Dear Professional Left

Please accept my condolences for losing a precious talking point. I can only imagine how deep your grief is, and my thoughts and prayers are with you. But, knowing you as well as i do, I’m sure you’ll find a new one very soon, and if not – you’ll just make one up. 

Until then, while you are all busy congratulate yourselves – and other than Rachel Maddow, not even bothering to give the president the credit he deserve – watch candidate Obama back in February 2008, and who knows, maybe this time you’ll actually listen.




267 thoughts on “Dear Professional Left

  1. People were not listening, did not believe or heard what they wanted to hear. He said it would not be easy and it isn’t. Instead or rolling up their sleeves and actually working for the change, they think it’s more productive to armchair quarterback, call names and bitch all day.
    But make no mistake; they will move on to the next complaint, like they always do.

    BWD, thanks for posting this speech. It really is a good reminder of what candidate Obama warned us of and prepared us for. I do wonder if even he is surprised by the instant and relentless attacked from people supposedly on our side.


  2. The Obama haters on the left will find something else to complain about now that DADT is history.

    They could make a list of things they wanted done & if President Obama did them all in one day, they would complain that it wasn’t done in HALF a day.

    It’s always something with those folks.

  3. Awesome. Let’s keep moving forward people. Forward this blog and to everyone you know. Be a leader about this. And be kind every step of the way. xoxoxo

  4. Talking heads like ko are crossed at Pres.
    Obama because he politely deemed them
    useless & lacking nutritional content….like
    french fries…hehe…they wanna be a major
    food group,but they’re a side item…the
    president told Brian Williams last year that
    cable shows like Chirs, Keith, Ed and all of
    the right wing nut shows serve no purpose…That didn’t sit well with those ego
    maniacs, because that meant that they don’t
    deserve their paychecks.
    I noticed it first in Chris Matthews…He
    was the first to go in on the President..Trying cast Pres. Obama as “Out of
    touch” and “He scares me” or “He doesn’t get it”……Nah..He gets it..He gets the fact that Matthews & bighead Olbermann gotta pay bills and answer to corporate masters too..They’ll dangle some red meat to those
    pull in those progressive dollars, but don’t
    get it twisted…If they speak too freely
    network heads will kill their careers in the
    blink of an eye…U want free speech take ur ass to democracy now…Broadcasting from a
    broom closet somewhere.
    So they walk that corporate line…Ignoring
    all the foul shyt that airs on their
    network during the course of a day..then
    they wanna pacify us with those few throw-
    away hours as if we are supose to ignore the
    fact that these pundits won’t make the
    ultimate sacrifice and expose the lies coming
    from the top of their network…
    Pres.Obama is “knocking their hustle” the kids say in the streets,so of course
    they’re gonna savage the President…Commentators are in love with the money & the lifestyle…They’d be actors if
    they could…Im covinced by the way that they slip into character.

  5. They already are moving on to …. their next whinefest at gos. As usual, slink fired the first salvo saying that the act won’t do things quick enough, without even acknowledging yesterday’s achievement, all of course under the guise of “concern” for LGBT people about which she has become an instant expert and her usual crowd being nose-led by her.

  6. Not sure if anyone else has heard of a new political movement called “No Labels”? I heard about them on the radio this afternoon, and was intrigued by their no nonsense, down to business ‘schpiel’. But, reading this article from the NY Times, they sound like the very worst of the Senate and Blue Dog Dems coming together in one group to try and scoop up independent votes in 2012. Would like to know if anyone knows anything about them. Here’s the article. Gave me chills – and not in a good way.

  7. They’re just taking a deep breath before they start asking why DOMA isn’t being repealed and gay marriage enacted throughout the land. They’ll never be satisfied. And the sad thing is that a few rude, loudmouthed people are trying to speak for the entire gay community, and yet, there are several level headed ones that appear every so often. They need to muzzle the ones that are giving their whole community a bad name – heckling the President at Democratic events, chaining themselves to the white house, maligning Congressional leaders. They can state their case, but at least do it with respect.

  8. Thanks for the link. Have to agree with you.

    Doesn’t make me happy either.

    Excellent piece laying it all out though.

  9. Wow! That speech is amazing! Loved it and will be watching that again.

    Did you catch his remarks on Gays and Immigrants being scapegoated?

    He had his eyes on ending that nasty bit of business a long time ago.

    BWD, thank you so much, not just for this posting, but for this site and all the good people who gather here.

    You’ve provided a respite and nuturing of the spirit.

    It’s been a joy to find so many good people here.

    ((((((blackwaterdog & family))))))

  10. Truth.

    Responded to one such comment about DADT repeal yesterday with –

    “I know! It’s so difficult to understand, isn’t it?

    Why, he should have marched into Capital Hill, written the law and cast all the votes in the House AND the Senate all by himself.

    This would have been done aaages ago.”

    Got back crickets of course.

    All the poutage and outrage used to really get all my buttons going and sometimes still does. Mostly when the facts are so clearly being ignored. That drives me nuts.

    But it’s become very clear just how appropriate the term “pathetic” is in describing people who are so vested in anger and attention.

  11. The left hurt Obama more than the republicans and fox news did. If the right and fox couldn’t bring Obama down during the 2008 election, then are really not that powerful.

  12. I agree because one of them said that he will not praise Obama because he promised to get it done last year and he is late on his promise.

  13. Great video,BWD. I swear you keep me sane. I ventured around to DailyFox and FoxDogLake…and it’s official, these people are deranged. The few brave souls who post there saying Obama deserves SOME credit are being chased away with comments, like what did he do, make calls on the day of? These people…. I understand that one aspect of changing the Senators mind was calling them, but I’m sure the other side was calling them too. (ahem, Manchin)

    If it were not for Lieberman, Reid, Collins and OBAMA having direct conversations with these people, I’m sure some would have voted no. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when the President went to North Carolina a week or so ago, he brought along the junior Dem senator Kay Hagan and the senior Senator, Republican Richard Burr…..the same Burr who voted for repeal.

    We already know what the next poutrage is going to be. Why is Obama and DoD taking so long implement the repeal.He’s wavering, He’s caving….blah blah blah.

    And to be honest….what gives some Americans pause about LGBT members in the military is people like Dan Choi, the over the top language calling Reid ( A pu&&y that bleeds once a month) the president a homophobe…I mean really? If I closed my eyes, I would have thought I was listening to Perez Hilton. I work at the VA…and I see soldiers(of all races,religions, and sexual orientations) come in there all the time. NONE of them come close to Choi, the disrespect to CiC,ugh.

    And the coup de grais, he won’t vote for Obama in 2012…well in that case I guess the president should pack his sh%! up and be on his way, since the all might Choi said he won’t vote for him…..and possibly ushering a Republican president who would institute a new DADT by Executive Order.Hmm, didn’t they try that strategy in November….and we all know how well that worked.

    It’s so nice to have found like-minded citizens who know the President is not perfect, God, Allah, a magician, a genie, etc….but we do know he is trying, and that’s all anyone can ask of him.Just try.

  14. And what he said about our obligation to Native Americans. That’s a long road to walk back – but I know he will walk it, one piece of legislation at a time.

    As he did for the Black farmers.

    And did anyone take a moment to say, Wow, our government was systematically denying qualified farmers loans because of their race. Not some shadowy local bigot, but officials in offices that were paid by our tax money. And not a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago, but twenty.


  15. You’re right, BWD. They will find something else to hate on or make something up. They always do. Remember all the hysteria about the “Catfood Commission?” How did that work out for them? I sauntered over to the website we both used to frequent, just to see what the reaction was. It’s about 60/40 “Hooray!!!!/He’s Still a Sellout!” Some are just saying he’s just “throwing the left another bone.” Don’t forget, they’ve already figured out that he’s going to cut Social Security and Medicare. Their crystal ball is never wrong . . .

  16. I am OVER the professional left. For me, those on the left who criticize this President are showing their true colors, none of which are attractive or appealing. I thank Rachel Maddow for being one of the only adults left in the Professional Left’s room. But, true to entitleds (for some) or wannabes (for others) everywhere? They will ignore what’s inconvenient (this DADT victory) and shriek away (as noted on my FB page this morning “DOMA!!!”). What an unfortunate lot. Do they really believe President McCain would’ve gotten this result? The Clintons, who HAD eight years and CREATED DADT?!

  17. Good of Frank Rich to do this right at the start of this movement before people get confused about what it is.

    Shine a light. I think it’s Bloomberg’s attempt to be a third party candidate.

  18. That’s why I think people need to go back to the beginning with the President. To remember how he came into being!! The way he worked then will be similar to how he tries to proceed now. He hasn’t changed. This IS the man we voted into office.

    It’s just there are those who think because of that, somehow they can now dictate how they think he _should_ act.

  19. Yes! All we have to do is look at how the President handles his detractors. He is an amazing role model.

  20. I saw this good news in DK today:

    “Little noticed but extremely important to progressives, on Saturday afternoon Congress also passed the Local Community Radio Act.

    This legislation opens up radio spectrum to hundreds, if not thousands, of local independent radio stations (also known as LPFM).

    Its passing will bring new choices and voices on the radio dial nationwide, but is especially relevant to a broadcast area reaching 160 million people who lived in areas where these stations had previously been barred from local airwaves.”

  21. I know. I remember during the primary they wanted him to come out swinging, they wanted him to sling mud, do more, kick Hillary when ever he could.

    But he did it his way, and it was the right way. The way to win.

    I’ll tell you I just have to shake my head when I see comments like “he’s the worst President ever.” I mean, even a deranged person can see that’s not even close to the truth.

  22. Thanks for making this site for us sane people :). I’ve left the other left sites. I look for only positive sites. They couldn’t stop the madness. This video bring back memories of why I gravitated to President Obama during the campaign. The funny thing about tape and video, they don’t lie. (Being Sarcastic) LOL
    Regardless of what the naysayers say or do.

    The few of them that voted for President Obama. And not many of them complaining did. They sat out the election because Hillary or Edwards wasn’t nominated. Or they voted Ron Paul. So those complainers need to just go away.
    The one’s that did vote for him, voted, then went home expecting a miracle. They did not think they had to fight congress as much as they did. So instead of blaming congress the people who actually make the laws. They blame President Obama like he could whip people into submission to cater to him. Duh.
    Then some of the fools, told people not to vote for Democrats during the last election. Like that would hurt President Obama. Well they hurt their own causes. Because now they will get nothing for the next 2 years.

