“I will end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

By ending “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” no longer will patriotic Americans be asked to live a lie in order to serve the country they love. ~ President Barack Obama, via Twitter and Facebook, 12/18/10


A man of his word. A marvelous human being. A stunningly great president.

Greg Sargent

…Obama had been criticized for months on don’t ask don’t tell, with advocates complaining that his administration aggressively defended DADT in court and that he wasn’t doing enough to rally the Senate to pass repeal. But the botton line is that the White House did everything possible to create the political climate necessary to make this happen. The Pentagon report and the testimony by Robert Gates — and his public round of interviews calling on Congress to pass repeal for the good of the military — were major game-changers.

Also: For all the criticism of the Obama tax deal, today’s victory stands as partial vindication of his strategy. Getting the tax deal wrapped up early made the time for repeal, with only days left in the lame-duck session.

This is an important victory for the White House in another way. It will quiet all the talk about Obama’s supposed “triangulating,” because it demonstrates — for the time being, anyway — that even as the White House sees a need to trade away some core liberal priorities to compromise with Repubilcans, Obama seems to want to bring the left along with him, to whatever degree he can. This will make it tougher to argue that Obama’s strategy is to deliberately alienate the left in order to win back the middle of the country.

This moment in the Senate will take its place in the history books alongside other ground-breaking civil rights votes, and stands as an important reminder that as broken as our system seems at times, progress towards a more just and inclusive society is still possible



You want some swagger-less-president photos? I have a few. Accidentally…



Finally, haters from all sides, enjoy the egg on your face. This is for you:



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  1. Ahhh yes. That Gif Of President Obama never gets old.
    Yes we can….yes we can.

    “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”
    You’re now tuned into the mo-fo-ing greatest
    Turn the music up in the headphones
    Tim, you can go and brush your shoulder off
    I got you, yeah”

  2. Hi everyone. I really love your blog and that I am glad to hear that you left DKOS. I would read DKos and Huffpost and they were so critical of the President. You have very good articles supporting President Obama. Now as DADT will come to an end, I hope that those whiny progessives will finally shut the hell up!

    Thank you blackwaterdog for all of the wonderful work that you do in supporting our President.

  3. Is there anything left that this man hasn’t tried to do that he said he would? For real. BWD, the man is killin this thing

  4. I love this man. 🙂
    The horrible bot that I bee.

    Christine —

    Moments ago, the Senate voted to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

    When that bill reaches my desk, I will sign it, and this discriminatory law will be repealed.

    Gay and lesbian service members — brave Americans who enable our freedoms — will no longer have to hide who they are.

    The fight for civil rights, a struggle that continues, will no longer include this one.

    This victory belongs to you. Without your commitment, the promise I made as a candidate would have remained just that.

    Instead, you helped prove again that no one should underestimate this movement. Every phone call to a senator on the fence, every letter to the editor in a local paper, and every message in a congressional inbox makes it clear to those who would stand in the way of justice: We will not quit.

    This victory also belongs to Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and our many allies in Congress who refused to let politics get in the way of what was right.

    Like you, they never gave up, and I want them to know how grateful we are for that commitment.

    Will you join me in thanking them by adding your name to Organizing for America’s letter?

    I will make sure these messages are delivered — you can also add a comment about what the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” means to you.

    As Commander in Chief, I fought to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” because it weakens our national security and military readiness. It violates the fundamental American principles of equality and fairness.

    But this victory is also personal.

    I will never know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of my sexual orientation.

    But I know my story would not be possible without the sacrifice and struggle of those who came before me — many I will never meet, and can never thank.

    I know this repeal is a crucial step for civil rights, and that it strengthens our military and national security. I know it is the right thing to do.

    But the rightness of our cause does not guarantee success, and today, celebration of this historic step forward is tempered by the defeat of another — the DREAM Act. I am incredibly disappointed that a minority of senators refused to move forward on this important, commonsense reform that most Americans understand is the right thing for our country. On this issue, our work must continue.

    Today, I’m proud that we took these fights on.

    Please join me in thanking those in Congress who helped make “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal possible:


    Thank you,


  5. This quote from Sullivan’s piece:

    “We also know now what a McCain administration would have done: nothing. The disgraceful bitterness and rancor and irrationality that the Senator has shown these past few months reveal just how important it was to defeat him and his deranged, delusional side-kick in 2008.”

