Fierce Advocate!

Did you see this speech? DID YOU SEE IT??? This was something else.

For we are not a nation that says, “don’t ask, don’t tell.” We are a nation that says, “Out of many, we are one.”  We are a nation that welcomes the service of every patriot.  We are a nation that believes that all men and women are created equal.   Those are the ideals that generations have fought for.  Those are the ideals that we uphold today.  And now, it is my honor to sign this bill into law. 

Full script here.



134 thoughts on “Fierce Advocate!

  1. thank you so much for posting the speech and the video bwd.. I’m ashamed to admit I overslept this morning and missed out on the live signing. I’m listening to cspan.. and the speeches on START now.. so will watch this video after that is finally voted on.

    What a Christmas week America is having~

  2. Lord, I’m crying again. I cried this morning and now BWD has gone and made me cry again.

    It’s a great day. A great day for all Americans. And we could not have had this day without the hard work and perseverance of a great man.

    BTW, I thought this would fit nicely here:

    “UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – The United States succeeded on Tuesday in getting the United Nations to restore a reference to killings due to sexual orientation that had been deleted from a resolution condemning unjustified executions.”

    Fierce advocate indeed.

  3. Passed it on. Loved the two pictures of Barney Frank. Would love to have had an interview with him right after the signing.

  4. Yes, that pic is really was the entire ceremony. Words fail me at this point..thanks BWD for this site. Thanks to all my fellow Obama supporters (the real progressives) who help to maintain sanity amidst hysteria. Thanks to our congressmen and women who worked tirelessly this last several weeks, esp Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:)

  5. Made me cry too.. and haven’t even watched it yet.. just the weepy happy relieved faces of the folks in the pictures is enough to remember how these bills, these CHANGES effect real lives.. and how President Obama always seems to keep that foremost in his sights.

  6. I thought so too…almost teared up looking at the strong emotion on all those in the pics. I am such a sentimental softie too.

  7. Queen Huff and Puff can’t even find the courage to make this signing the main thread on her blog, and myself and many other posters are pointing that out over there.

    It’s pathetic that she has an ego so humongous that she lacks the courage to admit that she was wrong to attack the President multiple times and credit Obama with this difficult and well deserved victory.

    Rachel Maddow did it, why can’t she?

  8. That jumped out to me as well. I love the joy on these faces. Barney Frank has put in quite a spectacular legislative performance during this historic 111th Congress, and it is terrific seeing him so overcome.

  9. Yep.

    That picture got the tears rolling and the next couple took it to gushers.

    We all know that Barney will never join the military. So all I can think about is how powerful it is to tell someone “you belong” after so many years of exclusion.

  10. Thank god for this website!!! I’m at work and can only check every so often what’s going on! Can’t wait to see the video when I get home!!!

  11. It seems like that entire administration is full of people with just these great smiles. It’s uncanny. I remember picking up on that when viewing pictures of Dr. Chu grinning ear to ear. But all of them: Michelle, the weeMichelles and MamaMichelle, the Bidens—they have these gorgeous smiles.

  12. good grief – listening to Kyl on START.. and its waaa waaa waaa.. what a pathetic character he is, crying about the process: too much, too short of time.. IRAN!! N Korea!!! The President!! Christmas!!

  13. Thank you!!! I made the mistake of following a twitter link that referenced progressives complaining that he signed the bill today. Found myself in FDL comment hell.

    I knew that the only way to wash that vile taste away was a trip to my “happy place.”

    The pictures are amazing. Harry Reid posted a fabulous photo himself – giving Lt Dan Choi back his West Point ring.

    This is a good day for us all!!

    BWD – Thanks for all you do 🙂


  14. What an inspiration is our president!!

    An example of integrity, resilience, and gracious persistence wrapped in compassionate respect…

    A global girl am I and our President makes me proud to be an American!

