Gail Collins: It’s kind of cheery to think we have a president who actually does know what he’s doing

Love me some witty Gail Collins in the morning:

Good work, White House! Thank heavens we got rid of our former president, Barack Obama, who couldn’t even get the trade agreement he went all the way to South Korea to sign. Our current president, Barack Obama, would never let that happen, and, in fact, came up with a really excellent trade agreement with the South Koreans just the other day.

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But let’s admit it. Nothing would have gotten done if Obama hadn’t swallowed that loathsome compromise on tax cuts for the wealthy.

If he’d taken the high road, Congress would be in a holiday war. The long-term unemployed would be staggering into the new year without benefits. The rest of the world would look upon the United States as a country so dysfunctional that it can’t even ratify a treaty to help keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists. The people who worked at ground zero would still be uncertain about their future, and our gay and lesbian soldiers would still be living in fear.

It’s depressing to think that there was no way to win that would not have involved giving away billions of dollars to people who don’t need it. But it’s kind of cheery to think we have a president who actually does know what he’s doing.


Also, LOVE this from the comments section of the article:

We here in Chicago have long known that President Obama should never be underestimated, that he has long term strategies and the courage to stick with them, and that he closes strong. He has proven those once again during this lame duck session. Thank you, Mr. President, for all you have done these past two years, and I look forward to helping to achieve progress and to stop whatever ridiculous ideas the House Republicans pursue over the next two years.


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  1. I think a lot of people fail to appreciate that the president does not play politics with his policy goals and is not jerked around by the polls. He has a plan, which he keeps close to his chest, he doggedly pursues it, he takes the heat without losing his cool, and he delivers. Contrast that with George Bush who would come out with that deer in the headlines look to retract his decisions after getting raked over the coals by his base. Obama IS the only adult in the room.

  2. OH, BWD …so love being on the same political wavelength with the great group of people here -I had just posted this in the previous thread : ). While the future with the new congress will be challenging to say the least, it is brilliant to see the president add this week’s accomplishments added to his ‘got done’ list. Well done Mr. President and thank you Pete Souza and BWD for sharing it all!

  3. This is the problem with the Professional Left. At the end of the day, the President was going to get the same tax cut package he got, when was the only question. And because he compromised, they were able to get a whole of host things (START,DADT repeal, 9/11 bill, food nutrition) done.And he getting a good number of Repubs voting for each one, it makes the far right Republicans seem even more extreme and foolish. Check and Mate.

  4. Good morning all. It’s so nice to see a bit of a turnaround in the press concerning this President. We have become a nation of worrywarts who can’t see beyond the next hour or so you would think if you pay attention to our media. Thank goodness the President is able to focus on outcomes, long term goals and not get bogged down in ideological purity that feels good but gets little accomplished.

  5. I was in the last thread too and I must</i< repost my fave list of what this President, who knows how to work with the legislative branch of the government, got done, yep, in December alone:

    * DADT
    * START
    * Food Safety
    * Judges appointed (many)
    * First Responders
    * Unemployment extended
    * Got U.N. to restore gay reference to violence measure
    * Shark preservation act
    * Health Insurance companies have to justify more than 10% increase
    * South Korea trade deal
    * And still found time to celebrate with his family
    * Oh yeah, the trip to Afghanistan…
    * And And needs frequent diary updates 😉

    It’s the 8 days of Hannukah, 12 days of Christmas, 7 days of Kwanza, Islamic New Year, Bodhi day…. Oh, it’s just awesome!

  6. Absolutely. Over again people continue to underestimate this president. It is as if they never learn.

    Thanks, BWD. I read that Gail’s column early this morning and had my comment published there, as well. I was just going to come here and post Gail’s link, but as usual you are always two steps ahead of the game.

    Thanks, also for this space. Yesterday, especially I appreciated this space and others like it cropping up. It was wonderful to go somewhere and relish the president’s accomplishments without having to engage in silly arguments.

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  7. I said it before and I’ll say it again, something you folks don’t get is that ending tax cuts for the rich is far more important than all the other things combined. (snak)

    There is no way any of this other stuff would have been passed without compromising (not caving in) on the tax cuts.

    In the past, I have defended the “left” when there have been charges of hating the wealthy. Yet, I can no longer defend against those chqarges when they are leveled now against those that are still vitriolic in their despising of the President for this.

    Collins is one of those writers that tends to some days amaze me with insight and other days cause me to gasp at the irrelevancy of what she writes, like Richard Cohen. But this time she hit the nail on the head.

    Over the next few weeks, I expect to see the President’s approval rating rise across the board. And when the Republicans start investigations over absolutely ridiculous things, the ratings will rise even more. People are starting to see through the BS spewed by the Right.

    Listening to the WH correspondent for the NY DailyNews this morning. He thinks the Republicans are just starting to realize that the elections results did not really mean what they thought they meant and that if they don’t get their act together, their majority will be short lived.

    Personally, I don’t think the Republican leadership is astute enough to realize that, and the influx of tea party folks definitely is not.

  8. Good morning to everyone. Happy Holidays!

    I hope the President, Mrs. Obama, and the girls enjoy their holiday in Hawaii. It was wonderful to see him smiling again as he got on the Air Force One. He has been looking too thin, but I admire his stamina and his ability to keep his eyes on his goals…no matter how many arrows are aimed at him. He has the patience of Job because I couldn’t graciously embrace my foes as he has. My irritation and ire would be easy to read and my body language would be a giveaway.

  9. great article from Gail Collins. i appreciate you and everything you r doing here BWD more than you will ever know.happy holidays to you and yours.

  10. I think the republican leaders do realize the election didn’t mean they had a mandate for their policies (only the delusional tea partiers think that) but they are used to twisting the truth into what they want by just repeating things over and over until the public comes to accept them. So they tell everyone the election was a referendum on Obama’s policies and that the people voted for the Republican plans and hope that it convinces the people they are right. It usually works but I think not so much this time. The President has done an end run around their propaganda by accomplishing so many good things since the election and they have been overwhelmingly popular items. The people aren’t looking to stop him and the republicans know it.

    If the leadership is smart they will stop their members from wasting time doing investigations, attacking the President and stopping legislation and instead work on cooperating with the President, making compromises that both sides and live with and toning way down the rhetoric against the president and Democrats in general. If they had the brains to do that, their abysmal approval ratings would go up. But I doubt they’ll do that, no matter how politically advantageous it would be. I’d settle for a happy medium where some of them (just enough) would opt for sane governing instead of partisan war.

  11. PBO is a calm long term strategist AND a clutch player. This country has never seen anything like this. People are stunned and at a loss as to how to understand or even describe what is going on. Ha!

