WoPo-ABC Poll: 87% not-real liberals support president Obama

You heard a lot about the president’s 42% job approval in some poll this week. You will hear much less about his 49% in a little bit more respected poll.

Yea, you won’t see this in many places:

Or this:

And what about this?

And don’t tell anyone about this:

 More from this poll here and here.


Not only that president Obama will not have to sleep on the couch, the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act that he signed the other day, will do this:



Promises promises, or are they serious this time?

Survey: CEOs to add workers



205 thoughts on “WoPo-ABC Poll: 87% not-real liberals support president Obama

  1. And I’m proud to say I am one of those 87%’ers!

    I stand in firm support of President Barack Obama

  2. BWD I was about to comment on this poll but you are always ahead with the news!

    And look at ALL the fingers from the Dems being pointed at Obama for “punting.” Uh, how come NONE of these Dems wanted to work this out BEFORE the midterms, when it would have actually made a difference?

    This is why the Democrats have PISSED ME OFF! They continue to point fingers at the President, all while doing SHIT! NONE of them wanted to work out this problem before the midterms, they need to fuck off with their panties being in a twist.

    President Obama took away their clout and did what they failed to do, and they’re all in a huff, they need to knock it off and quit with the grandstanding for political talking points. Most folks support this deal, the Dems need to take it and quit posturing!

    Sorry for the rant, but once again the MSM attempts to drive yet another nontroversy for profit and it’s BULLSHIT!

  3. President Obama is doing the hard work of governing and making tough decisions and the Republicans are obstructing as usual. But all we get from the traditional media is the search for the negative angle on every issue relating to President Obama. When it comes to exposing the hypocrisy of the Republican Party the traditional media looks the other way.

    Thank goodness for the amazing Eric Boehlert at Media Matters. He has an excellent post calling out the media.

    Memo to the media: They’re called “obstructionists”



    Truth is, the Beltway press has always been overly impressed by the Republican brand of hardball, which may explain the free ride the GOP gets with its obstructionist strategy.

  4. Righteous rant. I see that House Dems are not done with their show, and meanwhile some on the Right begins to catch the magnitude of PBO’ victory here. If the Democrats won’t end this saga until the weekend – this whole thing can just fall apart.

  5. I have a New Year’s resolution that I know I can keep, which has never happened before:) I vow to write the White House at least once a week to give the President my encouraging words of support. I have written before, but not with such regularity. That is my promise for the new year. I hate to hijack this thread, but I need your trusted input. I am incensed with Jan Brewer and her lack of empathy and compassion for people of this state that she was sworn to serve. My intent before the end of the week, is to open a donation account at the bank to collect money for those AZ residents that are in need of an organ transplant. This is personal for me. My mom died waiting for a heart transplant…not in this state, but she died before her time. I miss her everyday…I wasn’t done asking for her advice or hearing her laughter.These death panels are real, and they are happening in AZ…she’s now telling the people of AZ that if they have a problem with the Medicare cuts, they should ask the Feds for the money! IS she joking?!!!As usual. blaming this administration for her awful grasp of how to govern a state.The woman is an ignorant nutcase…but I digress. People are outraged (those elections have conseqences!)My goal is to have this set up within the state…not at the national level…call it “Dollars for Compassion and Empathy”…she needs to find $5 million dollars? I say the state needs to stop paying for all the lawsuits defending Arpaio…that’ll rake in big bucks…thoe have cost the state multimillions!!! The moment that this woman put money over the needs of the people of this state, she lost. She is throwing up her hands and saying “This is such hard work…we just can’t find the money.” I throw the BS flag! I want to help these people most of all, but if I can shame this zombie woman along the way…all the better. She needs to understand that she serves ALL the people of this state, not just the ones with means. I’m livid! Help? Comments? Suggestions? I want to do this now…Thanks.

  6. If dems think they are helping themselves by going against the President. They are wrong. i haven’nt watched much of Msnbc. I turn to see what lawrence is talking about. Rachel , keith, ed is not on my list of things to watch. Since things has been revealed i find it hard to even listen to their opinion.

  7. The House keeps on getting walked all over, with them losing the majority in the new Congress, they’ll be further marginalized. So I guess this is them trying to show they’re still to be recokoned with.

    And unlike Boehner, I expect Pelosi won’t be able to hold party discipline the next Congress and she’ll lose blue dog votes left and right as they’ll vote with the bill coming out of the House. I suspect Pelosi will try to vote no on everything, forcing Boehner to try and appease teabaggers and moderates in his party to get enough votes but the party discipline isn’t there.

    Dems should have chosen a more moderate leader that could have ultimately controlled Blue Dog votes, becaue these wayward Blue Dogs will give Boehner the ability to claim “I got more bi-partisan votes on my legislation than Democrats ever did” and thus claim a more moderate, inclusive Congress.

    However given how Pelosi treated the Blue Dogs, they have no real allegiance to her. She’s just a figurehead now, the real power is in the leadership of the Blue Dog Caucus. Now will they realize the power they have and look to how Snowe, Collins used their power or will they give Boehner what he wants rather easily.

  8. How many of those CEO’s donated to the CoC, Rove and Club for Growth third party election arms this past election cycle? I wonder how many held of on hiring to keep the jobs number as low as possible.

  9. That question has been rattling around the back of my head for quite a while – how many companies deliberately have not been hiring to get their darn tax cuts and/or make the President look bad? Maybe WikiLeaks will give us an answer some day in the future.

  10. Here is a Campain to forward this letter to President Obama from theobamadiary:

    “Dear Barack,

    I am a 71-year old man, retired and financially solvent. I’m a great fan of yours. I write in the wake of the election, which had to be even harder on you than it was on me. May I offer a word of encouragement?

    First, thank you for giving yourself, heart, soul, and mind, to the task of being our president. Thank you for working so hard and so ably to save a country in dire straits from the follies of the last administration. You’ve done a wonderful job. Thank you for changing the way America is regarded in the world. Thank you for the measures you took to avert a depression. Thank you for health care reform, for reining in the financial industry, for all you have done for education, for tax cuts for the middle class. Thank you for closing out our war in Iraq, for your commitment to ending DADT, for your efforts to eliminate nuclear weapons.

    You are such a rare gift, and in such a critical time. You are easily the best president of my lifetime, a person both intelligent and good. I pray often that God protect you, keep you strong, give you wisdom. What you are doing is so important, not just for our country but for the world. And, against powerful wealthy interests, it is all so difficult to do. They will stop at nothing to destroy you.

    Will you stay the course for us nevertheless? Will you keep leading, keep doing the right things even if you continue to meet misrepresentation and opposition? That is the hope that I and so many others repose in you.

