So, who is the real Democrat here?

The president who was willing to suffer politically and swallow a bitter pill in order to defend the middle class, the unemployed, students and small businesses – or those in Congress who had no problem blocking funds to close Guantanamo, but were ready to throw the middle class, the unemployed, students and small businesses under the “principles” bus, just so they can settle the score with 2% of the country and get some TV appearances?



Big Saturday tomorrow. Keep making those calls, people:

Senate plans vote this weekend on ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’


More bad news for the economy:

Strong week raises optimism for 2011

Shopping surge spurs brighter outlook

First-time jobless aid at ’08 level


Charles Krauthammer can stop crying. How fun. 

If Barack Obama wins re-election in 2012, as is now more likely than not, historians will mark his comeback as beginning on Dec. 6, the day of the Great Tax Cut Deal of 2010.

Obama had a bad November. Self-confessedly shellacked in the midterm election, he fled the scene to Asia and various unsuccessful meetings, only to return to a sad-sack lame-duck Congress with ghostly dozens of defeated Democrats wandering the halls.

Now, with his stunning tax deal, Obama is back. Holding no high cards, he nonetheless managed to resurface suddenly not just as a player but as orchestrator, dealmaker and central actor in a high $1 trillion drama.


Despite this, some on the right are gloating that Obama had been maneuvered into forfeiting his liberal base. Nonsense. He will never lose his base. Where do they go? Liberals will never have a president as ideologically kindred – and they know it. For the left, Obama is as good as it gets in a country that is barely 20 percent liberal.


And Obama pulled this off at his lowest political ebb. After the shambles of the election and with no bargaining power – the Republicans could have gotten everything they wanted on the Bush tax cuts retroactively in January without fear of an Obama veto – he walks away with what even Paul Ryan admits was $313 billion in superfluous spending.



 Swagger-less president put Congress in its place:



It’s amazing how many things happened this week, that even WE didn’t know about:



277 thoughts on “So, who is the real Democrat here?

  1. Keep up the good work BWD. I’ve had it with the bullshit from Democrats and the poutragers causing more pain for President Obama than needs be.

    These poutraging morons care more about scoring cheap political points than they do about actually getting things done. I don’t think that the family struggling to keep food on the table is going to care much about seeing Republicans beat to a bloody pulp, that is what campaign time is for.

    I’m glad to see that throughout all the bullshit from the left and right, President Obama keeps on going: The Little President That Could!

  2. Wow. This is fantastic. BWD, thanks for this space, and thanks for bringing us news about the wonderful things this administration continues to do, even in the face of much difficulty.

    And the blog roll here is simply amazing.

    Now we train our sights on DADT, START and the DREAM Act.

    Hope is the start of a good morning for everyone.

  3. Good morning kindred spirits…

    What a way to start the day, logging on to BWD’s amazing “The Only Adult In The Room” blog and being presented with “Everybody Chill The Fuck Out, I Got This” from his awesomeness. I cracked up laughing.

    I am so glad the tax cut drama is over. The posturing the Dems was pathetic.

    The sun is shining and I am in a hopeful mood. DADT, START, and the DREAM ACT are on my mind. Let’s hope we make history tomorrow. We are so close.

  4. Ed Shulltz and Olbermann are looking more irrelevant everyday. They scream and shout, but no one listens to them.

  5. The hold-the-feet-to-the-firebagging crowd are getting burnt in the process. And no-drama Obama keeps scoring.

  6. Great Comment, BWD

    ” … or those in Congress who had no problem blocking funds to close Guantanamo, but were ready to throw the middle class, the unemployed, students and small businesses under the “principles” bus …”

  7. “I’m glad to see that throughout all the bullshit from the left and right, President Obama keeps on going: The Little President That Could!”

    Your comment made me warm and full of smiles.

  8. I love the West Wing Week feature too. I think the website is spectacular. I also like the White Board presentations. Austan Goolsbee is a natural.

    If you want to see just how amazing the Obama administration website is, check out the link below. It is the Bush frozen in time on January 20, 2009. The comparison will knock your socks off.

  9. People who don’t see the absolutely dramatic change in transparency, communication and attitude toward our citizens and the world are willfully avoiding all the evidence. It’s like we stepped out of the Dark Ages.

  10. I will never ever underestimate PBO. So perfect that you had that familiar admonition in your top photo today. Thank you, BWD!

  11. Ron Wyden – Great Guy
    From today’s Talking Points Memo

    “When Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) announced today that he had been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, the news seemed to throw his vote into doubt on DADT repeal. The initial announcement suggested that after a pre-op doctor’s visit on Friday he’d be away from the Senate until early January.

    But Wyden’s spokeswoman, Jennifer Hoelzer, has just confirmed to TPM that Sen. Wyden will be available this weekend to vote on the key DADT and DREAM Act votes.”

  12. TGIF Morning Rational Thinking People

    Here is your White House Schedule for the Day.

    Friday December. 17, 2010
    All Times Eastern

    VP Biden meets with senior advisers.
    7:00 AM
    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    10:00 AM
    10:30 AM

    VP Biden chairs a meeting of senior officials to assess progress in Iraq.
    11:00 AM

    Robert Gibbs convenes an off-camera gaggle.

    First Lady Michelle Obama presents the 2010 National Medals for Museum and Library Service during an awards ceremony.
    11:55 AM

    Pres Obama meets with senior advisers.
    12:00 PM
    12:50 PM

    Pres Obama meets with Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner.
    1:00 PM
    1:50 PM

    First Lady Michelle Obama visits the Toys for Tots distribution center at Bolling Air Force Base.
    2:00 PM

    Pres Obama meets with leaders from the country’s largest labor organizations.
    3:00 PM
    4:00 PM
    5:00 P

  13. That is great news. I wish Senator Wyden a speedy recovery and the best of health going forward. Luckily, when caught early, prostate cancer has among the highest survival rates of all cancers, close to 98% over a 10-year period.

    I read somewhere that men who reach the age of 75+ are not aggressively treated for prostate cancer because Dr’s expect that they will die of something else before the cancer becomes terminal.

  14. President Obama gets all the credit for pulling this off, in spite of the great odds against him, doing what he has to do to protect the American people and the recovering economy. Put another check over there on the good side, on the list of accomplishments. And as usual, he leaves a lot of irrational, screaming people looking foolish in his wake. “The only adult in the room”

  15. he fled the scene to Asia and various unsuccessful meetings,

    Except Mr. Krau that trip really did bear fruit not long after he returned but lets not talk about that……sssshhhh.

    Krau is correct though when he says Obama is as good as it gets for the left. I mean that in the best way possible. The left likes to call Obama a spineless compromiser who doesn’t “lead”. If they had any sense they would see a flexible and open president who is always looking for the best solution no matter where it comes from and is willing to let others lead the way on legislation. I’d be in his office with a wish list, not running my mouth on TV insulting him.

    Any activist/politician choosing to sit out his presidency hoping to get someone better has their head in the clouds and is missing a giant opportunity.

  16. Good morning all. Thanks for the news BWD. I am going to have a wonderful holiday.

    This is no “lame duck session”, Bama makes them M’fers work their lazy asses off. Go Bama.

    Whenever Charles Krauthammer is miserable I am happy (I don’t mean to be sadistic; but its only Charles)

    Lets make some calls today and get the 3 other stuff done. Peace

  17. Good Friday morning to all:)First…I love that “Chill the Fuck Out…I got this!” Woke me RIGHT up this morning! Just an update on my personal crusade to get donations to those transplant patients that Jan Brewer has deemed expendable…this week has been ridiculous at work, 22 first graders that are so excited for Christmas they levitate…bleeding dog,nail in tire sidewall…the list seems endless. But this morning I did email a local talk show host on the radio here in Phoenix. He is a medical Dr that works with the elderly and indigent. I told him my plan and asked for his help getting the word out on his radio show.He is furious over this as well. I will go today after work and set up the donation account. I’m thinking of setting this up at my credit union, because I can’t stomach any of this money going to Wells, BofA, or Chase…for obvious reasons:)I will make sure that money coming into this fund can be recieved from anywhere, not just AZ.If any of you want to help with this worthy cause, it would be a great help for you all to spread the word at other sites that you visit…I am only one person, and it takes a village, after all:)I am grateful to all of you for your support and guidance…what a wonderful community of people BWD has assembled here. I feel like I’m home. Will get back to all of you this afternoon with the particuliars. Have a great day…and as I tell my kids at school, make sure to do a kind deed for someone today..Hugs to all, and thank you.

  18. From OFA:


    Americans believe in rewarding the folks who work hard to get an education; we believe in honoring the people who make great sacrifices to serve their country.

    That’s why the DREAM Act—immigration reform that would provide a path to citizenship for undocumented youth willing to work for a college degree or serve in our armed forces—should be law.

    Add your name as a strong supporter of the DREAM Act:

  19. Surprising. A governor who’s whole career has been full of shit, is full of shit. We know the Republican retort, “At least he did something?” Doesn’t matter if the shit didn’t work.

