Of Thee I Sing (updated)

President Obama reads Christmas books to second graders at Long Beach Elementary School in Arlington, Virginia.



Awesome man.


THE PRESIDENT:  Now let me just say one more thing and then maybe we can take a picture together.  One of the things about Christmas obviously is getting presents and having stockings full and spending time with your family and eating good stuff.  But part of the Christmas spirit is also making sure that we’re kind to each other and we’re thinking about people who aren’t as lucky as we are.

      And so I hope that all of you, even as you’re having a lot of fun during the holidays, whether it’s Christmas or Hanukkah, I want to make sure that all of you are also thinking about how can you guys be nicer to each other and think about people who have less than you do, because not everybody is as lucky as we are.  There are a lot of kids out there who they may not be able to get a lot of presents for Christmas because their parents don’t have a lot of money.

      There are a lot of parents right now who are maybe away from their families.  Some of them are in our military and they’re fighting overseas, and so they can’t be home for Christmas or the holidays.  So I hope you guys think about them too, all right?  And I want you all to remember that the spirit of Christmas is making sure that — not just that you’re getting something from somebody but that you’re also giving back to other people.  Does that make sense?

      CHILDREN:  Yes.

      THE PRESIDENT:  Who wants to take a picture with me?

      (A picture is taken.)

      THE PRESIDENT:  Well, listen, I hope you guys have so much fun during the holidays.  And I’m so proud of you.  You guys are all working hard in school and learning all kinds of stuff.  It’s really exciting to see you guys doing so well.

      So — and I want to thank all the teachers and the faculty, the staff who are here, because I know that you guys put your heart and soul into doing this great work.

      You guys have a couple questions for me before I go?  I thought so.

      What’s your question?

      Q    I don’t have a question, but my name is Malia.

      THE PRESIDENT:  Your name is Malia too?  Give me a high five for that.  That’s a great name.  That’s a great name.

      All right, let’s see.  What’s your name?

      Q    Sebastian.

      THE PRESIDENT:  Hey, Sebastian.

      Q    I don’t have a question, but I do know Mrs. Obama gave us these ornaments so we could make them for your Christmas tree.

      THE PRESIDENT:  Excellent.  Well, thank you so much.  We have all these volunteers come out to decorate the whole White House, and it’s pretty spectacular.  But one of those ornaments might have been yours.  Way to go.  Appreciate it.

      What’s your name?

      Q    Can I have an autograph?

      THE PRESIDENT:  Here’s the thing.  If I sign autographs, then I have to sign them for everybody.

      CHILDREN:  Yay!  (Laughter.)

      THE PRESIDENT:  I’d be here a really long time.  But here’s what I did, though, is I signed my book.  So it’s in the library.  And so that’s for the whole school.  All right?

      How about you?

      Q    How did you get the — since you’re so busy, how did you get to write that book since you’re so busy?

      THE PRESIDENT:  You know what happened was I actually wrote it a couple of years ago, before I was sworn in as President, because I had written a couple books for adults, and then they said, well, would you be interested in writing a children’s book and then you can give the money to charity?  And I said I would, so I wrote the book, but then it takes a really long time because the art is so nice — the artists, it’s like each page is like a painting.  So it takes them a long time to make it.  So that’s why it’s just coming out now.

      All right.  What else?

      Q    (Inaudible.)

      THE PRESIDENT:  I get 10,000 letters every day.  That’s a lot.  That’s a lot.  Now, I want to be honest, I don’t read every single piece of mail I get, because then obviously — well, I just couldn’t get through all of it.  So I have a whole staff that just reads my mail, and then they give me letters that they think are really especially terrific, and I read those.

      All right.

      CHILDREN:  (Pointing.)

      THE PRESIDENT:  Oh, it’s Lawrence.

      What were you going to say?

      Q    How much fun is it just going around — running around the White House all day?

      THE PRESIDENT:  You know, the truth is, I run around a lot in the White House, but most of the time I’m working.  So it’s not like I’m just running around having fun.  But sometimes it’s fun.  Because the White House — how many people have visited the White House?  So it’s a pretty — it’s a beautiful building, and there’s a big yard in the back called the South Lawn.  So a lot of times I walk Bo at night, and that’s fun.  Sometimes I run around with Bo, although I have to — sometimes I have to scoop up his poop.