    So very true.

  6. It is going to be so interesting to see what the “Professional Left” has to say about the repeal of DADT over the next 48 hrs., whether online, on TV, in print, etc.

    Will they be as gracious and humble as Rachel Maddow in her response to the DADT Repeal in acknowledging she was wrong about Obama and his strategy?

    Get the popcorn.

  7. Many times I’ve been tempted to post that “dirt off your shoulder” clip in response to critics.

    Another one I’ve been very tempted to post is the clip in which he kills that fly with a message that these loud and angry “in your face” activists should take a tip from what happened to that notorious “in your face” activist (the fly).

    I didn’t because I’m pretty sure some of the more emo crybabies would have tried to get me banned for making “death threats.” After all — some people had a hizzy fit over the “dirt off your shoulder” thing. LOL

  8. …And so he did (or will shortly with the stroke of his left hand). And he did it the right way, in a most structurally sound way, without a lot of fanfare … just behind the scenes, laying a foundation and building upon each sound step with another sound step and then BAM: REPEAL of DADT! (And President Obama’s only been in office for 2 years)!!

    Somehow I think of the Butterfly Effect when I think of the President’s accomplishments.
    What was it that Muhammad Ali used to say? “Float like a butterfly, sting like bee.”
    Yeah, that’s the Obama Effect.

  9. Our President is the perfect combination of brilliant and good – he truly is pushing and pulling this nation forward in spite of the many institutional obstacles. I than God for his amazing leadership.

  10. What did Rachel say please?

    this is such happy news- the repeal of DADT that it is hard to imagine how or even why anyone (that wanted repeal) would attack the process of it. I know some folks wanted the President to end it by executive order- for the quickness.. and yet to my thinking this, the way he got it done was the most concrete and acceptable manner to do it. By repealing it through congress, by performing the pentagon study- the country was allowed to voice their opinions.. the military was allowed to put in their two cents and to my thinking because of this: When the President signs this, it will be because the majority of Americans want it and are taking part in it.. thus it is not being ‘foisted on’ the American people. I believe most thoughtful Americans wanted this repeal very much, I believe most Americans will be very proud that this finally got done. And I thank President Obama for doing it, and for the way he got it done.

    Thank you Mr. President, I’m very proud of you sir- daily.

  11. In just two years in office, Barrack Hussein Obama is already the best President in my lifetime. That list includes:

    Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush The Lesser.

    President Obama. The Best.

  12. He is consistently fulfilling his promises one by one, a man of his word and a president that ALL Americans can be proud of.

  13. This is a test to see if I can post under a different name without changing the email address I used. pnh is the handle I went by on old yahoo boards and the few other blogs I frequented. It wasn’t available at Dkos — so hatecloudsyourthoughts was what I felt like using at the time — instead.

    So — with hateclouds… being so long that it overlaps the post — I’m going to drop it and try to use pnh since it’s what I usually use.

  14. This is fantastic. I wanted to come straight here after reading the news to be among kindred spirits.

  15. This President is bringing change in an “organic” way. He is “community-oganizing” America.

    Bringing CULTURAL change. The kind of change that LASTS.

  16. Thanks bwd.I was looking for that brushoff gif for so long.

    Speaks for his philosophy in life.

  17. Thanks to President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Lieberman for their tireless work on DADT repeal.

    This was one of many historic votes that Obama, Pelosi and Reid made possible along with Health Care Reform and Financial Reform. All 3 will go down in the history books.

    And kudos for Lisa Murkowski for being the only Republican Senator to vote for DADT Repeal and the DREAM Act.

  18. good, I hope others take her cue. I would appreciate finally seeing some of the loudest most vocal types showing humility the way President Obama has show humility multiple times. He did an AMAZING job with this, the same darn way he has been amazing in his entire two year job performance. There has been no one like him leading this country in my lifetime. NO ONE. He is the true measure of a sound & thoughtful LEADER.

  19. She said that it’s a victory for the president a very difficult campaign promise kept. She said that she was wrong to think that DADT can never be repealed through legislation.

  20. November 2008.

    We got it right this time. No question about it.

