(Video) Rachel Maddow: This is the president’s victory. He took a lot of abuse and did not waver. This is not just a promise kept, this is a DIFFICULT promise kept, and the base will reward him for it


This is classy from Rachel. Completely admitting she was wrong, and giving the president the entire credit for this win. Nice, Rachel. 


175 thoughts on “(Video) Rachel Maddow: This is the president’s victory. He took a lot of abuse and did not waver. This is not just a promise kept, this is a DIFFICULT promise kept, and the base will reward him for it

  1. Me too. She was really pissing me off the past couple of weeks but I accept her apology and will watch her once again.

  2. The President doesn’t claim credit on his own, it took his leadership along with leadership in the Senate, enough Republicans in the Senate, the House, the Military and for enough folks across America to want it.

    With good leadership, victories are shared and defeats are claimed alone.

    Months of derision isn’t undone by one say of giving credit where credit is due. It’s a start, and a good one. But She, and others, need to breathe a little bit and maybe give the President the benefit of the doubt.

  3. I really enjoyed hearing her acknowledge the President and admit her mistaken beliefs about his procedure.

    I hope in the future, she keeps this in mind before jumping on the hysteria bandwagon.

  4. Good on Rachel. I actually expect this from her though…the others, not so much.

    For her I do think it was about the issue, for many others I think it’s about them and the President.

    For all her chicken littling, I do think she remains one of the more clear minded observers and analysts. Her bent just tends to lose sight of the long game at times.

  5. Im not she still is in the dog house with me. But i will congraulate her for giving where credit is due. I hope she call on all the ones who gave the abuse to admit they were wrong. Dan Savage also.

  6. Exactly and what did the President had a letter written asking people to thank the senate Reid, Pelosi. Not himself. People need to think before they bash and rachel did it before on the gulf thing. Enough is enough and they need to be called out for the awful names and remarks they made about the President.

  7. I am glad that she came right out and admitted the President was abused by the extreme left on this issue. Will this trend changer for those fringe elements. I sure hope so but like Rachel, I am not optimistic.

  8. Yep, she is the only one i expected to hear saying something like this, because she was also the only one who – from time to time – acknowledged all his achievements. She is very talented and a real journalist, and i agree that it was really about the issue for her. I only hope that she learned her lesson, and will quit the KO crazy train.

  9. Wow – Rachel’s been in my dog house (and still is) but I’m glad to see that she is gracious and balanced enough to acknowledge her own flawed judgment. She only exits the dog house when and if I hear of sustained improvement on her part and she shows a willingness to detach herself from the ugly mob.

  10. True. He also wrote that this is the people’s victory, that without us he could not fulfill this promise. He is just amazing, simply stunning. Never saw anything even remotely close.

  11. Okay, for the time being, I forgive Rachel. This IS the president’s victory. Hear that you who tore him to pieces during the last two years?

    And it really has been two years. Repeal didn’t happen the first week after his inauguration so he didn’t keep his promise, “after all I did for him, all the door knocking…”

    I have all the sympathy in the world for the people who suffered under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and I can more than sympathize with those who were sick of having patience, especially those who were tossed out during the last two years, but the vitriol dumped on the president’s head as though he alone was to blame for the wait for repeal was as unfair as the discrimination itself was unfair.

  12. Good for you Rachel..though some still say he had nothing to do with this victory..do they think it would have happened under any other president?? I hope people learn to trust our president. To maybe give him the benefit of the doubt , that maybe he knows more about what he is doing than we do…geez..plz folks give the man a chance!!

  13. I’m impressed. She was, indeed, classy and very complimentary, AND admitted that she was one who had said it wasn’t possible while President Obama insisted it was possible and would happen. I’m not ready to reinstate my Dish in order to see her again, but I’m going to send her an e-mail thanking her for her honesty and integrity on this.

  14. Agree totally BWD.

    Apparently hysteria is very contagious. I too hope she guards against it in the future.

    Here’s the thing those with the hysteria bug forget…hope and progress is also contagious.

    I’m inspired by today and that’s a good thing because we have so much more to do.

    Thanks again to everybody who helped win this one. And for now I’m fine with the optics saying this is Obama’s victory. 🙂 We all know the long game includes everybody.

  15. Im upset with the awful names he was called trying to fight a law that he did not implement. This is the problem i had over at dkos. They are fighting against the wrong person. comparing him to jim crow laws, homo phobe a sellout. He is the one who stated he will repeal it. Dan Choi , im sympathetic to him but he was just a media hog. I always wondered why no one chained themselves when bush was pushing them out. Cnn had a chart of Gays that was forced out since 2000. The most was done under the bushes and least under Obama. I am very happy because i know of the negative their is always the appreciative and advocates that fight without condeming.

  16. She did mention how President Obama was derided and abused on this issue by “otherwise his most loyal supporters” which is bunk.

    Loyalty doesn’t threaten to take your vote and go home every damn time you don’t get your own way.

    Come tomorrow there will be no more credit as the same folks will have moved on to DOMA.

    And here’s a hint on that one – there is no political will on it. California and Maine voted it down in ballot propositions and Iowa voted out the judges who made it law in Iowa. It will be a legal issue that will have to work it’s way al the way through the system until it gets to the Supreme Court.

