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  1. So glad Obama got this treaty done. Lord knows he worked hard for it and I am glad moderate and common sense republicans who believe in national security voted to have this done. This should not even be a partisan issue when it comes down to our National Security. Time to put politics aside when it comes to this.

    But anyway

    I just read something that had me laughing and realizing something. Boerner crocodile tears will be seen quite a bit starting in January cause it looks like he is going to have a hard time governing be
    cause I just read this article


    Teaparty already saying they “AINT” raising the debt limit unless MAJOR slashing is involved. You really think that is going to fly during a recession?

    Looks like the teaparty congress is ready to come in and take over and start their journey of gutting stuff cause they think the voters in November have given them a mandate to do what they want and that includes shutting down the government if need be.

    But we all know what will happen if the government shuts down. SS checks will stop, veteran benefits will stop, Medicare doctors won’t get reimbursed, our credit rating willd drop, bonds will default which could send the stocks plummeting, which will piss off the business community. Boerner knows this and he knows that if he can’t get the 218 to pass a bill, he is going to need dems in congress help. HAHAHAHHAH I think we are going to see a three ring circus come to town in january. If were obama I would stack up on some popcorn cause this is going to be sight to see.

    If boerner is blackmailed into passing stuff he knows is not popular with the overall country all because the teaparty has a gun to his head, it will die in the senate cause even if Mconnell blackmails conservadems into crossing over, he still will need 60 votes to overcome a fillabuster. Liberal Dems in the Senate will block that bill from ever getting to obama’s desk.

    I think this is going to be interesting cause I think boerner is going to need obama and the democrats more than he thinks.

  2. Its a shame that MSNBC comes around AFTER Dems lost 60 seats. The channel became a 24 hour Obama bashing network similar to KOS. Libs, grow up, Obama is a bad man. You cant mess with this guy, he has tried to do EVERYTHING, everything?, yes E-VER-Y-THING he has said he would do.

  3. 85% of gititdone. Fantastic. “progressives” to take note.

    I wish she’d close out every segment with “think about all these things the republicans have done when you’re in the voting booth next time”.

  4. Yeah, Rachel was on fire tonight! I expected this from her though. I’ve seen her on Letterman, Leno etc and her own show reminding everyone of all the accomplishments of the Obama administration and the 111th Congress. Maybe that’s why I can tolerate when she goes all chicken-little or goes of the rails in disappointment–she isn’t one-note. Rachel will give credit when due.

    Has Keith lightened up? I’m never home when he’s on…he sorta bores me.

  5. I wish Ms Maddow had waited to do this after the START treaty had passed. No telling if her program tonight may piss off Republicans to prompt them to change their vote from “aye” to “nay.” Until I see the votes tallied for ratification, I am not ready to claim victory. That is how much I distrust the Republican party. After all, Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have had no shame voting against bills, such as the DREAM Bill, and DADT that they originally supported.

  6. I feel the same. I won’t relax till after the vote tomorrow. John Kerry said “it’s not over” so I think they’ll work till the end.

  7. gosh… I just had a thougt…. The BIG signing ceremony of the repeal of DADT tomorrow morning may put the GOP in a bad mood too.

    Hey… I’m going to “think positive”. Senator Kerry, Senator Lugar have worked so hard. They won’t let it slip. And I hope they’ll block every stupid amendment proposed by McCain, Kyl, Graham and Co.

  8. I agree with you about Rachel. I know on her show she has stressed how much the President and this congress has got done and to her credit as soon as the senate approved the repeal of DADT she apologized.

    Does anybody know what time the vote for the START Treaty is scheduled? Thanks.

  9. Everything this President does puts the Republicans in a bad mood. I will pray and keep my fingers crossed to after the vote.

  10. I know. Up to late last night Mitch McConnell was trying to put a monkey wrench into the DADT bill. Imagine that. Apparently McConnel tried to add an amendment to the Defense appropriations bill that would require all of the Joint Chiefs to certify the bill. But Lieberman came the rescue and blocked the amendment.