  12. lila, I would be happy for that too. The real problem for some of the saner ones, in the House, is that they are very afraid they will be tea-partied in the primaries in 2 years, and the same holds for the Senate for those who are up for re-election (although there aren’t many).

    Booman has a quote from Senator Lindsay Graham “When it’s all going to be said and done, Harry Reid has eaten our lunch. This has been a capitulation in two weeks of dramatic proportions of policies that wouldn’t have passed in the new Congress.”
    As Booman points out, it wasn’t Reid, although I give him a lot of props, but Obama that ate their lunch.

  13. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    I was just thinking about next year and you hear a lot of talk about Michael Steele (the RNC Chair) and how controversial his chairmanship has been and about whether or not he can be re-elected (which I believe is a joke). I would like to pivot on this and ask you all’s opinion on Tim Kaine (the DNC Chair). I’d like to know what you think of his chairmanship and whether or not he is the right guy to lead the DNC going into an election years in 2011-2012?

    I won’t prejudice the conversation with my opinion just yet but I would like to know what others think before I tell you how I feel about Chairman Kaine.

  14. I have another one for you: The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act

    The bill has passed both houses; not sure if President Obama signed it yet because it passed the House this week.

    The bill is an improvement to past policy. Better protection for whistleblowers, better processes, etc… Activists approve of the bill.

  15. The frustrati are mad because they didn’t get the bullying showdown from Obama they were so hoping for.

    They just wanted President Obama to bully the Republicans around, for self gratification. Forget about getting meaningful accomplishments, all that matters to them is getting their agenda passed through belittling others, and that’s not how Obama rolls.

    Re: the tax cuts deal, the outrage over that was so transparent it was pathetic. The only “bad” part of the bill was the temporary extension of the cuts for the upper end, and that was only 37% of the entire bill. Yet we had every frustrati pundit and blogger claiming that Obama was worse than Bush, that he was Neville Chamberlain, that he was negotiating with terrorists… right wingish hyperbole and rhetoric. And even one Democrat said “Fuck the President,” and Keith Olbermann acted like a child pointing that out with glee and giggles.

    President Obama puts the good of the country before politics, that’s what gets under the frustrati’s skin. What may benefit him politically may not be good for the rest of the country. It would be good politics for him to bully the right wing, but it wouldn’t be good for the rest of the country, especially the unemployed.

    Good politics does not always a good policy make. Most of Obama’s policies are done for the good of the country, not what’s best for him politically. If Obama did what was best for him politically 100% of the time, he’d definitely be another George W. Bush.

    And President Obama DOES know what he is doing, and the frustrati can’t accept that. They can’t accept that he doesn’t need his “feet held to the fire.” Unlike Bush, Obama plans and thinks ahead. The frustrati live in an endless echo chamber where they are always frustrated, and they wonder why the sane folks don’t listen to them. If all you did was shout and pout, would you expect anyone to listen to you or take you seriously?

    Once again, President Obama proves he is the ONLY adult in the room.

    Happy Holidays!

  16. I think he fits in with the “No Drama Obama” vibe. Howard Dean is too much and that’s what doomed him in Iowa. Kaine is calm, reassuring, although not terribly exciting–but we can get our excitement from that other party chairman:) Bondage Clubs, Whips, Leather…oh my.Plus, he is from Virginia which helps for 2012
    Oh Dear tiny Baby Jesus, please please let M.C Steel retain his “power” but more imporantly his very vocal gaffes.

  17. An another one: the Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act

    This is the bill championned by the First Lady, to help provide better quality food in schools.

    ( This bill is totally different than the Food Safety Bill.)

  18. That Chgo comment could have been written by me because I agree heartily. Many of us in and around the Windy City feel like we know Barack Obama a little better than the johnny-come-latelys or the never-come latelys. We’ve been reading about and watching him for a long time, ever since those long-time political pros in Chgo first started to notice this ultra-talented new guy in town, salivating they were, as they recognized someone pretty special and a dozen cuts above the norm.

  19. I posted this on the other thread but it was at the tail end & may have been missed…if you’re frustrated w/the frustrati, you might be able to relate! lol;

    RE: Tax deal, quiet as it’s kept, I read in the late summer that independent economists were warning the WH that changing the tax rates now would be detrimental to the recovery and the WH was slowly accepting that they’d have to extend them. So the question from their perspective was always what can they get in exchange for doing what they were going to do already? From their POV, they actually came out ahead. But, of course, it wouldn’t be wise to say that….so in a way, the frustrati aided the WH in making it appear they caved & got cheated in the deal.

    Also, Gibbs was on twitter today answering questions. I have to get a few questions ready for the next time…perhaps I’ll ask, “Are you all familiar with the new sites/blogs popping up? There’s this great one called “The Only Adult In the Room” 🙂

    Happy Holidays, everybody!

  20. It’s refreshing to see some on the “professional left” starting to get on board, and break away from the frustrati. The realization is that the majority of the Democratic Party was right all along, and that the screamers are just a small (very small) minority. The frustrati are going to find themselves ignored, just as they should be.

  21. Donna, I have mixed feelings about Kaine. He is very low key, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Whatever you have to say about Steele, he was out front, although not alwyas in a good way.

    I think the key to the 2012 elections will be how the Democratic Party does in messaging and PR beginning right now. The video that BWD posted yesterday was very good and. as I mentioned yesterday, would have possibly reduced our losses in November if it had been used then.

    So, going back to your original question, I am not sure Kaine is forceful enough to make sure that the party is represented strongly enough to the general public.

  22. I can of get this feeling that they were hoping that Obama shelved DADT for START….so they can finally confirm once and for all what they have known all along.

    Obama= Bush’s 3rd term=appeaser=caver=spineless=Blue Dog=Hitler’s best friend……

  23. I think Howard Dean served us well in the 2008 election but I don’t think he would be the right fit for this administration.

    Tim Kaine is a great guy who is smart and very hard working and I would love to see him continue to work in the Obama Administration. I watched him closely during the 2010 election and he did a good job I just don’t think he is the right “front guy” for a general election.

    I’m not looking for a drama queen (king) but I don’t think we can continue to use the same playbook if we want to change the political landscape.

    We aren’t using the “New Media” to its full potential. Take for instance that great DNC web ad that BWD posted yesterday. I ask myself who is seeing that ad? Then you look at youtube and only 1700 people have viewed it so far. OFA/DNC has 13 Million email addresses and only 1700 people have viewed that ad. What’s wrong with this picture? We aren’t being directed to do anything about it. No emails asking us to forward that video to everyone we know or to share it on Facebook and with other Progressive sites. They just create a really good video and hope it makes the rounds.

    The Right Wing media machine are always in full throttle. It never stops. IMO we need to put the peddle to the meddle 24/7.

