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1. President Obama will sign DADT repeal into law tomorrow at 9:15 am. I’m sure he’s doing it so early in the morning because he hate the gays.

2. Check out this Deaniac’ post.

3. “I was spectacularly, over and over again, wrong”. Yes, you were, Rachel, but you’re probably the only one from the professional left who deserve to be forgiven.


4. In the name of trying to live up to president Obama’s example, i will not use any of the words i have for those who called this president “homophobic” and other crap – and just post this incredibly moving video, for those who have yet to see it:


5. More great news for John McCain?

NYT: Senate Support Builds for Pact on Arms Control


6. Yesterday the president signed the reauthorization of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) which includes the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA.) 

More here.


7. So many of the this president’s actions won’t be rightly appreciated until long after he’s out of office.

U.S. demand for gas declining



Eugene Robinson:

Obama Scores a Victory, Along With Some Vindication

President Obama must be tempted to respond to his progressive critics with a quote from the old-school rapper Kool Moe Dee: “How ya like me now?”

Repeal of the military’s bigoted and anachronistic “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on gays in the military—a campaign promise that seemed to be slipping out of reach—doesn’t fully mend the relationship between Obama and the Democratic Party’s liberal wing. But it’s a pretty terrific start.Progressives needed a clear, unambiguous victory to ease the sting of those extended tax cuts for the rich. They got one Saturday with the Senate’s historic vote to end “don’t ask, don’t tell”—and Obama won vindication for the slow, patient, step-by-step approach that drove gay and lesbian activists crazy but ultimately produced a stunning result.


…For President Obama and the left, this is an important milestone—a reminder that even in dysfunctional Washington, what Sarah Palin derided as “that hopey-changey stuff” can still produce real hope and change.

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  1. Pundits like robinson, rich are stick my finger in the wind weather vanes. IIRR, he was belating about how Obama was losing it just a coupla weeks back on the same DADT.

    When it’s a win, everyone wants to get on the groovy train I guess, never mind they were knee capping the train engineer.

  2. OMG, I am so utterly grateful for this extraordinary man and this extraordinary President. His impeccable integrity has led us forward in ways we could have never imagined just a few short years ago.

    He has forever changed my heart and mind about the basic goodness of someone in high office. I, too, am a pragmatist and I love his approach to governing even though I know it does drive people who want an easy and quick fix completely insane. But this is the kind of reward that comes when you take the time to do things carefully and wisely. His intentions are true.

    I love this man and all the deep cultural change he brings. May he and his beautiful family always be protected and blessed beyond measure.

    And that goes for you, too, BWD.

  3. Nice to see all these bills get through, the next two years are going to be yet another reminder for the ‘both-parties-are-the-same’ people about just how wrong they are.

  4. Thanks BWD!

    I really like Eugene Robinson’s article. “Vindication” indeed. Why so many people don’t understand that a patient, rational, systematic approach is often the best one to obtain results ?

    America has to rediscover the virtue of patience.

  5. Wasn’t that long ago when pundits like eugene and frank rich all wrote the pres off for his tax cuts and his message to the left. Not everyone wants to ride the bandwagon and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. I don’t think that HE should be the one to mend fences with that wing of the party, but being the nice guy that he is, he’ll do thing slik invite dan choi and others to the WH signing ceremony

  6. Thanks to you, BWD, I’ve discovered many interesting blogs. I particularly likes The People’s View, where Deniac writes. I love his article about DADT.

    I also found his previous article very interesting. The subject is the attack on President Obama about social security. Lots of technical information in there. Deniac’s article should go viral in my opinion. When the professional left goes into hyperventilation about SS next month, it will be important to confront hysteria with facts. Deniac’s article is a good start.

  7. Gawd, I love the Good News for John McCain thing. Everytime I see I think about Nov 4, 2008.

  8. I so agree with you. I sent it my friend who believes that Obama will gut SS and she sent me back Krugman!

  9. The Senate is about to finish debate on Start. Just heard a repeat of a speech by Lamar Alexander where he said he will vote for it and gave overarching reasons why the Treaty should be approved.
    Right now the Senate is voting on the temporary funding bill.

  10. The White House It Gets Better video is truly wonderful.

    I’m liking getting used to the implementation of pragmatism in Washington – it means all the talk and blustery stuff that is driving the country apart is hopefully, going to fade away. The timing of this could not be better.

  11. Lovepolitics, I’ll check out the earlier SS article. We will have to be armed with the facts and Deniac is level-headed.

    There is a lot of change coming from the President, but I want to help the first lady’s projects, too. If you can shop at a farmers market this year, I wish people at this forum would try it. Start a small vegetable garden this year. Compost vegetable food scraps in the garden to make your own soil. Write your local grocery an email and ask for more and better vegetables. They don’t get a lot of email and may respond.

  12. Another comment. The third one, ha !!

    After reading the NYT article re:START, I’m frustrated. With the modifications in the resolution re:missile defense, those damn republicans are going to be able to turn what was a political blow into an advantage. And McCain is going to do a LOT of posturing. Mark my words.

    The modifications are not necessary. I have plenty of confidence in Sec. Gates and Admiral Mullen. They said that everything was fine. But the republicans are always finding a way to make themselves look like the good guys. Substance and common sense are not important. Just optics.
    I HATE that they’re always finding a way out.

  13. Our President continues to be the Little President That Could.

    The UEI extention/middle class tax cuts, DADT repeal, and hopefully START extention.

    All despite the bluster from both sides in Washington.

    And the Republican field of candidates to challenge him in 2012 doesn’t look promising: Palin, Romney, Huckabee, Barbour.

    GOBAMA and BWD!

