Heads Up: Senate vote on DADT and The Dream Act scheduled for 10:30 ET

Live: http://www.c-span.org/Live-Video/C-SPAN2/

President Obama’s weekly address:


188 thoughts on “Heads Up: Senate vote on DADT and The Dream Act scheduled for 10:30 ET

  1. Thanks BWD for posting. I was wondering when exactly these procedural votes were going to be held. Hopefully, once these initial hurdles are cleared, then the senate can smoothly move to the final votes TODAY!

  2. What will our poutrage friends do when these two bills pass? Maybe they will come back to the sanity fold. Let’s encourage them back and not step off the cliff. That fall will be just too horrid to watch

  3. Are the votes still there for DADT? Lieberman said there was 61 as of last night, and McCain was thowing a temper tantrum, along with others, saying they’d lose their votes on START if DADT and DREAM was brought to the floor for a vote today.

    What are the chances of DREAM passing? I thought all along there was no real chance – Is that not the case?

    I can’t see the GOP giving the Dems two “wins” today. Who are the potential GOP votes for DREAM?

  4. They’ll take credit for it. “We did it folks, we held his feet to the fire and made him do it! Yay us!!”.

    Of course not accepting the reality of the matter that the year long commission/study that they so derided would have been the key in swinging over the necessary GOP votes because it took away the “The military doesn’t want it and will be harmed” reason for voting against it. Also this will be perminent without any Executive Order that would have riled up the situation and surely would have dug in the GOP against it.

    I don’t want to count the chickens before they hatch on this though, and if it falls short by a vote or two I might suggest that President Obama in fact use any executive powers, calling a press conference to highlight the findings of the study and the fact that there was 58-59 votes and that the GOP blocked it from even going to a vote.

  5. Okay, that was my understanding. It’s interesting that DADT had to be pulled from the larger defense bill, but DREAM will have to be part of the comprehensive immigration reform that should come out of the next congress. Both because the GOP says so.

  6. Let them ‘take credit’–they are talking to themselves. Whatever anyone thinks of Snowe, Collins, Lieberman et al., it’s absolutely the case that these three do not care one whit for KO/KOS and kompany. It’s (likely) success is due to the efforts of PBO, the Joint Chiefs, and the majority of people in the US (who also don’t care one whit about the KO/S krew) who have let their reps know that DADT must go. Repub obfuscation is the one uncontrollable variable.

  7. Apparently DREAM is falling short of 60 votes. If it doesn’t pass, I hope the campaign for it will continue.

    As for DADT, if there are 60 votes for cloture, that could mean thirty hours for debate before the final vote, which could occur tomorrow night.

    Fingers crossed. Gosh I’m so afraid the republicans will come up with some dirty trick to derail everything. Or that they have found ways to frighten Senators Snowe, Collins, Brown, etc.. into submission.

    I pray ( really) that justice and decency will prevail.

  8. well, in all honesty, some have put a great amount of time toward DADT. Advocating for phone calls, signing petitions, going to rallies and demonstrations. while I don’t always agree with some words he chooses, Clarknt has put a lot of work in to help end DADT. I can’t take away that away from him. The activists are a huge part of the move for ending DADT.

    That being said, his diaries didn’t get nearly the comments and recs as they should, nor did they stay on the rec list as long as they should. IMO, of course.

  9. I know —

    2 things made him flip out

    losing presidency to BO
    unleashing palin – he knows what he did (unconsciously)

  10. I stopped reading clark’s diaries when he joined the Obama bashing crowd and trivialized the passing of Mathew Shepherd act as doing nothing for them.

  11. I was reading on TPM that if DADT doesn’t pass the LGBT community will leave the Democratic party in droves. No votes for Pres. Obama in 2012. I had to scratch my head thinking will they be voting Republicans in 2012. That is a rediculous position to take if you want progress in this country. The president has been fighting since he got in office to please everyone and this is the kind of putrid supporters he gets to deal with. I say, join up with Republicans if they like and see how far they get with them. The Republicans have made clear their position – they’ll be sorry for sitting out 2012.

