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Just before will all go to watch the president ending DADT, here’s something that you’d love to read with your morning coffee (go read it all!):


// snip

He’s already the best president of my lifetime and he has six years to go. It’s not even close. I’m basically at the point now where I don’t even want to hear the complaining and griping. He’s about the last person in Washington DC who deserves criticism. When you get done handling everyone who makes his job difficult, then you can get to him. Wake me up when someone has his back on Guantanamo. Wake me up when he can get some money to conduct a trial for an al-Qaeda suspect.

And he did all this with a 60-vote requirement, a Party of No opposition, two shitty wars he didn’t start, a seven million job lost deficit, and a bunch of people calling him a Kenyan socialist Nazi who wants to kill your grandma and turn the country over to Sharia Law.

But he didn’t do x so I guess McCain/Palin would have been just as good and really no different if you think about it.


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  1. That’s one thing I’ve always admired about President Obama: he governs in the world of reality, not the poutraging Matrix.

    Thanks for another excellent post BWD, Happy Holidays!

  2. Yes, in the face of difficulty, obstruction and bashing from across the board, he did it. So few had his back and those people can literally be counted on one hand, yet he preservered.

    Can’t wait for the signing, and can’t wait for START to be completed.

    Thank you President Obama. Sign the bill and go down to Hawaii and join your lovely family.

    Thank God for this president!!

  3. Thank you! I have been feeling like that, but just couldn’t put it into words. There is a difference between disagreement and just complaining to be complaining. I don’t always agree with President Obama, but I do sense he has a good heart and does what he does because he actually cares.

    No good deed goes unpunished, but I for one think President Obama has done a hell of a great job in the face of constant, usually incorrect, criticism,

  4. I believe the START vote will be at 9AM today. Right before Pres O’s signing of the DADT repeal.

  5. Good on Booman,

    For awhile he seemed yo go all wobbly.

    Happy Holidays to this most excellent community!

  6. Loved the booman post – I’ve been around a lot of years, and I second his assessment of President Obama’s position.

    The people who live to Tweet will never be able to tolerate the way he works, or understand it, or give him credit for his accomplishments. They seems to prefer the “all hat no cowboy” approach to living – lots of showy stuff is more important than actual content.

  7. They prefer for nothing to get done, so that they can continue to be outraged and upset.

    And when something meaningful IS done, they say it’s not enough, they continue to pout and whine and snivel like babies, and they wonder why no one listens to them. Would you listen to a small group of folks who spent 90% of their time yelling at you, calling you names, and pushing you away whenever you try and help them out?

  8. Those who discharged under DADT will seek to reenlist and we will welcome you.

    All the poutrage points of frustrati taken away.

  9. And signed. Done and dusted. You did great President. It’s your victory and major chunk of credit goes to you.

  10. Lt. Choi better behave now, he has literally no excuse to be at President Obama’s throat anymore.

  11. I thought that ending was just amazing. President Obama did something that is so like him. He talked about the gay men and women who sacrificed for the country and didn’t get to witness this historic day. That was very powerful. He left no stone unturned in that speech.

  12. My stomach is in knots. I am going to need therapy after all of this drama. Right now, I am just waiting to exhale.

  13. I saw his post on twitter stating that he would be meeting Senator Harry Reid at 1:00 to get his ring back. I responded to him be saying that I hoped that he would use that opportunity to apologize to the Senator for the lack of respect. Doubt it will happen, but I had to say it.

  14. What an emotional ceremony. On behalf of my gay grand-daughter who has served in the military, Thank you so much.

  15. BWD, he is the ONLY adult in the room and continues to get things done!

    Happy Holidays!

  16. Signed, sealed, delivered! Beautiful day…beautiful speech, beautiful President. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m off to white house .gov to spread my happiness….

  17. If Lieberman was booted from the caucus because it would have felt really good two years ago, even if he was a sonuvabitch on HCR, he was a vote and likely wouldn’t have been otherwise, meaning we would have needed Snowe and we all know what game she was playing.

    And we likely would have the DADT repeal being signed today.

    He’ll have to answer to Connecticut voters in two years – given how often he has voted opposite of John McCain, how much vitriol McCain spewed against this very bill that Lieberman co-authored, it will be interesting to see how Lieberman defends supporting McCain. He can’t simply say “I was supporting a friend, he went above and beyond that with his convention speech. He’ll also have to defend thinking that putting Sarah Palin one heartbeat away from the Presidency was a good idea. He can’t defend that by saying “Well, since John is still alive today that point is moot”.