    Of all the candidates that year, we as a nation picked the smartest, hardest working one from the bunch. We saw something in him. Something very special.

    This man wanted to be President, not because he wanted to be the first African American elected to this office. No. He wanted to be President so he could make a difference.

    And it looks like many GOP members want to work with him. That’s the change he wanted.

    That’s the change we all wanted.

    Yes indeed. We got it right this time.

  21. This is so great! I am only sorry the Dream Act also didn’t pass. It diffently wasn’t our President’s fault. It is going to be interesting the next 2 years. I do know this is the on site that I can stand to read anymore. Thank you BWD for keeping us informed in the most enjoyable way! I love the pictures! They always make me smile!

  22. The newscaster just after Rachel’s statement took away from the graciousness of her statement by stating that the president had lost “his base” on the tax deal, and this would help repair the damag. MSNB STOL mistakes the fauxgressives for the base, overlooking the many polls which say otherwise.
    Andrew Sullivan’s piece in The Daily Dish was wonderful, especially since he had complained about the slow process along the way.

  23. Can I interject what I think is the quote of the day, from Sen. Reid?

    We don’t care who you love, as long as you love your country.


  24. Every time the president wins a victory, I always remember what he tells those who lack political endurance, “Don’t count me out.”

    It’s sad that so many on the left don’t have the perseverance, or patience, to continue working to achieve what they say they want. The main reason I left DK was because of all of the, “I didn’t get what I wanted when I wanted it, so, I’m taking my ball and going home, that’ll teach ya to mess with me” attitude.

    I can’t stand a quitter because, if I refused to allow spending 18 years of my life under segregation to hold me back and went on to complete high school, college, and to earn more than one graduate level degree, they can wait a little while and keep working to get some of what they say they want. No one knows how difficult it is to continue in the face of disappointments and setbacks any more than I do. This is why I’m finished with the frustrati and the PL and have refused to listen to anything they have to say.

  25. Ditto. Fist bump and yes we did. Our local OFA group called voters in Alaska asking them to contact Senator Murkowski.

  26. Ummmmm. You hope others take her cue? As in the fringe?

    You are an innocent sheri.
    But that is good.

  27. I think Andrew Sullivan’s headline is spot on:

    Obama’s Long Game: 65 – 31

    It is so good that POTUS thinks and thinks the ling game before acting unlike so many of his critics-well meaning ones and otherwise.

    It is too much to hope that he will get credit for his strategy from many in the MSM, but they know.To them I say,suck it up and get ready for more.

  28. The only adult in the room and the smartest person in the room! Too many people underestimate the genius of Barack Hussein Obama. I have and never will be one of them. Good job sir and to all who made this great day possible!

  29. Thank you BWD for your hard work, you are the best!

    Congratulations to all of us in the USA for the passing of DADT bill!
    I made my telephone calls yesterday to push both DADT & the DEAM Act. But, while I am happy for the gay community, I as a Hispanic (Yes, am a US Citizen and do not blame President Obama, just for the record) am very sad that the DREAM Act did not make it through. I hope that there will be something done about it in the near future, as my husband said, “We cannot win them all”. When making my telephone calls, I explained that my husband is a Vietnam-Veteran (USMC) and that we were for both bills passage.

  30. Sorry, Iche!!!

    I didn’t record it ;-( But I went online to see if someone else had posted it, and so far no luck. Maybe BWD or one of our BWDers has? ;-).

    Also, please keep in mind that she was on the phone when she said it, so I’m sure she’ll restate it – with more editorial 😉 — on her show this Monday.

    That said, I haven’t check the guest roster, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s also on “Meet the Press.”

  31. I really think the problem for the loudest complainers is that they just don’t understand the president’s method of fighting. He isn’t ever going to get out in front of everyone and be militant and demanding. He won’t come out and vilify the republicans. But what he does do is get things done. He works on a personal one on one level with members of congress and other important decision makers. He works to sway public opinion with reason and calm not with anger and shouting. And he gets results.

    Those who crave a George Bush of the left will never be satisfied with the optics of this president, but they will look back on this presidency and herald it as a time of great progress in the future.

    But, the vast majority of the citizens of the country don’t want a screamer, a “decider”, or a ranter. They want people to be civil and to work together. Only a person with President Obama’s temperment could be making this much progress, in the face of such obstruction, at a time of such crisis in this nation. I am just very, very grateful that he stepped up and applied for the job!