  15. I think its the sincerity we see. Looking at POTUS and VP Biden smiling at the same time.. FLOTUS and Mrs. Biden.. all beautiful smiles, and so willing to express them often and appropriately.

  16. Finally! Finally, this great man gets what he deserves! ACCOLADES!!! Well deserved! From people in our country who are directly benefitting from his election and KNOW it! At last, the spin-meisters of our corporate media have just kept their f’ng mouths SHUT and people can see for themselves what this president is doing for them.

    If the corporate media wasn’t busy hiding or bashing everything this president does or says 24/7, his popularity would be through the roof!

    LIVE LONG AND STRONG, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!! We thank you and we LOVE you!

  17. That was wonderful. Loved when he finished all the signing, and just very matter-of-fact, declared “done,” banged his palm once on the desk, and up he rose to, you know, get more shit done.

  18. Kyl shows he’s more concerned about going on vacation than he is about actually getting things done.

    “Not enough time,” he’s had since May of this year, how much more time does he need?

    And the bluster of Iran and North Korea is just plain old GOP fearmongering: “this treaty doesn’t allow us enough nukes to blow them up 100 times over!”

    But, the man has to be a partisan and act like a whining bitch to impress his far right constituents who eat this shit up.

  19. Love that MOZ: , declared “done,” banged his palm once on the desk, and up he rose to, you know, get more shit done

    PERFECTLY said.

  20. One more Clinton mess cleaned up (first two were success in passing HCR and passing a new FinReg law to fix the repeal of Glass-Steagall).

    You’re welcome, Bill! You know how to handle the press, I’ll give you that, but Obama knows how to get shit done.

  21. Cursoring over the photos, reading one caprtion after another “FORMER MILITARY.” Huge grievance made right. Seeing all those military haircuts, knowing each and every one of them would take a bullet for POTUS. Not patriotic, not worthy, my a**.

  22. Finally he’s done.. Senator Kerry up- I can live with Kyl in order to get to Kerry, such a good and decent soul, imo.

  23. So true, but I’m in such a good mood that I can’t even beat up on Clinton. He got the ball rolling on some matters; make no mistake: I couldn’t agree less with the politics of triangulation, but he did what he did, and he is one shoulder of many on which POTUS stands and which made this current WH possible. I also firmly believe that Hillary set the precedent for a non-meek, non-cookie cutter FLOTUS and I appreciate that. I couldn’t be happier that POTUS made it through the primaries though; just a historic presidency in so many respects and for so many reasons. Here’s to hoping that we can convince the media to continue to credit President Obama’s near-unbelievable achievements and take our point of view into account when digesting the thoughts and feelings of the Democratic base.

  24. Hopefully Arizona finds a better challenger for him than Glassman was for McCain. I wonder if Gabby Giffords would give up her house seat to take a shot.

  25. Thanks for this BWD. Along with the START treaty and the 9/11 first responders bill being passed later on today(crossing my fingers), this has been a pretty flipping awesome Christmas. And to boot, Pres Obama’s rating went from 20-29% with Moderate Republicans in just the last two weeks. Granted that is not HUMONGOUS, but it could make the difference in 2012.

    I was just thinking of Andrew Sullivan’s Road Runner storyline he has on Obama. And when you think about it….he is totally right.

    Think about it?

    How else could the President prove that Republicans are only for the wealthy, other than compromising on his belief that upper class tax cuts should expire , but he had to because the Repubs would hold the middle class tax cuts “hostage”. In some quarters some guffawed that Obama compared the Repubs to hostage takers, but it worked. In the CNN poll, more than a majority (I think 59%) think the bill does too much for the Rich, but over 70% still supported the bill. So no longer could the Repubs hide behind the we want tax cuts for the middle class BS or their ever present small business champion banner, because everyone knows that what they REALLY mean the wealthy.

    Also, Obama brought along the public(Indies, Dems, Repubs) for DADT repeal. He is also did it in a way that brought the military in, which could have doomed the entire thing. I don’t have numbers but I am sure the support for DADT repeal was not as high as it is now when Bush was in office. And look DADT repeal goes through and Obama’s approval goes up. Meep Meep.

