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 Todd S. Purdum of Vanity Fair:  Thank you, man.

Obama Is Suffering Because of His Achievements, Not Despite Them

With this weekend’s decisive Senate repeal of the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for gay service members, can anyone seriously doubt Barack Obama’s patient willingness to play the long game? Or his remarkable success in doing so? In less than two years in office—often against the odds and the smart money’s predictions at any given moment—Obama has managed to achieve a landmark overhaul of the nation’s health insurance system; the most sweeping change in the financial regulatory system since the Great Depression; the stabilization of the domestic auto industry; and the repeal of a once well-intended policy that even the military itself had come to see as unnecessary and unfair.

So why isn’t his political standing higher?

Precisely because of the raft of legislative victories he’s achieved. Obama has pushed through large and complicated new government initiatives at a time of record-low public trust in government (and in institutions of any sort, for that matter), and he has suffered not because he hasn’t “done” anything but because he’s done so much—way, way too much in the eyes of his most conservative critics. With each victory, Obama’s opponents grow more frustrated, filling the airwaves and what passes for political discourse with fulminations about some supposed sin or another. Is it any wonder the guy is bleeding a bit? For his part, Obama resists the pugilistic impulse. To him, the merit of all these programs has been self-evident, and he has been the first to acknowledge that he has not always done all he could to explain them, sensibly and simply, to the American public.

But Obama is nowhere near so politically maladroit as his frustrated liberal supporters—or implacable right-wing opponents—like to claim. He proved as much, if nothing else, with his embrace of the one policy choice he surely loathed: his agreement to extend the Bush-era income tax cuts for wealthy people who don’t need and don’t deserve them. That broke one of the president’s signature campaign promises and enraged the Democratic base and many members of his own party in Congress. But it was a cool-eyed reflection of political reality: The midterm election results guaranteed that negotiations would only get tougher next month, and a delay in resolving the issue would have forced tax increases for virtually everyone on January 1—creating nothing but uncertainty for taxpayers and accountants alike. Obama saw no point in trying to score political debating points in an argument he knew he had no chance of winning.

Moreover, as The Washington Post’s conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer bitterly noted, Obama’s agreement to the tax deal amounted to a second economic stimulus measure—one that he could never otherwise have persuaded Congressional Republicans to support. Krauthammer denounced it as the “swindle of the year,” and suggested that only Democrats could possibly be self-defeating enough to reject it. In the end, of course, they did not.

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The Obama White House is reportedly considering whether the president should hold one last pre-Christmas news conference before heading off to Hawaii for vacation. There wouldn’t seem to be any real downside to doing so. But I’ll wager that the part-time law professor in Obama is remembering the maxim Res ipsa loquitur. “The thing speaks for itself.” Ah, if just once it could.

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  1. Res ipsa loquitur only works if people are actually listening. Most don’t unless it’;s screamed and/or drummed into them, or it happens personally to them. I don’t blame citizens – the folks I know are dead tired, stressed out and barely functioning due to the economy. But I believe lives of Gay people will not be the only area in which life will get better in 2011.

  2. The poutragers are upset because they didn’t receive their Obama Ponies fast enough.

    Olbermann, Shultz, Maddow, Hamsher, Greenwald, all of these poutraging talking heads found only one portion out of each piece of legislation Obama signed into law to have a fit about. None of them pointed out the positive effects of the laws Obama signed into law, just continued to cry doom and gloom because said legislation wasn’t pure.

    Obama has accomplished more in his two years than ANY Presidents before him have, and that’s despite the outrage from the teabagging right and the poutraing left. I refer to him both as the Little President That Could and Baracktimus Prime, he can’t and won’t back down!

  3. I just saw a news alert on CSPAN that says Senator Corker announces support for START Treaty. I had to do a double take and blink my eyes to be sure of what I was readin. It’s going to be interesting to see how many other senators start to come on board now.

    Considering all of the endorsements and the homework done by the administration, the objections to the treaty just look petty.

  4. To further this, the fringe left saw so much and thought “hell this must be easy – look at all the stuff he got through, but he must have screwed up or sold out to not get all the other stuff through”. I think many on the fringe left are political neophytes who live under the delusion that all those promises President Obama made on the campaign trail were just his first year in office promises, and further that along with the the Oval Office key came a magic wand.

    While I blame the White House for their lack of selling job on key legislative wins, I blame the House for the HCR unpopularity. I think they shot themsleves in the foot with all their histrionics about killing the bill – especially right after Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts and it was apparent that they would have to vote on the Senate bill as is. They level of outright bashing of the bill, the scorched earth criticism coming from the liberals in the House really set the public perception of the legislation – The Right hates it, and the left hates it so it must be a bad bill. And then worst part of all is that they then had to vote for it, so not only did they trash it for weeks in the news, they voted for it – so constituents see them voting for a bad bill, that they were pressured into voting for a bill they ripped by Pelosi and Obama.

    Worse than the White House, the House doesn’t know how to play the perception game in the press. If they would have came out and said though they were disappointed that some of their ideas would have to be left out of the bill at this time, that it was still a very good bill and they’ll absolutely vote for it and then look to improve it further in the future, noting that many pieces of legislation that now are considered sacrosanct starte off as much lesser bills and over time and through constant improvements grew to what they are today. They could have sold HCR as a great start and been extremely positive about it and I think it would have been accepted much more positively by the voters and might have saved the Dems a lot of seats in the mid-term.

    By decrying it as a bad bill but then voting for it they slit their own political throats. They helped the GOP in painting it as a bad bill, then had to fight tooth and nail to get the votes to pass it because the blue dogs were scared off because it was seen as so negative. If it was embraced by the House Dems and sold as a good start, then the prevailing opinion from the public might have been much better.

    How can Obama’s messaging be blamed when he has 80+ House members giving foaming at the mouth rants on the House floor and to the national and their local press? Obama has crummy messaging, but it’s made to look so much worse because it gets attacked from both sides. Fox and Rush is safe harbor for Republicans, pundits and commentators o the left want to prove how serious they are so they criticize the President and Dems for any and every thing. While they think they’re serious, the GOP is rolling on the floor laughing at them, thanking them for making their jobs so much easier.

  5. They are petty, and just prove that the Republicans will do anything possible to make Obama a one termer, even if it means throwing their own principles out the window.