  17. Thank you, Rachel. She gets over the top sometimes, but when things happen, she isn’t afraid to do a mea culpa. So I will just say in short, again, Thank you, Rachel.

  18. Spoken like a professional, Rachel.

    Amazing isn’t it? Another day that will go down in history. Seems like these momentous occasions follow this elegant man.

    “The light of a lamp
    Instantly dispels darkness
    Even when it has been dark for a very long time.

    Just so, the brilliant light of the mind
    Will, in an instant, dispel
    The darkness of ignorance.”

    ~ from the Song of Mahamudra

  19. Funny how Clinton wasn’t mentioned too much when they were trying to turn Obama into an evil caricature. I bet Clinton is beyond happy and relieved that Obama could remove that stain from his presidency.

    It is still hard to believe that so many can aim their hatred and scorn at the wrong people. I think part of it is fear. We haven’t seen the last of it, but you are right…for every bloated self-important ego that takes up the outrage of the day and makes it their fake badge of honor and blog cred there are many more struggling and working every day to keep the momentum going in the right directed whether it takes 4 days or 4 years.

    And we must continue to fight against the ole ‘divide and conquer’ strategy even if it’s being perpetrated by the left.

  20. He didn’t chain himself then because he knew there wasn’t a chance for repeal under Bush. He knew under PBO there was a darn good chance.
    Thanks and congrats to President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Leader Reid, and a huge congrats to the LGBT community!

  21. Lt. Dan Choi cannot let this go. He’s still very angry at the President. Here is his ultimatum:

    “President Obama, you are not off the hook. The compromise bill passed today puts the moral imperative squarely on your desk. Sign an executive order instituting a full non-discrimination policy throughout the military. If you do not, if you drag your feet and politicize this with your theoretical calculations as you have these
    past two years, you will be guilty of abetting those who loudly proclaim homophobia from their platforms and pulpits. Provide them no shelter or safe haven. Institute justice now.”


  22. Fame is seductive. I suspect he’s not ready to let his go whether he looks like a jerk or not.

  23. oh, gawd. What a maroon of shit stirrer. No wonder he got kicked out with a mealy mouth like that.

  24. Ok enough already! What the hell does Choi want? The president to grovel at his feet? How does he think black people after enduring 400 years of slavery and being shut out of society. Even to make it to the highest office in the land and to be treated with disrespect like Choi treats President Obama?

    I’m sorry, this has me super pissed. It’s because of President Obama that OFA folks like me contacted our representatives to fight for this. And this is the thanks we get from Choi?

    He needs to shut up.

  25. for some reason, I can’t see the video on this site…

    But even though rachel chicken littles’ too much for me and can be over the top like some of her colleagues, I do give her kudos to showing respect to the president and giving him his props on rpealing DADT. This is a wonderful, albeit bittersweet day for the country since the dream act wasn’t passed. Although I was disgusted by some of the tactics used in repealing this measure(dan choi and others) I am happy for my gay and lesbian vets and service members. as they say in the army, HOAH!!

  26. Oops, that should have been “how black people felt.”

    I am not belittling the struggle of gays and lesbians, I’m just so tired of our President getting jumped on no matter how hard he works to right wrongs that were not even of his doing.

    Funny Lt. Choi never mentions Bill Clinton who’s actually responsible for DADT. I’s only President Obama who he sees fit to constantly rail at.

    So tired of his childish, ungrateful tirades.

  27. It takes a real woman to fess up to being wrong. It shows that this issue was truly important to her and not just something she used to demagogue. (I’m looking at you, Keith)

    Props to her for seeing the light.

  28. he is really full of shit. With all due respect, he’s the one that outted himself even though the military had a policy against banning gays. Now he How come he never pitched a fit when Bush was in charge or when Clinton signed the bill himself? I served with gays and lesbians and none of them made the mistake of outting themselves if they didnt wanna get kicked out. Dan Choi is a full example of when keeping it real goes wrong.

  29. Oh, I think all the belittling of LGBT’s is coming from Choi himself. With such an attitude, I wonder how he served in the army.

  30. They still have a problem with the definition of “loyal” over there in frustrati land.

  31. I was as well taken aback by that comment by Rachel. Does she not read the hateful hateful comments over there directed at President Obama by his so-called base?

    Everything else she said was very thoughtful. But this “most loyal supporters” or “base” talking point is BS.

    Pure BS. A lie.

  32. I have a feeling Sullivan is really enjoying watching this presidency and being able to comment on it.

  33. Anyone who doesn’t ever say they were wrong, apologize or reasses their analysis is very suspect in my eyes.

    You cannot always be right and you should always be living an examined life.

  34. Tulips, I stand with you on this one. The way she has treated the President on this issue has changed my feeling about her.

    I will probably check out her show on Monday to see how she handles herself.

    I will never watch Keith ever again.

  35. Dan Choi appears to have some unresolved personal issues that go beyond DADT. That much is clear. He’s now moving the goalposts with that statement, in order to justify his prolonged anger at President Obama.

