One Who Helps People Throughout the Land

Hi guys

A long mishmash ahead:


First, do yourself a favor and watch president Obama’s speech at the White House Tribal Nations Conference, including the awesome introduction, and the reaction to his announcement of the US decision to back the U.N. Indigenous Rights Declaration.


President Obama’s statement regarding the war in Afghanistan:


Ron Kirk is really one of the president’s best appointments:


Slowwwwwly, but moving: 

U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Show Modest Decrease


If you build it….

Home construction up after 2 months of declines


They won’t come….

Number of homes taken back by lenders tumbles


If this is true, then the votes are actually there!

Scott Brown And Lisa Murkowski Back Standalone DADT Repeal Bill


Let the sun shine:

W.H. aims to fast-track solar power


President Obama speaking at the White House Tribal Nations Conference. (FYI: If I post a photo without explaining what it is – chances are the description is on it. Just mouse-over the picture).


There was some excitement around those “coat” photos from yesterday, and I’m here at your service, of course, so I got a few more. But if you’ll tell anyone that I seduce you to drool over the president of the United States, I will quit and join the professional left!

Drool quietly. 🙂



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  1. I don’t trust Snowe, Collins, Brown, Murkowski on DADT – I think they’re using it as blackmail of sorts by saying they’ll only vote for it after tax vote, budget vote is taken. Tomorrow was supposed to be the last day before Christmas recess, can you imagine the GOP outcry if Reid and the Dems are forcing them to stay and vote for DADT during the Christmas holiday – this is what I think the GOP is up to here.

    Regarding Kirk being one of Obama’s best appointments, he’ll have competition for top spot with Sec. Clinton, Sec. Sebelius, Sec. Solis.

  2. Greetings from ze continent of Africa.

    BWD I pledge to “drool quietly” from afar. Rather conveniently, my significant other is safely out of sight.;o)

  3. The first and last photos in the long black overcoat look like they could have been on the cover of Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine.

  4. I think Senator Reid plans on keeping the senate in session as long it requires to pass the key legislation, including DADT repeal. Even the President may delay his vacation which was supposed to begin this Saturday. Let’s see if they both stand their ground on this.

  5. I hope they do. Reid should say frankly, and I believe he did yesterday, here is the rest of the agenda we’re going to vote on before the recess, either we have straight up or down votes and go home as scheduled or the GOP plays delay games and we go home late on the 23rd and back early on the 26th.

  6. He most defintely is drool worthy! Not only that he’s a doing one hell of a job as President and that only add to his drool worhiness.

  7. I hear you Zizi. Just when I was ready to move on with my life…it really wasn’t fair of BWD to post more photos…***drool*** 😀

    On another note, did anybody notice how hostile the tribal nation members were towards the President? {{{sarcasm}}}

  8. The delaying tactics by the Republican Party is just disgusting. They complain that there is not enough time while they stall and try to run out the clock. How they sleep at night is a mystery to me.

    The problem with all of this is that the Republicans don’t pay price for their obstruction. If we had a media worth its salt, the public would be aware of the obstruction. For now, they get away with murder because the media won’t shine a light on what they are doing.

  9. That’s such a total DC Lawyer (Partner level, of course) outfit! But he wears it very well. Very nice coat. Looks like cashmere. 🙂

  10. BWD,I so appreciate your work, and always have. I have a request, however. I am a losing member of the digital divide, and cannot watch videos (dearth of bandwidth), so even two sentences giving the essence of a video will help me to know what is said, and allow me to participate.

  11. I just got to say…I am addicted to this blog. It is becoming borderline obsessive cause I check over here more now than any other political site. hahahah. No, just kidding, but I really love that BWD finally has postive, fact filled, newsworthy informationt that I can read everyday on President Obama. I thought I was living in a twilight zone on DKOS and thought that I was alone over there with a tank full of sharks. Glad to know that I am one of the 87% folks who are supporting him even though I switched to Independent last year.

    Thanks for the positive news articles that are full of FACTS and not innuendos.

  12. As many of you know, I’m involved with FA efforts. They LOVE him. They get genuineness, they’ve seen enough of the other.

    dcsandy – If POTUS walked down the street in that outfit with that ease, I’d be staring like a 15 year old!

  13. Thank you bwd for posting the video of the President speaking with the Indian Nations, I missed it this morning and it was important to me- he really brought tears to my heart, as he is one of the first modern presidents to put his actions where his mouth is in regards to the first peoples of this country.