    They’re complaining about Obama renewing a treaty began by the great Republican Demigod Ronald Reagan decades ago and which has been extended by two Republican Presidents and one Democratic President since then. Now we have Sessions complaining about no amendments being allowed for this treaty (even though that was what the last three days has been about), McConnell complaining about “not having enough time” to read this treaty.

    They’re putting partisan party line politics ahead of the best of the country and in this case, the world, which is sickening and disgusting.

  6. Gibbs all but announced that the president will have a press conference before leaving to Hawaii tomorrow. It looks like they are 100% sure about the START saga ending tomorrow.

  7. And to add on to your post, the poutragers are mad at Obama for the tax cuts deal… yet it was Obama pushing for the Democrats to force a vote on that issue before the midterms, and that Democrats said “Hell NO!”

    Then Obama had to do what the Democrats didn’t do: he acted like a real leader and brokered a deal which most people who don’t pay attention to cable news or blogs support, yet the poutraging left got angry for Obama and compared him to Neville Chamberlain and said he was worse than George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.

    All that emotional outrage just because Obama caved on 37% of the entire package. Most of the package is what Obama wanted and campaigned on, yet the poutragers took the 37% to get their panties in a twist over as opposed to being happy that the low/middle income earners taxes remain low and that the unemployed won’t be losing their UEI.

    That is precisely why Democrats lost the House in the mid-terms, they failed to fight the legislative battles that would have scored them points and racked up support among their base. Now because they fumbled last month, we have to deal with Speaker Boehner and his Teabagging Thugs entering the New Year.

    It’s true, Obama could have fought harder on a lot of things, but it’s the Democrats themselves who failed to fight the battles that needed to be fought. Obama is not a legislator, the Democrats are. Obama is more of a negotiator, a referee.

  8. great news about the presser and START seemingly getting passed. thanks for the article. I hope to dig into it later tonight.

    also wanted to thank you for pointing me to the WH’s totally awesome It Gets Better vid – wow, just wow! I posted at that other site and it got lots of views and much appreciation.

    thank you so much for putting this stuff out there for us to share 🙂

    happy holidays, bwd!

  9. Good to hear BWD, and I guess Gibbs is the anonymous aide quoted by AP as saying the Senate would ratify the START treaty.

    Hopefully Obama addresses all of the BS going on about the tax cuts deal, DADT repeal, and of course START. But of course, the poutragers will continue to be mad because he caved on only 37% of the entire tax cuts package and didn’t repeal DADT fast enough, even though he’s not responsible for DADT passing in the first place.

  10. I’m very disappointed in Senator McCain, I really am. I voted for him in 2000. And when he refuse to use Jeremiah Wright in the campaign, my admiration for him grew. Now he is just acting like a spoil child. No comment on Thune, didnt care for him one bit before, during or after he beat Majority Leader Dashle.

  11. Yes, G, but this president doesn’t seem to be the type to harp on accomplishments.

    Disciplining kids has always been a pain to me. One of the girls hits her little brother with a toy tractor, I send the girl off for a time out because she’s hit her little brother with a toy. Does she think to herself, I’m being punished for hitting Jonny with his tractor, so I’d better not do it again? No, I’ve got to stand over her and repeat that point over and over again like a magpie so she gets the point stuck solidly in her brain.

    President Obama doesn’t like to treat his citizens like kids who hit each other with sharp objects. I don’t blame him, but I wish we didn’t need to have lessons in “the thing speaks for itself” that we should have learned in kindergarten. Like being civil with our reminders that we’re waiting.

    What’s wrong with being civil in asking about legislation that the president said again and again that he was pursuing? I don’t know about the majority of people in the country, but I know if I’d yelled obscenities at my mother for not immediately getting something I wanted, I’d have been lucky for just a time out. This would be in the 1930s, you know. Time out was not in fashion during the Great Depression; a good smack on the backside was.

    I confess that after reading some of the posts excoriating Obama for not acting immediately on not only DADT but everything in between I’ve felt like wrapping my cane around the poster’s neck.

    Or, at the least, telling him/her “Oh dry up!”

  12. Excellent analysis Saint Roscoe.

    Might I add that the six member working group of 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans was a joke. Senator Max (we’re making progress) Baucus allowed the Republicans to slow walk him right into the August town halls. And the Democrats got ambushed big time because no one was prepared for the orchestrated GOP attack to demonize the HCR.

  13. I would like to see every Republican who mentions Reagan as a role model would be called out on:
    1. His belief in nuclear disarmament
    2. His willingnwess to raise taxes after realizing they had been cut too much
    3. His belief that discussions should be civil
    4. His belief that compromise is not only possible but necessary.

    I was not and still am not a fan of Reagan’s but I get sick of people idolizing the man when at the same time they are doing things he totally disapproved of and they are rejecting things he was in favor of.

  14. And tired adults are like students with limited attention spans 🙂 I work in an excellent school system which does try to educate while using management techniques. (unless the student is SED – anoth story).

    I have this “dream” though, that Obama’s way of doing/being may over time influence others into being more thoughtful, less headline obsessed. Of course I also have a microscopic hope that he might positively impact Republicans. (John Lennon time here, LOL)

    But my more realistic scenario is that the wallet talks, and as the economy picks up, people will become more mellow, less wild,
    less looking for scapegoats. Not the fringes though, on either side – it’s all too personal for them.

    POTUS so reminds me of those remarable teachers who raise expectations for the children, and in the classroom, at least, it works.

    The World According to G, LOL.

  15. John McCain is epically flaming out, to the point one has to winder if there is a mental break of some sort. There was an article on the front page of Yahoo! yesterday where even Arizonans are shocked – I guess some believed once he had his new six year term that he’d mellow out again, not having to worry about being primaried from the fringe right; that folks figured his hard right turn since 2008 was to stave off a primary defeat and that he really didn’t believe what he was saying, but that it was necessary in the ends justify the means sort fo way. Now these supporters and McCain voters are beginning to realize that this is the real John McCain and they’re wondering what happened.

    He’s vile and petty, and polotics to him isn’t about serving Arizona, it’s about personal revenge. Maybe Arizonans will try to make up for this mistake my kicking Kyl to the curb and electing somebody who will work for the best interest of Arizonans.

  16. This whole column is illustrative of some of the discussion in the mishmash about messaging. And as I mentioend there, it is partly messaging “failure” and partly lack of messqage delivery by those responsible for informing the public, the MSM.