    I could be wrong, but I have this idea that, while in the Senate, you felt a call. You saw the leadership vacuum and you offered yourself. You knew it would be difficult. You just didn’t know it would be this difficult.

    Abraham Lincoln suffered in the White House, day after day, in the long bleak winter of the Civil War. He held out, and the right thing was finally done. I see your situation in much the same terms. And the question that troubles me is: If you don’t do it, who will?

    I pray that you will not lose heart, Barack, even though the going just got even harder, that you will find the strength to carry on. May Michelle help you keep your perspective and your dedication. May the kids continue to bring you the joys that only kids can give. And may God continue to be your refuge and your strength.

    Thank you for everything you have done. God bless you as the journey continues.”


    My apologies if this has already been posted but I just found it today!

  11. I don’t if I agree with this analysis entirely. The Blue Dog Coalition was reduced from a fairly large 54-person membership to only 26 in November. They may feel shabbily treated by Pelosi but wait until they get a load of how Boehner will treat them if they don’t toe the line. They may be Blue Dogs but they are still Dems and they will vote with the Dems on many issues. Boehner is NOT going to like that!

    I honestly don’t think they have all that much power left these days.

  12. Glad to see the Wash/Post-ABC poll numbers posted here. When I read the article yesterday, I just smiled. So much for losing his base! When roughly 9 out of 10 liberals support the president, that line becomes hogwash. Of course the people who completed the poll probably forgot to obtain verification of their liberal credentials from the “professional left” 😉

  13. Hello everyone! BWD, thank you so much for this site. This is my first post, but it certainly won’t be my last. I will probably lurk more because I have so much to learn about politics.

  14. I guess dividing Democrats is not working out for Jane Hampsher and Green. Their hopes to detroy Obama will backfire.

  15. Their hopes are already backfiring. I just fill a good year and things will get better. One thing i found Chris Matthew to say was don’t bet against this president. He made this statement when he won the health care. I found those words to be true.

  16. I agree with you Electablog. It was crucial that Pelosi remain the leader. I am not sure that a lot of what came out of the House would have even happened without her leadership. Granted, most of it died in the Senate, but that wasn’t her fault. If it had been up to her alone, I think she would have pushed for the vote on tax cuts before the election, but she had well over 30 of the Dems who had basically already said that they wanted all extended.

    A loss on that vote prior to the electon woudl have been really bad. With that said, I still think the Dems were cowards not to push the vote before the election, no matter what.

    Pelosi may have the image of being a radical leftist, but that is an image created by the RW media and isn’t really accurate. She is progressive and a liberal, yes, but nowhere near what how she is described by the RW. And anybody who thinks that if somebody else had been selected, the same meme wouldn’t have been created about him or her, you are probably kidding yourswelf.

    Look at how they treat Reid, who is about as moderate as they come.

  17. .Just read this from the daily beast.

    Obama Plans Staff Overhaul

    Looks like David Plouffe will be bringing campaign discipline to the White House: The incoming White House senior adviser, who managed Obama’s 2008 campaign and is replacing David Axelrod, will run the White House’s press and messaging operations, among other responsibilities. Politico says White House staff is unhappy about the slow pace of Obama’s reorganization, which is typical of his deliberative process. Politico floats former Ohio governor Ted Strickland and former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm as possible White House appointees; it also says Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is almost certain to move into a new role, perhaps as a senior adviser or working with Axelrod on the 2012 reelection campaign.
    Read it at Politico

  18. Hamsher, Green, and the other poutragers don’t care about getting shit done, they only care about demonizing others to score political points. Remember, Hamsher is the one who formed an alliance with Grover Norquist in an attempt to shut down health care reform a year ago.

    Thankfully, most sane Americans don’t listen to these purist ideologues on the left or right. But it’s still annoying to see the MSM attempt to force a narrative where there is none.

  19. Tulips,

    I also read where Strickland wants to paint the new R governor that beat him as the Ohio George Bush.

    And Granholm is definitely a sweet pick as well, she’s one of the few Democrats who has had President Obama’s and her constituent’s backs.

  20. That’s what I don’t understand about the congress. The polls show that the public is in favor of this deal and that the Democrats overwhelmingly approve of the president – far more than they approve of the congress. So what do the congress critters do? They oppose the deal and attack the president. It just seems so stupid. They listen to the media and not to the people. It’s time they turn off their tvs and start paying attention to the polls. They don’t need to convince the talking heads that they are doing a good job, it’s the voters who need to think so.

  21. Just like Oprah, and many others, I saw something great in this man, who is now our president, from the time I heard his speech at the 2004 Democratic Natl Convention.
    I have supported him from day one, and still do, to this day.

  22. Grandholm is great on messaging, she will definitely be asset to him. The President is getting ready for a fight.

  23. I never really followed politics until 2004. Its just something about him , thats so genuine. The only other person i paid attention to was President Carter, and i will never forget how hurt i was to how the dems, did not back him. How he was made to be laughed at like he had a problem and they turned their backs on him.

  24. I don’t think the Blue Dogs have much power left after their losses in the election. I think Nancy will be as good a minority leader as she is Speaker. She isn’t an extremist, no matter what the right wing would have you believe and she was able to get unheard of before cooperation from her caucus. What she won’t do is have them vote “no” reflexively. In fact, I would expect her to be much more successful than Boehner by getting concessions from the other side in exchange for votes. That’s something that Boehner didn’t understand the importance of and is an example of the short-sightedness of his thinking that will lead to him being a not very successful speaker.

  25. What would be ideal, is to clean out all the Blue Dogs, and other Dems who are giving the Repubs ammunition, and put some REAL Dems up against them, when they run for reelection.
    Clean ’em out.

  26. Why can’t the purists on the left not realize they aren’t much different than the teabaggers on the right? They both whine alot and value no opinions different than their own.

  27. I’m sure that you are right and those who love complaining more than doing will be sure to attack the questions, the respondents, and anything else they can think of because they just can’t believe that they are not representative of the base and never have been. I have seen all the favorable polls attacked like that over at Kos and it is amusing to say the least. They do remind me of the Tea Party that way. Poll after poll may show they are a small minority, but since they only surround themselves with people of like mind, they refuse to believe that. “No one I know doesn’t feel the same way I do. This poll is obviously flawed.” lol

  28. Kyl and Demint are going to force readings of the START and omnibus bills! The asswholes that they are, will force Reid to have the clerks read these bills round the clock, like what happened last year, at this time!

    The Senate aint going nowhere!

  29. Good the Blue Dogs were reduced in half. Now, the other half needs to go. They are closet Repubs.
    This is why Dem presidents have so much trouble helping the people, because of the closet Repubs, being elected by Dem voters.