    I’m counting on the DREAM Act & DADT passing today because it’s time to make things right.

  12. Sometimes i wish is was invisible and go in and just throw pies in the face of some of these people.

  13. Yeah, Democrats supply 56 votes, on a stand alone bill that the GOP can’t even supply four votes on and it’s the Democrats problem.

    I don’t believe this garbage though. It’s a couple of people spouting off who claim to speak for all LGBT people.

    Log Cabin Republicans are their new heroes – for crying out loud. Mehlman and the GOP ran hard against marriage equality in 2004 to gin up the Religious Right and get them motivated and to the polls.

    Just like that Republican fella in New Mexico trying to gin up resentment in Latino’s to stay home – this is pretty much the same thing.

  14. Exactly he can’t stand when he accomplish something. He if you noticed when he mentioned what soliders told him he gives no names. The others military person give a name with their statement. I think is just lying about what soldiers told him.

  15. I’ve read that some Latinos have the same attitude re: DREAM. If it doesn’t pass, they intend to punish DEMOCRATS for it !!

    Can some psycholog explain that to me please ??

  16. Yep. McCain has pretty epic daddy issues and this was his chance to one-up his father and outrank him.

    Also I think he’s probably losing his mind – there is a lot of mean folks in rest homes.

  17. Probably the fringe. I mean there are folks on the fringeroots that want to primary Obama and you can bet barring that hope he’d lose in 2012.

    I think these voices are amplified by the MSM, because most other folks in these demographices are too busy going about their lives just trying to get by.

  18. Yes. And did you notice, when the Omnibus spending bill was pulled, how he and Kirk smirked and chortled, “We won.”

    I think it borders on psychosis.

  19. Those Republican gays who went to court – they all blame the president. They can’t put pressure on 7 Republicans in Congress, and they blame the Democratic president.

  20. I disagreed with Clark when he seemed more inclined to give the Log Cabin Republicans credit simply because they brought a lawsuit against DADT. The same LCR’s who endorsed Patrick Murphy’s Republican opponent in the midterms; The same LCR’s who endorsed McCain/Palin in 2008.

    While I believe that he truly wants this law repealed, and has engaged in productive activism towards that end, I part ways with him in his failure (willful or not) to recognize who the true allies and enemies of this repeal movement.

  21. One possible positive is the vileness the GOP is spewing right now could be an indication it will pass and the votes are there. I mean remembering the final HCR debate Boehner was having a fit, and all Dem speakers were getting shouted down and Stupak was being called a baby killer.

  22. What get me is that President Obama was the one who made it a point to work on this. When Bush was in office, they did not pressure him at all. the one who is trying to appealing it they are lashing out at. This is the argument that i was making a Dkos. their tactics was not helping them they were no confronting the ones who is obstructing their cause. I don’t get it.

  23. I turned CSPAN on this morning, only to see that one of my inept and incompetent senators was speaking…that would be Mr. Kyl. Then, since I can’t stand his BS, I switched channels for a while and came back to CSPAN, only to see my SECOND inept, incompetent senator, McCain…spewing his crap. AAHHH!!!! I hurts me to hear either of them talk. They do NOT speak for me!!! I have written, called, emailed..they don’t care what their constituents think about these issues. They know better than the majority of Americans they are supposed to serve.Truely, I find both of them so offensive, I can’t stand the mere sight of them on TV. I have to change the channel or leave the room.Both of these pieces of legislation should pass. I think that the only one with a good chance is DADT, an important victory to be sure, but DREAM should also be a no brainer, unfortunately, the hate will win this day, I fear. Like BWD said…I certainly hope that hispanics and others are watching this vote, remembering this vote,because “they” are not welcome here by those in the Republican party. I hope that this vote comes back to bite them BIG TIME down the road….