    And there is another issue here that is sometimes over looked. None of these things were simplistic bills. They were all complex and not easy to explain in short spurts. The Republicans, however, are quite good at short soundbites which sound impressive, though totally msileading or outright false.

    How much time does it take to say “death panels’, “government takeover of healthcare”, “socialized medicine”, “porkulus”, etc.?

    Contrast that with the amount of time it takes to explain the real meaning of providing reimbursement to doctors for consulting with a patient on end of life decisions, that the government was expanding coverage to people through insurance ciompanies who would still, unfortunately be directing medical care, that the word socialism does not mean what the Republicans thinks it means, etc.

    For the left, it was always a case of yes, you did X but if only you had worked a little harder you could have done Y, therefore X doesn’t count. The comparison to children above really is accurate at times.

    A thought just occured to me. When during the 2008 campaign Republican supporters were quick to point out the number of dollars Obama received from Goldman Sachs, people at DK and elsewhere were quick to point out this was from individual employees of G-S, not the company. Now they are using those same contributions to show that he is a corporatist.

  17. That’s an excellent article by Todd Purdum. I really enjoy his writing. I am still reeling from the piece he did on John McCain entitled “The Man Who Never Was”. It is the most revealing and unflattering account I have read about the bitter man from Arizona.


    Desperate to keep his Senate seat, John McCain repudiated his record, his principles, and even his maverick reputation, entrenching himself as the anti-Obama. Which raises the issue of whether the leader so many Americans admired—and so many journalists covered—ever truly existed.

  18. Victory is in the air Probama Fam..!!

    Lauryn Hill told me so 🙂

    “They Conquering Lion..Shall break every chain”…

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    Give Give him the victory again and again and again and again..Oh, give him

    the victory 🙂

  19. One thing

    it did not ‘enrage his base’. The screaming sanctimonious left is NOT his base.

    When are people going to get that simple thing?

  20. I like your “dream”, g, and the only way to make dreams come true is to act on them oneself to the best of one’s ability, which is precisely why I think President Obama is such a healthy change for the country.

  21. On Hard Ball, Michelle Bernard or Richard Wolfe said he might be setting up to run for President again, I was shocked to hear that. You pretty much sum him up.

  22. I think McCain is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s Disease. I was very angry at him recently but now I am just feeling sorry for his family. I don’t think he will make it through the next six years in the Senate. I doubt that Cindy will take over his job as well as Nancy did for Reagan.

    I am predicting, and you may all prove me wrong, that he will not be able to hold it together for much longer. The anger is consuming him daily. A lot of what he is doing is irrational and if you listen to him, he doesn’t make a lot of sense under any circumstances.

  23. crazycanuck, I believe most of us here understand that the poutraging left is not “the base.”

    They’re the same bunch of collective fools who were urging the healthcare bill to be killed last year just BECAUSE it didn’t have a public option. Forget about getting out feet in the door, it was either public option or nothing for those fools.

    And it’s the same bunch of fools who want Obama to be primaried despite the fact that he has gotten most of his agenda done the past couple of years.

    If you dare correct their emotional rants with reasonable facts, you get labeled an Obamabot or corporate shill, things you’d thought you’d hear from right wingers. There’s a purist poster on Huff and Puff post who is infamous for painting Obama and Democrats as corporate puppets and whining how the Democrats have failed to be purist populists.

    These poutragers live in their own make believe Matrix fantasy land. President Obama governs in the real world, and that’s what upsets and shocks them. He’s not able to “stand on principle” 100% of the time, especially when that involves hurting the less fortunate, as the tax cuts deal pointed out. Imagine if Obama had rejected his own deal: the low/middle income earners would be facing tax hikes and the unemployed would be out on the streets with no UEI, but he would have stuck it to the bloody rich. What kind of “principle” is that?

    It’s precisely that kind of nonsense that caused me to turn off ALL cable TV pundits and caused me to post less and less on Huff and Puff post.

  24. Thank you, Sheila. We will see how the next two years go, but this has been a grand week! Yes, I know the frustrati are not happy. But frankly, Sheila, I don’t give a damn!

    I’ll email later – we’re going up to ME for an intersting exhibit next week.

  25. I’m past caring whether people get it or not. WE know the truth, WE can handle the truth, and the Little Train will keep on smokin’.

    (yes, a “mishmash” of references :))

  26. Have you noticed you have’nt seen Arianna Huffington, or Dan Savage , Bill Mahr, on tee vee. Since the repeal or about the start. Mahr was such a big advocate for food safety not one word.

  27. I actually visited Huff and Puff post, and noticed little to no stories bashing President Obama.

    But of course, this morning, the queen had to put up the newsweek story about Axlerod making that comment about Obama being primaried.

    I believe the MSM poutraging pundits realize that primarying Obama in 2012 with a purist progressive will be counterproductive and won’t accomplish a thing. They’ll get right back to loving Obama again until after his re election, then they’ll get right back to “Obama doesn’t listen to the liberal base” soap opera dramatics. They’ll actually be in a much better position to lobby a purist for 2016 during the primaries as opposed to almost a year for Obama’s re election.

  28. Reading the excerpts from the above article, I am thinking perhaps we should all become a little kinder toward those who lack understanding of complex issues. We are a country with a rather poor educational system that encourages one to the mercantile and consumer life style, with a media that is frequently misinformed and unable to deal with nuances, and an obsession with celebrity and romantic “love” that diverts anyone with a true lust for life into pursuing a lust for power, material goods, fame and romantic gratification rather than love. How are people working more than 40 hours a week, attempting to pay attention to family and friends, bombarded with conflicting data on all sides, to feel empowered to form reasonable opinions based on facts on the issues that concern us all? How do we forge bonds that encourage us all to cooperate rather than act competitively in a country that values “winning” above all? When we begin to tackle these issues, so will our government. I believe the President is decidedly a step in that direction, which is totally unique in our political system in recent years. This is an opportunity we should not blow.

  29. He is indeed unique, in so many ways. I fear many won’t realize the opportunity they had until he is long-gone.

  30. The temporary spending measure has passed 79-16, and they had needed only 50 votes. There is extra money in there for veterans programs and education programs. The new deadline is March 4th giving them only 2 months after they come back into session to do something about the huge defense costs and to tweak SS once again to keep it viable.