  30. Welcome Ceejay. Feel free to lurk as long as you want but don’t be afraid to jump in and post if you ever have a question or comment. It’s a friendly group of people who are always respectful and kind to each other.

  31. Yep…no matter how people try to say different, he still sounds like the same man who gave the speech at the 2004 DNC!

  32. I agree with your assessment of Nancy. The only thing is, with the way the Republicans walk in such lock-step, Boehner won’t reach out to get votes because, at least in his mind, he won’t need them. Of course, he may be in for a rude awakening, as the TPers in Congress may be more a thorn in his side then the Blue Dogs were for Nancy.

  33. Is that why I keep seeing John McCain on my TV ranting about earmarks? The media is still holding up McCain, their boyfriend.
    And is that why there was no mention of the new and better Obama poll anywhere? Only the discouraging news is reported, and anything they can slant against Obama. TV news can affect the mood of the country by the news items they pick and choose to report.

  34. I always viewed Axelrod as the thinker and Plouffe as the doer. He is much better at messaging, which has been the real weakness of this administration. everytime I see Axelrod on a talk show, I cringe a little. Not because I don’t like him, but more because, and yes I know this shouldn’t matter but it does, his delivery is really awful.

  35. I think he’s in for some surprises if he thinks he will get the same level of cooperation from his caucus now as he did when they were the minority. Being the majority means they will think they have the power to do what they want now. The thing is that they don’t have a leader in the office of the president to tell them what it is that they are supposed to want, so they will be finding out just how many different factions they actually have in congress. There are some real nutjobs in the house that are not just posturing for votes, but who actually believe the crazy stuff they spout. Good luck trying to rein those people in!

  36. That depends on who you are talking to. The White House used the term to refer to the pundits, opinion page writers, etc. You know, people who are paid to write or speak about politics with a left leaning opinion. The pay is what makes them professional. But, if you talk to bloggers who don’t like the president, then it means everyone who disagrees with the white house about anything ever. So when people here put the term in quotes, they are making fun of those who think the term applies to them even though they don’t get paid for their opinions and are therefor not professional.

  37. The Democratic elected officials have been more supportive of Reagan, and the two Bushs, than they ever were of Carter, Clinton, and now President Obama.

  38. You too, is this where everybody went? LOL! Also, can not wait for this lame duck to be over with! OT:Also, Merry x-mas to everyone!

  39. I believe that the President drives everyone wild because he is thoughtful, measured, calm, and not interested in ripping apart his opponents. This points up the shortcomings in those hammering him from all sides, which results in their flailing even more vehemently. The entire country, no matter what one’s political affiliation, would benefit from following the President’s example in temperament.

  40. The problem with getting rid of all the Blue Dogs is that they will most likely be replaced with Republicans, which means the Democrats lose control of the committee chairmanships and the agenda. The only answer is to work from the ground up to move the people’s mindset and local politicians toward more progressive and compassionate policies. It will take a long time but it is a more reliable way to bring about lasting change.

  41. Shh, don’t tell KOS! Interstingly, Hamsher, ezra Klein, and two others were interviewed by Odonell last night.
    The first segment was all two against two, tow support POTUS and tow did not support POTUS!
    Then, a funny thing happened. They went to break, and all of them were against POTUS when they came back!
    HMMMM! Maybe Odonell said something to them. At any rate, this constant bashing of the POTUS is self destructive!

  42. Thank you, Lila. I have lurked ever since I found the link at the site that will not be named. I love the respect and calmness here, and especially the respect for our hard working president, his classy wive, and beautiful young daughters.

  43. Lilaf1,
    I have to agree. This was one of many reasons I had to leave the toxic environment at dkos. Sometimes facts are consistent with our opinions and sometimes they are not but while we are entitled to our own opinion, we are not entitled to our own facts. Unfortunately, many at dkos refuse to accept this logic. Any information not consistent with their pre-existing beliefs is ignored or excoriated as naive cheerleading.

  44. proud part of the 87%

    kinda OT but not really: I saw yesterday where Rush just figured out that the good thing for repubs would be to let all the tax cuts expire… then the repubs could “come in like the cavalry” and save the day.

    like I’ve been saying since I heard about this deal!!

    aside from my problems with some of the rightwing and racial memes the online left employ… my main issue is the electoral and political stupidity on display.

  45. Only if if you are paid to ignore facts that contradict your strongly held opinions and make a living as part of Anti-Obama Inc. 🙂

  46. When it comes to politics, the best way to learn is just jump in there. As with everything else in life, the only dumb questiosn are the ones you don’t ask. And even though there is such a thing as “political science” politics is hardly a science.

    Soemtimes there is more to learn from people in your position who are new to the scene than from old-foggies like me that have been around since Methuselah.

  47. “love complaining more than doing”

    that’s exactly what my girlfriend (who posts on dkos occasionally as Sapphire1) said about a lot of the folks on there after her first day as a member.

  48. When i turned to cspan Evan Bye was doing his farwell address. They waste a lot of time. Do a n op-ed in the your state news paper.

  49. I adore Governor Strickland!!!! He never ran away from President Obama, I love that about him. He also was an amazing governor for Ohio. I pray he gives a position. Don’t bash me but I’m still hoping that Governor Rendell comes on board as Chief of Staff or at least somewhere in the Administration. Thanks for the great news.

  50. Makesense…What is the name of the beautiful piece of art you’re using? Every time I see it it is striking and I’ve been meaning to ask. I was a collector of southwest art being as I’m a transplanted east coaster now from AZ. Time to broaden my horizons. If this is available as a poster or other within-my-price-range medium I would love to have a copy. Thanks, Patti

  51. Glad Obama doesn’t have to sleep on the couch. I like my Presidents intelligent, educated (sorry, Dubya, major fail in both categories), and very well rested so they can deal with the gigantic chunks of horse manure being hurled their way every day from know-it-alls who spend all their time at their keyboards every day giving unsolicited and often ill-informed advice to the man who’s actually charged with doing something.

  52. On second thought, I won’t. It’s already been mentioned on the FP and frankly I’m done being a dart board over there except for big things. Heh.

  53. Patti my son is a fan of retro art. I have been researching old signs like coke and others for my kitchen. im a strong believer in having different cultural things in my house. Its pretty exciting to have a little culture from around the world.

  54. The rise of the Blue Dog Coalition is a direct result of Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. It was so effective it was able to get conservative Dems elected.

  55. Delivery does matter when one is in the public eye. I think David Axelrod’s best talents lie behind the scenes. He’s a good strategist. David Plouffe is more of a high-energy, enthusiastic communicator.

  56. I’d have to respectfully disagree achieve about some of the Blue Dogs. Our Blue Dog lost her race in a very conservative district and have a feeling that come January and beyond a lot of us will wish we had her back. She was a crucial vote on Health Care Reform.