  24. I think we are. This administration is as savvy as any I have seen in terms of the “New Media” but I wonder if it knows how to use the old media as well. Let’s face it, although the new media is great it still doesn’t have the reach of the old, television and print.

    That video was great, but just posting it on Youtube or the DNC site doesn’t do a lot except for the “base” which goes there. And not even a lot of the base goes there.

    Even forget the cable news outlets. For all the hype of FoxNews, as a percentage of the population, the viewership is minimal.

    There has to be a strong push starting now, because you know the RW machine is already gearing up. And if we wait for the big money to come into play for the Right, it will be too late.

  25. he made congress work together. he also gave the moderates their voice back and they will keep it. Lugar is not worried about a tea partier and i don’t think they will win. He is well loved in Indiana for his ability to work across the aisle. The house is were you are going to see problems and big problems.Bohner will come to nancy for help. He will reach out to her. The tea party members is who he will have trouble with.

  26. My feeling is that the media is so cynical and looking for the next thing…that they could care less what we do with social media (youtube, twitter, etc). They have a new shiny object in their face and it’s called the tea party..face it, they are way more vocal (and rude) than we are. I think once the 2012 campaign starts back and David Plouffe(the real Mastermind behind 2008)gets back in the fold, we will be o.k.

    Also, while I credit Dean with starting the campaigning using social media thing…the Obama team perfected. And the problem now is that everyone has a generic copy. So for instance, more Rep congresscritters are on twitter than Dems. They all had their own money making fundraisers through the internet.

    In order for us to win in 2012, we will need a new strategy and I think (and hope) Plouffe can do that.

  27. You are correct about Fox being a small percentage but they maximize that small percentage to perfection. These blank heads that watch that stuff daily go and send emails or they talk to friends and they spread the lies that they hear on Fox and that stuff goes viral. How many of us got those ridiculous lying emails about candidate Obama during the 08 election? Plenty of us did. So much so that the Obama Campaign had to put up a site to fight the smears. Then we have conservative talk radio to compete with. Our side doesn’t have anywhere near as many stations nationwide but they haven’t learned the lesson yet about spending most of their shows bashing rather than supporting. To say that Ed Schultz is the “voice of the progressives” on radio is truly a sad statement.

    Which brings me back to the DNC. We have to have a strong media machine and someone who can hit back hard (albeit respectfully) on every Republican Talking point starting immediately. I’m just not convinced that Tim Kaine is that guy.

  28. Plouffe will be in charge of messaging! In addition, Stickland, Granholm and possibly Rendell will be woking for WH! That will also help immnesely with messaging, all of them are excellent debaters!

  29. Murkowski is no happy in the way she was treated. jim DEmint plan is about to backfire. Bohner and Cantor can’t govern

  30. And lots of people are jealouse of him, for ex: Joe Scarboro wishes he had Baracks job, he is so mad at him every morning he just bashes him for the sake of bashing him.
    And that is prevalent throughout the MSM and liberal blogosphere as well!

  31. Given the GOP House majority and the fact to many Conservadems fro the Senate will be up this year, I think it’s a good idea to have a purple stater running the DNC.

    Other options I’d consider for the gig would be Strickland, Granholm and Rendell.

    I think all three of the aformentioned need to be in the Administration in one form or another. The Dems took a beating in Ohio, Michigan and Pa this past election and I am beginning to worry about them for 2012.

    Strickland would better be served elsewhere, maybe as a special advisor role because he seems a little to machine politics for my liking.

    Granholm is very good on television and would give the Dems a high profile woman to counter-attack Palin the next couple of years. However Granholm moving up the Michigan primary in 2008 put her at odds with the DNC and caused a big mess.

    Rendell is forceful and gets things done, as as a voice of the party as DNC chair I think he’d appeal to the rustbelt States and suffer no GOP fools.

    While I understand that Kaine was low key because President Obama is seen as the head of the Democratic party – the next two years I think Dems and the DNC need to be seen as fighters. Let Obama and his Administration stay above the fray, but have bare knuckle boxers running the DNC. Let the DNC be to the left of Obama, to help frame him as a moderate.

    However Rendell couldn’t pull it out for Sestak and Dems took heavy losses in House seats as well, Michigan went hard Republican at every level and Strickland lost for a wall street huckster – Maybe Dems should look to somebody who won. Somebody younger and innovative – the young voters will be key again in 2012.

  32. Agreed. But I will make a small quibble. We don’t need something that will hit back at Republican talking points, we need something that will pre-empt Republican talking points.

    We need to present something in such a way that it takes away the talking points.

    In the past, things have been presented fairly black and white and then there has been a wait to see what the response is, then there is hitting back. Unfortunately, that can sometimes be too late.

    That is one of the reasons I liked the President using the terms “hostage” when describing the way the Republicnas used the Dem need for extended UI and middle class tax cuts to get their tax cuts for the wealthy.

    That hopefully will become part of our talking points now. And if the frustrati had really been smart, they would have jumped on the Republcians the same way. If they had, the media would have placed more emphasis on that than the “losing the base” meme.

  33. By Erika Niedowski – 12/23/10 06:54 AM ET

    A hearing officer has recommended that former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel be allowed to appear on the ballot as a candidate for Chicago mayor despite persistent questions over his residency.

    The Associated Press reported that Chicago election board hearing officer Joseph Morris issued a 34-page ruling just before 2 a.m. Thursday.

    The recommendation, following a three-day hearing last week in which Emanuel defended his claim that he remains a Chicago resident despite his service in Washington, boosts his candidacy in the Feb. 22 primary.

    It still needs approval of the election board’s commissioners, who are expected to meet later Thursday to issue a final decision.

    Emanuel left his White House post in October to launch a bid for mayor after longtime incumbent Richard Daley announced he would not seek reelection.

    At issue is whether Emanuel meets the one-year residency requirement to appear on the ballot. 
His attorney told board of election officials that the former congressman always intended to return to the city after his service in the White House.

    The hill-

  34. Deaniac has a great piece on The People’s View today:

    In the next 2 years we need to remember that timeless creed, “Yes we can!”
    Thanks to spaces like thus one and those on the blog roll and OFA we can support one another, talk to our neighbors, write letters, comment and write on the web, and together we can support our president in the ongoing struggle to perfect this nation, creating equality, opportunity, peace and justice for all.
    Happy holidays to everyone. I count my blessings that we elected Barack Obama. We will succeed again in 2012. Yes we can!

  35. The exact three people I brought up below – I just type slow I guess. Rendell, Strickland and Granholm.

    These voices will be key in that the Dems just took a butt kicking in the mid-west/rust belt and the Administration needs to better get a foot hold there with messaging.