  31. Well said. Pres. Obama’s accomplished huge, historic and complicated things for the American people. He accomplished things that were put off by past Presidents for decades, precisely because they were difficult to accomplish. The bills passed and changes made to this country in the past two years do not fit on bumper stickers and do not make for great slogans. However, I also blame this supposed “messaging” problem on the MSM. When you have a media that gives equal weight to the truth and blatant lies (i.e., Death Panels) it is not difficult to understand why the public at large is confused. The MSM or the Fourth Estate has a sacred duty to educate and inform the masses. In my view, the MSM has and continues to fail in this regard.

  32. LOL. What a loon McShame is! That man is seriously on the verge of having a nervous breakdown.

  33. Were they successful in keeping the funding for health reform and wall street reform out? That’s what I fear most–republicans being able to gut all the funding for the meaningful reforms legislation that this congress passed, rendering them mute/null and void. What a tragedy that would be!

  34. See my comment up thread. I think McCain is in early stage Alzheimer’s and has been for several years. His anger grows more and more out of his control and he makes numerous mistakes when he speaks now. If you can bear it listen to what he has said on the Senate floor recently.

  35. I have a question. Who in the MSM has had President Obama’s back on a consistent basis? Which democratic Congress person is known as being vocally loyal to President Obama? Who gets on T.V. and voices support for this President when times are tough. With “friends” such as these it is truly a miracle that he has achieved as much as he has. Add to that the extremely sluggish economy, and we have to marvel at the fact that Pres. Obama’s poll numbers are as high as they are. I honestly believe that most of our fellow citizens know in their hearts how blessed we are to have this man in the White House.

  36. Great article BWD. Of course, this comes as no surprise to all of us avid supporters of our President that he could weave through the obstruction and get things done. I thank God every single day for our President. He is definitely the shining star that keeps me going, though living in Arizona with the two bozos we have for Senators gets to me every once in a while.

  37. I’m pretty sure that one of the ONLY congress people who has had Obama’s back is John Lewis.

    As for TV pundits, Lawrence O’Donnell has come to bat for Obama as of late, and he has made many of the purist poutraging Dems and commentators like Hamsher and Alan Grayson look like fools.

    It’s also telling that Lawrence O’Donnell is the ONLY pundit on MSNBC who has had any experience lobbying legislation, besides Morning Joe who is a staunch right winger. Lawrence O’Donnell was defending Obama while every other pundit on MSNBC trashed him for “not listening to the liberal base.”

  38. They’ve already poisoned the well for me. Even if sites like HuffPo and Daily Kos start being positive about the president again, I will find it hard to support those places again because I remember the drumbeat of constant negativity that they displayed over the last two years and their total failure to believe in or have any trust in this president. Let them come around if they want to at this late hour, if they finally accept what we have known and tried to tell them all along. But they still lost a lot of credibility with me and I don’t forget things like that.

  39. The key word you used is consistently. Pelosi has most of the time as has Reid (although he is hardly an outspoken person). I do think John Kerry has “kerried” the President’s message consistently and has always called out those who have criticized him for compromising too much. Other than that, it is very limited.

  40. I don’t know, but perhaps tomorrow someone will talk about it. I think those two issues will come up in the final bill.
    We have a new female, black judge in Ohio.

  41. Here’s another great article about what President Obama has achieved in the face of unprecedented opposition. Frank Schaeffer is the only former republican who I believe is honest and sincere.

    BWD: maybe you can do a separate post about it?

    A snippet:

    “Not since the days of the rise of fascism in Europe, the Second World War and the Depression has any president faced more adversity.

    As the president’s poll numbers fell he never lost sight of his goals. Even so his support from some on the Left, that were hailing him as a Messiah not long ago; all those lefty websites and commentators that were falling all over themselves on behalf of our first black president during the 2008 election evaporated — when he didn’t instantly do everything they hoped for on their timetable.

    The Left’s lack of faith became a self-fulfilling “prophecy” at the midterms — snipe at the president and then watch the poll numbers fall and then pretend you didn’t have anything to do with it! The Left wanted a rock star and got a president smarter than the talking heads. They wanted miracles and got hard work instead, they wanted magic and got the slogging reality of trying to govern. The Left helped undermine the enthusiasm for our first black president and contributed to the midterm losses.

    But Obama is triumphing notwithstanding.”

    The whole article is a great read.

    Let me also make a point about messaging. As a journalism major and one who worked in the public relations field for more than 30 years, I get really annoyed when I hear people claim the WH messaging is terrible. Nothing could be further from the truth. The WH came out swinging against Faux News and right away we saw how things were going to go. The corporate-republican-owned MSM lined up behind Faux and defended them and put nothing but rethugs and their message on 24/7. They blacked out our president every chance they got. You saw it during the mid-terms when they refused to show the President’s rallies and did their best to hid the huge crowds he was getting.

    The cowardly democrats helped by not supporting the President’s message and bashing him every chance they got. The MSM, cowardly and jealous dems and crazy Left drowned out the President’s message. Period.

    Now it’s going to be up to us — true President Obama supporters — to get the truth out. That’s why I’m so grateful for BWD and the other sites that are committed to getting the truth about this administration out there.

  42. Thanks. John Lewis is a hero, in the truest sense of the word. I was pleasantly surprised that Lawrence O’Donnell came out swinging against the fringe left (Loved his take down of Grayson, telling him to be an adult). I was skeptical of O’Donnell because during the HCR debate he was a reliable doom and gloomer. I think you are correct that since O’Donnell knows how Washington works, he has a greater appreciation of Pres. Obama’s accomplishments and what he is up against (especially after Obama got HCR done).

  43. When I was thinking about that question, Sen. Kerry was the fist person that came to mind for me as well. Problem is, ya just don’t have enough, and at the volume, to counterweight all that’s out there against this president.

  44. I have to agree with you. McCain’s last speech on DADT was simply bizarre. If it isn’t Alzheimer’s it is probably small strokes leading to dementia.

  45. I think Lawrence O’Donnell wisened up and realized that being a doom and gloomer would bring him NO credibility among the rational and sane folks.

    I really enjoyed his takedown of Glenn Greenwald, where O’Donnell called himself a proud socialist and left Greenwald stumbling and bumbling. Greenwald seriously has no clue other than hearing himself talk and preaching to an echo chamber of online followers who have less of a clue than he does, yet defend him like some sort of demigod.