  57. Don’t blame you for saying No mas! to being a dart board. Actually, saves me from having to click there. It really does surprise me that you’ve been disrespected as your diaries are always very civil and informative.

  58. I always wonder who they’re actually polling because no one’s ever asked me for an actual poll.

    Nice numbers and of course the “real Dems” do a despicable job in pushing their accomplishments in the press or MSM.

    Love this place, BWD!!Thank you for creating a place where I don’t have to be negative and “pissy” all day!

  59. my main issue is the electoral and political stupidity on display.

    I used to think that maybe I wasn’t getting it but as time went on I saw that many of them were really delusional and willfully ignorant of the facts. Sometimes its just plain arrogance.

    The David brooks op-ed pretty much summed up what I’ve been thinking for a very long time. The Daily Howler expanded on it.


  60. You’re doing one hell of a bang-up job, Blackwaterdog! You were the one, almost singlehandedly, keeping my enthusiasm un-gapped for months on-end. Thank you!

  61. Civil and informative? Thanks so much. It’s funny because you’d never know it from some of the comments I get. Some folks thought I was being mean when I said most of the people quitting the OFA mailing list probably werent doing any volunteering with them anyway (which is true for the most part.)

    There’s a surprising level of thin-skinnedness among some of the very same people who have no problem slinging around venom and vitriol with wild abandon themselves. Sheezo…

    Actually, it’s not all that surprising, come to think of it…

  62. Agreed. The only problem with some of the Blue Dogs who actually worked with the caucus instead of against it is that when they ran for reelection they ran to the right and away from some of their own votes.

    Truman once said that if a voter is presented with the choice between a Democrat who frequently acts like a Republican and a real Republican, they will usually pick the Republican.

  63. Question – please tell me more about the last photo. Looks like my volunteer world, but the patients seem to be in their twenties?

    Blumenthal earned a thousand of my votes here, when he toured the rehab facility I volunteet at.

  64. Agree. You have been one of the most reasonable and accurate of those whom post there (and I’ve been there since Aug 2004). At this point, all that would happen is more attacks – something none of us need, especially those of us DOING stuff for our fellow citizens, every day, other than commenting in blogs.

  65. Getting both Strickland and Granholm will be key to President Obama’s re-election campaign. Michigan and Ohio both veered pretty right in November, so Obama will need a high profile presence there to be able to push back and garner television/media time when desired.

    Strickland, given his poor rural upbringing would be a good vouch for Obama to counter the “Obama has rural/working class Whites problem” media construct.

    Sherrod Brown and Carl Levin are both running, but they seem to be ready to run against the President, especially Brown. And Levin could face stiff competition from Hoekstra.

    If Gibbs goes, chances are Burton simply takes over, and I’m not impressed with that cat either. Neither are strong speakers or particularly good on messaging. I think the WH Press Corps always sort of saw Gibbs as a boob and that was reflected in their reporting. He didn’t seem like a good fit for the post to me but I understand why he was chosen, given he was one of the Three Wisemen and a southerner.

  66. This is precisely *why* Congress gets such low marks. Too busy grandstanding and trying to play to the media, too little common sense. Anyone looking to primary my Rep or the NY Senator who voted against this deal, will get a donation and some doors knocked from me. President Obama needs help and allies, not netroots-followers.

  67. I disagree. Speaker Pelosi is a major reason that we have HCR. She has delivered over and over and over again.

  68. Read on another site (not DK) where this was mentioned that they should make a rule that anyone who requires a reading of a bill must be present in the chamber during the entire reading. It is estimated that reading the two will take about 60 hours. Reid can have it read around the clock by having different clerks do the reading. Would love to see DeMint be required to stay in the chamber for almost 3 days straight.

  69. desertflower – first big hugs and sympathies for your loss. I love AZ (the desert, not the politics), plan on retiring there, and am angry that my state has turned into hell.

    I start all my research with Google.

    You may have heard of the movement to make creat playgrounds for children with disabilities? It started small here, but is nationwide now. The woman did this in honor of a child she lost. I spoke to her on the phone years ago to give her names of some of the leading disability advocates in town. She was humble, unassuming, but she got it done.

    Try to get an article published in your local paper, as well as make an appearance on your town cable program. My son worked at ours. Anybody can walk in off the street with suggestions as to programming material.

    I know your focus is different, but I’ll bet you too can be successful. I’m not sure about combining goals.

  70. Another comment on the same site said the if START doesn;t get ratified and nuclear material goes missing because we didn’t have anyone on site and is used against us, the entire blame should be placed on DeMint.

  71. Dems need to find a good challenger for Kyl in 2012, he’s a putz and I think he could be defeated by the right candidate.

    I think Gabby Giffords would be a great candidate to challenge Kyl, though we’d be sacrificing her House seat.

    Kyl wants to block the START treaty, that is going to get 70ish votes, he wants more nukes and more loose nuclear material for potential dirty bombs?

    I’d guess Kyl is scared of getting teabagged from the right, because unlike McCain, he coudl be defeated via primary. However Dems need to make him worry about the general.

  72. Thanks for the link. I think it’s a pretty accurate assessment. Tribal, or cluster, liberals are very much like the staunchest right wingers in that they both demonize the other side so much that any deal making can be nothing in their eyes but capitulation to the evil enemy and therefor a total failure. It’s not about results, it’s about tribalism. They are more interested in defeating the other side than in accomplishing any goals. You can’t talk to them about policy tradeoffs because the mere fact that tradeoffs exist is proof to them of complete failure. They have no real plan of how to achieve total capitulation from the other side and no interest in even listening to any opinion but their own. They will never be happy, because our government is not set up to be run for only one side. We are a nation with a multitude of opinions about the best way forward and the only way to do anything is to find a compromise that enough people will agree to in spite of the fact that the totality will not be the first choice of any one person voting for it.

    The other major difficulty in dealing with these tribal types, is that they are so ingrained in their opinions that they brook no differences, no matter how small. You can tell an ardent tea party supporter that their taxes were cut and not raised under this president until you are blue in the face and they will continue to call you a liar and refuse to hear what you are saying. You can tell a tribal liberal that the health care bill helps millions of people and give example after example of how that is true and they will just call you a liar and refuse to hear you, just like the tea partier you talked to earlier.

    Luckily, for all of us, they are a small segment of the population and their influence is not nearly as great as they like to think – just look at the poll numbers above. While they share many of my values, the cluster liberals will never be strong allies in any fight for actually implementing those values into policy because that will require compromise and they are incapable of compromising. The way they insult, demean and attack other liberals who don’t follow into their constant doom and gloom and no compromise rules, is also eerily reminiscent of the diehard right wing. Neither group is likely to be persuadable and neither group will ever be happy because the world they inhabit has very little connection to the reality of a world where compromise is the means to getting things done.