  14. I don’t want to hear anymore about the “professional left” complaining about this president. Why waste the space? I also don’t believe they really ARE on the left, since they all speak in a chorus, just like RETHUGLICANS. IMHO, they are POSERS. Everyone I know who actually is on the left LOVES this president. And if photos of him in action cause people to “drool,” it’s because people recognize a true, superior, intelligent, hard-working, genuine leader when they see one. The fact that he’s also great looking is just a perk!

    Love coming to this site everyday, bwd! Great work!

  15. I don’t trust Snowe, Collins, Lieberman., etal either. But today I called the Ladies offices to thank them for working to get DADT repealed and the response was very gratifying.

    When I first called Snowe’s office the poor woman who answered the phone thought when I first mentioned DADT that she was going to get screamed at. She was pleasently suprised to hear that I wanted to thank the Senator for working to repeal it.

    And the nice lady at Collins office ended up asking me to write the Senator because she liked what I was saying. So I did.

    This is what I wrote and it’s basically what I said over the phone.

    “Honorable Senator Collins,

    I just spoke to a lovely lady in your Portland office and she asked me to write you. I’d called to express my profound gratitude for your work with Senator Leiberman and others to get DADT repealed.

    I come from a long line of soldiers, men who have given much for their country. My husband, a disabled Viet Vet, is another one who has sacrificed much. We have always viewed DADT as a stain on this Nation’s claim to justice and fairness. That young men and women who bravely put their lives on the line for their country, for all of us, have been treated so poorly is unconscionable.

    I support a group that has faithfully for years been honoring our fallen sons and daughters from the Iraq and Afganistan Wars. I look at the photos of their faces, read their stories and that of their families’ heartbreak. You know and I know, some of those who have given their “last, full, measure” have been our gay sons and daughters.

    Surely, it is past time that we lovingly, respectfully, embrace them for all that they are.

    Surely, it is the least we can do for those who are willing to give so much.

    Getting this done has not been easy or for the faint of heart. Standing up for the right thing never is, which is why your work to get DADT successfully repealed has been so important.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you, Senators Snowe, Lieberman and others standing behind the President when he signs the repeal of DADT.

    It will be the best Holiday gift you could ever give to so many.

    Thank you for standing up.

    Sincerely Yours”

    Perhaps if we all called and wrote it would make a difference and help get this done now.

    We at least have to try.

  16. Onomastic that is such a wonderfully thoughtful and kind letter. I am a strong believer in rewarding folks.. most people will respond kindly to kindness- particularly when they’ve done something outside of their own comfort zone.. imo. And as an army vet who served a long time ago with many folks who were gay (before DADT was the law)- I absolutely agree with every word you wrote. Thanks for doing this.. and for posting it here.

  17. Thanks for this round-up. Nice to see this WH focusing on Native American issues and their continual push to strengthen the U.S.’s alternative energy industry (thru the solar zones and the trade deal with China).

  18. My, my, my! Our President looks good, but he also looks so thin! I don’t know how he and Our First Lady manage to be so calm and self-assured in this crazy world we live in today.

    Hello to everyone!

  19. Thank you for all this beautiful work, Blackwaterdog. I am so appreciative, though it does have a down side. For example, here’s what happened this morning. I slept a little late because yesterday was very long and tiring, but woke up with plenty of time to get ready for work. Then thought, I’ll just spend ONLY 10 MINUTES catching up on those posts from Blackwaterdog I saw in my email last night. So I read the first post and ALL 93 (at the time) comments. Not even because I’m interested in the subject, which was Keith O. (Never much liked him because I don’t like screamers and I knew he’d turn on PBO because screamers have to scream.) I kept reading because I couldn’t get enough of lines like “I have to respectfully disagree with you.”
    So then I said, okay no more reading comments, so I read fewer in the next posts. Between posts, comments, links I’m in a great mood and having a wonderful time, but it gets to be 9 o’clock and I have to start my work day, my assistant is about to walk in the door. I haven’t eaten, showered, done yoga, or fed the dog. I work at home, so the commute is easy, and no one objects if I eat cereal at my desk, but still…. What’s that first step — I admitted I was powerless over good news and civil discourse?

  20. That’s a fantastic letter, Onomastic. If this doesn’t grind on Collin’s conscience I don’t know what else will…

  21. What is up with the HOUSE dems, did they come out of the caucus meeting yet? You know, Defazio and Wiener are both el nutso!

  22. I just got done with an online chatroom on Yahoo with people debating this tax plan of Obama’s.

    Of course, you had your typical right wing dittoheads talking smack about the President.

    Then you had the poutragers whining because Obama’s compromised on 37% of the plan.