      Q    Ew!

      THE PRESIDENT:  Because I don’t want to just leave it in the lawn.  So if you guys have a dog, you got to walk your dog too and clean up after him a little bit.


147 thoughts on “Of Thee I Sing (updated)

  1. Kent Conrad now says that he is a “no” vote for the repeal of DADT. Why is that. Please call his office.

    Washington: (202) 224-2043
    State offices: 1-800-223-4457

  2. How long before somebody (Limbaugh, Beck) says that one picture looks like the kids are giving the President the Nazi salute. And I bet he did a better job of reading than another president we know.

  3. You know the true heart of people by how children react to them. And kids absolutely LOVE our President (and so do I!)

  4. I adore that picture of the President and the children sitting on the floor. I’m sure it was picture taking time. I can’t wait to see the front view. BWD you continue to amaze me with this wonderful blog. Stay Blessed.

  5. The President relates especially well to children – they have a natural instinct about people’s motive and they find him so genuine. Children need to be “carefully taught” (remember the song from ‘South Pacific’) to distrust and hate and become disagreeable adults. Give me untainted kids anyday. Most of the adults we see on the teevee are self-centered and self-serving and don’t care about others at all. I visited some public and parochial schools in the Ann Arbor area last week, and they were all collecting canned goods and clothing for needy families, while our legislators are trying to screw 911 first responders, the unemployed, those who wish to serve our country who happen to have an alternative life style, those whose parents were not legal citizens, plus the poor and middle class….while thinking only of the wealthy. Too many people have forgotten the true meaning of the season. I see it in President Obama’s smile.

  6. President Obama should be ashamed of himself for indoctrinating these students by reading “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to them.

    I love how kids are drawn to our president. If anyone knows when an adult is BSing someone, it’s kids.

  7. God I’m sorry, Conrad is my senator.. he so (unfortunately) reflects the typical mindset of people here in the state of ND. People here are just about as close minded and narrow visioned as people can be imo. And Conrad really is a mirror image of much of this. I will write and call his office now.. however let me add that in ALL of the times I’ve called and emailed Conrad on an issue- he has still stuck with his initial vote. This whole DADT thing is just stupid to someone who has actually served, we all know that we’ve served with gay folks since the beginning of time.. and yet these congress people buy into the bs they get from their constituents who’ve probably never served a day in the military. Like I said, he’ll hear from me, thank you.

  8. Actually I have never seen a president sit on the floor with childrent (or anyone).. usually they’re sitting in a chair amidst the kids for photos like these. I LOVE him for this- to sit cross legged and be one with them and on their level is so lovely.

  9. Quick story about Obama and kids..

    I run a non-profit organization where we have several staff (African American men) who work in middle schools with students (mostly African American boys) who are chronically suspended from school.

    Not too long after the 2008 election one of our staff mentioned that he found himself asking these young men “What do you think Obama would do in this situation?” And it worked – the students would get serious and talk about things in that context because he was such a powerful role model to them.

  10. Genuine, that is the very best description of him in my opinion. I have believed him to be genuine since I first heard him speak in ’04.. and reading his books enforced that to me.

  11. Would’nt it have been something , if they came in and said we just caught Bin Laden.

  12. So second graders are more respectful and happier with this president than EVERYONE in the corporate media and EVERYONE in the Rethuglican party and EVERYONE on the site that will not be named.

    Heh, heh. No surprise there!


  13. Amazing photos! Thanks, BWD.
    OT – the Tax Cut Bill Signing Ceremony/Speech was a political masterstroke! Holy cow, POTUS wins again! VP Biden spoke briefly and introduced President Obama. It felt like a real victory of the forces of good over the forces of evil.
    p.s. PLEASE think about returning to the great orange Satan once in a while. It will be in the new, more troll-resistant dk4 version soon.
    (here’s the beta version:
    http://www.dailykosbeta.com )

  14. It’s damn pathetic that there are only 61 because it’s going to be sold as a partisan issue when the cry always is to show broad bi-partisan support in issues involving the military.

