If one voice can change a room…

Hi guys,

Remember this?


Well, someone took it and made this:


This is what I wanted this place to become, that’s the purpose of it. I would never dare to dream that it can happen so fast. 

Thank you.  

243 thoughts on “If one voice can change a room…

  1. That was fantastic! Terrorist fist bumps to: BWD for this space, the video creator for turning the spectacular “I’m Grateful” piece into another piece of art, and to the President of the United States for a terrific job well done thus far.

  2. Your “I’m Grateful” post is one of the most touching things I’ve read on the internet bwd.. folks are still commenting at it, even today. For someone to put it in a video to music.. is an addition to the art of it, imo.. and the kindness of it. You’ve really honored the President, and I think- all of us.. and you gave us a place to voice our own gratitude.. I hope the video gets mucho views- and I’ve helped a little by adding it to my facebook. thanks to the video person.. I only hope they acknowledged Blackwaterdog’s initial posting of it.

  3. I wonder if the “I’m Grateful” piece should be a permanent link at the top of the site (with this video added at the end). It would be a terrific refreshment for newcomers who may be worn out by the virulent anti-POTUS commentary elsewhere.

  4. What a beautiful and moving video made from the BWD “I’m Grateful” post from Thanksgiving. It’s our guy, in a nutshell. Kudos to BWD and the creators.

  5. This is fantastic and we should all spread it far and wide!!!

    Thank you BWD for what you have created!

  6. I don’t always agree with the President but I do admire him. It’s very satisfying to have someone in the White House that I KNOW is way smarter than I am. (And all the Obamas are beautiful.)

  7. BWD, u created a site where people of reason can feel safe from the craZed left and right out there. There is nothing else that could have happened. Its like the shining safe city in a world of the walking dead. Mad props for creating the page, I know I needed it.

  8. I think thats a lovely idea GN. I’ve gone back and looked at it more than once since bwd posted it on Thanksgiving. It is like a wall for folks to post their real feelings on.. and it appears to be quite a release for folks.. many comments have brought me to tears.

  9. Chipsticks:
    All of the predictions that POTUS is bleeding support may have been hasty:


    cnn poll: ‘obama rebounding’

    President Barack Obama may be staging a comeback in the eyes of the American people, a new poll suggests.

    In a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Monday, 48 percent of Americans say they approve of how Obama is handling his job, while 48 percent disapprove. (Note: the President’s approval rating in CNN’s late September poll was 42%)

    The disapproval number is the lowest it’s been since May … his disapproval rating reached as high as 54 percent in September …

    The president also received more support for his policies in the poll than at any other time since mid-2009. Fifty-five percent of Americans said the country would be headed in the right direction under policies proposed by Obama … In January, the last time the question was asked in the poll, 49 percent said his policies were taking the country in the right direction.


  10. OMG what a fantastic video!!! I had chills down my spine and goosebumps from watching this!! 🙂

    How can anyone NOT watch this video and think what an awesome President we have???

    That part about dealing with crisis after crisis, even though they were in the making LNG before him, just says everything about the capability and the strength in this wonderful man !! MAN – not the messiah and certainly not God!

    Yet he still comes through Like Superman!!!!

    Thank You Mr. President for all that you do – even for those on the left & right who are ungrateful idiots!!!

  11. I cried. That was wonderful! He is everything “they” are not, or ever will be. That is why “they” make up falsehoods and outright lies about such a truly one of a kind President…aren’t we lucky that all that hard work paid off BIG TIME!? Can’t wait to do it again. I love our President:)

  12. Pretty cool, this vid—-the origin, the sentiments we all feel, this wonderful man and President.
    Thanks again to bwd for creating this site away from all the hate and nonsense. I am very grateful for that too.

  13. Oh, and BWD: thank the sensationalists for once again proving that sensationalism is counterproductive from an outcomes-based viewpoint. The desired outcome was to silence or marginalize you; the tools used were sensational: wild claims of cultish behavior and even Nazi-ism. What happened? They did nothing but made others aware of the absolute need for this space and drove people to this refuge.

    So I’m grateful to the short-sightedness of sensationalists as well, lol, because they had a lot to do with the popularity of this site!

  14. Good to see the poll numbers rising. As the messaging improves, and I see some encouraging signs as of late, I expect the approval numbers to continue to rise. President Obama has been under attack from the right and the left and the media has fed into that and played along—ratings!—so it’s good news to see a chunk of the American people have been able to weed through all that and see that this President is making changes that will ease their lives, doing the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.

  15. I just HAD to send this link to one of the Teabaggers that constantly send me hateful emails.

  16. this made me cry…

    But I will keep Faith in the goodness of humans, since my President _is_ only human, albeit a great human being.

  17. How wonderful that was! A mash-up of the great bwd’s photo editing and writing with music! LOVED IT! Sending it EVERYWHERE!!!

    Yes, we can, folks! They can’t keep us or this great man down! We shall overcome ALL OF IT!!!!

    Peace and love to you all!

  18. I am very grateful for our intelligent, compassionate and hard-working President. He is easily the best President of my entire lifetime (and that is going back to World War II). He is not only a dedicated and gifted public servant but also a first-rate human being. We should all be grateful to have such an exceptional leader to steer us through difficult times and represent us in the world. And kudos to BWD for giving us all a space to express our thoughts.

  19. Bravo! I’m grateful for President Obama, BWD and for the person who made that video. Bravo!

  20. All I can say is WOW!! Just absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for this fantastic, lovely website BWD!