  20. Many thanks, Sandy:) Many thanks…will get back to everyone. I hope this takes on a life of its own…

  21. They are into the 2nd day of debate on START. I’m not sure when the actual vote will take place. I know they will be voting on DADT and the DREAM ACT Saturday morning.

  22. I was watching Laurence O’Donnell last night, and he had Nora Efron on, the author/director. She should really stick to the stuff she’s good at because I was AMAZED at her commentary. She said that she thought that PBO wasn’t happy being President, or some such hooey! I nearly slapped her face off the TV screen.Is she joking?! Just because the guy has had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at him in two years time…and Republicans and wacky assed blue dogs that gum up the works…hey, what’s the problem? He still works harder than ANYONE in Washington…I was flabbergasted at her ridiculous comment. Anyone else see that?

  23. I did it…but my senators are deaf, dumb, AND blind…I have many more adjectives for them, but suffice to say, AZ is really a desert wasteland.

  24. How does Krauthammer know the meetings in Asia were unsuccessful? The South Korea trade deal, and the recently agreed to trade deal with China could have very well come from these meetings – SK’s surely did. Also meetings can just lay the foundation for future agreements.

    One issue with this tax package – I heard a radio ad yesterday with Rove’s Crossroad outfit telling me “Pelosi is at it again” and to call my Rep and tell him not to vote with Pelosi and her far liberal agenda to raise taxes on th middle class, but to side with working families. Now this is funny considering Pelosi was against the extra tax cuts for the rich, and the Republicans were willing to see all the tax cuts expire unless they got their rich buddies the extra tax cuts. If Rove wants something so badly – are we missing something? Did the GOP promise all their third party funders that the Bush Extra Tax Cut would be extended, and desperately needed it extended to keep th third party money flowing in 2012?

  25. Huh, Charles?

    “he fled the scene to Asia and various unsuccessful meetings,”

    So traveling abroad to foreign summits and meeting with international leaders to broker trade agreements is now “fleeing?” But when W. heads back to the “ranch” to “clear some brush” for a month, it’s folksy.

    Got it.

  26. If I was making odds on these –
    START has a 80-85% chance to pass
    DADT is 50-50
    DREAM us an extreme longshot, say 100-1.

    I think the timing even makes the odds longer for DREAM Act, in that if START and DADT pass there is no way the GOP will want to give Obama/Dems a trifecta heading into the Christmas Recess.

    I think DREAM will have to be part of the much larger Comprehensive Immigration Reforms that should begin being worked on in the new Congress.

  27. Thanks for that link to the Kenya story. The President’s father has to be impressed 😉

  28. BINGO, it is why we got so much in return! You all will find out so much, when POTUS does his memoir! Boy, I cannot wait for that book!

  29. Just for you I went there to put in a comment of support for your diary. I quickly backed right back out though. I can’t stand to be over there any more. But, they do need to hear what you had to say so kudos for writing it. Just don’t respond to the haters when they come swarming.

  30. Now, see it is all about the communications shop! While I was against everything GW did, his communications team was supreme! I think that was Nicole Wallace. Anyways, having Plouffe on to set the messaging, should help tremendously!
    Because, POTUS did a great job legisltaively the first twoo years, now it is all about messaaging!
    I think having Granholm, Rendell, and strickland, may help, too!
    Your thoughts?

  31. Now that is a dedicated public servant. I hope he has a full and speedy recovery and that the surgery is a success in treating his cancer. Ever notice how it’s always democrats who make personal sacrifices to get their votes in – Robert Byrd, Teddy Kennedy and now Ron Wyden. It does make you proud to be a democrat, doesn’t it?

  32. Thanks a bunch. Doesn’t look like it’ll make the Rec List which is unfortunate. It would have been nice for an opposing view to counter the one that is on there now.

  33. BWD, Thanks for the news link on the disappearance of the Gitmo clause. The President will teach the Repubs yet that there is nothing to fear from having the trials in the States, where they should be held.

  34. Its a beautiful day here in chicago. The sun is shinning so bright on this day. I feel every thing will be alright. I think people are seeing their way. Most of all i think they see everything will be alright.The left has lead us with fear, the right has lead us with fear. All we need to do is keep moving and trust the man we voted for President Obama. we are alive and ready to tackle the challenges before us. We must view things as we see them not how others dictate to us to keep their own livilhood going. We must remember to find the peace in the midst of every storm. So when the noise get loud look for the peace, civility and common sense. Those that reacts negativly at every news spin is looking to be the first to break the gossip, spin the days talk, have the first catch phrase. Then sit back and watch others bill their pressure. Once the noise is silenced they sliver back into hole and wait for the next news cycle.

  35. But you see that is the kind of “leadership” they want. Jindal was on tv ranting and putting the Obama administration down. It doesn’t matter to the frustrati that what Jindal actually was advocating was useless and a big waste of money. It doesn’t matter that what the Obama administration did was much more effective and cost effective and for the good of the people. It is all about optics for them not results. They don’t care if the president actually leads by doing the right thing quietly and without drama. They just want theatrics and drama and don’t really care all that much about the results. Seriously, they would rather have him make a spectacle and fail at achieving his goals than to just get things done if he isn’t sticking it to the other side at the same time.

  36. That makes me so sad as I used to be such a big fan of Keith. Now I just want to muzzle him.

    Good morning everyone! Happy Friday also.

  37. when I came here today the first thing I saw was the “chill the f*&^ out” pic. that was AWESOME.

    I love this site for so many reasons.

  38. So very truthful. My beloved brother in law was diagnosed every early about five years ago and he’s had a good prognosis every since. The same thing with my mom’s breast cancer, which was caught early by yearly mammogram. Mom is one year cancer-free.

    BTW, I have been hanging on to your every word over on the site that will not be named. You are a warrior and I love it. Wish I could express myself as well.

  39. I was reading my daughter’s high school world history book last night, and I noticed that at the end of the book it discussed the reasons it is difficult to see history when it is happening. Current event are confusing to evaluate with the perspective time gives you. Something that looks good now may have a long-term ramification that we haven’t evaluated. In a hundred years we’ll know what was happening at this time. Some people think “the American era,” whatever that means, ended in 2003 when we invaded Iraq and didn’t pay for it. I think that might be wrong with Obama in office now. Few can see how much we have done in less than half his term in office. We can turn things around. If anyone can get the military cut it’s Obama.

  40. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Ed Rendell would be an excellent addition to the administration. Saavy and outstanding on TV, he would be great in reaching out to those Congressional Dems who are feeling disaffected now.

    I’d also like to thank you, BWD, for all the hard work you’re doing. I really love this website and the links to other constructive websites. I think that you are hitting a nerve in the body politic and that droves of Americans of all political persuasions are getting really sick of the toxic nature of what passes for political commentary today.

    You are saying something that many, many Americans will increasingly realize: we have a much better president than we deserve and we should thank God for him everyday.

    1 Timothy 2:1-2

  41. Olbermann lives in the fringeroots bubble – he’s lobbied by them like they try to lobby Congress. The constant feedback of how right he is and how good a segment was makes him believe that he’s right. It’s how he walked into the Assange mess.

    I mean think about it – Olbermann and Cenk both diary over at DK. Ed Shultz was a keynote speaker at NN2012. Probably working on Rachel as well.

    I think this is something that is being over-looked. The fringeroots are influencing MSNBC with their effots. Lobbying on Congress gets them no where, but lobbying MSNBC anchors gives them some control over the message-making.

    What is interesting is that MSNBC is ran by a Republican, with Scarborough as his sacred cow. I wonder why he’d put on four Obama haters on the air every night?

  42. Spot on! This is so true, their basic problem in a nutshell.

    It is all about optics for them not results. They don’t care if the president actually leads by doing the right thing quietly and without drama. They just want theatrics and drama and don’t really care all that much about the results.

  43. Well done! I tipped and rec’d your diary to show support for you and the opposing view but I don’t comment there anymore.

  44. I didn’t see it, but thanks for passing that along.
    One never knows who they might bump into, or who knows someone who knows someone that might be able to have a conversation with someone to set them straight.
    Know what I mean? It could happen.

  45. Well, lila, concentrating on actual results means they would have to stop ranting and do some research and also bring some powers of analysis to the issues to sort through the details. That might be too difficult for them.

  46. The Obama Presidency has provided an
    unprecedented opportunity on so many levels, not the least of which is
    the start to healing a wideopen wound in our culture, and the White Dog
    “progressives” are blowing it bigtime. It saddens me to think what
    might be done if the Democratic Party and the “left” actually united in
    support behind our first African-American President (and might I add,
    the first with a truly zen temperament). We could encourage him and the
    creaky old Congress to be more progressive and provide real opposition
    to the rightwing noise machine.

  47. Okay, so, the picture at the top of this post made my day . . . I have always loved it . . . should be the offical White House Christmas Card! lol

  48. I replied as well. I hate that place, but I will sign in to show support for those diarists who have some knowledge/truthfulness to dispense and for BK.