    Conrad and Manchin against it (what about Nelson in Nebraska?), meaning GOP is supplying five votes. A crying shame.

    It’s sort of good that Lieberman and Collins are spearheading this though, because if they’re screwed over it will be by the sme people they usually try and align with. Lieberman especially as he’s in re-election mode and trying to win enough Democratic support in an eventual three way race, including Linda McMahon’s millions again.

  15. There are some really interesting facial expressions I don’t think we’ve seen before. *S*

    And, yes, his sitting right down there on the floor so comfy looking with all those kids really made me smile too.

    My guess is that this is the high point of his day when he has some app’t with kids.

  16. It is obvious he really enjoys that. I think this is part of his escape from the bubble of DC and the hypocrisy. There is no hypocrisy in a grade school classroom.

  17. I’ll do you one better – shouting with exclamation marks:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Hi ericlewis0- nice to see you 🙂 I checked out your link, unfortunately it appears to be the same people saying the same things. There is currently a diary with the title calling the President a torturer and another with the title calling the President a dick. I guess I don’t understand how there is a difference between the two dkos. I personally hope that bwd uses her abilities here to continue doing what she does so well and lets folks at that other place live in their misery. I think if they want balance then they will seek her site out. Anyway.. my two cents.

  19. OT: It pains me to see the distinguished Senator John Kerry in the well of the senate (exasperated) trying to deal with the delaying tactics of the Republican Party. They have no seriousness of purpose. They are masters at gumming up the works.

  20. Lol, I was thinking the same thing as jappa!!!! This website tells the real story of what our President is doing. He will go down as a great one and the shameful disrespect from the left, forget the right cause they’re hopeless, will be studied and graded. Go Dems Go Obama and u know what? Go BWD and u bloggers, the dem party is n good hands

  21. The trolls are run the place – literally. Markos and the front pagers are just as unhinged, if not moreso.

    The place is a cesspool.

  22. I love the last one of him waving as he goes off to the left and Arthur (I think that is the charcter’s name) waving as he goes off to the right.

  23. I could look at 20,000 pictures of the President with the children and never get bored. By the time he is out of office in 2016, he will have met thousands of children and maybe one will also be President one day, inspired by this President.
    I did have to laugh at the Secret Service guy behind him, but I am sure they are protecting him from getting hugged to pieces by the short people.

  24. Hi BWD,

    I found your site when I checked in at dkos after not having visited for several months. I just could not take it anymore. Sad about what it has become….I’ve been a member there since 2004.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say thanks. Your posts have always been a source of joy for me and I am very happy to have found you. You may not recognize my name but that is because I chose to drop it. Hope that is ok. I may not have the time to comment often but know that someone in Texas loves our President and is quite proud to have voted for him.

  25. ACD

    I’ll do you one better – shouting with exclamation marks:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me too! 🙂

  26. I know it’s like a mortal sin in Frustrati-land to say this but I am so proud our president.

  27. Lol,
    Chris Matthews man-crush is back!
    He just described the president as “cute”, with a handsome smile while discussing today’s press conference.

    I agree Chris but shhhhh! Don’t tell my husband. 🙂

  28. Queue “Obama is shilling his book to the kids. Has he no decency?!?” fake outrage in 10…9…8…7…6…5…

    The only question is will it come from Palin via twitter, Fox from their evening line-up or Kos/FDL diary first?

  29. Because he got his millionaires’s extra tax cut. I swear this is why the village idiots are not slinging arrows at this…

  30. I wouldn’t be surprised by the MSM enjoying a millionaires tax cut, although Chris has had a man crush since the presidents speech in Boston in 2004.

  31. Reading about meetings and signings and appearances and watching videos of the president speaking at White House events and elsewhere, I wonder to myself, does this dear man ever get time to just rest?

    These pictures are especially charming, and yes, the kids seem to love him. The kids in nearby schools are so lucky to be able to actually touch him, shake hands with him. They truly are so very lucky.