    And even with the 9/11 bill, thanks in large part to Jon Stewart, you see how asinine the Repubs are behaving…yes for over 70 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy but heavens forbid a tenth of that goes to the heroes of 9/11. And to top it off complaining that you have to work near Christmas, (in my sarcastic voice) Oh noes…not near Christmas, who does that anymore (try everyone not working for the FEDS)?

    SO, it’s like this the President gives you a rope and walks away. You can either back away from the rope or you can…well you get the picture. Meep Meep.

  26. President made this congress work. They have worked like no other congress.He kept them busy.

  27. I love Barney Frank, and it really is great to see him get to celebrate something that means so much to him.

    This was just a beautiful ceremony. I was laughing at all the applause and cheers (MOZ, when I first read your great comment, I thought it said “SINGING” and I said to myself, shoot, I missed the singing??), and crying for all those whose lives this action will change — and probably save. So proud to be an Obama supporter, and so grateful for BWD and this wonderful place!

  28. Joe Biden is presiding over the Senate vote.

    Vote on 9/11 first responders and START coming up soon.

  29. It appears they’re getting ready to vote on START.. what a day, a superb day for the history books. Both DADT & SMART are World Changing issues.

    World Changing.. yep got your HOPE & your CHANGE right here brothers and sisters 😉

  30. If the feckless traditional media had been shining a light on the Republican Party obstruction of the START Treaty, we might not be here at the eleventh hour. This should never have been this hard and it should never have taken this long.

    The Republican Party has allowed their unhinged hatred of President Obama to trump the safety and security of the American people. As Senator Kerry said one day during the debate: Is there no shame?

    It’s shocking. This should have been a no brainer. But the world waits on pins and needles because the Republican Party is putting petty partisan politics before the security of the country. It’s a sight to behold. Again, maybe these Republicans need to read the senate oath of office again.

  31. Seems like 9/11 first Responders bill was passed with unanimous consent.

    START vote happening now!

  32. Damn straight tulips.. yes he did. Man are they gonna love him in 2011, heh! Repubs better pull up their socks. 😉

  33. Kudos and accolades all around! And may I point out one more picture I find especially worthy: the shot of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi hugging each other with huge smiles. These are two of the most worthy yet unsung heroes of the struggle, imo. Consider the amount of abuse that has been heaped up them from both “left” and “right” then look at these faces! They just kept shoving the garbage aside and keepin’ on keepin’ on until they got ‘er done! That is so admirable, imo.

    Oh, and for the loud, whiny, obnoxious, “rofessional” left:

    Merry Christmas, and get a life.


  34. DOMA will have to be settled though the courts, no way it would get through the House now, and the Senate would be a very tough slog as well.

    I wonder if it could be fasttracked to the Supreme Court in any way.

  35. I think he just wants to be there for the last session of this congress and for this vote. It is, after all, a BFD.

  36. Dear BWD: In another post I mentioned one of the blogs I read regularly: Blacks for Barack by Greg Jones.. Greg has been a ‘fierce advocate’ for Barack Obama since the primaries.. I want to add that his blog was put into the Library of Congress after the Inaguration.. and today I read that he was invited to the signing of the Repeal of DADT today. I just thought you and folks ought to know that this too (Greg’s blog) is another wonderful clear-eyed view of this President and his administration.. and hopefully you’ll check it out.

  37. Totally agree. Both of them have taken SO much abuse from the extremists of both sides. To think that their approval numbers among the american people are so low. It’s completely, absolutely, unfair.

  38. McCain voted NAY on START. I despise that person. Good grief we literally saved our country when we voted in President Barack Obama.

  39. And one more thing: John McCain please let your ego continue to rule your actions, your motives are obvious.. and please sir let that ego rule you into thinking you have one more chance at the Presidency in 2012.. because I would like nothing better than to see Barack Obama beat you twice.