    I attempted to explain that Obama couldn’t play partisan party line politics when people are starving, but they didn’t get it. They said Obama should have fought against Republicans, and one said they wanted Anthony Wiener as President in 2012 just so that he could bloody up Republicans.

    Most of these poutragers don’t care about getting anything meaningful done. They only care about grandstanding for political points.

    Outside of the blogosphere and cable TV pundit media, Obama is still a well liked President. The American people love his presence, that is why whenever he does a town hall, the venue is packed and sold out.

    The poutragers like Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Hamsher, Greenwald, Huffington are just upset that Obama has to govern the entire country and can’t play partisan party line politics all the time, especially when there are actually starving folks out there.

    With that rant off my chest, the photos of our President on this blog are excellent, showing him at his best even when the times are tough.

    I’m so glad to have found this blog, a place to support our President without fear of a backlash from other posters labeling you “Obamabot” or “DLCer” or whatever. Those kinds of childish attacks and hyperbole are no different from those of the far right.

    Keep up the good work BWD, thanks for all the work that you do!

  23. Thanks so much sherijr.

    But honestly, if that lovely lady at Collin’s office hadn’t been so insistent about writing to the Senator I don’t know if I would have.

    I usually feel that what ever I have to say has been said a hundred times before or will get lost in the shuffle.

    Phone calls I’m good for, writing to the Congress Critters – not so much.

    She’s the one who deserves alot of your kind credit. 🙂

    It’s just an instinctual response from talking with the Senators’ staff today, but I think they’re really behind getting this thing done.

    So the more positive re-enforcement they can get for doing so, the better.

  24. But Weiner is considered a hero to these poutragers of the left, even though the man doesn’t have a clue about actually leading as opposed to playing partisan party line politics.

  25. Thanks hon.

    It was nice to be able to write something encouraging and hopeful, instead of calling their offices and asking what on earth they were doing.

    I’m usually not too happy with the ladies and if they screw this one up, I’ll be helping who ever wants to take them on when they run for re-election.

  26. Hey darlin,

    How goes the battle?

    I freely admit that it was written with the hope that a little “grinding the conscience” would occur. 🙂

    Now you’ve all got me wondering if I should send a version of the same to Snowe, Lieberman, etal.

    We all need to be writing and calling.

    To get this close and not get it done is just not excusable.

  27. Exactly! Still worried about the HOUSE tax vote! We gotta get this out of the way, so we can vote on other things! Sadly!

  28. I followed your lead Ono and called her DC office to express gratitude on behalf of my gay brother who served in the Air Force for 8 years. Wouldn’t have thought to call if you hadn’t mentioned it, thanks.

  29. Exactly. And that is where far too many supposed “progressive” sites fall down.

    MSM should be getting called out all the time. Not doing so puts the country further at risk.

  30. Yay!!!

    That’s wonderful kittypat!

    You rock and so does your brother!

    Please tell him that I thank him for his service.

    My step-father was in the Air Force and flew in WWII and Korea.

    Man oh man, am I sick of war and its long shadow.

  31. Agree whole heartedly with you jovie.

    If the Dems were all so morally concerned about the damn tax cuts they should of stood up before the election as the President asked them too.

    Putting everything else at risk now, because they ran away then is so self-serving.

    Posturing at its miserable best.

  32. My profound apologies for being negligent in my first reply to you.

    Thank you so much for your service sherijr.

    It’s deeply appreciated.

  33. I’m going to jos a bank and get me a long coat before the president steals my wife!!!!!

  34. Hey Jovie, do you know what their responses were in the Fall when the President asked the Dems to stand up and vote on the middle-class portion of the BTC’s?

  35. Great diary, BWD! Just keep them coming! Short of time today so don’t have time for more.

  36. Here is Senator Reid contact in Washington.

    Washington DC
    522 Hart Senate Office Bldg
    Washington, DC 20510
    Phone: 202-224-3542
    Fax: 202-224-7327
    Toll Free for Nevadans:
    1-866-SEN-REID (736-7343)

  37. Oh not negligent at all- no worries. I was in twice- once in the late 70’s and again in the late 80’s.. and the only time I’ve ever heard folks thanking soldiers/ vets is in the past year or two. Its very very nice and yet because its so unusual- its also a little disconcerting. But I see it mainly as folks just being kind and courtious and I am pretty sure all vets and soldiers appreciate it when we hear it- so thank YOU from all of us 🙂