    Perhaps the president knows exactly how to budget his time, his rest, his exercise. Perhaps he avoids needless worry — he must. He appears to have limitless energy and yet be a one-man island of calm in times of furious bickering.

    In that regard, I love the picture of the president that’s often put up on this blog and others with the president putting a hand out and saying, “Chill the fuck out — I’ve got this thing.”

    I chill, even while I worry about my president’s health. I chill and believe that President Obama, no matter what happens, will do the right thing.

  32. ericlewis0! Good to see you here!

    I was by dkos earlier today and there was a diary that had The President is a Communist and Nazi in the title. One of the commenters said that the teaparty was right – he’s close to the anti-christ. I didn’t stick around to see if anyone hr’d.

    Don’t think I’ll post over there for a very long time.

  33. I loved this. Did you know that all proceeds from the children’s book “Of Thee I Sing” will got to the children of vets, for scholarships, I think.

  34. Joan, that is so nicely stated, I agree with you.. he is indeed the island of calm- with limitless energy. Just a well put together human being imo. I hope and I’ll do my part- that folks in this country begin to wise up to just how ‘functional’ this leader we have is.. and how it is the media that is choosing to hide this from them.

  35. Nelson in Nebraska made a beautiful little speech in hearings. He’s FOR the repeal. Life is full of surprises.

  36. me either.. I cannot wait to leave this state either, trying very hard to move away by summer.

  37. I bought his book for my grandkids too, I bought three of them.. I’m hoping their parents will approve and enjoy it.

  38. As I’ve noted many times, you can tell a lot about the character and heart of a man by the way he interacts with children. And President Obama always passes this test with flying colors. This is a very good man, there can be no denying. Top of the line, the highest quality, a very special person.

  39. ericlewis0, Curiosity got the best of me and I went to check it out. I didn’t see Recent Diaries on the front page, what a shame that one has to click to see those. Could keep casual lurkers from seeing all diaries.

  40. The juxtaposition of President Obama reading to the children and hours later speaking to the nation and signing the tax cut bill is amazing. He is so comfortable in his own skin. He never ceases to amaze me.

  41. I have three grands ages 11, 10, and 8. How I wish they could have been in this audience!

  42. Hi eric – good to see you, but i’m afraid the DKos Titanic has gone down permanently for the majority of us, and our numbers are growing. Let DK reap what it has sown. But please join us here, and on our extended family of pragmatic blogs anyime.

  43. Checked it out. Obama hatred all the way. I believe it’s worse, and the slinky people over there will learn how to game the system before the day is out.

    In fact, just glancing at the page the link brought me to, this may bring US more traffic. What is the casual browser to make of “Obama is a d***” ?!!!

    No offense, e, but I hope it tanks, and that kos poured a ton into it.

  44. Me too—bought for the grandkids, the 2 older ones anyway. Not for the 1 yr. old. He got books he can’t rip. 🙂

  45. Okay, that is the cutest story ever and reason #8298598904541 that this Presidency is yielding incredible benefits for this country.

  46. sorry not interested in killing my much needed brain cells with that crappy site. if you have a factual, concise, non hateful diary that needs to be rec i would certainly support that but no thanks to anything else to do with that disgusting racist place. it’s been interesting and a huge learning experience to see the owners true colors.

  47. Very nice exchange. This President and his administration are working really hard.

    I’m curious to see what staff changes are made in 2011. I think David P. replacing Axelrod is a good move.

  48. I appreciate what you’re saying and i thank you – but there isn’t even a slight chance that i’ll ever get back. The more i think about my couple of years there, the more i want to kick myself for tolerating that crap.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  49. actually, i think KO and ms. maddow will be on it. my sideeye is for both the far right and left atm.

  50. Yes, cuz those second graders are gonna buy his book. *sigh* Even if he was shilling, it’d be for a good cause. Not one penny is going into his pocket.

    Don’t pay the fools any mind, Roscoe.

  51. One of my old high school classmates posted a very excited note to his Facebook profile about this visit to his son’s class. I’m going to send him the link to your blog, BWD. He’s a humongous supporter anyway and would love to see the pics.

