More people are waking up

Bob Cesca: Are Progressives Losing Touch With Reality?

This afternoon, Markos Moulitsas wrote an offhanded comment on Daily Kos that seems completely in line with the recent upswing in progressive apoplexy. Referencing a post by Duncan Black about the president’s tax cut deal, Markos wrote, “Tax cuts don’t create jobs. It’s really obnoxious hearing Democrats like Obama trying to make that argument.”

Right off the bat, and not to go all Aaron Sorkin nitpicky on Markos, but it’s President Obama. Come on. Is it seriously that difficult to type the word “president?” And while I agree with the first part, I’m not sure what Markos is talking about in the second part. The president has never once suggested that tax cuts create jobs.

// snip

There’s a larger and growing crisis within the progressive movement. I’m worried that certain factions of the movement are losing touch with reality.

// snip

First of all, the progressive movement is hardly the president’s base. Most progressive leaders supported John Edwards during the primaries, and many were ambivalent about the president once he was nominated. The president’s base is made up of mostly non-political Americans — many of whom desperately need their unemployment benefits to continue until the jobs return.

Second, stop whining and wise up, progressives. The president isn’t going to pass every last thing on your personal wish list. Just because he compromised on something that you’ve been frantically tweeting about doesn’t mean it’s time to pitch a tantrum and hurl the board game across the room — storming off in a snit.

The volume of progressive crabbery and moping lately has been staggering — otherwise sane progressives vowing to not vote in 2012, or to somehow conjure up a viable primary challenger to run against the president. Suffice to say, both ideas are ridiculous and ultimately self-defeating. Fun to bitch about as a way to blow off steam, but also a great way to elect Awful Republican President X.

Good gravy, are we really this fragile? The president accurately criticizes progressives for not understanding the political climate on the Hill, and we stomp and flail like a gaggle of infants? Pathetic.


But mainly, enough with the pouting. We have to stop mistaking petulance for “principle” and get something done.




And I want to highlight a comment Corrine made in an earlier thread:

I just think that press conference was a turning point. I caught a glimpse of the man who gave the red state/blue state speech, as well as the speech on race. There was a hard truth to his words that hit home. And I think some progressives were just hurt to see the return of that eloquence and biting truth but have it directed towards them! lol Many feel so defeated and have been yearning for someone to fight for them.

What they need to understand is, his ability to turn from a “shellacking” and in a blink of an eye, be able to swim with sharks, speaks well help the Dems as a whole in the long run. If he did a press conference where he talked of nothing but bipartisanship and rainbows, well, that would be troubling. But that press conference was reality-based in the coldest possible terms. He showed he knows EXACTLY who he is dealing with on both sides. And just because he’s of the left doesn’t mean he thinks the left is above reproach. Also, he knows the GOP and what motivates them (their “Holy Grail”).

And he is now in a position to govern, to be seen as a voice of reason, etc. He may very well turn into the “Red state/Blue state” Obama and figure of change that many in the middle hoped he be. Of all the campaign promises he’s kept, the goal of “changing how Washington works” and “changing the tone” are areas that were not within reach because of the GOP’s demonization and obstruction. This tax deal affords him a new look.


The president will deliver a statment to the press (11:45 ET)  on the Afghanistan-Pakistan annual review. According to MSNBC, the review concludes that al-Qaida and the Taliban power weakened, and that American forces can begin withdrawing on schedule in July.


Can you believe it, We may actually have 60 votes to repeal DADT.

Snowe and Murkowski will support the standalone bill



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  1. I actually removed Bob Cesca from my favorites a couple of weeks ago because he was actually part of the Whining Left. It’s good see him finally wake up.

    See what happens when emotions subside and reason rules?

  2. Good morning BWD and BWDers! I thought you might enjoy my latest blog. It’s about how teabagges (and probably anyone on the right) have already begun rewriting history only two years after Barack Obama was elected as President:

    Revisionist history: teabagger style

    Starky, I agree with you on Bob Cesca. I was glad to see him post this morning that kos had gone off the rails. In general, I have always really enjoyed his blog.

  3. Love Cesca’s post. He’s spot on. Of course, I read some of the comments, and they are full of people getting their panties in a twist because they were called out. WHOOOOSH – that’s the sound of Cesca’s post going over their heads.

  4. Looks like at least part of professional left is waking up. But I doubt whether the firebagging dkos fdl, hp etc. will do follow suit since they seem to be invested in going down in flames.

  5. Good Morning Rational Thinking People

    Here is the White House Schedule for today:
    Thursday December 16, 2010
    All Times Eastern 7:00 AM

    8:00 AM
    9:00 AM
    9:30 AM President Obama delivers remarks at the White House Tribal Nations Conference.

    10:00 AM President Obama and VP Biden receive the presidential daily briefing.

    11:00 AM
    11:45 AM President Obama delivers a statement to the press on the Afghanistan-Pakistan annual review.

    12:00 PM
    12:05 PM Gibbs briefs the press with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and General James Cartwright.

    1:00 PM
    2:00 PM
    3:00 PM
    3:15 PM VP Biden presents the 2009 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

    4:00 PM
    5:00 PM

  6. Well I am convinced that the fdl crowd must keep controversies going. I think that’s how that site survives.

    Huffington Fox was taken over a year ago by a mixture of Fox news watchers masquerading as “concerned supporters” of the President. Then the purist were duped into believing that they had found “like minded” people so a chorus of negativity was founded. Its a total cesspool and they like it like that.

    Kos found issues with this President from day one. He has tried in subtle and overt ways to castigate this President. They call us sheep but look at how they follow his lead over there. The front pagers all lined up to take a bite out of this President as if on cue. IMO the struggle for balance by the folks who participated on that site was lost to the purists over this last “controversy of the week”. It will be interesting to see if once cooler heads prevail if people rejoin that collection but I have a feeling that this one might have been the last straw for quite a few of this Presidents supporters. The hatred that spewed out crossed the line and therefore many other progressive sites (such as here with BWD) has become their new home.

  7. Crossed the line is right. It is now completely impossible to have a rational policy discussion. If you don’t toe the party line, it is nothing but vicious insults and hate.

    Funny, I thought the party line was “more and better Democrats”.

  8. I’ve always liked Bob Cesca. He always seems pretty realistic. So many got caught up in the Poutrage.

  9. I truly believe that President Obama will be one of the greatest president’s of all time. I admire how he does not bend to his base but governs for the vast majority of Americans. I too find the silly prostestation of the progressive blogs to be unrealistic. Would I like Bernie Sanders as president, yep, but never in a million years will it happen. At least not in my lifetime. But change comes and it comes slowly, but make no mistake, it is coming.

  10. The priorities of the progressives when Obama was elected: Take Bush/Cheney into custody and try them on TV with public hanging. Take over the banks and nationalize them. Spend 3 trillion dollars on public works projects to make up for the 8 million jobs lost by Bush. Anything short of these things is a sell out!!

  11. Top House liberal concedes Obama tax deal likely to pass House
    By Greg Sargent

    In another sign that Obama’s tax cut deal seems likely to pass into law over liberal opposition, a top House progressive who opposes the compromise conceded in an interview that it’s likely to pass the House pretty much as is, and predicted it could get the support of scores of Democrats.

    Raul Grijalva, one of the deal’s most outspoken opponents, told me just after the Senate overwhelmingly passed the tax deal this afternoon that he personally was not conceding defeat. He said his opposition hadn’t diminished one bit and vowed to continue “opposing it all the way down the line.”

    But Grijalva allowed that the deal was likely to pass the House anyway, because the House Dem leadership was essentially structuring the process to ensure its passage — and that White House lobbying of individual members was paying off.

    “The appetite for rejecting the White House deal isn’t as intense as it should be,” Grijalva told me, adding that passage is “where it’s headed.”

    “It’s a combination of factors,” Grijalva continued. “The White House has been very active in its lobbying. And there’s the specter of denying the middle class and unemployed their benefits from this deal if you vote it down.”

    Speaking of the entire bill, Grijalva concluded: “It’s being set up to pass.”

    Let’s get ‘er done. I figure if we hurry, we have time for one more controversy before the year is out \snark.

  12. Excellent by Cesca. He nailed kos for some of the hogwash he and his minions utter. Everything Cesca said needed to be said. I tried to make some of those same points at kos as it was going completely whacko off the rails—-that I thought we were supposed to be the smart ones, the “reality” people.
    And this by Cesca: “Using non-reality-based criticisms instead of laser-focusing our efforts and resources on tearing down the real killers—-conservatives, tea party people and the GOP.”
    Why isn’t that notion evident to everyone with a working brain cell?

  13. Hey guys, Rough week for me personally b/c I’ve had bad news. I found some good news for the president in the NBC/WSJ Poll where he’s at 45%, this also appears:

    His personal ratings remain much stronger than his professional ratings.
    For instance, he gets his highest marks for having a strong family and family values (74 percent give him a high rating here), being easygoing and likeable (68 percent), being inspirational and exciting (51 percent) and having strong leadership qualities (49 percent).

    Yes, he’s likeable (enough) 🙂

  14. Congrats Grijalva. You finally got the Prez’s point.

    “And there’s the specter of denying the middle class and unemployed their benefits from this deal if you vote it down.”

  15. You know what else has returned……”he’s really black” WTF?? The man has certainly fooled me here, because I was absolutely certain he was black.

  16. I am glad to see bob cesca finally coming to his senses.

    Like the other commenters above said bob cesca has been downright nasty in some of his articles about President Obama in the past.

    Good to see him coming into contact with reality.

    It would be nice to see his article being cross referenced at some of these other hateful sites e/g/ Kos,and FDL,MSNBC,CNN,Daily Beast etc.

    Sometimes I think the problem is that people tend to just read or listen to their points of view and are hardly aware of what the other side is saying or seeing.

    In essence I mean maybe we should go on the Daily Beat or CNN and when we see crazy stuff we stop and correct it on a regular basis,and maybe,just maybe,a little more balance thinking will come about.

    I know I do that from time to time.I send emails to these cable news station and to ABC and other sites occasionally.

    I am sure somebody reads them.

  17. I read that post at DK and when I came to that line, all I could say was “WTF?” I was ready to go and make a comment calling Kos out on it when my selfpreservation mode kiked and and I decided why subject myself to it.

  18. Good morning Everyone,

    Thank goodness for this space. One can look forward to entering this blog without woefully wondering what the topic will be today.