  32. If my Daily Fox you mean that Daily POS, I am in full boycott mode so do not know. That warning can sit on my account till I’m long gone. I try to discourage people to not click on the site to give MB or Kos a dime for their advertisers. . They have been added to my ten page boycott list.

    Plus, I think the site as a whole just needs to be let go. It is no longer important or relevant. It is now a fringe site than is owned by Pumas, Naderites, and god knows what. Unless you like to stand back and just eat the popcorn and laugh – that I get. 🙂

    That being said, I hearts you for doing this BWD. I know how time consuming this must be for you. But I’m sure it’s a labor of love.

  33. God that name cracks me up so much.
    But shouldn’t it be Ich Liebe PBHO?
    When I see Iche i read it as itchy.

  34. Well not so innocent, but I am occasionally hopeful that folks will find insight and admit their errors.. and apologize. And yet that doesn’t even seem to work in my own family consistently.. thus I don’t expect it from the fringe, I’m just hopeful.. from maybe one or two.. yet I won’t hold my breath either 😉

  35. To her credit, it’s like she knows Democrats helped her win her re-election, and it’s like her gift to them. I hope she keeps going in this direction, especially because she was so unceremoniously dumped by the Republicans.

  36. Anyone who thinks the President hasn’t already brought change to the country is a fool. We have farther to travel down the road but the path is smoother already and the forest has more sunshine today.
    Thank you for posting this video. When the President was campaigning I had a slow connection and was never able to watch it. Today I finally cried with you.

  37. Done, thank you bwd for the link and the reminder. Heres my letter:

    Dear Mr. President

    Thank you sir. Just thank you for the many many positive progressive changes you’ve put through these two years. You have made me prouder every single day for the vote I cast for you. Today because of you, your tenacity, your thoughtful and PROGRESSIVE approach, DADT will finally end. I am an army veteran of 30 years ago, when I enlisted folks had to sign a contract answering the question as to whether they were or were not gay. Then along came DADT.. a step up from the previous laws- but still unfair, still discrimminatory. A blot on the civil rights of our gay brothers and sisters in our country.. and now that will finally be at an end. I served with many MANY gay soldiers.. and yet they had to serve undercover for fear of losing their livelyhood.. for fear of being singled out. No more fear for our gay soldiers- no more unfairness to our gay soldiers. I’m so proud of my country today- I am exceedingly proud of my President today. Thank you sir and my best wishes to you and your beautiful family for the holdiays. Take a breath sir.. I (and many many others) have had your back all along.. and we will continue to do so.

    Sheri Richard

  38. I’m Cuban and quite disappointed as well. However, the blame rests squarely with the Republicans who couldn’t be bothered to see that this act would have done a great service to the future of this country. Them, and the five turncoat Democrats, many of whom were darlings at GOS.

  39. WE got work to do it is not over. Don’t give up. If the president is disappointed believe me he is going to get something going. Keep fighting you are not alone.

  40. of course she was wrong. She seems so chicken little about some things and even threw a hissy fit over it on her show some time ago. Still glad that she among others are able to eat their words

  41. I too, have a warning on my account since Wednesday, and will not be going back to that site unless its tone changes dramatically.

  42. This is such wonderul news. It reminds me of what patience and perserverance can accomplish.

    Thanks to everyone who played a part, big and small, in getting this piece of justice codified as we move forward towards creating a more perfect union.

    More work ahead folks…Yes We Can

    *good for Rachel in her response
    *good for Lisa M, bucking her party and doing the right thing
    *good for President Obama being more focused and clear-headed than those who vilify him
    *good for Senator Reid tweeting Gaga 🙂 and stating the victory so wonderfuly
    *good for all of us understanding the long game

    I am really overjoyed!!!!!!

  43. Its more simple. They coundn’t stand to see our President get another victory.

    It will be amazing to watch these next two years. Remember dont count him out.

  44. Precisely. There’s such a lack of focus and patience these days. I’m so glad that the President remains focused! And obviously has the patience to endure all the naysayers whining.

    This is one big step forward… now we need to work on the others!