  49. Also, Rachel is now talking very highly of Pelosi. Nothing wrong with that, except, her numbers are garbage, hence…
    Also, the DEM HOUSE members are making a concerted effort, to blame POTUS for midterms instead of PELOSI!
    What you can’t tell? LOL!

  50. I saw that too. So now the White Dog “Progressives” are criticizing the President because he isn’t exuberant? Yeah, Clinton and Bush loved the limelight because they are narcissists. Basking in the attention of others does not enter into my definition of happiness.

  51. Please please let that “everyone chill the f out” pic stay at the top forever. It is so true. Love my potus Obama.

  52. tipped and rec’d, great diary, didn’t read the comments. dk is like yahoo or youtube comments to me now, pure seasoned trollishness going on.

  53. Well looks like you did make the wreck list. I headed over and gave you a rec just to help it along.

  54. I also clicked on the link but rechecked on the link to your own blog. Really don’t want to give clicks, time or validation to GIS. As an OFA volunteer in the Bay Area in CA I can confirm that we are well. 2 local congressmen in very tight races were reelected

  55. Barack Obama is happy working for the american people. I don’t discard the possibility that he’s disgusted with Wasington though.

  56. I just checked . . . and your most informative diary is now on the Rec List . . . well done!

  57. Well, I don’t blame Pelosi or the President. First of all, it was predetermined that no matter what, there were going to be losses in the House and Senate.
    Secondly, nobody did a good job of messaging from the WH on down.
    Thirdly, the media, which is as liberal as I am I am conservative, really played up the negatives and never painted the Republcians or the tea-partiers for what they really are.
    And finally, some of the Dems ran really crappy campaigns. Here in Illinois both Alexi and Bean would have won if they had run half-way decent campaigns, and I am sure that applies to a lot of other candidates as well.

  58. Yeah, it’s getting ugly. It always does. Most of the comments aren’t even about the diary which is basically a “setting the record straight” piece about how OFA is decidedly NOT “on the sidelines”. Many just see it as yet another opportunity to malign Democrats in general and the Obama administration in particular.

  59. I would love seeing those governors join the administration. They were effective and are good communicators.

  60. Good and prostate cancer is actually the lesser of the fatal cancers, especially when caught in early stage as his is. Wishing him the best.

  61. Hey BWD & everyone else,

    Krauthammer cracks me up. About 4 times a yr he pops out a column to warn everyone that you really shouldn’t underestimate Obama. I guess he’s telling everyone, “I told you so!”

    I think my favorite column he’s done so far is “Obama’s Next Act.” It was written last July & he felt it necessary to warn the GOP. A sample:

    “Obama is down, but it’s very early in the play. Like Reagan, he came here to do things. And he’s done much in his first 500 days. What he has left to do he knows must await his next 500 days — those that come after reelection.
    The real prize is 2012. Obama sees far, farther than even his own partisans. Republicans underestimate him at their peril.”

    It’s flattering in an odd way. At least he sees the pres’ talents, unlike some on the left who spout Obama FAIL!

  62. Hey thanks! I got a warning from them two days ago, after I let them have it on one of the diaries, a highly rec’d anti-Obama diary that was based on unfounded rumors. I’m now unable to post or comment until I promise to refuse to use the certain term which they can’t stand when people use, but they have no problems allowing all kinds of name-calling for Obama supporters. I plan on writing them a very direct letter about their hypocrisy before I decide to go back on that site.

  63. All of it is just so bizarre, to me.

    Especially how some of the diarists leave out important facts, how they are spinning the story to the negative (always) just as the msm does.

  64. I haven’t been watching the news. So, the Dems are blaming PBO for the mid-term losses? Sure, why not, it’s easier to blame someone else than to accept any bit of responsibility.

    As for the Blue Dogs, from what I read they did their best to distance themselves from the president. Any yet they still blame him.

    Here’s the thing with Americans – we want instant gratification. When the country didn’t completely turn around in two years’ time, the majority who voted voted for someone different.

    And, I always feel that I have to say this – no, I don’t feel the President is perfect, but to accept no responsibility for one’s failing is scapegoating and cowardly. Maybe it’s time for some introspection from the Congressional Dems.

  65. I like the way Krauthammer paints the president’s pre-scheduled trip to Asia as an act of cowardice on the president’s part by saying the he “fled” to Asia. IIRC, the president put this trip off earlier this year in order to get HCR passed. All presidents in the past have taken trips for foreign policy reasons. Krauthammer totally fails to mention the new trade deals with China and South Korea the president brokered, and attempts to subconsciously communicate to his readers that the president’s trip to Asia was a “useless” endeavor.

    IMO, President Obama doesn’t “run away” from anything. From what I’ve seen of the president’s character, he admits his mistakes, faces the music, and moves on, always keeping his focus on improving the lives of the middle and lower classes. Krauthammer can sit in his posh apartment and disparage the president, but I would guess that were he in President Obama’s position, he’d have to grapple with some of the same problems the president has to deal with.

    The only reason I don’t hate these conservatives has to do with my being a Christian and my parents’ raising me to never say that I hate anyone. I view Krauthammer as being a pompous hypocrite who is envious of the president. He is a good example of the fact that intelligence is no guarantee that one also has compassion for others and/or commonsense.

  66. Will Kos post a diary about the President “groveling” at the feet of the labor organizations?

  67. I wonder if Republicans will be there for the photo-op. And which Democrats will be there – Will Pelosi be there?

    GOP showing up could give Obama the big time bi-partisan photo op they don’t want to give him. However if they don’t show up it will look like they’re not happy with the deal and thus Obama pulled one over on them.

    Furthermore the other parties usually don’t get to talk, so they’d be standing there while President Obama restated that he doesn’t like the extra tax cut for the rich, but the GOP were holding the middle class hostage unless they got the tax cut for the rich.

    I wonder if we’ll start hearing now from the GOP that it was all strategy and they would have eventually agreed to middleclass tax cuts only, however it was a negotiating strategy.

  68. WASHINGTON — Is Barack Obama the new Comeback Kid?
    Six weeks after he acknowledged taking a “shellacking” at the polls, President Obama is on the verge of what may be a political rebound.

    Late Thursday, he scored a big victory in Congress when the House followed the Senate in approving a deal he struck with Republicans to extend Bush-era tax cuts for two years for all Americans, including top earners.

    MEASURE: House votes on tax deal changes
    IMPACT: What the tax deal means for Americans

    In exchange, Republicans agreed to continue benefits for the long-term unemployed and to give other tax breaks for low- and middle-income taxpayers.

    At the same time, the Senate was moving ahead on one of Obama’s major foreign policy goals — ratification of a new nuclear arms treaty with Russia— after Republicans postponed action on the pact for months.

    Read the entire article here:

  69. “They don’t care if the president actually leads by doing the right thing quietly and without drama. They just want theatrics and drama and don’t really care all that much about the results. Seriously, they would rather have him make a spectacle and fail at achieving his goals than to just get things done if he isn’t sticking it to the other side at the same time.”

    This part of your post reminds me of something Steve Benen at the WM said earlier this year about how President Obama’s successes at fighting terrorism and passing legislation that will improve the lives of Americans has largely gone unrecognized and unmentioned by the MSM.

    He said that the president doesn’t feel the need to get before the cameras and toot his horn about his successes the way that GWB did. Benen described the president and his administration as more focused on results than theatrics. The frustrati want theatrics, and because the president won’t give them theatrics, they resort to name-calling and forget to look at how much he’s accomplished in less than 2 years.

  70. I got chills remembering those days. What aclear difference. The last administration and their crooked priorities, their focus on “freedom” and “the war on terror”, the propaganda… sad really, that this man had two terms.

  71. Even more damning evidence against those on the right who prefer to use their vote to inflict harm, while others put their own anxieties and personal circumstances aside to do the business of the people. Such a glaring contrast. John McCain should be ashamed if he votes against this while Sen Wyden votes to make things right.

  72. I know exactly what you’re dealing with with the first graders, because for 33 years I dealt with the same thing from high school students. It seems as if the closer it gets to Christmas break, the more hyper they get. I’ll be glad to donate to the fund. Please let us know when the account is set up. It’s a shame that Brewer is so heartless that one has to solicit donations from private citizens to pay for medical procedures.

  73. Isn’t it great having someone who is not only POTUS but a constitutional scholar in the WH? President Obama is one sharp cookie who doesn’t mind investing the time to study existing laws and use them to battle against the nonsense coming from democrats and republicans in Congress. He has always told his detractors to not bet against him, and he’s right. I’ve read several times that GWB didn’t like studying/examining the details of anything, and I believe it because his administration was a total disaster, except for his efforts at combating AIDS in Africa.

  74. I subscribed to the WH Daily Snapshot and just looked at the West Wing Week video. So much going on as always and I loved how the President teased Michelle about him sleeping on the couch if he hadn’t worked on the childhood nutrition bill. She was so dignified and he was smiling. It’s so obvious that he loves children. He was talking to a young girl about service and how important she was to others in giving service and I could just see her drinking in the praise and encouragement.