    Granholm could really sell the Detroit3 bail out and what it means to not only theCrysler and GM workers, but the feeder plants and even the off-shoot jobs that it saved in the area.

    Strickland will be needed for rural mid-west reach out.

  36. To put it slightly differently, there is an old footbal expression, “The best defense is a good offense.” For far too long, the Dems have played defense and it is time we go on offense. We have the right “weapons” and the Republicans have actually made it easy by being as out of touch as they are.

  37. Like your points. I am not that worried about the fact that Dems took loses in those three states. All things considered, it would have been difficult not to have.

    As far as the youth, Obama can energize them again.

    I really like Granholm. My only problem there is that IIRC she is from Canada, and although now a US citizen, I can see the Republicans use that against her.

    Rendell, I think would be a good choice. He doesn’t pull any punches, communicates well on television and relates well to the general population.

  38. By Ben Geman and Andrew Restuccia
    The Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a schedule Thursday for setting greenhouse gas standards for power plants and oil refineries, paving the way for requirements that can be applied to existing facilities.

    While EPA is pledging a “common-sense” approach, the move is likely to escalate a battle between the Obama administration and Republicans, who allege that climate regulations will hurt the economy and are pledging to block them on Capitol Hill.

    The Clean Air Act standards address sources that together account for almost 40 percent of U.S. emissions, EPA said.

    The agency plans to propose so-called performance standards for oil- and coal-fired power plants in July of 2011, and for refineries in December of 2011, and plans to finalize the power plant rules in May of 2012 and complete the refiner rules in November of 2012.

    EPA has already completed rules that will begin including carbon emissions in Clean Air Act permitting programs early next year. But those initial rules will only cover new and overhauled industrial plants with large emissions.

    The industry-specific standards slated for completion in 2012, in contrast, can be applied to existing power plants and refineries.

    “We are following through on our commitment to proceed in a measured and careful way to reduce [greenhouse gas] pollution that threatens the health and welfare of Americans, and contributes to climate change,” EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said in a statement.

    “These standards will help American companies attract private investment to the clean energy upgrades that make our companies more competitive and create good jobs here at home,” she said.

    The agreement on the schedule for the rules stems from a lawsuit brought by states and environmental groups seeking controls on heat-trapping emissions.

    EPA’s regulations have become the focal point for political battles over climate change because emissions-capping legislation has collapsed on Capitol Hill.

    Senior Republicans including Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.) – the incoming chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee – have pledged efforts to block EPA when they take control of the House next year.

    But current House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) — who is about to hand the gavel to Republicans — doesn’t think the GOP can topple EPA greenhouse gas rules.

    “They are not going to succeed in stopping EPA from acting under existing law, and I think the Republicans underestimate the support of the American people for environmental legislation,” Waxman told reporters in the Capitol Wednesday.


“I don’t think they are going to get any bills passed to stop EPA. … You need to pass it through both houses and get a signature by the president. I don’t think it is going to happen,” Waxman said.

    Gina McCarthy, EPA’s top air pollution official, told reporters on a conference call Thursday that the rules are the “beginning of a process that will help decrease greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.”

    She said there are no details to reveal yet, but stressed that EPA’s climate rules do not set an emissions cap for the industry sectors.

    “It’s not about establishing a tonnage that should or shouldn’t be emitted,” said McCarthy, who is EPA’s assistant administrator for air and radiation, who emphasized the agency’s focus on technologies that cut emissions.

    The upcoming rules drew a quick cheer from green groups.

    “Power plants and oil refineries represent two of our biggest sources of carbon pollution and these sources need to be held accountable for all of their pollution,” said Joe Mendelson, director of global warming policy for the National Wildlife Federation.

    He said the standards would “will create regulatory certainty for industry, cut down on our energy waste, and provide significant steps toward tackling the climate crisis that affects us all.”

    Here’s how EPA described the rules that it’s crafting for power plants and refineries.

    “The Clean Air Act requires EPA to set industry-specific standards for new sources that emit significant quantities of harmful pollutants. These standards, called New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), set the level of pollution new facilities may emit and address air pollution from existing facilities. The Act allows flexible and innovative approaches that take into account cost, health and environmental impacts, and energy requirements,” the agency said in a summary.

    EPA said it will host “listening sessions” early next year with business groups, states and other stakeholders.

    Archived under: E2-Wire

  39. I think Rendell would probably be the most problematic. First off he has been there and done that. He was the DNC Chair in 2000. I’m not sure he would want to do it again and he has made some pretty controversial and critical comments about both Candidate Obama as well as President Obama that I think would come back to haunt him should he take on this role again.

    I like Granholm a lot but I’m not sure she would be mush different than Tim Kaine and I agree that Strickland is too Democratic Machine for this election cycle.

    I’m still scrouring the political landscape looking for who would be the right fit. I agree that a younger outsider with just a little fire in the belly would be great. I am just not sure who that is. 🙂

  40. Exellent points on potential White House new faces. I would like to see Governor Rendell as Chief of Staff. I will add one better, Congressman Tom Perriello from VA-5. He never ran from President Obama, NEVER! He Is smart, hard-working and loyal. he is perfect for an Administration slot.

  41. Agree about Murkowski – wouldn’t surprise me to see her caucusing with the Dems.

    DeMint did the Republican Party zero favors and Bohner and Cantor are going to have way more grief from the crazies in their caucus than the Dems have given them the past two years.

    Interesting times ahead. Fortunately, we have an adult in the White House and an amazingly skillful Majority Leader in the Senate. And, I think Minority Leader Pelosi is going to find herself in the Speaker’s seat come Jan 2013 🙂

  42. Indra Nooyi could be a darkhorse. Tom Daschle, Tom Donilon would be insider choices, but the belief seems to be that Obama needs to make nice with the Business Community. Nooyi would be that option, however as CEO of Pepsi and with Michelle trying to fight having the softdrinks in schools it would be great MSM fodder.

  43. Thanks Lorraine. I knew you all would help me find some good candidates. Tim was terrific. I can’t believe I forgot about him. I made calls for in in the mid-terms and he was fearless in standing up for the policies that he believed in.

  44. HE loathes the president. They are roughly the same age and Obama has been waaaaaay more succesful than poor old Joe has. I watched it this morning after a loong time (like since April) and sure enough he was back to his hating ways. But I did catch the segment with Valerie Jarret and she gave it him as good as she could. Joe was whining about the rich getting tax cuts and Valerie said that the Pres had to compromise in order to help the middle class. And I’m baffled that Mr. Independent (ha!) Scarborough would lash out against compromise. Suffice to say, as with most things, Scarborough came out and said Oh yea that’s true.

