Warning: Swagger-Less president walking!

President Obama walks from the WH to the Blair House, to hold a working meeting with business leaders, and to betray his base and sell us out even more!






Here’s how the NYT describes the new tax deal today:

A huge economic stimulus package


More awful news:

US factory output increases for 5th straight month



And even more swagger-less president in action:

Obama administration sues BP, others on Gulf spill



But I read that the Obama administration is just faking and what they really want is to continue the occupation of Iraq!

Rival Accepts Deal, Clearing Path for Maliki to Rule in Iraq


93 thoughts on “Warning: Swagger-Less president walking!

  1. Don’t you just love his swagger? What will the uber progressives say if this meeting with the CEOs results in more lending for businesses and more jobs? I’m sure they’ll find a way to turn it around so it seems like more Obama capitulation.

  2. I trust the President and I do not trust easily. Somehow just having this site coming up on my email on a regular basis has made me more serene. I truly do not appreciate the attacks on this decent man. I believe many will disagree with him as they would any leader but the vilification causes a kind of revulsion response in me. Thanks for the balance. Its made it so much easier to forge ahead as an engaged citizen.

  3. Check out the comments on the Yahoo msg. regarding the BP lawsuit. Negativity rules the day.

  4. You hit the nail on the head. There is a big difference between disgreement and respectful criticism and the revolting vilification we are seeing from some on the left. I don’t like it when it ccomes from the Right, but it is more expected from that direction.

  5. My brilliant son taught me that one, LOL. His opinion was that if I MUST read certain sites, read the artcle, and STOP.

  6. His ability to stay focused, is what gives me hope. I don’t want someone being emotional and reacting without speaking. He’s got a plan and it being executed. Watch him during his presidency is truly a education.

  7. Why wouldn’t the president want to meet with CEOs TO CREATE JOBS?!! How is that a sin? The far left does itself no favors by showing such disdain for business. Greed is bad, but not business. And whatever the president can do to encourage hiring should be encouraged. The lack of hiring is what’s really holding up the economy. Some on the left want the president to get on a soapbox and “shame” CEOS to hire? They can’t see the forrest for the trees which is becoming more and more obvious. People want to be inspired and to see progress–not ugliness and division.

  8. Those negative sites are just unhealthy. I have to stay away from them.

    One popular site I use to frequent, has been taken over by the Fox folks. At least it seems that way.

    Just ugly ugly people have taken over, there.

  9. You know, I’m liking the look of that new Secret Service guy I’ve been seeing in the last few days. The one with that whole head of hair. *S*……Bet he looks nice when he smiles.

    I try to do the same thing – read the article and not the comments. I think those negative people just sit around and do that all day.

  10. I read that article earlier. Rachel and Keith is making themselves look foolish. Why worry about losing the base instead of reporting on getting the important legislation passed during the lame duck. I think it was BWD that showed statistic of how many people signed a petition to get keith back on but did not show overwhelming petition signing for anything else. They love to throw out the word progressive. OH PLEASE!

  11. BWD, “sellout” is good and all, but you’ve got to work “corporatist!” into your posts somewhere. Gotta keep up with the buzz words all the “kewl kids” are using on the other blogs.


  12. The man looks good in a black coat and scarf. Reminds me of his February 10, 2007 speech in Springfield, Illinois. Looks like he’s wearing the same coat.

  13. That’s exactly what’s taking place. The right has mastered trolling. And a relatively smallish group of people are utterly determined to corrupt any political space with voluminous sour remarks. This is why it is so wonderful to have new spaces in which we can opt out of discussions with people who are simply over the top in terms of frothing rage and disgust with this POTUS.

  14. What open my eyes to many of them. Is when the health care fight was going on and the tea party was marching. Not one progressive group attempted to get something going. But Arianna Huffington can pay and send buses for a sanity rally and they could’nt send a bus to fight for things that’s needed. Not one lead anything against the republican, they say the white house has the messaging problem. President was not just in congress, learned, observed and educated himself on how congress really work. I think he got their number.