    I like some of the Charles Krauthammer piece, but he again seems to underestimate the President. The deal with South Korea came after the Asia trip because while he was there our POTUS didn’t like the terms.

    It doesn’t what they say. He just keeps on being innovative and focusing on his priorities. He does what he has to do to get the job done and goes on. I’m so glad he is the President.

  75. You are absolutely correct and I am not sure that is such a good thing. I wouldn’t want to see the President and this administration end up with all the “own horn” tooting of the Bush era, but unless they do more and push it out there through the media, then the American public doesn’t know about it and give him and his people the credit they deserve.

    When less then 20% of people realized they actually got a tax cut through the stimulus package of 2009, there is something wrong. When most Americans believe close to 17% of people make over 200K, there is somethign wrong.

    Aside from some executive power issues, my biggest complaint with the Obama administration is messaging. They really need to do a better job.

    That being said, a lot of it has to deal with the general media, which, for all it is called liberal, isn’t.

    And this is where we can help. Before the election, I wrote a diary at you know where in which I printed a “letter to the editor” I sent to my local paper, which is in the Chicago suburbs and has a large circulation. It didn’t get printed, but if enough people did this, eventually they would be. It went:

    If you haven’t voted yet, consider the following before you do.

    If it weren’t for the Democrats, most economists agree (even the conservative ones) that the unemployment rate would be a minimum of 13%. If it weren’t for the Democrats insurance companies would still refuse to cover you due to pre-existing conditions or drop you because you forgot to mention you had acne as a teenager when you applied. If it weren’t for Democrats, the auto industry in the US would be dead. If it weren’t for Democrats, an additional 200,000 teachers, firemen and policemen would be out of work. If it weren’t for Democrats, companies that ship jobs overseas would still get rewarded through tax loopholes. If it weren’t for Democrats, women would not have the wage protections they have now. If it weren’t for Democrats, our veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan would not have the increased benefits and access to health care they have now.

    If it weren’t for Republicans, we wouldn’t have even had the deep recession we did. If it weren’t for Republicans we wouldn’t have seen the BP oil well disaster. If it weren’t for Republicans, the top 1% wouldn’t be earning 50% of the country’s wealth and the middle class wages wouldn’t have actually gone down several years in a row.

    Just a few things to consider.

    I really think we have to be part of the messaging, which means getting beyond the blogs and doing things like LTEs.

  76. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it really surprised me to see (on YouTube) that the White House Week video had such a LOW number of viewers. Under 400 when I was there.

    It’s a big country.

  77. All the press this morning about Sen. McCain and Sen. Kirk laughing about getting that bill stopped makes me sick.

    That weasely Kirk is my new Rep. senator here in Illinois, taking over the seat formerly held by President Obama. I don’t even like to think about it.

  78. Thanks, jovie.

    I see that my state (GA) will benefit from the stimulus funds that are yet to be spent/disbursed. I think it’s rich that GA will benefit so much while the nuts down here keep hollering that they hate Obama and that the stimulus has created no jobs.

    The conservatives have really brainwashed a certain segment of the population here to the point that although the state is getting quite a bit of stimulus funding, a lot of citizens are being told by conservative leaders that the stimulus had no impact on the economy, and they believe it.

  79. tipped, recced, and commented.

    I’ll repeat it here: that “OFA” has become a slur on that site is amazing to me.

  80. I really don’t understand the folks who do that and what they think it will accomplish. Oh, well, that is why I don’t go there anymore. It is so far out of touch with reality and so far away from the supposed purpose of the place.

  81. Sequana, I just sent his office an email saying that it really didn’t take long for him to show his real colors and that he obviously lied to the people of Illinois when he said he was an independent moderate.

  82. That doesn’t surprise me. That’s what happens to every diary that is supportive of President Obama over there. The critics can’t just let it be. They swarm to the positive diaries and make sure that they control the discussion in the comments.

  83. Actually, I think that as the economy improves there will be a lot more appreciation for the president’s methods of just getting to work and not showboating. Economic anxiety makes people angry and they want to shout and scream their frustrations. They want to see the president doing the same thing because it would make them feel less anxious. But as their personal lives stabilize and they lose the anxiety they will look back and be thankful that the president didn’t react the way they thought they wanted him to and that he just went about working to make things better.

    When things are better economically, it will be much easier to get his message heard by the public because the success of his efforts will be backing up what he says. And he will have the advantage of not having said anything rash that calmer heads will be looking back on and then thinking that, in retrospect, it wasn’t very helpful or presidential.

  84. I like the links that you post, BWD. You have a good eye.

    Another great post! You’re doing a great job!

  85. I love that. I like to refer to it as “The Little Presidency that *Would*” For all of the people who mistake bombastic rhetoric for strength, they miss the sheer will of this WH which has delivered these remarkable achievements.

  86. I’m just done with that place. I see absolutely no use in trying to “balance” it out because that does nothing but give legitimacy to a space which has no right to claim to speak for the base.

    OFA is evil; purity politics will deliver a progressive utopia; up is down, down is up.

    With all due respect, dkos has seen its best days and I think that the well-meaning efforts to revive it are actually counterproductive at this point.

  87. Seriously. I recommended the diary earlier but might don strong gear and go in and tip the tip jar. These are a bunch of do-nothings who have the nerve to ignorantly complain about what others are or aren’t doing.

  88. Hopefruit,
    TomP has the requisite attack-Obama rec’ listed diary regarding the meeting.

    Generally the frustrati are angry the president didn’t meet with labor before meeting with the CEO’s and the want Trumka to primary the president.

    Under the category of you can’t make this stuff up, someone was actually angry that the president walked over to a separate building to meet with CEO’s but “demands” labor leaders come to the WH to meet with him.

    And that my friends is why I rarely go there anymore.

  89. At this point, is that surprising? I say let them be. They know that they have a viewpoint which isn’t shared by most of the party, or most liberals. So why not leave them alone? My two cents.

  90. They’re entertaining themselves. Which is their right. So long as the media has stopped pretending that they represent the base, who cares that there is a large purity space in the blogosphere? God bless them. I just wish that pragmatists would leave them alone.

  91. Please let it be Charlotte the Queen City! I am only 1 hr and a half from there and have a sister that lives there. I will be up there so fast.

  92. I ventured in there. Commented to the “he’s a Republican!!!” person and the person who whips out ebonics just to show he’s real. Whatever piece of my soul was lost will likely regenerate. I still appreciate Black Kos and Criminal Injustice Kos and will continue to show those spaces my support. Trolls having been dipping toes into the former but seem to leave the latter alone. You think it’s because they assume crim’nals [sic] are in there?

  93. That sounds utterly deranged as well as petty, and as per usual: fact-free. The WH has in fact met with big labor several times previous to this meeting and is largely responsible for the preservation of the UAW.

    I hope that big labor realizes just how badly they have been *used* by the frustrati who need those organizations because they (unlike OFA) have no boots on the ground. The frustrati thus want big labor to act out their purity fantasies and serve as a big stick or punishment for a presidency which they absolutely despise. Thus they manufacture slights and insults which simply aren’t there and have been agitating for quite some time for big labor to reverse course and adopt a hatefilled relationship with the WH.

    Before thumping the bible according to dkos, big labor needs to read POTUS’ approvals amongst a base which is far less hostile to unions than the public at large.

  94. I dream of a world where politics is NOT about perception, about optics, but about reality. President Obama is trying to educate americans about reality. Boy is it difficult…

  95. Bwd is doing an amazing job. I can’t believe how much this site was needed. I was going nutts at kos. Pres Obama can now take some time and go on vaca with his family. I just hope that this pathetic congress passes more of the pres’ judicial nominees. They r holding close to 30

  96. Amazing how underreported that small fact is!

    The deal with South Korea came after the Asia trip because while he was there our POTUS didn’t like the terms.

    POTUS promised the autoworkers union that the concerns and interests of labor were going to be primary rather than an afterthought with regards to trade negotiations. There were some significant barriers to entry re: car sales to South Koreans which POTUS wanted eased. He was willing to walk away, temporarily, from the negotiating table to obtain these concessions (and he initially received a backlash from the media and the Chamber of Commerce because they are agnostic about labor concerns and wanted this deal done sooner).

    This is why the note upthread discussing a ridiculous piece of writing from the usual suspects agitating for labor to adopt a hateful view of this presidency—that writing is delusional IMO. Labor does not agree with every single item done or decision (who does? no one), but they know that there is a true blue defender of both organized and unorganized labor in the WH. The South Korea trade negotiation is only one example of many serving as proof of that.

  97. A new poll finds that 90% of voters say they encountered information in the 2010 election cycle that was “misleading or false,” and 56% say this happened frequently.

    The University of Maryland put out a survey that showed “strong evidence that voters were substantially misinformed on many of the key issues of the campaign. Such misinformation was correlated with how people voted and their exposure to various news sources.”

