Great News For John McCain!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s only natural to post this again. Thank you president Obama, you beautiful mind and beautiful soul.


71 thoughts on “Great News For John McCain!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. For the last two years, the sanctimonious left has been blaming the President for the lack of movement on DADT. Every failure was his fault. Now that it’s obvious it will be repealed, will the sanctimonious, elite left attribute victory to him, or will they claim victory was IN SPITE of him?

    I think I know the answer.

    BTW, I haven’t been on DailyKos in quite some time, so I was wondering, is CLARKNT still claiming this legislation really isn’t repeal?

  2. PBO got this–and the repubs didn’t 🙂 (Maybe it secretly felt good to them to have the adults make the decision–“ahh, my mean old man won’t let me discriminate anymore so I guess I’ll have to stop:.)

  3. A crying shame that DREAM Act failed to get cloture, but you knew there was no way the GOP was going to give the Dems two big wins before the recess.

    55-41 and it fails – tyranny of the minority.

  4. Kyl as well. I think they want to give Inhofe/Coburn a run for their money as most odious pairing in the Senate. Hatch/Lee will join that competition in the new Congress in record time I’m sure as well.

  5. It seems like Immigration is the looser for this Congress, what a shame. Hope we can move forward on immigration starting next year

  6. dotster, this is such great news; I feel absolutely JUBILANT. A civil rights victory wrapped in a huge bright bow! This lesbian is about to be handed the best Christmas present in her lifetime!

  7. So I ventured out to DailyFox and of course they were straining so hard to pat themselves on the back. I really don’t understand those people. I’m not married but when I do get married, I know me and my significant other won’t agree on 30% of the issues. Hell, even at your job you are allowed only so much “freedom” before you have to do the work that they put in front of you.

    Oh wells, I’m sure there is another fauxrage brewing, but for now Thanks Pres Obama, Speaker Pelosi, Maj Leader Reid and the brave Republicans who stood up to McCain and his constant fear-mongering. Hey Senator, when you picked Bible Spice for the second most important job in the world…we all kinda tuned you out.

  8. I appreciate what’s going on here.
    It’s great to have someone who ~gets~ the president
    actually speak it to the fullest. Thanks.

  9. I’d guess a statement release today and speak on it on Monday or whenever the final vote is.

  10. The DREAM Act failure is killing me. I had so hoped it would pass, but the word last night was it wasn’t going to.

    Such a heartless thing to do. It really is.

  11. Actually another victory for America. Anytime our president wins, we win. He is always fighting for us. *so happy right now*

  12. Although I am pleased that DADT will definitely be repealed, my happiness is strained by the failure of bringing the DREAM Act to a vote. Why anyone would want to punish these young people for the decisions of their parents and for the whole broken immigration system is beyond me. Comprehensive immigration reform is needed – more than ever.

  13. The stupidity of it burns. One needs 60 votes first to pass the bill later with 51. Jeez…

  14. Health Care Act-check
    Wall Street Reform bill-check
    Lilly Ledbetter Act-check
    etc etc etc-check
    Oh I almost forgot, Nobel Peace Prize-check.

  15. I assume he’s still attached to a wall. We can have a reporter ask him.

    Sorry – sore spot. I got so damned sick of being called a homophobe over there,

  16. I trust the President to have a long-term plan on that front too. He played the DADT game beautifully despite the 24×7 bashing from the left and the LGBT people themselves.

    Just imagine, if only his own party in the frigging senate & congress had his back fully, how much more he could have done in the last two years.

  17. Pamela – Can I ask you a question? I was up in P-Town a couple months ago (friends and family there) and I was not sensing or hearing Obama hatred. From your POV, IS DK represenrative of the community? Thx.

  18. Oh I’m sure the man has a long list that he intends on check, checking before his tenure is out.

  19. It is heartbreaking. I sub at a school that is about 70% immigrant. I LOVE these kids. It’s personal.

  20. Just read this at TPM:

    “BREAKING: Final DADT Vote at 3 PM TodayWe’ve just confirmed that the Senate will hold the final vote on the DADT repeal bill at 3pm today.
    Here’s what happened. The bill was scheduled to come up for a vote tomorrow because under the rules of modern filibusters, even after a successful cloture vote, the majority must wait another thirty hours to hold the actual vote. However, the minority can waive that requirement. And Sens. McConnell and Reid have now come to agreement to do that.”