  18. McCain, Kyl, and McConnell are in the minority, literally. Even other Republicans are standing up to them and leaving them in the dust.

    I suspect that will be the case when the GOP House takes over in January. We’ll have the insane Teabagging Republicans vs the sane moderate Republicans who just want to get things done.

    Looks like Lisa Murkowski is shaping up to be a Republican Obama can count on as far as passing legislation goes, the treatment she got from the Teabagging right has really ticked her off.

  19. LIEberman proves that even one of the biggest assholes in Congress is a necessary ally.

    While it wasn’t good politics for President Obama to lobby for LIEberman to keep his chairmanship, it was pragmatic and proved to be an excellent strategic move. I’m guessing LIEberman realized he owed his political life to Obama, although stabbing him in the back for the pubic option wasn’t a brilliant move. He’ll have to explain that to CT voters in 2012.

  20. Indeed. This President can easily rest on his laurels now not that he would. Jus’ saying.

  21. Indeed, Joe Biden has, in my view been a staunch supporter of this president. He is among the precious few.

  22. Thanks for that! Going to be a busy day:) I think my heart is going to come out of my chest before this day is over. Let’s be 2 for 2!!

  23. President Obama is amazing in the sense that just when you think he has been punched in the gut, (losing 60 votes in senate or losing the house) he gets right back up and makes a comeback. But don’t call it a comeback. It’s like watching Muhammad Ali duck and weave. Doing the rope a dope. I am pessimist about the next 2 years with the crazies coming into the House, but I am gonna sit back and watch what the President does next. Needing popcorn!

  24. nintendo…you must be typing quickly…that Freudian slip was funny:) “pubic option” They might have liked to call it that over at Faux..so close to women deciding what to do with their OWN bodies…to close for comfort! Oh no…everyone’s having an abortion!!!AAHHH!!

  25. Heads up, briefing with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is starting now with the White House Press Corps gossip columnists.

  26. Yep. That speech was won-der-ful.

    I hope everyone who has criticized him sees it, or at least, reads it. President Obama really CARES, and really UNDERSTANDS.

  27. I am nervous, too. Can’t wait for it to be done.

    I think there will be a lot of soul searching by some in the media — that if they have such a thing.

    I am looking for lots of articles at the end of this year to give this president his just due.

    But more importantly, I am waiting for a book from someone like Jonathan Alter, to tell us how all of this was done in the background, even as people complained that the president was dragging his feet on DADT.

    OK, come on with START. Let’s get it done!!

  28. Did you guys here about the last-minute dick move the Republicans have pulled to try to block the DADT repeal?

    Quoting my blog (since I can’t access Balloon Juice from work):

    The move, included as an amendment to the bill to fund the military, would require FOUR military service chiefs to sign-off on the certification process required by the repeal. Since one of the four is homophobe Marine Corps chief General James Amos, it could potentially prevent the repeal from moving forward.

    As I said: dick move.

  29. What a beautiful speech by our president. I am feeling super patriotic this morning and super proud of my president. You can tell this was very close to his heart.

    I am wearing my OBAMA FOR YO MAMA tee under my cardigan today and I feel even more proud wearing it today than I did 2+ years ago when I got it. I never thought it was possible for me to feel more proud of my Pres. Seeing change occur before my very eyes is humbling and brings on emotional feelings. I was gonna wear my big f*ing deal one but decided to stick with my 1st Obama tee. God bless America and our POTUS.

  30. Please let there be a way to support 911 Responders as well today too. If it’s too “expensive” to take care of these people, like one very insensitive person said on the radio today, then we shouldn’t even have a Government at all.

    There should have been marches over this and way more activism. Who knows how many more people would have died without the firefighters and police helping people down the stairs and out the door, not to mention shooing people away from falling debris. And those who lost loved ones who at least know they are dead and found something to bury.

    Wonderful speech by Obama about the ending of DADT. I’m just old enough to remember people first coming out of the closet and the first gay publications and the first tumult. Speaking of tumult, I wonder what Anita Bryant thinks now? There was also a similar tumult when women were allowed to do things in the military besides being nurses.

  31. The vote should be there given the cloture vote and I assume Bayh can’t weasel out of this vote, and Gregg has indicated he’ll support it as well and both were absent for the cloture vote meaning the 67 that voted for cloture plus Bayh and Gregg bring it up to 69.

    It will only need 66 votes to ratify as Sen. Wyden is home getting treatment for prostate cancer.

    It will be interesting to see which other votes are picked up. I’d love to see this get into the 80 vote area, but that seems to be asking too much.