    Now remember, when the DADT was part of the Defense appropriations bill, Republicans voted against it, which caused Lieberman and Susan Collins to pull it out as a stand alone bill. You have to wonder if people like McConnel wants nothing more than to defeat this president.

    One good thing though, he has shown himself to be a petulant leader.

    The NYT also has this story.


    So, yes, we have to keep our fingers crossed until START is done. But I have a strong feeling that they have pulled all the tricks this time. People are watching, especially for a bill that concerns foreign policy. And one that has the backing of one of their former presidents, as well as the military brass.

    They have to know that people are watching now. At least, I hope so, because these people are incorrigible.

    Go figure.

  11. This is pathological. He, and many others, have completely forgotten that they are serving the People. For them, it’s just a game. Not letting the other guy win.

  12. I blame the media for a big part of what has given Republicans the gall to behave in the way they have in the last two years.

    I hope that over the next two years, as Republicans work hard at trying to undo everything Democrats have done these last two years, they will cover these issues.

    If they (people in the media) continue the status quo, we have to organize to push back and make our voices heard. That is why I am so glad BWD has established this space and there are other places like The People’s View and others. I am confident that if we push hard and try, we can get (force) the media to hear our voices.

    I am looking at how the media comletely neglected to cover the issue of the Republicans voting down the 911 responders bill.

    As soon as Jon Stewart began exposing the hypocrisy and zero coverage from the media, all of a sudden others began to follow suit covering it. So much so that Shumer and Gillibrand might bring the bill back, and hopefully get it done in the lame duck congress.

    Even Shepherd Smith over at Faux news has been calling out the Republicans. I saw a repotr at TPM last night where he called out Tom Coburn, particularly, for trying to block the bill, after Shumer and Gillibrand tried to revive it.

    If we work collectively to push back in this fashion, the media will be forced to hear us out.

    We have to work towards that and not be distracted by the noise from the other side. Although I think when we see them come out with their latest distortions, we also need to set the record straight, without getting down into the gutter with them.

  13. Early! 9:15 AM Eastern.

    I watched Speaker Pelosi sign it today and it was a very, very moving ceremony. I hope there is a video of it somewhere because it’s definitely worth seeing.

  14. Unbelievable how they twist themselves into a pretzel. First they won’t vote for the defense bill because of DADT, Now that DADT passed they want to add an amendment that will hold it up. I have to give praise to Liebeman he has been fantastic on this issue.

    Thanks for the link to the article.

  15. Bloomberg is reporting today that the Obama 111th Congress has done more work than any Congress since the 60’s. Yes, we can.

    And Russia TV 24 news is commenting on how the moderate repubs have broken with the crazies of their party. They notice more than we might think. Compared to the US stations, RT is an excellent news station and one I watch often plus France and Al Jazeera English, all of which are also on the web.

  16. Ok, Rachel, is forgiven by me for that one horrible show she did. This is the 3rd positive segment I have seen from her since DADT passed. She has said she was wrong so I have to get over it too. Ed and KO still not forgiven. This was a great segment. Great to see some appreciation. Thanks, BWD, and everyone else in the president’s corner!

  17. I had the very same thought when I watched her show last night.

    I noticed that Senator Kerry was at pains to say that START was not a victory for anyone but necessary for the safety of America.

    What it also said to me was that Rachael is very intelligent and well-meaning but her political instincts are fully honed.

  18. It makes perfect sense if you put it in context – they’re there to serve the rich people, and START might take money out of the hands of starving defense contractors – quelle horreur!

    and I’m pretty sure DADT is going to encourage people of the gay persuasion to believe that they have rights. Whoa! What next?

  19. Corrected post

    I had the very same thought when I watched her show last night.

    I noticed that Senator Kerry was at pains to say that START was not a victory for anyone but necessary for the safety of America.

    What it also said to me was that Rachael is very intelligent and well-meaning but her political instincts are not fully honed.

    December 22, 2010 at 5:25 am

  20. Watching CSpan yesterday, I couldn’t get over the PATIENCE of John Kerry in dealing with all the kill-bill amendments offered by the Rs. With poise and wisdom, he is a true hero.