    In that statement, he basically (and falsely)accused the president of politicizing this issue during the last 2 years. But it appears that he Choi has been the one trying to politicize this issue by going on CNN and stating that he is not voting for Obama in 2012.

  36. I hope in the future, she keeps this in mind before jumping on the hysteria bandwagon.

    I do too, however I seriously doubt she will. She’s done this before, which really turned me off on watching her show. This latest hysteria she displayed made me realize this is her way. She jumps first too much and I don’t think I can watch her show like I used to.

  37. I congratulate Rachel for admitting she was wrong and giving the president due credit. I hope she will remember this in the future and be more tempered in how she reacts. I still have a lot of admiration for her and I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. It probably is hard to keep your objectivity when surrounded by the beltway media. Hopefully, this will help ground her and get her to listen to voices outside of the media before making up her mind on future issues. She has the intelligence and capability to be a first class journalist. She just needs to keep her head clear of beltway groupthink. She’s still pretty new at this but I have confidence that she is capable of learning quickly.

  38. I think he may have some serious issues that he needs to deal with. He should be celebrating today and thanking the president for never giving up on ending DADT and for getting it done. The fact that he isn’t able to makes me worry about him.

  39. Maybe he should just sign up again, it’s where he can do the most good for his cause and make the case by example, and by gad, he’s a soldier, he says. Of course, that would mean abiding the UCMJ, which means he can’t openly denigrate the CiC (and for pay, oh dear, Dan). So whatcha gonna do, Dan?

  40. I love my President very much. He is really a true hero for me. I will try to be just 10% as patient as him if I can in the future. This is an incredibly gifted human being. I am a man never said I love a man except my dad, be PBO is the second to my dad. He is just is a Gold Model Human!!

  41. You know he would invite her to the white house especially when the liberal media went to the white house. I can’t believe she would do what she did.

  42. Classy from Rachel.On her way to becoming more than a pundit.
    And to the President- HOOOAH Sir!!

  43. I’m done with Keith too.

    Rachel showed a good deal of class in her statement.

    Dan Savage owes the president an apology.

  44. Thanks,GOVCHRIS1988,

    This needs to be sent to Lt. Choi for his temerity in trying to tell the president what to do, as if the president doesn’t have anything else to do except fulfill his demands. Choi forgets that the president likes to do things in a way that they cannot be reversed by the next republican that occupies the WH. Some on the left act as if they have more trust in the republicans, who do nothing for them, than they do for President Obama who is trying to deliver on his campaign promises. And, send a copy to the frustrati, also. I’m tired of them, too.

  45. Rachel was really plucking my nerves when I watched her show after that amazing press conference that President Obama gave. I was so disappointed in her that I have not watched her show since. I have a fierce loyalty to President Obama and her negativity just turned me off.

    Anyway, I am glad to see her admit that President Obama could not just end DADT with an executive order using the stroke of a pen. If it were that easy, it would have been done already. After all, he was a constitutional law professor.

    Rachel is brilliant, but I never understood why she kept hammering the president to end legislation that “congress enacted.” It just didn’t make sense. Secretary Gates explained this clearly in his testimony to congress after the study was released.

  46. Uh uh. I’m not excusing Ra Ra for her shenanigans. She’s blamed black folks for the prop 8 fiasco and railed against the President about dadt and doma. It will take more than a “I’m sorry” to get me to ever watch her show again.

  47. Tell the WHOLE TRUTH Dannie,

    She did blame African-Americans. What most people don’t understand is African-Americans more the most conservative people in American, they just vote Democratic. Regarding DOMA, President Obama won’t touch it.

  48. Yes, that was classy from Rachel and not a minute too soon. I think I’ll semi-forgive her for now, with probation. She has acknowledged in the past yr. how much the prez has accomplished. Those were tough words she spewed out the same night KO went on his full blown rampage though. Something about how the president was on the way to becoming “a joke” & “a failed president.” That was stunning to me that night. Hard to forgive that. I’ll see…..

    Lt. Col. Ferenbach was on CNN this afternoon & seemed moderately happy. I feel sorry for him as he’s quietly suffered for abt 3 yrs now. He’s still in the Air Force, but he was outed in the last yr of the Bush Admin. & it’s obvious no one wants to discharge him because he’s doing a good job. He just wants to do his job…the direct opposite of Lt. Choi. It would be nice if he were invited to the Signing Ceremony and got his Flight Status back. He’s been on Rachel a few times & he always touches me. I’m really happy they never got around to discharging him.

    It’s a good day.

  49. I agree with you that this was very personal for her, and she did acknowledge she was wrong and and gave credit to President Obama. It was Rachel that acknowledged how much this President and Congress got done.

  50. Ok! Unless I’m losing my mind RaRa did not apologize. So what is everyone else hearing? I’m not trying to start stuff. I’m just asking.

  51. Holy cow.

    He does realize that in order for the repeal to work the Joint Chiefs of Staff have to first certify that implementation plans are ready and then they and the President have to sign off on that certification, doesn’t he?

    Someone’s liking his own angst a bit too much.