  45. Nah, she’ll never go as far as caucusing with the Dems – she is a Republican. But I think she will feel more freedom to buck her party on occasion. But given we’ll need seven Republicans it really won’t be seen as bucking the party as one vote would have been the last Congress.

    It will be up to Dems in Alaska to keep pressure on her to remember that she appealed directly to them for their vote and promised to be much more independent.

  46. Corker is also up in 2012, it will be interesting to see what he does. Does he run afraid of a tabagger challenge or tries to be a bi-partisan problem solver and hopes that stature would serve him well in his re-election chances.

  47. I believe Obama oversold his stance against extending the Bush extra tax cut in order to make the GOP think they were really getting something. Over the long haul it’s bad policy, but as you’ve stated, it wasn’t only Republican economists saying they should be extended in the short term.

    I do worry that in pushing them back two years it made it a huge campaign issue – not for the President, but for the purple state Senators up for re-election like McCaskill, Webb, Conrad, Nelson in Fla, Tester etc.

  48. I’d like to see Perriello in the State Department somewhere. However I think the plan is for him to run again with Obama being on the ballot – if that is the plan he’s need to state in the public eye Stateside.

  49. Graham is right, these policies wouldn’t have been passed in the next congress – that is why they passed now.

    The Senate moderates didn’t want to see DADT repeal fail, Unemployed hung out to dry, the first responders left with nothing, the START treaty blocked – they basically told McConnell to take a hike. They stuck with him for the past two years in virtual lock-step, and now they wanted to see key pieces of legislation get through before Boehner gets the House.

    If only DREAM could have passed.

  50. My favorite passage from Collins’ column:

    “You can watch your property right here being towed away by the Russians! Back to Moscow!” If the former Red Menace wants to “hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya,’ ” he added, “Well, that is fine. But give us back our stolen military equipment.”

    Hilarious. Only Bill Irwin, world-famous clown and fine actor, could say these lines without affectation and still get a laugh. But that Senator gets my award for the most unintentionally comedic lines ever on the world stage.

    Bravo, 111th Congress, and thank you Mr. President.

  51. Wow, is that true ???

    They ARE good communicators, And they have lots of “gravitas”.

    The WH team has had to deal with so much crises at the same time. Communications has been neglected a bit. But in the next two years, communications will be KEY. I’m SO SO happy to hear this news.

  52. I agree he would be a great recruit for the WH. Problem is… I want him to win back his seat in 2012.

  53. I am not from Chicago but I have seen in Barack Obama since Day One rare qualities of decency, intelligence and leadership that I could believe in. My confidence in his ability to understand and adapt to “conditions on the ground” despite unrelenting criticism has never failed. Because, you see, at 74 I have seen the character and characterlessness of politicians over and over again. President Obama THINKS like I do, and have always taught my children. Keep the perfect in mind but always strive for BETTER and don’t go backwards.

  54. I love Corkers explanation to TPM – “I just want to make sure it’s clear they’re not going to oppose the treaty permanently … But it’s hardening them against doing it right now.”

    So it’s okay to play politics with nuclear arms treaties because you’re unhappy that a vote on another issue didn’t go your way? That your blackmail didn’t work?

  55. Yeah, I made the mistake of reading a few of the comments, and had to bail out after the first few, lol.

  56. Love seeing all the new names over the past few posts. Keep unlurking, lurkers! We’re glad to have you!

  57. I don’t know. I don’t know what the DNC did or didn’t do well. There were so many factors that caused the loss that I cannot say for sure that Kaine should go. He may have fucked up royally and Obama is giving him a second chance? Notice that Obama took the blame for the midterms and he was the one that brought on Kaine.

    I’m just guessing right there.

  58. I have seen quite a few articles making the point that the Republicans took their unhinged hatred of President Obama off the cliff by thinking that defeating the START Treaty was going to be his Waterloo. Their gambit bit them in the arse. They could have shared in this historic accomplishment but in the end their antics have again made President Obama look like the only adult in the room.

    When you look at the methodical way President Obama and the administration did their homework, it really makes you wonder what the Republicans were thinking. The endorsements alone just made them look petty and reckless playing politics with national security. Every one of of their bogus objections were about process after they had slow walked the treaty into the lame duck session. They turned moving the goalposts into an art form.

  59. Please drop Senator Lisa Murkowski a quick thank you and appreciation for voting with the dems 4 times, especially on dream act. Even though it didn’t pass, I am so glad to see a Republican finally standing up for America and not just her party or her own political gains. I can’t remember the last time I witnessed a moderate Repub, 4 yeah votes is incredible.

  60. My thought exactly. The last couple days have seen an explosion of new names showing up. From a few to a many and out of many we are one. I seem to remember hearing that some place, can’t quite put my finger on it. 🙂

  61. I am so glad you raised this .I happened to see all of 90 secs of Morning Loew this morning and when Barbie Mika said that the President is doing well ,JS kept asking -“why is that?Why is that? ” he started saying because of Republicans and I just moved on because it’s so difficult to listen to his bullying, shouting nonsense.

  62. Kelly, thanks for the suggestion re: Sen. Murkowski. I just sent my thank you.

    I told her that while I am not one of her state constituents, I’m one of her “national” constituents, because her votes impact me.

    And I think that’s something a lot of these Republicans forget/don’t care about. They handle politics like it’s all about how it plays back home, when it’s how it impacts the country.

    Therefore, to me it’s those Republicans that “defected” on each of those votes, that I believe were thinking about their “national” constituents, not just appeasing their Republican base at home.

  63. okay. Jealous. me. Sigh.

    Hawaii. Dayum.

    I wonder i the SO got my what I wanted for Christmas. I so doubt it.

  64. Exactly. After the Valerie interview where Joe conceded that Obama was doing the right thing by not wasting time with the tax cut package and getting other things done….Mr.”Independent” swings to the other side and starts bashing the progressives and Professional Left about if he were Obama he would more or less say to hell with them because they complained about the tax cut package. Granted I have my issues with the Professional Left, but that is because they are toddlers and want the president to do something NOW NOW NOW. Joe blows where the political wind goes.

  65. Hello BWD,

    (Bare with me; I know this is off-topic, but I don’t know where else to lay my frustrations down)

    As a newby to DKOS, one of the diaries I clicked on was a misleading article regarding wikileaks which I believed to be about Assange’s alleged sex charges (I want to know when Assange and wikileaks will be shut down), and that is the way the diary started and even the diary title was misleading. I clicked on the first link to find myself reading something completely different. Here is that diary:

    Not only do I NOT want to read wikileaks’ crap, I don’t want to read dishonest diaries, and this diary was completely dishonest. Not only that, the subject matter had no other point than to smear for NO discernable purpose. I feel that wikileaks hacking our government, no matter their intentions, is a threat to our elected government and national security. I didn’t elect Julian Assange, nor did I elect wikileaks, and I don’t approve of or appreciate their tactics of “exposing” or hacking my country where I DO respect the need for national security.