  32. “We are not a nation that says, ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell,’ ” Mr. Obama told the audience. “We are a nation that says, ‘Out of many, we are one.’ ” ~ President Barack Obama at the signing of Repeal of DADT

  33. She was elected as an independant. She’s not afraid of the extremists of her party, because she doesn’t need them to be elected. She’s FREE.

    I bet many republicans in Congress envy her.

    The next few years are going to be very interesting. The “sane” republicans are going to try to gain control back. I don’t think they’ll endure the craziness much longer. If they’re not able to take their party back, maybe they’ll try to form a new party with the Blue Dogs.

  34. She also knows that she owes her election to a lot of Democrats who were afriad a vote for the Dem candidate would lead to Miller be elected. Nonetheless, she is a conservative who will continue to caucus with the Republcians who will decide what committee assignments she gets. I wouldn’t count on her any more than I would on Snowe and Collins. Once the new Congress starts she will try to get her pound of flesh for every vote she casts for anything Obama wants.

    Besides, on many of the key issues, legislation has to come from the House and the Senate3 may not have a lot coming from them there to work on.

  35. I mean really how would any of them be able to ask a question if they didn’t have whatever the Republicans were complaining about on any given day as input. And I really love it when they ask for feedback on something that the half term governor has tweeted. I don’t know how Robert Gibbs stands them.


  37. Maybe if the progressives, lead by FDL, hadn’t attacked Lieberman’s wife, he wouldn’t have been as much as an asshole on HCR. Maybe if the progressives hadn’t before that slapped around Snowe, we wouldn’t have needed either Lieberman or Nelson when the time came.

    Who knows what we could have gotten if the President and Democrats had gotten support and positive pressure instead of MONTHS of in-fighting and negativity and primary challenge threats? And they still haven’t learned…

  38. It’s Sarah Palin that’s obsessed with POTUS like a jealous ex, yet he hasn’t even acknowledged her presence during the past two years, other than to say she’s not experienced in foreign policy.

    Sarah Palin has become the new media darling, along with Brisket. The media keeps on reporting on what that family does because the media loves white trash families and is also why they fawned over President Bush and the Bush daughters. You never saw the Press corps asking Bush the hard questions, it was more like they were hanging out with him at a bar and had a few drinks.

  39. This lame duck legislation, is all that will pass for the next two years. Other than the crs every 3 months, this is it! Maybe a waterdowned version of energy, but that is it! Although, this has been a very good lame duck, HISTORIC! Lame duck my ass!

  40. They practice lazy journalism and I think Gibbs is well aware. I can only imagine the conversations he carries on in his head when dealing with them.

  41. Africa, the base has always had President Obama’s back. He still has a core base of support. We’ve just been lied on by people with an outlier viewpoint who want the moral authority of speaking for us so that they can selfishly have their agenda front and center, without regard to how we really think and feel. And this has resulted in spectacles like poison memes in the lefty national media, and Democratic legislators who have utterly misread their constituencies and have chosen to grandstand with the frustrati rather than doing the right thing (I’m still amazed, in a bad way, at my Rep in a very Caribbean immigrant-heavy district who chose to grandstand on the tax cut deal without regard for the need to clear the legislative session to make some movement on DREAM; I am serious in my hope that she is primaried so that we may obtain some representation which reflects us as constituents rather than HuffPo or DailyKos).

    I thank God and just kiss the ground for emerging spaces like this where we can collect our thoughts without the distraction of a small yet determined group of people who cause such diversion of focus.

  42. They are predisposed to hurl abuse at this President. I believe that they should rightfully be ignored and left to stew in that bitterness until such time as they see fit to engage in introspection. There are some extremely sketchy and shady people who have been allowed to control content in some spaces of the lefty new media. I’m talking about people who say things like “hip to the negro groove” or accuse African Americans of hiding behind “victim’s privilege” (I have had several people make this accusation to me for the “offense” of defending President Obama from their rage, venom, and lies that he is homophobic).

    It is what it is, and this content is only important if we continue to legitimize it by pretending that this is anything but an outlier viewpoint from the vantage point of the base.

  43. More Good News!!

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) — The U.S. economy grew at a slightly faster pace during the third quarter than previously estimated, driven by an increase in business investment, the government said Wednesday.

    Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the nation’s economic activity, grew at an annual rate of 2.6% in the three months ended in September, according to the Commerce Department, up from the previous reading of a 2.5% rise.

    Economists expected the third reading of third quarter GDP, which is a measure of goods and services produced in the United States, to tick up to 2.7%, according to a consensus of economist opinion from Briefing.com.