    How stupid was that? But in spite of all the naysayers, President Obama is still going to get his agenda passed. Maybe not all of it at one time. But piece by piece he will get his legislative agenda through.
    I’m behind him 110%.

  23. Oh my goodness! And cry I did. I also sent it to everyone in my address book.

    Thank you, I never would have seen it without this link.

  24. Thanks BWD for a walk back through memory lane. The president has always been in the people’s corner. As we approach 2012 more people will see him as the defender of middle class values and people without voices. Yesterday was the proof for many but I was always convinced. I believed Mrs. Obama when she said Barack with be a great president. We should never forget that if McCain had won we would not even be celebrating the passing of DADT. Great video!!!

  25. Couldn’t agree more, onomastic! As if he just refused to wave his magic wand and get all these things done.
    Thank you BWD for posting this . It was one of my favorite speeches of the campaign and I hadn’t been able to find it!
    This site, and this week have made me very happy! Got Hope? Yes indeed! You can feel the energy changing.
    I am ready to work!

  26. My understanding is that someone at FireBag Lake was saying how people would still be discharged because Pres. Obama’s spokesperson did not say something or another. It appears slinkwink is moving that over to DFox where it can generate more outrage. Who knows, maybe Keith can pick up the mantle and rail on that on his Monday show

  27. Any thing endorsed by Joe Scarborough is problematic in my opinion. This reminds me eerily of Arianna Huffington’s “beyond left & right” nonsense that she peddles, but ONLY when she’s trying to bash Obama from both sides.

  28. In this age of short little attention spans, too many Democrats fell into the trap of expecting immediate results. We are faced with probably the most obstructive opposition party in history, the biased, incompetent media, a near-Depression, a previous administration that dumped a boat-load of problems on the incoming one. It sorta is like Hoover/FDR all over again. It was very sad to see some Democrats turn against this President so quickly – in spite of the fact that he has accomplished so much already. Their fragile egos won’t let them admit that they made a serious error by turning their backs and not fighting for more and better Democratic candidates during the last election and now they have placed even more barriers in the way of progress by their bitterness and inaction. President Obama is making this an historical time of great change – brought about by hard work with legislators against amazing odds…..some are still not able to see the ‘forest.’

  29. Ha. Morning Joe that constantly bashes the president. Just because he sometimes criticizes Republicans (Sarah Palin, but that’s an easy target) does not mean he is beyond labels.

  30. Exactly! Accentuate the positive,eliminate the negative…

    Also from one of his campaign speeches- “You don’t have to boo. Just vote”

  31. So true. It is just so infantile to expect immediate gratification on some of the most difficult issues we’ve faced in a generation. The President’s calm,determined, step by step style is in such contrast to the impulsive, ignorant chatter. I think people are so numb from the constant white noise, they don’t know how to react to “the only adult in the room”.

  32. That’s very good Tiger!! I agree. PBO is messing with they hustle! He knows the game. I notice that occasionally Matthews will have a rare intelligent thought and if he was allowed he’d have more. Because they are all corporately owned all these pundits have to tow the line if they want to keep those big fat paychecks.

  33. And yet another refugee from the sane end of GOS appears in the new safe places. Good to see you again, onomastic.

    I agree entirely with your description. Today’s development proves wrong much of the speculative whingeing of recent months, so now they have to invent more speculative whingeing to justify their hatred.

    The basis of their complaints amounts to “policy-based evidence-making”. They have chosen their policy of hating Obama, and now, given that the evidence does not support the policy, they will invent evidence to support it.

  34. Amen Theo!!!! Amen! They never listen because President Obama said he was for Civil Unions but not Marriage. Now they will bash him for their lack of comprehension skills.

  35. There has been a good deal of attention to the loudest voices on DADT. We have heard certain activists as they run to every open mic. Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post offers some other voices from less boisterous corners…and guess what, they would like to thank the President for his leadership in getting this legislation passed. I’ll let them take it from here:

    Joe Solomonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign:

    “Today, America lived up to its highest ideals of freedom and equality. Congress recognized that all men and women have the right to openly serve their country. Plenty of people had already planned the funeral for this legislation. Today, we pulled out a victory from what was almost certain defeat just a few days ago. We are grateful to President Obama, Majority Leader Reid and Sens. Lieberman, Collins and countless others for their dogged determination to repeal DADT.”

    OutServe Co-Director “J.D. Smith”:

    “There are so many people and organizations to whom OutServe is grateful as we celebrate being one step closer to equality. We won today’s vote because of the leadership of President Obama and our military leaders that have advocated for repeal. Our deepest thanks go to all of the organizations and individuals who have worked tirelessly for nearly 20 years. And our deepest thanks and admiration go to the troops discharged under DADT and proud veterans who sacrificed so much to educate the public and affect change at the policy level.”

    Third Way President Jon Cowan:

    “With today’s passage of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, we have taken an historic step towards ensuring that all Americans are welcomed into the institutions and traditions that make our country strong. Congress has recognized what military leaders, the men and women who wear the uniform, and the American people had already come to accept: that we need every qualified, patriotic, and courageous American who is willing to put their life on the line to protect our security and our values.

    :We applaud the leadership of President Obama, the Secretary of Defense, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs who have spoken so eloquently about the values of our military, like integrity, which are better served by ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We are confident that our armed forces — unmatched in both strength and professionalism–will be able to carry out the careful transition laid out in the Pentagon Working Group Report.”

    p.s. thank you Andrew Sullivan and Pam Spaulding for just being responsible when those around you sounded like lunatics, and Rachel Maddow for acknowledging you were wrong.

  36. Great entry! I notice how Lt. Dan Choi went out of his way to congratulate Sen. Lierberman and basically spit in the President’s face.

    Once most of the poutragers villainized The President, they find it hard to reverse course. The meme now is that the repeal of DADT “didn’t happen fast enough”.

    Oh, I’m sorry that it took President Obama LESS THAN TWO YEARS to repeal a 17 year old law. He sucks!!

  37. Sara, I have a very low tolerance for ignorance, particularly willful ignorance. It’s hard to “be kind” when someone is being willfully obtuse in order to throw mud on this President.

  38. What does the acronym GOS stand for, I’ve seen it a couple of times here but haven’t been able to figure out? 🙂

  39. I remember that. He is really the best! I loved candidate Obama, and while President Obama is probably not quite as much or as much of a hope machine, anyone with two working synapses can reason out why. He is doing such a great job dealing with so many problem and so much opposition and a country that is going down the tubes and has been for a long time, and he just doesn’t flinch, doesn’t lose heart. His eyes are always on the prize and he’s always trying to move forward, forward, forward. He’s always maneuvering and navigating to keep us moving forward. He has an eye on the politics, sure, but unlike Big Dog, he doesn’t weight it above all else. He shares the core conviction of his so-called “base” much more than most of them are willing to admit. The only difference is that he actually has to get things done.

  40. Exactly Starky,
    I don’t believe it will be possible for the most extreme critics of the president to reverse course. They would have to admit to being wrong and misleading others.

    Instead I think we have to promote the more responsible activist voices. I didn’t realize how many gay activists were out there who genuinely appreciate this president because they are drowned out by the screamers. I hope some of the calmer voices get airtime this week.

  41. And now a Front Page post about speculation and rumors and how this President will cut Social Security. There was like an 8 hour cease fire over there and it was rather pleasant. Now they are churning up the hate again. They are quite predictable.

    Now they are back on the tax cuts and acting like social security is going to be gone soon. Good Grief, they are hand wringers and the sky is always falling.

    That is why I appreciate BWD and this place so much. We can celebrate the victories and freely say we are proud of this President without facing ridicule, scorn, and insults.

  42. If I had been drinking something, I would’ve spit it all over my monitor! This is SO spot on!

  43. Yeah. I checked The Place that Shall Not Be Named today, just to see if anything had changed — even briefly — in light of the wonderful news. Long story short, I’ve turned on my Block Site extension again.

  44. I want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly – They said the repeal of DADT is just “throwing the left another bone”? If so, what a hurtful statement to make regarding the LBG community. This is not a bone to them. Wow. Just wow.

  45. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering what had happened to this bill. I wrote my congresscritters about it, then it disappeared on the radar, due to everything else that’s happening. But this is important.

  46. I’m so sick to death of the DK community! I have left the site and landed here, thanks to BWD! They are a bunch of whiners–yes WHINERS! IMO they are just as shrill and obnoxious as the far right –certainly with opposing ideologies–but still as annoying as hell!

    Bless our President, bless the SANE liberals (us!) and blessings to those here on this blog, esp BWD.

  47. I agree with your sentiment, however, I do think all people should have equal rights and so I can understand the continuing “fight” for such rights. I do think heckling the President is disrespectful and in very poor form, but am okay with chaining one’s self to the fence.

    Although I know it’s a terrible analogy, I have a feeling many folks thought MLK, Jr. was disrespectful when he held the march at the Washington Mall.

    I’m a staunch believer in equal rights for all, and can understand the push for more.

    The best we can do here, is to be better. Better than others with our words, and with our tactics when it comes to the push for getting legislation passed.

  48. You had me at “broom closet.” *S*

    And then you went on from there; I totally agree with you on all of your thotful comment. The President is for ALL the people, so of course there’s always someone’s hustle that’s being knocked.

    Best news is that those hustlers don’t seem to be in the majority.

  49. For some folks, being “right” is the most important thing. Even if facts point in a different direction.

    I believe you’re correct, some will not reverse course because they simply have to be “right” about this President and his “failure” of leading, blah, blah, blah….. with some, it will never end. Sad.

  50. I am convinced that those who spend the most time there these days are people who have a psychological need to worry and complain. During the Bush years, it wasn’t so noticeable because there were so many legitimate things to worry and complain about. But they will never be happy because they don’t want to be. They enjoy the anger and the lashing out. It has become like a drug to them and they must have their next fix. It doesn’t matter what the issue is or even who the president is. The anger and the complaining will continue for as long as they are given a platform.

  51. I’ve been lurking since you started the blog, BWD, you’re doing a great job. I was Jeffersonian over at The-Site-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, but never commented much after the Health Care debate…didn’t want to catch the insanity. Nice to see discussion without the flame throwing and name calling again.