  45. Oh, I’m looking forward to the next two years. They’ll define the kind of country we live in. And, no, never count him out. Actually, smart money is on him, not them.

  46. What is the test for re-election for a sitting President?

    Are we better off today then we were four years ago?

  47. per your SOTU video: “It is the right thing to do”. And this is a man that continues to do the right things for our country.

  48. Yes he does! Those who ascribe devious motives to him are the ones that perplex me the most. …but he’s fighting for them too and I’m glad he does.

    What a great C-in-C!

  49. I have NOT for one second counted President Obama out; I went through the primaries and that was not a walk on the park.

  50. I have heard “a major victory for President Obama” on CNN quite a few times this afternoon. And I heard Rachel on msnbc give President Obama all the credit for his strategy and for keeping his word on this. How long the accolades will last, who knows, but so far the President is getting his due. I’m hoping it will cause some of his critics to pause and notice that President Obama has been instrumental in bringing some historic major changes to this country.

  51. Guyz, any idea when is the START vote scheduled ? I would be in heavens if this Prez ends the year with this signature event.

  52. So many have now commented that MB had put them on warning, I am beginning to wonder how many of us got that treatment. I know I did, and mine was a truly picky little thing when I recced a comment that was later HR’d by a couple of people.

  53. If I remember correctly 2 hours of debate start at noon tomorrow and then the voting begins on the amendments and then ?cloture? Tell me if I am wrong please.

  54. IMHO, this man could LITERALLY walk on water and the haters would find some way to make him look bad for it. Of course, all he’s walking on are Rethuglicans’ backs right now and to me, that makes him look FABULOUS.

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, AMERICA! Enjoy this 111th Congress as long as you’ve got it, ’cause with Rethuglicans back in charge of the House and obstructing everything in the Senate, it’s going to be a very silent number of nights for anymore progress in this country from now until the next election. If you stop watching the liars on Fox and listening to them on the radio, you might not get chumped again in 2012.

  55. The President ia a Brilliant man and a Brilliant leader. Mr. President, I love your “long game”!

  56. Second that christin. Just been there and the same old crowd is as ungracious and as vile as ever.

  57. Hi Liberal Librarian, good to see another “brown” person here (Salvadoreña here!)! LOL, my child is so blond-white that the only time we seem to be blood/related is when she goes to Aruba on her other honeymoons.
    Let’s hope for the best that in the near future we will have something good going on. My heart bleeds when seeing these youngsters/students going through such hardship. My husband did not become a Us Citizen until he was out of the USMC. (I believe, never asked him WAIT I’ll check his records just in case, LOL)

  58. This is a silly OT comment but I have to say it. Looking at the wonderful “swagger-less” photos of President Obama, I am drawn to his wedding ring. I just love that he wears one so proudly. So many men do not. It says commitment to the woman he loves. Which is wht President Obama is — committed to this country and to making it a better place even for those who hate on him.

    I love my president. He is a stunningly awesome in every way.

    And kudos to Rachel for having the courage to admit she was wrong and give President Obama his props. Cant wait to watch the talking heads tomorrow and next week. (rubs hands in glee)

  59. I removed that site from my bookmarks, cancelled my kindle account for that site and only went back to that site once since bwd started this fantastic site to rec an electablog diary. The place is overrun and finished, IMHO. It served it’s purpose and now it’s done. Onward and upward fellow bwd lovers, supporting and acknowledging our fantastic, impossibly hard-working, dedicated President Obama – may he LIVE LONG AND STRONG!!!

  60. starkyluv, couldn’t agree with you more, but MY list includes Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and everyone else you’ve listed. BEST. PRESIDENT. EVER.

  61. Here’s the letter I sent to the White House:
    Thank you very much President Obama for keeping your eyes on the prize regarding the DADT policy. Many in your own party vilified you yet you kept faith in the American people and their representatives to the right thing (for once). Your faith has been vindicated. But I and many others stand in awe of your fortitude, grit and capacity to focus on the long game. Kudos Sir, for helping chalk one up for the American people.


  62. Kinda Long : Oh, Meteor Blade’s ugly hypocrisy go the sunlight treatment in the past two months. African Americans have left the site in droves, or have been banned or warned. The racist comments mostly get a pass as he cries “I can’t be everywhere. ”

    Yet he some how manages to catch every single Obama supporter doing something that he perceives is too pro POTUS or too pro Democratic.

