it’s too true!!!

    But actually what is funny is to see republican friends (eek!! I actually do have some!! LOL) that are so confused about the President. I mean, he’s a DEMOCRAT. they’re not supposed to like what he’s done! heh

    Instead they are making comments prefaced with, Well, you know I have to admit…

    or Well, you know how hard this is for me to say, but…

    and then comment on what they do see as positive movement in government action.


    amazing is what I say!

  49. That health reform!!11!!1 I am so relieved that you could tell your story, MufsMom, and I am sure that Muf is too 🙂 Take care and have a healthy happy holiday season.

  50. I pray too that he can have some rest.

    Last year, my heart sank when the failed terrorist attack happened on Dec. 26th. Because it ruined President Obama’s vacation, and the vacation of many dedicated people in the national security apparatus.

  51. This guy is a megalomaniac and I’m sick of the left treating him like a hero.

    I think there ought to be more transparency but I’m not for anarchy.

    What’s needed is strong laws limiting secrecy in government, and strong laws protecting whistleblowers. The Obama administration has begun to work in that direction.

  52. You know BWD, I feel sorry for you. I fully expect to come back from my vacation to find wonderful pics of Obama’s vacation. Oh, and there is no doubt that Pres. Obama can go down in history if he can get another term to add on to his accomplishments. I cant believe how proud I am of my primary and general vote. Merry xmas everyone!!!!

  53. gn, much as I deplore the continuation of the Bush tax cuts, it opened the door to so much. Now we must work to get them repealed in 2012, but wouldn’t it be ideal if the rich actually wanted to pay their share?

  54. For those who give Bill Clinton a pass on the fact that he pushed the entire Democratic Party to the right, thus forcing the Republican Party to move farther to the right to distinguish themselves from him, and then excoriate President Obama for not being able to push an ideal progressive agenda through the Congress in two years, it is difficult to think anything other than racism is operating here.

  55. Hi, g, I was appalled at the intolerance given to people of faith from many who thought of themselves as “progressive”. What is progressive about closing out anyone who does not share in one’s total ideological structure? That way of thinking has been around forever and no one learns anything from it. It’s status quo and moves no one forward.

  56. I am actually putting together a comparison of Obama’s 1st two years to Clinton’s, Bush’s, etc. So many people make the mistake of comparing Obama’s first 2 years to Clinton’s full two terms, which is such an unfair comparison.

  57. lilaf1, I completely second that. I find so much nourishment in reading reality based comments that are focused on helping our party and our president succeed. I have no time to waste on people who are hell bent on destroying this President, under the pretense of purist progressivism. Any one who claims that President Clinton was more progressive than President Obama is really not serious. Otherwise they have to explain: DADT, NAFTA, deregulation of banks/investment companies, three strikes laws, record incarceration of African Americans and other people of color because of drug laws, failure to respond to genocide in Rwanda, bombing of Serbia and compromising with Republicans on gutting AFDC. By the way, any one who also thinks that FDR and LBJ were more progressive than BO is not serious either. Someone has to explain to me why FDR is such a pure progressive when he sent hundreds of Japanese Americans to detention camps simply because they were Japanese; presided over a segregated military; and, refused to endorse anti-lynching bills. LBJ’s support for Civil Rights is commendable but must be put in context: the assassination of JFK and the massive, unrelenting Civil Rights’ protests. Then, of course, there is his record of escalating the war in Vietnam. I have no problem praising the impressive achievements of FDR, JFK-LBJ and Bill Clinton. Why I even think poor Jimmy Carter has been short changed. After all he is the only president that can take credit for initiating peace between Israel and an Arab State-Egypt i.e the Camp David Accord. I challenge any student of history to provide us evidence of the achievements of a progressive Democratic president that are much better than those of President Obama. FDR did not pass a highly compromised Social Security Act until his third year in Office (1935). JFK-LBJ’s Civil Rights Act was also enacted in the fourth year of that presidency. I am just sick and tired of revisionists who relentlessly bash the amazing accomplishment of President obama. All of them coming in his first two years. So, yes, my New Year’s resolution is to ignore idiotic comments from the so called progressive who peddle negativity and have absolutely no credibility when it comes to understanding history or the reality of the way Congress enacts legislations. What is even laughable is that they share ignorance with the teabaggers who don’t even know that the revered U.S. Constitution was a product of compromise.

  58. Good for you askew. While you are at it, if you can, also compare Obama’s two years in office with those of: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Ronald Reagan, and JFK. I have not included LBJ because most of his accomplishments began with JFK and cannot be credibly viewed as entirely his own initiatives. Besides, he had to respond to the massive Civil Rights protests. The so called purity progressives would actually win me over if they were out in the streets convincing people about their ideals. At least some teabaggers, though corporate sponsored, have been in the streets. I know the so called progressive left is enamored with calling the President “weak.” May be it is me, but if I was in a fight I would rather have President Obama and Vice-President Biden on my side, than either Arriana Huffington, Keith Olbermann, Jane Harmsher, Ed. Shultz or most of the purist on the DKos.