  52. That is the funniest video I have ever seen. The so-called “activists” do sit in front of their computers all day, so afraid that someone may actually say something good about the President.

    Can you imagine – literally their only goal in life seems to be how many recs they can get. It’s makes them feel important – to get recs.

    Meanwhile, they have zero to show for their “activism”. Zero.

    Thanks for the laugh. What makes it so funny is how true it is.

  53. Best summation of professional lefties I’ve seen yet! I think the opening salvo with no examples to support the accusations is the whole ball of wax. Just express the hatred for no reason and deny the racism. Perfect.

  54. Why not stay away? If you saw an angry mob jumping up and down on a streetcorner, wouldn’t you avoid them? They’ve already proven they have no iron grip on the facts; why not leave them to their own devices? There is positive work to be done in the country and none of it is being done there, except in a few community diaries.

  55. Yes, Sara Carter. As James Dickey (of all people) writes:
    “This is where it all has to start:
    With the simplest things.
    More kindness will do nothing less
    Than save every sleeping one
    and night-walking one.”

  56. I don’t want to become them. Right now I am holding my tongue until I can carefully think about how I want to respond to my Senator, Kristen Gillibrand, who was so disrespectful of the President and our party on the tax compromise, yet she’s good on DADT and the 9/11 First Responders. I will let her know how I feel about it all, but I don’t want to go around the Blogs bad-mouthing her.

  57. I’d like to see this site move away from the past. I get it, I rarely visit GOS any more. I no longer call myself a progressive, and I know other people who have stopped as well.

    We need to be about more than being against GOS. It’s time to move forward and let the past go.

    We have the START treaty coming up, and that needs our push.

  58. I would like to think the Professional Left would take a chill pill, but I’m not holding out hope.

  59. From “The People’s View” Jane Hamsher went on The Last Word on MSNBC, and asked about the prospect of a stand-alone Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal bill, she dismissed the idea as sheer fantasy, and pronounced that it too would die a death by Senate procedure.

    The conclusion? She made a fool of herself. Has she reared her ugly head to eat crow yet? Will she apologize? I doubt it, but making a fool out of herself is apology enough.

  60. I read some of the comments last night – evidently they have decided that this piece of legislation had nothing to do with President Obama. I was like – what? This is their new talking point – that it was Congress.

    So are we to assume then that President McCain would have passed this repeal with this Congress? Evidently it’s what they must believe. Of course, we all know it’s not true.

    Even though someone put up a diary congratulating President Obama and others, he still said in the comment section that he hopes a Democrat will beat the president in the primaries in 2012. Whatever.

    I know so so many people who voted for Barack Obama. Democrats. Republicans. Independents. And not one of them said they were inspired by DK or the left or by the now familiar “base” as they like to call themselves, to vote for him.

    These voters were inspired by the candidate. Period.

    To think – now President Obama had nothing to do with the DADT repeal. How do they know that? Did they follow the president around for the last month or two?

    People with no agenda know full well – this was a huge victory for President Obama as well as for the gay community.

    And they could care less. They just feel important if they get recs by beating down the President. Every single day.

    And they wonder why we are inspired by our President instead of them. There is nothing inspiring about them.

    I’m just very very sorry that they have influenced Keith and Rachel to the point where I can’t watch their programs any longer.

    Keith – he is the one person who gave us our voices. He is the one who inspired me long before I knew much about Barack Obama.

    It’s a loss. A big one for me.

  61. Thanks for posting this. Frank Rich is spot on. These people are all old wine in a new bottle.

    If I’ve ever seen snake oil dressed up in a bottle of Este Lauder perfume, this is it. Sorry, as Rich notes, big money and the way it runs rough shot over people on main street, is something that people are aware of and something that does not sit well with them.

    Franks makes another point, the lack of diversity in this group. No African Americans, a few women, and a whole lot of rich people. Go figure.

    And Evan Bayh, how transparent is that? Isn’t that special.

    Anyone else remember there was an article not too long ago, talking about Joe Scarborough and Bloomberg running on a ticket? I know I read that somewhere.

    What I think we should do, is make our voices heard when these people start pushing this mess in the newspapers and TV. GN made a good point the other day. We need to sign up at outfits like NYT, Washingtopost, Time, Newsweek, everywhere. And we should get into those comment sections and let them know we are well aware of what they are up to.

    I am and have been registered at NYT, WAPO, Newsweek and Time. I never hesitate to write my comments in those spaces.

    Kudos to Frank Rich for shining the light on this in its early stages.

  62. The Senate will be in session again at 12 pm et. They will begin debate on the START Treaty for approximately 3 hours I believe so I would think that some votes will go down at approximately 3 pm again today.

    I wonder what McAngry aka McCain will pull out of his bitter hat today.

  63. Kiku, I agree with you. But it is also important to push back some of the nonsense, especially after yesterday’s victory. They are not the President’s base. That needs to be made clear. They despise him.

    Other than that, into the future we go. Absolutely.

  64. Best I recall, slink (bless her) is married. To a wonderful guy, right? So how is she a leader in advocating for the LGBT community?

  65. Slinkerwink pretends to be the resident expert on whatever the outrage of the moment is. It’s so transparent that she wants to be like Hamsher and turn her constant outrage into a paying gig.

  66. Haha! OMG! That is so spot on, SparkyLuv. “Obama took my penis. Obama took my penis. Obama took my penis.”

  67. I agree, Kiku. The longer one is away from DK, the smaller it looks. It has absolutely no effect in the real world; I know many activists, both within the Democratic Party and outside of it, and absolutely none of them are paying any attention to that site. Why should we? Perhaps it is an ego boost to visit the site and prove to oneself that it is filled with ill-informed, unhappy people, but really, one’s ego is far better boosted by putting one’s energy into moving the country forward in positive ways, no matter how slow the progress.

  68. Well said, Tiger!

    All of you are right on target.

    I just went to GOS a few ago and caught a FP diary that finally made me realize that nothing, absolutely nothing this President could do is going to change that site full of haters!

    I’ve been away from the cable news for more than a year but for the few times I’ve clicked on the TeeVee to catch Mr. President speak. Once in a while I catch Tweetie the Twit and/or others speaking out of their asses and I have to rush out and off to C-Span to catch Mr. President.

    I’m really angry with Lawrence’s diary. I’m done over there. DONE… stick a fork in me slink. I’m done! You and yours can have at it without me. [I’m sure I won’t be missed. ha!]

  69. I definitely don’t want to become as unhinged in my reaction to the purists, right or left, as they are to the President and anyone who disagrees with them. Leaving them behind and letting them have their tantrums on their own sites (agent orange and the fdl fiddlers) pretty much works for me. The decline in “hits” on their sites will hurt them and serves to emphasize their increasing irrelevance in the national discourse. (I also think it’s good for the soul to leave their bitter hatred behind–it only sucks you in and it’s soul-destroying.)

    However, I also think that the President does need aggressive and active support–he can’t take on all the detractors himself and we do need to have his back. This site and those on BWD’s blogrole enable us to establish a consortium for action, and fills the action void that the ‘fdllers’ and agent orange left when they became cultish and inward looking.

    But these cultists do lie and they do find ways of getting their lies out there, where a huge amount of energy is expended in just trying to refute them. I think that cutting that stuff off early is a job we can take on, without getting ugly. But ridicule does have its place in combatting those whose motives (KO/KOS/Fdlers/GG, etc) are not necessarily oriented to resolving issues that affect the country… (And there are some truly ugly reasons behind the whys and hows they utilize to “make their point”–this is where we can call them on their game-playing.)

  70. I can’t stop laughing either. Showed my SO just now. He who does not think any of this is too funny was laughing. So that means this is very funny.

    And my god – how true its that whole “I hate Obama so much every millisecond of my miserable life he drives me insane he is a piece of shit” is that? That sums them up so so so perfectly. Heeee! I’m sure they have moved on the the next faux anarchist protest they need to arrange in their heads. Maybe they can all put leaflets on people’s doors telling them to resist! (But only in their heads. )

    I am not happy either. I just got back from hours of keeping the economy moving along at a brisk pace and need to go out again in two hours. I am ill. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO WHAT I AM DOING.

  71. Totally agree Nina.

    It’s a balancing act for us and the reason why many of us are here.

    It’s a shame we even have to ‘fight’ the left in this way and we should do it with an eye towards the best interest of the country and not vilification. But sometimes we do need to kindly steal the spotlight and focus it on reality.

  72. I believe all Dems are on board to vote for START, meaning the GOP needs to supply at least nine votes.

    Luger, Brown, Snowe, Collins, Murkowski, Voinovich, Kirk are likely on board, meaning there needs to be a couple votes found yet. I really can’t see GOP Senate leadership voting against it though either, they still want to pretend to be serious.

  73. I thought I read somewhere that this had something to do with John Boehner…let me see what I can find.

  74. Exactly – it’s amazing how expert Slink is on so many difficult and complex issue areas!!! Whatever is the current issue, she makes herself into an instant expert through the selective use of the google machine to create a distorted reality that she hopes will help stimulate more fake outrage.

  75. Great post.

    I will add: he’s also trying to lead by example. He doesn’t play dirty political games. He REALLY believes that politics of divisiveness are hurting America in the long term. He’s very well aware of the devastating effects of the fear-mongering, the hate-mongering. So he CONSCIOUSLY chooses to confront that with patience and compassion. If he confronted this demonizing the “enemy”, with an equal amount of agressivity, he could “win” more battles, bring “the enemy” into submission more rapidly, or more often. But at what price ?? Fracturing the country even more.

    I will use an analogy. It’s imperfect, as all analogies are, but nevertheless…. When you have a child who behaves badly… Of course, if there’s an absolute immediate danger to his behavior you have to stop him at any costs. But in GENERAL… one possibiliy is you can be agressive, demonize him and bring him into submission. He will change his behaviour, but only because he fears you. You’ve won in the short term but you haven’t changed him.The minute he doesn’t fear you anymore, he comes back to his bad behaviour. And worse, he resents you and the communication with him may be even more difficult.