  21. BWD, I’ve never had a Pres. do the things he promised he would do until Pres. Obama. Its an awesome thing to watch. I would love to say that I dont agree with everything he has done, and I sometimes do say it, but I’m not sure I mean it.

  22. I’m still skeptical of Rachel. I don’t trust her any more than I don’t trust any cable pundit with the exception of Lawrence O’Donnell.

    While it’s a good thing that she’s praising Obama for now, it’s until the next nontroversy… then she’ll be right back on her “Why isn’t Obama listening to the liberal base?” soapbox.

    The only pundit I have respect for is Lawrence O’Donnell. He spoke what many of us were feeling, and even took down quite a few of these ideological fools and exposed them as fools. LO was defending Obama while Rachel, Keith, Shultz, Hamsher, Markos, and Greenwald were comparing him to Neville Chamberlain and saying he’s worse than George W. Bush.

    Also Rachel has done a double take: she’s fawning over Obama again while at the same time running ads about how we need to listen to Paul Krugman, another staunch Obama basher and poutrager.

    Sorry, the “apology” Rachel did, at least with me, is just as hollow as the “apology” Joe Wilson did after he yelled “YOU LIE!” in front of the President, in front of Congress, and in front of America. Rachel could have been there from day one backing up President Obama, but she resorted to saying he could be “irrelevant.”

  23. Amen! I don’t care what she does it will never make up for the vile and evil things she has said about President Obama. Lawrence O
    ‘Donnell has been the smartest person on MSNBC lately.

  24. For a while I had limited my TV viewing to Rachel, Keith and Jon Stewart. Then after the over-the-top coverage of the tax cut issue, I stopped watching completely.

    I can’t bring myself to watch anymore. I come here and go to the The People’s View and other blogs listed here to read up on what’s going on.

    I agree that Rachel did shine light on the president’s accomplishments in some of her coverage.

    But I am also dismayed that this is not the first time that she’s been wrong and admitted it. I think that she is perhaps, easily swayed by KO, who scans that other place before he sits in front his camera to do his special (blustry) comments.

    I really don’t mind if they criticize the president constructively, but the tone and disrespect with which they do it is what grates me.

    It is similar to the way people at that other place talk abot the president. I have never seen a president so disrespected by people supposedly in his own party.

    I don’t agree with everything POTUS has done, but his accomplishments by far outweighs any of those things that I may disagree with him on. And for this I refuse to tear him apart.

    I think the pundits will serve themselves well if they use some balance, instead of poking him in he eyes because he doesn’t do or say something they want to hear, and when it is expedient come back to praise him. At least Rachel has said she was wrong. I have yet to hear from any of the others.

    I continue to keep them at arm’s length.

  25. I am so with you on this. I am a forgiving person but I think the media has such an important role to play in politics and they have done this administration such a big disservice.

    Everything out there that the public views in the mainstream comes to them from a right leaning viewpoint. If he has a success it has to have a negative caveat along with it. Rarely do they just allow him a win. When they do it is for a hot second and then its off to find something negative to harp over for the rest of the day. Negativity sells.

    Rachel has been one of the few who has at least acknowledged President Obama’s accomplishments. For that I am grateful but its not enough and as you say nintendo its not consistent.

    I expect more from the Professional Left because of what I just posted about the MSM. We are climbing an uphill battle constantly. Therefore when our side spends more than half of their shows, whether radio or tv drumming the same negative beat except from the left perspective of this President then it becomes all negative all the time.

    Therefore we end up with an electorate that goes out and rewards a Party that did nothing but obstruct and try to find ways to insure that this President fails.

    Yes I think the WH bares some responsibility in messaging this last year. But considering what they were up against and it just went from one controversy to the next they simply didn’t know how to handle this. It was unprecedented. I hope they learned something from it and will be better prepared to deal with it next year.