  52. I think I’m through watching her show. Maybe it’s all show-biz and she really can analyze things privately, but she clearly went over the edge in her criticism of Obama. I don’t watch emotional tirades. I want clear analysis and facts. Not people throwing fits. The BBC does a better job providing news and commentary.

  53. I don’t know what you mean. That’s President Obama and Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark.

  54. Agree. Rachel has been the only one who pretty consistently took Obama’s side. She went off the rails on the tax deal, and she was impatient about DADT, but she’s a class act.

  55. I respect Rachel and think that she is a very intelligent individual, however I will continue to boycott all of the talking heads on tv including Rachel. They have become over-reactors, and they have not stayed within the realm of reason lately. They have consistently been using their platforms to create a toxic leftist environment filled with inaccuracies, and negative reactions based on personal perception, and void of facts. Instead, they could have used their platforms to promote positive action that would have assisted the President.

    If I would ever decide to watch anybody again, it probably would be her though. Ed Schultz is a lost cause. He has said so many hurtful things about the President that I cannot stomach his hysterics and insults. As far as Keith O goes, I realized that I can not respect an individual that doesn’t even bother to vote. He has no voice IMHO. He can’t sit around and bitch and complain, when he doesn’t even bother to vote. His excuse for not voting is pathetic. Therefore, I have washed my hands clean of them, and my blood pressure thanks me for it lol.

  56. @dannie22 I’ll say this with love: grow up.

    Saying “I was wrong” is an apology. A man doesn’t need someone to grovel to show contrition. Saying “you were right and I was wrong” should be enough for any adult.

  57. Booker just seemed to have a pretty tight grip on President’s arm. Looks almost unfriendly if one didn’t know Booker and Obama…

  58. Senate back in session at 12 noon tomorrow, Sen Risch(sp) has an amendment that will have two hours of debate, followed by a vote and the 1-2 more votes on issues before START is voted on. So around 2:30-3:00 would be my guess.

  59. Doesn’t Lt. Choi realize that an executive order could be rescinded by the next Republican president?

    He seems to have some issues here that go beyond DADT.

  60. It’s nice that Rachel admitted she was wrong, but seriously, she shouldn’t have placed herself in a position to have to say that in the first place. What initially attracted me to her show was her ability to expose poor reporting and hypocrisy. Then it appears the network made her adopt a schtick that all but forced her to start in with the over-the-top rants she’s recently become known for.
    I stopped watching her some time ago, but continued to click on links to clips from her show. She lost me for good with that antic in Delaware when she attended that Democrats meeting and interviewed some of the attendees afterward. It became clear to me that she has no sense of how the Democratic Party works, no sense of rank and file Democrats and how they operate, or fail to operate. She was completely out of her depth and missed entirely the points being made by the people she interviewed. Then she proceeded to ‘analyze’ what she thought she heard from these people and got it completely wrong. She tried to make what they said fit her meme and didn’t even seem to grasp how poorly their comments reflected on the Democrats before the election. That’s when I realized that, smart as she is, she’s just as much of a hack as her peers.

  61. She said she was wrong. There are so many people who will refuse to admit when they make a mistake that a ready admission — in public — that one has made a mistake is refreshing, and all too rare.

    I’m not giving her major kudos for doing the right thing, but I’ll give her credit for having done what many pundits who’ve been railing on the president over this will never do.

  62. I have not felt the same about Rachel or Keith since they both slammed President Obama for the oval office speech he gave on the Gulf Oil Spill. I didn’t watch either one of them for weeks. I was furious. They just seemed to be piling on for no good reason.

    I remember Rachel even had a segment where she told the audience what she wished he had said. Keith also was whining and complaining because he didn’t think the speech measured up for an oval office address.

    What annoys me about the 24X7 cable is that President Obama is under a microscope and everything single thing he does gets instant replay analysis. After a speech, the pundits want to grade him. On a scale of 1-10, how did he do? Did he show enough emotion? Were his answers to questions too long? He missed an opportunity to do x, y, or z. He should have said this and he should have said that. This is a make or break moment. He looked angry. It’s endless.

  63. Excuse me Tavis Smiley but I don’t need your love. I was merely saying that RaRa never actually said that she was sorry. She said that she was wrong about the getting repub votes but she never said “I’m sorry I was wrong”

    i think some are putting words into her mouth. If and when she gets on tv and says she’s sorry for all the childish, ignorant, negative things she said about the President, then I’ll agree that she’s apologized. As far as I’m concerned she has not said that she was sorry. She admitted she was wrong about the process of overturning dadt. It could not be overturned by executive order. That’s what RaRa said. And if you don’t like it, oh well.

    Have a nice night.

  64. Me neither.

    Like Barbra Streisand said on Larry King: “He has an open heart, an open soul”

  65. Exactly. It’s so childish to say “I didn’t hear I’m sorry” after that. What do you wan the woman to do?

    She’s a Rhodes Scholar that came on national television and said “I was wrong and the President was right. He did what I said was impossible”.

    There is nothing more contrite than that.

  66. Acknowledging that you’ve been proven wrong about something is not necessarily indication that you regret what you did or even comprehend all the ways in which you were wrong.

    Obama was being accused of using DADT to string gays along with no intention of lifting the ban — with Rachel having co-signed the baloney about how he could have done it long ago had he wanted to.