  14. When it’s a win, everyone wants to get on the groovy train I guess, never mind they were knee capping the train engineer.


    (*quoted for truth)

  15. At this point they don’t Grandpa McCain. They have enough votes. But I hope the President doesn’t placate McCain’s craziness just so he can get 80 votes…but I wouldn’t be surprised. Reminds of the quote I think I saw here, While People are looking for the high ground, the President is already there—-and probably willing to give a hand up–even if it is McCain.

  16. Two quick comments. And understand, I can’t see videos at work, so going a little blind.
    Comment one: Maddow should actually not just be forgiven but also given credit for openly and humbly stating she was wrong. All of us have at times gotten stuck on a point where we just believe X is never going to happen. We may get very vociferous about it. Not all of us can so willingly admit we were wrong.

    Comment two: From here on out, we really need to go after the Republicans.The next two years are going to be difficult to get anything through Congress of a progressive nature. Or even, in some ways, of a sane nature, and it won’t be because of those on the left who are complaining about Obama. It will be because of Republicans who don’t know how to tell the truth.

    The Republican Party is still seen by the average person as being strong on national security. However, they have been against, as a whole (some idnividuals aside) three very important national security issues including DADT, DREAM and START. All of those things are very important to our security.

    Yet never has there been a better example of party over country. And it is us, you and I, who have to spread the word. Do it by emails, do it by LTE’s, whatever it takes.

    2008 was a critical election and 2012 will be just as critical. I have no doubt Obama will win, but we will need to take back the House and increase seats in the Senate for it to matter.

    We can’t wait until October of 2012 to start our messaging. We have to start now.

  17. Just saw this on Queen Arianna’s page:

    Axelrod Discusses Whether Obama Could Survive 2012 Primary Challenge

    Why the heck is Axelrod even talking about a 2012 primary challenge? There isn’t a single credible Democrat who could challenge Obama and actually win, and the names being floated would only last two primaries at best before being defeated: Alan Grayson, Russ Feingold, and Bernie Sanders, who isn’t even a Democrat!

    Plus the accomplishments Obama has knocked out as of late essentially rules out a primary challenge. What would a Democrat running a primary challenge against Obama run on, reinstating DADT and ending Obama’s tax plan? Sounds more and more like the Republican Party platform to me!

  18. Like I stated, Maddow would only hate Obama until it comes to either supporting Obama or some right wing nut like Palin, Romney, Huckabee, or Barbour.

    She’s only back to loving Obama again until he gets re elected, and then she’ll go right back to hating his guts again for “not listening to his liberal base.”

    Too little too late for Maddow in my book.

  19. I wake up in the morning, get my coffee, and come to this beautiful place that I know will put a smile on my face as I wake and begin my day.So many things to smile about. I cried when I watched the “It Gets Better” video…and thought,you know that advice is good for anyone. Though LGBT’s struggle may be more difficult,letting someone know that they are valued and important is our job as human beings.. no matter who it is, everyone needs care and love to survive. I’m so proud of the President and everyone that worked hard to make this a reality…seems like it went against the grain of America from the beginning, but now it will be done.Can’t forget this struggle though, unless we want to be doomed to repeat the idiocy again in some other way…one step at a time in our nations march to full equality for all.
    I wonder what my friend thinks now…a teacher I worked with at school. She has since retired and I lost track of her…she doesn’t send me emails anymore because she got mad at the President for not doing enough for gay people…she should see Deaniac’s list.I wonder if she knows all this man has done. I kept telling her to be patient, that things don’t happen overnight, that they WILL happen under President Obama’s watch. She started out so hopeful when he was elected, and ended up bitter and ugly.Like the only thing he had to do was snap his fingers and it would be done.Fixed. No more gay issues to worry about.When that didn’t happen,she got nasty.I told her not to send me any more shitty emails complaining…so, I wonder how she like him now. Just saying.

  20. The professional “left” has been hyperventilating about Social Security ever since the deficit commission was instituted (which was not instituted to examine Social Security per se, which makes the unimaginative title “cat food commission” even sillier). I don’t particularly care for many of the members on the commission, and certainly am not in agreement with much of what they proposed, but does the professional “left” have any idea about how many of these commissions have been instituted in years past and what the results were? I realize for those who get their feelings of self-worth from their self-righteous wrath that it is important to have an object, but it seems there are plenty of objects for wrath without them being manufactured from vague rumors and suppositions.

  21. Exactly, adn then seh had on doctor doom last night to tell us all to commit suicide! NICE job for guest selection, jeesh!

  22. All good suggestions, lorray, and may I also suggest Community Supported Agriculture, if there is one in your area? One pays a lump sum at the beginning of the year and then receives a share of the farm’s produce every week. Ours is an incredible bargain, a wide variety of vegetables (and sometimes fruit), all organic, and for a reasonable price.

  23. I just don’t get the whole “every word that falls from Krugman’s lips are pearls of wisdom” idol worship. Economists prognosticate via theory, i.e., their ish may or may not work. I know he won the Nobel prize and all…

  24. Spector’s good-bye speech

    “Not a farewell address but a closing arguement on his views on how we got to partisan gridlock and how to get out of it”…on now. This ought to be both weird and interesting.

  25. But, she is always an alarmist. Remember she was trying to convince all of us that Hillary was going to take it to the convention floor! yeah right!

  26. I resent the inference from anyone that the President is in trouble with the “liberal wing of the Democratic Party” or with “progressives”. My values put me, and most of my friends, firmly in this camp, and he is in trouble with none of us. This is an urban myth that we should take down at every opportunity.

  27. Got an e-mail from a friend:
    “revisionist haley barbour was quoted as saying segregation was not too bad and his charming brother complained that ‘blacks arent listening to white people like hey used to’….barbour also tried to make the ‘white citizen councils’ look like civic groups…”

    I can predict Barbour will not be the nominee for the goppers.