    Another way to confront his behaviour is to explain to him why it is bad, to try to motivate him to change it, to encourage him, to EDUCATE him, etc… and, MOST of ALL, to lead him by EXAMPLE, day after day… It may take more time for him to change, but in the long term you win. Because not only you maintain good communication with him, but he will have learned your VALUES, and adopted the good behaviour because he BELIEVES, ACCEPTS that it is the good one. In teacher’s speak, it’s the concept of INTRINSIC motivation. This is a concept, I think, at the base of how President Obama sees political action.

    This will sounds cheezy, but I’ll say it anyway: Barack Obama is trying to beat hate with love, to confront darkness with light. This has some short-term disavantages because some battles are not won immediately, but in the long-term, if it succeeds it will make America, and the world, a better place.

  76. Hey there – I guarantee you’ll feel better in a week or so after leaving DK. All that incoherent rage wears on a person after a while. Let the site become yet another spot for the same malcontents to bitch at and move on to more productive blogs.

  77. That Lawrence FP character is just the worst – I suppose that we should have known something was up with the direction of DKos when he started posting endless piles of crap on the FP . .

  78. I also think there’s some history to the tension between Obama and the netroots.

    Back in 2005, Senator Obama wrote a couple of diaries at DK. He got severely attacked and never posted again.

    Folks like Markos thought they had set themselves up to be the kingmakers in 2008. But instead of utilizing the netroots, Obama set up his own online network and showed them all how its done.

    Most of the egos of the netroots have never gotten over that one.

  79. For a long time now I’ve thought that what Eric Holder is doing in the Civil Rights Division of DOJ is one of the unsung success stories of this administration – especially in light of how that division was corrupted under Bush.

    Although I also suspect that its not being lost on people of color in this country. Most folks on the left are totally missing the story in their blindness to these issues and their attempts to demonize Holder over the torture issue.

  80. They just can’t stand to have him succeed.

    Senate Republican Leader to Oppose Missile Treaty

    Senator Mitch McConnell said that he would vote against the new arms control treaty with Russia, rallying opponents of the pact as it approaches the decisive vote.

  81. Well, one of the front pagers was a HUGE huge huge huge Edwards supporter and made non stop videos for the site of JE set to music. He actually made a cool one at my request but that was back in the day. He is seething with anger at BO since day one. Shocker!

    And the other came from Budhydharma’s site. That would be Lawrence.

    And the fact that Markos lets them post their Obama Derangement Syndrome on the Front Page desperate for hits and attention, because crazy talk gets you that – tells you all you need to know. 🙂

    Again – The Site has moved on from its original purpose to support, and elect better Democrats. It’s now a Progressive wasteland of despair. They spend their lives blogging about not buying gas on Monday and and boycotting Orange Juice on Tuesday and not eating pretzels on Wednesday and taking to the streets to yell louder (on their Playstations) on Thursday and by by Friday they are wiped out and by Saturday they have to post 300 comments that Obama is the devil and on Sunday they cry it’s all over.

    And that. Is that.

  82. On top of everything else, Jane is neither bright nor informed about much of anything. Why anyone would take her seriously about much of anything is beyond me. When the “professional left” makes the mistake of appearing on TV, they make the mistake of giving away just how empty and useless they are . .

  83. Right you are NL, Eric Holder and his department are doing a great job. I often wonder how many “moles” are left over in the Justice Department slowing their progress. But still, they are quietly getting things done.

  84. Good call.

    There are times when it is most difficult, when writing, to temper our feelings so our words don’t get lost in our emotions.

    I believe my Representative, John Lewis, opposed the tax cut deal, as well.

  85. Hee – that was hysterical. I particularly love the defensive “stop calling me racist.”. Sounds like most of the morons left at DK.

  86. Actually, FDL is too busy congratulating themselves for getting DADT repeal passed and making up the next Obama conspiracy theory. So, Jane doesn’t have time to apologize.

  87. Wow. McConnell really wants to proove what a putz he is. He wants to play politics with nuclear stock piles and nuclear security.

    Will there be nine Republican votes if McConnell is signalling it’s okay to vote against a treaty that usually gets 80+ votes?

  88. Yeah. They’re people in public service dealing with so much. They’re not Super Human, and I can only imagine how many mistakes I would make in the arena, good intentions and all.

    It’s actually a luxury to be able to sit for a few days and think about the best way to respond. They don’t always have that opportunity in this 24/7 News cycle.

  89. Heart breaking kishik, just heartbreaking.
    He did so much for so many at the cost of his own heart.

    Thank you for the link.

  90. I don’t know if that quote was clear – I did a cut and paste from the front page of the NYTimes.

    I’ve got to go out and take a walk. This guy is crazy. Unfuckingbelievable!

  91. If John McCain were president, clearly nothing would have changed for DADT. And as Todd Purdum of Vanity Fair wrote in his brilliant article entitled “The Man Who Never Was”, here is what might have been with a McCain/Palin win. It’s scary to contemplate.

    There would probably have been no stimulus bill, and the country’s economic condition would be no better (and probably worse). General Motors and Chrysler would have been allowed to go bankrupt rather than helped to emerge into a state of healthiness, as they may well be doing. There would have been no significant new regulation of the financial industry. The Bush tax cuts for those Americans with the highest incomes—something McCain had opposed before reversing himself—would have been extended. There would have been only modest health-insurance reform, at best—McCain’s proposals were Republican boilerplate and meant for use in the campaign, never a serious program. Perhaps there would have been greater progress on immigration, though McCain had already abandoned that issue, and it’s easier to imagine his taking the more nativist stance he has since adopted. There would be no Supreme Court justices Kagan and Sotomayor, but there would likely be two more conservative justices, and the days of Roe v. Wade would be numbered.

  92. Here’s how i see it: I could not care less about Daily Fox or all those other places. My issue is and will be with the *Professional Left* – The Keith Olbermanns, the Michael Moores, and Arianna whatever of the world. These people are deeply engaged in a mission to destroy this president, because it’s good for them personally. It gives them ratings, money, TV appearances, and some really zealous followers.
    We need to push back against these guys, we just can’t let them to just go on setting the narrative. They’re the reason why on of the most successful presidents ever, is being labeled as a failure.

    Enough is enough.

  93. It concerns me too. And I bet President Obama is very well aware of what’s going on.

    Maybe it’s time we have a serious conversation with the faction of liberals who can’t do anything but criticize. They are a minority but let’s face it, they have a big megaphone. They are making “liberal” a bad word and they are scaring apolitical people out of the democratic party. And yes, this could result in a political realignment in America, where a moderate conservative party, with many ties to business and to Wall Street, could get a lot of support. And win the Presidency.

    I hope the critics of the left wake up in time and stop weakening President Obama. They have to realize President Obama is the best choice at this time for pushing America towards more liberal policies.

  94. holy mother of god Kis – that was more than a cry. It an agonizing read. Just mother effin hearthurting. He was so beautiful. I kept looking at his picture and thinking oh baby…and nothing else. Just a damn loop. Thank you for posting this here. Thank you so very much.

  95. I too continue to support President Obama and congratulate him and congress and all the activists involved in ending DADT for this historic change.

    I have overall been happy with President Obama’s time in office as he has been exactly what I felt he campaigned as – a pragmatic progressive.

    As for this site I think BWD for keeping us up to date on what the administration is doing. One thing that has kept me from posting is the focus on other more rancorous sites. I have left that rancor behind and want to move forward.

    Of course pundits who get it wrong should be criticized. I just think that it is time to leave the past behind when it comes to places like FDL and DK and instead discuss what we are for.

  96. Quick note for BWD.

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog.
    2. While the “professional left” does tick me off too, I think it does you no benefit to really slam them. Let them be the irrational ones with heated vitriol. Don’t stoop to their level – no matter whether or not they deserve it.

    Again, love the site. So refreshing. Thanks!

  97. I am also weighing my upcomming response to my congressman, Earl Bluemenauer, who voted against the tax compromise, because I have agreed with him on many issues, just not this one. Unlike the way the frustrati operates, I will be respectful, yet pointed in my response.

  98. I am sure that some Republicans will not vote against a national security issue, but I don’t know. Kyl said this morning that he will “oppose” the treaty, and my douche bag Senator Graham said that “if they want the arms treaty to pass then they better start over.” Um is it just me or didn’t McAngry’s amendment to restart negotiations on START fail yesterday? The Republican Senators need to wake the hell up, and stop playing games.

    Their agenda item starting when they take over is to “repeal the healthcare” bill. Why waste time on that bunk? McConnell can’t make promises because he is still the “minority” leader in the Senate, not the majority leader. They are all about giving the baggers false hope.

  99. yeah – just don’t read the drivel comments down below. I’ve found the DN has been pretty fair in presenting two sides of issues as they can, but recently, when they present the more “left” side of things, the extreme right start crawling out of the woodworks… either that or “those-who-will-remain-nameless” extremists as well.

  100. And looking at the MSM Professional Left – Olbermann and Cenk diary over at DK, Ed Shultz was a keynote speaker at NN2010. Whenever MSNBC wants a “voice of the left” the look to the fringe roots sites – Hamsher, Huffington and at one time Markos are used as pundits. I believe Rachel has Glenn Greenwald from time to time.

    It’s pretty damn incestuous. The Fringe Left lobbies MSNBC hosts like industry lobbies politicians. They’ve created their own little bubble. They like to decry the “village” of the MSM Washington insider, but lack the self-awareness th realize they’ve trapped themselves in a fringe progressive echo chamber.

  101. That’s nothing new over there. All good bills that get passed have nothing to do with the President according to them. But, all legislation that is stalled or defeated is totally and completely his fault. It’s pathological but part for the course.

  102. I agree. They ARE HAVING an effect. They have a megaphone. They ARE weakening the President.

  103. Even better, I got into one thread with a loon who was screaming about how Obama (not President Obama) could hardly wait to gut social security and put everyone out on the streets. You have to be pretty far into Lala-land to pull that one out of your ass. Excuse my crudeness.

  104. McCain’s amendment failed, but it didn’t get 67 votes it would need to ratify the treaty.

    I could see the GOP blocking this because the next treaty would have to be voted on by 14 GOP senators.

    For the Dems to get the nine votes they’ll need to ratify this treaty they’d need to get more than the usual moderates. They’d have to get folks that have voted with the McConnell party line for the last two years to go against him now.

  105. Yea, i begin to fear that we don’t have 67 votes, which is quite astonishing. I don’t think there was ever anything like this: A real national security risk due to politics. Stunning.