    I also enjoyed Lawrence pointing out Mary Landrieu’s hypocrisy with the tax cuts deal. She voted FOR the original tax cuts for the wealthy under Bush, stabbed Obama in the back during the Gulf Oil Crisis opposing one of his nominees, but dared to call him corrupt with the tax cuts deal… and she was Ed Shultz’s new GF despite all that blatant hypocrisy.

    Hopefully Lawrence keeps this track record going, he’s one of the actual pundits who calls it like it is and doesn’t rely on ego or emotion.

  46. I agree Speaker Pelosi has been a great ally to this President, and will go down in history as one of the greatest to hold that office. However, she has been so demonized by the Right-wingers that her voice is often drowned out or discounted. When you have a “News” channel that bashes you 24 hours a day, and a MSM that always highlights the negative, you need vocal allies who have your back. Unfortunately, democrats seem unable or unwilling to show that loyalty to this President. If, going forward, more dems follow BWD’s lead and are not afraid to stand with this President vocally (with no caveats)then this “messaging” problem will vanish.

  47. I’m not sure about Alzeimer’s. Maybe a bit of dementia. The little errors, etc.

    However, the anger problems have ALWAYS been there. The ethical problems have ALWAYS been there. They’re just more apparent as he’s getting older, because he’s not as good at self-control.

  48. Huff and Puff post lost cred with me when Queen Arianna allowed other posters moderation abilities and changed the format to a childish Chucky Cheese badge format.

    More often than not, you see posts vanish and get deleted because many times, a right wing poster will be granted moderation privileges and delete posts that aren’t outright bashing Obama.

    Also, a LOT of the stories are heavily moderated, especially stories about Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin. You have to wait a longass time for your post to show up in those moderated threads, IF it shows up at all

    And of course, the sheer number of not only anti Obama threads, but also anti Tim Geithner and anti Rahm Emmanuel threads shows that Queen Arianna has a personal ax to grind.

    And another issue that lost Queen Arianna with me is when she actually suggested that Vice President Biden resign just because he disagreed with President Obama on extending the war in Afghanistan.

    I suspect the Queen is probably having a cease fire now because of the holiday season, but she’ll go right back to firing at Obama in the New Year, and so will her sheepish followers who still think she’s a progressive.

  49. The best that the right wing has to criticize Pelosi is over her looks. They keep on labeling her the “Botox Queen” even though there are many right wing women who aren’t exactly stunning. They have absolutely ZERO substance to criticize Pelosi on.

    And they wonder why Sarah Palin gets so much crap. She’s not remotely good looking, and she is out to fill her huge ego, attempting to shove her white trailer trash family values down America’s throats. Palin hasn’t done a thing to change America for the better like Pelosi has.

    The right wing males thinks with their dicks, not their brains. They’d rather elect a bunch of know nothing Hooters girls to office rather than women who actually make a difference despite their physical appearance. Just look at the new right wing darling Governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley, elected on physical appearance alone, not on policy stances.

  50. It really does seem to be personal for McCain – his loss in the presidential campaign has unhinged him, and every victory from President Obama seems to make him more and more crazy.

  51. Bill Mahr lost any respect from me when he kept harping about wanting the President to be more “gangsta.” WTF. Oh I get it, the whole angry thuggish black man stereotype. Please.

  52. Dick Durbin is a good supporter too. There are others.

    Not surprisingly, the people who have President Obama’s back seem to be very good people, people who don’t have an infatuated ego.

  53. I hope O’Donnell is able to maintain his independent, rational voice over at MSNBC. I was saddened when Rachel Maddow went over the deep end (I tuned her out after she did that fake presidential address, very disrespectful). Happy to see she admitted how wrong she has been.

  54. I really hope he does a press conference. He was great in the last one. It is important that he talk about and take questions about his achievements.

  55. And we have cloture on START 67-28 with a probable final vote tomorrow when we need 2/3 voting Aye.

  56. 67-28 it moves forward, potentially a final vote tomorrow.

    Five didn’t vote, were absent. I assume Wyden was one, so at least 10 Republicans voted for cloture. Four potential pick-ups tomorrow (again counting out Wyden), so 71 votes for START seems to be the high end.

  57. If I had to guess the 10-
    Luger, Isakson, Brown, Collins, Snowe, Corker, Voinovich, Kirk, Alexander…

  58. Your opinion is very interesting for me given your professional background. You make very accurate points.

    I still think that the WH can find ways to play the game a little better. But you’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT about what they’re up against.

  59. The democratic political leadership never had the back of Obama, either as a candidate during the primaries or during the presidency.

  60. They are extremely superficial. No coincidence that their favorite president was a Hollywood actor. The right-wing views government as something to get rid of. The best way to rationalize getting rid of government is to make it so that goverment is ineffectual, inefficient and incompetent. The best way to achieve this goal is to place ignorant people in positions of power. This is the damage George W. Bush did to this country and would undoubtedly be worse under a Pres. Palin.

  61. Excellent. Is the requirement 2/3rds of the total senate or just those who are present ?

  62. I believe that I read the ratification would only need 66 votes because Sen. Wyden will be back home getting treatment and will not be at the vote.

  63. I wish Anita Dunn would come back and head up communications. She does a great job of pushing back. David Plouffe’s return will be good for our messaging too. He fights back with class and humor.

    But them democrats are going to have to get behind the WH. President Obama is going to be re-elected, but his supporters will not forget those democrats that didn’t have his back. Those who are up for re-election in 2012 may find themselves out.

  64. Lamar Alexander, Bob Bennett, Scott Brown, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Johnny Isakson, Dick Lugar, Lisa Murkowski, Olympia Snowe, and George Voinovich.

  65. Totally agree. It is disgusting that the president has had to fight his own party to get a democratic agenda passed. That’s why I couldn’t be too sad about all the Blue Dogs who got defeated. I just hope we can getter better, more loyal dems elected to help him in his second term.

  66. I blanked on Murkowski – she would have been my 10th. I read that Corker voted for cloture as well.

    Cochran is the one “out of nowhere” this time. With Kirk not voting/voting against it.

    Supposedly McCain is still trying to change the language – which seems pointless now that cloture has been secured and they seem to have the necessary votes. However if the McCain chance is toothless and just for show to give him cover to be able to now support it I’d suspect the Senate and WH would probably go for it, if it would bring a few more votes to send a stronger message of support than eeking by the minimum.