  28. “America has to rediscover the virtue of patience.” How true is that…I haven’t seen patience out of anyone since I was a little kid! We live in an instantaneous society, we have no patience for much of anything, do we? The fact that this President sees all the layers of complicated issues, ones we don’t see. or choose not to, and he takes the time to DO THINGS RIGHT THE FIRST TIME (swear I want that on my urn of ashes when I die)drives people NUTS! Actually, what he does is really good practice for us to get out of the “I want it now” mode…we tend to get crazy when there’s a big gap of time when things don’t go the way we want, or as quickly as we’d like…thus, the vacuum gets filled with the haters and the doubters screaming louder and louder to a fever pitch…and the President still keeps his eyes on the prize, inching ever closer…until he gets it done. Love that!!!The others will never learn though. Mark my words.

  29. I’m beginning to wonder why these gay/lesbian folks are angry at Obama for taking so long to repeal a law that was begun by President Clinton. I don’t recall this level of outrage against President Clinton for signing DADT into law in the first place, or the same bunch of folks attempting to pressure President Bush to repeal DADT. It’s only under President Obama that they are angry, even though he isn’t responsible for DADT passing in the first place!

  30. The biggest obstacles for President Obama have been

    1) The feckless media for whom the only good news about President Obama is bad news.

    2) The senate is broken because of the Republican Party abuse of the filibuster and secret holds.

    3) Some purists in the base and on the professional left for whom instant gratification is not fast enough.

    The realists and the pragmatists have never left Presdent Obamas side. He always said that change would not be easy and it would not be quick. It’s all about the long game.

  31. Giving credit where credit is due is not the same as agreeing with everything that person does or giving a complete pass.

    I disagreed with Bush on virtually everything and think he was one of our worst Presidents. At the same time I give him credit for attempting to do something actually positive with our immigration policy.

  32. HMM!@ Unfortuantely, and this is not a right wing talking point, their might be a divide with AA and the gay community!
    Just asking!

  33. Arlen Specter is giving his farwell address. He is calling them out about the fillibusters and the ways of congress.

  34. Like it or not, the GOP shares the same bigoted values and views that Barbour does, so if Palin isn’t their nominee, bet on Barbour, although the establishment is pushing for Romney.

    And if Barbour ends up being their nominee, it would be virtually easy for Obama to paint Barbour as another Bush clone, seeing as Barbour has the same thick accent that Bush does, and shares even more bigoted values and beliefs that Bush does.

    It could get extremely ugly though, especially with the whole Secessionist Dinner that the GOP held in South Carolina last night. The Republicans are openly admitting they are the party of the old Confederacy and want to bring those days back.

  35. But I agree that, overall, he is terrible at messaging and Plouffe should be a big improvement. Actually, I think the next two years should be easier for messaging as he will be dealing with a do-nothing Congress and can, hopefully, paint them (the Republicans) in a very bad light.

  36. I totally agree. I like Axelrod, but I always cringed when he was doing an interview. He has a very halting style and could never seem to get the message across clearly and succinctly.

    I am really looking forward to seeing more of David Plouffe. He is one of my favorites. He seems incredibility disciplined. I think we are going to see better messaging with David.

  37. When the new Republicans try to cut the budget they will discover the harsh reality that the military takes 60% of the budget. Then there is Social Security and Medicare. Very little is left after that. This is not a reality-based group, so this will come as a shock, but then they will have to cope, and we might get some much-needed military cuts.

  38. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder how many stupid questions will be asked by the White House Press Corps today?

  39. Well, the HOUSE GOP yesterday said that they will try and cut the budget by 20%, regardless of how it affects the economy! So, they have no remorse and only care about them rich folk!

  40. I just love love love the “it gets better” videos. I’m not at all a fan of Dan Savage for reasons that I will not get into here, but his idea was simply brilliant.

    It is beyond meaningful for kids to see a President of the United States, telling them to hang in there and not take their precious lives because they are in a challenging time. If these videos save one life (and I bet they will), they’re beyond worthwhile.

  41. I know the Republicans can’t be shamed or embarrassed, but this is really good to see. Somebody needed to say this out loud.

  42. LOL! I guess Warner and chambliss are putting together a deficit reductiuon bill! A silly task in the middle of a recession, but they will shut down the govt, they have no remorse, so, we gotta get out in front of this!

  43. First, Axelrod cannot hit the door fast enough for me. He should have been kept to the campaign side of things or at the very least, been removed from communications/strategy etc. after health care. I’m just sayin’.

    I think I have a different view of folks like Eugene Robinson and Rachel Maddow etc. I believe Eugene expressed disappointment with President Obama because he was disappointed, as was Rachel. But, their willingness to give him credit when he is due and admit when they were wrong confirms my opinion that they push because they want the President to be better and/or they have a short-sighted view of strategy and what is possible.

    To me that’s different than those on the right who criticize to destroy President Obama, or those on the left like Hamsher, Tavis Smiley and Cornel West (yes, I am mentioning both of these jackass–don’t get me started) who do not want to see the president succeed, evidenced by their refusal to acknowledge anything good he may have done to harp only on the negative.

    I guess it would look better if Eugene owned up to saying he was one of the critics that the president should pop his collar and say “How ya like me know?” lol But, at least he’s giving him credit.

    I think it was very smart to save START till the end because it has left the Republicans vulnerable and transparent. START is a “no-brainer” issue, ya know? There’s no reason other than vindictiveness not to ratify it. Same with the 9/11 bill…Unlike DADT, Dream etc….It was wise for Reid, Pres. Obama etc to get the heavy lifting done first.

