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    Christmas In Washington Special with the First Family will air tonight at 8:00PM EST on TNT

  2. Pete Souza is fantastic photojournalist. I agree, dotster3,”he’s got the eye.” One of my favorite photos is the one with Sasha hiding behind a couch in the Oval Office. Oh, and I definitely welcome those “coat” pictures:)

  3. He just can’t stay away from his electronic master. Would probably smoke it if he could. I know his pain. Stupid Crackberry talks to me all day and night and I can never quite leave it alone.

  4. reminder: “Christmas in Washington 2010” is being aired tonight at 8:00 on TNT. (a good time slot to fill)

    I am enjoying your new blog site BWD…thank you!

  5. He’s the best. If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend you watch NatGeo’s ‘The President’s Photographer.’ It’s available for streaming on Netflix. 🙂

  6. I’ve got my TiVo programmed to record it! Did you see Ellen give a little behind the scenes preview during her show today? She’s just hilarious. Can’t wait to see the show.

  7. LOL! My computer was out for repairs most of this week (just got it back this afternoon) and I turned into the Grinch. I couldn’t stand being around myself. I imagine it was akin to the “withdrawal” an addict goes through.

    We’ve become so attached to our electronic masters, Catzmaw. I can’t imagine being “unplugged” for too long.

  8. OT-Warning the link takes you to Huffington Fox

    Keith Olbermann suspends twitter account.

    I don’t watch or follow Keith Olbermann any longer. So I was not aware of this dustup but it goes to the theory that I have that these Professional Left commentators are treading dangerous waters because they think that stories that these so-called progressive blog sites (dkos) get all riled up about are the things that they should be promoting on their shows. Keith should have stayed out of this mess IMO.

  9. Keith Olbermann is always up in arms about some slight against him. He’s under the impression that no one should ever say anything negative about him or question his motives. He, on the other hand, has license to do just that to everyone else. Self-absorbed buffoon.

  10. This is exactly right, donna:
    they think that stories that these so-called progressive blog sites (dkos) get all riled up about are the things that they should be promoting on their shows

    Particularly as those spaces grow more and more narrow, slender, and reflective of the thoughts/beliefs of a very purist ideologue point of view, it’s going to be important for the national media to look to gain more comprehensive pictures of what liberals and the base care about.

  11. Ha!
    Maybe this will give those far left progressives something to think about when they shout “Primary Him”.

    How stupid can they be?

  12. I never liked him, but now he makes me ill. Narcissist. The irony of Kossacks and he being each others only and best friends is spectacular.

    Kosheads should boycott Twitter now, since they LOVE boycotting whatever displeases them. How funny would that be? How could the divas there advertise their latest posted brilliance?

    I should become a zombie, and post a diary: TWITTER is lIKE HITLER. ALL KOSSACKS MUST BOYCOTT. Watch them weasel and squirm. “But, but, but, I have sick great grandparents who I need to be in constant touch….”

  13. The others matchups are quite “interesting” too:

    President Obama 59 Hillary Clinton 28
    President Obama 78 Howard Dean 10
    President Obama 79 Bernie Sanders 8

    I know it’s still about a year out from the start of the primaries, but I still have to insert a big ole BAM!!!!!

  14. Tell it. The impression I got is that both Keith and Rachel went off because President Obama had the audacity to utter the words “purists” and “sanctimonious” about some folks on the left. Imagine that? They hammer President Obama incessantly and have a tantrum when he gives them a taste of their own medicine.

    I haven’t watched Rachel or Keith or clicked on DailyNo’s since that amazing press conference. Keith just comes off as a blowhard.

  15. I think that he just need to take a deeeeeeep breath and step away from the emotional frenzy of some of the new media spaces.

  16. Hell weren’t they calling to primary Bernie Sanders during the HCR debate?

    How does Mary Landrieu poll since she is their new bestest Senator.

  17. I’ve decided to stop going there, and will be asking that my account be terminated. Soon it will be just an echo chamber of hate. And when they get tired of the Obama bashing, they’ll begin to turn on each other. It’s just a matter of time, and karma is a beech..

  18. My latest letter to Majority Leader Reid on ending the tyranny of the minority in the US Senate. Have also sent to Senators Inouye, Durbin, and Murray with the request that they read and urge the Majority Leader to act. BTW, no delusion that any of those folk well ever even see the letter, but it’s the least a citizen can do to try to get their attention.