  44. The smarmy Jake Tapper makes skid marks away from DADT Repeal and tries and find inconsistencies with President Obama on gay marriage. You know, we can’t dwell too long on this historic day.

    I know there is supposed to be a healthy tension between the White House and the press. But Tappers question was a great example of what President Obama has had to deal with for the last two years. The media always looks for the negative angle of every story.

  45. You’re so right about the counterproductive nature of FDL’s poison “advocacy.” It was utterly misguided, particularly that attempt to get Lieberman’s wife fired. No amount of frustration with this man should have resulted in that type of IRL harassment. That type of behavior is out of the extreme right’s playbook and is a very poor and counterproductive tactic for liberals.

  46. Wonderful day, and couldn’t be happier to share it in the company of the pragmati! Happy Wednesday everyone, and thanks a million to the President and legislative Dems for taking another huge step towards progress for GLBT Americans!

  47. Controversy sells, that’s why the media is milking the shit out of the Lindsay Lohan sagaa and the “fight” that Sarah Palin is having with FLOTUS, even though that fight is very much one sided with Sarah Palin inflating her already inflated ego.

    But I’m suspecting that fight is because Sarah is jealous that Michelle is married to a smart man and she (Palin) is “married” to a dumbass. We ain’t seen Sarah and Todd together as of late, which leads me to believe it’s a marriage in name only.

    Just another white trailer trash family for the media/press corps to fawn over, just like they did with President Bush and his family.

  48. Another reporter questions whether it was appropriate for President Obama to recognize the hard work of Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer and Majority Leader Harry Reid at the DADT ceremony. Unbelievable.

    Another reporter wants to know what the president will be doing in Hawaii. Wow, what a difficult question?

    Like I said, gossip columnists.

  49. And none of them asked the same of President Bush: “What is he going to be doing in Crawford at the ranch?” “What is he going to be doing at Camp David?”

    These gossip columnists act as if President Obama has been on vacation the entire past two years of his presidency, yet fawned over President Bush who was virtually ON vacation his entire Presidency! If he wasn’t on vacation physically, he sure was mentally!

  50. So much for the Reich wing media claim of Obama’s economic plans making the economy worse.

  51. They’ll just claim that New START was going to pass anyways IN SPITE OF Obama, that he had nothing to do with it.

    Just like they’ll take credit when the economy improves a year from now, they’ll say that the economy recovered DESPITE Obama’s attempts to destroy it. That’s how much the reich wing will deny Obama credit, their modus operandi is to ensure Obama is a failed President.

  52. Unless it literally changes the moment I post this ;-), it’s interesting that on HP the current front page headline is about a Kaplan University/WaPo money scandal, and not PBO’s signing the repeal of DADT. That historic news is covered in a regular article.

    And even if HP had the DADT repeal signing up as headline for a nano-second (which I didn’t see, because I went there on the heels of Chris Matthews ending his DADT coverage), why isn’t it still up? It’s historic.

    As many others have noted, it’s like the PL (except for Rachel) can’t acknowledge they were wrong, and the vitriol/mass hysteria was not necessary. Criticism is fine, but what we witnessed/continue to witness is not that… That said, by Booman’s posting and several others I’ve seen, I think the pushback by the “pragmati” (love that term ;-), is in full effect…

  53. I feel incredibly blessed to bear witness to this point in history. Moreso to make even the slightest contribution to creating this wonderful time of needed change.

  54. I think the professional media get caught in a bubble of DC opinion and the few who try to see outside of it rely on places like DK to gauge what the country is thinking. We all know that DK has gone off the rails and no longer represents the base of Democrats (if it ever did) but until recently there weren’t a lot of choices of places for journalists to get a feel for what people were thinking. I think they were genuinely surprised to hear the results of the polling that showed that the noise they had been hearing from what they thought was the base, was actually representing only a very, very small portion of the people on the left.

    Thankfully, all the vitriol and misrepresentation at DK and other older, established sites, has led to a wonderful development – the establishment of new sites that reflect the views of many more people and hopefully this will give the media a chance to better evaluate public opinion. I think the smart ones will try at least and I definitely count Rachel as one of the smart ones.

  55. This is absolutely historic. Everything about this point in political history is. Utterly amazing; this President has exceeded my expectations which were sky high.

  56. great. i SO agree! i love Booman Tribune. I am so glad that this site is here and ThePeoplesView and Eclectablog. It is true i dont understand why people go after Obama when they could be going after the republicans for their non stop obstructionism or going after MSM for not telling the real story and creating false equivalencies.