    What makes this whole dialogue so crazy about the president is that, some people have gotten themselves so wrapped up in a pretzel, they can’t think straight. Therefore, their arguments are not even seen to be based on reason anymore. Instead it devolves into calling the president names, without clearly discussing the problems nor do we see those critics coming up with any substantive alternative to the isses they speak of.

    Over the last couple of months, I became fed up with the whole, President must, can’t, should do xyz, because it seemed, no matter what the topic, all of these people claimed to be experts on the topic. When I used to watch TV, whether the issue was healthcare, the economy, the war, the same so-called progressives were troted to speak to us about the isses.

    How people who run nothing or have never held any office, except own a blog become experts on every subject, and claim to be smarter than a man, who never would have become president of this country, if not for his brilliance, is simply beyond me.

    But here is the deal, the American people, and lots of liberals are not going to follow the president’s critics, the ones that offer criticism without reason, into oblivion.

    We don’t like people who act on emotions. The decisions they make are never good.

  19. Totally agree with you there. Thought about that myself a while ago. Don’t forget taking over over all of bp. Not the clean up, but the entire company.

  20. Thanks for pointing the article my direction, BWD. Cesca’s right. Kos’ snarls are getting ever more desperate. Downright Ugly. And Vicious.

    Heads-up for all former or still-hanging-on Kossacks: do yourself a favor and go over there and read the most amazing TTFN evah. A tour de force, a “thing of sizzling beauty” by blueness, the beloved.,-Koella,-On-Guitar

    And a special thanks to Donna, for today’s schedule! I am definitely tuning into PBO’s AF-PAK remarks. Of course, what I’d just die to hear is that we’re gettin’ outta Dodge. Today. But the news that withdrawal is still on schedule (which sent certain Kossacks into a tizzy of naysaying, of course) is good. I’m curious what else he’s going to say…

    Hopefully I can catch the remarks to the Nations Conference as well.

    BREAKING: Mr. Assange just released on bail…

  21. There is a stereotype that’s been swirling around in their heads regarding black people or minorities in general. Obama doesn’t fit that stereotype, therefore he must not really be black. Maher says it all when he says ‘we need suge knight not wayne brady’. That’s exactly how they think.

  22. Wow, I never thought about it that way but ur right, I am a bwd’er. Nice catch!!! I gave up on progressives during the health care debate. Was saddened by the Afghanistan debate, and glad bwd has a website during this debate. Go Obama, go dems 2012 and beyond baby!!!

  23. I read that Snowe and Murkowski will support DADT repeal, but haven’t heard anything about Collins …. ??? We will need a third R vote in Manchin defects.

  24. BWD thanks for the Huff Puff article by Bob Cesca. I use to read his articles in the past.

    I felt better to see that people have started to breathe again. I hope in time others on the ledge will walk back.

    As upsetting/entertaining as it was to watch the “PL exploding scenes” I will be happy when sanity returns to the “base” Peace

  25. I’ve wondered if (rather, I think) the Left is behaving so badly because they simply cannot admit to delivering the House to the GOP – not showing up in enough numbers at midterms. That’s where “principle” gets you.

  26. Are they waking up or is it true base that,s saying enough. Like Donna dem named the silent majority has waken.

  27. If you take a glance over there now, it looks pretty bleak. Other than one or two persistent reality-based participants, the whole site appears shrunk and fringey. The same small collection of the perpetually outraged post pointless, angry and misleading daily diatribes. They made a big mistakeroo there—- when others on the left begin noticing the false statements and that they have taken a bad detour, I see dkos continually sinking into insignificance.
    And that’s where BWD comes in—-much gratitude for this safe haven and a place to learn of real events and progress and to read smart commentary.

  28. Oh wow i hope she has’nt changed her mind. Do you know when they will take the vote.

  29. BWD, your summary of significant events with links is now my first go-to in the morning. It sets a hopeful tone for the rest of the day. I’ve been pulling away from political activism until the activists settle down, and that includes more lurking than I usually do. Meaning I may not always comment, but know that I always read and appreciate very much your contributions here.

  30. Please let’s not become what I believe most of us are trying to get away from — that being people who — I don’t know of a tactful way to say it — make petty and sometimes wrongful complaints about people.

    I say Obama* — not President Obama — and only his mother and children probably definitely love that man more than I do — his wife is a maybe ;->. His personality and expressed philosophy alone would be enough for me to declare him the best president to date.

    It’s just my personality. Titles beyond Mr and Mrs as a matter of politeness drive me crazy. I’ll repeat what I said to Republicans who complained that I meant “disrespect” by not referring to Bush as President Bush. There’s a sense of authority/submission to them that’s bothersome to me. Being president of the country makes him the boss of federal employees — not my boss. He is my employee — the candidate for the job I advocated hiring — the one we eventually hired.

    I believe he would agree with me on that as I have heard him tell a child “just call me Obama.”

    And as to the tax cuts creating jobs thing — I can’t remember if Obama said it — himself — or if it was spokespersons — but that has been said about some of these tax cuts. That statement is only wrong when it’s stated as a general truth. Targeted tax cuts can save or create jobs. (Now — given our circumstances — how effective they will be is worthy topic for lengthy discussion — and one we could be having as a country if not for all the crazy)

    We do ourselves no favors by repeating generic talking points. It’s just as bad for us to say “tax cuts don’t create jobs” as it is for Republicans to say “tax cuts create jobs.”

    Respectfully — and in the belief that most of the people here have shown themselves to be people who strive for smart advocacy — people who want to “yell smarter” — I caution against becoming so aggravated with people who make questionable statements and claims that we start to do the same things we complain about.

    I offer this comment with love and respect for all of you. I’m not a frequent poster — so I know most of you better than you know me. And I sincerely hope it isn’t held as a negative against me as I say it with positive purpose.

    And — as always — I welcome any disagreement — and feel “blessed” by information that corrects and improves me. If I’m wrong — I sure don’t want to stay wrong!

    *If I was in a formal setting with him — then I would say President Obama or Mr. President. Otherwise — it’s Obama.

  31. So the poutragers have finally realized that grandstanding for political points makes them no better than the goddamned Republicans.

    I predicted a few weeks back that eventually the Dems would take a dive and pass this thing, but only after they did enough grandstanding against the President for their egos.

    It’s sad and pathetic that we have two parties in Washington working against the Obama agenda. The Democrats failed to fight hard for healthcare reform over a year ago, now they’re doing the same over these tax cuts. How come Democrats are so afraid to take a stand for the low/middle income earners? How come when they actually do “take a stand,” it’s for political points only and not for those who need help?

    This is precisely why the Democrats lost the House last month. The Democrats didn’t fight and pissed everybody off. The Democrats are now the new Party of No.

  32. I Believe they receieved a lot of opposition. I know a lot of people blasted their representatives. I was one of them, when i called the person answering the phone said it was busy. The tone started to change on Tuesday.

  33. hatecloudsyourthoughts, last week on a conference call with OFA he introduced himself as Barack.

    I think people get upset when they feel others are being disrespectful. Peace

  34. Hi, Rhoda, I think there is a lot going on in Leftyblogistan – just a few ideas:

    1. The Professional Left’s egoes are battered – WAAAAAH! – Obama’s not doing what I’m telling him to do, how I’m telling him to do it…
    2. Cyberwars. The seige is on.
    3. Civil Libertarians are utterly demoralized by the lack of change and what they see as the administration’s hardening of stances against
    4. Class warriorers aren’t getting their way either, it seems, and their spittin’ mad.
    5. The unemployed and others who are seriously hurting, especially the older ones, are doing what’s natural when you are teetering on the edge – despairing.
    6. etc. etc. etc.

    But the bottom line is that all these people -for whatever legitimate or illegitimate reason – realize they have less power than they imagined. And that they are truly going to have to fight for what they want, instead of just kvetch and shout.

    From where I sit, the President is doing almost exactly what he needs to make the Congress shut up or do its job and to rile the progressives and liberals (and I count myself among this group as I am a Liberal, a lefty, a Democrat with fierce Socialist idealogies) to really MAKE HIM DO IT. I’ve actually started worrying less about their shouting and embracing it, even when it’s nasty and rude and hateful, as it shows that people are getting riled enough to push the Prez and even their congresscritters to do it. The Prez can’t do it without popular support behind him. I’m hearing some rumblings of BE THE CHANGE and hope that the smarter, more seasoned Progressive activists will steer their angry followers into a movement FOR our desires, rather that AGAINST the Prez, because he sure as hell ain’t the problem at this point. That is my hope anyway.

    Sorry for the rambling, raw, unedited post! I’ve been wanting to write about this lately.

    Be well!

  35. “The hatred that spewed out crossed the line and therefore many other progressive sites (such as here with BWD) has become their new home.”

    That pretty much sums it up for me.

    They didn’t even give him a chance to settle in, really. From Day One, it was to gripe and b!&#h all the time, every time. And then, Chris Hedges, who I do respect, hauls off and starts claiming that the Democrats are WORSE than the Republicans.

    Stuff like that…things like the comments on HP and DK…insults like Nader calling President Obama an “Uncle Tom”…the simmering possible racism…the inability to look and get the facts straight…the constant misreading and re-writing of history…and more importantly (at least for me) the refusal to actually go after the Republicans but instead waste words on Rahm Emmanuel and others in the Administration in constant attacks instead of turning the fire on the party that really got us into this mess…

    I’m through with these “progressives”, I’m done. Period.

    Yes, you can criticize this President in a constructive manner (you know, constructive criticism?). Heck, he encourages it! But these folks…no. Now they’re sounding more like right-wing zealots. What’s next for them? I’ve had it with them and their purist ways that lead to more trouble.

    This site is a breath of fresh air, a cool drink of water. Thanks for it.

  36. I guess the assumption by the reporters are that she will support the bill since she co-sponsored it. The “unknowns” at this point were Snowe, Murkowski and Brown.

  37. The Tribal Nations Conference is starting right now. Yet another reason to be proud of President Obama and his administration. Smart, efficient government in action.

  38. And in two years time a panicked Rep. Grijalva will run to DK frantic at the idea that he could lose his seat because his disctrict doesn’t appreciate his ideological purity.