    Dear Majority Leader Reid,

    As I listened to Senator Inouye earlier today it was obvious that once again the TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY in the US Senate willfully and maliciously caused harm to our National Security, to our men and women in combat and to so many others.

    Majority Leader Reid, I have deep respect for you, but I must speak the truth to the fact that you have stood witness to Republicans persistent use of an UnConstitutional Senate procedure to do incalculable harm to the American People.

    Had the Republicans not been enabled by the UnConstitutional Cloture process, you and your colleagues would have enacted far reaching and valuable legislation.

    I do not deny that your leadership and your skill have managed to produce a number of outstanding outcomes during the current Congressional Session.

    But, what could have been, including the likelihood that the House in the next Congress would still be controlled by the Democratic Party, had you staunched the Republicans exploitation of an UnConstitutional Senate procedure, we will never know.

    What we can know and what can be done for the American people between now and the beginning of the next Congress is that if you finally put an end to the UnConstitutional Senate procedure you and your fellow Democratic Senators can bring to VOTE the Omnibus Appropriations Bill, DADT, DREAM, START, DISCLOSE, and other legislation already approved by the House, and you can finally approve countless important Presidential appointments.

    Make history – for the sake of the American People – Majority Leader Reid. Fill the next few weeks with a highly productive legislative process and fill the President’s desk with absolutely vital legislation.

    And, then, in the next Congress prevail, time and time again, as the Senate Republicans try to advance what will be an avalanche of garbage legislation from the fanatical Republican House.

    Majority Leader Reid, please end the UnConstitutional Senate procedure and, thereby, do so very much good for the American People. It takes only one Senator to call a point of order on the cloture process – tomorrow; and a simple majority vote to render it to the trash can it has long deserved as its destiny. You will, and your colleagues will, never regret it because you will have honored the core principles the Founding Fathers initiated and you will have delivered so much good and productive legislation and appointments to the President in the coming days. Please make this the most historical ‘lame duck’ session ever – for the sake of All Americans.

    Thank you,

  19. It’s bad enough that they held people in need of UI hostage for the tax cuts for the wealthy but now they are holding the security of our country hostage. They are just Despicable Creatures!!!

  20. Hamsher is in the outrage business. That’s how she pays her bills it seems. If she had nothing to be outraged about then she couldn’t push her PAC and line her pockets. Holier than thou Glen Greenwald is in on this scam as well.

    Kos was probably feeling left out, so bought into the outrage factory scam as well.

  21. Part of the motivation for the letter, posted above, that I sent Majority Leader Reid a bit earlier this pm.

    The process is simple. It takes one Senator to call a point of order and one simple majority vote to not only end the cloture process on one bill but set the precedent. Majority Leader Reid and the Senate Democrats could roll through a vast amount of already approved House legislation, the Omnibus Appropriations Bill and dozens of Presidential appointments well before the end of the current Congress.

    If our fellow citizens can be ordered into harms way, to fight and die on holidays, the least the Senate and House can do is sit in their comfortable seats and VOTE.

    In solidarity,

  22. I hope Reid doesn’t cave. If he has the votes for DADT and potentially DREAM he needs to hold the vote.

    Deal with START later – Let the GOP vote against reducing nuclear weapon stockpiles and greatly reducing the chance loose nukes or nuclear materials could fall into rogue hands.

    START, nuclear reduction and security, is one of Obama’s “pet issues” for lack of a much better term and if they want to pick a fight, I’d love for the GOP to pick one here.

    I could see a prime time presser with President Obama calling out the GOP and dropping names of GOP support from past and present GOP leaders.

  23. Bob,
    I didn’t realize this about cloture. In your opinion, do you think they could get a majority vote to end the cloture process?

  24. They seem to enjoy the sense of power it gives them. They see people’s lives as bargaining chips, nothing more, nothing less.

  25. The process they can use is summarized in the following wiki: (see the section “Changes to Senate rules”)

    The Constitutional Option requires a simple majority.

    Given the more than 200 forced, and mostly failed, cloture motions by the Senate Republicans in the past four years – a massive violation of a procedure that had rarely ever been invoked since WW I – one would think that Majority Leader Reid could find 50 Senators plus the VP, if necessary, to revoke permanently this UnConstitutional procedure.

    I’m not an expert, merely a citizen whose paid attention.