    “How ya like me now?” Indeed.

  44. That is what pundits do. They react to what they they feel the public wants to hear.

    I thought the article was okay. I did make the mistake of reading the comments. Holy Cow. Ugly. They were obviously written by uberprogressives. It seems as if they are every where.

  45. Totally spot on!! I agree with both your points. That’s what differentiates the reasonable from a-holes The ability to admit when you’re wrong!

    I also think we as a Democratic Party should stop fighting each other and pick real fights against the Tea Party and Republicans.

    Ironically on dailyfox, the front page used to make fun of republicans and tea partiers primaquine each other and joke about “eating their own”.

    Ironically those idiots on dailyfox do the exact SAME thing!!! By excoriating President Obama and talking about primarying him!

  46. Blackwaterdog — You post some amazing photos & videos! However, I thought your goal here was to avoid all the negativity. I believed (in spite of what others would say) you would take the high road.

    Your latest post (& others in recent days) are really snarky. I am thrilled about the repeal of DADT. Rachel Maddow is not a “hater.” She was quite humble & very gracious. She is brilliant — truly a class act.

    Yes, I am extremely grateful to the President & even to our dysfunctional Senate for the repeal. That said, I am still allowed my righteous anger at the tax deal — it is a wretched “compromise.”

  47. It’s unfortunate that a handful of people can create problems of this nature. As a black woman, the disrespect shown to this President by a handful of GLBT “activists” has been noted. But I can’t ascribe the behavior of a small number of people to an entire group, at all—just as there were people who chose to heckle President Obama or spend all day spreading poison on the Internet, there are tons of GLBTs who silently understood that POTUS would make good on his DADT repeal promise and have nothing but goodwill towards other people in the Democratic coalition. I’m not going to imagine that a handful of misguided people speak for all GLBTs.

  48. I don’t think some in the GLBT community ever forgave the AA community for their “supposed” role in striking down Prop 8 in California.

  49. Disagree with the Maddow part. She, Olbermann, Shultz, Hamsher, Greenwald and others have been wanting to destroy the Obama presidency to the point of where they want Obama to be primaried with a purist just like they are.

    If Maddow wanted to push the President to be better, she should have been there with him pushing for DADT to be repealed and other issues… but no, she was right there on her soapbox, complaining about how Obama was “ignoring the liberal base.”

    Maddow admitting she was wrong was more or less forced on her part. She’s either going to support Obama or a right wing nut like Palin, Romney, Huckabee, or Barbour, and she’s not a fan of right wing nuts, so she’s back to loving Obama again until he gets re elected. Then Maddow will get right back on her “Obama doesn’t listen to his liberal base” soapbox.

    That is why I don’t listen to any talking head on the left or right.

  50. I really agree with this Sheila. I’m halfway between japa and nintendo: I do think that the press should be held accountable for their excesses, but I’m extremely impressed with people who are able to admit that they have been wrong and I can’t help but admire Maddow for openly admitting as much in such a humble fashion. That’s simply terrific, it just is.

    That said, I’d love for people to stop representing themselves as the base, either Democratic or liberal. The base has never deserted this President and doesn’t believe in the bible according to DailyKos (in its current iteration). Instead of screaming “the base the base the base” in order to ascribe their arguments with the moral authority of speaking for millions, I wish people would simply speak for themselves.

    For example, I disagree with the choice to reward “activists” like Choi with invitations to the WH. I didn’t say “he’s just lost the base, how dare he!!!” I said, *I* disagree, and *I* think that screeching, over the top, people will continue to call the WH a selloutprostitutionwhore because like Choi’s invitation illustrates, it works (although I understand the classy and mature viewpoints to the contrary which value graciousness over fairness).

    It’s not hard to simply speak for oneself without needing the authority of the base as ransom to try to force others into agreeing rather than attempting to persuade.

  51. I don’t think that Axelrod has been nearly as bad as depicted. Is he the strongest communicator? Probably not. But the other side of the coin is a national and new media which indulges in complete and utter excess, quick to declare the Presidency a failure, and then deflect from their own short-sightedness and foolishness by claiming that these excesses are someone else’s fault.

    How many times have we seen just completely over the top POTUS bashing, only to have the basher, when proven completely wrong, immediately pivot onto a complaint about “WH communications failure.” I’ve seen that so many times and find it sleazy and egotistical.

    So my two cents re: WH communication.

  52. START Treaty On Track To Be Ratified By Senate, Obama Aide Says

    Yes its a Queen Arianna link but the article itself comes from AP.

    And it looks as if Triple Chins McConnell’s bluster to stop this treaty has failed. Even other Republicans are voting to renew it!

    It’s sad how people like McConnell want the President to fail so badly, they’ll vote against their own principles. The START treaty was began by the almighty Republican God Ronald Reagan, renewed by Republican President Bush, renewed by Democratic President Clinton, and renewed by the other Republican President Bush. All President Obama is doing is asking for the treaty to be renewed, and people like McConnell find that reason enough to play partisan party line politics and go against a treaty a Republican President started decades ago!

  53. Well, on this point can we agree to disagree? I remember when Maddow, leading up to the election, was working to get people out to vote for the Democrats. At that point, and very eveident you know where, were a lot of people who were disappointed that enough hadn’t been done and were going to sit it out. Maddow gave a special presentation of all the things that had been accomplished and fully credited President Obama for working to get these things through Congress.

    DADT and to some degree Afghanistan, were her biggest issues with Obama, but she never accused him of betraying the base. At least until the whole tax cut issue came up.

    Schultz has also been a big critic of Obama, but always said we need to support him but push him at the same time. I don’t like him more because he goes over the top way too often.