  39. OT but hey, I just noticed that the WH copied my avatar for their holiday card this year. 🙂 Bo, the blackwaterdog, signed it too! (The Obama Diary)

  40. In casual conversation I don’t think it’s an issue either, though I do believe the MSM should always call him by his title.

    However when criticizing in a public forum, especially when the sites name is also your by-line, I think it’s better to use the title “President”, as the show of respect will indicate that it’s not personal in nature but constructive and measured. Of course Markos’ criticism is neither constructive or measured and is personal, so him using “Obama” is just another attempt to diminish him.

  41. This happened with HCR as well and makes the House dems look ridiculous. They absolutely destroy it in the media in some epic temper tantrum, but then vote to pass it. So either they’re initial outrage is seen as off the mark and unnecessary noise and drama, or they’re voting for a “bad bill”. And they wonder why their ratings are in the tank.

    They’re either drama kings and queens who whine and rant to hear their own voices, or they’re gutless and end up voting for a bad bill.

  42. I think the fact that so many “progressives” supported John Edwards in the primaries says it all. When he actually had votes in the Senate, he not only voted for the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind, the tax cuts, and the war resolution, he was one of 13 Senators who drafted the war resolution. Then he quit the Senate and said “I worked in a mill” and “progressives” fell at his feet. So much for their “reality-based” mindset.

  43. The only reason KYL and those rich republcians are mad they aint going home for x-mas, is they probably have some unreal parties planned.
    Can you imagine being a top senator, having 25 million in the bank, and knowing all those rich lobbyists?
    Must have been one hell of a party planned; now paging Charlie Wilson!

  44. Hey BWD i heard there was some movement on The Trade with China. It was a short article. I know you normally have economy news, I always look for your reporting on it. It mentioned that they agreed to start letting Beef back into their country from the USA.

  45. Wanted to say thanks to everyone here, this has quickly turned into a great little blog, I’m able (through reading the main posts,comments and links) to keep up on everything that’s going on.

  46. A friend sent me a link to the blueness article, which is the only way I will read anything on that site, if I can read a specific diary and don’t have to wade through the cesspool outside. An amazing read. I was particularly struck by his reasoning regarding his distaste for the idea of imprisoning Tom Delay, and am in total agreement. Punishment is never productive (though I admit there are those, the uncontrollably violent, who need to be separated from the general population, which should be done in as humane a manner as possible); the entire emphasis should be on rehabilitation, no matter how impossible it seems. Imprisonment usually does not lead to that.

  47. I think the Pete Souza photo of the White House in the snow is absolutely stunning. The composition is just amazing. The flag peeks out through the branches and is almost in the center of the picture. The few lights that are on create a warm glow. I currently have the image as wallpaper on my computer. Just gorgeous.

  48. Its so much thats not being reported. BWD has always tried to provide info. especially on the economy. Im glad you are kittypat.

  49. I agree. Courtesy says that you call someone by their title unless and until they ask you not to and to call them by another name or drop the title. My very personal feeling is that if you hold the office, you always get the title when referenced or addressed.

  50. Hey did’nt see your comment. Thanks for the link i thought i read something about this. Great news!

  51. In the picture above, It looks like Bo has joined the Secret Service and is helping guard the President. Good for him.

  52. I’ve really enjoyed it, was a longtime member(different name then)of the other site and missed reading a lot of people who are here. The content has been wonderful and you’re right ms4t there is SO much that goes unreported.

  53. Recipe of the Day-Warm Spinach Dip(or cold)

    Elmo Visits Sam Kass at the WH kitchen

    Report shows progress in Afghanistan

    President Obama signed legislation yesterday that will stop a significant pay cut for doctors who treat Medicare patients from taking effect.

    Feds Sue BP and other oil companies involved in oil spill

  54. The Cesca article is spot on. Although I avoid Huff/Post like the plague typically, I followed the link and read it in it’s entirety. Brava!

    1. I hate the disrespect shown by referring to the president as Obama.
    2. I have long been bothered by the distortions of his positions to fit a narrative promoted by particular bloggers/purists. It’s one thing to disagree with the presidents position but another to create a straw man and then attack him with it.

    He never suggested tax cuts for the rich would create jobs. Being angry with the president doesn’t change this fact.

    3. I have been a fan of Olbermann in the past despite his histrionics at times but he has just completely lost it in the past year. Even when I have agreed with him he’s been difficult to watch. Enough.

    Consider me an 87%er. I can’t take the drama of the purists anymore.

  55. Not sure where Scott Brown stands either. Still, I think it might pass this time. Fingers crossed. Does anyone know if the Senate will be voting on DADT today?

  56. Like Maya Angelou said: ‘when people show you who they are believe them’

    Seriously, his votes say it all. Its like smack right dab in your face.

    My first choice during the primaries was actually Joe biden. I barely followed politics so I was just going with my gut. He just seemed the most genuine and the most knowledgeable. Hillary was just another Clinton in my eyes – I didn’t see her as a woman running for president. Obama I dismissed because he was black and I knew absolutely nothing about him. Didn’t think this country would elect a black man and I had no idea the type of following he had. Imagine my shock when he won Iowa :). Edwards, again I was going with my gut, was too pretty. Seriously, I don’t trust pretty guys.

  57. to ‘hate clouds…’ I hear you. I always say President Obama, but I hear you.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about my behavior during the Bush (see) regime (I did it again).

    I remember hearing that he was doing good things in Africa, and to this day, I don’t know what that was about because I couldn’t let it in, I couldn’t hear ANYTHING positive about him. Hate really did cloud my thoughts.

    Hate, and feeling that I was so RIGHT I didn’t have to listen to anyone who didn’t agree with me.

    Now I see my loved Liberal friends slipping away from me because they are so sure that they are right.

    I don’t have any conclusions, but I just wanted to let you know that the things you bring up are things I have been thinking about, and your posts resonate with me.

    I have loved BWD from the first post of hers I found on dkos, and I feel that this space is a space where I can breathe, and even say things that I’m unsure about, or still trying to work out.

    This is the equivalent of a safe house. I’m so grateful.

  58. Excellent. Cordray sounds like he will be pit bull in dealing with the banking industry from that article. Again the president is looking out for the American consumer–glad I voted for him and will gladly do so again in 2012.

  59. Brooklynbadboy or some such person admitted in a post that Kos encourages his FPers to be as outlandish as possible to gin up the traffic. It shocked me that BBB would admit such a backroom comment, but he was getting lambasted for going too far and got defensive.

    And so, to repeat what Hachinko and I said last night…THE HELL WITH THEM!!

    PRESIDENT Obama, the real left, and the sane blogs have the upper hand now, as is should be.

  60. Hey Cat

    Same here with the bad personal news, but good political news. If you ever feel like emailing…

    I wish you the best.

  61. Excellent anaysis, Marley, IMO. Addition to number 5 – lashing out. But the bottom line, for political or deeply psychological reasons, their egos are shot to hell, and they react like children.

  62. Wow what a turn around for Cesca. If that’s the case, then good for him for waking up and smelling the coffee 🙂

  63. They have their 60 votes. Problem is, the few republican Senators who have promised to vote yes mentionned that they want both the tax compromise and the funding of government resolved BEFORE a vote on the repeal of DADT. The tax compromise will pass. The funding of governement seems to be problematic. So it looks like kind of blackmail to me. Another one.

    I hope Mr. Reed and President Obama have a solution up their sleeve. And that they’re not forced to make another painful compromise.

  64. I am loving all of the outreach Obama’s WH is doing with tribal groups. He seems to engaging with these groups much more than Bush or Clinton did.

  65. Eclectablog – I LOVED your voice of reason on DKOS before it got really crazy, and I admire you for trying to bring the sanity into the light, and all the encouraging work you’ve been doing on OFA!!

    Love your blog – keep up the good work, and the very funny posts!

  66. update: The hosue forces us reasonable people to hope the estate tax thingy goes down. They are all NUTS! Trying to save face with Trumka~

    Cspan: Last night, the House Rules committee met to vote on a rule for debate on the Middle Class Tax Relief Act of 2010 (H.R. 4853) that they are now taking up on the House floor. It provides for three hours of general debate and one amendment to change the inheritance tax provisions in the bill.

    Yesterday, the Senate passed the bill, negotiated between President Obama and Senate Republicans, by a vote of 81 – 19. The nay votes were composed of 13 democrats, five republicans and one independent voting against the legislation. The measure includes the extension of unemployment benefits for the next 13 months, as well as allowing tax cuts for all income levels to continue for another two years.

    In the Senate, lawmakers returns at 9:30am ET to resume debate on the START Treaty.

    Updated: 6 min. ago

  67. Had the same thought last night (no way!!!!!!kp). After quitting GOS, I became pretty uniformed. It was wrong as a citizen, as g, not so bad 🙂 But I’m in the loop again, because of this “fanboy/girl good for nothing except pretty pictures blog.” Hot damn, are Kosheads ever right about anything??

  68. I tried to argue Cesca’s point for a long time at DK and got nowhere with it. Maybe some of DK’s frontpagers will listen to Cesca because he’s more important. It would be nice to see DK regain some semblance of sanity, but I am not expecting it.

  69. Dotster – you and I both know that place well enough to be familiar with the names. IMO there are three groups left – the P/W people who love DK because of the venue it has fostered for them (at least I hope that’s why they still abide it), the people like TIMT and other BKers, who truly believe that in representing the other side, it will make a difference (I love them, but am skeptical) the people who have issues.

  70. They love him back. I’ve posted before that my Lakota friends consider him “family” (I forget the Lakota term)

  71. They never got past the desire to punish Bush/cheney. They spent weeks on it, including posting descriptions of tortured Iraqis, etc. I never got a handle on how genuine their outrage was, or was it conflated with a lot more.

  72. Good Morning Africa!

    This was what I always questioned and never understood! How many people who have never even accomplished 2% of what the President has done can even dare to quarterback and criticize the President is mind boggling to me.

    And if this makes me an Obamabot then I wear that name with pride! 🙂

  73. Another in the list of people making sense in the blogosphere-Gene Lyons at Salon.

    I too am so grateful for the sanity of this site,bwd. Your photodiaries at dk were always so uplifting-I would scan down the recent diary list past the “obama is a traitor”-type posts desperately searching of one of your pieces. I am a Pragmatic Progressive-let’s solve the problem people!-which is how I believe the President has always presented himself. Time and time again during the campaign, I would be outraged and ticked at something someone said or that he didn’t seem to hit back fast enough and then he would just respond in a reasonable way and I would think wow!-this guy is so much smarter than anyone else out there.
    I am with hatecloudsthethoughts and rd from upthread that more positive we are, the less likely we are to sink to the crazy place…

    I am reminded of then Candidate Obama during the campaign reacting to boos when Hillary’s or John McCain’s name was mentioned saying: “You don’t have to boo, just vote.” I love that.Thanks bwd.