  59. Indeed! Steadily this President is laying foundations for, at least, peaceful relations between two nations that have the capacity to annihilate the entire world.

  60. Those cartoons are hilarious. But I have to tell you, I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw this post entitled “The Case of Lindsey Graham’s Missing Lunch” by Steve Benen at Washington Monthly:

    “When it’s all going to be said and done, Harry Reid has eaten our lunch,” Graham said on Fox News radio. “This has been a capitulation in two weeks of dramatic proportions of policies that wouldn’t have passed in the new Congress.”

  61. Please, that lot would pay someone [Cornel West?] to do their fighting for them. And then whine about being targeted for a fight.

  62. We were in Vietnam prior to Kennedy’s time. As John Weiss pointed out, Ike had a hand in it.

  63. The mother thing was disgusting but the pink tutu thing went just that more over the edge. Sexist, heterosexist, what have you. Yet the defenders yelled until they were hoarse.

  64. I am not a religious person but do believe in faith and the spirit. I think I’m openminded in accepting such in others, having come from a very religious family. I found the treatment of religion appalling, like everyone is trying to outMarx each other. It was another thing that made me laugh about Van Jones [Brother With His Fine Self] at Net Roots. Not only wouldn’t he trash the President, he also mentioned faith. Then slyly made a reference to them not being that sort of crowd.

  65. I agree with those who say the first two years of the Obama Administration rival LBJ and the Great Society, for getting things done. Healthcare, Finreg, DADT, START, Huge investments in green energy and science and education, student loan program taken away from banks, more Pell Grants, nutrition for schools program, Food Safety, Healthcare for First Responders, two female judges to the Supreme Court, one of them hispanic. No comparison to clinton, who merely talked healthcare but did not do it, who ended up putting more poor people in prison with the combination of his crime bill, and his cutting off welfare for women and childen, making women work at minimum wage jobs, leaving their kids to the streets and substandard schools and jails with longer terms and no oppotunity on getting out, disenfranchised and unable to work. President Obama also saved the American auto industry, and saved capitalism. (So did FDR) Big stuff. In only two years. With a just say no republican congress and an economy in meltdown. He has done an amazing job for this country. He deserves praise and not comparisons with clinton. (The family leave act is unpaid and really only good for those who are wealthy enough to live on one salary. I don’t know anyone who has taken it.)

  66. I was very pleased to read about the President’s support for breastfeeding women. A minor policy item but with a large effect and amazing metaphorical resonance.

  67. Well, EricFive, I think Bill Clinton is responsible for turning the entire country to the right by co-opting Republican policies, causing them to become more conservative to distinguish themselves from him. If you note the most overt difference between Clinton and President Obama, it might give you a clue to what is going on beneath the surface. Hint: Clinton never had to sit at the back of the bus.

  68. Hello BWD community,
    I am from Amsterdam in Holland and I have been following your discussions the last few weeks. I would like to congratulate you with the successes of the last month.
    Especially New Start is of course important for us too.
    Personally I am as much fan of your president as any of you I think – he has them worldwide!
    What has surprised me most year last have been the from our perspective unbelievable reactions from the Right and the Rigid Left to the long overdue reform of your terrible health insurance system. But even more surprising has been to me the widely ventilated idea that your president is weak, incompetent and a coward. His courage seems to me enormous: not only personally but also politically and morally.
    I wish you endurance and patience in the next year.

  69. Count me in also as a worldwide supporter. Amazing isn’t how the americans treat one of their best presidents ?

  70. Here is what frightens me…….that the Republicans have so much money!!! …and that so many people will believe anything if they are told enough times! That is what Rush Limbaugh was all about.

    For instance…..I had to have a new roof put on my house. It happened in late July. It was well above 100 degrees in late July. I sat with the crew while they ate their lunch in a spot of shade. They were dirty, shirtless, obviously poor, obviously ignorant laborers who worked very hard for minimum wages. I sat in amazement and listened to them argue for George Bush because they were “conservatives”. How can we hope for intelligent voter choices from such deeply ignorant people?? After all, many of us Americans are too dumb to recognize our own best interests.

  71. Welcome Rufus…How wonderful to have so many good, thinking people from all over the world who understand and see very clearly what positive and long overdue things President Obama is trying so hard to accomplish in the midst of such hostility and obstruction…

    Happy holidays and do stay posting and sharing – we could use the brain power, support and goodwill of every decent person no matter where you live…

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