    This is truly pathetic. I don’t know how our Corp Owned Media as well as Fox News sleeps at night.

  98. What nintendowii10 said. BWD, thank you so much for never giving up your wonderful work. If BHO is “The Little President That Could!” then you are may favorite ” Little Blogger That Could!”

  99. I am so utterly unsurprised. Everyone was so caught up in the horse race, predicting the election outcome, that there was relatively little discussion about policy and the rampant disinformation (particularly the demonizing of Speaker Pelosi which still upsets me to think about).

  100. Eclectablog, loved your post today and glad you cross-posted to kos. I’ll head over right now and give you a thumbs, rec.

  101. Yes it does make sense that people will scream and yell in frustration when they feel economically insecure. But the thing I’ve noticed is that the loudest screamers and yellers are NOT the financially insecure. Kos, Hamsher, Uygur, Schultz, Olbermann, Huffington, etc, did just fine during the worst of the recession, and are going to do well regardless of the economy, yet they seem to believe that they speak for the working and or middle class, which they don’t.

  102. smartdem, this is unbelievable. The obsession with bashing this president is as unhealthy as it with the Becks/Teabaggers out there. And it’s driven by pure envy and petty resentment, nothing else.

    What will they do over there if Obama wins in 2012? Will they join the GOP in trying to manufacture a Lewinsky-type scandal so that he could be impeached?

  103. GN,
    You pretty much nailed it with “manufactured slights and insults”. No factual arguments can penetrate the emotional fog of uncontrolled rage expressed there currently.

  104. I suspect they will continue the keyboard-outrage that has been so effective for them so far. 🙂

  105. Never saw such a destructive party. Everyone for himself. What good will they feel when they have a republican president who will scrap all the hard work they’ve done in the past two years ??

    Folks, I wouldn’t blame President Obama if he decided not to run in 2012. He has become the scapegoat for every sin of America, every problem, every act of cowardness by congress democrats, every act of insanity by congress republicans.

    Instead of dealing with the reality of the structural, institutional, cultural problems that America faces, many peope delude themselves in thinking that the perfect president would be able to solve all those problems. The perfect president would prevent any pain. The perfect president could solve, without much help, all problems that have been accumulating for thirty years.

    It’s SICK.

  106. I don’t often like to pull the “J” card, but seriously, the left is jealous of OFA and its discipline/organizational abilities. They want to tear down anything that will help Democrats and Obama’s re-election.

  107. I wonder too what will be the optics. Is it possible that President Obama will sign the bill in the Oval, without anybody from Congress ??

  108. Fox, Rove and Co know that Americas are at best too busy to be informed and at worst stupid enough to fall for their lies.

    The MSM is the biggest joke going – they’re bought and paid and corrupt to their very souls. The GOP knows this and knows with all the talking heads being millionaires, and the corporations who own the networks being billionaires that the have ridiculous influence over the unwashed masses.

    The MSM doesn’t care about informing people, they care about influencing people in a way that sees them keep their million dollar jobs and sees the least amount of taxes takes from them.

  109. Unfortunately that place is a cesspool of unreason right now. All I can say is that you are a brave soul Eclectablog. I’m not sure if it makes a difference with that crowd but you have at least given them a different perspective.

  110. gn – as always we think alike. I only cared about them when I believed they had power. The last year, with a string of failures as their record, has shown they have none. The less important reason I cared is when I thought they’d influence the MSM. I realized only dollar signs influence the MSM. So reason number two crossed off list.

    Did I read your post accurately, in that you feel the MSM has gotten bored with donkey KoolAid? I don’t watch, so don’t know.

    I’m really a bottom line sort of person. If the above is all true, I can add disappearing the orange blog (my son, when a little boy, made a verb out of ‘disappear’) for practical as well as psychological reasons. (And of course, not giving hits to that weenie Kos is huge)

  111. We need to get the jump on messaging. Let be creative and think of a name for the rich tax cuts. When the new congress take over they will try to frame this as President Obama. Here is a couple of names i came up with.. McRich tax cuts(Mconnell Rich Tax cut) we have to make them own it. The elephant tax cut for the rich is as big as the elephants who delivered. Come get your creative juices going. Lets start now and get these names out there. WE need to vote on one and get it out in blog land.

  112. Very interesting article. I found it interesting that the writer said specifically that don’t agree with everything he has done, but without him things would have been worse. Of course, the one comment to the article says Obama is a war criminal. Some people will never get it.

  113. because they get off on it. Sorry to be so crude, but there is no logical reason at this point. My kindergarteners often follow three guiding principles – negative attention is better than none, and misery likes company, and being a bully is cool. Some are entrenched in this feedback loop because of home problems. And others – because they are five.

  114. Precisely! “Emotional fog of uncontrolled rage” is a very apt description. I’m certain that at some point there will be a self-serving and highly expedient (and IMO phony) about-face, but I’m thrilled that a crop of new and more stable spaces has emerged.

  115. I don’t think that they actually want to get anything done either. I think they actually prefer to see Obama fail rather than make progress if that progress doesn’t come the way that they want it to. For example, last night there was a diary there “breaking news” saying that Senator Reid filed for cloture on DADT and that there were 60 votes to pass it. You would think that diary would be on the rec list in 5 minutes. Nope. Never made the rec list. But today there was a snark diary by the same user saying “House votes to repeal DADT again in September 2013” and that diary made the rec list. They don’t rec it when something that they want is actually happening. But when it’s satire that feeds their myopic view of the world, that they rec enthusiastically.

  116. I will. They are jealous, and intimidated, and theatened. The mature among us use role models to improve ourselves, the juvenile, tear them down. I GET this behavior. I HATED popular kids in HS. Could have been wonderful human beings for all I knew. A lame-assed example, but I think it’s accurate nonetheless.

    I will now stifle. Waiting on medical news, babbling.

    Super day, my friends!

  117. Actually, I think that the national media has started to catch on, that the claims of the frustrati are not borne out in reality. Like you said, there is thus absolutely no reason to raise my blood pressure by engaging that space.

  118. I’ll bet I know who the ebonics whipper is – always had my doubts abou that person.

    An AA friend once hugged me, called me “Sistah.” I tried to say it back. We both burst out laughing and decided better I walk the walk than attempt to talk the talk. Remembering that STILL cracks me up 🙂

    Hey, L – if you read this – love ya!

  119. When people realize that what is said and thought there has little to do with the large scheme of things, we’ll all be much happier. IMO all blogs are pretty much bubbles, thus it makes sense to get in where you fit in, and spend time at informative spaces. There are plenty of people in my life who do not agree with me politically, and I know almost no one who is quite as interested in politics as myself, so I understand how real life so diverges from even benevolent spaces in the online left.

    I’d so much rather build up these wonderful pragmatic spaces and do my organizing with OFA than spend time lending thoughts and credibility to one large space which I don’t think represents liberals, progressives, or Dems.

  120. Call it the Obama Tax Cut. Seriously. The American people love tax cuts. It won’t hurt him politically to take credit for it.

  121. OFA is simply outstanding, there are just no ifs ands or buts about it. I love the ease with which I was able to plug into election activities and point my boots on the ground where they would have the most effect (I’m in a deep blue area of NYC; OFA enabled several of us to travel to purple districts and lend a hand).

    OFA as an institution also discourages diva or prima donna behavior. The people are classy, mature, and tantrum-free. Of course online divas can’t stand them, lmao!

  122. that’s a great idea. I think they should do something like that for all of Obama’s/Dems bills. Easy way to see what he does affects the individual or state or the whole country.

  123. You may be right, the difference is Bush tax cuts were for the rich. Obamas tax cut was for the middle class and he had to include the rich in order to get the middle class taxcuts.

  124. I was just pointing out the type of mentality that exists over there. Good news is not welcomed unless it happens on THEIR TERMS. It’s very childish.

  125. Great diary! I’m not going to wade into the comments as I suppose those are, as usual, a sewer.

  126. That was so cute! I’ll have to show that to my 3 year old neice. She doesn’t like to eat her veggies. 😦

  127. Oh I absolutely agreed with your astute comment! I just wanted to get in a thought about eschewing that toxic space altogether. 🙂

  128. Me too. And the older I get, the less patience I have for anything that is not genuine. Waste of time.

  129. I too loved opening this page this morning and receiving this message from our President. Too too funny.

    It’s going to turn out to be a very very productive week, after tomorrow’s votes.

    A very productive week if we can get The DREAM Act & DADT, to go along with the legislation signed today.

    This is a beautiful website, with the kind of Democrats I used to know so well before DK. Something has stuck in my mind from the other evening’s diary that hopefruit2 is talking about. Someone wrote that Bernie Sanders was the only one who listened to “us”. “Us” being DKos.

    They’re all about themselves and how much power they can hold over the White House. Nothing about the good that came out of the compromise is talked about.

    Well, we got to see the real DailyKos. And it’s not pretty.