    I also will call Snowe’s office.. and much as it hurts: Leibermann’s too 😉

    That was the biggest reason I went to dkos (from OFA back in ’07) was for the ACTION stuff.. to me that is where our power lies.. in calling our congress folks and letting them know what WE want from them, what WE expect from them..and rewarding them too, and I also believe it is long past time that we kicked the media’s tail- that we call them out for their spin, hyperbole, obvious intent at drama and mayhem all the time.. and all out lies. We should be a force for good.. the way those other sites are getting themselves on teevee on the pretense that they speak for the majority when we all know they don’t. I plan to make that one of my real stick to it resolutions in 2011 and beyond to email and call the media whenever they put a Hamsher et al on teevee as if they are the ‘base’.. and when they omit the many things this administration is doing in favor of setting up and promoting battles that the majority of Americans are not interested in. Most of us want progress, most of us see progress when it is put before us, the media is ignoring progress. Which is of course why I email bwd’s blog out to my friends and family everyday.

  38. WOWZERS, PBO is a sight! Thank you, BWD!

    I remember when he was adopted by the Crow Nation. It was such a moving ceremony, one of the highlights of the campaign. So much love and affection for him there. He was given the name, “Awe Kooda bilaxpak Kuuxshish” (” one who helps people throughout the land”) and the last name of his parents, Black Eagle.

    He and Secretaries Salazar, Duncan, Sebelius and AG Holder have accomplished so much for the Tribal Nations. It chokes me up just thinking about the trust they’ve built in just two years. BRAVO.

  39. Hey there Ono!

    It’s nice to see you too. Things are going good here in Minnesota except that we are getting sick of the never-ending snow. It hasn’t snowed this much since I was a kid. Freaking global warming.

    Hope all is well with you and yours.

  40. I see they have pulled the tax bill from the floor—-not sure if they have enuf Dem votes for some rule procedure—-all GOP voting no in lockstep of course. Not sure what’s going on. Hopefully just a bump. But now I hear clueless Ed Schultz just joyous about the Dems causing problems. He just said he loved it that this was happening and said “That’s what we want! A fight!” No, not really, Ed. Too much is at stake here. What could these Dems be thinking?

  41. You’re not alone in your addiction. I keep sneaking on this site while at work, and sometimes find myself howling with laughter on days like this one, with the “drooling” notices. Definitely drool-worthy…

  42. Don’t sell yourself short, ono. That was beautifully put and touched all the right bases. One of the best expressions of it I’ve seen.

    I’m sure the person on the phone recognized the eloquence and force of your arguments, which is why she encouraged you to write it as a letter. Nicely done!

  43. That is a remarkable letter. Wouldn’t be surprised if she framed it and hung it in her office. So much more can be done with encouragement and gratitude than was ever accomplished with villification and outrage. Thanks.

  44. KO lost me a while back. I was never a fan of “over the top” outrage, I find it pointless and often unnecessary. He is obviously performing for his audience.

  45. Watching Ed against my better judgment. Did you catch Ed’s comment that Nancy Pelosi and the democrats ran on the mantle of change against the Bush tax cuts in 2006 “before anyone ever heard of Barack Obama?”

    I swear these pundits are just so envious of this president’s brains, courage and charisma they just cannot contain themselves. Of course, big-mouth Eddie had big-mouth Anthony Weiner and liar DeFazio on to back him up.

    Lord, now he’s playing clips of President Obama from the campaign when he ran against the cuts. His whole show is a rant against the president. These folks are SICK, SICK, SICK.

  46. Good! More are starting to hit back. I saw Rachel on with Andrea Mitchell earlier today bashing Obama. I think Rachel and Keith have made a bad decision with their jumping on the fringe left bandwagon, as well as demonstrating a lack of good judgment and insight. I expect their numbers to decline as more of the real base drops away and they’re left with only the far left tiny minority as viewers.

  47. Well don’t get too upset both the tax bill and the Start Treaty are being discussed in the respective chambers.

  48. Thanks for the feedback. That’s good to know. My stomach is in knots. The Republican Party delaying tactics are infuriating. So when I heard about the House Dems doing the delaying, I lost it. I’m going to take a break and check back in later.

  49. Did she ever. And it is not being well recieved anywhere, including Maine. One of Maine’s town Firechiefs, who was also a responder to 9/11 and helped with Katrina, has let his displeasure be known.

    His remarks are being quoted far and wide.

    I understand being cautious, especially in these days of vitriol and threats, but calling the Capitol Cops on 9-11 responders?


    I don’t like the woman and I’m desperately hoping that she is replaced by at least a real moderate, if any are left. Given that she represents the Northern half of Maine which tends to be far more conservative than the Southern half, we’d be lucky to keep her and not end up with Teabagger. ::sigh::

    Especially given that by default, Maine just elected a Teabagger/Creationist with anger issues to the Governorship.