  21. Great work. I think it happened so fast because your heart is in the right place and we all know that about each other.

  22. Thanks, BWD for making this site and keeping the faith. Thanks to whoever made that beautiful video.

  23. There was quite a few folks that said that the Dems losing the House would actually help President Obama’s re-election chances because it would give face to the opposition (Rep. Boehner is now the face of the GOP – Ha!), and the fact that any legislation passed not will need Republican support from the House and seven votes from the Senate, meaning the last two years of attacking Obama as being too partisan and unwilling to work with the GOP will be proven to be wrong and moot.

    Also the GOP now has a stake in seeing the economy improve because if it doesn’t they the House can be held equally to blame. Before anything the Dem Congress passed without any GOP votes, the GOP could just stand on the sidelines and throw rocks and hoping and potentially helping it fail. Now they’d have some skin in any legislation, they will have had to vote for it.

    Before the MSM would cover their outrage as the Obama agenda, but they would never be forced to offer up an alternative, now that they have power in the House, they’ll have to offer their vision and now people will get to see where each party stands.

    I don’t really worry about Obama’s re-election as much as I worry about losing the Senate along with not getting back the House. 23 Dem Senators are up for re-election, and only 10 GOP senators. Of the Dem 23, 10 come from tough Purple states legitimately seen as toss-ups today, whereas there is 1-2 GOP seats that could be taken.

  24. I went on you tube and watched it. I am sending it out to everyone on my email. That was wonderful. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

  25. Says so eloquently what I feel each day.

    Thanks to the creator and thanks to you for posting it, BWD.

  26. It may be snowing outside, but that video warmed me up right to my toes.

    I’m so thankful for our President, for blackwaterdog creating this site and for whoever put that video together.


  27. Aww, this was very nice. Kudos to whoever put it together!!

    As others have mentioned, I think it’s imperative for those who understand and appreciate the work this administration has done, to make our voices heard in the public square.

    Since Andrew Sullivan’s article was featured in the earlier post, I thought I should mention that his comments re: President Obama’s effort to repeal DADT were highlighted on NPR’s segment about the repeal today. I think it was All Things Considered, but I’m not sure. Anyway, callers were leaving their reactions, mostly positive, but some not. And, apparently Andrew sent in his comments from his blog. His comments were spot-on and one of the few who clearly understood how President Obama helped advance this effort.

    This is the excerpt (from “Obama’s Long Game”) that he sent in and was read:

    “Like 2009’s removal of the HIV ban, which was as painstakingly slow but thereby much more entrenched, this process took time. Without the Pentagon study, it wouldn’t have passed. Without Obama keeping Lieberman inside the tent, it wouldn’t have passed. Without the critical relationship between Bob Gates and Obama, it wouldn’t have passed. It worked our last nerve; we faced at one point a true nightmare of nothing … for years. And then we pulled behind this president, making it his victory and the country’s victory, as well as ours.

    We also know now what a McCain administration would have done: nothing. The disgraceful bitterness and rancor and irrationality that the Senator has shown these past few months reveal just how important it was to defeat him and his deranged, delusional side-kick in 2008.”

    More of us should follow his example and make our voices heard on any given issue!

  28. Well, BWD, the video has been posted at the “other” site in your name by durrati, who simply titled the diary, “for blackwaterdog.” 🙂 I do believe that this will go viral, and I hope it will continue to help tapdown the “hysteria,” and get everyone back on track, and as Thien Le and others have noted in other posts to focus on 2012, and why Obama deserves to win it again…

  29. Fine job, blackwaterdog. There are those who believe a blog where people who agree most of the time congregate is an echo chamber, but I find it rather a place where positive energy is enhanced, expanded and elaborated upon with new facts and new ideas, which encourages me to take them out into my interactions in the real world. The advent of these fine new sites has made blogging stimulating rather than oppressive once again. Here’s to all those who prefer affirmation to perpetual anhedonia.

  30. He will be the most celebrated President in our country’s history. For me, he already is.

    Hugs to BWD and my “extended family”. We were always ahead of the curve. The others will catch up. Or they won’t. C’est la vie. We have each other and a great man in the White House.

  31. Listening to the radio Thom Hartman, was saying how quite diplomacy was paying off for President Obamaa. with North Korea. Bill Richardson was over there as an ambassador on the request of president Obama, he is in the process of getting North Korea, to give up i think it was 10 viles of petroleum they use to make for nuclear weapons to South Korea in exchange of resources to help North Korea moderinize their country. BwD have you heard this. Please check it out. This is not being reported and this is a BFD!

  32. Durrati’s a great guy. I cannot go there to thank him, but I hope he is reading this. Thank you, D!!

  33. PS – Folks please don’t read their comment thread, unless it’s to add a ‘hit and run’ thanks. Don’t let those losers get us down. They are such sad, little people.

  34. 55% think Obama’s policies will help America. Ha! I love it. The GOP wins the house back and President Obama’s policies become more popular than ever. That’s got to be pretty frustrating for those Republicans. He’s totally ruining their evil plans.

  35. Hi, BWD — in the spirit of ramping up for 2012, and future legislative tete-a-tetes 😉 over the next two years, is it possible to create a “Call To Action” section that we can post to as needed? If not, totally understand, but wanted to put in a request just in case. Thanks!!!