    Thank you,

  26. What a stunning picture!

    There will be a wonderful collection after his presidency and it will have a prominent place in my library.

    Watching the West Coast airing of the Christmas special on TNT. Yayyyy Maxwell 😉

  27. Troubador has his game on. It’s quite amazing how at least one poster keeps twisting his words.

    The other day I was reading a diary and missliberties received many hr’s, but I thought she was hysterical. Brilliant sense of humor she has!

  28. Think when they can emote??? Of course I don’t know how “far left” they truly are as they seem to devote most of their energy to aiding and abetting the Republicans by objecting to any semblance of governing . .

  29. And if that doesn’t help those who want a primary challenge to see how far they are from the being the base, I don’t know what will. At this point it is just willful disbelief that allows them to claim it.

  30. Wow, he seemed to tolerate the meanness at that site pretty well. It must have gotten really ugly over there.

  31. Howdy everyone!

    Thanks to blackwaterdog for this awesome blog. I’ve been lurking here for a bit, but haven’t made a comment yet.

    It’s nice to have somewhere to go that isn’t overflowing with hate.

    Thanks for the pics & stories…and keep up the great work!

  32. I think President Obama sensed that something like that woud happen. That’s why he was asking to pass START first. And DADT, DREAM only after START was secure. No blackmail. I would be curious to know why Senator Reid didn’t agree with President Obama’s strategy.

    McCain and Co. are really despicable. Putting national security hostage, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ????

  33. Hate to be the one on this board that states the truth, and its quite an obvious truth: the first lady is one gorgeous woman, sweet goodness!!!!!

  34. Bottom line, the Republicans are sore losers. And Senator John (get off my lawn) McCain is so bitter about losing to THAT ONE, that he can barely look at him when they are in the same room. The sore losers put party over country and try to prevent any progress from being made because it might make THAT ONE look good.

    In the Saturday address, President Obama speaks eloquently about the need to pass the START Treaty. Listening to him I felt sad and embarrassed that he even had to make such a plea to elected officials of the opposition party. Maybe they should read the senate oath of office again.

    I don’t want to sound dramatic, but I fear for my country. The Republican Party has damaged the dignity of the senate by abusing the filibuster and secret holds. Gridlock as a governing strategy is sick.

  35. From The Peoples View:

    Around noon Friday, Lieberman joined the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (SLDN) to announce a sit-in at the Senate gallery until repeal is passed.

    “Service members are making it absolutely clear that Senators need to stay in town until repeal is passed,” said Aubrey Sarvis, SLDN executive director and army veteran. “We simply cannot let the clock run out and lose this historic opportunity.”

  36. They are still debating the START Treaty. So why should there be an objection to bringing up DADT and the DREAM act which are ready to go? Could it be that they wanted them last so that they could run out the clock?

    First they wanted to hold up all legislation until the tax cut bill was finalized. Now that the tax cut bill is done, they don’t like the sequencing of the legislation. This is just more delaying tactics. And it’s despicable.

    I want John McCain and his colleagues is explain to the American people that they voted against the START Treaty because the DADT and DREAM act bills were voted on first. Meanwhile, THEY are the one’s delaying the START Treaty. What a disgrace.

  37. Well he needs to go sit in his best bud John McCains office (you know that one he campaigned for in 2008) because he is the ring leader that is holding up this legislation.

  38. Good Morning Rational Thinking People

    It seems Univision will be carrying the DREAM Act vote live this morning. This maybe the reason McCain doesn’t want this vote taken today. He knows that there will be an accounting for those NO votes by the Latino community. I was on a blog site of theirs this morning and they seem to think (officially) that they are only 2 votes shy of the 60 needed to break the filibuster.

    Every gay rights group within 100 miles of DC should be in that chamber today doing whatever is necessary to get that vote to repeal DADT.

  39. Hi cherie! Absolutely you can still call me that. 🙂 I’m hanging in. How about you? Hope all is well.


    President Obama urges the Senate to heed the calls from Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, every living Republican Secretary of State, our NATO allies, and the leadership of the military: ratify the New START Treaty with Russia.

  41. Today’s livestream schedule is for the business of the Senate.

    Saturday, December 18, 2010
    All times Eastern

    9:00 AM
    Senate in Session.
    Following any Leader remarks, the Senate will resume executive session to resume consideration of Treaty Doc. 111-5, the New START Treaty. Following any Leader remarks in Executive session, the Senate will turn to Legislative session and be in a period of morning business until 10:30am with senators permitted to speak therein for up to 10 minutes each, with the time equally divided and controlled between the two Leaders or their designees.