  74. Speaking of the START Treaty, Senator John Kerry held a press conference yesterday where he totally eviscerated the Republican Party for their delaying tactics. He laid out the timeline of activities and the number of times he accommodated the Republican Party requests. He debunks every objection and excuse they have made with the facts.

    Senator Feinstein and Senator Levin also participated and made forceful statements at the end of the press conference.

  75. Interesting analysis.

    In the case of the most virulent critics, those who are making baseless accusations, I think it’s all about POWER. They desperately need to feel they have power somewhere, on something, on someone !!!!

    The GOP ? Corporate America ? Too powerful and protected by the system.

    The President ? The Democratic party ? Ah… yes… they finally have some power there. The media will talk about them abandoning the President. The President’s numbers will be affected. They’ll FINALLY feel that THEY are making a difference.

    It’s so sad. Because what they’re doing is so counter-productive. They’re ending up HELPING the political opposition. And in the end, UNDERMINING the progressive agenda.

    People who dream of a more just america, a more just world should ALL work together. And ALL the energy should be directed at the OBSTACLES to progressive causes. Not at the President who is doing his best to push the ball forward !!!

  76. What is amazing to me is the strain of elitism which runs through the larger new media spaces like barbed wire. “Do you know who I am???? I write for xyz; I’m a prominent diarist!!!” Just making note of that, because I agree that some of the blog divas will be more inclined to listen to one of their own rather than a lowly commenter.

    I personally am simply done. I understand and respect a viewpoint which thinks that some of these spaces can (and should) be rehabilitated, but I personally think that the idea that spaces which have demonstrated that they can be twisted into acting against best interests by sensationalism and high volume—it’s foolhardy to trust those spaces to house the online left with a crucial year coming in 2012.

    I say, let’s start from square one. Look at this space: it’s not a commodity. No one is here building a little side media business or political consultancy, pushing the envelope for page clicks. The dialogue is centered and reasonable. There is no disrespect towards African Americans despite disagreements about how much racism is at play, and there is no virulent hatred towards the President or hatred towards the federal government. This is in effect not the teaparty.

    The latest meltdown/manufactured “shock” crisis (and make no mistake everyone, it is merely the latest in a series and will not be the last) has been a traffic bonanza for the smaller, more trustworthy sites. I hope that it continues actually, so that people might understand how much time is wasted in the sensational spaces, and how much reasonable people trying argue with it, or balance it, legitimizes some truly ridiculous ideas. Pragmatists really have never needed purity partisans for sane, balanced conversations and constructive criticisms. Purity partisans have always needed pragmatists and the diversity of spaces like BKos in order to argue that they reside within a reasonable context.

    So sorry for the long comment; my two cents and great to see you as always askew!

  77. Kos calling the president Obama reminds me of Palin for whom it is sooooo difficult to address our CIC as President Obama. I have always taken President Obama’s detractors as being disrespectful when they are so willing to refer to the long dead Ronald Reagan as President Reagan, and although she quit halfway in her term, Palin has demanded in her speaking contracts that she be referred to as Governor Palin. The hypocrisy of these individuals never ceases to amaze me. Just the fact that many of them call themselves Christians but fail to practice the Golden Rule tells me all I need to know about the depth of their Christianity.

  78. cool better
    Washington Post/ABC poll that are likely to get lost in all the noise:

    President Obama’s approval rating is 49% (compared to the much publicized 42% in the McClatchy-Marist Poll yesterday)

    * “The midterm elections were widely seen as a rebuke to President Obama. Still, the public now trusts Obama more than congressional Republicans to deal with the country’s main problems in the coming years” (43 to 38 per cent)

  79. blueness is a really brilliant guy. blueness’ store of knowledge and insightfulness is probably unmatched on dkos. Smart, smart person. I refuse to give dkos a single page click, but does anyone know if he’s on his own blog or at another space? He’s just a delight to read.

  80. Maybe this site and others are finally waking the professional left up to the fact that the line they were touting against the president is not a winning one. I don’t know if anything can change the narrative over at DK though. They have gone too far and lost too many reasonable people. The majority of those left there are not reasonable and don’t want to be. It is good news though to see a few voices in the media beginning to push back against the unhelpful and invalid criticisms.

  81. Oh…this is so perfect to a piece I am doing on KO. It goes right hand in hand. Just want to let you know how much I (we) appreciate your work highlighting the good and the positives. So many foaming at the mouth need to hear it. And these so called liberal voice must be pushed back. At least they need to start respecting the man and call him Mr. President rather than be like Palin who never acknoweledge and call the president, not Presiden Obama but Obama.

    Again, thank you BWD for your continued commitment in providing such an
    excellent forum.

  82. Precision is important. For people who claim to be reality-based and are such virulent critics of President Obama, it’s pretty egregious that words are ascribed to President Obama which were *simply never said.* President Obama has maintained that he continues his disfavor with tax cuts for the rich and only included them in the deal in order to obtain other necessary concessions. He has never flip-flopped on this issue and is probably the person who is the single most responsible for convincing the country that these tax cuts are not sound economic policy.

    It’s fitting facts into a preexisting narrative, or in other words, launching condemnations on a fact-free basis.

    I think *that,* coupled with the refusal to use POTUS’ title, is what sets people off (at least, speaking for myself, it’s what sets me off).

    So I totally understand your point of view and I think that your particular stance is reasonable. It’s just a little generous to project your reasonableness onto people who are coming from another place. My two cents.

  83. I suspect by now several twitter servers have melted from the outrage-flow among PLers about Mr. Cesca’s blog 🙂

    Good to see him deliver a dose of reality to that crowd, in any event.

    Thank you, again, bwd, for such a great place!

  84. Although many Americans don’t know it, oftentimes, well-educated, articulate black people “catch” it from all sides. We’re seen by some as “trying to act white,” and by others aas “not being black enough.” IMHO, this is due to the fact that most Americans have failed to view members of racial groups as individuals and have allowed the prevailing stereotypes to shape their perceptions of every member of the group. AG Holder was right. When it comes to discussing the issue of race, Americans are cowards.

  85. Good morning lila,

    I personally think that the online left needs to continue this process of decentralization so that we are never again at the mercy or whimsy of one small group of people who can decide to swarm at will and create a false narrative (The Great Tax Cut Deal Purity Swarm of December 2010, thank God, a FAIL). It gives the lazy media too much of a shorthand for the base (“dkos/Greenwald/Hamsher says this; thus the base must think this”) and creates a self-reinforcing narrative by which the media tells us that everyone else in the base thinks this, tempting people to think that they should adopt their thinking to that position as well.

    I love the new smaller blogs which have emerged and hope that more continue to spring up.

  86. Morning TIMT! I’m on record re: my skepticism that some of that audience can (or even should) be reached. But I love your writings and I love your contributions to ThePeoplesView. Excellent.

  87. I thought Bob was losing it a couple of weeks ago also…..he seem to have finally thought about things.

  88. I read the Cesca article last night . . . I loved how he dropped a little truth on Keith “Self Righteous” Olbermann . . . this liberal “alternate reality” is really getting out of hand.

    Great job as always BWD! :o)

  89. jumpin jehosaphats,g oooooh,weeeee, ooooh,

    Hate to admit I was using the other joint in lieu of the paper and teevee but I was, and after months of reading a lot of wrong! wrong! wrong! in answer to your last question I’d say “no”. 🙂

  90. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides BWD creating this blog, is getting exposed to other blogs that promote reasonable discourse, even when people disagree… And it’s also shown that indeed we are the “silent majority” of the progressive/liberal spectrum, and there’s a lot more of us out there.

  91. hate clouds and rd, I, too, agree that we must work very hard not to become hardened and unforgiving to those who disagree with us. At this point, I admit, I prefer to stay away from an angry mob rather than attempt to reason with them, but we do not further a more compassionate culture by returning rage with rage. I still believe everyone can be reached, though perhaps not with a computer in between us.

  92. GN, someone sent me the link to the diary and one can access it without wading through the sewage surrounding it. Though I suppose that still counts as a click.

  93. I have not logged on to DailyNO’s or watched Countdown with Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow since the press conference last week where President Obama schooled everybody. It has calmed my nerves considerably. I reject the negativity and I plan to leave the poutragers in the dust.

  94. In my gut, I sensed that Edwards lacked depth. Depth of thinking, depth of character.

    What attracted some people towards him was the “warrior” langage. In his rhetoric, he was running AGAINST the ruling class. Music to the ears of some parts of the blogosphere. It’s particularly telling that his supporters just brushed off his less than stellar voting record. They just concentrated on his rhetoric, which was echoing their “let’s win against those corporate bastards” thinking.

    In comparison, Barack Obama was running with a much more positive spirit. Expressing a will to confront the abuses of Corporate America, yes. HOWEVER, using language that ELEVATED the debate. Always broadering the perspective. The depth of thinking, the understanding of history, the GENUINE warmth towards people, the delicate balance between self-confidence and willingness to listen, etc… I could go on an on…

    As for Joe Biden, I LOVED the man. In the beginning of the primaries, I was drawn to him. I was frustrated he didn’t get that much attention from the media, because I definitely saw him as presidential material. As the primaries progressed, I saw Barack Obama grow and grow and became convinced he would make a wonderful president. And when I heard the news he had chosen Joe Biden for VP, I was jumpinp up and down in my living room (seriously). Joe was by far my first choice for VP.

    Joe Biden said it himself that once he was in the “inside”, once he worked with Barack Obama the candidate, and then the President, he just had to admit the ticket had been in the right order. He’s very impressed by “his boss”. In return, President Obama obviously has great respect and affection for his VP.

    I think the team of Obama/Biden is just PERFECT. This presidency is so difficult, so stressful, so intellectually, emotionally and physically demanding, I think only someone like Barack Obama can sustain that. With Joe Biden right besides him as one of his most trusted advisors.