  36. gn

    I would have put money on that exact change occuring – even told my husband last night. That’s why I wondered on BWN whether some Reps might start thinking outside the box, and desire some reflected glory. Certainly JL, a pseudo-Rep is looking better now. Pumpkin Man in the House may not have what is necessary to hold his party together. Crying ain’t gonna do it 🙂

  37. That’s what we need to be repeating every time the republicans try to get their lying talking points out there. They need to be called out and the media, who should be doing it but don’t, need to be stepped around since they refuse to do their job. When they lie on the Senate floor or on a news program, we need to hit back with the facts, point by point, until it becomes known by the public at large that you can’t believe anything a republican says.

  38. I clicked onthe video, but all I get is the download circle that goes round and round, but no video. Same thing on Chipstick’s obama video diary. Can this be fixed? would really like to see it.


  39. For this one, you can go to youtube.com, type in “I’m grateful for President Obama” under search”.

  40. P.S. for clarification — BWD’s name is in the title diary at DKos that posted this same video. It’s done in tribute to her, and her stand on positivity.

  41. I think somehow BWD’s work should be made known to the Pres and she should go to visit him in the White House on behalf of us all to thank him personally and let him know that a great number of us support him and will have his back.
    Any ideas how this could be done?

  42. BWD. I don’t think you realize how you really are helping people with this site. I have the same passion as you about the president and its a joy to be your company and many others. If you did’nt do what you do, we would be misinformed and you see that daily when you hear the mess on some of the other site.

  43. I think I’ll sing along with the ‘support rebound’ info too 🙂
    Beautiful “I’m grateful” with the rebound as the encore.

  44. Yup, they really need to see that in the big wide world, their cry “off with her head!!11!one1” doesn’t get anyone running to them, but from them.

  45. ***sniff*** That was awesome BWD. Just beautiful – and it expresses exactly how I feel, too. Thank you so much.

  46. I totally agree. I think this idea should be floated at OFA. OFA can make it happen !! By OFA the idea can reach David PLouffe. And David Plouffe has direct access to President Obama.

    By the way, I hope that ALL OFA members are well aware of BWD’S blog and all the other positive sites !!!

  47. This is an amazing site! Feeling good about our president gives me strength to do work to change things.

    I just wrote my horrid senator, Kyl, and asked him to do the right thing and support the treaty which our diplomats have negotiated. I know it is useless, but I must try. Maybe if he gets enough of these he will give in at some point. I doubt it, but I have to keep trying.

  48. just reported Brown will support Start. I think they are down a couple. Anyone from Illinois give Kirk a call please.

  49. Co. shiz and slink & co. were not happy with that diary. Pretty shocking, huh? Messed with their hatefest. The shiz person is a piece of work, making some real demeaning comments about bwd’s diaries. She is exhibit #1 on the pettiness and shallow “thinking” and the sheer vitriol that permeates that place.

  50. I found this quote over at Obama diary. I found this to be sou true and well put/ The poster was tally.

    People always think they’re taking the higher ground… then they look ahead and see Obama is already standing on it.

  51. The Hill: At least 10 Republicans will support START

    Senate Democrats appear to have the nine Republican votes they need to ratify the New START nuclear treaty this week and give President Obama his third major victory of the lame-duck session.

    Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) told reporters Monday afternoon that he would vote to ratify the treaty and also support a motion to end debate, which the Senate will consider Tuesday.

    “I believe it’s something that’s important for our country and I believe it’s a good move forward,” Brown said after emerging from a classified briefing in the Old Senate Chamber.

    He was the ninth Republican senator to announce publicly that he would vote to ratify or is leaning strongly in favor of doing so. All 58 members of the Democratic conference — including two independents, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) and Joe Lieberman (Conn.) — support it.

    “I believe we have the votes to pass this treaty,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman John Kerry (D-Mass.) said after the briefing.

    Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, became the 10th Republican to back the treaty on Monday evening.

    “I supported it in committee, I made a speech for it on the first day — sounds like it,” he said when asked if he would vote ‘yes.’


  52. Got to admit, that would be COOL:) You and a few hundred of us at this awesome site would love to come along as moral support! How delicious would that be?

  53. Senate passes bill to restrict U.S. shark fin trading

    The Senate passed legislation Monday to put restrictions on shark fin trading in the United States.

    The bill, sponsored by Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), closes a number of loopholes in a ban on shark finning imposed by then-President Clinton.

    While the House has already passed a version of the bill, it still needs to approve the Senate version, because Kerry’s office made a number of technical changes to the legislation. A Kerry spokeswoman says the senator is “hopeful” the House will pass the bill before the end of the session.

    Shark fins, used in Chinese shark fin soup, have become a valuable commodity in recent years. But activists warn shark finning could have dire consequences for both sharks and the temperamental ocean ecosystem.

    “Shark finning has fueled massive population declines and irreversible disruption of our oceans. Finally we’ve come through with a tough approach to tackle this serious threat to our marine life,” Kerry said in a statement.

    The bill, according to a summary:

    • “eliminates an enforcement loophole related to the transport of shark fins by prohibiting any vessel from having custody, control, or possession of shark fins without the corresponding carcass”;

    • “strengthens enforcement by deleting the rebuttable presumption that any shark fins landed were taken, held or landed in violation of the law if the total weight of shark fins landed or found on board exceeds 5 percent of the total weight of shark carcasses”;

    • “specifies that all sharks be landed with their fins naturally attached”;

    • “amends the High Seas Driftnet Fishing Moratorium Protection Act to allow the secretary of Commerce to identify and list nations that have fishing vessels that have not adopted a regulatory program for the conservation of sharks that is similar to the U.S.; and”

    • “promotes the conservation of sharks internationally and provides a more equal playing field for U.S. fishermen.”