  130. Ah, but the screamers GET the Union. They FEEL the Union. Especially Tom P who I believe is an iron wor – no factory wor – no -connstru – no.. LAWYER, that’s it!!!

  131. I’m not sure they’ll come back. It’s like many years of frustration of not having enough political power have exploded. The only power they have, unfortunately, is to undermine a democratic president. They did it with Pres. Carter, Pres. Clinton, and now Pres. Obama. And they were a factor in Gore’s defeat. They KNOW that their disaffection can hurt Pres Obama politically ( come on people in a tight election they can make a difference). So they are exerting the only political power they have, and damn the consequences. For America. For the liberal agenda.

    I hope the emotional discharge we’re witnessing will cease but I’m very concerned. What will they do when President Obama will be forced to make other compromises with the next Congress ??

    We have to find ways to calm them down and make them canalize their rage into something constructive, something which could unite all liberals and moderates. Campaign finance reform, organized push-back against the MSM, SOMETHING !!

  132. TomP worked like a log for Joe Sestak’s campaign. It’s like he can’t recover from Mr. Sestak’s heartbreaking defeat. He used to be more rational. I hope he heals from that and find back some hope. I miss his more measured posts.

  133. I read some of the comments and just had to leave. Toxic, toxic place.

    I just worry that they will make enough noise (because any noise in opposition to President Obama is good) and somehow undermine 2012. I believe these loud and toxic voices helped keep people home during the November elections. I hope I’m wrong.

  134. New Dawning, indeed this is a very productive lame duck session. I’m just so utterly thrilled at the prospect of DREAM and DADT repeal. I just hope that in the future, legislators aren’t misled by people who represent themselves as speaking for the desires of the base, or all Dems, when they’re just speaking for themselves.

  135. Politico is reporting that the Presidents family will leave for Hawaii (you know that foreign exotic country) without him tomorrow.

    He hopes to join them by Wednesday next week 😦

  136. LovePolitics, I think that you’re overestimating the number and force of these people. What has happened with that space is that management took it in an editorial direction and empowered some very shrill voices. I agree that it is less than helpful, but I think that time is so much better spent decentralizing the online left so that a handful of people can’t claim to speak for us all, and making the case to swing voters (with whom we lost, badly, accounting for the House results) that despite the protests of the shrill ones, Dems have many accomplishments.

  137. Certainly sends a message to the GOP that Reid and Obama were not kidding when Reid said he’d keep them in through the vacation.

    Filibuster, block and delay just keeps them there longer, it doesn’t change the votes.

  138. Count on them misbehaving for 2012 and plan accordingly. A good first step is to stop balancing out their nonsense. Every sane comment gives legitimacy to the ridiculous ones.

  139. I saw that many of your comments had been hidden….I read them all! I rec’d them too…hehehehehehehe.

  140. Two years in a row he has to shorten his Christmas vacation. Shorten vacations for democrats in Congress too. I don’t pity the republicans for one second because it’s their fault.

  141. I did and I have been sending her healing. That type of cancer is just so bad. Didn’t she also have diabetes? Her voice is such a gift to the world.

  142. You totally nailed that one, Lila. They are addicted to the drama, really don’t care about outcomes that matter to the average person. They are all so much like the Emperor Nero playing their discordant fiddles while the rest of the country suffers.

  143. Yep! and I think his real “base” the many people who will benefit from his hard work really gets that they have him to thank for those UI checks and the tax cuts so many desperately need to keep the kiddos fed, the roof over their heads and the house warm this winter.

  144. A “new media consultant” and former chief blogger for POTUS is now speaking for OFA:

    Why is Obama leaving the grass roots on the sidelines?

    By Sam Graham-Felsen
    Friday, December 17, 2010

    In the wake of President Obama’s deal to extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, pundits have focused on how Obama has alienated the left. But the issue isn’t the left – it’s the list.

    Obama entered the White House with more than a landslide victory over Sen. John McCain. He brought with him a vast network of supporters, instantly reachable through an unprecedented e-mail list of 13 million people. These supporters were not just left-wing activists but a broad coalition that included the young, African Americans, independents and even Republicans – and they were ready to be mobilized.

    I worked as Obama’s chief blogger during his presidential campaign, and my primary focus was telling the stories of these supporters, many of whom had never been engaged in politics or were reengaging after years of disillusionment. There was a common thread in my conversations with the hundreds of people who gave time, sweat and small donations – that amounted to $500 million – to Obama’s campaign.

    They were inspired by Obama’s promise to upend Washington by governing from the bottom up. “The change we need doesn’t come from Washington,” Obama told them. “It comes to Washington.”

    Yet at seemingly every turn, Obama has chosen to play an inside game. Instead of actively engaging supporters in major legislative battles, Obama has told them to sit tight as he makes compromises behind closed doors.


    His premise is just a flat-out falsehood. Just a lie! I received the following from OFA today:

    Tomorrow, the Senate may cast final votes on the DREAM Act and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

    Both bills are key priorities for President Obama — and since both have already passed the House, these votes will determine whether they become law. If we don’t seize this chance, there’s no telling when we might have this opportunity again.

    We can’t waste any time — we need to make our voices heard today.

    Can you take three minutes and use our call tool to reach out to constituents of lawmakers whose votes will be key? Voice your support for both the passage of the DREAM Act and the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and ask if they’ll call their Senator and do the same.

    So what is he talking about with this bs about POTUS not engaging OFA, what is he talking about OFA being disenchanted about the tax cut deal (hello, the deal has supermajority levels of popularity with multiple groups in the country including liberals).

    This is just crazy; the media will print any lie.

  145. Totally with you on this desertflower. I will be watching for follow up comments. My family doesn’t have a lot of spare $ but we will scrape up some for this so worthy cause.

    ♥ to you for what you are doing.

  146. No, it’s not, you are blooming here. LOL. Though I have to agree about our Repugnant Senators but I harass them anyway because I really enjoy letting them know that their “approval rating” is a big fat “0” with me.

  147. First, heehee…you can’t imagine how tickled I am to see BWD feature my comment on her brand new blog! And here I was hoping I wouldn’t get slammed for writing such a long-winded comment & taking up the bandwith lol Thanks, BWD! *smooches*

    I am so happy the Tax Cut Saga 2010 is over. Well, OK it’s far from over, but those hoping to get their unemployment benefits can sleep better now. And those barely making it and fearing a tax hike can sleep better too etc. (thanks to President Obama, of course). I had just grown tired of all the drama and was worried that the longer it went on, the less likely of the bill’s passage.

    A good sign: The Pentagon is drafting guidelines in anticipation of DADT’s appeal. Of course, it would take two months after the bill’s signing for it to be fully implemented, but I like what I’m seeing. *crosses fingers*

    Charles Krauthammer’s piece interested me because he zoomed in on something I noticed (and mentioned in my quoted comment here) and that is, the speed in which Pres. Obama has been able to learn to “swim with the sharks”. Charles is right to point this out as it did take Pres. Clinton much longer to get out of his post mid-term funk. I pity the fool that underestimates Pres. Obama.

    But you notice how Krauthammer was dismissive of the president’s press conference? He and other partisans took offense at President Obama’s “high-mindedness.” And some on the far left, in particular, had the same reaction. Yet, many in the middle ate it UP (Andrew Sullivan & John Avlon to name a few). To me that means the conference was a success as in addition to just plain ole venting/truth-telling, Pres. Obama was trying to appeal to the middle and non-political people who are tired of the bickering. Message received.

    One other thing about this tax deal that I don’t think has gotten a lot of play is how this deal goes a long way in “refudiating” the idea that Pres. Obama and Dems are out to raise everyone’s taxes. Remember that poll that said many thought he raised their taxes (thanks to Tea Party/GOP) when they actually received a tax break due to the Recovery Act? Maybe that can be put to be now…

    Also, I didn’t see it mentioned but if so, excuse me–Christmas in Washington airs TONIGHT on TNT (I think 8pm, but check your local listings)!

    Happy Holidays, everyone & good job to everyone making calls! Let’s hope for the best tomorrow!

  148. McCain is on the floor now trying to move the votes until Jan 25 for start and vote in February. When the new congress comes in . He is a big fool. When he mentioned DADT is gives this nasty snarl on his face. I am so glad Americans seen is faults and never let him become president.

  149. Not only is he blamed for everything; he also expected to fix and do everything. At KOS earlier today I was reading how if Obama had just did this…These people think he’s supposed to take care of every branch of government.

  150. The media has given up trying to actually inform people of facts. They just want to get opinions out there and treat them as facts. I get a chuckle when anybody is described as a “journalist”. I don’t think there are too many real journalists out there anymore.

    And unfortunately, and this was most evident on the right earlier but is now hitting both sides to some degree, people who have created a closed mind set chose to disregard or actually distort facts so that the mind set is not threatened.

    Politico decided the biggest lie of the year was the phrase “government takeover of healthcare” which HCR most definitely was not. Yet it fit the perceptions (fears) of many peope and was easily accepted and believed. And the sad part is, I saw almost nobody actually try to counter it or demand from the right how HCR represented that.