    It’s not good times in the Pine Tree State.

  50. What about DADT? Where does that leave it? I am worried about Collins, Brown and Snowe. Is it true that they are supporting DADT only after the tax bill is passed? I know Collins is co-sponsoring with Lieberman, but might she withdraw her support?

    Also, are they losing precious time with this delay?

    Democrats need to get themselves together and get these bills passed. People will be hurting out here if they don’t get those unemployment insurance extensions.

  51. I’m so sorry about all the snow you’ve been getting. Must be four feet by now or something, isn’t it? Getting around must be a nightmare.
    Need to find out how our friends’ daughter is doing. She lives in Minneapolis.

    You won’t want to here this probably, but we don’t have any snow here in Southern Maine. ::ducks::

    We’re all good. Thanks for asking. Number one son just turned 34 yesterday. And my “baby” turned 30 in November. All my kids are now ready for a tv show. 🙂

    And the grandbabies are growing like crazy.

    I know where the time goes, it’s reflected in the children and grandboys.

    Pretty amazingly wonderous, all things considered. 🙂

  52. As of now DADT has 62 votes. Collins, Snowe, and Brown support DADT. Murkowski does as well. I think Reid said that he doesn’t know if they will have time during the lame-duck, but I believe he was only saying that he will call the Senate back after Christmas to get DADT passed if need be. That was my takeaway at least. Right now the 9/11 Responders bill, the START Treaty, DREAM, and maybe the omnibus is what they are planning to vote on. It seems weird though that now that the votes are secured for DADT that they wouldn’t go ahead and move forward with it. Reid is playing hard ball. The reason Demint dropped his request to have the bills read is because Reid said that he will call the Senate back the day after Christmas.

  53. It sure seems like they are planning to hold the Republicans after class, so to speak, in order to get these votes done.

    This is the last best chance to tackle these issues before the new Congress is sworn in on January 5.

    The Republicans don’t seem to have gotten the memo that the majority of Americans want the two parties to work together, not obstruct.

  54. Come to find out, we are minus one vote(not that it is needed, or anything) Wyden is having Prostate surgery, and will miss votes this weekend and Next week! Funny thing is, Harry Reid must have known this, but is making it seem like, the lame duck will be soo productive! It is all a BIG SHOW! Trying to suck us all in to watch all the nutcases! Meanwhile, middle america suffers!
    And the hits just keep on coming!

  55. Let me get this straight, the HOSUE is now voting on preventing child marraige!
    Entertainment Tonight! Congrerss has become a reality show! Man alive! you gotta be kidding me?

  56. No seduction needed – I’m drooling, but quietly 😉

    That’s a wonderful picture of the Navajo Code Talkers in the section on the Tribal address 🙂

  57. Well the rules were passed, so they will begin a 3 hour debate on the tax bill after this vote.
    Long night for all of us! LOL! Still hope Wyden is ok, but this is bad management, not knowing this and not planning for it! BAD!

  58. All Hell is breaking loose in the Congress. Reid just brought the omnibus to the floor, republicans are screaming bloody murder.
    And in the HOUSE, it is so confusing, alot of republicans are for the tax cuts(some are not) alot of dems are not for the tax cuts(some are), but we all want it to pass!

  59. I’m in Oregon, and usually really like DeFazio… Can someone fill me in a little bit on what he’s doing today?

  60. A provision barring Guantanamo Bay detainees from being transferred to the United States appears to have lost its steam in Congress, allowing President Obama to decide whether he wants to try the Sept. 11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a civilian court.

    The House passed a funding bill last week that would have cut off money being used to pay for the transfer of Guantanamo prisoners to the United States for trials, a provision that was criticized by Attorney General Eric Holder. The language in the bill was added to the Senate’s omnibus spending package; however, it also includes a provision stating that such a ban on transfers could be trumped by the National Defense Authorization Act.

    The discovery was reported by the website of the American Prospect, to which a Senate staff member confirmed that the NDAA language could override the ban. The wording has been in the bill since the Armed Services Committee approved the defense authorization bill, but it’s unclear who added the language.

    In a letter to the Senate’s majority leader, Harry Reid, and minority leader, Mitch McConnell, Holder wrote that a ban on Guantanamo transfers is an “extreme and risky encroachment on the authority of the Executive branch.”

    “This provision goes well beyond existing law and would unwisely restrict the ability of the Executive branch to prosecute alleged terrorists in Federal courts or military commissions in the United States as well as its ability to incarcerate those convicted in such tribunals,” he wrote.