  40. START will be ratified. 12 Republicans have voted for it so far.


  41. It was such an emotional moment—-President Obama again in a big moment in history, smart, heartfelt, even humorous words, the jubilant audience. I thought it was so touching, as so many have dreamed about this day for so long, as this form of discrimination bites the dust, and with the leadership of President Obama we move ever closer to the promise of a more perfect union. “Out of many, one”.

  42. Thanks for the new positive blogs on President Obama. Props to the President, VP, Lieberman, Reid, Nancy, and all the service men and woman who keep this in the forefront. It is truly a wonderful day. Thank you BWD for the pictures and video, as usual you are GREAT! I am saddened by so many great house & senate Dems (not the blue dogs) who will not return in January. Thank you all for working so hard these past two years. I hope you find a place in the Obama administration. We need to work hard to put more progressive Dems and Independents in office 2012 so the GNOP can not over turn all the good policies that this president has put in place. Have a a happy holiday all. I hope after Start and 911 are passed, our president can join his family for a well deserved Xmas vacation. Love you ALL!

  43. The Senate just “consented to the resolution of ratification of the treaty” — isn’t that what we’ve been hoping for? It seemed so easy that I wasn’t sure it really happened! Woo hoo!

  44. HUH- only 26 fools in the senate voted nay on SMART. Keep those names handy, they should not be forgotten.

  45. Huffington used to be a conservative. Same with Ed Schultz. Both are merely opportunists with no real skin in the game. Most of the Professional Left are attention seekers first and foremost. Bomb throwers with no solutions. I don’t think it is a coincidence that all so-called left leaning media sources engaged in 24/7 bashing of democrats and President Obama during the past midterm election season. They did this to depress democratic turnout by depressing the base. They knew what they were doing. History will judge them harshly. They have zero credibility with me.

  46. Ah, and no holes for the GOP to exploit to undo the work.

    Takes time to get things right, especially things that have been this wrong for this long.

  47. McCain has become his caricature—-an angry, bitter, old man shaking his fists at clouds. It’s pitiful.

  48. Truly, what a day indeed, what a week for America, for the world.

    Dust off that Peace Prize Mr. President. make room for another.

  49. President Barack Hussein Obama continues to amaze. I remember being a little skeptical when he kept Gates as Defense Sec, and now we just had Gates and Mullen spearheading the repeal of DADT, basically eliminating any Repub/fake Dem obstructionism in the process. Brilliant. I’ve learned to trust this man’s ability to navigate the corrupt waters of the DeeCee cesspool.

    DADT repeal was a great effort by many, from Harry Reid to Lady GaGa, and I’m so glad President Obama doesn’t succumb to the incessant, often-wrong sniping from the Lady BlahBlahs that claim to speak for the Left.

    What an honor it is to live during this time and see this man and his better half lead this country. This is one of the most important Presidencies in history, and we get to watch it unfold right before our eyes, and learn from it as each of us make decisions in our own lives. Fired up!

  50. It’s really the only way given California and Maine voted it down on ballot propositions – not exactly the deep bigoted South, and Iowa’s judges that voted to legalize it were promptly voted out in November.

    There is going to be no political will behind it in Congress.

  51. Spot on MOZ! Our President has to keep cleaning up everybody else’s messes. On to the next one!

  52. Sometimes I think it is against the law for the MSM to criticize anything the Republicans do (unless there can be a false equivilency with some Democratic misdeeds). The marketing genius who came up with claiming the media has a liberal bias has done more to help the GOP than anything outside of the abolition of the equal time rule. Now the MSM feels the need to disprove this non-existent liberal bias by any means necessary. As a result President Obama is always under attack by the MSM and the GOP gets a free ride.

  53. 71 votes. Not bad. Had the republicans not behaved like sore losers, it should have been higher.