    There is no pundit, print, radio or television I will ever agree with on everything, but I am also a big believer in don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Although I now spend most of my time here and at the other more rational blogs, I still drop in at DK once per day because they sometimes have somethign decent to offer in terms of news. I just choose to disregard the cuts that go along with it.

  54. It is always a failure when someone like Barbour’s brother says that “blacks don’t listen to whites anymore,” and Barbour has the gall to repeat it. I call it a failure because people like these retain the “nanny” mentality on this issue. He is stuck in 1950s America, and the rest of us have moved on. Barbour fails to realize that we have always been able to make decisions for ourselves. Barbour’s attitude/belief about blacks is the reason I’d never cast a vote for any of today’s crop of republican candidates who run for public office.

    The republicans are very, very frustrated because they want us to vote for them, but we know how they feel about us and many other Americans who aren’t black. It’s stupid for them to think we’d vote for them while they’re busy sticking the longest, sharpest knife in their drawer into our backs. This is why I don’t understand why GOProud would support the Republican Party. I’m adamantly opposed to taking abuse from anyone for any reason.

  55. I respecfully disagree a little bit. I think that pundits should be extremely well-versed re: current events, reading voluminous material to understand super-complex and intricate matters. They should then present those events in digestible format so that we may be informed as well.

    They are not supposed to, for example, simply go to dailykos, view a small, determined group of people (who have mgmt protection and blessings) calling POTUS and his supporters everything but a child of God, and then simply write a column trashing POTUS’ latest initiatives, only to get eggs on faces when once again the purists are shown as overreactive and just plain wrong.

    They are not supposed to take small variances in polling and create unjustified narratives about President Obama losing his base or losing liberals (as did Nate Silver recently).

    That sort of lazy journalism does a great disservice to this country.

  56. 50/50. Yes the so-called liberal media is definitely not kind to the President or anything on the liberal agenda. I won’t get into my usual tirade about how the liberal media is actually a conservative product. That would take me all day to type and you all day to read if you were foolish enough to try.

    That being said, I think that the WH communciation has been weak. I don’t know if it was naivite or what, but I think they just expected to have the people see what was accomplished without needing to do any selling. I think the “tea party” revolt in 2009 totally caught them by surprise as well as the complete level of distortion the RW was willing to rise to. Having a fact-check page on their web-site was a nice idea, but didn’t really mean anything, as only the most devoted woudl go to it.

    The 2008 campaign was a grass roots effort and OFA was great, and it definitely was responsible for the donations and get out the vote activity. But in terms of dealing with all the static out there, they weren’t very polished. I think Plouffe will chaneg a lot of that. And it is really necessary with the media pretty much saying the Republicans are in control of Congress, not just the House. In fact, I think I read a poll somewhere where a large number of the public believes the republicans control both houses.

  57. That is definitely one thing you and I both believe in. We are individuals and I will no more say “he lost the base” than I will say “He hasn’t lost the base.” I can;t speak directly to either point. I can say he hasn’t l;ost me, despite disgreements I may have with him, and I can say I know a lot of people he hasn’t lost, but to think I can say what the base thinks is ludicrous. That would mean the base is some sort of homogeneous, Borg mentality creature, which it definitekly isn’t. Prehaps Rachel is reading this and can speak to that concept on her show. Rachel, do you hear me?

  58. There are homosexuals that are racist, plain and simple. They don’t understand that the African-American community is very conservative on social issues. They don’t understand that most African-Americans don’t equate homosexual rights with Civil-rights.

  59. They aren’t really interested in governing. They’ve lied and flip flopped on many issues the past 23 months–the insurance mandate, the DREAM ACT, the START Treaty, immigration reform, Muslims, etc. They were for these things before they were against them. Their major motivation for their changing position is that there is a democrat in the WH, and they don’t want the American people to see that a black democratic president is capable of doing anything right. McCain has destroyed any bit of remaining credibility he ever had since President Obama took office. I think losing to a black man caused him to become unhinged. Maybe he should check himself into Bethesda since he was trying to use injured service persons at Bethesda to defeat DADT. I’m sure there’s a psychiatrist there who could help him.

  60. Unfortunately, angry and fearful people are more motivated to post than positive and action-driven people.

    That being said, I’m pretty sure there’s a gigantic operation going on in the blogosphere to invade every blog with negativity. An operation Rove-style. It has been noticeable from the beginning of 2009.

    We have to find a way to mitigate their influence.

  61. Robinson has it wrong. There was never any problem with POTUS and US. I really dislike what he said, implying the PL is a significant player.

    Does anybody know at what point in the vifeo Rachel makes the apology. Her interviewees were fasinating.

    And BWD, when are nominations for Blog of the Year?

  62. I agree with you in a sense that it’s the journalist job to present information that is unbiased and factual but as far as the job of a pundit, at the end of the day, they offer their own opinion thru a partisan lens. The problem is that the media treats these figures like o’reilly, arianna and KO as actual journalist and therefore don’t question the source of their integrity much. Eugene, brian williams and anderson cooper don’t get a pass in my book because they are journalist and it really nerves me when i see some like eugene n’nem posting on blogs and feeding into a particular mindset that they know is not true.

  63. But, the cable news/MSNBC, blogs and columns are based on reaction. “What was your reaction to XYZ?” So I get that alot of it will be gut feelings. The problem to me is that the gut feeling is always negative. Like you said, they SHOULD research before they comment but that wouldn’t sell as much. I understand the distrust of government after BushCo. But if Obama had come from a wall street background instead of community service background, I would expect him to have dubious intentions. So, why question motives of this guy? Why would President Obama hate gay people? What in his background would lend proof to that? Just like what in his background would make him hate white people since his mother is white? (Glen Beck). Neither extreme makes sense.