  73. One major coorporation, an insurance company here (husband is a VP) is going against the trend. They are so different – big push for diversity hiring, interviewing now for a new “management class” of trainees, no draconian decisions in health insurance, and keeping alive many charities. The firings that took place this past year, were of those who were as competant as Meteor Blades is at DK. Sorry, really wanted to say this at DK, but not a masochist. Ah, and I take some credit here, living with me and my mouth all these years (;)) my husband has hired people with disabilities and from the LGBT community – ones who were clearly out.

  74. The caption says it was taken at the Children’s National Medical Center so I assume the patients are teenagers.

  75. That is an excellent point japa21, in other words stand up for the votes you made. The problem here was that the right got the jump
    on messaging and tore the stimulus and health care reform to shreds. And a considerable amount of money was spent by outside
    interests to obtain this seat.

  76. I’m having trouble commenting, but Dan Choi was just hospitalized for mental health issues. I’m not trying to be nasty but I think that some of the people who are extremely negative re: POTUS are also extremely unhappy in their lives and are having some trouble coping. I have nothing but sympathy. However, it’s good to not take their claims (particularly claims about represnting the base) too seriously, and it’s also good to not be around that negativity.

  77. I wish Dan the best. Although sometimes I think he has been a little overboard, I can sympathize with his situation.
    I don’t like it when any body says they represent a larger group when giving an opinion. I definitely don’t represent the base, or white people, or people in their 60’s, or Roman Catholics, or any other larger group I am part of.

    Unless someone has an official position within a well-defined group, to say they represent that group is nonsense. I think you saw examples of that this past year as more and more local Chambers of Commerce disassociated themselves from the USCoC.

  78. I completely agree with you. I think Keith Olbermann is next, I’m so disappointed in him lately. I think Ed (Schultz) got the memo to stop his crazy talk about President Obama. He is still out there but not like Olbermann, now.

  79. Interesting – as Hamsher was on O’Donnell’s show last week too. She seems to be the media’s go to voice for we ‘liberals’. count me out of her click.

    I’m in the 87% of liberals who support this president- and I have zero doubt that I will continue to do so.

    And I like the idea someone else had at the top of this thread to write the President regularly and thank him and show him support. I need to do just that far more often. And my congress people need to hear from me far more often also.. particularly when they go against the president.

  80. Very well said. I think that the media looks for shortcuts and thus the most strident get away with making these claims of representation. I utterly agree with you here, japa.

  81. gn – I KNOW what you are saying is true. I got to know some of them, before our friendships fell apart, I also picked up pieces here and there in comments they made. Because Kelley, RN was a friend of mine, I supported the illness and disability sub-comms. Many of these people were there. That would give me pause before my negative reactions to them would kick in. But, I know too many sick, disabled, disadvantaged people who do NOT behave as nastily – relentlessly nasty – as these Kos’s do.

  82. Hey mally- yep to all you said.. about some of the online left.. I read TIMT’s diary this morning and watched it become another racial attack by the regulars.

  83. A lot of people need to take a deep breath and reboot IMO. This media environment is just excessive and this is not healthy at all.

  84. Eclectblog!! Ha ya doing Man!

    How in the HELL did yall elect a Rethuglican into the governor mansion? Now if obama wanted to help pump more grant money into the state, he will be probably block it. These blue states that just elected GOP governors are beyond stupid. I understand Michigan has been hit hard over the past 8 years but to put a GOP in office is beyond comprehension. I read a few weeks ago in article that a lot of GM workers whose jobs were saved by Obama and the Democrats votes for this man. WTF? I couldnt believe that crap!! You know have job that you woudn’t have if obama did’n’t help save GM/Chrysler and you thank him by voting for GOP governor which will tie Obama’s hands if he wanted to help yall even more. Makes no sense to me. So now they won’t support Obama and the democrats in 2012? I mean this is crazy.

  85. I asked her that the other day, Patti 🙂 We are Art buffs, and I know this piece is representative of a well respected Black artist whose work we viewed last year. I just cannot remember the name. If I have time I’ll Google it.

    Tulips – thank you again for sharing that with us. Every time you post, I take pleasure tn it.

  86. That also worries me BWD. I am from Seattle and Jim McDermott is still determined to stop the the estate tax cut and the Bushie tax cuts.

    The Dems seems a bit afraid these days. I am thinking that the progressives in the House and Senate want to show the AngryLeftMob (ALM) that they will support the mob’s demands out of fear of being called traitors.

    By the way, it is so nice to see so many familiar names from dk. who have joined this site.

    In my mind, you are all giants.

  87. Doing well, doing well. Enjoying the community here and happy to see so many BWDers over at Eclectablog.com, for sure.

    So, how did we elect a Republican governor (and lose both the House and Senate along with the Supreme Court) in Michigan? Well, it wasn’t for lack of trying on my part, at least! I GOTVed my little OFA CO heart out! But here’s the thing: my area is Ann Arbor, the liberal heartland of Michigan. It’s often called Berkley West or the People’s Republic of Ann Arbor. We had less than 40% of the Dems in Ann Arbor turn out. THAT explains it.

    Why didn’t they turn out? Too many folks disappointed that they didn’t get their Obama ponies, mainly. That and Virg Bernero, the Dem candidate for governor, got into it late, had almost no money to spend, relatively speaking, and, quite frankly, the Michigan Dem Party is a bit of a mess these days.

    I am trying in my own small way to change that. I’m now on the Washtenaw Democratic Party Executive Committee and on the Executive Board as co-Vice Chair for Precinct Organizing along with another OFA Community Organizer from Ypsilanti. Change from within I guess. Wish us luck!

    See ya all at Eclectablog. Your comments are always warmly received 🙂

  88. I really think that they are just about $$$$$ and influence. The bomb-throwing gets them attention. If they were not agitating against this WH, would anyone know who they are? No. Deeply selfish and cynical IMO.

  89. So well said, particularly this:
    Luckily, for all of us, they are a small segment of the population and their influence is not nearly as great as they like to think – just look at the poll numbers above.

    They have every right to politic in whichever manner they see fit. However, they are not representative of the base. Where we do need to caution is that a small group of determined people can cause harm and drama. It’s going to be important to continue to raise our voices.

  90. President Obama’s major effort to support all Americans and improve our economy passes in the Senate – on its way to the House.