    Listening to Nora O’Donnell right now. Those reporters are simply stenographers for the talking points of parties. Saying the republicans were complaining about the lack of time. HELLO ?? How difficult would it be to explain what happened, all the stalling, the obstructionism ??

    Earlier this afternoon, she also parroted the arguments of the GOP re: missile defense. No analysis, no fact-checking. They’re making me nuts.

    For the record, I think that on matters of policy, when the reporters like Nora don’t push back against distorsions, it’s not necessarily because they’re cowards or corrupted. They’re often CLUELESS about the substance. So they don’t even know what follow-up question to ask !!!

    Makes me nuts.

    Sorry for the rant. I’ll stop now.

    CONGRATULATIONS to the WH, the State Department, and the Pentagon for all their good work !!!

  54. Very true. In retrospect it was brilliant for Pres. Obama to keep Gates as Sec of Def.. Obama had a Sec of Def. originally appointed by a republican president fight inside the Pentagon for repeal of DADT. No Sec of Def. appointed by Obama would have been taken seriously on this issue. Ladies and Gentlemen, our President has the best political mind and instincts of any man to hold that office IMHO.

  55. This has been quite a week! The Republicans should have listened when they were advised not to count this President out after the election in November.

  56. How wonderful. President Obama said that during his very first meeting with Gates and Ad. Mullen, he talked to them about DADT.

    During their first meeting. If that doesn’t tell anyone that he was working to fulfill this promise, then.

    I so respect and am glad that this man is president on this day and time in the country.

    Thank you President Obama.

    “This is a man who keeps his word.” That’s what Lt. Victor Firendbach (sp) said about the president not too long ago.

    Go figure.

  57. It’d be hard for a Baja Arizonan to win statewide. Most of the population in the state in around Phoenix and Maricopa County. She’s my congresswoman and glad to have her.

  58. I took the liberty of sending your comments re: Nora O’Donnell to MSNBC. I saw it too.

  59. This President was meant for greatness and GREAT HE IS.

    I’m sooo happy to witness these moments in history , memories for a lifetime.

  60. Fantastic day, fantastic speech! This IS the change I voted for, hooray!!! I am so happy to see this law repealed, and what a moving speech. I’m so happy it’s President Obama who is making this happen, because of his approach to it, it’s happening in a way that is very strong and is totally marginalizing those fossils and bigots who would stand in the way of this progress. It’s almost impossible to believe this finally happened and he’s right, one day soon the whole country will be wondering why it took so long.

    So many great victories this past couple of weeks, it’s just grand. I feel so good tonight. The senate did a lot today! Whew. I’m off to try to find video of the president’ press conference from this afternoon now. I just can’t get enough. 🙂

    Thank you so much for being here Blackwaterdog, and everyone who has made this place take off. I read your comments every day, even though I don’t often take the time to add a comment myself, but I truly appreciate you all being here.

    The creation of this place is one of the things I’m most grateful for at the close of this interesting and eventful year.

  61. BWD,
    I went to to find more photos of this momentous occasion, but couldn’t find them. I clicked on photos and videos, but, alas, nothing. =(
    Do you have a link?

  62. that is so true! i never even thought of it that way before–it is critical that a Republican appointed SecDef was at the helm for this momentous change!

  63. Unbelievable story in these photos! Like many of you, I’m full of happy tears as I look through the photos. But one picture makes me laugh while crying… well, two of them actually: The pic of Nancy and Harry looking blissful, and then the pic of Mr. President and Harry as they look like they are going to dance off together in happiness!

    How can anyone not enjoy photos taken during historic moments coming out of the White House and Congress?

  64. Even we ordinary Feds work Christmas week and the week after. If you accumulate enough leave, sure you can take the week off (vacation) but otherwise you get the holiday and maybe a half day on the 24th.

  65. I did the same with the same result. But, I just noticed that if you run your cursor over the photos here, there are captions and credits. Many of these are from AP and Getty, so I guess we should check their sites. The photos are truly amazing!

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