  64. Absolutely.

    I’m pretty sure there’s a gigantic operation going on in the blogosphere to invade every blog with negativity. An operation Rove-style.

    Without question. And some spaces have editorial policies in place which are resistant to this foolishness (such as this one), and unfortunately, some spaces do not. I’ve also observed that the bigger the ego, the more susceptible to this, and vice versa. But this is a giant troll, of that I have absolutely no doubt.

  65. Could it be youth? First major position? Knowing how her “mentor” reacts might subconsciously influence her?

  66. People who have allowed their egos to take over create expedient personalities which turn on a dime in order to be “right” rather than taking the risk of looking foolish.

  67. Very well said japa. I do think that polling illustrates that the base is largely intact but I utterly agree that no one person can claim to speak for the entire base.

  68. desertflower – a relationship I had with a Kossack has soured for the same reason. It’s sad, but she has posted one too many diaries deriding him. You’d probably be surprised by her name, because she is well known for her charitable actions there. But because we were friends, I would eagerly read whatever she wrote. The day she had a diary yelling “and furthermore, Brarack…” [paraphrase], I knew we were miles apart. This is an online thing. It makes me sad, but is not as wrenching as I know it would be with a family member, co-worker, 3-d friend.

  69. For all of you that know that I’m on a mission to shame the evil Gov. of AZ because she has cut all the funding for transplant patients in this state, and collect donations for these patients so that hopefully they can get these transplants and live long, producive lives…I went to my credit union last week to set up an account. What I needed was a Federal Tax ID number to set this up as a nonprofit. I got that today and will go over to the CU and set up the fund. BWD, if it’s ok with you, can you and all the family here send the address far and wide once I get set up at the CU? As some of you may have read, this is personal for me. My mom died waiting for a heart transplant.I wish that she was here. I miss her everyday…I hear her talking to me, telling me to fight for these people that so desperately want to live. The fact that this Gov has deemed these people expendable is evil, and difficult for me to wrap my head around. I don’t really have guidance, just the knowledge that what I plan to do is the right thing…hope that will be enough. Will let you know the address when I return from the bank. Love and good health to all of you…and many, many thanks.

  70. That we were scapegoated for Prop 8 by the loudest GLBT activists speaks to racism plain and simple IMO. A commenter at weeseeyou recently tallied the number of articles resulting from a google search which referenced “Prop 8” and “black” or versus the number of articles which referenced “Prop 8” and “mormon.” The first search yields over ten million articles; the second, less than four hundred thousand.

    This has not gone unnoticed.

  71. maji – my stomach turned with that quote. We are talking PIGMENTATION people. Assholes. My family is Jewish, so I get “you know how the Jews are.” One brain, like the Borg.

  72. Just as I don’t think that the entire GLBT community can be described in one blanket fashion, same goes for the black community. Opinions vary IMO.

  73. Such a mixed bag Specter is. Kossacks loathed him, but I found if I go with the opposite of whatever they sceam, it was closer to the truth.

  74. Thats what I figured . The Ax is anything but stupid, while at the same time you cant trust a Huff Post headline to represent the story it’s touting. President Obama knows what he’s doing and obviously likes Axelrods style which is calm and sane and reasonable.

  75. You’re welcome!

    BWD pointed out the L.A. Times article of yesterday giving an out-of-character high five to POTUS, now this one from the mostly nonpartisan VF. Only two examples, but I hope some in the media are finally realizing that constant harping on the President doesn’t make one a kewl kid.

  76. I’ll give you an example of what I mean: remember when President Obama gave a speech during the course of the oil spill? It was a perfectly solid speech; not a thing wrong with it. It was designed to provide some basic answers and comfort to average Americans, telling them what was going on.

    What happened? The usual suspects in the national and new media absolutely and utterly trashed it. For no reason. One person went as far as stating that the speech was poor in part because it was delivered in the Oval Office a venue which is supposedly inappropriate for some random, made-up, bs reason.

    This has nothing to do with communication on the part of the WH; this is a really poisonous discourse in which some extremely egotistical people have grabbed the megaphone. We on the grassroots level are going to have to give an assist here, as there’s no single person who can stop this sort of destructive attention-seeking and reflexive disdain.

    I certainly take your points, but this is my two cents.

  77. I agree about Bush. I respect the effort he put into HIV funding in Africa. I know they tried to put caveats on treatment, but I feel the money that was spent in Africa has saved lives. But breaker

  78. Arlen Specter should name names – afterall he’d know the GOP’s plans from the moment Obama was elected, hell even before he was elected. Who said what about obstruction and giving the Dems no votes no matter what and how they’d sell it to the sucker MSM.

  79. That’s what I think when I hear people say Obama is destroying the Democratic party – with him in office, Democrats now have to walk the walk and unfortunately it hurt the party and dinged him a little.

  80. This is the problem. And we’re seeing that some of our formerly trusted journalists are just as inclined to traffic in half-truths and slogans as the right. Time for some rethinking on their part because this is just horrible for the country IMO.

  81. Meta – You always get it right! It’s getting so I don’t even have to try to think or be eloquent…you do it so well for me! At my age and at this time of year, you’ve done me a great service.

    Thank you President Obama! Thank you BWD! And thank you Meta!

  82. Simple answer- take the money out of DOD funding. I mean these first responders were responding to an act of war and $6.2B is a drop in the bucket in the DOD budget. Cancel a couple jets and it would be “paid for” in no time.

    What MIC/DOD programs does Oklahoma have? Start cuts there.

  83. Spot on GN. Guyz like krugman, rich, robinson put in what, 2-3 pieces every week. What kinda of serious research and thought could have been really put into that kinda ‘opinion pieces’ ?