    So — Dannie22’s sentiments are not necessarily about Dannie22 needing to grow up. I’m not impressed by somebody acknowledging something being wrong when it’s obvious — either. True — there are some serious deniers who can’t even do that — but still — that’s not exactly something that heralds a brand new attitude.

    If from this point forward Rachel shows more restraint and isn’t as quick to jump on the emo — bandwagon making and entertaining all kinds of unfounded accusations — then I’ll be impressed. An acknowledgment is merely the least you can do unless you’ve got serious issues going. It’s meaningless unless you learn something from the experience and use it to improve yourself in the future.

    So — I’m with Dannie22. Rachel is not quite off the hook — yet. Rachel needs to show us that she’s growing up.


  67. Thanks for the info.I want to see whether these Repubs are really going to not vote for START after running around for the last 30 years saying that they are the party for national security.
    Sen Corker, Graham and a couple of other jokers have been saying that Sen Reid’s bringing DREAM and DADT for a vote before START makes it less likely Repugs will vote for START.
    I hope Pres Obama and Harry Reid have a strategy for these “hostage takers”.
    We also need to call and/or email the possible Senators.67 votes are needed.

  68. IMO, I think that those who criticized the president after his address on the oil spill didn’t realize that the address wasn’t intended for them, but for the average American citizen, and specifically, for the residents in the Gulf area affected by the explosion and spill.

    I read a lot of negative comments about his address on this issue, and I think that the critics want everything to be about them. They seem to forget how Palin and many on the right want to portray the president as always “speaking down” to Americans. What Palin and the others are complaining about is their lack of understanding of what many of us on the left consider to be everyday language. “Refudiate” is an example of what I’m talking about.

  69. You and I are on the same page, latoriam23. They no longer have any credibility for me. They were okay when they just reported the news, and maybe threw in a bit of their own opinions, but the disrespect they’ve all shown for the president turned me off to them quite a while back. I used to watch Morning Joke as I got ready for work back in 2008, but after he went off the rails and made some ugly, unwarranted comments about then Candidate Obama, I cut him loose, and I haven’t watched since @ September 2008. I don’t miss KO,Morning Joke, Ed, or Rachel, and I was once a very dedicated viewer.

  70. Thanks, BWD for finding the video!!! This is one clip that will get repeated viewing by many…

  71. He has anger issues. Like many radical activists, he is an horrible listener. And he never gives the benefit of the doubt to people who don’t do exacty what he wants.

    Sorry, I’m put off by this kind of attitude. Go seek some help to deal with your anger, Lt. Choi.

  72. Which is why the ONLY show I watch and can tolerate and actually enjoy is Lawrence O’Donnell.
    He’s like Andrew Sullivan style.
    So steady. So normal. So NOT SCREAMING in your face like KO.

  73. heeeeeeeeee!!!! My gravatar worked???!?!?!?!??!?!
    that’s my congressman.
    I really likes him.

  74. I agree with all comments here. Especially that certain people, like Savage, owe the President an apology. The President really tries to keep his promises, to honor his word. He promised Teddy he would do healthcare and he did it, although all his advisors tried to talk him out of it. He promised individuals who were victimos of DADT that he would change this law and he did. I am going to give Rachel another chance on Monday. KO and the rest, still can’t stomach. She was always the best of the lot.

  75. Hopefruit, you’re right his recent involuntarily hospitalization in a pysch ward speaks to personal issues and/or extreme internalization of what’s happened since he made himself a public face for this issue. While I hope he lets his anger go, I think at this point, he also needs our prayers.

  76. Frankly, I don’t mind Rachel’s criticism of President Obama. That’s her job, IMHO. She is not paid to unabashedly support the president’s political agenda. I may not always agree with her opinion but I always appreciate her position.

  77. I think it will be ratified, but not with the usual 80+ range that usually passes these treaties.

    I believe all Dems are aboard, meaning the GOP will need to supply nine votes.

    Luger, Brown, Snowe, Collins, Voinovich, Kirk and Murkowski are virtual locks in my mind. So there would be need for at least two more.

  78. Also, the only people who ever heckled the President during the last two years were members of the LGBT community. I am sorry, but they were among the most disrespectful on the left. I couldn’t bear it because I knew the President would keep the promise he made to the gay servicemen and women he wrote to. I guess Kos people will say they “made” him do it. What bullshit.

  79. I don’t watch any of them, or any cable “news” for that matter. This is the only site I participate in and read regularly, and the links from here. I read the local newspaper (even though it’s conservative), and once in a while check in on PBS Newhour or Charlie Rose on tv, and even less frequently read Greg Sargent’s WashPost blog, ThinkProgress, or talkingpointsmemo. I also automatically see the AP headlines when I log into my email. That’s pretty much how I keep up and stay informed. I also hear that the BBC is pretty good on world news. I’ll check out CNN if I hear about something significant going on internationally. That’s about it.

  80. I think there were people on the left just as disrespectful to the President regarding the wars, telecom immunity, Guantanamo, taxes, the oil spill etc.

    I saw heckling from various elements of the left and all of them seem to be bonded by a common blog bubble, thinking they represent the ‘true’ base.