  54. Both our senators are embarrassing imbaciles. I can’t write what I feel…the SS would knock on my door. What useless, self centered, hypocrites they are. That was the nice version. We do suffer in AZ, don’t we?

  55. Maybe at another party…doesn’t take his job too seriously, does he? If I were a West Virginian, I’d be pissed.

  56. I also read that, makesense4tulips,

    The article went on to say that NK is even open to allowing uranium inspections again. This would never have happened with GWB who labeled NK as one of the countries in his “Axis of Evil.” None of the neocons will admit that, sometimes, it pays to talk to one’s enemies, and as the president says, “Seek common ground.”

  57. We suffer in GA, too, desertflower. Neither Saxby Chambliss nor Johnny Isakson have the interests of the American people, or Georgians, in mind when they cast their votes. I think of them as the GA Lockstep Twins.

  58. Wow see this is the kind of things that need to go viral. This is Peace in the making when i heard it. I turned to Tamaron Hall mentioned but it was not a big story.

  59. maji-Do you think Richardson will be replacing Holbrooke or maybe secretary of defense. I would like to see Kerry get that job.

  60. Thanks, BWD, and this is great news! I’ve never understood why Americans don’t understand the interconnectedness of our ecosystems.

  61. I called Kirk. I’ve been spoiled by having 2 lib Dem senators. Kirk will always be a question mark.

  62. Sen. Kerry should have just got the House bill through. Because now it goes back to the house and if they don’t get around to it then neither will be adopted. Also if the House then wants to tweak it, it will mean the Senate will have to vote on it again as well, and given how the Senate likes to delay things and tie things up it might never get to the floor again.

  63. It’s amazing what the Republicans can accomplish and how reasonable they can be when they don’t have Darth Vader breathing down their necks.

  64. I lost respect for Manchin when he shot the cap and trade bill with a rifle in a campaign ad. Classy. I could not believe he did that.

  65. Scott Brown is going to be tough to beat in 2012. And it’s a shame because with the Dems having 23 seats up to the GOP’s 10 and only holding a three seat majority in the Senate I was hoping that would be an easier pick-up.

    With any bill needing seven GOP votes to get cloture in the Senate, Brown will vote with the Dems like crazy and be able to make claim that he is a moderate and have the bi=partisan vote record to prove it.

    Dems better get a damn good, charismatic candidate, because taking this seat back would give the Dems a four seat cushion and could be the difference between keeping and losing the Senate.

  66. I love Secretary Gates I think he is one of President Obama’s most effective appointments, I hope and pray he stays for the next 6 years. However, if he decides to leave and President Obama appoints Secretary Clinton to that post, I hope the President appoints Senator Kerry to the State Department. Governor Patrick might appoint Mrs. Vicki Kennedy to fill his seat, that would upset me because I want the satisfaction of watching her beat Scott Brown down in 2012.

    The point of my confused post is I hope Senator Kerry gets the job if Secretary Clinton wants to move to Defense.

  67. I would love to see John Kerry in the Cabinet. However, the Senate needs some statesmen like him. With all the craziness going on there…

  68. Senator Kerry is fabulous. He would have made a WONDERFUL president in 2004. This country’s loss, well and truly. That is all.

  69. Agreed. You have pathetic representation as well:) It pains me. Even our STATE government sucks..Jan Brewer, Joe Arpiao, Russell Pearce, and the majority of the state legislature.It’s ugly.

  70. I wonder what they have asked in return. Pardon me but I can’t help thinking they didn’t get on board simply because it was the right thing to do. If it’s the case, I’ll eat my words.

  71. This President keeps racking up the changes.

    President Obama signed the “CAPTA Reauthorization Act of 2010,” (Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act) in the Oval Office, today Dec. 20.

    President Obama signed the reauthorization of the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) which includes the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act (FVPSA.) As he signed this crucial bill into law, the President was surrounded by Senators and Representatives, both Democrats and Republicans, and national advocates who work every day to end domestic violence and child abuse.

    In 2008, 772,000 children were victims of abuse and neglect. Nearly 2,000 of those children died. By providing states and local communities with new tools to identify and treat abuse and neglect, CAPTA-funded services will continue to protect children across the country…..

    Picture and text at The Obama Diary-see site reference above.

  72. It would be great if the magnificent Elizabeth Warren were to run for senate in Massachusetts. She is currently busy with setting up the CFPB. I would think she would be a formidable opponent. A lot of people just love Elizabeth Warren. Scott Brown needs to feel some heat.

  73. I really disagree with the WH wrt things like this. Choi was not merely insulting towards POTUS. He was over the top and ridiculous, period, and should not be rewarded over the voices of quiet reason and quiet commitment, if we’re serious about moving away from sensationalism. Why not uplift the any number of dignified discharged people who quietly wrote urgent yet respectful letters to the WH? Why give more attention to this drama queen??

    I couldn’t disagree more with this decision.

  74. Just beautiful!! I’m grateful for our President and his classy style of humanity and leadership and I’m grateful for BWD and this blog.

  75. From the Hawaii Star Advertiser:

    “Since taking office, Obama has made nine vacation trips totaling all or part of 49 days, according to CBS Radio’s Mark Knoller, the unofficial statistician of the White House press corps. That includes summer trips to Martha’s Vineyard and last year’s Hawaii trip.

    By comparison, George W. Bush had spent all or part of 130 days on vacation through the same point in his presidency, most at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

    Obama also has made 15 trips to the presidential retreat at Camp David, compared with 48 by Bush.