    I commented on the dishonesty and lack of facts in the first diary I had ever commented on, as I was furious for being mislead, and on top of that lied to. My comments were HRed left and right by the “community” so I was told, and this piece of garbage diary ended up on the rec list with nothing but recs and no HRs. I was bullied (I fought back) and even called a troll by the diarist. The diarist got several recs for calling me a troll, but (again) no HR for the diarist who never addressed his dishonesty. But me, I can no longer comment, or by DKOS terms, I am banned.

    As it stands now, I’d be afraid to comment as I don’t know when I would be HRed next for simply disagreeing or pointing out dishonesty. I would be afraid to click on links from others and I certainly wouldn’t be reading anymore wikileaks diaries at DKOS. It totally jaded my view about the DKOS blogsite, and I am a progressive. That diary should have been deleted and removed from the DKOS blogsite, but instead it was recced up to the rec list.

    Oh well. I guess we’ll see what, if anything, I decide to contribute at DKOS, but DKOS leaves a severely bad taste in my mouth. And, I put some effort into my username. I’ve written a complaint via their contact page, but I have yet to hear back (it’s only been a few hours and it is the Holiday Season). I’ll respond here if I hear anything more.

    Sorry if I posted my comment in the wrong place, but I felt the need to vent. I found your username on that diary (in another username’s siggie), and saw some diary or whatnot that also mentioned your username in the title.

    P.S. – Go Barack! And now he is about to really address jobs and the economy. Oh, and BWD can you please explain to me the meaning of your username? What does your username mean to you if much of anything?

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  66. I think that the problem is even simpler: we have a media prone to excess. The Democratic base has rallied around President Obama with sky-high approval ratings yet we are being constantly told that we’re unhappy, sour, and thrilled at the prospect of primarying this POTUS. Something doesn’t compute.

    The media goes from news cycle to news cycle and promotes a microwave society. I couldn’t be more proud of the silent supermajority of liberals and Dems for taking a longer view.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  67. I think that this is exactly right. They were hoping to be proven “right” at the expense of progress. This is what happens when people let ego take the front seat.

  68. And just to clarify some things, I believe in an open government (as long as it doesn’t effect national security), don’t think that austerity is the right way to address the economy, and don’t much care for mercenaries (unless absolutely nescessary).

    InJapan HeartSurgeon Number1 SteadyHand

  69. Hi, bwd. Collins’s column has some real zingers in it today. One bit:

    “They cheat. They are serial cheaters,” said Senator James Risch of Idaho, the author of my favorite unsuccessful amendment to the treaty. It would have made the entire groundbreaking nuclear-reduction program contingent on the return of four American Humvees that the Russians picked up during their conflict with Georgia. Risch hauled out blowups of one of the enslaved military vehicles, shouting: “You can watch your property right here being towed away by the Russians! Back to Moscow!” If the former Red Menace wants to “hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya,’ ” he added, “Well, that is fine. But give us back our stolen military equipment.”

    “enslaved military vehicles” really sums up their insanity.

  70. This is the problem that the White House and the Democrats have to fix in the next two years with more disciplined and effective messaging:

    Stormy 111th Congress was still the most productive in decades

    “Democrats are exultant about the accomplishments of the past two years but depressed by the disconnect we’ve had with the American voters,” said Democratic strategist Steve Murphy. “Everything that has been done in terms of domestic policy was done with the goal of improving the lives of middle-class Americans – and middle-class Americans rose up in revolt of the Democratic Congress.”

  71. The MSM are corporate-owned. Somewhere in their collective subconsciences (because collusion is a felony, iirc) they all decided their survival depended on destroying Barack Obama and they’ve all been working at that in large and small ways for two years. Even MSNBC has been doing it by giving a platform to the “professional left”. Sickening to see Cenk Uygur and Jane Hamsher showing up yesterday. A matched pair of nonentities. Feh.

  72. The frustrati turned on the President because turning on the President guaranteed them more t.v. appearances and money from naive leftists who don’t understand how our government operates (i.e., a president is not a king). I never heard of a group of supposed supporters of liberal ideals who worked tirelessly to depress and demoralize the democratic base and weaken a democratic president during midterm election cycle. The frustrati knew exactly what they were doing and it seemed to be orchestrated. Luckily the frustrati overplayed their hand and looked more and more childish in their complaining. The smackdown President Obama gave them in his tax deal press conference shined a powerful light on their b.s.

  73. So true. President Obama can never win with these people. It’s personal and financial for them. How else to explain the bitterness and anger the frustrati still feel even though their supposed goals (repeal of DADT) has been achieved. Watching Hamsher refuse to give Obama credit for DADT’s repeal provides a glimpse into her shriveled soul. It is all about her and it is sad.

  74. It was brilliant to punt the tax issue until 2012. First, as previously stated, many economist (along with common sense) dictates that it is not wise to raise anyones taxes during a severe recession. Second, when the newly minted House members make noise about cutting government services and entitlement programs, President Obama can retort ‘so you want to cut social security to finance your tax cut for billionaires.’ And finally, Obama’s position on repealing tax cuts for the wealthy was a successful position in 2008 and I predict it will even more successful in 2012 (assuming the economy is on stronger footing).

  75. Hoo boyee. Two days after valentines?
    Man. On one hand. I”m like oh no. On the other? I’m like get. them. out.
    I would be seriously effed up over this.
    Then again – maybe not.
    When my friend spent money going from a B to Big Ass C border D?
    I was like are you for reals? Who gives a shit?
    That’s why there’ wonderbra.

    Hawkeye. heeeeeeeeeeeeee. Your memory!

    It’s not like I even have any

  76. Gravatar works with WordPress.
    So you just set up a two second account. Or you may have one.
    I think it’s
    They link to WordPress.
    Go choose whatever picture you desire on the web or on your PC or in photobucket or Picasso.
    Takes a second to downlowd those pics.
    And when you put in your ChristaUmich and your email that you use here?
    The picture comes up automatically.
    You can rotate them.

    Your WordPress name email should match the Gravatar name/email.
    This gravatar works on disqus too..

  77. Unfortunately we live in a microwave society. Many of the benefits of the laws passed over the past two years were not felt by the American people prior to the midterm elections. The media failed in doing its primary job which is informing the American people of the content of the various laws passed. The rightwing stepped into the information vacuum and filled it will lies and fear mongering. That is why the Dems lost the House. The fact that the Professional Left decided to jump on the Anti-Obama bandwagon (and thereby distance themselves from the midterm election defeat)only made matters worse.