    If the authorization bill passes Congress after the omnibus measure is approved, as expected, such a ban would be nullified.

    “This year’s bill further strengthens our national security by continuing Congress’s work to provide the necessary funding, authorities, and oversight for those who defend America from terrorists,” reads a summary of the authorization bill from the House Armed Services Committee. “It fully supports President Obama’s counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, the nation that served as the genesis for multiple attacks against America, including the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.”


  61. GOP are raising hell about Reid bringing the bill to the floor to set up voting against it by claiming “bad process” or being so outraged that they change their votes elsewhere and say “Sorry 9.11 first responders, DREAM Act and DADT but you see Sen. Reid hurt our feelings so we’re going to vote this down – but realize we really wanted to vote for these things, but the evil Democrats give us no choice so blame them”.

  62. See, it is all rigged@! These republcian senators come out for it, and then say bad process. Same as HCR! It is how they say wwe were for it, but the dems are to blame! Sadly, it works, and reid gets played everytime!

  63. TPM is reporting that Reid is filing cloture tonight on DADT and Dream Act, which means voting will be Sat. They’re surmising that DADT will be up first.

  64. You do not know me, but I fell for you as a lurker at DK. Smart, calm, full of facts.

    I used your Hillet quote on a piece of art for my art exhibition last month.

    It reminds me of Obama. Is that why you use it as your signature?

  65. Yes I think you should keep a copy of the letter as a template for use with other senators/reps. Something tells me that with the new congress we have starting next month, we’ll be needing these kinds of letters for the next 2-6 years!!!

  66. And Collins, Brown et al will vote against it because of the process. They’re so damn transparent and predictable I’d bet my house on it.

  67. I just saw Senator Durbin’s speech on the floor, exposing the down-right hypocrisy of Senator McConnel and Senator Kyl.

    HOW in the world could Congress becoming functional again ??

    The media isn’t doing its job and the republicans get away with murder.

    And if the democrats try to complain, the media is just yawning.

    There has to be some way to force media to discuss this problem. Since they’re only interested in drama, can someone with a high profile be “drafted” ?? A group of celebrities planting tents on the Hill ?? Rent a Geezzz…. I’m kind of desperate.

    Do people have suggestions ???

  68. That’s so unexpectedly sweet!

    I’m blushing like mad over here in the RW. 🙂

    How did the exhibit go?
    What type of medium/s?
    Were you pleased?
    Tell us more. 🙂

    How did you incorporate the Hillet quote?

    Isn’t it such a lovely thing?

    In answer to your question, I use the quote because it resonates with my life. There’s been some very difficult times, where hope was non-existent and fear loomed over everything. I’d go out and throw rocks at the barn while yelling at the Universe.

    There’s also been a great deal of healing, acceptance, and thankfulness. When I look back on those days, when I catch myself tripping over an old reaction that gets in the way, or an old sorrow rises to the surface, the old bible story of Jacob wrestling with the Angel has come to mind.

    He dared to wrestle with an Angel! Such effrontery on his part, how daring and dangerous, – the frail, human desperateness of it all. He won, but forever after walked with a limp. He was marked by his struggle, as we all are marked by ours. We all wrestle with our Angels and Demons. They’re just two sides to the same thing.

    We all dance, fall down, and get up to dance again. 🙂

    Sorry for rambling on.

  69. A few days ago I asked how to insert a pick to my name/profile, a person gave me the info and I should be ashamed for not remembering the name (or written it down). I went back a few blog-posts and could not find my original post to thank that gracious person.
    I thank that person for posting the info and a whole bunch of kudos to you! My two little doggies are now on the blog (while snoring in bed)!!!

  70. good idea qmastertoo. lolol I just thought to myself, I really need to get hubby a coat just like that one. hah!

  71. ((((rsm))))

    Thanks so much honey. There’s been so many lovely responses. They’ve all meant a great deal.

    We’re all hoping she does the right thing and votes to repeal.

  72. Love your response.

    You’ve inspired me to join your plan.

    “…plan to make that one of my real stick to it resolutions in 2011 and beyond to email and call the media whenever they put a Hamsher et al on teevee as if they are the ‘base’.. and when they omit the many things this administration is doing in favor of setting up and promoting battles that the majority of Americans are not interested in. Most of us want progress, most of us see progress when it is put before us, the media is ignoring progress.”

    Amen to that.

    And thank you so much for calling Snowe and Leiber…Leiber….::choke::..Leiberman. I’ll do the same. 🙂

  73. Hey hopefruit.

    How you doing honey?

    Hanging in there?