  91. Rick Snyder marketed himself well, as a non-partisan executive. Hoekstra and Cox were the Republican partisans.

    Virg Bernero was against the DRIC plan, wanting to simply twin the Ambassador Bridge and keep it in private hands. Snyder is at least open to hearing about the shovel in the ground ready DRIC that would employ thousands instandly, upwards of ten thousands when taking into account spin-off jobs. It’s just that the current bridge owner has bought the Republicans in the State Senate.

    Verg Bernero sold himself as hyper-partisan, I think folks are tired of that – on both sides.

  92. Basically that the rest of the country is dumb and that they are the only people who really know whats best about this ordeal.

  93. Or in other words, more and more out of touch. Sensationalism=counterproduction.


    (h/t GreenLadyHere)

    The House needs to read the above article, and then read it again.

    Americans’ assessment of Congress has hit a new low, with 13% saying they approve of the way Congress is handling its job. The 83% disapproval rating is also the worst Gallup has measured in more than 30 years of tracking congressional job performance…


    I hope that they do not continue to test the public’s tolerance for grandstanding or the lines in the sand so popular with the online left.

  94. Oh-Oh here is another one…

    The tax compromise that passed the Senate this afternoon maintains solid support across the ideological spectrum, despite strenuous attacks from liberal activists and some conservative leaders, a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds.

    The poll of 1,000 adults conducted between Dec. 9 and 13 has a 3.1 percentage point margin of error. Among Democrats, 54% approve of the deal, while 68% of Republicans and 60% of independents do. Fifty-seven percent of self-described liberals like the compromise; 60% of conservatives do.

    The finding could be a boon to President Barack Obama, who defied many in his party to cut the deal with Senate Republican leaders. It also suggests the activists in both parties are not speaking to the bulk of their parties.


  95. My heart to you Desertflower and my hands and head to the work you want to do in AZ. Keep us posted here on what you are doing and how we can help. I am short on $$ but long on motivation.

    Let’s make this a real grass roots thing: “Heart to Heart” “Pennies For People”
    Something like that so even those with only a little money could contribute. Shame the sorry Gov and Repugnants who count money more important than people’s lives.

    ♥ to you, Sweetie

  96. America to Palin: Go Sit Down

    According to a new poll released today by Bloomberg, Sarah Palin’s favorable rating continues to plummet, while her unfavorable rating skyrockets. Only 33% of Americans have a favorable view of Palin compared to 57% who hold an unfavorable view of her. The only other figure on the poll who was as unpopular as Palin was former president George W. Bush, and even Bush is more popular than Palin.

    The Bloomberg poll measured the net favorable/unfavorable ratings for both political parties and leaders. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama topped the list at 65% and 52% favorability respectively. While President Obama had a (+8%) favorable/unfavorable net, Hillary Clinton was at a whopping (+36%) net rating. On the other end of the spectrum resided the two least popular politicians in America, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.


  97. Seems us ‘pragmatic activists’ (and proud liberals) have a very wise, empathetic and effective partner – President Obama! But, of course, we knew that long before many could even spell his name 🙂

    And, would seem that an abundance of Democrats and Independents view him as a true leader – for all Americans.


  98. Achieve, I have to respectfully disagree with that. A lot of Blue Dogs come from Red States or districts with lots of Repubs. Their job, when all is said and done, is to represent the interests of their constituents. I don’t think these people are “closet repubs.” They are conservative Democrats with a small foot in the door of ultra conservative States and districts.

    A very liberal Dem could not get elected in places like that. I think that most of the, so called Blue Dogs, do the best they can while getting beaten up by both Right and Left.

  99. I agree Japa21. His form of getting things done i did’nt agree with to me he was a attention grabber and he was fighting against the wrong person. I understand his frustration and i am a bigger supporter. They waited until Obama got in to really make this an issue when it should have been a fight from the start of this stupid law. I do wish him well and hope he gets better. Chaining yourself to the white house gate, was for show if he really wanted to do something he should have went after the republicans who was upholding the law.

  100. Thanks for posting that letter, maritza. It has inspired me to write another of my own. What a lonely and often thankless job it must be to be the President of this diverse, often contentious bunch of people in our country. How good it must be to get letters like you have shared with us here.

  101. Some of these blogs and cable shows fuel these senseless fires. They are completely out of touch with the real base of the Democratic Party.

    I loved that Keith O was called out in this article in the WPost on the poll. (I’m sure we’ll see a “special comment” chastising Perry Bacon for writing this)

    “The Post-ABC poll suggests that the administration is right about one point: The “professional left” and liberals are not the same. MSNBC host Keith Olberman said last week Obama had lost the Democratic base with the tax deal.”

    “Not so much. As Dan Balz and Jon Cohen write, “his approval rating among liberal Democrats stands at a lofty 87 percent, almost identical to where it was in an early October poll and down marginally from a survey later that month.”

  102. This is exactly right! Once again the WH is ahead of the curve. Congress would be far better off listening to them than to the professional left. Yet another example of so many.

  103. There is a ver nasty FP article by KOS on this very issue. Of course, KOS resorts to the typically insults, stating that the president “grovels” at the feet of big industry, and generating the similar and usual attacks in the comment section.

  104. I think that people should stop torturing themselves with that content. Who cares what they think?

  105. Sorry I have no idea. I love love love blackkos (every one of those editors is wonderful and so is the community) but I am serious in terms of washing my hands of dkos; way too negative and out of touch with the base. Didn’t you ask us to help you stay away as well? 🙂

  106. Yes but i have to go back for black kos. I don’t comment. I love to read their diaries. I have not commented for 1 whole week.

  107. Thanks to all of you that sent your wonderful suggestions. I need to do this…the voice I hear now is my mom telling me that this is the right thing to do for these people. I know that she would want this for all of them, give them the chance that she couldn’t hold on for.I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, and will let you know how this is going. One step in front of the other…will keep you posted. Many thanks, and many hugs to all.

  108. Dorothy, Jim is my Congressman, too. He kind of surprised me on this one. Not a surprise that he was against the tax cuts for the wealthy, but that he would sacrifice the unemployed. It really is not the Jim I thought I knew after 30 years. It’s the first time ever that he has disappointed me.

  109. How do we clone that company and your husband? Oh, that all companies were just like that, and they could easily be if they weren’t so centered on pure profits. I would call this company a good citizen.

  110. Thanks I will and bookmark them. LOL! i know you are trying to keep me away. Good one andth thanks for helping me keep my promise.

  111. I don’t know. I think people like Hamsher and Greenwald think they mean well. They just don’t realize how toxic they rally are. They can’t be pleasant to be around. Always being that right and righteous must be exhausting for others. I’m sure I’d run if I saw them coming.

  112. Heard a professor from a university on on MSNBC chris janseng;s programme this morning say that President Oboma’s support from the liberal base has dropped down to the 60’s and he needs to be worried about that.