  67. Great article indeed. The guy just keeps on going like the Energizer. 🙂 Now we can add START Treaty but hey…it is all Obama’s “Zombie” ideals as per Krugman that is sinking us.

  68. It was interesting watching what was happening on the floor of the Senate during DADT and now START. Reid must be working the Cloakroom and Kerry and Lieberman the floor. I don’t think I have ever seen so much of Lieberman as I have leading up to these two votes.

  69. Andrew Sullivan has consistently had the President’s back. He doesn’t always agree with him, but he at least gives him the benefit of the doubt until things play out.

    I find Sullivan the least reactionary journalist around today. Weird I know, given his conservative background.

  70. After the way the party treated her in the Senatorial campaign, I think she is going to be fairly independent. She is still a conservative, but she is going to spit in their faces from time to time just because she can.

  71. I am a so-so fan of Lieberman’s. Yes, he is a little too militaristic for me, and half the time votes the opposite of the way I would like, but there are times he does the “right thing.” I hope that he loses in 2012 to a decent progressive, but I would still rather have him than any republican out there.

  72. Thrilled to see one of my senators on that list–L. Alexander. I’ve certainly made enough calls to his (and Corker’s) office.

    BTW, my first posting on here. Thanks, BWD, for this. I still check out Dkos and scan over some of the diaries, but nothing like I used to.

  73. On one hand he freely admits that he wants nothing to do with being on the inside of government because he has no stomach for needing to count votes, and yet he slags Obama for having to do what he doesn’t have the stomach for.

    He doesn’t want to have to negotiate away his ideals that he knows he would have in order to get anything done – so chooses to throw bombs at folks pragmatic enough to actually get shit done.

  74. I think after the elections, she has voted with the dems on major bills. Whether out of spite or out of conviction, I don’t care. We had 5 dem senators torpedoing the DREAM act.

  75. I’m hoping that Murkowski will be a conservative like me… fighting for actual conservative principles and not just toeing the right wing Republican Party line.

    I’m glad that she was able to defeat Palin’s BFF Joe Miller and prove that the opinions of the TeaTards in Alaska didn’t matter. It definitely was entertaining to watch Joe Miller flip flop on letting the voters voices be heard, and even watching Norm Coleman tell him to give up, now that was priceless, considering Norm didn’t give up for months!

  76. Yes, I think he’s ill. Happened to hear part of a speech of his on the radio, and I was struck by the slurring, the incoherence. One of the first signs of Alzheimer’s is emotional incontinence. Has that ever happened to a sitting Senator where it became necessary to intervene medically?

  77. I think Lieberman is owed some things from the GOP moderates as he toed their line on HCR to bring it where they would have supported it, but couldn’t because of their caucus enforcing unity.

    I know folks are going to go hard at him in 2012, but with Linda McMahon very likely to use her many millions to self-fund $20M+ I think she’ll be able to get 40% of the GOP vote.

    Lieberman can’t get primaried though, so progressives will have to heavily fund the eventual Dem candidate. Though if they were self-critical, they might realize how that $10M spent on Halter would have done much better going to Sestak who didn’t have enough money early to battle Toomey on the air and thus allowed his opponent to frame him, and allowed Toomey to introduce himself as much more moderate than he is. But hey, primarying Lincoln felt really good. How many times will Boozman vote with the Dems in the next six years?

    I do want to see him have to answer for supporting Palin and believing she was ready and capable of being President.

  78. LIEberman is an opportunist to me, but we need his vote at least until 2012.

    I think even he knows his goose is cooked in 2012, which is why he has gone all over the map.

    I lost all respect for LIEberman when he campaigned for McCain and wanted McCain to win in 2008, after Obama endorsed and campaigned for LIEberman for his 2006 bid. LIEberman is another snake who will knife the President in the back when the opportunity arises and he has already done so once before, with the defeat of the public option that Obama wanted.

  79. You were right on Corker, so 11 Republicans voted for cloture. Kirk, Mr. Moderate Independent, of course sided with his new BFF McCain.

  80. There was eleven Republican votes for START –


    Five Senators didn’t vote –

  81. Talking about the Halter-Lincoln battle, I would have loved to see Halter defeat Lincoln, as she was and is heavily lobbied by Wal-Mart. But hey, even I knew that was a long shot, considering Arkansas is a right wing Republican state, and the last successful Democratic politician from that state wasn’t a flaming liberal (Bill Clinton).

    With LIeberman, he knows his goose is cooked in 2012. McMahon will run against him on the Republican side, and the Democrats will hopefully find someone credible to run against him. And LIEberman won’t have the luxury of riding President Obama’s coattails, seeing as LIEberman has knifed the President in the back one too many times.

  82. The Democrats have become the new Party of No, which is shameful on bills that have been lobbied by other Democrats!

  83. Agree on the comments about Lieberman. Regarding Halter, he came real close to pulling it off and there are still some suspicions of foul play. I don’t consider the money wasted and I did have a little resentment at the unidentified WH spokesman who said it was. But that is all water over the dam.

    Regarding Sestak, I really thought he could pull it off. A lot of money went into his primary with Spector which didn’t help. PA is a really weird state. I think they key to Sestak losing was really in turnout. It just wasn’t enough in Phillie. Don’t know what would have mae a difference though.

    I think 2012 will be really different with Obama at the heasd of the ticket. Turnout should be strong and a lot of Dems that lost this time will win if they run again (like Bean in Il) or new ones will come forward. I fully expect the House to be regained. The Senate will be tough simply due to the number of Dems running.

  84. Well if it weren’t for the Lord and Senator Durbin, President Obama would not be our President. I love Senator Durbin. He is an incredible man.

  85. I hope President Obama hasn’t promised him support in exchange of his leadership on DADT.

  86. I wonder how Senator Lieberman feels right now about his endorsement of McCain. I can’t believe he’s not able to see NOW that Barack Obama was BY FAR the better candidate.

  87. I will say amen to that. An excellent narrative:

    On one hand he freely admits that he wants nothing to do with being on the inside of government because he has no stomach for needing to count votes, and yet he slags Obama for having to do what he doesn’t have the stomach for.

  88. After campaigning for McCain, I am done with him. Keep him happy for the next two years but replace his ass with someone who is a good progressive Democrat…and there are a lot of good ones in Connecticut.