  52. Heard Nora Ephron on TV yesterday say she didn’t think this president “enjoyed” being president the way Clinton did. Has she never, ever seen the pictures of him among the people, the joy in his face. And theirs. His swagger. I was yelling at my TV screen.

  53. Well said. I still am marveling that he was able to create the concessions which we just received. I think that part of the anger on the part of legislative Dems was about turf-protecting. POTUS basically said: “here’s your legislation, pass it” and I can understand some unhappiness about that (however, the utter extremeness of the response was incredibly unreasonable). So glad the deal passed.

  54. What an odd statement on her part. I think that POTUS might find the nonstop silly season and the pretensions of the various prima donnas who form our political class to be tiresome (and who wouldn’t).

    POTUS also strikes me as more of a collaborator than a power-based person, so perhaps she was saying that from the angle of throwing his weight around, he has not enjoyed this aspect of presidenting. But I so utterly agree that in terms of delivering for the people, and talking with us, he’s clearly enjoying himself.

    He also strikes me as a person who knows how to keep perspective rather than pinging from high emotion to low emotion all of the time.

  55. Don’t kick yourself! Your diaries there improved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. And they will continue to do the same here. I get sad when I imagine what you must have gone through there (wish I knew more of the story!) – but whatever they (and I don’t fully know who ‘they’ is, but I would label them trolls) did, you should wear as a badge of honor – they tried to silence you because they were afraid of your awesomeness! Much love and best of luck! -Eric

  56. BWD, I totally agree, no need to reward bad behavior, what would be the purpose of returning, when you have establish a wonderful place, even making me read crazy Charles K’hammer. Your sight is a winner, keep up the good work.

  57. I have been watching the spectacle that is the Senate all day. I heart Senator Kerry.

    Kyl, Mccain, Session??????? waste of tax payers money. Can we impeach senators?

  58. I agree with you bwd, no reason why you should- except for bkos I’ve been away from there the entire week (and it feels very good). You are building something healthy and smart here, and I am very grateful for that.

    And just a reminder- that when/if you do find you need subscriptions, donations, etc.. do not hesitate to let us know, please.

  59. As grown as I am, I thoroughly enjoyed him reading “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” I had a smile on my face the entire 23+ mins. Love the sound of his voice.

  60. One thing I can say about Barack and Michelle is that they love children of all ages, races, colors. They know that they are our future and that children today need to be treated with love and hope. That is why michelle is pushing her lets move and lets move salads to schools iniative because the key to economic recovery is kids today being prepared to compete tomorrow with other kids for the jobs of tomorrow. It is shown that young children who eat well are able to focus, and learn in school and also teaching them a good habit of eating healthy when they grow up to be adults. Michelle is leading by example by providing children in schools with healthy eating, physical activity to Barack investing in young people with scholarships, grants for anyone who want to go to college. They both will be remembered for the love and admiration they have for young children/adults after there administration is over in 2016 (he will win in 2012)

  61. I agree GN, he took away their Clout and they are embarrassed. I get it, but suck it up and more the hell on. Peace

  62. BWD, please check your title on this. There’s no Long Beach Elementary in Arlington. There IS a Long Branch Elementary School.

  63. But, but, you met ME … and um, all the OTHER very worthy fellow diarists there. There are many people there who still love you and your beautiful photo diaries and you’re missed.

  64. Well, there are still pootie diaries and criminal injustice and black kos. Those are worthwhile. But I’m there a lot less these days and find myself involved in ridiculous arguments with people who should know better.

  65. EXACTLY what I was thinking when I watched that. Seriously, I HATE getting on the floor because it’s a major production getting up again. Even when I exercise I do it on a weight bench so as not to be spotted huffing, puffing, and grunting up off of an exercise mat.

  66. One of my right wing friends posted a note on my FB page asking why the President “refused” to sign a child’s autograph request. Sigh.

  67. They didn’t want to see the proof of the falsity of everything they were screaming about—the photos, the links to real events, that reality that bwd always posted—all was in direct opposition to their “Obama is evil” mindset.

  68. Do they know that BWD now has her own space? One thing which has been wonderful about this blog is seeing the people who used to silently admire BWD’s work delurk here because there aren’t people waiting to call them cultists. I hope that more of them come on over!