  106. And yet, the media continues to welcome them onto their teevee shows labeling them the voices of the left. this is the problem- they get this huge voice via the media and no matter how uninformed they are or how biased they are, they continue to be allowed to speak as if they represent all of the left. Which is why I agree with bwd that we have to fight that narrative.. and with Africa and GN who suggest we speak out in the comments of the various large online News.. Wapo, NYTimes, Newsweek, etc. We really cannot continue imo to allow the Hamshers and Huffpos to be the ‘voices of the left/base’.

  107. I hope so. Maybe this will be the straw that breaks the lockstep obedience to the party line. A lot of people might hesitate to sign on to doing something so destructive all in the name of destroying the president. It’s a good chance for a new leader to step up and fight against McConnell/Boehner and redirect the republican party into a saner direction. I just hope there is someone with enough integrity to do so.

  108. me too. McCain should never be forgiven for unleashing Palin on America.. and his bitterness on losing to “that one” ought to be trumpeted everytime he shows his hateful mug on national tv. But I don’t hold out hope, the media is his BFF.

  109. Slink works for Karl Rove, as far as I’m concerned. Just empty talking points and her loyal followers repeating them all over the blog that must not be named. I say let’s forget about ’em and focus on what this president is doing daily for this country. I’m feeling better every day with the improving economy and bills getting passed and signed into law. 2011 may not be as bad as it looked in November!

  110. Yes – but controversy drives ratings. And only 300, 000 to 2 million people watch each of those shows. A grain of sand on the beach.

    And what little people do watch? They are usually partisans. And, for lack of a better word, a few of us. I do not know anyone, friends, family , coworkers who watch any of the cable shows or care about blogs, DKos, or FDL or ever heard of them.

    And yes, they all vote. They are all intelligent. They can name the members of SCOTUS.

    But I do know thee people other than myself who are now watching Lawrence O’Donnell because they know him as a great actor, and he’s very normal and calm.

    Plus, Newsweek is all but dead. WP will be soon. NYtimes ain’t doing so hot.

    Not good.

  111. The GOP is in damage-control mode when it comes to START. They’re trying to save face. They’ll bring a little amendment of no importance and spin it as essential and next they will vote for the treaty. They will congratulating themselves at making the treaty stronger. The media will eat it up and the republicans, as usual, won’t pay any price for their cynical obstructionism.


  112. Want to get a grip on reality?
    Start ranting about Slinkerwink or Daily Kos to a family member, loved one, friend, coworker, et al.

    Keep going ” AND THEN SLINKERS WINKS SAID DIZ! AND DEN DATZ!’ and then CheezeDoodle goes Oh so concur! Obama sucks eggs I hate him and the bots! and then RottenMilk goes I will HR that BOT and then Blades of Meteor goes that bot is a ZOMBEH! BANNED!”!!!!

    Talk about this. To them.
    Take note of the look of confusion and bewilderment on their face.
    Directed at you.
    Look at the concern.
    And then the horror.
    And then feel embarrassment as they walk about going under their breath “holy shit. ”

    Okay. So maybe this happened to me.
    The few hundred people reading a diary broiling over in hate and misery and despair.
    The 100 to 300 people who rec it.
    Sure as hell mean nothing to the population on the Real World.

  113. Defending HCR in court. Teabaggers and Health Insurance Industry are hellbent on tearing it down. I

  114. Replying to myself. I made the comment without reading about the latest developments.

    I still hope things will end well and there’s a vote before the 112th Congress.

    But yeah… it could take longer. Price to pay for DADT probably.

  115. I think this is beyond just “politics.” It is the GOP’s continued desire to undermine and defeat this President at all costs. It’s personal. Who can argue that the GOP is playing to its constituents by defeating this treaty? Therefore, it goes beyond politics in my opinion.

  116. You think the professional left have weakened this President? Really? Wow. Typing can not even begin to express my disagreement. Someone else did it better.

    “So this notion that somehow we are willing to compromise too much reminds me of the debate that we had during health care. This is the public option debate all over again. So I pass a signature piece of legislation where we finally get health care for all Americans, something that Democrats had been fighting for, for a hundred years – but because there was a provision in there that they didn’t get, that would have affected maybe a couple million people, even though we got health insurance for 30 million people, and the potential for lower premiums for a hundred million people, that somehow that was a sign of weakness and compromise.

    Now, if that’s the standard by which we are measuring success or core principles, then let’s face it, we will never get anything done. People will have the satisfaction of having a purist position, and no victories for the American people. And we will be able to feel good about ourselves, and sanctimonious about how pure our intensions are and how tough we are. And in the meantime the American people are still seeing themselves not able to get health insurance because of a pre-existing condition, or not being able to pay their bills because their unemployment insurance ran out. That can’t be the measure of how we think about our public service.

    That can’t be the measure of what it means to be a Democrat.

    This is a big, diverse country. Not everybody agrees with us. I know that shocks people. You know, the New York Times editorial page does not permeate across all of America – neither does the Wall Street Journal editorial page. Most Americans, they’re just trying to figure out how to go about their lives, and how can we make sure that our elected officials are looking out for us? And that means because it’s a big, diverse country, and people have a lot of complicated positions, it means that in order to get stuff done we’re gonna compromise.

    This is why FDR, when he started Social Security, it only affected widows and orphans. You did not qualify. And yet now it is something that really helps a lot of people. When Medicare started it was a small program, it grew. Under the criteria that you just set out, each of those were betrayals of some abstract ideal.

    This country was founded on compromise. I couldn’t go through the front door of this country’s founding. And you know if we were really thinking about ideal positions, we wouldn’t have a Union.

    And so, my job is to make sure that we have a North Star out there. What is helping the American people live out of their lives? You know what is giving them more opportunity, what is growing the economy, what is making us more competitive. And at any given juncture there’re gonna be times where my preferred option, what I’m absolutely positive is right, I can’t get done. And so then my question is, does it make sense for me to tack a little bit this way, or tack a little bit that way, because I’m keeping my eye on the long term, and the long fight, not my day to day news cycle, but where am I going over the long term?”

  117. I remember you. I don’t go there any more either. Good to see you again. You’re amongst friends.


  118. The 911 first responders’ bill, which from what I’ve heard, should now have sufficient votes to get passed during the lame duck session.

    After the lame duck session, we have to reconvene for the DREAM Act/Immigration Reform, and Energy reform. These are the two big things.

  119. START is far from a certainty to pass. McConnell has come out againt it, and with the vote needing 67, it means nine Republicans would have to vote for it – meaning outside of the usual GOP votes that can be had there will have to be 3-4 GOP votes that have not broke with McConnell at all in the past two years.

  120. I am really concerned about the Omnibus bill failing because I don’t think it bodes well for Affordable Care Act funding with the Republican majority in the House.

    I think President Obama is going to have to be relentless in exposing the Republican Party obstruction to the American people because the feckless media is not going to do it. Also, I just think he is going to have to be creative and find ways to get things done without the involvement of congress.

    The best part about front loading his first two years with so many amazing accomplishments, is that the next two years can be used for implementation and tweaking. Kathleen Sebilus and Elizabeth Warren seem to be busy at work on implementing ACA and the CFPB.

    I would love to see some movement on clean energy and immigration, but I won’t hold my breath. I am sick over the failure of the DREAM Act. This should have been a no-brainer and the thought that 5 Democrats voted with the Republicans against it is just heartbreaking.

  121. Yep. They want to break up any good will he is building internationally. They want to neuter him in the eyes of the Russians.

  122. Omnibus was defeated because they figure they can play chicken with it and Obama will give in rather than seeing Government shut down.

    Boeher needs to have a bill that unites his caucus to make a big first stand.

  123. That is a real shame, for a treaty that normally gets 80+ votes in the senate. As I said, this GOP obstruction goes way beyond usual politics.

  124. The only trouble in trying to find the right words so as to not to offend you become MUTE.

  125. Well, either it’s the promised repeal of DADT, Rachel’s mea culpa, a loss of clicks, the rise in clicks for other sites ;-), just the spirit of the Holidays, the coming of Winter Solstice ;-), or some other motivation, but something has prompted DKos to finally post a front page story related to the vitriol that they’ve allowed for quite some time now to be hurled at the president with respect to his (and others) manhood.

    It’s by Kaili Joy Gray, and called “The Real Weakness in Washington.” She calls people out for saying the president has no balls, saying he’s not a man (and noting the historic racial connotations attached to it), etc. She notes that saying such things is weak, and then she closes with examples of what she feels is really weak (take note of the last sentence). The excerpt is below.

    While I’m glad it appears that she gets it, I’m not sure it’ll have the effect desired, because of how long the name-calling has been allowed…

    Closing excerpt of “The Real Weakness in Washington”

    “…You want to know what’s weak? Sen. Mary Landrieu calling an extension of the Bush tax cuts “morally bankrupt” to score points with her anti-Obama constituency, even though she voted for the “morally bankrupt” tax cuts in 2001. That’s weak — and morally bankrupt.

    You want to know what’s weak? Saying, “I’m going to do everything I can to support the men and women of the military,” while threatening to block funding bills in order to keep the gays out and calling it a “sad day” when the majority of the Senate — and the country and the military — disagrees with you. Oh yeah, and voting against funding bills for veterans. That’s weak, wimpy, and morally bankrupt. I’m looking at you, Sen. John McCain.

    You want to know what’s weak? Republicans talking, non-stop, for nine years about 9/11, 9/11, 9/11 to justify wire tapping, racial profiling, torture, and two wars — and then then voting against the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act that would provide health care to the sick and dying first responders of 9-fucking-11.

    For that, there are no words.

    We can, and should, criticize our leaders when we think they are wrong. We can, and should, encourage our leaders to fight for principled issues that matter to us. What we can’t, and shouldn’t, do is use sloppy and inaccurate euphemisms that perpetuate racist and sexist stereotypes about strength and weakness. Challenging the president on his policies and political tactics is acceptable, important, and patriotic.

    Challenging his manhood? Now that’s weak.”

    And I’d add that what’s also weak is allowing the drowning out/suppression/vilification/undermining of the diversity of voices on the center-left/liberal/progressive spectrum…

  126. Not everyone over there is saying that, but the “Damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t” crowd is. There are people over there that just downright hate the guy and nothing that he does will ever be good enough for them. Point to an accomplishment and they’ll just bring up something on their undelivered pony list to complain about.