  21. It is a state, after all, the has a reptile with a blonde wig as governor. Of course, that way, she has both the terrain and the retirement community covered.

  22. It will be repealed in the exact manner the President said he wanted it repealed, though pundits like Rachel Maddow deemed it impossible.

  23. Exactly, amk, and if his true base had been more active, he also might have had an even better two-year record. We must all redouble our efforts to move the country forward in the years to come.

  24. Very happy that DADT will be repealed. On the other hand it’s heartbreaking that five members of the Senate wouldn’t do the right thing and help innocent children who are stuck in citizenship purgatory.

  25. From Steve Benen.

    Five Democrats — Pryor (Ark.), Tester (Montana), Ben Nelson (Neb.), Baucus (Montana), and Hagan (N.C.) — sided with the minority.

    If those five Democrats had voted for cloture, the GOP filibuster would have been defeated and the DREAM Act would be on its way towards passage.

  26. I’m happy for you, Pamela, and I’m happy that another form of discrimination bites the dust, that we keep taking steps toward making a reality out of that promise of equality and justice for all. I’m happy that this happened under President Obama’s guidance, as promised. I remember him reminding us that the arc bends toward justice.

  27. Dotster,

    I always loved giving a rec to your focused, calm comments at agent orange. So happy to see you here!

  28. I seem to remember that when President Obama first came into office there was a lot of talk about kicking Joe Lieberman out of the democratic caucus, but some pragmatic goof-ball decided against kicking Lieberman out because he thought that Lieberman would become useful later on down the line.

    For some reason I’m going to go against conventional wisdom and say that I think President Obama will have much more room to maneuver now that there are more Republicans in the house. I say this because President Obama will out-think and out-maneuver the Republicans to such an extent that they will sign just about anything he puts before them.

  29. I wonder what will Rachel say if it passes? She and a lot of naysayers have doomed DADT so many times. Thank God that PBO is focused and looks at the big picture.

  30. I remember that too! I remember a lot of folks on the left calling for their votes back because they felt Obama had betrayed the party re Lieberman. I wonder how that feel about that now.

    They were more concerned with appearances – the lamented how it made Obama look weak. While Obama, brilliant poker player and great strategist that he is, didn’t mind “appearing weak” if it meant BEING strong and keeping Lieberman around for this day.

    Wonder what those folks have to say now?

  31. Their hypocrisy won’t let them think that they were wrong. Was soon as the cloture vote was passed I went over to DK just to get a lay of the land and guess what? Yep! They are still mad at President Obama, but now their argument is that he took too long to pass DADT.

    Ain’t it funny how things that have vexed Presidents for years seem to not vex that community organizer at all?

  32. How wonderful! I’m offline for a couple hours and good things just keep happening without me. *S*

    This lame duck Congress is like a Christmas present, isn’t it?

  33. You won’t believe it. Some at Cole’s BJ are already spinning DADT as a win for rethugs. Talk about bubbleheads.

  34. Heh. I love that most of all. I mean, I get the ire of Lieberman, but I saw what President Obama saw. If he wasn’t in the caucus, nothing would ever have happened. Major bills wouldn’t have advanced. DADT would probably still be instituted, no foundation of healthcare would be there. All in all, had he listened to the hard left, he would be the great progressive fighting leader………who would probably be replaced in 2012. Remember, Republicans don’t need everybody to vote to actually win. Our side, however does, and their tactics would turn off the people who still back him fervently. President Obama knows this, keeps remembering this, and at the end of the day, will prevail.

  35. It’s absolutely heartbreaking, just awful about the DREAM Act; but today I am very proud of the Senate, Congress and of course our President.

  36. Don’t forget the 5 Dems who voted nay. Had they done what was right we would have had 2 victories. Also 4 Senators did not vote.