    Many in the LGBT community knew they would have never seen this day with a President McCain and worked hard for Obama and in the midterms to get a workable congress.

    The few loud hecklers on the left do not represent the majority of this country or the majority of the LGBT community no matter their issue or sub-community.

  81. Sadly, I agree that you are correct on that one. A while ago, I was holding out a tiny bit of hope that congress would repeal that discriminatory law they passed as well if democrats could hold on, take the long view, and keep voting to retain and build upon their majorities for many years. Unfortunately, they couldn’t even stomach the patience to hang on for two years despite all that had already been accomplished. So, yes, I do think this will have to travel up through the court system until it’s ruled unconstitutional by the supreme court.

  82. They never really just reported the news IMO which is why I could only take them in small doses or if a big story sucked me in.

    I couldn’t fathom starting my day with Morning Joe though, ever. LOL

    I do wish we had more outlets like the BBC that did just report the news because even when it’s lefty opionion that we agree with 90% of the time, that 10% reminds us of the void that needs to be filled with actual news and less ratings inspired blovating.

  83. I agree with this. These people were dead wrong on what the president was doing with regard to DADT repeal and they ignored and ridiculed those of us who were saying all along that the president was working according to a process that he initiated back in January-February with the military to get DADT repealed. I told these people 2-3 months ago flat out that DADT would be repealed by Congress in the lame duck session, right after the December 1 military study came out. I was ridiculed for saying that. I wasn’t looking into a crystal ball, I was looking at the facts of what was going on rather than going into hysterics. So for these people to say now that “Oh, I was wrong, the president did have a strategy for repeal”, that’s not good enough for me. They should have listened to those of us who were telling them all along that there was a strategy instead of ridiculing us and the president.

  84. didn’t know that. i agree with you; we should just pray for him (or wish him well, for those who don’t pray).

  85. Ha! “when keeping it real goes wrong”..didn’t some comedian do a comedy skit on that some years back? can’t remember who it was; maybe it was dave chapelle when he had the chappelle show.

  86. yeah, i think so too. i’ve also found that i’ve come to really appreciate his writing. sometimes i agree with him, sometimes i don’t. but he does seem to put more thought into his posts than most.

  87. He comes from a very conservative family (his father is a Reverend) and has basically been disowned and excommunicated from his family for being gay, so being the public face of DADT probably only exacerbated an already bad situation for him.

  88. The BBC is really good and it would be my go-to source for actual news if I could get it on basic cable. I really miss it.

    They will report on Bill Richardson in N.Korea before they report on the celebrity story of the day. I remember when that was the rule and not the exception. *sigh*

  89. Isn’t LeMieux of Florida on his way out? So, maybe him. And, possibly the rebub from New Hampshire–he’s retiring too. I think Graham might even support it in the end, too.

  90. It would be shameful if they voted no on the treaty out of spite. Time for playing games is over – we need serious folks in the senate. President Obama is working overtime to make the treaty get passed and hope the senate Dems can bypass any attempt by Republicans ro obstruct.

    BWD thank you so much for starting a blog that is filled with sensible people who care about dialog. This is a bit of heaven in a mad, mad world.

  91. Yes, it’s credibility they all have lost. The issue isn’t so much “you must use the executive order now or you have failed ‘Obama'” (they seem never to consider him worthy, in formal discussion, to be identified by the position he was elected to: President), it’s the way the discussion proceeds on their part. It’s the ‘now or never’ desperation about each and every step of the process of any policy or event that looks more like a desperate quest for relevance on their part than analysis or even opinion. It’s their “I don’t care what you think” attitude towards people who may disagree with tone and/or principle that makes even the notion of discussion about issues absurd. And they’ve done this to themselves. I guess we’ll see about RM, but I’m still not sure about her real motives (ratings, profit, job fears, what?).

  92. Sunday shows should be interesting in several hours. I won’t watch though, I know better than that. LOL

  93. I think Lemieux likes being a Senator and might run for Nelson’s seat in 2012. I could see Gregg being a vote though. Another one to watch is Thune, because he’s being talked up as a possible Presidential challenger. Will he vote party line or try and show he’s serious? If he votes against it, I think we can end the talk of Thune challenging the President in 2012.

  94. Jordan, agree with most of it. But, find me proof that another group actually heckled the President during his speech, to the point where he had to stop speaking. I don’t think you will find any. But, yes, the rude and disrespectful do not represent the majority. I am just saying that because of the level of vitriol by some members of this group, I am looking for apologies and a reflection on their actions.

  95. I feel you Anita. It was hard dealing with that level of disrespect (much like Joe Wilson) and the evil motives some ascribed to him.

    More than an apology I do hope all of those on the left that get all knee-jerky can reflect and help us continue to move forward because we’ve got a hell of an uphill battle ahead of us.

    With each victory I feel the obstuctionist tactics from the GOP will get more vile and it will piss me off if we keep having to fight those on the left too when all we really asked for on this was patience.

  96. I am beyond words ecstatic about this vote.

    For my LGBT friends and for the armed forces, many of whom are among my friends and most valued confidantes on military matters, this is the smartest decision on military responsiveness and preparedness that has been mustered in a generation! And it is a generation overdue.