  127. God I hope so too. But it’s very possible the GOP is planning to vote for START only in January, after bringing a couple of modifications in it. I think they are now eager to make President Obama and democrats pay a price for DADT.

    Thank God President Obama has good relations with the russian leadership; he could mitigate the disavantage of START being ratified only in a few weeks. I think the treaty WILL be ratified. The republican experts like Kissinger, Powel, Baker are for it. The GOP leadership is simply delaying in order to hurt President Obama politically.

    Never seen so much bad faith in a political party. It’s probably because they’ve never been so afraid of a democratic President. They know Barack Obama has the potential to become a transformative figure, both domestically and internationally.

  128. Wow, good on her. Thanks for posting that.. I want to stay away from there, but I really appreciate your posting the exerpt. She said an important mouthful.. and long long overdue.

  129. Yes, the emphasis should be on”stealing the spotlight and focusing it on reality” rather than lashing out in return. Putting energy into the frustrati only feeds the beast. Besides, it’s what they want so they can feel important. Unless you can actually meet these people and encourage them to believe in their own importance in a positive way, there is no point in attempting to engage them online. If you play their game, you slip into playing by their “rules”. Leave them to their own circle: “whiny scrappy people holding hands”. If it gets them through the night, good for them.

  130. Angrymouse is the board’s FP feminist. She was attacking the idea that saying “Obama has no balls” is saying he’s feminine and by using that as an insult it’s insulting womankind. She’s attacking the insults, not the fact that they are ridiculously leveled in the first place.

  131. Thanks for posting an excerpt cuz nothing would make me click on a DailyKos link again. I’ve long noticed the deterioration of the tone towards the President and his supporters and the favoritism by the site “moderator” towards the “manic progressive nutjobs” over the more sane and pragmatic voices.

    I was suspended for some comment I supposedly uprated and despite several requests to MB, never knew what that comment was or why it was deemed bad enough to warrant my suspension. I never went back. Since BWD’s blog’s been up, I’ve seen several other former Kossacks relating their own stories of being banned, warned, or suspended. Seems to me a deliberate effort was made to swing the site to the far left – perhaps to get on board with sites like FDL: first they allowed an increase in the vitriol towards the President, then they allowed attacks on members who support the President, and finally, a purging of his supporters.

    Fine by me. Let them stay over their and wallow in their own bile.

  132. I know – my sense exactly – I know I knew from Listening to his campaign that he was never going to rant or be extreme in his rhetoric and that he would be systematic in bringing about change and that he would engage us more deeply in Afghanistan. I did not agree with every one of his policy positions but I agreed with most of them and liked his core values a lot. For me, he was far and away the best pick even if his positions on the issues did not mirror each and every one of them (I can live with that; after all, I was not on the ballot and nor was my ideological twin!!!)

    The people who say that they are surprised at the way he is governing did not support him in the primaries. I don’t believe them when they claim to have worked on his campaign – If they did, they were totally not clued in as to what Barack Obama was all about. We can say that we are disappointed as to how hard it is for him to bring about change but, for me, that is a disappointment in our political system and in a big chunk of the American population rather than in President Obama.

  133. I hear you, but that she added the racial connotations says to me that there is more to this than her standard feminist fare, and the comments I read bear this out, because as you can imagine some people are not having her call for a change of tone. They like it just the way it’s been.

    And as with Rachel, I think we have to meet people where they are in terms of acknowledging when they’d done/said/contributed/enable something that is wrong/inaccurate, etc. The bottomline is that this is a post she should have and could have done months and months ago when this all started, and she did not.

    So, again, to me something has clearly changed that has made them re-think letting this continue by noting something on the Front Page, and from her. As I noted in the previous post, I think there is an exodus that is worrying them, and that sites like this (thanks again, BWD!), are getting much love…

  134. There are going to be 33 Senators up for re-election in 2012: 23 Dems (incl Lieberman and Sanders) and 10 Repubs. We have got to maintain the Dem seats and target all 10 Repub seats. Hopefully casting a wide net will ensure a larger catch so that we can AT LEAST ensure the President’s first term successes remain in tact.

  135. Agreed, Sheila

    There is no need to read DKos – none! Nothing they say is relevant, or for that matter, even honest.

  136. I’m beginning to think START will not get the votes. GOP wants to embarass Obama in the eyes of the international community with this vote – it really has nothing to do with the language in it, they just want to neuter him in the eyes of the Russians.

  137. They have committed one of my greatest sins, LOL. They BORE me 🙂

    I wasted years of my life on them. They will not get another minute.

  138. Sadly I agree. And with that, these people should not be leading our country. They are pretty pathetic.

  139. It is sad that the only adult in the room has to deal with the Republican Party pouting at the children’s table. The Republican Party has imploded and is a mere shell of what it used to be.

    It is clear that President Obama scars the crap out of the Republican Party. His election has caused them to go off the deep end.

    Issues they formally endorsed are shunned now if they have President Obamas support. This has caused them to twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain the sudden change. Most of the time they are incoherent. You could get whiplash from all of the flip flopping. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  140. Email me Kay – about “Lawrence” I’m so glad you’re done with DK!

    Guys, I love you all, but why are you still visiting tht place? It took me a long time and blocking the site from my computer, but I really believe humans need to be proactive about physical and mental health. Just my HO.

  141. Totally agree. And what they’ll do instead is lose a lot more moderates and independents, who are looking for national security to never be used to gain political points, but to actually get results.

  142. Thanks for sharing that. I appreciate that post by Angrymouse, but not enough to go back yet, if ever.

    I do hope the tone over there changes though, we really need all hands on deck for the next 2 years dealing with this new unserious congress that we have. Ugggh.

    And there are still some good things going on there, but the overall shift finally got to me. I was wasting my time fighting a losing battle when the real ones deserve our attention. I like to think that I know my real enemy.

  143. He knew it would happen, H. And I think he is one of the few humans who has evolved beyond wasting time on feelingsof betrayal. He is beloved by the right people and goes to bed with a clean conscience.

  144. This place and the dialog are a breath of fresh air…. thanks BWD for creating a realistic atmosphere to discuss in an adult manner the issues of the day….

  145. Yep, too me, the fact that it was finally addressed on the FP means that somebody is thinking about it in terms of the overall site which is interesting.

  146. McCain’s amendment to start over was defeated 37 to 59 yesterday, but reading into that vote if the 37 really wanted a start over, then they could just vote to defest the bill today.

  147. I was on theier website the other day and they were peddling lies and other crap that we hear on the MSM and blogs like HP and Kos. It seemed highly suspect to me and didn’t reek any happy feelings I get from this site and others

  148. Yes, it’s not necessary to go to those sites and try to reason or discuss anything with them (many of us know how well that went). But they love rumours and speculation, and when those blatherings do leak out from those sites and are picked up by, say, RM, then ‘steal the spotlight’ through emails or participating on RM’s blog with more robust information, simple suggestions like reading the bill or contacting a certain rep who didn’t say what the purists think the rep said 😉

  149. Unfortunately I can’t even posit a short list of who that could be. They were emboldened by some midterm victories that probably mean less than they think. America will only take so much of teh crazy (I hope).

    I do wish there was a GOP statesman that would stand the eff up, defend START and give some extremem blowblack to the extreme obstruction.

  150. And we should follow his lead, brush it off and move on to getting things done. I know most of us a refugees from that site, but we have found a safe place. Let’s stop looking backwards and continue to move forward.

  151. Exactly, many do not realize and maybe some do, but they are doing all Bloomberg’s work for him…

    “And yes, this could result in a political realignment in America, where a moderate conservative party, with many ties to business and to Wall Street, could get a lot of support. And win the Presidency.”

    To undermine the best hope for liberal policies from both sides will certainly smell suspect as far as I’m concerned.

  152. I want to know where Sen. Luger is. He’s supposed to be the GOP wiseman on foreign policy – where is he? Why can’t he wrestle up nine votes? Is he scared of getting primaried in 2012?

  153. I am watching the START Treaty now and it’s really getting tricky. I listen to the Democrats and as soon as a Republican steps up to the podium I have to hit the mute button and look away because I get this strong urge to take a shower.

    I just love Senator John Kerry. He is so intelligent and distinguished. The fact that he has to plead with these Neanderthals is sickening.

  154. Absolutely re: the real enemy. And like a few of us BWDers that still do a little lurking ;-), I don’t mind bringing back some “reconnaissance” ;-), when it’s moving in the right direction (which is soooooooooooooooooooo rare these days, except for bright, pragmatic, level-headed posts from eclectablog, onomastic, deaniac, etc.)

    But once again, BWD (I know you must tire of this ;-), thank you so, so, so, so much again for starting this site. As expected, even when we disagree here, it’s still without the crazy ;-).

  155. And that is the danger of personalizing criticism. When you paint someone as evil it becomes impossible to deal rationally with them in the future. The professional media need to stop and think before they write or speak about what words they choose to use. If politicians are labeled sell outs, or dangerous, or purposely deceptive in order to cover up secret agendas, it might make it easy to drum up ratings due to the sensationalism but when in the future they want their readers/viewers to see that same politician in a favorable way because they like what they are doing or saying now, it makes it impossible. You can’t spend weeks and months telling everyone who will listen that someone is the worst of the worst and then expect them to believe that it is now okay to deal with that person because they really aren’t that bad.

  156. The GOP doesn’t want treaties, they want more wars. They want this to fall apart because then Russia stops helping with Iran, the sanctions that are working on Iran fail and the warmachine starts gearing up again.

  157. I’m pretty much an outsider to the whole DKos system. I’ve read the occasional diary there when following a link from the OFA blog, but never posted or commented. Sort of a drive-by reader, I guess. If I may, as an outsider, make an observation about what I’m seeing here in the comments’ section?

    I think I’m witnessing a divorce. The people who have come here from DKos spend a good deal of time talking about the people who are still posting over there. Many are still reading posts there. Then folks come *here* to complain about what is going on *there*. This is like scurrying off to gossip about an ex to your girlfriends or buddies. Or maybe it’s like a clique splitting up at high school. One faction has come here and rails about the other faction that either forced them away, or they left voluntarily.