    You’re right of course, the next few years are going to be very interesting.

    President Obama’s election has pulled the lid off of a great deal of ignorance, greed, and nastiness. It’s ugly nature is in full view now and is only going to get more obvious.

    And I think it needs too. America has been complacent for far too long. There’s a great deal of cleaning and healing to do. He’s the one to do it and we’re the one’s he’ll need to help do so.

  74. DADT. What this country needs right now is one big group hug, as we await the outcome.

    Senators Reid & Liberman. I wish you the best of luck in this. And thank you both for your determination to see this through to its rightful conclusion. Repeal of DADT. Two older men who get it.

  75. I saw Rachel too this afternoon. I thought she tried to be more respectful. She had the honesty to acknowledge that President Obama HAS NOT changed his position on the tax cuts for the top 2%. What she said is that many on the left are not analysing the particular details of the compromise; they are having an emotional reaction because they realize President Obama isn’t bringing the big change they were hoping for.

    Still no honest and realistic analysis as to WHY the change is not happening fast. But she has come down a bit.

    It’s heartbreaking to see how a certain faction of the left is ALWAYS undermining a democratic President or candidate. Carter, Clinton, Gore, and now Obama. And each time, they help the GOP get in the White House. And each time, the progressive agenda takes a hit. WHEN are they going to wake up ??

  76. Where about in Africa are you zizi? Hope it is warm and sunny out where you are cause we are freezing in the east coast, it sure is looking like a white Christmas here. 🙂 Stay safe!

  77. (((((Time))))

    Hey honey, it’s so good to see you!

    Didn’t do anything that other’s don’t do.

    We can all move mountains, yes we can. 🙂

    Hope all is well with you and your beautiful family.

  78. You’re very kind dessert flower, but I didn’t do anything that other’s don’t do.

    We can all do this and each thing we do adds up to something wonderful.

    Like being here and encouraging each other on. 🙂

  79. Really agree with you wise words, readerwriter.

    I’ve never understood anyone who thought that yelling and name calling was persuasive.

    Just makes me want to turn around and walk away.

    It’s not an intelligent or healthy way to interact with anyone.

    I get being frustrated, angry and disappointed, but those have to be channeled into creating a positive, not a negative.

    Wish more people understood that.

  80. They’ll wake up as soon as they’re willing to be accountable for their actions.

    I’ve delt with enough of them to know that far too often facts and context are not appreciated, so I’m not holding my breath.

    Until emotions are balanced out with reason, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  81. The tax compromise has been passed by the House of Representatives and is now on the way to the President’s desk. A huge win for the middle class and a boost for economic recovery. Now on to DADT, DREAM, START!

  82. Wow, thank you for that news. Excellent news indeed, imo. I’m so glad they did the right thing, particularly for the unemployed.

  83. I don’t think so. They wanted debate time earlier because it was part of the Defense bill. Now it’s stand-alone. I think it will pass cloture on Saturday. The tax cut thing is done, so that excuse is over.

  84. The vote was 277 – 148. I haven’t been able to find out yet who voted for or against. But the vote was not at all close. Although we still face many difficult fights, I felt like celebrating. My two Maine Coon cats didn’t seem to be impressed by my dancing, so I gave them a little catnip and now the whole family is in holiday mood. Well, let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  85. Was just going to post the new before crawling off to bed. 🙂

    Thank you so much.

    Now indeed, lets get DADT, DREAM, START and the Funding bills done.

    I know how important they all are, but dear lord, I want DADT and DREAM to pass for our young people.

    We have lots of phone calls and letters to write don’t we? 🙂

  86. It’s been a long day and I’m worn slap out. But, your happy dance/catnip story brought a smile to my face!

  87. Yep High Five back to you Africa.. think of how much relief a whole lotta folks are going to be feeling in the morning when they get this news.

  88. Happy dance indeed.. my cats don’t get overly thrilled by my dancing either 😉 It will be quite interesting to see who voted against.

  89. We must redouble our efforts on behalf of DADT, DREAM and START – now that the Republicans have no excuse left! The spending bill already went down – they are now looking at a temporary fix to keep going.

  90. I know. My biggest worry was for these people who stood to lose out on their unemployment. Glad to see that they won’t be left out in the cold.

  91. Here’s what I just received in an email from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

    “”BREAKING NEWS: Congress has passed a deal that extends emergency unemployment for more than a year. And the role you played in shining a light on the struggles of jobless Americans helped make it happen.

    This is a huge relief for the more than 1.4 million long-term job seekers who already have lost their emergency unemployment benefits. But this deal comes at a terrible price: It rewards obstructionists with huge tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires.