    Thank you President Obama and the Republican and Democratic members of the House and Senate who voted to end this anachronism. (That last word is me being very kind.)

  97. I actually want to see Ellen’s response on Monday. I’m sure she will have something to say to her audience.

  98. Her job too criticizeable. In this case, she dropped the ball and hence was called out for her preemptive strikes against this Prez. Simple as that.

    Personally, I like her when she doesn’t pull the cutesy schtick and just sticks to the news reporting.

  99. As Craig Ferguson says, “It’s a great day for America!” And it is. Just watched BWD’s latest video of the president campaigning in Wisconsin in 2008 and am inspired all over again.

    These are the dark days of Republican obstruction, and the MSM treats them like a shiny toy that’s dramatically running over democracy in a way that feeds their hunger to fill a 24-hour news cycle.

    And despite this paparazzi focus on the distraction, our president has continued working behind the scenes, doggedly and with great perseverance, to get things done.

    His light shines like a laser beam, focusing on what needs to get done and then trying his best to make sure it gets done, even if he has to give up skin along the way, not for politics, not for poll ratings and not for popularity. He does it because it’s the right thing to do.

    BWD has treated us to a vintage Obama speech, laying out his vision for the country.

    And he has done, or is in the process of doing, pretty much what he said he’d do.

    So I can’t imagine why those who knocked on doors and made those calls and registered new voters are turning on him like a rabid animal. Maybe they weren’t listening.

    Because, so far, President Obama has indeed done a lot of what he said — most explicitly — that he would do.

  100. Talking heads like ko are crossed at Pres.
    Obama because he politely deemed them
    useless & lacking nutritional content….like
    french fries…hehe…they wanna be a major
    food group,but they’re a side item…the
    president told Brian Williams last year that
    cable shows like Chirs, Keith, Ed and all of
    the right wing nut shows serve no purpose…That didn’t sit well with those ego
    maniacs, because that meant that they don’t
    deserve their paychecks.
    I noticed it first in Chris Matthews…He
    was the first to go in on the President..Trying cast Pres. Obama as “Out of
    touch” and “He scares me” or “He doesn’t get it”……Nah..He gets it..He gets the fact that Matthews & bighead Olbermann gotta pay bills and answer to corporate masters too..They’ll dangle some red meat to those
    pull in those progressive dollars, but don’t
    get it twisted…If they speak too freely
    network heads will kill their careers in the
    blink of an eye…U want free speech take ur ass to democracy now…Broadcasting from a
    broom closet somewhere.
    So they walk that corporate line…Ignoring
    all the foul shyt that airs on their
    network during the course of a day..then
    they wanna pacify us with those few throw-
    away hours as if we are supose to ignore the
    fact that these pundits won’t make the
    ultimate sacrifice and expose the lies coming
    from the top of their network…
    Pres.Obama is “knocking their hustle”..as the kids say in the streets,so of course
    they’re gonna savage the President…Commentators are in love with the money & the lifestyle…They’d be actors if
    they could…Im covinced by the way that they slip into character.

  101. @Saku; I agree, President Obama is indeed extraordinary and exceptional beyond words…
    I remain in awe of him…

  102. Their denigration and outright disrespect of the President was unforgivable…

    Maturity is being able to express anger without crossing certain inexcusable lines…

    Their verbal attacks on the person of President Obama was shocking, malicious and petty…

  103. Insults, personal attacks and outright denigration are not “criticism”…

    It is indeed possible to express disagreement, disappointment and concern about policy stances without resorting to the petty and personal denigration…

    And that is indeed her job as a professional…

  104. Rachel has integrity, unlike the others on the PL.

    Thanks, BWD for this post and all your hard work. I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  105. Demand more from Progressives that have the rare opportunity to host political shows. They should concentrate on the issues that concern the party platform as a whole and not on their own ‘me-ism’. Save the ill informed instant analysis for the mis-information Kings and Queens of FoxNews, for they are the Masters of that type of theater. Because there is such a void in Progressive shows on TV, Rachel and Keith are given too much power and attention. They have become the only go to shows on MSNBC. The hosts have become too egotistically powerful in thought and opinion. They believe that they represent the Democratic base of the party. they have the right to demean, deride and disrespect this President at will. After all they now best and better. This is where I differ and part company with them and these kind of shows. The ‘Monkeys’ in this corporate owned political circus, have showed their bottoms and have thrown just a little too much feces for me to ever what to see or hear their future acts. Demand Better People.

  106. Great admiration for your ‘Spot On’ post. Very true and Very real! Thanks for your opinion.

  107. Beg respectfully to differ. In the land of the lost…the one eyed man (woman) is King (Queen). Demand better and aim higher for truth, research and informed opinion.

  108. Good for Rachel. I expected as much from her, though. I’d be lying if I didn’t say she is who I had in mind when President Obama talked of “purity” (Keith is who came to mind when he mentioned “sanctimonious” – the difference being the earnest quality Rachel has compared to Keith’s ego-drenched huff & puff shtick). She’s the intellectual/emo commentator who can be fun to watch, but is also prone to tantrums and displays a surprising lack of perspective sometimes. She also is what’s known as a “concern troll”. She drove me absolutely crazy during the run-up to the 2008 elections with all her worrying.