  69. I loved Lawrence’s question—-what’s it like to just run around the White House having fun? Ha! Loved Obama’s answer too.

  70. When President Obama was describing what Jackie Robinson went through (people calling him names, spitting on him), I couldn’t help but think of the treatment he has received as the first African-American president of our country. It brought tears to my eyes.

    Jackie Robinson was chosen to be the first because along with his great skill, he was viewed as having the temperment to integrate the league. President Obama was chosen for those same reasons.

    This is a truly wonderful man that we have chosen to lead us.

    Watched Ed Schultz trying to eat his horrible words today; now that the President has won old big mouth wants to jump on the bandwagon. Joe Madison was on and he said that over the next two years the progressives are going to have to stand up and have President Obama’s back instead of attacking him. I wanted to stand up and cheer.

    BWD, you are doing an awesome job. I hate to say it, but I predict the other site will be swallowed up in the dust of hatred that it has created.

  71. That dude cannot be taken seriously, do you remember the GM debate. He was as crazy then as he is now

  72. you are so right. Im Glad BWD did this she gave me a stress free place to talk to good people i mean good hearted people.

  73. Sherijr, I feel for you. Come join us here in Massachusettes.Though not perfect, but lots of free spirits here add knowledgeble and open-minded.

  74. LOVE that story NL. Can I add a related one. She AA girl in one of my classes. I noticed she was wearing flats favored by FLOTUS. I mentioned this to the student. Her whole demeanor changed. I have MANY similar stories about the feedback I’ve gotten from the AA kids.

  75. There are people in the P/W group who hate POTUS. They do not bring it into the comm diaries, but I could not stand the disconnect – seeing their names gushing over cute cats, and then reading their vindictive comments about the President elsewhere. That is why I left those comm diaries. I GOT the backstories. It was the very angry contingent of Gay men and their P/W friends, but I felt hypocritical maintaining subcommunities where so many were hateful elsewhere. It was tricky for me. Many of the people from those comms have done lovely things for each other, and it was clearly not all of them. But that mattered little when I’d read their ravings about POTUS. If I stayed I would have not been able to restrain myself.

  76. Hi Mela

    I’m glad you found us! Some people are going by old names, some changed – does not matter. I did use ACD (Another Ct Dem) but I’m really ‘g’.

  77. As a citizen of their state, I would love to impeach them. I understand our state constitution makes it impossible. I am not sure which of them is the worse senator.

  78. BWD these pictures are lovely as usual. I am going to be on an emotional roller coaster this weekend hoping that DADT passes and new Start makes it through. The pictures you post calm me somehow. I like the silhouette with the president on the cell phone and the White House in the background. Bet he was calling about one of these bills. I’m so glad he is on the job!

  79. Too much cuteness. I love the Prez sitting on the floor. Question: how can I be part of the group w/ pics

  80. love your blog, bwd. The idea and content. However the white on black background is hard on my eyes. lol –maybe it’s just me?

  81. I’ve been sending replies to the whiners who e-mail looking for praise for their principled stands. I tell them if they’d had the balls to vote on this in Sept or Oct they might have gotten just what they wanted, and a few more votes for Democrats in November. As it stands it was their inability to work together that left President Obama negotiating with Republicans, rather than workign with Dems.

    If you give Republicans some kind of tax cut for the wealthy, they’ll vote for it. We’d have a clean energy bill if the President threw in a 2 year tax break for the oil/coal/gas companies. I told Anthony Weiner to pull the caucus together and come up with something all Democrats can back – clearly it’s not helping the middle class, or people who depend on Social Security, or people who need affordable health care, or the people who suffer under DADT. So what is it? Stop posturing and hiding behind pollsters and start acting like Democrats, or resign and let someone with gonads take your job.

    I’m pretty fed up with all of them.

  82. Asher in Boston, are you guys working hard to vote out Senator Brown. I know Ted Kennedy is not at peace with that brown nose in his seat?

  83. I hope all people from OFA know about this blog and all the other positive sites where conversation is civil.

  84. And the concept of the book is fantastic. Talking about american heroes and using them to inspire children to be confident in themselves and dream big.