    At 10:30am, the Senate will proceed to a series of up to 4 roll call votes in relation to the following items:

    – Motion to invoke cloture on the motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.R.5281, (DREAM Act);
    – if cloture is not invoked on the DREAM Act, the Senate would proceed to vote on the motion to invoke cloture on the motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment to H.R.2965 (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell);
    – Following the cloture vote/s, the Senate will proceed to vote on confirmation of the nomination of Albert Diaz, of North Carolina, to be United States Circuit Judge for the Fourth Circuit; and
    – On confirmation of the nomination of Ellen Hollander, of Maryland, to be United States District Judge for the District of Maryland.

    Livestreamed at CSPAN:

  42. Good morning donna and everyone!

    Agree with you.

    Love that Univision and Telemundo will be broadcasting the vote live.

    Was just reading David Waldman’s explantion of what’s going on today.

    “Are they the votes to pass DREAM and DADT repeal? Well, no. They’re the votes to end debate on DREAM and DADT repeal.

    So when are the votes to pass DREAM and DADT repeal? Well, if they get 60 votes on the question of whether or not to end debate, those votes will come after the debate finally ends.

    And when’s that?

    Why, it’s 30 hours later, of course!

    That makes perfect sense, don’t you think? And any attempt to change that would be a desperate power grab! But I digress.

    What does it mean, bottom line? It means that if cloture is successfully invoked on the DREAM Act, you may not see a vote on DADT repeal for another day and a half.”

    Bob’s letter was spot on, Senate rules defy any logic and desperately need to be changed.

  43. And I find that so hilarious, especially since she voted for the Bush tax cuts in the first place! How ironically hypocritical.

  44. It’s already an echo chamber of hate. I quit there for good couple weeks ago, logged on briefly yesterday after seeing that eclectablog had posted something on here about a diary he wrote over there; I had intended to tip and rec him and leave, but wasn’t able to. Guess they revoked my “privaleges”. Oh well.

  45. The whole TU system there is rigged to ensure they have the necessary clicks. Very insidious if you think about it.

  46. Thank you donna 🙂 A busy but bountiful day, we hope… DADT, si. START si, we’ll see, and DREAM, c’mon repubs, just…. c’mon.

  47. If there is cloture to end the debate, it’s pretty much a slam dunk that they’ll both pass.

    As they’d then only need 50 + Biden to pass.

    I believe there would be need for another cloture when the bills come back from being bridged by the House bill language (unless they are using the House language exactly now), but this cloture vote would be the big one.

  48. I agree, the backlash from start will get that thru. I hope he vote on DADT and Dream. We just need to start getting out the vote now for 2012. The messaging starts now. Republicans are digging their own hole. We just need to back the president, because some from his own party is not backing him. He will have to fight off the right and the left. We need to let him know that we are their.

  49. McCain was just re-elected, so he doesn’t have to give a damn anymore. Maybe he’s raising this stink because Kyl is up in 2012.

    I love the pressure that Univision is putting on the Senate by broadcasting this live. Of course I expect the reasoning from No votes from the moderates will be “We believe this needs to be part of a bigger comprehensive immigration reform bill and look forward to it’s inclusion then” deflection.

  50. Thats the same thing that happened to the tax vote. They don’t listen then when things fail they try to blame him.

  51. Unfortunately, I have to agree with you.

    Have felt that way for a long time, which is why I have so little tolerance for those in the perpetual anger brigade.

    Their actions only help the Republicans and they’re too narcissistic to see it.

  52. It’s far easier to lose yourself in ephemera than it is to attempt to see the big picture. Putting together a world view is beastly difficult, especially since the one sure thing is change and flexibility is what matters most, but we assert our humanity by doing so.

  53. I thought the modus operandi of the far “left” was to avoid thinking at all costs. If they really wanted to think, wouldn’t it behoove theme to do some fact-gathering first?

  54. I hope the Dems don’t try to sabotage Pres Obama, by running against him. Repubs never do that to their incumbent presidents.

    Dems just don’t have any solidarity. It saddened me, since I have been a Dem ever since I became aware of politics.

  55. The Dems co-operated well with Bush. But they fight Pres Obama. If they keep it up, I will NEVER vote for another Dem again, accept President Obama.

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