    With that said, its the 4th estates obligation to inform the public and they failed and the Professional Left had an opportunity to prove to them that the New Media could be productive in getting our word out but they chose to join the chorus of negativity.

    I’m not surprised one bit by all these accomplishments by this lameduck Congress because they have been working their tails off for the last two years. The sad thing is that our country didn’t have a clue and I thank Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, Arianna, Kos and Rachel (to a lessor degree) for them spending far too much time dwelling on their dissent and not anywhere near enough time on the accomplishments and victories of the hardest working, most successful Congress in modern history.

  26. Today’s Schedule

    CSPAN http://www.cspan.org/

    9:15 AM EST
    President Obama will sign the “don’t ask, don’t tell” Repeal Act of 2010 into law in a signing ceremony at the Department of the Interior.

    9:30 AM EST
    Senate in session
    Senate lawmakers continue their lame-duck session by debating the New START accord and the 9/11 first responders’ health bill.

    10:00 AM EST
    Briefing by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs – The White House

    11:00 PM EST
    House in session House lawmakers discuss and debate the issues of the day.

  27. Nintendo, I watch Rachel with caution. While I applaud the first part of her show last night, she had to bring Michael Moore on and spoil the show. I listened to him for a couple of minutes until he started criricizing VP Joe for what he said about the wiki leaks guy on Sunday. Michael Moore loves drama and he is not one of my favorite people.

  28. I think Rachel Maddow has had some excellent segments on the DADT repeal. But I was really taken aback when she responded to the “Professional Left” comments of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs by saying she didn’t give a “flying flip” what the White House thought about her reporting on DADT.

    Rachel Maddow Doesn’t Give a “Flying Flip” About White House in Focus on DADT
    Warning “we are about to have one of those cable news nights that makes the White House mad” but that she didn’t give a “flying flip,” Maddow featured three guests who are being forced out or facing removal from the military for being gay or lesbian under the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy, including one of the the highest ranking members of the military to be investigated under the law.

  29. Lol qmastertoo…

    I simply refuse to put out disclaimers – as many would have us do as we support this amazing President…

    I refuse to preface or end my statements of support with the now ubiquitous “I don’t always agree with everything he does…”

    I remain unapologetic and unyielding in my fierce support of this President and will not cede any ground until he is given every credit and accorded the highest respect that’s due him…

  30. That starting caveat that is required at some websites has seriously annoyed me. It is the type of demand that republicans make on democrats all the time. You must agree with my basic premise before I will even listen to you, is what it says to me. The premise being that President Obama has made a lot of mistakes and that you recognize and acknowledge the validity of all their criticism even if you disagree with how it is stated. Sorry, but that’s just not right. I have very few complaints about this president. It’s not because I’m some worshipping fool who is unable to look at things clearly but because I’m clear headed enough to look at what he promised, what he’s done and tried to do, what obstacles he faces and the reality of the political process and instead of seeing betrayal!, sell-out!, outrage!, I see steady progress in unbelievably difficult circumstances and stunning victories against the odds.

    What should be “required” is a caveat at the beginning of all complaint posts that states, “I admire so much of what this president has accomplished but have an area of concern”.

  31. This president being president no matter what he does has put the republicans in a bad mood for 2 years now. I actually think the amount of republican cooperation (granted it’s not much but more than we’ve seen for a long time) is a sign that the next congress may actually be a lot less horrible than we fear. I think a real split is developing in congressional republicans. The tea party contingent scares some republicans as much as it scares us. There are signs that there may finally be a pushback against the crazy and we may actually see more cooperation as the saner republicans won’t want to be seen as idiotic as their tea party brethren. I’m hoping anyway!


  33. Rachel Maddow is to be checked. She has proven herself never to be trusted. Not so easily to be forgiven. Corporate sponsered snakes have many heads, but serve only one paymaster.

  34. Agreed. It is shameful that Ed and Keith continue their negative rants. I have sworn I will never watch either one of them again.