  24. Moreover, the gay Republican group (LCR) endorsed the opponent of pro-LGBT rep Patrick Murphy while they were in the middle of their lawsuit issue!

    Dan Choi has spent more time personally insulting and attacking the president(“homophobe”) and Harry Reid (“pussy that will bleed once a month”)than he has spent lobbying the senate Republicans who have repeatedly and unanimously voted to deny the LBGT soldiers their freedom in serving their country.

    The hypocrisy of these activists are are plain as day to any non-political person who is truly interested in seeing this law repealed.

  25. Randy Parraz should be hosting a viewing party in Az. Kyl is up in 2012 and seems to think he can take the McCain path to vee hard right to stave off a teabagger challenge. Dems need to highlight all his extreme stances and lock him into them.

    Kyl is beatable, Dems just need to find a solid top tier candidate.

  26. Yes, they worked hard for a highly righteous cause. Not going to take that from them. And they should not take anything from the president. He’s the one who will sign the law. They should be grateful.

  27. I’d love to see it. I think President Obama would love to have that fight. Have the GOP fight for more nuclear weapons, more nuclear stockpiles and more loose nuclear material potentially falling into the wrong hands.

  28. There’s someone I can’t stand to watch speak on the floor worse then McCain – Mitch McConnell. That man makes me want to hurl. He and McCain at every turn will find ways to go against the president. McCain is just a sore loser and would like to see Obama embarrassed in the press. He agrees with the agenda but went too far to the right to turn back now. But McConnell really want to hurt the president politically and will find ways to block every legislation if he can. He was not kidding when he was gloating about his main objective is to make Obama fail. We need to keep an eye on McConnell going forward. Right now McConnell is the president’s biggest enemy.

  29. He told me they did’nt need my support. I told him that’s why i support other groups. They were upset with me because, I objected to a diary, comparing President Obama and Eric holder to Jim crow laws. I told them I have support but don’t believe in the nasty name calling and labels.

  30. I think DADT will pass. What gets me is that many on the left wanted Obama to end it by executive order. First of all, it is the law of the land until repealed. Secondly, these same people got their panties in a wad every time Bush did something by executive order. Thirdly,If DADT was just ended in a disorderly way, then every would go back to where it was before when gays and lesbians still weren’t allowed to serve and there were more ways to kick them out. That is why there is a delay between repeal and actual taking effect, to let the rules of th military be changed.

    Regarding DREAM, the hypocrisy of so many Republicans is disgusting. Many of thm, including McCain sponsered a similar bill in the past.

    In fact, theirwhole attitude towards illegal immigraion is hypocritical. They don’t seem to make a major push against non-latinos who are here illegally. And remember the Elian Gonzales case. The family values party didn’t want him reunited with his father, he though he was in the country illegally.

  31. Very recently – since watching START treaty debate – I’ve come to feel that Kyl is truly the most wicked senator in the congress (the word “wicked” is used as a euphemism for the way I really feel.)

    He ranks psychologically with the worst of them in the history of nations …

  32. Quite simply, the Republican Party is no longer the party of national security. Both START and DREAM are strongly supported by the military on the grounds of national security, but they are pushing against both.

  33. Republicans are all about winning. If going against Latinos helps them politically, no problem that will be their new position.

    An interesting read: “Conservatives Without Conscience” by John W. Dean

    Another book by the same author: “Broken Government: How Republican Rule Destroyed the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Branches”.

  34. It just amazes me. Everything the Republicans do to obstruct, is somehow the President’s fault.

    “It’s not Bi-Partisan” they yell as they… stand in the doorway and block up the hall…

    Please, let these Times be a Changin! Now, today!

  35. I think you are right. He has never gotten over losing to President Obama and probably never will. And by releasing Sarah Palin on the nation, he forced himself and all other republicans to move farther to the right in order to appease her fan club. He is a very bitter man.