  151. Yes, Yes. The screamers are doing a dance to get noticed, but some people see through the fake.
    Hopefruit2 I always pay attention when you have something to say. You always speak real.

  152. I’ve been alive 60 years and I have NEVER seen ANY president work this hard and get this much done for this country in my entire life. NEVER. And that’s with non-stop opposition on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLES and non-stop disrespect from the corporate media 24/7. It’s absolutely astounding and I am SO grateful this man is the leader of this country. I literally shudder to think what will happen to us in 2016. But, in the meantime, THANK YOU, PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!! Millions of Americans will be able to continue to work and eat thanks to you! MILLIONS!!!!

  153. Logged in as a TU for the first time since bwd started this blog just to T&R your diary.

  154. This is very well said. I utterly agree that there is a movement within the online left which uses the same misinformation and dishonest playbook as Rove in attempts to grab the steering wheel and drive the agenda rather than collaborate within a coalition (IIRC this was even admitted with some of the most obnoxious admitting to using “Rovian tactics” against perceived enemies).

    It’s not surprising that this guy is a “new media consultant,” i.e., “blog diva.”

    I just wonder that people cannot simply speak for themselves without constantly trying to latch onto the moral authority of millions. “I don’t like this tax deal and feel alienated”–no one would have a problem with that because it is as you noted, his opinion. “President Obama is alienating OFA”–um, no.

  155. If everything gets accomplished between now and 2016 that most of us would like to see, I am not too worried about 2016. I am pretty optimistic that 2010 was pretty much the Republicans last gasp for several years, until more rational people take over the leadership.

    And I do think there are many Democrats who would be worthy successors to President Obama. In fsact, just like he was little known other than for a speech at the 2004 convention, the next big start of the Democratic PArty may well be someone currently hiding in the shadows.

    The key to all this is being able to accomplish things between now and 2016 and that starts with working towards makign 2012 a big year at all levels, from the Presidency down to local representatives.

  156. I have no doubt McCain has visions of a new Gang of 14 that he figures he’ll lead, that would essentially put him on par with being President.

    He’ll get six other Republicans and find seven Democrats who will then agree to vote as a block on all issues and essentially decide everything in their little gang.

    Gag me with a spoon.

  157. Exactly. Acknowledge your feelings and thoughts. Don’t make claims for entire groups and don’t start name calling. There is becoming more a herd mentality in places and it isn’t pretty. That lends to a us vs them outlook. Everybody becomes a Bushian cowboy with the “If you are not with me you’re against me” approach, and that does noone any good.

    So far, and I have everyreason to believe it will continue, the comments on this site have been more of the “I” rather than “we” type with disagreement fully allowed. Of course, there is always the caveat that the :herd mentality” is something that always haas to be watched out for and avoided.

  158. Hopefruit, I’ve given up even trying to defend this president on the site that will not be named. It’s obviously totally taken over by trolls. Obviously. The simple fact that it’s all a chorus of corporate media talking points and lack of facts to support any of the accusations makes it totally clear. IMHO, they are paid by the likes of Karl Rove to disrupt and disgust those of us who are actually Democrats who support the policies and the accomplishments of the Obama Administration. I was on that blog for many years, made the rec list twice and got banned for a diary entitled, COME AND GET ME, TROLLS. LOL. Restricted for almost a week. Because I was RIGHT.

  159. Wow, Gn, I remember Sam from the OFA blog.. I’m so sorry he’s not joined the bandwagon, what a shame. I do remember him posting a few times back during the primaries/election at dkos – but it was only a couple of times. I’m assuming he no longer working at OFA or he probably wouldn’t be writing this stuff.

    I, too get emails very very regularly from OFA- and just as you did, received one today. I believe OFA is exceptional- I think what they don’t do- that these reactionary folks want them to do- is go out on full blown attack. OFA has always stressed respect and empowerment.. when dkos and their like seems to be intent on removing all power from anyone except the likes of Hamsher et al.. and the belief that one is only powerful when one is screeching and blaming. Anyhoo, I read recently that slinkerwink had a diary up about ‘taking over OFA’. okie doke. Wasn’t it OFA that made over 5 million phone calls during the HCR bill? What a shame about Sam.. and what a shame that the media is even paying him any attention.

  160. thank you Donna, watching it now. I noticed the audience wasn’t too enthusiastic with their clapping. The heck with them, frankly its the two million people and their families that I care about most.

    I like what he’s saying.. he’s really got their number and knows they’re going to be seeking ways to undermine him in the future. Especially since he’s talking about working with both parties- when they’re looking to work for the betterment of the people. I doubt there’ll be much of that from republicans ever.. but I respect that the president insists on having it.

  161. WTF. These people are completely and utterly deranged. They tried to take over OFA before IIRC; during that FISA vote (when lots of people including myself were unhappy with POTUS’ decision), there was a similar purity swarm and they tried to hijack OFA and spread a bunch of troll comments. I was embarrassed of and for them.

    I guess they are upset because they need boots on the ground to really stick it to President Obama and force him to appease their demands, and thus far they have not been able to get those boots on the ground. They really aren’t about shit, other than disrupting and hijacking what other people are doing, and trying to get in charge by being sneaky, dishonest, and playing games. Just sick puppies.

    What I do hope is that POTUS understands how malicious these people are, and how willing they are to spend unlimited amounts of time disrupting OFA as a blog space and as an organization. Perhaps they’re trying to make OFA so toxic that people turn away. They are literally no better than the right wing.

  162. Thank you, my friend. My soul actually took a bigger hit today with the comments in that diary than I ever expected it would. I might just be done over there. It’s a hard habit to break but, my God, it is poisonous.

  163. Thank you so much. My soul actually took a pretty big hit with the comment in my diary. I’m usually pretty thick skinned but it was out of control. I might just be done over there. It’s a hard habit to break but, my God, it’s gotten so poisonous.

  164. japa21, if the 112th Congress can pass the accountability act, helping to expose the players in the Citizens United SCOTUS debacle, then we MAY have a chance to survive the corporate destruction of our democracy. In the meantime, I’m praying the Senate changes the filibuster rule so they can pass the bills already waiting for them from this session’s House. If not, it’ll be gridlock and bogus hearings from here to 2012 and anybody’s guess as to whether we can keep the White House in 2012, let alone return Congress to Democratic control. Thus far, President Obama is taking the bull by the horns. He’s a hero, IMHO. Nothing less than a hero. For every American, whether they realize it or not.

  165. Agreed on all points. And I really think that this is about attempting to force POTUS into acknowledging their power or something with threats. As sheri noted downthread, there are apparently plans afoot to “take over” OFA. To me, this is not about simple disagreement. It’s about trolling pure and simple. Making complicated plans to disrupt in order to enact a hidden agenda. And what I love about this space is that indeed there is plenty of disagreement and divergent thoughts/points of view. What there is not, is trolling. Thank God for the wise editorial/moderation policy here. This already feels like an online community.

  166. On MSNBC, just saw President Obama’s speech before signing the tax cuts compromise. Very much oriented toward what advantages there are for the middle class and the poor. Dignity and statesmanship personified.

    Then Ratigan began with his negativity. Boy does he gets on my nerves. Never any context, always negative spin and over the top rhetoric.

    I turned off the tv.

  167. I don’t envy BWD’s job of moderating a lot of the comments that have been placed here that we never see.

  168. I am not sure, but I think anything that has gone to the Senate from the House that hasn’t been acted on by the end of this session has to be started over again in the next Congress. It is as if nothing was ever passed. I would hope I am wrong on that. However, even if they can get around to confirming his Appointments, that would help a lot.

    And with all teh extra Republicans, you won’t see any action regarding the DISCLOSE act. Most of them know they won because of that secret money. But I think a lot more people are aware even now that that was dirty money and I don;t think it will have as much of an impact in 2012.

  169. Gosh, me either. I can only imagine the rage and determination to disrupt this nascent community. As sheri noted, these are people who like to “take over” things and play a lot of games. I’d buy a subscription here in a heartbeat to in some way compensate BWD for her efforts.

  170. “Frustrati” was coined by Fabienne, formerly of dK, now on BWN, and here with another name (but that’s for her to reveal if she so chooses :)) We read that her term made the Urban Dictionary. I don’t know what that is, but my friends thought it was super news! Fabienne is class, personified, BTW. Also an artist, which automatically puts someone on my A-list.

  171. RATigan is extremely grating not only on the human ear, but on the human psyche. Try watching his show from start to finish if you want to be reduced a “hot mess” of anguish/anxiety/anger all bundled in one by the end of the hour.

    Where was he with all this sanctimony all the time he worked for Wall Street on CNBC during the Bush years?

  172. He’s positionning himself as the one who wants to work with others. Republicans will look like fools with their never ending inquiries in next Congress.