  89. Krugman has certainly got it really good, doesn’t he? He can be known for his principled stances and obtain the satisfaction of feeling more pure than others, while not having to make concessions to political realities at all. No wonder he didn’t join the administration.

  90. I DON’T want McCain to win on this. Not because I don’t like him, but because of principle. The language is perfect as it is, experts have said everything is fine. I don’t want the WH to make unnecessary concessions.

    The WH has the votes, everyone is eager to go home. They can pass it as it is. I don’t want the republicans to get a political reward they don’t deserve. They have to pay a price for their cynicism. Enough.

    The only way I’ll accept modifications is IF the WH and their experts, after review, are CONVINCED of the MERITS of those modifications.

  91. Maybe you’re going too far ?? However, I’m pretty sure Barack Obama has had to pay a price for beating Hillary Clinton, someone who had MANY allies within the democratic establishment.

  92. He has a good heart and a good soul. Pretty understandable that he and President Obama are good friends.

  93. I’m a conservative in the sense that neither political club in Washington suits me, and I actually advocate conservative values, mainly personal responsibility.

    I’m a strong admirer of Ike, he was the last true conservative and he was able to get things done without the partisan bickering in Washington. I also support Ron Paul on some issues, even though I disagree with how he would want to get them done.

  94. Yeah – what YOU said….. I had a little encounter on the site that must not be named this morning. I tried to interject a neutral observation and call for a little civility and got lambasted. It is terrific to have this much more positive site (thanks BWD!)

  95. Krugman has admitted on multiple occasions that he doesn’t work well with others.

    He was also a staunch Hillary supporter in the 2008 primaries, so I suppose a lot of the animosity is due to the fact that he was disappointed that Hillary lost, even though Hillary and Obama were virtually the same on every policy excluding Iraq.

  96. I don’t know about that and I can’t remember it ever happening. As much as I despise McCain I would really hate to see him completely melt down publicly. I’m old too and I would hope that some kind person would take me away to a corner before I start to drool.

  97. IMO, the President’s support of a candidate doesn’t seem to matter. He campaigned for many Democrats the last two election cycles whom went on to face defeat. The two I can think of right now are Creigh Deeds and Russ Feingold.

    Of course it didn’t do Creigh Deeds any favors to run away from the President and run away from HCR, then cry for the President’s help at the last minute.

    And with Feingold, I think he did too much grandstanding to impress the online poutraging blogs and nothing to excite his constituents.

    Like the saying goes, politics is local.

  98. EricFive, I am in your camp. The MSM is invested in creating and maintaining tension, facts are secondary, if not dispensible.

    I witness a huge disconnect between what I read, witness and hear, following the President primarily through and sites like this that conduct themselves with mature, constructive dialogue, and what is presented/framed by the MSM. I follow him very closely. And like many here, I have given up relying on the MSM for information that is political in nature.

    IMO, one, of the many of their multitude of sins, is that the MSM seems to resent President Obama’s practice of talking directly to the people. Whether through weekly addresses, visiting businesses, schools, back yards, The View, MTV, etc, etc. Seems like sour grapes to me, as if they are somehow diminished by his direct engagement with the public. Like those other loud and angry voices that I have grown weary of, I find their egos to be to large and their skin to thin.

  99. He didn’t “cave.” Now that the deal has been struck and the law signed, can we please cease with use of a term that the yelling class favored?

  100. Chalk up another accomplishment for the President

    Senate Advances Arms Treaty, 67-28

    “The administration did not negotiate a good treaty,” Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona, the No. 2 Republican, told reporters. “They went into negotiations, it seems to me, with the attitude with the Russians just like the guy that goes into the car dealership and says, ‘I’m not leaving here until I buy a car.’ ”

    Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, said it was “a monumental mistake” to approve the treaty in a lame-duck session and added that Mr. Obama could not be trusted to resist Russian pressure to drop missile defense to preserve the pact down the road. “I cannot imagine this president taking it to the limit with the Russians,” he said, “because nothing he has done has convinced me that he is committed to missile defense.”

    ROTLMAO @ Kyl and Graham… still without a clue!

  101. Agreed on that. But Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease will bring out the best or worst in people. McCain has managed to cover up his worst but I really don’t think he will be able to do this much longer. I think he is losing all inhibitions and is living off the tape he is running in his own head.

    His history isn’t pretty and he has a great sense of entitlement. I believe he truly hates President Obama with a gut wrenching hate. He also can’t tolerate anyone disagreeing with him or challenging him in any way. All of this has gotten worse recently. I think he may completely lose it in public before too very long.

  102. The Obama Presidency has provided an
    unprecedented opportunity on so many levels, not the least of which is
    the start to healing a wideopen wound in our culture, and the White Dog
    “progressives” are blowing it bigtime. It saddens me to think what
    might be done if the Democratic Party and the “left” actually united in
    support behind our first African-American President (and might I add,
    the first with a truly zen temperament). We could encourage him and the
    creaky old Congress to be more progressive and provide real opposition
    to the rightwing noise machine.

  103. Don’t we all support personal responsibility? And doesn’t personal responsibility include taking responsibility for those who have difficulty helping themselves for whatever reasons? This need not preclude government action in stepping in to provide a boost when it is needed, since the government, theoretically, is supposed to represent the people.

  104. What a wonderful commentary. Thanks also for the link to Frank Shaeffer’s post. Like everyone here, I am very grateful to BWD for this site. It is really refreshing to see so many people firmly grounded in reality. It is also absolutely incumbent on us to spread the truth about the accomplishments of President Obama’s administration.

  105. My view as well, Sheila.. He makes the outraged crowd, right and left, incredibly angry precisely because he does not share their old assumptions or play life by their old rules. My sons are in their 30’s, and seem to see the world also without 1960’s culture wars lenses. They have moved on, their thinking and values quite instructive to me.

  106. As a strong supporter of his Democratic opponent, Rodney Glassman, I have to say the amount of money McCain had to spend was obscene…and attacks from the strident left didn’t help either. It seems like our Party just devours itself from the inside out.

  107. Wow. Disagreeing with Henry Kissinger, James Baker, Colin Powell, George H. W. Bush, Sec. of Defense Robert Gates, Experts in the military.

    I hope that at the signing, President Obama mentions, AGAIN, the list of people who approve the treaty.

    Sorry Senators Kyl and Graham, you look ridiculous. But yeah, many fox viewers will buy your spin.