    The Associated Press and the Chicago Tribune contributed to this report.”

    Thought these facts will be useful since Pres Obama will be going on holiday soon and I guess David Letterman and the right wing noise-machine will be at this ridiculous critism again.

  76. I loved it when Senator Kerry said: Is there no shame?? The simple answer is no. Politics is a blood sport for the Republicans. They are not capable of shame or embarrassment. It’s really pathetic.

    The START Treaty is a no brainer. The stonewalling and frivolous amendments was a total waste of time. Their questions were answered a long time ago. These were shameful delays just for spite.

    Apparently, some Republicans wanted to hold DADT hostage to get their votes for START. Unbelievable.

  77. But…but…but…you see, Bush going to Crawford were called working holidays.

    Bush defenders have said so.

  78. I have really been very impressed with Senator Kerry and his command of the START Treaty debate. He has been a fierce advocate. I could not be more proud of him.

  79. Rachel Maddow is devoting her entire show to the DADT repeal. Interestingly, Dan Choi who outed himself on HER show, is absent from the panel…

  80. I am watching The Rachel Maddow Show right now and there is a fascinating and moving discussion about the DADT repeal.

  81. Are you in AZ, desertflower? Forgetting about politics, it’s out favorire place. We vacation in Tucson every year. There is something about the desert…

    Our “community” came together out of love, not hate, as on other sites. Feels good 🙂

  82. Aside from he apparently was recently let out of the hospital and may have declined an invite, it’s possible that she didn’t want his level of negativity about the repeal.

  83. Hopefruit2 you beat me to the punch. I didn’t see your comment. We are on the same wavelength. :D)

  84. Anybody watching Rachel’s show and curious as to why Lt. Dan Choi isn’t participating in this forum she’s hosting?

  85. Been having the same thoughts. I don’t know – sending him the video, BWD as author, shout out to the videoist, our names as co-signees. Or send to OFA for forwarding. XMAS gift? Damn, I wish I had a contact in the WH 🙂

  86. What a wonderful site. Positive vibrations is what I have been looking for. Too much quarelling and negativity.Thanks blackwater.
    P.S in one of the slides,nice to see children from Trinidad in their school uniforms.

  87. Ain’t that the truth!

    He does make me want to be a better person. The long-term impact he’s going to have on this country, future generations who are kids now is awe-inspiring. I can’t wait to read the books years from now.

  88. I think POTUS doesn’t think in terms of rewards, but the wider world. Perhaps Choi can change. It’s all very Thich Naht Hanhish. Well beyond me, but I see so much of TNH and his forgiveness toward the NVNese in Pres Obama.

  89. I’m watching. Rachel is doing a nice job right now of exposing the hypocrisy of the Republican Party on the START Treaty, 911, and other issues. There is no seriousness of purpose. The Republican Party is a total embarrassment.

    I am glad that Lt Dan Choi was not on the show tonight. I just hope he does not show his arse at the signing on Wednesday. Somebody needs to pull his coat and explain it is time for some serious decorum from him. Don’t say anything stupid in front of President Obama.

  90. Yeah, I know what you mean (I lived there for seven years). I moved back to Omaha, NE where I was born and raised a couple weeks ago. Now I have 1 far-right wackadoodle repub senator and 1 sometimes reasonable conservadem (Ben Nelson) 😦

  91. Because he is of the belief that it’s not a real repeal. He’s been invited to the signing ceremony – I hope he turns it down.

    Whoever put him in the invite list didn’t do their homework.

  92. I loved the video, bwd. Thanks for posting it. I watched it here and then watched it again on YouTube and left a comment of thanks. It’s such a pleasure to feel that my voice is heard through your site and the other emotionally balanced liberal sites that are gaining more and more readers. I can feel our community coming together. We’re the base. We’re liberals. I phone the WH comment line and send emails to the President giving support to him and also asking him to take action I believe in. It’s so wonderful to feel that the country is in the hands of someone who is intelligent and working for all of us. I just love that man!

  93. Your original post upon which the video was made was sent to me as an email from my mother who got it from a former student of hers. Clearly, your message is spreading!

    Thanks for doing what you do, BWD!

  94. So was I. I didn’t see Hopefruit’s comment and posted the same observation below. Great minds… 😉

  95. I am in AZ:)Scottsdale. The desert is unique and very beautiful. The state is beautiful…just the politics aren’t at all great. I never saw the night sky so gigantic and clear as I do here. Would be perfect for a lunar eclipse viewing if it wasn’t cloudy tonight…will keep checking to see of it clears abit more. The mountains, and amazing sunsets..and the weather. In the winter, anyway:) I also like the smell when it rains here.

  96. Yes. I’ve been grateful every day that John Kerry has been there in the Senate solidly in President Obama’s corner, never trying to undercut him and always having his back.

  97. This site saved my political sanity. I had faded from Kos, and was only going to Balloon Juice. I was always bound and determined to fight for 2012, but this was such a balm knowing that many of us support this Administration and weren’t just “going through the motions”, so to speak.

  98. Well, shoot fire! My crummy Senator Isaakson is actually voting “aye”?! Miracles never cease!

  99. I’m trying not to go too hard at the guy already (remember Lieberman, after all), but wow, what a poor start to his Senate career.

  100. We know Scottsdale well. We usually stay in Tucson, and drive to Phoenix for the Art Museum, and Frank Lloyd Wright’s compound.