    Every time I would turn around when I was there it was “sorry, no subscriptions” on people who were not part of the fringe. It was disheartening. And yet he still whines I do this to everyone. No. He does not. And anytime a AA would speak up and not take the racist b.s. over there anymore, he would scream zombie and there they go . And everyone goes “Oh MB! you so smart! yes. zombie!!” Of course he could call anyone he wants a zombie. It’s the game they play over there. And yet the biggest zombie of them all, RainbowGirl, a poor poor old woman who lives in the projects, has no money, no car, no food, nothing. Just a poor old black woman who hates Barack Obama and just so loves her some Colorado is the Shiznit so very much!! And oh! Is pretty new? But knows the whole history of the site because she lurked for four years? MB can’t be everywhere you know.

    And this is what bothers me I suppose and then we will wrap this up. I joined in 2004. Because I believed I was at pro Democratic site. I contributed to the quilts. I gave money to kossaks in need. I donated to ACT blue. I supported the site financially. And I was duped.

    It was only a business for Markos. Markos the former Republican who had nothing but good things to say about Reagan and Bush Sr and wrote a scathing ugly homophobic rebuke about DADT back in the 90’s. When the GOP gained power in 2000, he found his inner scream, his inner dollar, and became a liberal. Just. Like. Arianna.

    Feed on the outrage. Make money off the outrage.

    When Barack Obama comes into power? And Huffington Post become a top ten blog and Daily Kos is down to 4000?

    Markos et al become the fringe left screaming the most vicious utter bile at Barack Obama. Meteor Blades cries Zombie and I must warn you and I must ban you and lets the seething left spew more hate.

    It might work for them.
    They might get back up their numbers.
    But make no doubt about it, they are in the minority.
    And it’s like Studio 54 over there in 1982.
    Embarrassing. And sad.
    And they can try to open Studio55 hoping to get their mojo back.
    It does not matter.

    For the record, I get a warning for HR’ing a comment in a pro O diary that was vicious. May have been BWD’s. Not sure.
    Before that I got a warning for uprating Mally’s comment that were racists on Daily Kos.
    Also so so worth it. 🙂

    As we say in the Internets,……WHeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


  63. Sheri, your letter to President Obama just made me cry! I hope he gets to read it.

    Much love to you!

  64. Yup. Not surprised. Like I said. DK is done representing what it once did. This is the new DK. Desperate, but it is what it is. Naderites and Trolls. That’s just how it is.

  65. Oh LuLu…I so used to love your passion and fire and dedication over there. I think I recc’d every comment you ever made when I saw you. Good times. 🙂 🙂 When the site used to give me some hope before it just left me feeling dark and hopeless. And my god. I’ve been on cloude nine since he became President, so to bring me down took some work!

  66. Proud of Obama, I never noticed his wedding ring until you mentioned it just now. I’m always thrilled with the way he LOOKS at his beautiful wife. So obviously in love with her, it’s fantastic. They have a great marriage. Best couple, ever! 🙂

  67. Rachel has been like that all along. Very quick to throw in the towel, then those with real patience and vision lap her.

    Very pleased to have found this community and incredibly grateful to be rid of DailyKluster.

    Lets back our President like he deserves.


  68. Love the “Brush Off” video. That’s one move spoke volumes. And is far more dignified than any histrionics the Faux-gressives want him to engage in.

  69. I feel so happy that we got this sweet victory, DADT repealed, in time for the holidays. I know so many people worked for this day, including our great president. Blessings on everyone.

    Tomorrow, hopefully, new START is passed also. I plan to watch it live.

    I don’t even know if there are many items left on Obama’s campaign promises. It seems to me that he accomplished almost all of them in two years.

  70. Absolutely. After I read Audacity of Hope (at the Houston Airport on a long layover) back in January 2007 I knew I had to support him. I was intrigued on one level that we could elect an African American (I’m Anglo), but mostly, I felt like he was of my generation and his temperament and values were so much like my father that I felt I knew him and could trust his instincts. We needed his leadership at this point in our history. Never had a moment of doubt since. God Bless Him. I pity the poor Tea Party over the next two years, every one of them underestimates President Obama.