  36. Snowe, Brown and Tester are NO’s so that’s it. The DREAM Act cannot pass without their votes. 😦

  37. Yep. He’s worse than DeMint in a sense. DeMint is crazy and delusional, plain and simple. In the case of Kyl, I have the impression that he knows the facts but his SOLE purpose is to make the life of democrats and of President Obama miserable.

    If President Obama said the sky was blue, Kyl would vote against it.

    God, the republican party is sick. Really. Sick.

  38. Can’t watch the proceedings so depending on you wonderful ones to fill me in.

    I’m so angry at Snowe I can’t see straight. The usual response to her game playing.

    I hope we end up with a good Dem running against her when she’s up for re-election.

    I’ll be burning the hours to help them take her out of office.

  39. I’m watching this on Univision and the host has a young (student) sitting in with him for commentary. This young person was so upset at this vote that he couldn’t even speak.

    The Republicans and Dems who voted NO on this policy are heartless!!!

  40. Up for re-election in 2012 and already being targeted as easy pick-up for GOP. I wonder if the votes weren’t there so he was allowed to bail.

  41. Dems filibustering dems. What a great bunch. This is the bunch that Obama is supposed to work with to work the magic.

  42. So hold the nay votes accountable. These folks make the political decision that “Hey no Latino’s in my neck of the woods – or at least not enough to matter” or “Sure there is a lot of Latino’s in my state, but there are more racists and I’ll just gin up racism to carry me to victory in two years”.

  43. What a bunch of cowards – I hope the Latino communities remember today’s vote and who voted for and against.

    Oh GOD here’s McCain and his continued pathetic voice of opposition to DADT. Voting to start soon…

  44. John McNoIdentity just said that this is a “sad day” just because they are voting to repeal DADT. OMG I am so glad that we defeated that man!

  45. I agree with every word, bwd.

    My thought with the HCR and tax bill rantings on other sites is that most of those who were so angry have health insurance and are not depending on unemployment benefits. It’s easy to rage when one is not dependent upon an outcome of a vote. Clark, on the other hand, has “skin in the game”, so to speak, so I suppose that made his anger a bit more understandable – to me, at least. Civil discourse should always be the order, but I guess I cut him a bit more slack because of the aforementioned.

  46. Didn’t realize that he dismissed Mathew Shepherd Act as doing nothing. I think Mathew’s family would disagree with that point of view.

  47. If he hadn’t he would never have been reelected in Illinois. It may be a long 6 years with him there, but there is no way he wins in 2016. Specially if Madigan runs against him.

  48. YES!!! Score one for the optimists who didn’t give in to despair, to the activists who kept pushing, to all the Senators that kept bringing this up, to the President for fighting the fight amongst the military and setting it up so that a few crucial Republicans had the backing they needed to vote for this. Such a great day!

  49. Now there is 30 hours before actual DADT vote. Though I believe I read that could be sped up if there is no GOP shenanigans.

    Probably looking at Monday though.

  50. Clearly Senators, as individuals, are not responsible for their own votes!

    DREAM never stood a chance. There’s still too much hatred and bigotry toward Latinos.

  51. I really don’t care what the folks at the other site say anymore. What we have to do is go after the real villains here, the Republicans. Obvioulsy, there are a few with halfway decent consciousnesses, but not enought. We need to mount a major LTE campaign between now and November 2012 excoriating the Republicans as
    1) Being against the national security of the United States
    2) Being fiscal hypocrites
    3) Being against the middle class
    4) Being against small business
    5) Being against the unemployed
    6) Being against keeping jobs in the US.

    I am thrilled that DADT will finally be history, but really pissed about DREAM. I am pretty sure START will pass, but if it doesn’t, that just adds more fuel to the fire.

  52. Counting six Republican votes – Brown, Murkowski, Collins, Snowe, Kirk, Voinovich – it means the Dems lost one vote.


  53. Ironic that tundra twit’s running mate lost and her AK bete nior Murkowski won today. Thanks twit.

  54. And to every Democrat in the country who supported this legislation for such a long time. P.S. How I detest McCain and his twisted sick brain!