  95. So much lost energy nowdays…

    I watch in amazement when we use so much energy to extol our dissatisfaction when the “favorite celebrity” gets taken off of tv for a hot minute. 300,000 signatures and hundreds of thousands of calls were made to NBC/MSNBC demanding he be restored immediately to his job.

    Then we pack our bags and drive, or bus or fly or walk to DC when a comedic entertainer sends out the call to come to Washington to help “restore sanity” and more than 250,000 people show up the weekend before a major election and watched a nice show on the Mall.

    Yet this week in the final hours before a vote to repeal DADT the halls of Congress are silent. I want desperately for this law to be repealed. I’m not gay but I stand in full support with the gay community that this is an egregious law and should be overturned.

    Can someone tell me where are all those gay rights advocates that followed the President around this summer shouting, heckling and disrupting his speeches at Rallys and Fundraisers? Why are they not lined up hundreds deep at Republican Senators offices demanding that they consider their concerns when casting those votes to repeal this awful law?

    Why do we jump to a celebrities call to action but we sit passively waiting the fate of legislation that will affect our very lifes and if things don’t turn out like we want them too the anger will be directed at one and only one person (President Barack H. Obama) and then its back to chaining ourselves to the WH fence and following him around shouting, heckling, protesting and disrupting his speeches.

  96. The same thing is true at Democratic Underground, where about 90% of the people there have this irrational hatred for the President…they sound like FOX news just making shit up and ignoring anything good President Obama does (or polls that look good for Obama).

  97. Well said! I love the beauty of truly grassroots efforts and low-drama spaces, of which this has already become one of the best.

  98. I truly believe that President Obama is the first President in a long time who really does not give a crap about re-election….he cares about governing for the best of the country….while congress critters only care about re-election, we have a guy in the WH looking at the long game and what is best for the American people (which is not always the politically correct thing to do).

  99. So agreed; between here, bluewavenews, thepeoplesview, and weeseeyou, I think that I get much of the political news with none of the “extra” foolishness, which is terrific.

  100. Marly, I respectfully disagree with this:

    “I’ve actually started worrying less about their shouting and embracing it, even when it’s nasty and rude and hateful, as it shows that people are getting riled enough to push the Prez and even their congresscritters to do it.”

    I’m the first to admit that I’ve unfortunately involved myself in meta wars. In doing so, I’ve discovered one thing, when I use words that are nasty, rude and hateful, I dishonor my spirit, my soul.

    I’ve also chosen to view the nasty, rude and hateful words to the President and Congresspersons in this regard –
    When a parent uses such words towards a child, what, in the end, does the parent accomplish?
    When an employer uses such words toward an employee, what is the end result of the denigration?
    When a spouse uses such words against their spouse, what does it help to accomplish?

    The end result, I feel, is a wounded spirit, a wounded soul for both the giver and receiver of such words.

    For me, it is good to speak truth, to speak truth without wounding our collective souls.

    Peace and blessings to you, Marly.

  101. Sorry do not agree with this. I worked hard for this president to be elected. Black folks waited 200 plus years to be able to say PRESIDENT ________ fill in the blank and that pres look like us. MSM says Pres such and such easily no prob but when it comes to this one they have a prob. The constant “MR. Obama”, the constant “Obama” is disrespectful and ment to keep him subpar and on their level.

    I see when pres Obama left ex pres Clinton at the podium last week nobody had any trouble saying pres Clinton and don’t get me stated on the quitter governor failin, everyone in msm goes out their way to call her by her title. SO I will say Pres Obama until my last breath. He embodies all that is good in a president, so president Obama, president Obama again and again.

  102. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Would be oh so very nice if this made it to the “prominent” blogs/websites.

    Maybe BWD could make this one of the stories featured at the top?

  103. Great roundup at bluewavenews:

    Apparently, the teaparties are very angry with the new spending bill because it is full of targeted projects (“pork”) for Republicans. I personally think that targeted projects are just fine, but I’m glad that POTUS called this particular bluff.

    Bill Clinton made a day trip to Haiti to advocate for continuing development despite the challengers engendered by a post-elections political crisis.

  104. I was rooting for Clinton even though I never forgot Barack Obama’s speech at that convention. Gosh that was so amazing to me but I didn’t really know anything about politics or him so I was just was going with who I was familiar with. Then my now fiance, then boyfriend started telling me about this Barack Obama, like really breaking down what he was about. It sunk in, I started to have an emotional connection and I have never wavered from standing with this now president Obama. He has not disappointed me not once, if anything I am disappointed in the Democrats in Congress I never realized how shallow and weak they truly are.

  105. I’ve always like Bob Cesca and I hope that he’s finally getting a clue. This is not just about the progressive agenda, it’s about the entire country.

    And I’m sorry, but political blogs as much as I love them are only a small part of the country.

    I saw this comment by Kos and was shocked at the underlying tone. It was beyond ridiculous. It’s really sad to see this once positive venues go to the darkside. It’s funny because they would be offended to be compared to Freeperville, but its hard to tell the difference.

  106. Check out this comment by Tarheel Dem from Texas Mango’s GBCW diary over a week ago. It lays out the progressive case of the vapors over President Obama down to a tee:

    It gets very interesting…when folks take it personally when someone points out the mathematics of the Democratic base.

    Folks who live in progressive strongholds apparently aren’t exposed to the 24/7 Obama bashing that has been going on in red states. And that started when he was just starting to work on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. And it has been nonstop since. And it has been racist and ugly. And as a result African-Americans are going to support Obama; they are going to get his back. That’s just the way it is. And although I am a white Southern progressive, I can fully understand those sentiments, calculations, and resolve.

    As of now, Obama still can win any primary contest in 2012.

    What progressives need to get through their heads is that they are a very small minority and in a democracy you have to have the numbers to get things done. In fact, progressives in the last six years have been overachieving what their numbers would indicate. And folks know that progressives have never been a reliable part of the Democratic base in the past 30 years. Therefore, folks can use them to run up a margin, but they are not reliable enough to depend on for victory.

    That is not as true in red states as elsewhere. Red state progressives get their victories where they can.

    This stings because it’s true: Especially, since you haven’t been able to sway a majority of white voters to your ’cause’ in 30 years. Just read all the diaries complaining of not being able to enjoy the holidays because of Uncle Lucius who watches Fox News all day or not being able to talk to your parents because they are all Rush’d up. Or asking how to respond to the canned email your cousin Vinnie broadcast to all his friends and neighbors.

    Progressives still have the illusion that all it takes to prevail is to capture the Presidency and the Congress. That is a necessary, but not sufficient condition, as we have seen.

    What it takes to prevail is standing in the controlling narrative in the political culture. We used to control that narrative thanks to the performance of FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ. Or thought we did until Vietnam. It was the default narrative. We didn’t have to work at convincing people; the conservatives were the ones who had to do that, who had strange ideas and who could be easily caricatured in the media.

    That is now changed. We need to participate, ourselves, in the conversation that establishes the narrative, intentionally and carefully. And we need more geographical diversity.

    So if your job reassigns you to Jackson, MS, go, network with progressives in Jackson. Do what you can to change opinions. And learn from the local progressives who have been fighting these battles for decades.

    And stop getting angry when someone else gets angry about what is going on.

    It is about race. That is what the wall of Republican obstruction is finally about for the GOP leadership: making the first African-American President of the United States fail and fail big. And most African-Americans are going to fight to ensure that that does not happen.

    Most of the folks here know all of the various cross-currents that are going on politically. The reaction expressed in this diary should not come as a surprise or an offense. White progressives have failed to build the numbers needed to affect legislation. White progressives have failed to make the argument effectively to their friends, neighbors, family, and co-workers. White progressives who can’t win at those conversations are often the same ones lecturing the Democratic leadership about message.

    That said, President Obama stepped into it bigtime last night and dug the hole deeper today. And the reaction in the Congress seems to bear that out. Focus your anger on blowtorching the seats in Congress (especially the Republicans if they represent you; they seem to get a pass in all this). Pressure the GOP the way the Tea Party scared the Congressional Democrats.

    And start thinking about who to run in 2016 instead of being distracted by a quixotic attempt at primarying the President. That’s the strategy to win. But in order to win, we should make sure that in 2012, every Democrat has the possibility of voting for a qualified progressive in a Democratic primary (with the commitment to vote for and work for the Democratic candidate that wins). And we should make sure that every voter in the US has the possibility of voting for a Democrat in the general election, and the opportunity to make an informed choice. That is difficult enough without being distracted by a divisive primary effort.

    by TarheelDem on Tue Dec 07, 2010 at 04:05:29 PM PST

  107. Ohhhh….*there*! Eek. Well, I went there… Rep. Kingston’s comment cracked me up – Basically, I know nothing about it, but we should target it for tax cuts.

    Republican intelligence in action. Wow, so glad we taught the Democrats a lesson….

  108. I remember when I first saw the DK banner (2004?). What’s been personally difficult for me recently is realizing DK does not carry the “standard” for the Big Tent. BWD’s blog (and others like it) don’t either. But they are places where I feel most comfortable, and they provide…. well…

    one of the takeaways I got from yesterday’s CEO meeting was this CEO’s response: {video at 07:17} “I thought [Obama] summed it up very well, his point was: look, I’m a collaborative guy, it’s what my nature is, it’s what I want to do. I recognize the significance of business and government working together. I want to collaborate, help me do it.”

    Why is this news to everybody but us, the Base? (exclamation point, lol)

    Thanks BWD!

  109. That was a great article. Thanks for the link. I started to read the comments — the poutragers live to die another day — then santiy set in and I returned to this site! 😀

  110. Very interesting post. And I think you just put a light on what’s at the root of Barack Obama’s philosophy. Hate just fuels hate and create resentment. I know it sounds a bit cheezy, but it’s like President Obama wants to fight darkness with light.

  111. As a person who lives in a red state, I can say with all honesty that Tar Heel Dem speaks truth. Whether or not the blogistan progressives want to accept that truth, it is a truth that can not be denied.

  112. I think it is evident but there are some whose goals are not about making progress. Some are people who thrive on conflict, some are people who are so afraid of their own personal challenges that they lash out at the first handy target and others are trying to get attention and clicks or recs. Let’s face it bashing the president is easy. The media has helped support that from the time President Obama entered the primary race. And controversy draws eyes and lots of attention. Just as it works for ratings on TV, it also works for attention on the internet. That’s why there was such a concerted effort to attack any positive posts over at the orange place. They don’t want anyone to calm the waters or make people less anxious. They mistakenly believed that the endless complaints would drive more traffic. Instead it narrowed their audience more and more. I say let them keep that space as negative as they want it to be and they will just continue to lose audience and sink further and further out of the mainstream and into irrelevancy.