    The real star on MSNBC for me is Lawrence O’Donnell. He proved his worth this month, as he is one of the few out there who understands the “long game.” He can go off the rails from time to time (he jumped on Alan Grayson and the next day apologized for it…but wow, was that must-see TV lol)but to me comes off as the adult of the network.

    Lawrence and to some degree, Chris Matthews, have been the most level-headed and provide balance on the MSNBC line up, IMO. Matthews has been getting that tingle up his leg again.

    Having witnessed some of his antics at DKos and now twitter, I can safely say I think Keith O. suffers from megalomania. He’s quite needy and has a glass jaw. Ed Schultz is supposed to represent average, working folks out there concerned with their bottom line. Ed has passion and is best when attacking the Republicans, as he often seems clueless about political Dem strategy. I don’t think anyone takes him and his scientific text polls seriously. lol

    Anyway, I don’t think Rachel will stop concern trolling lol but at the very least, she can be counted on to admit when she was wrong.

  109. Can I edit that to say, “He has an open heart, an open soul, and is, without question, the smartest guy in the room.”


  110. It’s called ‘Holding His Feet To The Fire’ by well paid corporate arsonist. Nothing more, nothing less. They all want their country back.

  111. Right, and they may also forget that without him taking over the negotiations(from a reality challenged purist Dem house)to get the tax cut/unemployment extention deal, this wouldnt have happened. They( you know the bunch I’m talking about) like to belittle those of us who say he’s thinking 2 or 3 moves ahead of us on everything but isnt that exactly what he’s done in the past few weeks?

  112. I never watch Rachel or Keith, and I never will now, going by the comments of how they treated the president.
    We love President Obama, and don’t appreciate people grandstanding against him.

  113. The thinking may have been that if START had been first, and Obama won it, the Republicans would have felt more inclined to deliver him a defeat in DADT; whereas by making them vote first on DADT according to their consciences, it is more difficult for them then to play politics with START.

    This lame duck kicks ass!

    BTW, is it just me, or has Scott Brown been almost as reliable a vote for the Dems as some of the Blue Dogs?

  114. She has been quite nasty with Obama on numerous occasions.

    I do think maybe her ego has gotten a bit large lately. As with all pundits, they always know best. They always have the answers.

  115. I wonder if Keith Olbermann will have a special comment on Monday night praising Obama for coming through for the gay community on DADT and that he now understands what the LONG GAME really means. NOT!!!!

  116. BWD – Respectfully (and I mean that) I am disappointed to read the beginning of this post. I don’t think crowing is necessary. Belittling of those who disagree with ones own opinions is what made me draw back from DKos. I come here for serious discussion and focus on the president’s accomplishments. I know it’s part of the blog culture to snipe – but I’m just so tired of it that even when I agree with the sentiment the tone is depressing.

    That said, I also want to thank you again for your great work here. I love this blog and am sharing it a lot. Keep up the gopod work.

  117. I went over to DailyFox and they STILL won’t say “thank you” just “yeah, but-he-didn’t” — I hope my Prez continues to ignore their foolishness– sometimes and doubt him, but I always support him — saving my money for campaign donation for 2012 — let’s get it done!


  119. Maybe a ride in Air Force one, with some kind words from President Obama would soothe Choi’s agitated spirit. Do you notice that since Dennis Kucinich rode in Air Force one with President Obama during the Health care debate, he has not had a negative word to say about our President ever since? During the whole tax cut deal, Kucinich was quiet while the leftosphere went beserk. I never saw Kucinich on Ed schultz, Olbermann, Maddow, or any of those shows that he might have frequented during the HCR debate. Obama seems to have an effect on people one-on-one that is difficult to explain.

  120. I agree. Weaning off cable news, specifically Olberman, Maddow, Schultz has enhanced my quality of life. I think they keep us riled up so that we continue to watch.

    The President taught me something about how good government is done (with the tax bill). I was against giving the rich a tax cut, but he had to give something in order to get what he wanted.

  121. This is a comment of beauty tigerfists. Excellent, spot-on insights! I love love love this community.

  122. I’ve always liked Rachel and will continue to like her. We have to remember that for a pundit she’s practically a teenager – in her early 30s – and as yet still inexperienced in some of the weirder ways of the political world. It’s not for nothing that an old hand like Lawrence O’Donnell understood extremely well what was going on while the young and impetuous but brilliant Rachel Maddow couldn’t quite see it. I believe, however, that she is humble enough to learn from the experience and we may see her moderating her tone and criticism over the years as she learns more of just how messy the sausage-making we call legislation is, and how very hard it is for the President to push through his goals.

    As for Keith – the man is a relentless blowhard. I think he means well, but he’s another one who’s never actually been a part of the system and therefore often speaks from a well of ignorance. The problem is that he does not know just how much he does not know and seems impervious to attempts to show him. I can only take him in little, tiny doses.

    Let’s see if Keith Olbermann admits he might have been wrong about the President on DADT.

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