  55. Up is down, down is up.

    Joining the party that has beaten one down for decades? We’re living in an upsidedown world.

  56. GREAT news! The president is safe from the LGBT community – now they can find some other misconceived slight to rage on about, LOL.

    Nextweek lets move on to the START treaty so President Obama can have a GREAT holiday.

  57. I’m really disappointed in the Dem senators who voted against this. I mean, they weren’t exactly from states overrun with illegals, jeez.

  58. Unbelievable! This is wonderous!!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has fought so hard to get us to this.

    I do think calling and writing to say thank you to those who stood up and made this happen is a good thing to do.

    Want to keep them moving forward for the final vote and beyond.

    What do you all think?

    This is just so amazing!

  59. I’d guess it will be part of a much bigger comprehensive immigration reform bill.

    Energy/Climate and Immigration are probably the big ticket domestic items facing the next Congress.

  60. This is a stroke of genius on Cain’s part: Let’s deliver a major blow to our foreign policy because there is a vote on legislation with which we disagree. To what horrors of highschool can we attribute the stunting of their maturation process?

  61. DOMA still needs to be settled. I suspect that the Dem plan is to let that one be decided by the Supreme Court. Which could take two years to get there.

  62. Manchin was the worse choice in my opinion. The first clue was when he went against the president on healthcare and Cap & Trade – Eventhough there was a mine disaster in his state. He needed to stay on his right to get elected. I don’t see the president getting alot of support from him in the future.

  63. I ain’t giving the place a page view – Did he at least give President Obama credit? Or is he patting himself on the back for making Obama do it?

  64. Still better than the fella from Florida would have been.

    He’ll be to the right of Nelson for the next two years, but there really isn’t going to be party line issues anyways with the House being Republican majority. Climate and Immigration are not party line issues.

  65. I think there should be a mandatory retirement age for our representatives in government. I understand that there are many brilliant aged people who bring their vast experience to bear on their decision-making, but they are not a majority, as one’s faculties can dim a bit with old age due to the rigidity of believing the past is superior to the present or future.

  66. Here’s the quote. You decide.

    “A coalition, of Sens Lieberman, Udall, Levin and others stepped up to the task. Six months later, President Obama agreed the time had come in the State of the Union Address. Key military leaders were brought on board.”

    “Major Margaret Witt, is literally a poster girl for the Air Force–her face had been used on recruitment literature. Following the footsteps of many, like Grethe Cammmermeyer, she challenged her treatment in Court. The specter of her and the Log Cabin Republicans’ historic victories were cited by Gates, Obama and others as the pressing impetus to move the bill through this Senate, this year.”

  67. I don’t have cable and my antique computer would not load cspan or cnn so I could watch the votes.

    Hence I was bouncing between here and NoKos.

    Dream not passing was heartbreaking, illogical, cowardly, and fundamentally just plain cruel.

    Do you know which Dems voted against it?

  68. They might learn something from the Mbuti of Southern Africa, who believe that by a correct fulfillment of the present, the past and the future will take care of themselves.

  69. Well, the Republicans are threatening to derail START if votes are taken on DADT and DREAM. So, they are up to their usual dirty tricks, but this time they’re holding our national security hostage.

    Combining this move with their refusal to pass the 9/11 First Responders health bill, and it’s hard to see how even conservative Republican voters can agree with their representatives, considering that national security and 9/11 are two of their favorite topics!

    I too pray that justice and decency will prevail, but it’s that much harder when some members of Congress are neither just nor decent.

  70. You know, blackwaterdog, when the white guys get a pass and every purported failing is laid at the feet of the black guy, it is difficult not to attribute it to racism. Nothing else makes sense.

  71. Now that’s a funny image — some Republican senator on the floor of Congress, wailing about illegal aliens taking over our country and gays destroying the military, when out of nowhere, he gets a cream pie in the face.

    Would that make you a “pietergeist?”