  113. You know what I think it is? Its the raging against the fading of the light.

    In a way, the President is the answer to their long-held dream. He is what they were waiting for. But he comes from doing things from the very practical approach. He isn’t a rhetorical president, though I believe most, like Lovepolitics2008 posted, preferred the “Edwards brand” of populist politics.

    President Obama is not going to sugar coat shit. And he won’t do it “their way” because they’ve never walked a bill through Congress. I think because of that, they haven’t been able to keep a hold on the power they thought they earned, forgetting that politicians campaign for the base and once elected govern from the middle. I think deep inside, they fear the loss of their relevancy. In the process, they are becoming a “Naderstan”.

    As for Edwards, fortunately reality took care of all of that, otherwise, we would indeed be watching President Palin give a press conference and we’d be gagging indefinitely, and for hours.

    I’ve come to the point where I can barely watch anymore, as a highly recommended diary yesterday by La Feminista excoriated the 67%who supported the tax cuts, and the 87% of Democrats who strongly support the President. Way to build a coalition, folks.

    As for me, I prefer reality.

  114. Right you are Sheila, I’m staying away for awhile too. I’m hoping to stay out of the toxic soup over at you know where and the other sites, regain my sanity, and roll up my sleeves to work as hard as I can in the real world for the President and his policies.

    I’m gathering my strength in the positive elixir I find here and the new sites I’m discovering from the links on the side column and the comments… THESE BEAUTIFUL COMMENTS!! love ’em!

  115. Hi GN!

    I agree that it is a very good development to have several new sites with growing audiences. Not only does it help to keep the positive messages out there, it also shows the media that there are a lot of voices besides the one or two they are accustomed to basing their analysis of the progressive/liberal base on.

  116. BWD, the whole protest was nothing but theater designed to cover up their own cowardice in not voting on the middle-class tax cuts BEFORE the election as Pres. Obama urged them to do.

    BTW, is there any way you can install a button so that people can sign up for wordpress? Apparently that’s the only way to get an avatar, and although I’m pretty good at internet stuff, I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. Clicking on the “picture,” as some have advised, does not work. Or, perhaps I’m signed up (I am posting here) but there is no way to get to my profile page. I just want to add an avatar.


  117. FYI

    “President Barack Obama said on Thursday he was giving a belated U.S. endorsement to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, drawing hearty applause from a gathering of native Americans.

    The U.N. declaration recognizes rights of indigenous groups, like American Indians, in such areas as culture, property and self-determination.

    “I want to be clear: what matters far more than words, what matters far more than any resolution or declaration, are actions to match those words,” Obama said as he announced U.S. support for the declaration in opening the White House Tribal Nations Conference at the Interior Department.

    The United States had been one of a handful of nations to hold back from endorsing the declaration in the past.”

  118. The “Not really Black” meme is why someone like Bill Mahrer can say that the President needs to go “Gansta” on the GOP. Mahrer’s stereotype is as offensive as Ralph Nader’s “Uncle Tom” reference.

  119. It will be an epic battle to confirm this guy. He went against the banks. Do you think Wall Street won’t instruct its allies in Congress to block his confirmation ???

    Prediction: President Obama won’t have the choice to make a recess appointment. ( Same for Elisabeth Warren).

  120. I believe that a lot of those people on DK don’t actually do much work to get their favourites elected, otherwise Rep. Grayson would be coming back for a second term. They make a lot of noise, but little results. Better for him to start listening to the people who actually vote and knock on doors.

  121. Good work on the news roundups, BWD.
    You know, I became disgusted with the Orange site a while back, but I still tried to give them the benefit of a doubt; they’re just being overrun by trolls and other agenda-setter, I thought. But within the past couple of weeks, it has become undeniable that the place is simply dishonest. The front-pagers, and even Kos himself, are pedaling narratives that are flat out false.

    Now I see that they are launching an new, “pretty,” Facebook-friendly version of the site. I am so not interested at this point. I don’t know whether to officially bow out or just stop clicking on the site all together. But in 2011, I’ll have to put a security block on my own computer to prevent me from lurking over there (lol).

  122. It’s not a matter of sanity or insanity – there’s a money-fuelled agenda. When the ads started taking up more space than the content, the goose was cooked.

  123. Well said. Naderville is the road to irrelevance. Thinking that other people can be forced or screamed into an acceptance of purity politics is ludicrous. Too many of us live in a real world in which we don’t always get our way when others disagree, but will take deals and concessions in order to get necessary items and get the ball rolling.

    I say people should allow purity spaces be. Aside from the media’s inclination to ascribe them with greater credibility than is warranted (they do NOT speak for the base), they are harmless in terms of creating a little world in which everything would be great if everyone just agreed with a very rigid and ideological strain of pure progressivism. God bless em, and let’s decentralize the online left so that it is never again held captive to the whimsy of whomever can “scream loudest.”

  124. No, not cheesy at all. I believe you’re correct in saying the President chooses to fight darkness with light.

    I want to state that I do NOT think President Obama is the messiah, I do not think he is this country’s (or the world’s) savior. I would have to guess that behind closed doors he probably on occasion does curse and shows his frustrations and anger.

    But, yes, the President is surrounding by much darkness and he chooses to stand in the light as best he can.

  125. This is *the* point:
    it also shows the media that there are a lot of voices besides the one or two they are accustomed to basing their analysis of the progressive/liberal base on

    And having those one or two spaces serve as “the place for liberals/the base” means that a great deal of influence is concentrated into the hands of a very few people rather than crowd-sourced, when crowd-sourcing is far more appropriate for what is in essence a grassroots liberal point of view. Count me in both those 67% and the 87% supermajorities (much better reflected here than elsewhere). More power to people with a purity point of view (this is their right as Americans), but I think that the days of their outsized influence or masquerading as the Democratic base needs to come to a conclusion. That’s my thought.

  126. Great article, I enjoyed reading. I am really enjoying the welcoming of the “middle” back.

  127. askew, I am afraid the train has long since left the station. The dialogue over there is ugly and entrenched. It is almost eerie. People believe and defend statements, even after others provide links to debunk them.

    Wow! I can’t be bothered wasting my time to have a discssion with people like that. Not worth my precious brain cells.

  128. This is what I believe, wholeheartedly. He really believes in leaving your opponent with his/her dignity, and treating others as one would want to be treated. These are the Christian things to do, after all, but these are universal characteristics of many faiths, as well.

    (Starshine: I loved your post. So well stated)!

  129. starshine, I think that the myth that President Obama has a legion of followers who consider him a messiah is just another false conventional wisdom spread by sensationalist spaces. Well said.

  130. I think that the intent of disrespect is what makes the missing title so offensive. There’s a difference in how people who see him as a human being, with strengths and weaknesses like the rest of us, refer to him – versus those who see him as a punching bag, an obstacle to power without feelings or reactions. I don’t take offense at those who refer to him as just “Obama”, when they’re not trying to delegitimize him. I take pointed offense when his title is omitted for the sake of insult. He is the President – title or not. And he has worked hard for the title (just like Senator Boxer said), and deserves the respect accredited to the office, title or not. And he’s done the office proud, as far as I’m concerned.

  131. Hey tulips, yes, I think she and Lieberman are the co-sponsors of the senate stand alone bill.

  132. Thank you, GN. I always enjoy reading your comments, you do so well putting your thoughts to paper. One day I hope to write so well!

  133. Quiet Observer – ACD suggested that I put up a block on my computer to avoid going to DK and it has worked like a charm. I haven’t been there in ages and I am much happier and more informed because of it.

  134. Co-sign. I honestly believe that this is the strength of the man. I respect him so much for this.

  135. mallyroyal, can I ask you whether Robinswing and Amazinggrace have a new space? How are they doing?

  136. Thanks, theo67.

    I think you’ve read my mind as I was going to add the Christian aspect, but in the end I deleted it. My reason for including it isn’t because I’m a Christian, but because it is the President’s chosen faith. What I wrote before I deleted, was that I believe he is doing his best to be Christ-centered – in the truest sense of the word. To love God, to love his neighbor. Even when it’s not easy. And does he slip sometimes? My guess is yes, as we all do. But still, he does his best to always stand in the light.

    (I do wish we’d gotten farther down the road with “healing the sick”, but, unfortunately, sometimes when it comes to Congressional votes, our ideals have to meet reality.)

  137. Wow; I think you’ve surpassed me actually. What a nice thing for you to say! This is becoming a terrific community; don’t be afraid to pop into as well.

  138. Absolutely agree with your assessment of Senator Kerry. We need more Democratic voices to join him. Now!

  139. Just saw Rachel Maddow on MSNBC right now ( 13h30). SHE has come down.

    I think she made an honest and rational commentary. She was fair in saying that President Obama didn’t change positions and still states clearly he doesn’t agree with republican position about the tax cuts.

    She explained that the reaction of the left activists was on the emotional level. Because President Obama said he COULD’T obtain what he wanted. THIS was what prompted the reaction. Because so many people believed he would be able to change things. Too many people are disappointed because they sense he CAN’T change Washington.
    I’m paraphrasing but you get the idea.

    I think she glossed over a lot of bad faith from the far left, but at least she seemed back to her best behaviour.

  140. Given his stellar defense of the President of late, and strength in defending Democratic principles, plus pragmatism, I’ve started wondering if he’s preparing for a role in the Administration. But I can’t think which role that would be. Sec of State if Hillary goes to Sec Defense? Don’t know.

  141. Will be posting @ the people’s view at 4pm ET and will cross post it at that the dailyfox as well. I agree they may never be reached but they need to know the truth if they can’t be reached. No letting up. All the good people have left that purity hole so I don’t expect my diaries to stay on the right side of that exclusive joint.

  142. That video is just beautiful. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face and then the flood gates opened. You should have warned me that I would need a box of tissues close at hand. And to think we are struggling to get DADT repealed. Unbelievable.

  143. bwd, I totally agree about not reading comments. I only read comments in sites I can trust like yours.