    Maybe we’ll meet some day 🙂

  101. Actually, it’s not that bad and it’s grown a lot, but I did spend the first 25 years of my life here, and my parents, brother and family, and mother’s immediate family all live here. Me and my little girl had to move back here actually for the support system (my husband decided he didn’t want to be married anymore a couple weeks ago).

  102. You’re right. And I threw a similar tantrum re: Lieberman not being stripped of his chairpersonships. My God I was angry.

    I do not agree *at all* with this decision (it rewards despicable behavior which affects more than POTUS) but am going to let it go.

    But for the record: Choi is not about to change a thing.

    I thought he supposedly was seeking counseling in the hospital. I guess his “breakdown” has come to a convenient end.

  103. Oh, I love her! What a smart, passionate, caring woman she is…the trouble is, she is needed in so many places.

  104. Well, they weren’t reasonable with tax cuts.

    Nor were they reasonable with Health Insurance Reform. Remember how they helped stoke the fires during that particular craziness? Death panels, PBO is a socialist, etc., etc.

    They weren’t reasonable with DREAM.

  105. I suspect that Rachel and her team made a very concious choice not to invite Lt Choi, because of the unfair, outrageous comments he made about Senator Reid and President Obama.

    I’m ok with his presence at the signing though. President Obama is offering him forgiveness and compassion. I hope it helps him deal with whatever anger issues he has.

  106. Coal country. I’d guess that close to a majority of the people of WV are dependent upon coal companies for jobs. Maybe Manchin could help bring new industry into the state. However….

    Could be Massey, among others, is lining his pockets. Or at least contributed to his campaign.

  107. Oh, I’m so sorry, thoughtful3.

    I’m sure it’s not easy having to go back home, but it’s good that you have a support system.

  108. Taliesin.Been there…beautiful. Maybe we will meet some day:) It would be my honor. You know where to find me…(here)

  109. And to top it off, we have one of the top 15 most corrupt Congresspersons about to become governor. Ugh. What the heck is wrong the people in this state?!

  110. I’m sure the DADT signing will be done in the presence of military (who have the biggest stake here) along with the real, silent activists & senators like Levin, Lieberman who made it happen.

    And I’m equally sure that the keyboard kommandos will once again a week of fits that divisive mealy mouthed activists like choi were ignored.

  111. Just caught Denis Kucinich on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. He explained that he had voted in favor of the tax compromise because of the importance to his district’s residents of unemployment benefits. He was also not willing to criticize the deal or President Obama’s negotiating skills – he illuded to the unhappiness of some of his Dem colleagues but did not indicate that he shared those sentiments.

    Then Lawrence quoted from a Rabbi Lerner who has urged a primary challenge and named Kucinich as a possible Obama challenger. Lawrence asked Denis whether he was open to such a challenge and DK unambiguously ruled out a primary challenge, saying that he would continue to debate the issues but would do so from Congress. Well, I have to wonder how DK’s apostasy is going down with our dear friends over at DKos. Now DK was not warm and cuddly about Obama but his unwillingness to criticize Obama was noteworthy as was his nuanced understanding of political realities . .

  112. Does anyone know the status of START ? I mean the real one, not the dkos generated poutrage.

  113. Yes, I’m inclined to believe that Rachel made a choice to not invite him. Notice that she made no mention of him either, although she did show him in a clip at the beginning from one of her earlier segments in 2009.

  114. Something in the water?:) That’s what I think happened in AZ…we get our water from a ditch.That, and the summer heat will kill off brain cells so fast it’ll make your head spin! 110+ for months on end…

  115. As I’ve observed and stated at various times on different blogs (including this one), Dennis Kucinich has not had a bad word to say about our President, since he went with him in Air Force One during the HCR debate. I’m not exactly sure what was discussed, but that one-on-one clearly had a positive effect on Kucinich’s attitude towards President Obama.

  116. Awesome! Talented bunch out there…..Just need to add DADT and complete the picture. Was ecstatic over the weekend,and hoping the Christian spirit will wash over the GOP to pass the Responders Heathcare bill….

  117. So sorry, Thoughtful. Your family will be nice to have around for you and your daughter. Hope all works out for you. Things happen for a reason, hard as it may seem right now.Good luck to the both of you….and you have us:)

  118. Limpidus, What I found interesting about that chat was DK basically embracing the Obama Way (at least how Sullivan and many of us see it) of working/governing albeit with his own bent. He talked about not being quick to label his fellow congressfolk about 1 vote or 1 issue and the dynamic of Liebermans role in DADT in the Senate. He was nuanced about it all and spoke of ‘compassion’ and a willingness to continue to work on both sides of the aisle even after fierce disagreement is met on one issue. He was realistic about how 1 vote can still cement a career, but was embracing a paradigm that I believe will be a chief part of President Obama’s legacy.

    He certainly didn’t come off as the caricature of progressive governing utopia that many like to image him as, inspiring them to posit him as a primary challenger which he wants no part of.

  119. WVA needs to find an alternative to coal. They have always depended on that industry, and I think it’s not going to feed the family forever.I’m fond of WV…used to live there. My best friend’s dad worked selling heavy equipment to the mines…I remember it being coal mines and big polluters like Union Carbide..imagine all the toxins in the water…they need to imagine life without coal,real soon.

  120. The GOP has no shame and what do they expect to win by not signing this treaty…they have lost their minds.

  121. That’s an understatement! Historic civil rights legislation that comes around every few decades, and he’s AWOL. Ouch.