    No one challenged her.I almost threw the mug at the t.v. in rage because I know that the figure is 87%.

    Don’t these anchors ever do their research,or do they only have republican talking points?

  113. And yet it is Palin and Bush who get all the media coverage. They keep trying to tell us she is so popular and important and we just keep telling them back we don’t like her, don’t want her to run for office and don’t want to hear anymore from GWB no matter how many books he writes.

  114. I would always look forward to reading your diaries on DK, and they were very informative and uplifting. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about bringing a bit of light to DK because most of those posting diaries and comments there are so far down the rabbit hole that it’s impossible to get through to them. DK has become a place where you’re either with them or against them. I walked away from the site because those who have anything good to say about President Obama are no longer welcome there. I was on an Alaska site a few minutes ago where I a DK diary on the blogroll with the title, “Obama Grovels Again at the Feet of the Corporatists,” or something similar. Many on the site no longer search for reasons why the president has to sometimes take certain positions on certain issues. They just scan a news item, draw a negative conclusion, and start condemning the president. As unreliable as the MSM is today in reporting events accurately, I very seldom believe what I read until I do a little research of my own. The frustrati were wrong about the tax compromise and the president’s poll numbers, and they’ll be wrong about other issues as long as they choose emotional reactions over careful analysis.

  115. She might have been quoting the gallup survey which states that President Obama’s approval ratings with liberals has gone from 71% two weeks ago to…(gasp!) 69% now (and this includes Naderites, etc.). His approvals within liberal Dems has gone from 81% two weeks ago to…(gasp!) 79% now.

    This is deliberate misinformation in terms of trying to throw the WH off. This is why I cannot stand the claims “the base hates this the base hates that” because it creates the impression that the WH needs to work to appease people who are already happy. POTUS has not gained traction with Independents, something which I hope can change (I suspect that it will move with the economy).

    The Professional Left needs to face the facts: the tax cut deal purity swarm is a FAIL. An utter fail. With House Dems looking the worst. Utterly counterproductive result.

  116. I believe he was on Stephanie Miller this morning (I might have got the name wrong), and a lot of his rationale centered around the potential for Democratic victories in 2012, if they could delay until John Boehner took over and was forced to shepherd the tax cuts through. He also seemed to have a crazy belief that the Republicans would somehow do the right thing, and extend unemployment benefits once they took over. Although, he was prepared for two years of strife to usher in the Dem victory, if needed. It was quite stunningly shallow, political and naive.

  117. It’s already being dismissed as “too little too late” at that orange place. The Obama hate there is thick. It’s becoming dangerously obsessive, the more good he does, the worse they get.

  118. It is easy to project a sense of right righteousness when you don’t have to actually do anything to put your believes into action. I doubt if any of them woudl last 10 minutes being Prewsident without having to chaneg their tunes on a lot of subjects.

  119. Now, he should know better than to think the Republicans would ever do the right thing. They prosecuted and persecuted Jim for years over leaking that tape. He, of all people, should never be that naive. If he somehow cannot remember how nasty they were, then I want my money back when we were helping him after they broke him financially. He might have been among the unemployed himself after that if 98% of us hadn’t voted him in again.

  120. “We had less than 40% of the Dems in Ann Arbor turn out. THAT explains it.

    Why didn’t they turn out? Too many folks disappointed that they didn’t get their Obama ponies, mainly.”

    They probably read liberal media like DK and Huff Puff, which told them that Obama and the Democrats were failures and didn’t do anything. There was not enough touting of our own accomplishments by our own side. There should have been a coordinated media/blog campaign from day one of the Obama administration to do nothing but tout our accomplishments. That didn’t happen. It still isn’t happening except on blogs like this one, which only reaches a small group of people.

  121. Wow I just read some of the comments in Bkos from yesterday and it looks like the “the self-rightgeous crowd” infiltrated that diary as well. I was wondering what prompted the comments number to be so high. YUCK!!

  122. Thank you so much. The next time I see the CEO I will gush, I’m afraid…

    And maybe there is justice in the world. This corp was one of the few that turned a profit last year. They make smart decisions, but fair ones.

    We are fortunate. Which is why Mr Paypal has been busy lately with donations to those who are not.

  123. We can only wish….but they have to play to the “professional left” crowd so expect more grandstanding.

    The rest of us (as indicated by the poll numbers in this thread) agree with you!

  124. I was looking at the president’s day in yesterday’s pictures on one of BWD’s diaries and trying to picture one of the bloggers who know it all lasting in that room for even 30 seconds before being rushed out onto the street.

  125. I try not to mention specific cretins there, but about a year and half ago, a man whose name has NOTHING to do with his behavior, and runs a small, embittered little blog, and was a Big Voice on DK until his semi-regular meltdowns unnerved even his posse – posted his pledge that he will run every “bot” off the blog.

    He did not, because he so lost his mojo, and we left because we are sane. But it gives you an idea of the zeitgeist there. And PLEASE nobody, go back to upend his promise. The best revenge is living well, and we are – HERE.

  126. @donna dem 4 obama lol Yeah, it’s becoming obvious that this deal is popular with the majority. I love that that article said it might be a “boon” for Pres. Obama. It’s about time.

    I think what some are mad about in addition to parts of the deal they don’t like, is that this is one of the first initiatives that Pres. Obama & team have successfully “messaged”. From start to finish, this has been the best messaging yet from the White House.

    But his critics should not despair–the sharpened messaging game will be applied to issues they agree with sooner or later…esp. with this new congress in Jan.

  127. Wasn’t that part of the article simply PRICELESS 🙂

    “The finding could be a boon to President Barack Obama, who defied many in his party to cut the deal with Senate Republican leaders.”

    Then drumroll please…..

    “It also suggests the activists in both parties are not speaking to the bulk of their parties.”


  128. He is a true leader….and a role model for what it is to be an accompolished and evolved human being. Sadly, something that a lot of human beings fail at. His leadership is by example…I can’t say often enough how remarkable I consider him to be.

    Live long and Strong Mr. President…I am so grateful for you, for many, many reasons.

  129. This is a great idea. Please let us know what you decide to do, I would contribute. I just thought of something, maybe you could talk to Sara R about making a quilt that she can “raffle off”.

  130. Me too, I had forgotten about Tuesday’s Chile yesterday.. so followed the link to read up, and as always a wonderful diary.. but there are the same nasty folks now descending on bkos. What irked me in the comments is that now Lightshine has been pushed away.. after reading a comment that “Obama supporters are monkeys”. And the punishment for writing such a racist comment, per MB: a month suspension from dkos. Good Grief, and if anyone still wonders why so much hate is allowed to be expressed over there.. its because for all intents and purposes it seems to be sanctioned. oh noes a month suspension.