  72. Hagan and Tester for two. Mancin seems to have not made it to the Senate chambers today as well.

  73. Well……DADT will pass, as we all know by now. So Im’ not brilliant. Dream won’t. The President gets all the credit for trying so hard on both, succeeding on one.

    What makes me smile is that he knew he had to get DADT repealed through Congress from Day One to make it stay in the trash. And the frothing at the mouth extreme left wing fringe hated him for what? A year now? For going down this route. The amount of insults, vile names and filth thrown at him for choosing this path by the nutz was sad.

    And here we are. He was right. Again. And while those same nutz will crow about the victory? They will take full credit. And all credit. And it’s only because the Purists pushed for this? Did it pass. And again, they change history because it shows them to be wrong. Again.


    But a very very very very very happy day. I am just so happy for those solders that I am sitting here smiling with every word I type.

  74. If the new congress does not act to bring a comprehensive bill to the floor then we should withhold out support for the senators who voted NO. Politicians rely on their constituents forgeting and we should hold them accountable by reminding them of their failure to act of this bill. That is the only way we can force them to make significant changes in legislation. We need to continue the fight in the next congress. I have not been as active politically but will do so because 2012 I want to see President Obama succeed and I believe in immigration reform.

  75. OMG. sorry . did not see your post! I said the same thing…way way after you. That the fringers would take the credit for it. I should read all the way through next time.

  76. So was Webb, a social conservative, because he was anti-war. Typical of many on the left to jump on one issue and hold up its supporters as idols without taking into account their statements and acts regarding other issues. Then they are disappointed when their “heroes” actually fail to deliver.

  77. They appeared to have no concept of Feingold’s voting record in the Senate. I believe he is fourth in line of the Democrats to have voted the most times with the Republicans. He is my Senator and I supported his re-election, but he lost my admiration during the general campaign when he repeatedly stated that McCain would make a great President, without ever actually endorsing President Obama.

  78. I’ll pass. Reading something gracious from someone who was that vicious just seems like “well we won. now i’m cool. ” If this has not passed, his diary would have been another Obama sucks rant.

    Then again, I say things like that and when something is really sincere I melt. But I won’t read it over there. If anyone knows if he posted it somewhere else, let me know. I will never end my boycott of that dying swamp.

    I still have not bought Exxon gas.
    Since the spill.
    And I drove by BP riding on fumes.
    My boycotts last.
    It’s how I quit smoking. I boycott them.

  79. Markos and Meteor could care less if you read the comments. Each click is money. Each page view brings in cash. Each click drives up their numbers. Clark was relentless in his bashing. I guess he’s at the “My bad” place now?


  80. I’ve given the extract just above christin. 😉

    I wanted to see whether he was still continuing Obama teh suck meme.

  81. Dream Act failed because of DEMOCRATS!!!!

    If Reid would have held his whole democratic caucas the dream act would have passed cloture
    Murkowski and bond and Lugar voted for dream act

    If failed 55-41

    5 Dems voted against the dream act

    Jon Tester (Montana)
    Ben Nelson (Nebraska)
    Senator Pryor (Ark)
    Senator Baucas (Montana)
    Senator Hagan (North Carolina)

    How jacked up is this? Get ready for the hispanic community to go after Reid, Obama and the rest of the democratic party who didn’t vote on this bill. They can’t blame the GOP on this one, they had the votes and they voted against this dream act.

  82. Unfortunately, that’s how it will play in the media. The professional left better STFU given their own traitors in tester and hagan.

  83. Alot of stuff going on in the SENATE!~ I think everyone realizes taht nothing will pass in the next two years, exept cr!
    START will be voted on for cloture today, after DADT!

  84. Christin!

    What a delight to see you here! 🙂

    I love this place!

    So many smart, funny, good people. The best Holiday present ever, after the kids and grandboys of course. 🙂

    Happy Holidays to you and your honey.


  85. Wait what? Dems supply 52 votes and the GOP supply three and it’s the Democrats fault?

    Lovely reasoning.