  57. Nope, because as per usual, they did not read or listen to the Nobel Committee’s explanation for why that award was granted, and thus went off on rants and tangents about American foreign policy excesses without having an adequate comprehension or understanding of why the Committee chose this action. POTUS is too modest, but getting the ball rolling on reducing nuclear weaponry is so major that it cannot adequately be expressed in words.

  58. Let’s be frank: were POTUS vetoing this legislation, there would be screaming headlines everywhere.

    It’s up to us to create alternative sources of information because we’re simply not well served by some of the larger spaces in the lefty new media. Just being here and sharing thoughts/views is a significant step in the right direction.

  59. Bill Press, who to me is a perfect picture of the sanctimonious left, today said the lame duck turned into a soaring eagle. I may disagree with him on some issues, but he was spot on with that description./

  60. POTUS is too modest and I wish he would toot his own horn a little bit more. But of course if he did, then he would become arrogant with the words “black man” left unspoken but clearly intended.

  61. This is extremely well-said, lila. It’s very easy to get thrown off course by some of the larger media spaces indeed. It’s terrific that we’re creating a solution in terms of showcasing an alternative viewpoint, one which happens to be incredibly popular within the Democratic base.

  62. Agreed. He’s darned if he does, darned if he doesn’t. And I think that modesty is a choice for him. My thought is that someone that talented could easily become conceited and disconnected from other people if he chose to allow his ego greater reign.

  63. I just watched the DADT repeal signing ceremony and speech. I cried as it was very moving and very powerful.

    The President’s speech was amazing.

  64. We will all be holding our breaths. Some smart one in the media will look for some way to discredit him.

    And true to form, they are so predictable. Around the world, people recognize the strentgh and leadership of President Barack Obama.

    We have friends in Europe who can’t understand what they read about how this president is treated. Go figure.

    I hope he gets some well deserved rest on this vacation.

    Thank you, President Obama.

  65. We can’t wait for them. Let’s do it ourselves. I am less computer savvy, but for those with Facebook, twitter, etc., please spread the word.

    I have sent links of this site and most of the others on the blog roll here to everyone I know, even those that don’t agree with me about this president.

  66. I cried too. You could feel the energy in the room. It was a mixture of relief, joy and pride. Maybe, and I add this with love — a bit of disbelief.

    I am proud to be a member of the “Pragmati”.

  67. I agree. I know that the president’s base reaches way outside of the people who raise their voices the loudest and think that they are his base. I am noticing these couple of days, these noisy people are lowering their decible. No doubt they will be showing their ugly heads soon.

    But GN, What has grated me though, is what I noticed from elected leaders, etc. Ever since I have lived in this country, I have seen people act as surrogates for other presidents and I have seen them speak up for the president when he was being hit.

    Yet, even during the campaign, it seemed like the president was always out there on his own. Few of these people came out to push back. For me personally, it was just fraustrating and disappointing.

    As for the frustrati, I really don’t take those folks seriously.

    I know that as much as they want us to believe that they are President Barack Obama’s base, they are not.

    I am just truly filled with joy at the resiliency of this president. Despite the obstacles and road blocks thrown in his path, and despite the disrespect and everything else, he has perservered. It just amazes me in a most appreciative way.

    That’s why I get so frustrated when it just seemed like he had only a few people that could go go bat for him.

    But I too, am grateful for this site, the People’s View, Eclectablog, BWN and WSY, (although for some reason, my limited computer savvy gives me hell when I try to navigate WSY) as an avenue to push back against the distortions.

  68. This is incredibly well said. Hopefully, elected Dems will wise up and tune out the frustrati megaphone; a united Democratic front could prove miraculous during these next two years of political conversation.

    (I hope that your issues resolve; I would love love love to see you join the WSY community!)

  69. HaH! Listening to the Treaty debate and, lo and behold, Corker has praised the Obama administration. He said that the administration has solved problems for the people who will vote for the Treaty, but even more have solved problems for the people who they know will not vote for the Treaty. Bi-partisanship rules.

  70. And what happened in North Korea this past week is another reason (I think) that the Nobel committee had more confidence in President Obama’s efforts toward making the world a more peaceful place than his detractors. His detractors, as usual, were looking at the issue from a short-term POV, while the Nobel committee and the president are taking the long-term POV. He always seems to be miles ahead of his critics.

  71. I’m basically at the point now where I don’t even want to hear the complaining and griping.

    Indeed – we have to put up with Geert Wilders, but at least you have someone who *thinks*.

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