  85. I bet hearing the President today giving a lot of statistics about middle-class and poor families who would be helped by this made Ed realize, finally, what President Obama meant when he said that it was NOT an abstract debate. And that his central objective was helping families, and create some jobs.

    Ed is not really an ideolog. He’s a down-to-earth guy. The speech President Obama gave is exactly the type of speech that could touch Ed.

  86. I’m at weird point right now, where my “friends in real life”, as opposed to my virtual friends which up until recently was largely dKos, who are liberal politically but only watch cable and are just now reacting to their favorite cable “jounalists'” opinions of the tax cut are grousing about Obama. They are late to the game. But they know the KO/Maddow talking points by heart and are “angry”.

    Interestingly, their anger needs verification from me since they (evidently like many Glenn Beck watchers) don’t have many friends who share either their enthusiasm for, nor point of view on, politics. And this in NYC where the disconnected Left have always taken a front seat in political discussions.

    I might point out that these are self-defined Progressives who haven’t reached their 40th birthday, whereas I am their “liberal Mom”.

    I merely had to cite the stakes of not passing a bill for the middle class and the poor. And adding the concessions that Obama got for the unemployed, while decrying the inability of the two (currently) Democratically controlled houses of Congress to cooperate to get this done before the November elections, and they had to think outside the professional left box.

  87. And me. 😀 I felt/feel safe delurking here; I never would have felt that on DKos. Just that simple.

    I love seeing the president with kids. My daughter was not quite two when he was
    elected; now she’s a little over four and I find myself grateful for sites like this (and Pete Souza’s photos) because I know I’ll be able to point to photos of things that happened when she was too young to remember.

    I don’t always agree with the president, but I have tremendous respect for him. For eight years, I’d forgotten what that feels like.

    Great job, BWD. 😀

  88. I brought the book too so I could read it. I figured I have a daughter 22 and a son that is 19, if they get married and have children I could give it to them.

  89. It is amazing how so many on both sides of the aisle are putting the wealthiest “first”.

    Thank you, Glinda, for giving voice to the poor, middle class, and those who need unemployment benefits.

  90. You nailed it. The discussion has been: “tax reform should reward/punish the wealthy”. And economically comfortable progressives have taken a “principled” stance … with no fear that they will have to suffer for those principles even though other, less comfortable Americans might.

    If I believed that Pelosi and Reid could have made a better deal I would be pissed at this outcome. But neither of those legislators have been able to come up with an answer to the Bush tax cut debacle.

  91. I know, i know. 🙂 I met many many wonderful people there and for that i’m so grateful – But, i should have left a long time before i actually did.

  92. I was yelling at my screen, too! She also said he didn’t like to “press the flesh” like Clinton used to do. I was just generally disgusted.

  93. I think if Reid and/or Pelosi could have come up with a better alternative, then this solution would never have happened. This was the last resort – with only five days to spare; (less, if you count the fact that the President was scheduled to leave for vacation tomorrow).

  94. You’re right on the money with this analysis, Glinda. I’m pretty pissed at the purity wing of Leftblogistan. They’re driving me nuts with their refusal to understand the very basic butter and egg needs of many of the people being benefited by this plan. I hate the damn thing, too, but I also know people who would have no viable alternatives for survival short of leaving their homes and going to some charity’s shelter. These are people who might be forced to live in their cars if they’re not helped, but when you’re a 20 something kid living in Mommy’s basement and pounding on your keyboard after work or a day in your college classes it’s very easy to know the solutions to all the world’s problems. I like to tell these people that they’re good at criticism, and I even agree with them politically on many, many issues, but there’s a great gulf between holding a political position and being responsible for governance. And when you’re the guy, when you’re Obama and you know that the lives of millions are contingent upon your decision to swallow a bitter pill and accept an execrable compromise versus remaining pure and letting all those people down, then what choice do you have? These people need his help and he’s trying to give it to them. No one goes hungry if Keith or Rachel say no, but they do if Obama says no. That’s why these critics need to get off their high horses, cut the crap, and try to give the man some support instead of railing at him all the time for not being a magician.

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