  122. It was a fascinating interview to me — normally he comes off as a bit of caricature of himself, mouthing down-the-line liberal platitudes. (Philosophically, I actually agree with many of those platitudes but in the end I’m a pragmatist more interested in progress than the triumph of rhetoric over action.)

    Like you, I was very heartened by DK’s nuanced understanding of the realities of governing. He wasn’t demagoguing – he wasn’t emoting – he was just kind of calm and rational. If he gets the realities of governing, perhaps there is hope for some of the left wing that is being so misled by the noxious professional bloggers.

  123. Yes, I’m in Tucson and luckily we are one of the progressive bastions in Arizona. My congresswoman is Gabrielle Giffords. She has survived by being a moderate, pragmatic democrat. It’s nice to drive around with an Obama sticker on your car and see other people with the same.

  124. Just put the link on my FB page, Black Water Dog.

    Something else I’m grateful for? This site! What a lovely palliative to the unbridled negativity going on in some other places. Your posts always brighten my day.

  125. Blackwaterdog !!!

    Thanks SO MUCH for leaving the DK nuttiverse and setting up your own positive powerful persuasive professional blog presence.

    When Pres. O gets re-elected in 2012, your work will be one of the reasons why.

    Thanks and love

  126. Yeah and on 2nd thought, you’re right he stenciled that caricature for years.

    And FWIW…
    “Philosophically, I actually agree with many of those platitudes but in the end I’m a pragmatist more interested in progress than the triumph of rhetoric over action.”
    …me too

    We can hope and continue to help stem the tide misinformation because if this does signal a shift from him it will help. We need all hands on deck going forward. Not sure what it will take for the bloggers, if ‘the money is the motive’ as many speculate, then I’m not sure how we make faux outrage less profitable. LOL

  127. Somebody must have poured a bunch of stupid into the water. Gallons and gallons and gallons of stupid.

  128. With this site and all you wonderful President Obama supporters and the many other pro-President Obama sites that have emerged to tell the truth about the Obama presidency, I feel the energy, the hope, and the love of the 2008 campaign again.

    We are choosing hope over fear.

  129. We’ll never know what really happened between Rep. Kucinich and President Obama in that infamous meeting on Air Force One before the HCR vote. But SOMETHING important happened. I don’t know if President Obama became emotional or somethin’.. Dennis Kucinich has not been the same since. He is more pragmatic, and seems to have a lot of empathy for the President.

  130. Thanks for that. That information will come in handy refuting right-wing talking points.

    49 vacation days for Obama so far.
    130 for GW Bush at the same point in his presidency.

    I’m going to remember that.

  131. I saw on weeseeyou thar the poll did joy include 18-34 year old and therefore under-represents our president’s support.

  132. What a great video and great site! perhaps you can put links to posts like this one and others on the side the way chipsticks does. A call to action column with links would also be great. I think people’s view is working on resources. We all have a lot of work to do but things are improving!
    Yes we can, now and 2012!

  133. Just read that hill link. Looks even mccain might vote for it after all. For all the trash talking of mark kirk and lisa murkoswski by the progressive mob, they too might be on board at the end of the day.

    I think the russians rattling their saber to day had a lot do with ‘mind changing’ for some of the repubs bar the usual crooks, who’ll always be the asshats.

    My prediction – > 70 votes.

  134. I am taking my 9 year old grandson to Washington DC next spring in order to see the place where President Obama lives and works. I told him he will not likely see a president as great as this man during his lifetime.

  135. BWD – I hope you feature this very moving, loving, amazing video in one of your future posts:

    Thank you!!

  136. Sen. Kerry has been exceptional of late. Really impressive. I watched a few minutes this afternoon, and saw him calmly and rationally trying to work through the irrationality of Republican obstructionism over the START treaty.

  137. Thanks so much for the video. I am so appreciative of the comments on this site. You all are so thoughtful of each other. I am one of the seniors participating with pride as I observe so much grace, intellect, and promise from all of you. We will continue to support our wonderful president, and he will succeed in 2012. We will continue to be positive, speaking up to the opposition with truth. We will not tolerate the lies that are constantly being pounced upon this president as has been the case in these first two years. So I thank all of you for your wonderful attitudes. Most grateful.

  138. That’s really an amazing video. It applies not only to gay and lesbian children who are struggling with themselves and finding their place in society, but it could help any child who is finding their way in the world. Once more, an excellent job by the Obama administration. Thanks for sharing!

  139. This video was a tribute to your fantastic work Blackwater! Your material has always been incredibly intriguing. You have created a space for facts, admiration and love for our President. I think that our collective spirit might just fulfill your blog’s mission statement. There is no hate here – just a resounding hope & promise of what might come in the days ahead.
    Thank you for daily gifts you put out there for us! Happy Holidays.

  140. You have Chambliss and Isakson, and I’ll raise you Turtle Mitch McConnell and Senile Jim Bunning/Rand Paul. Mine are pathetic to the nth degree

  141. omg… this made me cry too!!!

    It’s true – it’s not just for a specific group of people (teens) but all of those who’ve felt themselves the outsider.

    How incredible. This video is incredible. The staff that participated are incredible. I hope that there are young people out there who ARE being shown this in school – or that it’s gone out there that they should check it out.

  142. That’s terrific!!!

    It’s funny – my brother told me that during one trip back up north (he’s been living down in North Carolina for decades now) when he was traveling with his daughter, he, as usual, made a stop in DC to see museums, etc. He’s been doing this with his kids every trip up north when they’ve had time to stop, so as they grew up, of course their perspective changed.