  108. What Neanderthals. This is a total embarrassment. The world waits while the Republicans throw a tantrum and pout at the children’s table.

    At least there are a couple of Republicans who realize the absurdity of the objections coming from Ky, McCain and Graham. Their hypocrisy is just breathtaking.

  109. Obviously I didn’t mean those republicans are the only people whose oi
    pinion matters. I’m simply saying that if EVEN those republicans approve, that means Kyl and Graham don’t have a lot of credibility.

  110. I would probably agree that missile defense is not so high up on our President’s agenda, thank God – imagine if we had wasted less money on such weaponry and invested it in port defense, for instance, or in energy alternatives to sending billions overseas for tainted petroleum…

    That aside, I am so grateful the President is working on nuclear deproliferation.

    The R’s just want to wrap themselves in the flag as they continue to line their pockets at our expense

  111. Eh, guess Lt. Dan Choi just has a big mouth and nothing behind it. He just tweeted this:


    “The commander in chief invited me to attend tomorrow’s bill signing; I am honored to report for duty.”

  112. Congratulations to the republicans who have decided to put country before party leadership.

  113. This man has problems. I’ll try to have compassion for him. But he better behave now.

  114. Seems that the new meme the GOP is trying to establish is “Obama is a weak negotiator” gleaning off the fringe left decrying the negotiated tax deal and now saying “Obama gave away too much here as well”…

  115. Secret Service better give him the twice over and keep a special eye on him. Given the night and day responses it seems to me that he is up to something. Maybe just shouting to disrupt, walking out in the middle, or spitting or throwing his shoe…

  116. “What Neanderthals. This is a total embarrassment. The world waits while the Republicans throw a tantrum and pout at the children’s table.”

    and just think, it’s going to get even worse come January. This is but a taste of what we’re about to see.

  117. Apparently the Republicans are whining on CSPAN 2 right now on how Russia needs to give back two stolen humvees in order for us to ratify this treaty.

    It’s pure comedy and pathetic at the same time.

  118. The ones that were taken during the Georgia issue? Are they still trying to grandstand on what was supposed to be their early “October Surprise”?

    McCain’s “We’re all Georgians now” pap, trying to show he’d be the better Commander-in-Chief in times of crisis. Ha!

  119. Well stated, Saint Roscoe. It didn’t hit me just how politically out of touch the House Dems were until they just flat-out lost in on the recent tax compromise. Clearly, they need to get out more. It’s just astonishing when Denis Kucinich gets it while so many of the Party “elders” in the House seem to be utterly clueless. They seemed like out-of-touch children who have no understanding of politics 101.

  120. Watching DADT signed tomorrow morning and witnessing START pass in the afternoon and then, in a few days, seeing a picture of the president and his family enjoying themselves in Hawaii would make a perfect set of Christmas presents for me.

  121. MS4T,

    Of course they won’t make appearances and man/woman up and admit that the President was right and they were wrong.

    What we have to remember is that President Obama turned down lucrative job offers with the nations’ top law firms to become a community organizer and help the poor and disaffected gain power and a voice.

    He takes the long view of practical solutions and knows that to get to these practical solutions, you have to start incrementally. No magic wand; no instant fix. Hard work and “grab a mop” and cleaning up, metaphorically and literally.

    I’m thankful that BWD and all of you are here and a voice of sanity amidst all of the pseudo-outrage. Thank you for all that you do.

  122. Absolutely agree on that. Glassman was completely shredded by the “site that shall not be named” for stupid comments he made that did not reflect his stance on gay issues in any
    way. He only got tepid support there when some candidate that was heavily touted got heavily trounced in the primary.

    Glassman didn’t run a good campaign and didn’t make himself well known enough in Maricopa county. McCain had the big $$ and Glassman did not. QED

    We blew it here. Our grass roots in AZ wasn’t good enough and the Dems here are a very disorganized bunch plus the DNC writes us off as a lost cause, imho.

  123. Obama needs to cultivate a team of loyal congressional allies who can provide a consistent message of support and help amplify his message. John Kerry has been terrific but I don’t see anyone else in his league in either the House or the Senate . .

  124. Apparently, she has been a reliable vote on all the tough votes since the election – DADT, DREAM, and START. Perhaps we have Sarah Palin for Murkowski to return to her more moderate instincts but this is good news on a going-forward basis.

  125. Of course when Krugman was inside government, it was with the Reagan administration and he was hardly the enlightened, progressive voice of today!!!

  126. Their objections are not valid. There are NO problems with missile defense. Secretary Gates and the military experts have said it over and over and over again.

    Either they don’t get it, or they are trying to lessen the political victory of President Obama.

  127. SMH.

    I am going to go against instinct here and merely repeat Sheila’s beautiful insight from last night:

    The mark of a truly enlightened person is extending the opportunity to be a better person to his or her opposition.

    I appreciate this display of graciousness on the part of the WH. No additional comment re: Choi.

  128. I’m with you on that and they could have been doing some real good for all those months while so many of us were registering voters and doing GOTV. They were a huge FAIL for the most part.

    They can all, kiss my plastic Jesus, on that site. Stick a fork in me, I am so done with the whining and the negative and those not willing to work the talk!

  129. Oh yeah I remember that her “call” for his resignation. I think that was it for me too. I haven’t been there in more than a year so I can’t remember fully what the last straw was, but that biden thing was just plain ridiculous.

  130. When I first read that he’s a ‘negotiator’ on DK, in my ignorance I didn’t realize it was an insult.

    conlakappa – Would you know if Amazing Grace and Robinswing are still blogging, by any chance?

  131. Great link…

    Also, saw a great comment: “…Thank you Frank Shaeffer! The profession­al Right lies while the profession­al Left is so used to losing they just can’t take it when they win.” (kminyard)


  132. It’s hard to do when they are mostly all so blinded with envy and or resentment never mind that the President is a Democrat…

  133. Spot on Proud of Obama…

    I like Frank Schaeffer, he’s been absolutely spot on and quite prophetic in his writings…

  134. I know that my family, friends and I will not forget what many of these Democrats have done to President Obama…

  135. Thanks for the link to what is, indeed, an excellent piece in VF. It expresses my sentiments exactly. I have been delighted with Barack Obama since he first emerged on the scene, and that has not changed one iota during the first two years of his presidency.

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