  144. Call me cynical, but I think she’s paving the way for being able to celebrate when DADT finally gets repealed. She can’t screech about the failure of the presidency, and then celebrate the completion of a long 17 year saga (within just under two years) in the next breath. I was really disappointed in her dysfunction and hyperventilating over the last few days, and it will take a while to regain the trust.

  145. Thanks, fe1955 for posting what Tarheel Dem commented re: Texas Mango’s GBCW diary. And while I’d posted it previously in another thread, the Quantcast profile re: DKos, bear out Tarheel Dem’s concerns re: race —, and geography based on uniques — Even New York significantly trails California in uniques. If that is the case, we know California is an aberration on the progressive front (we basically got all who we wanted, including our first Black AG), hence may explain some of the unrealistic ranting that happens on that site.

  146. I respect what she is saying but this reminds me of something like:

    “But mommy you *promised* that I could have the cabbage patch kid and the easybake oven. You said I could have it!”

    “Honey circumstances changed, I lost my job and could only get you that easybake oven why don’t you go play with that.”

    “I haaaaate you!” /breaking oven toy out of spite

    For real for real, there was no justification for the drama which just went down (unless it was the best kabuki theater ever staged which I’m starting to doubt). A bunch of people got caught up in a sensationalist frenzy, it’s that simple. Crowdsourcing “Democratic base” reactions to current events will fix this problem right up. Thank God for this and the other emerging spaces.

  147. It seems as though the house bill is now stalled for whatever reason, rep McGovern (D)pulled it off the floor. On CSPAN they seem to be saying that lawmakers aren’t sure that there going to be enough votes. I’m not exactly sure why is the case.

  148. I think Mr. Cesca is right in that DKos is mistaken if they think they are the crucial element to Pres. Obama’s base. I am a lot like what he describes as “non-political.” In fact, it wasn’t until Mr. Obama came on the scene that I even paid attention to politics, even though I did vote.

    I first came to DKos during the primaries because I wanted to be informed and perhaps learn something. I must have come right after the famous bust up regarding Hillary and John Edwards supporters, because when I started coming there it seemed positive. But I noticed very soon after the election, and even BEFORE the inauguration, disent started to trickle in. And it was during the healthcare debacle that I concluded that the site had shifted and it was no longer a place to go to for information. I remember the one time I ever commented on there, I said something like ” I am impressed that the President was able to get healthcare through this early in his term” or something to that affect and I was promptly told “I should probably not follow politics” or something arrogant like that. Anyway, they are clearly delusional over there. And what’s more, I don’t beleive there is any turning back. Because once you cross that line, you have lost all credibility. And I would suspect that the next level is going to be calling the president and his administration “liars.” Because once you claim that someone has “sold out,” next comes “I can’t trust him.’ So then it won’t matter from now on what the president does, it will always be called in to question. And at that point, he might has well be Bush according to them.

    Anway, excuse my long post, but as I have been reading all the insightful comments here, I just wanted to add my two cents.

    BTW, I hope everyone here has a safe and happy Holiday!

  149. You’ve said what I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks now: the Part of the Left Which Cannot Be Named has come unglued. Not only are they spinning themselves into irrelevancy (failed presidency? Really, Katrina V H???) – but they sound like they’re about to have a meltdown any minute now.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. Not only do we need their input and organizing ability come campaign time. Too bad that ability & energy only focuses the d-day of the election season. It never sticks around for the long term, and that’s a fatal flaw on our side.

  150. I would love to read what you wrote, but not on DK.
    I don’t like giving them clicks, period.
    Do you have it posted anywhere else?
    I think you said you had another website? I will look.

  151. Hi Askew

    I’m fond of some of the P/W types there, but in all honesty, I do NOT want DK to come back: I want it gone. And I want reparations for the way they got into my head in a nasty, lie-filled manner for years, and for the way they ran BWD off, for forging an alliance from hell with FDL, for sucking up to imposters like Olberman, for idolizing Ted Kennedy and then trashing everything he stood for, for being “liberals” but tolerating anti-Semiticism, racism, sexism and homophobia, for markos railing against corporatism while trolling for bucks, and for MB being the biggest hypocrite to come out of the Peace & Love Sixties since BD.

  152. And the thing of it is you can’t put the genie back in the bottle once you let him out. They blew peoples emotions way out of whack and now they want to say, “oh it wasn’t that bad”. She needs to go over to dkos and huffnpuff and read the hatred and the absolute promise of abandoning this party that they created with this crap.

    What they did to our party with the online left is outrageous and now that they are reading all the press calling them on it so she is walking it back.

    Too Late IMHO!

    I will never trust any of them again.

  153. Yup. That’s why Kos is praying DK4 saves his shrinking, foaming at the mouth miserable screechers from sinking further into obscurity. It’s not a site for Democrats anymore. He constantly says Progressives, Progressives Progressives. But they’re not Progressive. I am Progressive. And a Liberal. And a Democrat. All of you are. They are just faux anarchists and as someone else said on here, Fauxgressives.

    Their main thing it life is to hate on everyone and everything and hope someone notices. The more they get ignored, the more desperate they become.

    Anyway, I think it’s funny what he wrote a while back. That he wants everyone to disband their little known unread blogs. And everyone should come to DK4. because they have group blogs you can set up . For example, BWD abandons this, and starts a mini blog under DK called the only adult in the room. Desperate. He kept going on about it. I just though of something i saw on Mad Men. That when someone can smell your desperation, they walk away.

  154. Great post SAB!

    Please feel free to express yourself more often. You do it quite well. 🙂

  155. I rarely visit HuffPo anymore and appreciate the Cesca article very, very, VERY much. Thank you, bwd. It hits the nail on the head. I just love that President Obama’s ratings are so good, especially among his BASE, Democrats. I thought his press conference about the tax cut deal was one of his finest hours. Such a difficult decision and yet he made it. And the thing that amazes me is that he has gotten the Republicans to work with him. They could have waited until after Jan. 1, but they didn’t. The GOP agenda is front and center now in the news. More people than ever are aware that they are the ones that wanted tax cuts for the wealthy and didn’t care about the unemployed or middle-class. President Obama gets to own that side of the equation — he is the one responsible for taking care of the people of this country.

    I visit DKos once a day now just to scan the FP diaries for links for articles I’m not aware of. I rarely read other diaries or see any of interest. I do believe that what is happening there — the hate and anger — is encouraged and something kos wants. It could have been stopped. The commenters were harassing pro-Obama kossacks seemingly without any restraint and telling them to go away. If kos wanted to stop it they could have had FP diaries telling them to stop like they did when they suddenly decided to focus on the Midterm elections after September. I’m happy to let them stew in their juices — let them be isolated and marginalized at DKos and FDL. The base doesn’t read that nonsense and I would never want to vote or work for anyone that angry, bitter group proposed or any movement they began any more than I would the Tea Party.

    One wonderful benefit of the DKos is all of the new positive sites like yours, bwd, that have sprung up.

    I feel like I’m always welcome here. I love reading the comments and the articles. It’s like coming home. A site like this is where consensus building and working for Democrats who will be good for the country can happen.

  156. Little Missy, darn tootin’ you could run a spread as big as THC with one eye closed!

    Head ’em up, move em out! The last time I came home from el rancho, I used that directive when marching my students down the hall. I THINK it was appropriate. It sure amused me 🙂

  157. So you really do want that long wished for Smite Button.

    How you? I called out sick. Bugs galore.


  158. Insightful as hell, gn! Who ARE you lady – so damned bright!

    BTW, just crawled out of an MRI. Truly, thinking about the uplifting spirit here helped me through it!

  159. I hope you’re hanging in there. I had seeing someone say they had personal bad news. Just hate it.

  160. Too little, too late. I don’t know how old she is, maybe it’s youth or being relativity new in her line of work, but she lost me.

  161. Yes…it’s a click. And it pushes them up on the site meter traffic. RESIST fools. 🙂 The rest of the world is.

    I really dislike that my name is counted as a registered user and they most likely dragged my sad little name and diaries over to DK4. Okay only 2 .But still. I am not participating there anymore. And Now I get why people went all crazy going delete my *#($83948 account K!

    So when they say they have about 280K members, I wee pants laughing Sure. That includes everyone who left, got banned, billions of suck puppets and zomboh’s et al.

    I think they have about 1100 active participants left. And that is a very very generous number.

  162. La F was not like that when I met her. She has gone the way of the x crowd now. I am proud to stand with the 67/87% coalition.

    I believe there is no brand of Edwards politics, because all they were basing it on was campaign rhetoric. They don’t have a clue how he would handle the Presidency, again illustrating their complete lack of reality based behavior.

  163. The best of the organizers have left that site. I would try OFA instead. Somewhere before I was kicked off, I noticed Blades initiated a new series. It was designed for all involved in the campaign to post and compare notes and suggestions. How many whiners made an appearance? None.

  164. I think that yesterday’s LaFeminista diary has finally ended even my occasional clicks on DKos. And the comments — wow. I thought I’d stumbled on to Free Republic or something.

  165. Hi Christin! How are you today? I am just delighting in this positive development for Native Americans and maintaining access to some of my favorite online names.

  166. Doesn’t excuse the fact that she was one of the people ranting and raving. She did it and she should own it. She has allowed herself to become part of the problem.

  167. Hey, GN, blueness does have his own blog – – check it out when you get a chance.

    I know you don’t wanna give kos even a click and I don’t blame you one wit, but I really, really think you’d find his TTFN worth it. Just IMO.

    Hope you’re well.

  168. It does work, because even if you know the way around the block, it gives you enough pause to realize what you’re doing and you can usually correct yourself and not bother.

  169. He suggested that?!!!!!!!!! LOL times infinity!! He really does think we are idiots. *****him.


  170. Hey Sheila, I figured some over here know him and would want to read it, even if it is over there.

    Rehabilitation. As much as I might rant “just lock all the crooked bastards up and throw away the key!”, my higher self agrees with you and blueness on that. I know deep down that I would get much more satisfaction from seeing, e.g., Bush & Cheney and Alito and Yoo et al actually rehabilitated and knowing that they have truly realized the error of their ways. To see there hearts and souls cleansed and to see their atonement for their crimes would certainly make my heart sing.

    Take care!