    Either way, I’m thinking that perhaps many here are working their way through the stages of grief. I suspect this process will take months of people confirming to one another that they made the right decision, occasionally ‘sneaking’ back there to check the degree of toxicity to see if it’s safe to wade in the kiddie pool again, then scurrying back here to say, “See, I told you so. That place sucks.” This is all well and good, and some may even be in need of an intervention (The first step: I am powerless over my addiction…).

    My hope is that this new community, which I’m grateful exists, can learn to work together to create a new positive culture that promotes the change we seek; encourages people to become pundit-free and learn to make their own analysis; and ultimately support one another in our efforts to organize our own physical world communities to vote Democratic in 2012.

  158. And don’t forget local news and letters to the editor. We need to make sure an alternative voice is present. MSNBC has a vested interesting presenting attackers of our president from both sides in order to undermine support and delegitimize him. Most people do not watch TV news, especially cable. Voters are not well informed as confirmed by all the misperceptions about the stimulus and health care. President Obama emphasizes community organizing, neighbors to neighbors. The value to me of this website and the others on the blog roll is I can find information which I can use locally in talking to people. One of the ongoing diaries during 2008 prior to the chain in GOS was the one on letters to the editor. The stop the smears OFA was also helpful. I also use the wiki on President Obama’s achievements and the WTF has he done site. This community is incredibly helpful in giving us inspiration and information. I never visit the old site anymore since it has become ideologically driven and full if rants. In talking to people I see every day in the course of my work I am always amazed by how little people are tuned into politics.

  159. I DID, Person Who Looks Too Good in Little Black Dress. It was at a lovely restaurant on the shore (I sleep there, apparently) It was in the middle of the worst of the AA/GLBT disaster, which spilled over to FB. (that is when I quit FB) I tried to explain this to my husband. His eyes got wider and wider – “these are LIBERAL ADULTS??!!”

  160. I share your hope, as you note:

    “My hope is that this new community, which I’m grateful exists, can learn to work together to create a new positive culture that promotes the change we seek; encourages people to become pundit-free and learn to make their own analysis; and ultimately support one another in our efforts to organize our own physical world communities to vote Democratic in 2012.”

    We have much work to do and I humbly suggest we turn our attention away from the distractors, irrespective of whom they claim to represent, and focus on reaching into every community in America to listen, to explain and to build toward major Democratic victories in the Senate, the House, State and local governments, and to do all we can to ensure President Obama remains in the WH for a second term.

    Much work to do – let’s get on with it.

  161. Then they need to grow up. It boggles the mind how simialr they are to the kindergarteners I work with!

  162. I’m not going to be mute. Nor will I be sitting in my room at my laptop. I’ve been to three states to GOTV, nothing’s going to stop me for the next two years.

  163. Hi, Thien Le, thanks for your POV, but I actually don’t think anyone feels there’s a sense of grief 😉 or a feeling of a divorce. I think that’s a bit too serious. I think what you’re seeing is that a few of us still post there, some of us still lurk there, and a few of us will never go back (unless it changes it’s tone), and as result you will continue to see references here and there. In addition, you may have seen more than usual references, because of the DADT repeal and it had been the CW over there that it could never, ever happen, the prez is too weak to let it happen, etc.

    I would also say that the gossip analogy is a bit too strong, because it infers that people here are being petty.

    Finally, as you know, the nature of the “internets” is that beyond current events, the reaction of posts at other sites to said current events are referenced, discussed, etc., which means at the end of the day, it’ll still be mentioned here in some form or other.

    But thanks again for being here and sharing your thoughts, and I really look forward to your continued positive posts.

  164. Heee! I figured out how to do gravatar. That picture was handy on my desktop. You remember that’s my Congressman, Frank Pallone, right? That was after he got all beat up over HCR at a Town Hall. Good times.

    I’m eating Pizza. Getting ready to leave soon.
    Still tenses as all hell mind you.
    You and eating out at the shore!!! 🙂
    Must be nice.

    Hey. You are not eating today, right?
    As you can see. I am.
    And. A coke. On top of it.

  165. Respectfully disagree. I think they have no effect. Not positive, not negative – none. Compare the ratings for KO with Dancing with the Stars. Only the political avocationalists care, and we know how we feel and how to direct our efforts.

  166. no, it won’t reverse. They are already itching for a fight in DOMA. not that they care anyway, I mean, clinton is almost a hero to these guys yet ask them y no protest and threats to primary him when he passed DADT and its crickets

  167. News on the START Treaty:

    The latest amendment to stop the New START Treaty going forward has been defeated 60-32.
    Debate continues tomorrow on this and a final vote is still to be scheduled.

  168. P.S., Thien Le, because you’re a casual DKos reader, I now realize that you may have thought my own post about the DKos front page story, “The Real Weakness in Washington” was like “occasionally ‘sneaking’ back there to check the degree of toxicity to see if it’s safe to wade in the kiddie pool again,” please know that it wasn’t. It was huge that this was done, and by who did it, and essentially amounted to a current event ;-), and a good change.

    But again, I look forward to seeing your future positive posts and calls to action, as you noted in your post — “…[to] support one another in our efforts to organize our own physical world communities to vote Democratic in 2012.”

  169. You summed up my thoughts pretty well.

    Also, it’s a strange feeling for some. I would ask Tien to imagine OFA changing over the course of a few months and then waking up one day and realizing they aren’t fighting for the same thing as you anymore. Wierd for some, hurtful for others, just meh to many, but the dynamic was a real one.

    Anyhoo, I do think it’s important to note the nature of the internet, as you did. The viral stuff will always flow back and forth.

  170. I recognized it 🙂

    Yeah, I’m not eating a croissant and the leftover Italian bread I stuck in my pocketbook last night… did I ever tell you the one where I was in a Ladies Room of a restaurant, chatting with a woman who came in. She looked familiar. Couldn’t place her. Realized that she was the hostess. Realized that after I opened my pocketbook and half the bread basket contents fell out.


  171. ACD also here. I accidentally made two accounts 😦 But little G is cool – it reminds me of this hottie on Robin Hood, BBC. BIG G. Will send video. You will like. Holy shit. Am speaking Ceeese.

  172. And you summed mine. I joined up in January of 2004 surrounded by people who were depressed that GW was in power and needed a shoulder.

    But I was also surrounded by people willing to fight and work hard and canvass and donate and make phone calls and rally to elect more Democrats. And I found them.

    And in 2007 I was surrounded by the whole fired up and ready to go. And it so motivated me I canvassed my ass off and donated just as much. And when I wrote my first (one of two diaries only) about that experience it was a tremendous high. And like an idiot, I got sucked into people’s personal issues and donated money to people who are absolutely full of shit and lied, and gave money to others who..well. I won’t get into it.

    So like you, yeah. I woke up one morning surrounded by fauxgressives, naderites, trolls, and ugliness of the highest order. Idiots who’s only intent was to destroy what we worked so hard for. Led by, of all things, the site owner, the site moderator, and most of the front pagers.

    It’s a divorce all right – kinda like one of those bitter ones though. Glad as all mercy to get the fuck away from the ugliness of it all at last, but kinda shell shocked by their swift and all encompassing decent into hatred, and the stupid. And wondering was I the idiot who just didn’t see it all along? Or is this just another ploy by a site owner who once was a Republican -to try to gin up some relevancy again and everyone who plays is just a click and a pawn.

    And why is it that the biggest shriekers are or were GOP? Cenk. Markos. Ed Shultz. Arianna. Jane Hampsher was a failed screen writer in hollywood who slinked of town, broke.

    For us, it was always sincere and from the heart.
    For the abvove, it’ a way to make a buck.
    That’s what kinda hurts.
    To know you’ve been had.

    Shrug. One does not know. But it’s kinda fun. And cathartic. And interesting. To talk about it.

    Then again, I’m one of the ones who never goes back, and never will. To those that still do, good luck with that.

  173. o.

    I just about peed my damn pants laughing.
    oh. my. god.

    still laughing.

    god i love you.

    Anna – middle name. Have no idea why i used it.


  174. Thank you for sharing that because for a lot of people it was an important community that did important work and radiated a sense of what could be accomplished. And like you stated, it was a haven and a necessary place when Dubya was smuckin’ up the joint.

    I don’t want to discount your experience at all while I aknowledge there are others.

    I know you aren’t the only one who feels that way and I don’t think it’s too destructive to let it out, vent, update and share with respect to the dynamic that other sites had in the manifestation of this one.

    We’ll all know when we cross the line. 🙂 In the meantime BWD has another post about all that has been accomplished that will inspire us to keep working. It’s fun to make side bets while the game is going on sometimes though. LOL

  175. My POV is that there is no way to process any of it without perspective, and perspective can only be gained by staying away (a “trial separation” to continue the analogy) Give it a couple of weeks, access how you feel, if you feel woefully uninformed, but be objective. It’s a habit, so if you feel a gap, it may be just habit energy with nowhere to go. But you have so many healthy sites to choose among now.

    Anyway sorry for being schoolteacherish – can’t help it 🙂 And that is what worked for me. The first step was realizing that DK reps almost nothing in the big picture.

  176. yah – me too. I joined up in 2004…. but then 6 months later changed my signon. The original was way too close to my email address… which was known at work. There are all sorts of rules about mixing politics and work.

    I lurked for the longest time – but essentially joined up because I was so pissed at the bush administration.

  177. 🙂 She works fast that BWD . 🙂

    Yup. This is my little happy oasis. I posted once too many time over “there” “you’re all so damn angry and miserable all the time. is there no joy for you ever? ”

    And then I would get Hr’d or pummeled with “you are so angry. eff off obamadrinkingkookaid bot. take your misery somewhere else and let us discuss how rotten and foul Obama is. ” and then the others would go “oh yeah rich happy fake Democrat. must be nice being all happy and joyful with your job and all. eff off bot. ”

    Heeeheeee. Now that. Was funny.
    Each time it happened. And it happened.
    All. The. Time.

    I honest to god mean this part – i find that part. Fascinating. But I always did find humans acting like that in small mobs interesting.

    In any case. Yes. You are very right. THis is where I, or we, can be happy at what we have accomplished. And god knows I’m as happy now as I was in November 2008.