    He has to play a very delicate game. Let’s hope the critics of the left come down a bit and understand how he has to operate. One can only dream…

    Passing the repeal of DADT tomorrow would be wonderful. For gays first and foremost, but also for the morale of democrats and liberals…

    I’m not talking about DREAM because, honestly, I’m not very optimistic. Republicans have stoked so much fear, every progressive reform regarding immigration will be very difficult to pass in the next months.

    I hate what repubicans are doing to America.

  173. I think I’ve never been able to watch a whole show. I love how you describe it. Exactly. This guy is a destroyer, not a problem solver.

  174. I love BWD diaries, always have.

    I love the blossom of blue blogs springing up, and the caring, thoughtful, pragmatic, fact-based progressive community that is being built, right now.

    I love the aggregator Leanne (of Blue Wave News) has put up.

    I have a request. I am growing weary of grieving the demise of “that other place” and am enthusiastic, in an “I can’t wait” sort of way, about moving on to building our new community.

    I don’t mean to be insensitive, many of us feel a real sense of loss as the blog we helped build turned into something we had never intended but, how about we grieve privately for the most part, stop belittling the place where most of us honed our blogging chops, such as they are for me anyway, bless them, and focus on our future.

    Or maybe someone could set up a grieving room so that those who are first joining us can know they are home.

    As for me, I’m a dreamer..

  175. I think something is in the air over there. A lovely woman who is on the oppo side of me about POTUS posted a diary, trying to convince readers that POTUS was not their ally, and that they should not consider leaving DK for other blogs which support him. It could mean anything I suppose, but from a personal POV, it saddened me (not that it in any way diminishes her kindness as a person). And from an former “Kossack” I found it quite interesting.

  176. You are not alone. I am really a computer illiterate and I know it woudl take me a full day just to put up one of these posts, but I know there is a lot of time spent on this, plus reviewing all the crap that is received.

  177. So sorry to hear that! Don’t let it get you down. You’re a terrific writer and OFA is a terrific organization. On to better things 🙂

  178. You are thoughtful, but when I told Mr Blades I was not acknowing his warning, I gave credit where credit was due, including his work in CA and the comms. I am very precise 🙂 The best part of that place was the fine friends I made, but they are still in my life – away from DKos. I cannot give any props to a place I feel accomplished nothing good, and in terms of writing ability, I’m sure you were all excellent to begin with. If I grieved, it is well over, but i honor and respect all here to do as they feel right.

    Thank you for a sensitive insight.

  179. I went over to tip and rec but didn’t comment. They weren’t going to change their mind. I agreed with everything you said about OFA. We got started in June and really haven’t stopped. I am sure there can be corrections made in fact they are always asking for feedback. I made some calls last week to Maine, and today I made calls to Mass.

  180. I did the same thing i didn’t acknowledge his warning. He could give me no reason.Dkos has lost a lot of good people. I have less stress since ive stayed away. The true diarist are almost gone.

  181. I logged in over there with the intentions of tipping and reccing your diary, but I guess I can’t tip and rec anymore–I left that place completely 2 weeks ago. I am also with OFA and very supportive of the president and most of his policies.

  182. That’s great! I wholeheartedly agree with your comment as well. I also prefer OFA over other organizations and it’s the only one I’m really consistently involved with. I dropped moveon after their last email to me a several weeks ago implying the president was weak because of the tax cuts.

  183. I know how you feel. I voted in Illinois this last election and volunteered for the campaign there. I hate that he won. I just moved back to Omaha, NE last week, but I lived in Illinois for seven years.

  184. Lol 🙂 Hey lil lulu! I remember you from over there! I left for good couple weeks ago. Good to see you on here!

  185. I’ve seen this clip before but I love it. My youngest Grandkiddos just adore Elmo. My three year old granddaughter told me recently:

    “When I’m a 100 like you I want Elmo to come to my birthday party.”

    This Granny laughs, sighs and cries just a few tears here.

  186. Economic Week in Review: The recovery appears to gain traction (The Vanguard Group,
    December 17, 2010

    The week’s news suggested that the economic recovery is gaining traction. Retail sales were up for the fifth consecutive month, and an index of leading economic indicators looked bullish. At the same time, inflation remained dormant as the Federal Reserve reiterated its plan to continue purchasing Treasury securities to support the recovery. Meanwhile, President Obama signed a broad tax package that, among other things, extends tax cuts enacted during the George W. Bush administration and includes a one-year reduction of the Social Security payroll tax, a measure intended to spur the recovery in 2011. [snip]

    Consumers are picking up the pace

    Heading into the crucial holiday shopping season, consumer spending continued to increase. Retail sales were up for the fifth consecutive month in November, rising 0.8%, a bit above expectations. In addition, the October gain was revised upward to 1.7%. Excluding autos, the number was even more robust at 1.2%. On a 12-month basis, retail sales were up 7.7%, the third straight month of year-over-year growth at or near 8%. In fact, sales grew at a 13.7% annualized pace over the past four months, bringing retail sales near the same level as their November 2007 peak.
    9 of 10 leading indicators point up

    The nation’s economic dashboard is showing more positive signals lately—a trend confirmed by The Conference Board on Friday, which said that its index of leading economic indicators rose 1.1% in November. Nine of the survey’s ten components increased; the only drag was building permits. The index, which consists of ten financial- and consumer-related indicators, accelerated at an annualized rate of 8.6% during the past three months, its fastest growth rate since March.

  187. Thats a great question, I wonder the optics of the Tax bill signing as well. BWD will have it for us though, trust me

  188. No party yet as McCain and others are threatening to vote against START if Reid brings the vote to the floor tomorrow.

    What will Reid do?

    I hope President Obama tells him to bring DREAM and DADT to the floor and he’ll(President Obama), will deal with the START obstruction.

    I think President Obama would love to have that fight if the GOP blocked START ratification because of silly partisan games. He’s put McCain on blast and it would be a site to see.

  189. What happened to Sam Graham-Felsen? He wrote many of the posts for OFA during the 2008 campaign and now he is bashing OFA

  190. Ed Rendell and Ted Strickland??!! You’ve got to be joking…
    These two have never really had the President’s back and I do believe are part of the Democratic crowd trying to undermine him…

    It’s curious that this President has to give every democrat a formal role or appointment in his administration in order to get them to do what they should be doing anyway – supporting and working with and not against the Democratic President…

    It’s even more disturbing that even when they are given roles within the administration, it does not seem enough to contain or curb their willingness to sabotage and destroy the President…

  191. TomP is one of the still bitter Edwards
    supporters. He never liked Obama, to put it
    mildly. And he only posts a “measured” post
    when he thinks it suits him, after a long string of anti-
    Obama diaries. He’s manipulative as he tries
    to keep the audience of the more reasonable.
    And he is always one of the first to comment
    in an anti-Obama diary, joining in on the
    fun and will show his true colors when he
    responds with great animosity to anyone who
    posts a supportive Obama comment.

  192. A ha. An edwards supporter ? Now I g Now I get where all the vitriol come from.

    BTW, bwd, look how thin this thread has become because of nested comments. Hope you would recondieider my earlier suggestion to go in for BJ style posting.

  193. I left a comment in TeacherKen’s thoughtful diary on community on Kos. so far the thread hasnt been taken over.

  194. I had to hit a mall yesterday. Normally all of my Christmas shopping is done at art fairs and mom and pop and/or socially aware stores and websites. But I get my husband the Hallmark train ornaments every year, a tradition began by my brother who is no longer with us. So I had to hit a mall yesterday. I had cataract surgery this month and it has not gone as smoothly as I was led to expect. Normally I would NEVER be out shopping a week before Christmas.

    I am in no way minimizing economic hardship. For many people the American economy is a hostile place. I came from Depression-era parents and when I hear ‘hardship’ from some of my friends, it means cutting back to three vacations from four. And these are middle class people.

    Okay — to make a long story long — the mall was packed. A lower middle class mall in the middle of Chicago — carts were full, people were spending money. I’m hearing from my professional friends that recruiters are calling again. Corporations are still trying the scare tactics to squeeze more ‘productivity’ out of workers and denying them raises and raising the cost of their benefits, but the economy IS easing.

    As recently as a decade ago, no one would have expected instant return to Clinton-era job creation and much of those absurd expectations come from the Left. And let’s be clear that businesses sitting on trillions in capital is meant to maximize profits and hurt this President.

  195. Haven’t been in DK for a while…and I used to check in several times a day. I searched the comments of your diary for some, any, support for the President, and there were a handful, and that is all. Unbelievable. I imagine the supporters have been driven off, like me, or don’t want to be flamed and so don’t comment.

  196. I know this post is over, but thank you Chi, that makes sense, it didn’t occur to me before.

    Now I know!

  197. I used to love your stuff at the DK but had to completely leave that place when it got horrible after the health care debate. A friend of mine linked to this on Facebook and I was pleasantly surprised to see your name. It was also nice reading other familiar names above. Keep up the positive. Just because we agree with Obama more than not, doesn’t mean we don’t put a lot of thought behind it. It just means we eventually get to the same place he reaches after careful consideration. Nothing wrong with actually thinking. 😉


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