    To get their way, Senate Republicans terrorized millions of jobless workers—making them live in fear for months as cold weather and the holidays approached. Some of our jobless brothers and sisters lost the ability to warm their homes or put food on the table and gas in the car. Some working families even lost their homes to the Big Banks that caused our economic meltdown—all so Senate Republicans could get tax breaks for the rich. These tax cuts throw away precious resources needed for investments in jobs and will do very little to propel economic growth.””

    Yes. We pragmatic liberals know exactly what we had to do to support the President in his efforts to assist our fellow Americans at a time of great need.

    We now need to bring laser focus on the avaricious, corrupt Republicans whom have only one constituency – 2 % of the American population whom control the vast majority of monetary wealth in this Nation.

    The Republicans have unrelentingly and unabashedly represented the avaricious few. Now ALL the rest of us need to do everything we can to ensure that the 113th Congress and the Office of the President are occupied by Americans who represent the other 98 %. And, without doubt the occupant of the White House come Jan 2013 should (MUST) be Barack Obama.

  92. Hey, guy! Maybe you’d look sharp in a coat like that… should Santa bring you one for solstice? 😀

  93. Huge news on the tax bill passing and also a relief that Wyden will be there this weekend for the DADT repeal and DREAM Act votes. Hopefully, they’ve caught his cancer in time and he’ll make a full recovery.

  94. And what a shock that Lieberman is on the correct side of an issue! I can’t remember the last time I thought he was right about anything.

  95. Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide to everything that’s happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Walk step by step with the President as he signs a landmark childhood nutrition bill, urges passage of the compromise on tax cuts and unemployment insurance, discusses the Afghanistan-Pakistan Annual Review, and more.

  96. Call me cynical, and I think that Lieberman is trying to cover for his shenanigans re: the public option. He’s got to do something for votes. Why is he so adamant that this get done now? Indeed, he could be sincere, but that seems unlikely.

  97. I even heard a soundbite from Bachmann today, complaining about the wasted $56 million in the deal that is intended for the unemployed. No complaints about the rich bonus tax, though.

  98. I just love West Wing Week. It is one of my favorite features on It’s such a cleaver way to show what has been accomplished by this busy administration. The volume of activity at the White House is overwhelming. There is no rest for the weary.

  99. when you think of what the nation gets from the msm it’s depressing: 99% of it is unfit even for mental midgets

    as we know, whatever is repeated over and over is education, so-called

    and the scores show it, the usa is way down in many of the tests for all sorts of learning

    no wonder so many vote repub, they literally don’t know what’s good for them

    the augean stables were nothing to what this modern hercules was presented with, this mess will take more than two years, maybe more than twenty, maybe more

  100. I was up last night watching as the bill passed, and CSPAN took a few callers right before the final vote. Indeed, most people WANTED this bill to pass, not because of the tax cuts for rich, but because they were concerned about themselves or loved ones losing their unemployment benefits, or wanted their own taxes to not go up. And unlike the wealthy PL punditry, the callers were angry with the Republicans, not the President.

  101. Wonderful news, I went to bed and missed it.

    I am doing my happy dance too:
    Party over here, party over there yeah!! thats right. hee hee

  102. I’m confused. Didn’t Trumka post a diary on orange saying the bill would be a stab in the heart of the middle class? IIRC, he was only focused on the tax cuts for the wealthy and not the other bits. When did he have his come-to-Jeebus moment?

  103. The article states that her aides eventually met with the responders. And, she said she would vote for the bill if Reid brings it to the floor for vote.

    We’ll see…

  104. Folks, I just read a beautiful story by Frank Schaeffer, the ex far-right evangelical who quit the movement and is now denouncing it. It’s kind of OT, but there are some parallels to what’s happening in politics right now. I have to say the conclusion made me think about President Obama and what he’s trying to do.

    It’s a good read, I garantee you. You can pass it along if you wish.

  105. Pingback: Afternoon Open Thread - Jack & Jill Politics

  106. Ditto on the coat pix. Drool, that is. Thanks BWD, because without you I would not have been able to hear the speech to Native Americans. Amazing and wonderful – all the people coming over here from you know where.

  107. i’ve often wondered why the actors, writers, songwriters, musicians, etc., who are leftists, and there are many many among them, aren’t making their political positions known;

    there are far more creative people among the left than the right, but they seem to keep quiet

    i don’t get it

  108. Sorry if I made too much noise drooling at the “Coat” pics. Now that’s what I call “Obama Eye Candy”

    BWD you’re the bomb, girl!!

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