  37. Kittypat make that 41 members of the Senate who wouldn’t do the right thing and help innocent children who are stuck in citizenship purgatory.

  38. Yep you are right, dreamweaver, was speaking more in general terms, any five could have stepped forward to support it, and I’m very proud of the President and Congress today too princess k, don’t want to diminish the historic nature of today’s repeal, it is wonderful!

  39. It’s really hard to admit you’re wrong when you’re so virulent in your wrongness. Seriously, I can easily admit to a mistake when I haven’t been attacking another person over it, or when I haven’t alienated others while defending my choices. When I’m deeply wrong, swallowing my pride and admitting it takes a long time and a lot of internal struggle. And then I have to watch myself for a while and make sure I’m not going down that path again. When your political positions depend on you feeling personally betrayed by the President you can’t ever admit to it without opening quite a can of worms.

  40. Mr exactly like Bush gets this bill on his desk next week where he, unlike W or Johnny Mac, is actually going to sign the thing. One of us Obamanots posted a D over there that had less than 40 recs even though the next Republican P or even this right wing court cant issue an executive order or ruling that reverses it. I cant figure if thats lost on them over there or if they’re so full of hate for the President that they can’t bring themselves to apologise or at least as Maddow reportatrdly did, say I was wrong. This was done the way this brillinat man wanted it done for just those reasons. I’d bet dollars to donuts that had President Obama did what the so called progressives wanted and issued an executive order, he would have polorized the right so much that we wouldnt have gotten those votes today. All this in the last days of a lame duck congress.

  41. There are some great diaries on DKOs right now, praising everyone involved, including the President.

    And then there are those like LaFeminista.

    But I really don’t think she and those like her represent the majority on Dkos. I just think they’re the loudest voices out of many voices.

    BTW, I don’t much like “fuck” in the graphic above. Frankly, I think “hell” would be just as good…without the rather trite vulgarity.

  42. That’s pretty much what I said. Had he directly supported DADT repeal a year ago, every Obama hater in the country would have slapped the biggest target imaginable on it and it would never have passed

    Instead, O kicks the chickenhawks biggest argument against repeal right out from under them and they never saw it coming. Remember “unit cohesiveness”? Remember “the troops won’t stand for it?”

    Our “stealth” president asks if he can just do a little survey, just one little survey, to see what the troops think and McCain and Co., who just KNOW the troops will say, “Eek! Save me from those loathesome gays!–because that’s what they’d say–agree.

    And Big O gets his survey, a survey he know will support repeal. The troops? “We don’t care. Fine with us.” Because he actually knows something about the attitudes of people under 40.

    And McCain and Co. are left backpedaling like crazy. Now it’s “We don’t care what the troops say.”

    Absurd. The “unit cohesiveness” argument? Dead.

    McCain’s still wondering what hit him.

    Stealth politics. I love it.

  43. Awhile back on DKos, a person had commented re DADT repeal that Obama “has now broken every promise he made.”

    I pointed out that he really couldn’t claim that until after the President left office. As I recall, his reply went something like:

    “Don’t be ridiculous. DADT repeal is dead. Dead!”

    Excuse me while I roll on the floor laughing.

  44. I can’t wait to see the caterwauling from all quarters.The right wil say it is the end of the world as they know it and the far left will ask what took so long.
    This was the best way to get rid of DADT. There will be an orderly transition. And our military is up to the challenge. No longer will a gay servicemember have to worry about being outed.
    Time and patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    Excuse me while I do a lttle “Yippee!!” dance.

    Okay – time to get serious about START and the Dream Act- Phone and e-mail tomorrow!

  45. Nelson and Bacus are DINO. I do sincerely believe that they have an intense hatred for President Obama… I wonder why? But there’s a saying….”who God bless, no man curse”.. Regardless of what haters and obstructionists do to President Obama in their zeal to see him fail, they’ll surely be disappointed because the President is being protected by a Greater Power. My President will have the last laugh!!! When the President “wins”, all America win. PBO is showing them how to win and how to lead with class and dignity, and I’m just loving it.

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