  71. Sweeeeeeeet! BAM!! That’s my president. BWD, I have worn this segment of this video out. Can’t get enough of it.


  72. You got a warning too? I got one about 2 months ago and I emailed MB several times asking him what it was for and he never responded to me. I never went back. It was the last straw for me. Seems to me there’s a concerted effort to “purge” the site of folks who support the President. I’ve seen several Kossacks who support Obama complaining on this blog about being banned or warned from/over @ DailyKos. A curious pattern is emerging that makes me feel vindicated in leaving that dump.

  73. Hi Sweetie – yes. that’s what it meant. 🙂
    back to online shopping because i was too cowardly to go to the mall today so will wake up at five in the a.m. to try tomorrow.

  74. You got that right, Lovepolitics2008. You got that right. People fail to understand this man’s strategy. Meaningful and lasting change is not superficial. It has to be rooted deep into our psyche. We have to want it. Fight for it. Feel like we are part of it so we’ll treasure it and do whatever it takes to keep the change.

  75. Just stay away from dKos if you want to keep your sanity. Although there are a number of people unafraid to celebrate this President today for laying the groundwork to make this possible.

  76. I still seem to have a need to hear what they’re saying. But that may just be withdrawal. dKos has been my place for information and support for over three years. I had felt part of a community there. That has particularly blown up over the last few months.

  77. Thank you so much BWD for this site. There are so many good writers here. Is there a way you could have a like “button” for comments?

  78. I am reading Jimmy Carter’s book White House Diaries right now. A lot of the things that happened to him on his watch remind me so much of what goes on now. He could never get a positive press, never.

    I think President Obama is stronger and more focused. I’m so happy about these last few days in the “lame duck” Congress.

    And yes, enjoy it while we can, then grab another mop. *S*

  79. I am very sorry that the Dream Act didn’t make it. I am sure that the President, Harry Reid, or whoever is the majority leader in the senate, OFA and all of us will continue to push for The Dream Act to pass.

  80. Basically, that this was a victory for Congress, Leiberman, Reid, Choi, LGBT activists … see a name missing? I tried to point out that it was okay to say you were wrong about the president on this one thing — and that he contributed to the accomplishment. BAM! I now understand what it feels like to get royally flamed. Don’t know how you did it for so long. It’s vicious. Some are so determined to undermine him and his presidency that I simply don’t know how they can call themselves a Democrat.

  81. Thank you Christin, little Lulu, bwd and all of you for your kind words about my letter to President Obama, I really do love him and how he governs, I am so glad I lived long enough to be a part of the great changes he is bringing forth to us and to future generations. Many of our children and grandchildren will learn to be better leaders because of this man and how he leads, imo.

    Christin: I noticed when you became absent of dkos.. it is so good to see you here, I always appreciated your fearless spirit over there.. and your other comments here regarding MB- are quite accurate imo, I paid attention to him.. and how he leads also 😉

  82. Give credit where credit is due. She acknowledged her mistake in a gracious manner. Not evrybody can do that.

  83. Another letter to Majority Leader Reid on the ‘tyranny of the minority’ as well as a heartfelt thank you to him and all his colleagues whom acted bravely and wisely, yet again, today.


    Good evening Majority Leader Reid,

    Once again today you demonstrated your exceptional commitment to the civil rights of all Americans in leading the Senate to repeal DADT. You and your colleagues, as well as all the members of the House who supported the legislation, should be rightfully proud. Thank you.

    However, today, once again for now well more than 200 times in the past four years, we have witnessed the tyranny of the minority in the US Senate do harm to our fellow citizens by blocking a vote on DREAM.

    I have written to you on the immediate remedy available to every Senator to render the UnConstitutional cloture process inoperable in the US Senate.

    That DREAM, DISCLOSE, the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, countless appointments and many other essential pieces of legislation have been denied a VOTE by US Senators is simply a violation of both our Constitution and a disservice to all Americans.

    I know you realize this, Majority Leader Reid.

    But, it simply cannot go unaddressed in the current session of Congress.

    From a ‘political’ perspective calling a point of order on DREAM or DISCLOSE or even the Omnibus Appropriations Bill might not be the ideal strategy, though I must say that from a National Security perspective alone, DISCLOSE and the Omnibus Appropriations Bill certainly would meet my threshold to call point of order.