    My niece must have been about 16 at the time when they made this stop. Apparently she insisted she wanted to walk by the White House. At that time, bush was in office. My brother was mortified when my niece stood outside those gates and started shouting through them how bush was doing a terrible job and that he needed to get out of office!!! Then she whipped around and told her father when he tried to stop her – This is called freedom of speech!!!

    My niece is pretty close to me, so I think I really affected her politics! 😉

    The way she told it to me, she said she did it _for_ me! heh… She did say that, yah, I think I got some security people eying me.

  143. UK representing i just want you guys to know that president obama is our president too i will tell you why you see what he does or don’t do affect us as well considering the position the US hold in the world so see he is ours as well and he his one we are very proud of in the interest of full disclosure am a big fan as well so you can imagin the joy that he is what have always know he his now the rest of the world is catching up, it makes me laugh out loud 2012 here we come no stopping us now we on the move

  144. US envoy Bill Richardson: North Korea ‘making progress’

    “US politician Bill Richardson says North Korea is moving in the right direction towards resolving a build up of tensions on the Korean peninsula.

    Speaking after visiting the North, he said it had shown pragmatism by not reacting to South Korean exercises.

    The North shelled Yeonpyeong island last month after similar drills and had threatened more retaliation this time.

    He also reiterated that the North had agreed to allow international inspectors into its nuclear facilities.

    “The specifics are that they will allow IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) personnel to go to Yongbyon to ensure that they are not processing highly enriched uranium and are proceeding with peaceful purposes,” he said.”


  145. Maybe its what happened afterwards? I read that FDL asked Kucinich for their money back once he voted for HCR. he had promised not too, he broke his word and then they asked for their money back. I believe he gave it back but might have felt burned by that request.

    I’m just guessing. Its that or Kucinich is just classier than the people that think of him as a hero.

  146. Good Morning Rational Thinking People

    9:30 AM EST
    Senate in session
    Senate lawmakers take up the New START accord, health care legislation benefiting 9/11 first responders, food safety and government spending.

    11:00 AM EST
    The Census bureau holds a briefing to announce the 2010 U.S. population and congressional reapportionment.

    11:00 AM EST
    White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs holds his daily briefing with reporters. Topics expected to be discussed include the New START accord, the “net neutrality” debate and the situation along the Korean Peninsula.

    1:00 PM EST
    Pelosi holds ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ bill signing ceremony
    One day before President Obama signs legislation repealing the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holds a bill signing ceremony.

    CSPAN http://www.cspan.org/

  147. Steve Benen of the Washington Monthly has a good update on the current status of the START Treaty. The fact that this is being dragged out with delay after delay by the Republican Party is just embarrassing. The world is waiting for this treaty to be a done deal. I can just image GOP outrage and the 24X7 coverage this would be getting if the roles were reversed.

    The following paragraph says volumes about who the adults are on this critical national security issue:

    It was a busy day for the pending nuclear arms treaty, New START, in the Senate yesterday. President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton furiously worked the phones, urging Republican senators to do the right thing; the Senate met in closed session so members could hear classified information related to the treaty; and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote a letter to each senator, imploring them to ratify the measure, calling it “vital” to U.S. national security.


  148. 100% agreed. Senator Kerry would be a tremendous addition to the presidential administration, but he is invaluable in the senate.

  149. Senator Kerry is fantastic. I’m still trying to figure out why he lost to GWB in 2004. What were people thinking?!?!?

  150. I hope Thune votes against it – it will end any chance he could challange President Obama in 2012.

  151. BWD – Thank you for creating a place for those that are truly grateful and thankful for the man that we voted into office where we can see ALL that he has done for ALL Americans.

  152. I posted this over at the OFA blog. And I sent a message to whitehouse.gov asking them to consider this invitation. Great idea!

    BWD – I don’t think you realize what a service you do for all of us that support President Obama. It is so nice to have this safe port in the storm of negativity and whining.

  153. No, but we will give him and Chambliss away to you for free. Let ya’ll have four senators.

  154. Apparently, Choi was already “predicting” that he would not be invited and had planned on not attending, according to this article.

    “While Choi admits that he will not be invited to the White House bill signing and has never been asked by SLDN (Servicemembers Legal Defense Network) to speak at a press conference, he explains, “I prefer not to be there at this point. It is not out of bitterness; it is really out of my soldier’s instinct. To seek recognition and fame is counter to the ideals of service.” ”

    Then Choi speaks of his intention to cause more trouble by starting a court case if the certification process doesn’t go as fast as he would like.

    “He says, “If this certification drags, I have no problem starting a Supreme Court case. I intend to go on the Federal level and augment the other cases. We cannot let up on the pressure.””

    Then the article further states that Choi has been asked to run for senate by the Libertarian Party. The Liberatarian Party??? Sounds like a Republican too me…

    “With that said, Choi offhandedly mentions, “the Libertarian party has asked me to run for Senate, because I am old enough in 2012.””


  155. It’s you that deserves the thanks BWD. I am so glad I found you here in this warm corner of the blogsphere. You are just a blessing.

  156. I think this was the most NECESSARY blog created in this millennium. I, too, am so tired of the negativity, which just seems to be for negativity’s sake, so I stopped reading quite a few columns, thinking that the writers’ emphasis had shifted from commentary to trying to drive a story so they could be “correct” or “first to see the trend” even it they had to invent the trend. I will be back, and I will certainly recomment this blog to others.

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