  78. You have arms like Michelle’s, so SHUT UP!!! (with love, of course)

    I intend to spend the next month losing weight so they don’t have to reinforce the OR table. Sadly, my husband’s staff gives him edible stuff this time of year. I requested a fine bottle of Scotch. Or a cheap bottle of Scotch. We got cookies, candy, and gift cards to el preemo restaurants in the Hatford area, where it’s going to be tricky putting bread baskets in my pocketbook.

    (yes, I’m back to “normal”) Yesterday I fetalled bigtime. A Big Mac helped though. I’m not deep.

    I decided after reading this post, I want to go to Hawaii. They’ll have to string three leis together…

  79. SELG gratification is right. And iMO, so much of it is personal. I would many many were considered “nerds” or “wimps” growing up. They wanted POTUS to be their avatar.

  80. Arms like Michele?
    Damn. Now I know I managed to pick the best possible picture of me and Franky Pallone.
    Okay. So I have two. But that camera angle must be good.

    Let me INSERT: I WISH.
    No. I do not. Trust me.
    Never did.
    It’s the freaking bane of my life.
    I tried the gym thing to get rid of them.
    No. Did not work.

    Yesterday was a bad day. Today not so bad.
    Tomorrow could be effin worse. Then Sunday could be ok.
    I know. Not personally. But I know about the roller coaster from hell.
    Because you remember I had the one friend with CC.
    And the other with the other – but one friend I’m very close to.
    The other is more casual.
    You sound like the one I’m close too.
    And I could not say. And would not say.
    Anything to change how she felt when she needed to crash.
    Triteness is horrifying to me.
    As is “Be strong! You gotta be strong! That’s how you beat it!”
    Bull shit. that is a lie.

    At this time I would like to state I gained weight this year when I quit the S.
    And at this time, I would like to state I have taken off no ounces and think another pound may have been added.

    Hawaii. Costa Rica. AU.
    On my list. Let’s go.

  81. Precisely, utterly correct. And divert focus while we need to be concerned about the fact that POTUS has the lowest ratings with Republicans than any Democratic POTUS in 50 years, and we have not made a sufficient case to swing voters that the Democratic congress produced legislation which literally saved this country. Dems are worried about appeasing a base which is already happy! This is how they tripped over their feet with the tax cut deal grandstanding. Listening to foolishness.

    Here’s to a more focused 2011 with the emerging spaces collaborating on giving this country a boost from the grassroots level.

  82. Only if we go first class and get a lot of little bottle, so I can put some in my pocketbook.

    I am now trying to make a gravatar. I already designed it in my mind:


    You like?

  83. LOL! (((((((g)))))))

    I thought that your insight was beyond clever, particularly re: wanting POTUS to be a personal avatar. I also think that there’s somewhat of an element of boy/girl game at play. Remember in elementary school/summer camp, the boys who secretly liked you were the ones who were most inclined to pick at you? I think that there are people who are hopelessly admiring of this POTUS yet in order to prove that they are “cool” and “principled” pick pick pick at him. And then of course there are also people coming from another, uglier place…

  84. Amen! I love seeing all of these fresh new commenters sharing thoughts and insights. Delighted to see this.

  85. I also have e-mailed her several times, imploring her to embrace a more independent role, and thanking her for the votes that she cast supporting the Repeal of DADT, START, the Dream Act, and the tax compromise. In fact I have been actively e-mailing McConnell, Boehner, Kyl, Brown and Collins, moreso than my own Minnesota Senators.

    I wholly agree with the position that federally elected Congress people need to represent all Americans, not just those from their back yards. And although I have been very cordial, I always make a point of expressing my disappointment with the political gamesmanship and obstruction that they (R’s) have practiced lock-step up until the lame duck session.

    I also have written many democrats asking them to be more publically supportive of President Obama, and to more carefully frame their areas of disagreement with him. But instead to take their fight to the Republicans and to do so publically and at every opportunity.

  86. LOL, hi Christin! I see that you’re keeping the wonderful g’s spirits up. Appreciated, deeply.

  87. Don’t worry about it. 🙂 It’s a site for foaming at the mouth extreme fauxgressives that are so filled with unhinged hatin’ that a 20 years supply of Northern LIghts would not even calm them down. The site hides comments from Democrats and Obama supporters, then bans them or suspends them. You were not welcome there. If you hated Obama? Yes. You would be a WOW! TRUSTED User. Oh god! THe honor!!! And then of course, last, but not least. Sends them a warning them must accept before they can post again.

    I’m the latter, and I’m not accepting it. And I joined in 2004 and still won’t accept it. So that should tell you something 🙂

    Okay. OFf to the last store on my list. Pray for me y’all.

  88. I received a warning ONLY because I rec’d a comment that I agreed with. DK is run by a bunch of small-minded individuals who are drunk on the little power they have to HR the comments that they don’t like, or those whom the group decides is too realistic, or too pragmatic. There is no room for dissension. I stopped going to DK over six months ago. I went onto the site yesterday to rec kat4obama’s diary, but that’s it. The place is toxic for those of us who would like to work in a constructive way to get things done, and if you’re in that camp, it’s best to stay away from that site.

  89. gn, I love the silent majority too! When I wrote the president recently I told him I was part of the silent majority and that we think he’s during an awesome job under difficult circumstances. Please ignore the loud

    great article BWD..keep em coming!

  90. Reading I’m “wonderful” is great for my spirits, too, gn!

    Signed, TWG

    PS – Surgery will be Feb 16. I intend to be normal for a while. (that does NOT mean returning all the presents I bought myself, however :))


    Now, enough about me – anyone know when Mad Men returns?

  91. Hello, Dr

    Please, please, PLEASE – do not let DK get to you. It is made up of really crazy people. The others here can explain the situation far more eloquently than I can 🙂

    I have been banned. If you are impressed by what you see among THIS community, and you learn that many of us are banned, suspended, or on “warning” there or at the least treated like dirt with any postive posting we make, it might give a way to compare the philosophies of the two sites. Where do YOU belong?

  92. Happy Holidays, Everyone! Enjoy your families and friends, but most of all, be safe. We have lots of work to do.

  93. I really don’t understand how people can be so critical of the President. I saw Jane Hamsher and some other progressive on Lawrence O’Donnell and they gave credit to Harry Reid and everyone except the President. We’ve seen the long list of accomplishments and these folks talked about what wasn’t done. They said the 9/11 health bill and DADT were done because the people who wanted this legislation passed were camped out in Washington. This is exactly what is suppose to happen! You have to make your voices heard! The tea party folks did it. Where were the folks to wanted a public option? The Republicans want him to fail and Democrats are helping them.