    START, however, is unquestionably well above the threshold. So, I ask you to consider the following:

    1. If you do not have the votes for cloture on START by Sunday afternoon EST, please use that opportunity to call point of order;

    2. If you do, then pass cloture on START and then bring the Omnibus Appropriations Bill forward for cloture and call point of order if the Republicans will not support cloture.

    What I hope you will be able to do is use either START or the Omnibus Appropriations Bill to not only use the point of order procedure to kill the tyranny of the minority enabled by cloture, but also then be able to bring for immediate vote, at a minimum, DREAM, DISCLOSE and crucial appointments. Stay in session until the calendar runs out and make this the most historical ‘lame duck’ session in the history of the Congress.

    Thank you, again, for your wisdom, leadership, compassion and I look forward to the moment when you return Lt Choi’s West Point ring to him!!


  84. I am so happy that the arc bent towards justice today.

    Thank you, President Obama for your tenacity, brillance and laser-like focus in brushing off the haters (on the left and right) to get the people’s work done.

    You have my unwavering support!!!

    And, if I could, I would carve your beautiful face on Mount Rushmore.

    But, we cannot stop. The DREAM Act must become law. Can anything else be done before the session ends this year?

  85. Dot (if I may be so formal),

    It will be interesting to listen for all of the apologies that are owed to people who have steadfastly, but not blindly, supported this President through thick and thin.

    Perhaps, one day soon, Democrats and Liberals (especially) will get his back before, during and after the critics start their hysteria…I’m not holding my breath, but maybe it will happen!

    Finally, DADT is repealed and done with!!!

  86. BWD and Christin,

    I am so glad to find you here and to find this wonder blog by the person who makes me giddy – BWD!!!

    As Christin said, thank you for this labor of love, BWD, and I will be here to support you – like the President – no matter what!!


  87. Christin, I boycotted too, for a few weeks now. I don’t want to give them the hits either. Ditto with huffpost, and tpm, even. Kos has become irrelevant,imho.

  88. 🙂 Hi Anita! 🙂 I loved your posts too. They were so overflowing with joy most times. You….Joan…..Lulu…..some of you guys just always always always always made me smile.

  89. Hi Christin,

    I just got home and signed on and President Obama’s email about the letter was there! Woohoo. I added a personal message and submitted and then came here to celebrate! This is wonderful.

  90. I just got home and turned on my PC. First thing I got was the letter from the President to thank Reid, Pelosi et all. I added my personal message and submitted it and came here to celebrate with all of you! This is fabulous! The President is amazing.

    Love the news coverage with Rachel Maddows’ gracious comments about the President. I am so glad he is getting recognition and praise for all the hard work that he does.

    And I am so glad to have this welcome home where I can read blackwaterdogs’ wonderful posts and comments from all of you. It feels like visiting with friends.

  91. I came here to celebrate when I got the news too PR. We need these victories. It was hard fought and brought out the worst in a lot of people but gosh I just hope it’s a teaching moment for some.

    I agree it’s great to have this lil space on the intertubes to ride a wave of good feelings and keep us energized for the work that lies ahead.

  92. That was a nice concession I suppose. Rachel disappoints more than the rest; I guess because I thinks she’s smarter. She seems really HS (high school)in going along with Keith sometimes to me maybe it’s me either way I think she’s better than the behavior she exhibits sometimes or maybe I’m kidding myself.

  93. There are a bunch of people on DK who need a similar serving of humble pie. I wouldn’t suggest it, though. Apparently, to mention it means you’re divisive and mean-spirited.

  94. I think that is throwing the baby out with the bath water. dkos has many speciality sections, several of which are good and informative. Also the rec list has about 1/5 reasonable articles. And the way the site is organized is good. Also they wil be transitioning to dkos4 which will make filtering out unwanted diarists more easy.

  95. Good thing that you resisted the temptation – one should not compare ones enemies to insects, that is a very nasty tradition.

  96. I think President Obama would be the first to tell you that not all is done yet. There is DREAM, there is comprehensive immigration reform, there is deficit reduction, and not to forget, they have to watch out for the implementation of what they passed: there will be attempts of trickery all along the way.

    But never mind, now one should celebrate the victory at hand:-)

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