  84. There are as many differing “schools” of economics as there are religions. And even though they all have the same subject, the variations are astounding!

  85. Points definitely taken. It just seems to me that the reaction is negative precisely because too many of these journalists are taking the shortcut of viewing (trolled) large new media spaces and being tricked into thinking that this represents the thinking of the base. Rather than this, they should develop encyclopedic knowledge of what is taking place in this administration (a bunch of items are posted right online, available for anyone to view), and react from that vantage point. If I had a national column, rather than devoting a column to rehashing the same lying canard that President Obama says he admires Reagan’s policies (as did Krugman, again), I’d spend column after column educating people about underutilized programs such as the new stopgap program for formerly uninsurable people with preexisting conditions.

  86. So true. And Krugman has gotten to the point at which he’s trafficking in half truth. He knows darn well that President Obama NEVER said that he admires Reagan’s policies, and President Obama NEVER endorsed the tax cuts for the rich other than as a concession to the GOP to get other measures in place. He NEVER said that those tax cuts were meritorious.

    So really, at this point, we’re being miseducated.

    OT-TIMT has a great rebuttal to Krugman’s column here:

  87. aunt re: the tax deal.

    I fail to see how it is a wretched compromise, seeing as the low/middle income earners will get tax cuts and get their UEI extended, or would you rather they all starve on the streets, just to spite the filthy upper 1%?

    As for Maddow, she is as much a hater as is Olbermann, Shultz, Hamsher, Greenwald. They’ve done nothing but bash the President and have done everything in their power to bring his Presidency down, which is why I don’t give them the light of day.

  88. David Axelrod, and Robert Gibbs, are brilliant minds, dedicated, hard-working. However, as communicators they are not as effective as I would like them to be.

    I certainly want them to keep advising the President, because they have so much to offer. However, I would like President Obama to find spokespersons who display dynamism, who speak with fluidity.

    And I would like the WH to create, litterally, a big communication war room. The media environment is so detremental to an administration who puts country before politics, that the messaging operation needs brilliance, imagination, and lots of hard work.

    Obviously, the messaging is one area where we, the supporters, can help too.

  89. Its a compromise that unemployed with children to feed need.Its not what you diagree with its how you do it. diagreeing has nothing to do with being disrespectful. The idea that we don’t compromise is absurb. The president don’t play politics of the day. He looked out for the best interest of the less fortunate. Maybe some need to put that in their conversation when apposing the tax deal then their will be a better understanding of why he did what he did. Also recognize the fact that he told the congress to take a vote before the election and they declined.

  90. Worth at least five cents. And yes, I agree. That is where the 50% comes in. And it also where what I mentioend above comes into being. Part of the messaging has to come from the bottom up, through LTE’s, emails, etc. Going to town hall meetings, asking questions.

    The WH is dealing with a hostile media, no doubt about it. I think they are waking up to that fact and doing some things a little bit differently, such as Obama talking about the GOP “taking hostages” in regards to the tax cut plan. That was something the media could not avoid mentioning.

    It also means workign as hard as possible to get strong voices on the talk shows. Too often, the person supposedly representing the left has been either a more conservative Dem or one who isn’t good at articulating things off the cuff.

    But ultimately, we are going to have to become the main messengers. OFA has done a lot of positive things, including GOTV, pushing calls to Congress, etc. But just like the RW money machine actually started the Tea Party, OFA is going to have to stir up the left to get out there and vocalize. Blogs don’t suffice.

    In regards to LTE’s, obviously not all of them will get printed. But I definitely suggest going to your newspaper’s web-site and reading LTE’s that are published there and make comments. Do this in either a positive way if the writer is positive about what has been accomplished, or call out the lies, racism, bigotry or whatever, if it isn’t.

    During the 2008 campaign the slogan wasn’t “Yes, I can” it was “Yes, we can” and we are the ones who make up that we. (Confusing enough?)

    It isn’t a case of convincing the hard core believers on either side, but working on those who are actually open to facts, which is still 70% of the population.

  91. David Axelrod made an excellent point: the pace at which they have had to operate made messaging more difficult.

    I agree with that. How can you have the time to “sell” a legislation as big and as transformative as HCR for example when at the same time you’re dealing with an economy in free fall, an auto industry on the brink of collapse, a foreclosure crisis, numerous international urgent problems, etc…

    Messaging takes time. And what can you do when there’s always something new for the MSM to cover ??

    Remember when HCR went off the radar only A FEW DAYS after getting passed ?? It was almost surreal. It had taken a century to obtain a legislation like that, and now that it was done, nobody was talking about it !!!! Because another crisis was at the forefront !

    In short, President Obama and his team have never had enough time to “message” each of their successes, because their attention was always required for the next problem, the next crisis.

    These are not ordinary times. In the future, when dust settles a bit, historians will look back at the past two years with total amazement.

  92. Anyone remember the rumor from a “WH insider” that stated the President was holding back the vote on DADT in order to get START passed first? I believe it was even on TPM’s website. Hmmm…. I wonder if any electronic publications have made any type of statement about this unsubstantiated rumor that has now proven to be false.

    That is why I typically don’t like rumors. It’s hard to undo the damage that’s been done in an already angry atmosphere.

  93. And TPM and whoever else will still use this source eventhough they’ve been proven wrong.

    TPM has really nosedived since Greg Sargent left.

  94. Green energy. The “progressive” bloggers and pundits said it should have been more about green energy and less about the actual oil spill. In fact, they were enraged that heavy emphasis was not placed on green energy.

    Yet, the conservative media and politicians said the President used the catastrophe as a political ploy to promote green energy.

    Amazing how the opposite ends of the political spectrum had different take-aways.