  171. I’ve always enjoyed his pieces on Huffpo because he always seemed like the more reasoned. one. However, even he was starting to lose me and lose touch with reality. My quesiton to the commenters on that piece is what’s the point of fighting for something that u know ur going to lose? Who the hell goes into a fight with no backup against a bully that has all intentions of wanting u to fail and is using the powers of special interests groups and corporations as their tool? Were they really fooling themselves to think that they were gonna get single payer or hell, even the public option on the table? This is why i think people like KO and KOS are full of shit on this issue because it seems like their main gripes with the pres are that he doesn’t have an all out fight vs compromise on a given issue. It really is pointless to put the welfare of the country on the line for mindless posturing especially for something/someone ur gonna vote for anyway. And I like KO and like the fact that he put the GOP/tea party out for their racist behavior, but until he takes his ass to the ballot box and ENCOURAGE people to vote, he needs to sit his ass down somewhere

  172. Just crawled out of an MRI. The report on that will be telling. The test itself was fine. I meditated and dozed. Then I took off the pressure bandage off from the IV, and realized I could use it to hold my hair clips together for traveling!

    You’re getting addicted to this blog, as I am, I see? It makes me politically happy, for the first time in ages.

  173. Hi ACD! I’m so very sorry to hear about your current health challenges, but am glad to here that this space nurtures you through this time.


  174. Thank you, Hon. It’s ironic, Crappy news healthwise, excellent news avocationwise.

    I’ll keep you up-to-date.

  175. Yeah, Huffington Fox is anti-President Obama, now. Not just the commenters, but also the headlines, and the article writers.

  176. ”’I admire how he does not bend to his base but governs for the vast majority of Americans. ”’

    This is one of the things that makes him great.

  177. Yes, the disrespect is pretty much equal between the loud constant critics on the left and the far right. They use a lot of the same words, phrases and names against the president. Pretty strange times we live in. But, neither side is swaying public opinion because neither side uses many facts in their diatribes, just lots of emotion.

  178. The articles are fascinating. Even though I did not vote for Barack Obama for President, I do believe that we, AMERICANS, do need to show more respect, if not to him, but at least for the position AND address him as such. I love the pictures as always.

  179. Wow, there must have been even more people fed up with that place than I thought if he is now begging people to come back. But, he made the editorial choice to go full out against the president and now he is paying the price. People are now loving these new sites and reconnecting with each other after so many of us just got quiet for so long. It feels great to talk to the people who drew me in at DK in the first place without all the poutrage and bullying. I have absolutely no interest in going back over there.

  180. Just out of curiosity, did u vote in the 2008 campaign and if you voted for mccain, what qualities did u see in him that made him more fit for pres than pres obama?

  181. So it looks good Gee? So far anyway? Right? Is that your xmas gift to those you love? I mean not good good good, but you know good.

    I love this blog, but it’s hard to follow conversation at times. That’s one thing the other place has downpat. Due to money, lots of servers, etc.


  182. Hai GeeNumber2: Today I’m doing not that great. YOu know how you get that reminder about 3 years why stomach bugs make you wish you were in a coma for a day? THat was today. MY god. My face looks like I feel. Amazing how you look 398439048 years older when you’re sick. Unless you iz a soopermodel.

    God I can’t wait till tomorrow when this is gone.

    But you sound damn good! 🙂


  183. uh huh. the only person at my job who still reads his tripe and tries to get me to give that craphole another shot because she knew what i posted as and loved to read my stoopid = sent me this. Because she knew I would pee in pants laffin’.

    And I did.
    I’m telling you. Desperation. Is amusing.
    When it comes from a moran.

    Heeeee: in other words, More Clicks Please. Abandon Your Blogs Y’all! Please please please come to to DK. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “And yes, I want Daily Kos to be blogspot for progressives. It pains me to see great writers toiling in obscurity on their blogspot sites, when there’s a huge, awesome community here they can plug into. So I DO want people to make DK4 their blogging home. Indeed, future iterations of the site will allow for greater customization and skinning of individual blogs so that yes, they can better personalize them while still being plugged in to this amazing community.

    The new site will make it preferable for power users to avoid the front page, living instead in their own home page. In other words, this new site isn’t a play to boost the front page — it’ll actively undermine it. And yes, I’m perfectly happy with that. ”


  184. 🙂 Why do you think they will let you post 3000 diaries a day in DK4. No line limits, no para limits. You can post 400000 a day if you want. It’s because the one a day? It’s embarrassing to see how diaries did not even scroll off the recent front page. DK once rose up to combat the right wing lunactics and that’s how it grew. Now a sane, Liberal blog needs to rise up against those crazed unhinged firebaggers.

    Not all of them are though – i need to clarify that.

  185. Sorry to hear that! During the last nasty stomach virus I had, I sipped apple cider extremely slowly which kept medicine down and settled my stomach.

    Get well soon, (((((((Christin)))))))

  186. I use that on my granddaughter, she looks up and scrunches her face and says huh? lol! yee-haw.

  187. Dear Mr Kos,

    Thank you for you helpful and thorough explanation as to the raison d’etre of 4. In response, let me just say this:


    Bannee from CT

  188. Can they use the same handle? Or will it be like that sketch from SNL years ago, when Bush Senior kept popping up at the same press conference in different “disguises”?

    “It’s a shit sandwich” by Slinkingwink
    “Its a shitty sandwich” by Slinks’n Winks
    “Shittiest Sandwich Ever” by Winkyslink


  189. Amen to all that! I’d been addicted to that place for so long, but hardly ever go back now that there are sane alternatives.

    Not to mention, I went into my credit card site and turned off the auto-renewal of my subscription to DK. It will run out in April; till then if I feel like commenting or reccing, I can, and do on the rare occasions I drop in (as ETF there). But I wonder, how many others like me, like you all here, have similarly turned off the auto-renewal? What sort of hit to the pocketbook is Kos already feeling, I wonder?

  190. Tyranny of the minority in the US Senate Continues tonight ….

    My letters to Majority Leader Reid and Senator Murray – though I doubt either of them will ever see them:

    Good evening Senator Murray,

    Just watched the debacle of Republican obstructionism score yet another defeat of the American People on the floor of the US Senate – their obstruction of the Omnibus Appropriations Bill and their, typical, display of glee as they once again lie to the American People about the nature of the legislative process that resulted in a bill that until the past few hours sufficient members of their party were willing to support coming to a vote.


    The tyranny of the minority in the US Senate is the result of an UnConstitutional Senate Rule and you and every Senator knows the remedy. It is a remedy anyone one of you can exercise in the face of filibuster on cloture.

    I’m including the note I sent earlier to Majority Leader Reid, below.

    Tomorrow should be the day that the Democratic members of the US Senate put an end to the tyranny of the minority. Please lead that effort.

    I phone banked for you and have been an ardent supporter. I now ask that you do what can be of lasting value to Americans for decades to come – end the tyranny of the minority in the US Senate.

    Thank you,
    Dear Majority Leader Reid,

    First, please accept my gratitude for your leadership particularly given the absolutely destructive behavior of the Republicans in the Senate – their four year tyrannical obstruction enabled by an UnConstitutional Senate Rule.

    I have written you and left a variety of messages at your DC and NV offices. I’m not delusional – I doubt if you’ve ever heard or seen any of that correspondence. But, as a citizen I will always try to convince elected officials to act in ways that benefit the majority of Americans.

    You have all the justification you need to either yourself or via one of your Senate colleagues to call a point of order and exercise the Constitutional Option. Disclose, START, DREAM, DADT, Omnibus Appropriations …. anyone of those pending, House approved, pieces of legislation are justifiably critical to our Nation to be the one used to break the log jam. However, from a National Security perspective START seems the ideal legislation to not only pass but to have been the legislation that struck a fatal blow to minority tyranny in the US Senate. You would then have the way clear to bring Disclose, DREAM, DADT, Omnibus Appropriations and other important legislation to vote before 4 Jan.

    And, I assure you, if our military has to work – and place their lives in danger – not just during the holidays but on Christmas and New Year’s Day, the US Senate has no excuse to not do the people’s business until all major pieces of legislation and appointments are voted.

    Thank you,

  191. That was so fracking awesome. They are all so fierce and brave, respect to all of them. *tearing up right now*

  192. Try clicking on the picture of someone with an avatar. I think that will take you to the site to sign up.

  193. No, no! Don’t take Kerry out of the Senate! We need sane, sensible, smart senators like him.

    Besides, he’s one of my senators, and after the Brown debacle I’m not about to see Massachusetts have to pick another replacement senator.

    Leave him be where is is, he’s doing good.

  194. I didn’t dare 😉

    Who knows what kind of cussing I’ll unleash on those whiners. I’m too self aware to start that kind of flame war!

    So I went right to the source!

    GREAT POST as usual 🙂

  195. When Slinkerwink became more popular and the flame wars began to start between people in her camp and those who are still sane and ration (ie BWD camp) then I knew DKOS was going down the drain.

    It’s lost it’s ability to claim any right to reasoned thinking, since it lost it’s grasp of reality!

  196. I could never understand that EITHER!

    I mean what are people thinking? The President’s first job was to try and save the economy from going into another Great Depression.

    Everyday people would be confused and shaking their heads if he were to have pursued such a divisive and theatrical act of putting Bush and Cheney on trial!

    My god, we have people in Gitmo who should first be put to trial and given due process.

    But no these purists don’t truly care about what’s right. Let those people continue to be held without due process, without their day in court. No to them, they have to punish Bush/Cheney, so that the selfish, moronic purists could have their revenge.

    It’s all about them. NEVER about other people’s well being.

  197. It’s too hard for all those bloggers: they would rather blame the president than the hard slog of organizing.

  198. That’s right up there with some of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. Particularly the Donate part.

  199. This is exactly why the coasts are somewhat isolated – maybe it is a case of the projection manifesting the result. The calls of elitist liberals then sticks.

    Far from what our voting results indicate, CA is still a latently racist state. The prison industry is alive and well, the sentencing structure makes it hard for poor people to stay out of jail. And like everywhere else – it is expensive to be poor in America. Even in liberal SF, the regard for homeless people is one of “out of sight – out of mind”.

    We are hurting ourselves with idealism. WHen applied to much, it becomes ideology. And look what that has produced. Ultra-right wing conservatism the brand of Mrs. Palin and crew didn’t just happen overnight. Its a natural offshoot of the cultural divide.

    When we start working together to achieve similar aims, the sense of us v. them begins to dissolve. But we need to see through the noise in the news and the blogosphere to understand we are all in this, altogether.

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