    Thanks Jordan! 🙂

  178. Once again the left will pat themselves on the back for a job well done even though this was something the pres was gonna do ANYWAY. And I agree with BWD, the professional left, be it DK, HP, FDL, KO, Moore, tavis and others needs to be called out on their shit everytime if it means that their screeching will result in the rest of us suffering because they want ratings. I used to post as friskee1 on other sites and had no problem telling members of those communities to STFU if they were not being factual. The MSM trotts these people out like they’re experts everytime we have a debate on policy. It’s no wonder we get misinformation and lies, thus the stupification continues. And i know a poster or two mentioned here that what we’re doing is akin to gossip and that we should move forward, but the truth is, the fact that we’re all here as the sane voice of the movement for change and that there are still supporters of the pres should send to Them a msg that the truth will prevail and they too can be called out on their hysterical bullshit. I call it for what it is, gossip or not and I could really care less about being called an o-bot, cultist or the like.

  179. I’m with you g. I was suprised I was able to quit pretty much cold turkey. I thought it would take weeks because of the habit factor and the feeling uninformed factor, but it was much easier that I thought.

    But for some folks the journey will indeed be different and I will frankly probably always enjoy getting a peak via someone else of what is going on there. Hey, I watch some reality TV too so sue me. 🙂 LOL

    And I will always admit there is still some good stuff, sub-communities if you will, going on over there, but I think it’s an important message if lots of people leave (totally or mostly) and more importantly the time it will free up to confront the real enemies and keep progressing.

  180. Not really. The final vote needs 67 to pass.

    Now if these amendments only are getting 60 to defeat, it means seven votes that they’ll need to pass are currently voting for these amendments which are all saying “start over”.

    So in actuality it’s pretty bad news.

  181. *You* were suspended?!
    With all the hateful things that are said there, and *you* were suspended?!
    Good grief.

  182. How long ago were you suspended?

    Honestly, I’m surprised more supporters of the President haven’t been suspended. missliberties was giving them heck last week, received many hr’s and she’s still there. Her comments were hysterical, but many did not get the joke. Instead, they were offended. Anyhow, I’m really surprised that she didn’t get banned. (My gosh was she/he funny!)

  183. Now there’s a great meme, Saint Roscoe –

    “The Republicans want to play politics with nuclear stock piles.”

    Anyone in D.C. reading this? Gibbs? Majority Leader Reid? Speaker Pelosi? Use Saint Roscoe’s words!

  184. Except the wealthiest Americans did get to keep the Bush tax cuts. Maybe this article was written prior to the tax cut deal?

  185. There are some who, I think, are outraged because it’s within their personality type to be that way. Constant state of anger/near anger.

    There are some who feign outrage to get rec’s, to get paid, etc.

    Then there are some whose words of hate jump off of the page. I’ve not seen that much hate, ever. It’s surreal. A week or so I was reading over there – I can not remember the commenter’s name or the content of the comment, but I remember reading his/her words and when I did, I involuntarily jerked back from the computer. Literally. I could feel the anger and hatred.

    I should state about the above – the commenter was not a name I recognized, although his/her words received many rec’s. My guess is the commenter may have been a teabagger troll. Seriously, the teabagger seething hatred is what was emanating from that post. Scary, scary stuff.

    I don’t know, I just can’t understand that amount of hatred pointed towards another human being.

  186. That is so true…They were calling for Sen
    Sanders’ head for backing Pres.Obama during the healthcare debate…Talking about
    primarying him..hehe…he was Freddy Kruger &
    the devil all rolled into one..Now they love
    Oh..remember when Rep. Weiner appeared
    to be against the ground zero faith he’s mouthing off about POTUS on every channel..He thinks he’s slick.

  187. I know how you feel, my Senator is Lautenberg. He voted no on the compromise too, but he has always has been a reliable vote so I believe that this is what the majority of his constituents wanted.

  188. Kali Joy aka AngryMouse was always one of my favorite diarists at dkos regarding feminist issues. Glad to see she is still fiery as ever.

  189. I Love OCD! I remember you from over there, great to see you here!

    (you had a concussion a while back, right?)

  190. Isn’t it a great step forward to have a President who is a fine role model for how we all should conduct ourselves? To extend one’s hand to one’s opposition and give them the opportunity to at least partially rise to the occasion, that’s humanity at its best. If the President had done nothing else (and he has done a great deal) that in itself would be beneficial to our populace, to see our leader conducting himself in a thoughtful, measured, calm manner in regard to his opposition. I think this is why he angers so many, because it points up their own weaknesses in regard to rashness, rage, and the inability to accomplish anything tangible.

  191. To hear them tell it he had nothing to do with it passing it or it took too long. I don’t think he can ever please these people. The way they see it he should have done it a day after he took office remember he promised and for that he deserves no credit. I for one I am happy for this President for always making his detractors loose creditbility. God bless him.

  192. Well, I think I realize what the other motivation is for this “shift” in addressing the DKos vitriol — they are trying to drive traffic to DK4, and for the lurkers (who are the majority), who are sick of the tone, if they think it’s going to be more of the same, they might not move over.

    And apparently knowing that is the probably the case, Markos in a Front Page post in trying to urge people to try DK4, added the following little tidbit about the “group” feature over there:

    “Those who want to be balkanized can already do so. And certainly, DK4 will enable them. But the internet enables balkanization. And sometimes, balkanization is not a bad thing.
    It wouldn’t be a bad thing to balkanize the most obnoxious of the Obama Sux and Rox clubs.”

    Interesting last sentence, especially with the inclusion of the “Obama Sux” aspect, which again is a new tact, especially from someone who tends to say the president sucks a lot ;-).

  193. Hey Greg in TN!
    Checked out your blog. I did not know that about the TVA, nor did I know about the Video Prohibition Act.

  194. Whether this was requested of her or not, I do not know, but…

    an extremely popular and well respected comm leader posted a diary (she and I are friends when we stay away from politics, but that may get harder now), in which she urged people not to leave DK. She then went on to explain that those who think there are too many “bots” should not fear, that the “reality based” types are still in full force. By “reality” she meant that Obama is no ally. I do not know what was her motivation in posting this. But weird???

    I will never go back to DK even if given clemency. Kos thinks keeping the two groups away from each other is a constructive idea? Like, being caged? Does he not realize the comments will remain the same whether “balkanized” or not? How stupid and self serving. Please don’t give in. His idea serves one goal, and it has dollar signs. If the dweeb really cared about positive efforts, he’d do no balkanizing (stupid term, Kos) and have decent moderation. Ain’t gonna happen. And nothing is going to get your book sales back up either Mr M.

  195. I too no longer visit DK. It seems Kos has figured out that the MSM will ignore reasoned debate or (God fobid) support of Pres. Obama. So make outlandish, fact free claims against this President and get love from the MSM. It is sad really. The Professional Left (and their unpaid dupes) are showing themselves to be sellfish, small minded people who have a personal and financial stake in taking down this President. I caught on to the hustle a while back (during the Gulf Oil Spill). I honestly thought that Keith Olbermann had lost his mind when he flipped over Obama Oil Spill Speech. That showed me that the criticism was not rational, was not fact based but was emotional and phony. That realization about the Professional Left has only been confirmed since that time.

  196. Puleeze……..

    If someone’s cat dies in South Dakota, you can bet the posters at DKos will blame President Obama.

  197. Yep. Whatever these people’s agenda is, it has nothing whatsoever to do with advancing so-called “Progressive” interests.

  198. Agree and I think since we are aware that many of our fellow commentators here are in the early stages of grief, we should let them vent. I predict a few more weeks and we will not hear much more about the other sites, etc.

    I too truly hope we can begin to organize here for the good of our nation and of course help this great President we have been blessed to have lead us during these hard times.

    BWD does an amazing job and if she ever needs help or funds to keep this going I am ready. I use to donate to the other site, to almost every candidate they asked us to and actually I do not regret it, it did much good before peoples true colors came out.

  199. “I think this is why he angers so many, because it points up their own weaknesses in regard to rashness, rage, and the inability to accomplish anything tangible.”

    Spot on. I think there is a lot of seething jealousy of this President, of his intelligence, his even temperament, his comfort in his own skin, his easy grace under fire (remember him facing down that roomful of Republicans and batting down all their talking points without breaking a sweat?), heck, even his happy home life with Michelle and the girls. How many of those most passionate in their howling at President Obama resent him because he is so superbly what they are not and will never be?

  200. As was stated in an earlier post, the number of “aye” GOP votes for the amendments does not necessarily predict the corresponding number of votes for the actual bill. Some members vote to give cover for themselves and others, when they already know that something won’t get the requisite votes for passage. But ones the final bill comes up for the votes, they will vote in favor.

  201. Hope not. While I haven’t been able to find a roll call list for this amendment as of now, I am hoping that the votes can be found between the 32 who voted for the amendment and the 8 Senators that apparently didn’t vote. I’m hoping that between those two demos are some who would be vulnerable to coming off soft on national security by voting against this treaty.

  202. Ok, I get that. During the Presidential campaign, I was involved in one of the media groups on OFA. If we focus on the media, they can change.

  203. Wonderful insight – I totally agree with your post. Darkness vs light – not cheezy at all, in my opinion. There are some powerful forces at play and these are very serious times.

  204. You may want to point out to them that you’re giving them the benefit of the doubt, and considering the totality of their service, and would appreciate them giving the President the same courtesy. He is human, making the best decisions he can at the time and with what he has to work with, as they are.

  205. 67 votes are needed to pass it. The vote to move the debate forward was 66-32. Bayh (D-head-IN), for unknown reasons, didn’t vote, but all indications are that he does not seem to object to the treaty. His vote would make 67. However, the tally could drop back down to 66 (or less) because Corker (Asshole-TN) voted to end debate, but indicated that he would have a sad if DADT was repealed. It was. He’s sad. – not sure how to do links. Is it html code?

    The AtlanticWire says that two senators abstained from voting and if those same two senators abstain, only 66 votes are needed to ratify the treaty.

  206. Good suggestions. Have to toughen up my stomach to start posting on these sites – the comments are always so vile. Glad to see others are suspicious, as well.

  207. Ed Schultz is getting on my last nerve. Anyone else?

    Congratulations, President Obama, for getting so much done in a lame duck session. Historic.

  208. I am so proud of our President,I get so sick of people giving him a hard time .And then when he gets something done it’s a big surprise to them.I voted for him and I’m sticking with him.When are they going to get it threw their hard heads that he knows what he is doing.

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