  95. It’s amazing how much opinion masquerades as fact within this discipline. Great comment, Arizona Grandma!

  96. I really hope your friend watches the signing tomorrow. Maybe you can reach out to her ?? Now that DADT repeal will become a reality maybe she’s reassured and will be more open to listen to your arguments. She HAS to take into account the circumstances, the obstacles President Obama has to deal with.

    I wish people like her would understand that President Obama has chosen a path which is much more effective for a profound and lasting change. A path which mitigates backlash.

    Lastly, is your friend aware of the numerous actions this administration has taken in LGBT issues? You can find them in the sites dedicated to President Obama’s achievements. There are a couple of them in BWD’s blogroll.

  97. That’s not for the START Treaty, it’s for the cloture vote for the Congressional Resolution for government funding through March 4th.

    The START cloture vote will be held some time this afternoon.

  98. I remember the rage. And I remember the claims that the spill was “Obama’s Katrina” posted at spaces / media shows which are alleged allies. My point is that there is no rockstar who would be able to “message” her or his way out of this level of disdain, disrespect, and reflexive disgust and tendency to hurl abuse at the WH. And I’d rather the people choosing to behave in this fashion be held accountable for it, rather than deflecting their excesses onto someone else by claiming that their behavior is the product of poor WH messaging (rather than egos gone out of control, short-sightedness in this microwave culture, and plain old drama-loving).

    That said, I think that japa makes some very astute observations as well in terms of where there can be improvements and guidance from the WH.

  99. Yup. I’m a deficit dove who thinks that the best way to reduce our obligations is to grow the economy. Thus, I see the tax cuts for the rich as ridiculously unfair and unsound policy, but hardly something for which I’m about to put my hair on fire.

  100. GN, I have for a long time put most of the blame of WH messaging. It is only recently that I have shifted modes, so to speak. And I want to thank you for your clear explanations of things, which has helped clarify my own thinking.

  101. I understand the President’s argument about the tax deal. And as we are seeing, it paved the way to one of the most productive lame-duck sessions in history.

    About the tax deal…

    President Obama obviously said that he intends to revisit the argument against tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. I’m eager to see how the conversation will go the next two years. Those tax cuts for the rich have gotten A LOT of attention. And they can be used to shame republicans into voting for bills helping the middle class.

    Shep Smith of Fox used this himself recently: “They’re voting for tax cuts for millionnaires and billionnaires and they refuse to help 9/11 responders ” ?

    I think we’ll see this theme coming back over and over again.

  102. I read on thinkprogress that the original funding mechanism was to close a tax loophole that foreign corporations were exploiting. The Chamber of Commerce came out against that, so of course all the republicans fell in line against it. Then, Senator Gillibrand removed that funding mechanism and replaced it with one that I believe modestly increased a tax on some foreign contractors and an small increase in the fee for some visas, in a last-ditch effort to gain republican support. So, it’s already been “paid for”–twice. It just astonishes me what they continue to do and get away with.

  103. President Obama is trying to resolve problems that politicians haven’t had the courage to solve for years. In doing so, President Obama is exposing how dysfunctional the political system has become. And he’s the one suffering for it. It’s frustrating.

    Let’s keep supporting him, and the good people ( there are many) who are trying to make a difference in Washington.

  104. “I believe Eugene expressed disappointment with President Obama because he was disappointed….”

    Just wondering what was this pundit is so disappointed about? Sorry,I don’t see what could have been so disappointing considering this president’s immense record of achievements less than 2 years in office.

    Aside from drinking the Republicans false outrage kool aid, what factual basis does he show to garner this disappointment?

  105. Well said, and I think that this blog remains extremely classy and positive. Taking the high road doesn’t mean utterly ignoring the toxic media environment.

  106. aunt blabby, with all due respect and speaking for myself, I am here because I see little to no intellectual value in the commentary of the type of blogger who is an anti-BWD partisan.

    I personally do not find the rage against the tax cut to be righteous in the slighest. I can certainly understand people who reasonably disagree with the compromise, but the rage was utterly not called for from my viewpoint. There is nothing rage-inducing about sacrificing the deficit in order to allow some unfair tax cuts, while obtaining very necessary measures for the middle, working, and impoverished classes, as well as students. And there should be nothing rage-inducing about the choice to make a deal in order to create legislative room for the achievements which we are now enjoying.

  107. I joined an organic CSA for the first time this past summer and really enjoyed it. I was really spoiled by all the fresh produce, and luckily I was able to freeze quite a bit to enjoy over the winter.

    My involvement in a CSA can be attributed directly to FLOTUS. I was really fascinated by the White House garden and was persuaded by her championing of us eating fresh and local. I live in an apartment so growing a garden wasn’t an option, so I started doing research and that’s how CSAs appeared on my radar.

    But doing the CSA became more than just about the produce for me. Throughout the summer I became more aware of what I was eating and how it affects my health. I just felt and looked better by including so many fruits and veggies in my diet. That’s not to say I’ve totally given up on junk food — potato chips and chocolate are must haves. The end. — but I’ve learned to have them in moderation, which is pretty much what FLOTUS is saying too (in spite of what Rush, Sarah, et. al. would like you to believe).

    So that’s my long-winded way of saying that the First Lady’s campaign has affected me personally.

    P.S. If you want to find a CSA in your area go to Local Harvest ( Just type in your zip and you will see a listing of local CSAs.

  108. What happens when a man figures out ways to make his changes *stick*?

    Those who are impatient are annoyed.
    Those who are affected are often frustrated.

    In the end, the wins remain convincing.

  109. I haven’t told you how much I love you…that is this web site/blog. It lowers my blood pressure when I read it. Happy holidays.

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