  86. Yeah..If every single Democrat would have voted, the dream act would have passed. Those 5 dems prevented it from advancing to a final vote.

  87. That’s how it will play in the media, no doubt aided by the rethugs. they will say it happened under dems watch.

    These assholes could have voted for cloture and then later voted No.

  88. I think McConnell is worried about Rand Paul in the Senate.

    Other than that Dems will need seven Republican votes for everything meaning a Gang of 14 will be formed bringing in seven Republicans and Seven Democrats into their little posse that will try and control the Senate. I think McCain has goo-goo eyes on this prospect already. However if such a faction forms, I’d hope Mccain was left out as he is anything but moderate anymore.

    Snowe, Collins, Brown, Kirk, Murkowski, new ND Senator would make six. On the Dem side I could see Lieberman, Webb, Hagan, McCaskill, Conrad, Landrieu and Pryor interested.

  89. And that is a failure of both the MSM and Democratic messanging. Fice Democratic “nay” votes are more important than the 39 Republican “nay” votes.

    I’m all for blaming and holding accountable Tester, Hagan, Nelson, Baucus and Pryor. I’m not going to blame Reid or anybody other than those five and the 39 Republicans who voted against it for cloture.

  90. McCain lost to two people who he thinks never deserved to be president. He was right about one, but these two major defeats have made him bitter. Obama’s win, imo, was especially hard because he was 99th or 98th in the Senate then became president in just a few years. To McCain that’s like an intern being promoted to CEO while he’s been plugging away for decades in the same position. That’s my take anyway. That or the man is really just a giant prick.

  91. Most americans, including the latinos, are not sane as we obamamots are. ;). Therein lies the problem.

  92. Me too, ceee.I’m giddy!

    And I had HOPE and FAITH that POTUS would do it.

    The hell with you-know-who.

    Listen, I know you probably miss your gardening community. So,,,

    Tulip, dirt, sun, rose.

    (you’re welcome)

  93. I think most can count and know 52 is greater than three and five is much less than 39.

    Of course some will try to gin up resentment at Democrats in the Latino community because of this vote – but any that do should automatically have their motives questioned.

  94. Single payer has a better chance with the next congress than DOMA. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of Dems who would tank that legislation right along with the Republicans.

  95. I know how you feel, man. Heck’most americans thought Obama raised their taxes and voted rethugs just a month back.

  96. I too have been wondering if something bad happened to him in the past. Maybe he was molested as a young boy ?? We’ll never know.

    I hope this sad and angry man finds peace some day.

  97. Whoa, that’s some horrific rhetoric. I had no idea Choi said those things – did you read this in a diary?

  98. Can you just imagine how he feels when he sees President Obama getting enthousiastic applauds from the troops ??

    It’s not only about the Presidency in general folks. It’s also about the “Commander-in-Chief”.

    Come to think of it, it’s probably MOSTLY about the “Commander-in-Chief”.

  99. That’s why it will go through the courts. California and Maine voted same sex marriage down for crying out loud, and I believe all the judges in Iowa were voted out in 2010 as well – it’s not something politically that many will touch.

    The courts is absolutely the way to go on this one.

  100. Sometimes, the most vocal activist, the one who makes it on tv, is also the one incapabe of considering other’s points of view. The activist who attributes nefarious motives to anybody who doesn’t do exactly what he wants them to do.

  101. After seeing some of the outrageous rhetoric of Dan Choi these past few weeks, I can’t help wishing he won’t be invited to the signing ceremony.

    But knowing how compassionate President Obama is, he will probably invite him. I just hope he doesn’t compliment him too much.

  102. I’M not so optimistic. Republican House and much weaker majority in Senate.

    What we will see is the President using the administrative machine, the different agencies, to push all the progress he can.

  103. Wonderful@DADT; speechless@the heartlessness which produced the DREAM vote. We gotta get these Republicans out! Special thank you to President Obama for his wisdom and long term vision. Happy Saturday everyone and thanks a million for this site.

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