  35. I’m not sold on Rachel Maddow’s conversion either. It is all a game to the media, including MSNBC. The so called liberal block of shows on MSNBC did everything in their power to hurt the President and depress democratic turnout during the past midterm election. Even Jon Stewart could not muster the courage to implore the 200,000 people who showed up to his rally to vote. We should not buy into the MSM meme of President Obama having a communication problem. The MSM is the problem. The MSM is the filter through which information flows. When the “reporters” or “journalists” only do horserace coverage, give blatant lies the same weight as the truth and frame EVERY issue in the most negative light when it involves Pres. Obama, who could break through this muddle? Then the MSM has the nerve to complain when Obama bypasses them and speaks directly to the people. Finally, please do not feel the need to say “I don’t agree with everything the Pres does.” Can you name one person on this planet with whom you agree all the time? It is almost like you are apologizing for supporting this great President. Don’t let the haters set the ground rules. Sorry for the rant

  36. qmastertoo you are on point. Why didn’t they try to give him more support when it could really have made a difference. President Obama succeeded despite the loud chatter on the left. This is a great day for progressives and I’m so glad Rachel admitted how wrong she was. President Obama is stronger everyday and I can’t wait to see what he accomplish in 2011 for ALL Americans.

  37. Donna,

    I agree with most of what you said. However, I respectfully disagree about blaming the WH for messaging. How in the world could the White House have done to break through the blockades by both the MSM and the so called left bloggers to get their message delivered to the Americans. President Obama and Vice-President Biden delivered clear and well documented speeches highlighting both the accomplishments of the administration and the road blocks by the just say NO Republicans. Yet, the MSM and the so called left wing bloggers made absolutely sure that the WH messages would not get through, by constantly using negative filters to reframe that messages. This is why I am so elated that sites like these have sprang up to counter that negativity. As GN would say,I hope that through these positive “spaces” the messaging highlighting the accomplishment of President Obama will begin to filter through the blockades of the MSM and PL media.

  38. EricFive,

    Thanks for speaking the truth. It is absolutely true that the reason the President’s accomplishments have not resonated with the American people is because: “The MSM is the filter through which information flows.” Equally important is the way the people in the “professional left” have been framing their critique of President Obama. To them Obama is not a progressive and a fighter like FDR, LBJ, and Bill Clinton. I even read a comment that said he was “worse than George W. Bush.” Why? Because Obama compromised with Republicans on Taxes, or, Obama has not enacted “pure” progressive legislations. Never mind the fact that their hero, FDR, had to compromise with Southern “Dixiecrats” by excluding agricultural and domestic workers from social security coverage. Never mind the fact that it took World War II for the country to finally pull out of the Depression. Never mind the fact that FDR sent thousands of innocent and loyal Japanese Americans to detention camps simply because they were Japanese. Never mind that LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act in the wake of the assassination of President Kennedy and in the midst of a massive Civil Rights rebellion. Never mind the fact that LBJ escalated the war in Vietnam. Never mind the fact that Bill Clinton failed to pass health care reform of any kind. Never mind the fact that it was under Bill clinton that DADT was enacted. One could go on. But suffice it to say that the so called “progressive left,” including distinguished individuals like Paul Krugman, have been using different standards in evaluating this President. By the way I know that these were good progressive Democratic presidents. I do, however, wonder if the darlings of the progressives, FDR and LBJ, would have survived if they had been under relentless attacks, 24/7, from both the left and the right. It is true that LBJ’s Vietnam policies were under attacks forcing him not to seek reelection. And guess who benefited? Right wing Republicans who prolonged the war for six more years and began gutting or reversing LBJ’s”Great Society” programs. I suppose the purist progressive are also proud for attacking Al Gore and supporting Nader thus facilitating the election of George W. Bush. Does any one with a brain think that there was no difference between Al Gore and G.W. Bush? I am grateful to BWD for creating this site. It is sites as this that make it possible to bypass the MSM and PL’s filters to communicate with Americans about the impressive accomplishments of President Obama’s administration. I am absolutely elated that this and other reality based sites are popping up to counter the neglect of truthful information by the MSM, and the blatant distortions of the “puritan progressive, about President Obama.

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