  131. Regarding START:

    By SHIRA TOEPLITZ & MANU RAJU | 12/15/10 1:15 PM EST
    South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint backed off his demand Wednesday to force a full reading of the New START treaty, a move that may ease a legislative logjam amid a flurry of activity in the waning days of the congressional session.

    The move comes after a heated back-and-forth that dominated Wednesday and threatened to derail action for the rest of the lame-duck session, as DeMint vowed to force Senate clerks to read the entire treaty, a process that could take 10 hours or longer and push back a series of other bills awaiting action.

    A number of Republicans had little desire to stand behind DeMint and force a reading of the measure. A procedural vote on the treaty Wednesday garnered 66 votes, a strong indicator that the treaty could pick up the 67 votes it needs to pass.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1210/46425.html#ixzz18DWRVG9C

    Let’s hope we can get this DONE before the break for Christmas.

  132. I’d just like to remind people that certain blog “personalities” and divas are a mere sideshow. The issue for me has everything to do with my perception of where that space is going in terms of policy from the top down; it was obvious that a purity plan was afoot for the post-election period. Which is why I started advocating on November 3rd for people to think hard about whether their interests thoughts and opinions were being served.

    It is gratifying that new spaces have grown so quickly and I cannot thank this particular site proprietor enough for her time, talent, efforts, and good sense.

    I’m so sorry to read that lightshine was distressed by something which was said at that space, or that bkos is under siege by the utterly disgusting, despicable group of people licensed to act the fool. I hope that all involved understand that they do not have to put up with the presence of such foolishness.

  133. I think it is such a habit/addiction with them. Sometimes I wonder if our friends who still believe that blog is the Voice of the Left are misguided. BK is brilliant. The use rof the word “monkey” getting a one month suspension is telling about the incompetence and/or bias of admin. Blades sees himself as a “fierce champion” of the AA community. But IMO, a “fierce champion” would have doled out more than a slap on the wrist.

    I know some of our allies believe in “fighting the good fight” there. But this notion again is based on the belief that dK is significant. It is not. And there may be a small contingent that do enjoy the battle. I admit, for a bit, I did myself. But when I realized the dice were loaded, I lost interest. And eventually it quite literally made me ill.

    “Monkeys.” Oh yeah, no racism there. How does Blades justify his GROVELING to his fans.

  134. I think Plouffe knows what message should be delivered, but he can be a little wonky, too. They need a person who speaks the language of the people – very simply, sometimes sensational, attractive (yes, that matters, too) and irrefutable because it’s factual.

  135. Gov. Rendell did too much Obama-bashing to be trusted as an advisor. He was also wrong on a lot of his predictions.

  136. I’m not the hugest MB fan any longer, but to be fair almost no one is summarily banned there; they try to give people time to get themselves together. That said, I’m on record in terms of how I view DKos and I am not surprised that they are now trolling BKos. Truly unrepresentative of the Democratic base.

  137. The shame with this poll number for Congress is that the Democrats are being stained with the same evil brush that the Republicans deserve. Democrats took hard votes over the last two years, and worked to dig the country out of the ditch that the Republicans drove us into. Instead of taking the chance to tout their successes and the hard victories they fought for during the midterms, they ran in the opposite direction. They were ashamed of their accomplishments, because the Republicans and their corporate masters told them to be ashamed. And now, they don’t get credit for having done historic things for the people. That’s a crying shame.

  138. That’s good to know. I hope it passes before Christmas. The Republicans are too lazy to want to spend their holiday passing laws. I’m sure that Boehner can’t wait to hit the bars for the rest of the month until January 3rd.

  139. DeMented may have changed his demand when he discovered that Senator Reid intended to keep them in session on weekends and make them return to DC after Christmas. I’d like to see Senator Reid do it. He’s got nothing to lose.

  140. I like Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania. Excellent on TV, supportive of the president (though a HRC backer in the primaries), really saavy politically.

  141. Sounds like a description of Joe Biden.

    He has all those qualities — including
    the occasional sensationalism — and he
    speaks the language of the people.

    It’s going to be interesting watching what
    happens with the president versus Congress
    now that vice president Biden is taking
    on part of Rahm’s role. With his many
    years in the Senate, there’s no one
    better suited to be a mediator.

  142. I still cannot understand why they did that, either. These are historic accomplishments, not the least of which was keeping the country from falling off a financial cliff.

    The Democrats had every right to be proud.

    They should’ve been shouting their achievements from the rooftops. Instead,they spent election season cowering
    in a political bunker and distancing
    themselves from a president who is the most popular and highly respected leader in
    the country!

    Not a bit of it made any sense at all.

  143. Thanks GN @2:12 p.m.for the explanation.

    It’s amazing how the MSM always looks for the the most negative aspect of a poll against the president or the Democrats to use as a lead.

    Hope the Start deal gets passed before xmas and those selfish CEOs starting using those trillion of dollars to put americans back out to work.

    That’s my wish for xmas,that decent,hardworking americans find jobs once again in the new year and the ‘made in america’label starts flying high again.

    Goodness man,where is the patriotism of these high fliers?

  144. Don’t worry, I’m not through with dKos. I just am being a bit more picky about what I post and reposting about something that has already been mentioned on the FP seems like a waste of time to me. I’ll keep shining a light when it seems appropriate, though, never fear : )

  145. How can everybody here be so intelligent, disagree on things, and yet be so civil at the same time? Amazing –

  146. Hope, I used to get angry before with stuff like this. But I quit. What I focus on now is the president’s successes, and the American people, who are recognizing it, particlarly that base that others seem to think they are heads of.

    I have trained myself to ignore the noise, I simply consider that whole outfit a giant circus.

    The best revenge against evil, stupidity, condescension is success.

    People will watch POTUS and learn. They must be angry that the public can’t see things their way.


  147. Sara R is a diarist from Daily Kos. She and her sister design quilts. She makes quilts for people in the Kosack community that are ill or caregivers to someone who is. when a quilt is needed she puts up a dairy where she asks if anyone wants to send a message. She also has made quilts that she “auctioned off” for the Netroots, and on behalf of some candidates for the midterm election. She has recently created a website. I think it is Ann Reed.com

  148. Thanks so much for the info. I thought that was who you were talking about…I never commented on DK, but did read everyday, and saw the “quilt lady” doing quilts for various causes. I’ll think about that one, and thank you so much for her website. Was going to go do that yesterday, but got side tracked by having to go get a new tire for the car. Nail in the sidewall:) Will try again today!

  149. Please call him, Seattle folks. Let him know how you feel. Sherrod Brown heard from his constituents and changed his mind. Maybe McDermott will too.

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