  94. Carolyn:

    Jane has hated President Obama since the primaries, since she went four quarters to the wall for Hillary. Never got past it, I think.

    I also believe Jane is quite threatened that someone has actually become the leader we’ve been fighting hard to get, and now that he’s knee deep in the muck, cleaning it out in that cesspool called Washington, she can’t bring herself to even acknowledge him.

    I’ve always believed she’s been over the top, since the blackface incident on FBL (Firebag Lake), and even before that with her extreme animosity towards Lieberman during the primaries – partly deserved, though I think she kind of hurt Ned Lamont during the campaign.

    When she went apeshit and thought Bernie Sanders of all people should be primaried, I thought, Geez, she should try to run a country instead of bitching so damn hard. There’s something not right about someone who can’t admit their enemy has done a good thing. Its totally childish, in fact.

    I don’t trust her. I met her and don’t trust her. As said before, Jane is in it for Jane.

  95. I just want to say that the world is a large place and we create it. Who cares if you are HRd on DK? No one outside of the site is paying attention and anyone who needs to attack someone in the blogosphere probably feels badly enough about himself or herself that he or she deserves our sympathy rather than our scorn. We cannot make life better for these bloggers by engaging with them, so it is best to leave them to their own devices and hope they eventually come to like themselves enough to radiate some positive energy. Anything else is not our concern.

  96. Thank you majii, g, and Christin for the replies and explanations. I didn’t realize DKOS was like that, but gee willickers did I find out real fast!

    I will read this blogsite and give my thoughts and hope others enjoy. I like the front page with the Prez. I haven’t always agreed with President Obama, but then he turns around and suprises me. I have learned patience with him, and so far he is the best President in my lifetime so far as I can tell. I still voice my concerns, the main one being the economy (just like almost everyone else) that was left for him to come in to try to resolve.

    Anyways, my point is, is that constructive criticism while suggesting possible solutions is good, but beyond that, it is destructive. Anyways…

    Happy Holidays all!

  97. The same people you guys tout were and still are a huge part of the problem…

    Ed Rendell has been as dirty and underhanded and as complicit as James Carville is in the whole do very little to help and when nobody’s looking, undermine, undermine, undermine Obama…

    Rendell, Strickland and most of these very mercenary Clinton loyalist types are so used to the pay for play relationships the Clintons employed in cultivating their “supporters”…

    President Obama does not operate in that manner…

    With him, you participate because you believe in and support the initiative…and you get positions and cushy assignments because you are the best for said position/assignment…

    Many of the high profile Democratic players who backed Hillary did so mostly because they were promised certain things in return…and many continue to hold out for what they were promised…

    There have been complaints from these same people that President Obama has not been as forthcoming as the Clintons in lavishing perks they’ve all come to expect…things like cushy appointments to boards, to courts etc. for them their spouses and children; overnight stays at the White House; overseas trips with the President or as part of trade missions etc.

    President Obama just does not operate in the old way and thank God for that…

    But it seems that that is the only way these people know…and so they’ll weaken and try to run out the guy who does not benefit them personally, to try to push for someone – anyone, who will go back to business as usual and who will guarantee them personal enrichment and access to power and perks…

  98. Yes, it’s unfortunate and distasteful to swallow the Bush billionaire tax cuts, but I’m reminded of what Paul Krugman said on Rachel at the 92Y the other night…they won’t amount to a hill of beans in the deficit…remember the rest of the tax cuts aren’t paid for either…perhaps big business will help grow us out of this morass now that they’ve gotten their Christmas bonus from us working folks.
    The problem is getting rid of them (BB tax cuts) in two years and devising a more reasonable and equitable tax policy…so, wallow with me in gratitude for the Holiday break over what has been achieved in the last 26 days (and the last two years) then get ready for the next two years!
    I’m saying get busy with your friendly neighborhood activist group like Organizing for America and channel some of your outrage, anger…or, for those more positively inclined, your appreciation of the President’s persistence, which leaves you yearning for more! and HELP in the good fight for change!’s your choice…might I say your obligation if you have a consistent, articulate voice in the blogosphere to use that “talent” to make a difference. It’s empowering and feels a whole lot better than JUST venting…help CHANGE a mind instead of simply emptying yours online, help EDUCATE and ACTIVATE a voter to our cause…you’ll reach a broader audience and become part of a better outcome for ALL of US!

  99. I am one of the “far left of center” Democrats who was furious with the president for giving away billions of dollars to millionaires and billionaires when we have a huge federal budget deficit.

    One thing we Democrats can learn from Republicans is to stay on message until we drive it home. At every opportunity we need to remind the American people how Republican legislators held the peoples’ business hostage until tax cuts for the wealthy were passed.

    We need to remind the American people that eight years of the Bush administration, in spite of his tax cuts for the wealthy, has lost millions of American jobs. Tax cuts for the wealthy will NOT create any new jobs nor decrease the size of the budget deficit. In fact, the compromise measure will only increase the size of the deficit. And we can be assured that Republicans will try to place the blame for this on Democrats.

    We also need to remind the American people that to vote “Republican” is to vote against their own interests (unless, of course, you’re wealthy).

    I’m very happy indeed that some key legislation was passed during the lame duck session of Congress, particularly the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Still, important legislation like the DREAM Act was not passed, even though Republicans in the past have cosponsored similar bills.

    I hope we stay on message in the months and years ahead.

  100. Carolyn,
    We must keep in mind that they can “camp out” in D.C. as much as they please, but until they are actually intimately involved in getting things done, they’re still on the outside looking in. We know that it was the president, the vp, his staff, Barney Frank and other key members of Congress who were working hard to pass DADT and the other legislation during the lame duck session. Let Hamsher and the rest of the frustrati talk as much as they want to. It will only work on those who believe them. We, the pragmati, know how things get done in D.C., and it’s not by “camping out” there, or by chaining one’s self to the WH fence.

    We give PBO his props, and so will history. There’ll be barely a mention of Hamsher or other members of the frustrati in the history books. I know, because before I retired last year, I taught U.S. History and other social studies subjects for 33 years. Many Americans think Rush Limbaugh is a big deal, and he is, to them, but he isn’t even mentioned in the McDougall-Littell U.S. History text (The Americans) that my students used.

  101. Joe Scarborough – A man who even failed at being a congressman – the lowest threshold for do nothingness in American politics…

    MSNBC’s very own 21st century Archie Bunker – vapid, smug, and sneering in his embarrassingly cock sure stupidity…

  102. We here in Chicago have long known that President Obama should never be underestimated,

    Perhaps that’s because Chicago knows where he worked as a “community organizer”.

    I know. I passed the area going straight from the KFC at Hyde Park westward. On a push-bike. In 1986. If you think that’s fun, ask the locals.

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