  15. LOL, I like selloutprostitutionwhore myself. But you’re correct: Corporatist sellout (please insert goofy / heterosexist sexual metaphor here).

  16. This POTUS is such a breath of fresh air.

    BWD and others here thanks for this site, I feel much calmer when I read the articles, and have no reservation reading the comments.

    Without this site and others on the list, I would be feeling much more anxious about the passage of the Spending bill legislation, going thru the senate.

    On the negative side; just for balance BO is looking way too presidential,
    he needs to look more gangster , like Shug Knight, (some folks are so stupid)

  17. Enjoying today’s pics! And the awful news. Oh wait – am I supposed to enjoy awful news? So confusing!

    It is so disheartening to see fellow Dems trashing him. I’ve found myself retreating from so many places where I used to feel comfortable. The animus is just unreal. People ought to be able to disagree without all this hate. I think the anonymity of the internet probably contributes to a lot of it. Most of these people wouldn’t dare say what they type to anyone in person. Certainly not if they were face to face with POTUS.

  18. Here’s info about the statue near the president (i was curious): General Rochambeau Statue: The statue depicts him directing his troops. Rochambeau is wearing the uniform of France. He was the “official” representative of the King of France.

    A female figure, Liberty, raises two flags in her left hand, symbolizing the unity of France and America. She grasps a sword in her right hand as she prepares to defend an embattled eagle symbolizing America. The eagle, with its right talon, grasps a shield with thirteen stars symbolizing the thirteen colonies, while it fends off aggressors with its left talon.

    Sculptor: Fernand Hamar

    inscription: We Have Been/ Contemporaries/ And/ Fellow Labourers/ In The Cause/ Of Liberty/ And We Have Lived/ Together/ As Brothers Should Do/ In Harmonious Friendship/ Washington To Rochambeau/ February 1, 1784

  19. I confess I have always look to Keith for entertainment rather than hard news and analysis. However I noticed that his shows always seem to discussed the latest outrage that was featured on the GOS site; which he has alright to do; everyone needs a voice. However for me it was not enough. As a result I stopped watching his show months back. I am not mad at him, because I figured it out a while ago.

    I am disappointed in Rachel because I thought she had more depth; there I go again expecting the MSM to report the news and not their endless opinions, punditry and dribble

  20. I am happy to say that since the whole uproar regarding the tax cut deal started I have not watched Keith or Rachel. I have also, managed to stay away from DailyKos and Huffington Post. I have BWD, to thank for helping me to rid myself of those addictions.

  21. Hey BWD, Good photos of the prez whose looking very GQ today or normal. 🙂 Always like that topcoat.

  22. I just realized, that Presidnet Obama has managed to knock off a lot of his promises.

  23. Hey everyone! Just checking in and I LOVE these diaries! I love our President, and I haven’t been over in many days and it’s made my life less stressful! Thank goodness for huge favors from people like you, BWD!

    Now, I’m reading the news and it seems that our President just can’t help pissing everyone off while he’s helping everyone… but that’s okay. In the end this great man is going to do what is right, and the slackers in this country who can’t seem to read the details will just have to ride the caboose on Obama’s train to the future.

    I’m sick of the negativity and it’s so funny reading BWD’s snark-full headings to the news she posts. Yes, that’s you BWD! I love your snark. heh!

    I have my daughter home from college so I’m spending lost time with her. I will continue to peek in b’cuz your emails arouse my curiosity and I rely on these diaries to fill my cup brim full.

    I am reading everyone… your comments speak for me. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and know I’m still here reading!

    Oh, and I hope my Senator Tom Udall from NM will get the rules changed about the filibuster in the next session. DeMint is an example for why this needs to be done, IMHO. Reading rules out loud to slow the process, when they have had the rules in front of them for what… 8 months now? What a jerk.



  24. They’d be the first ones in line for a job ‘inside the bubble’ and would marvel at how hard governing actually is.

    Many would also be very suseptible to the power corrupting dynamics because they refuse to see the hard political realities that upset their neatly packaged ideaologies and theories.

    It’s like not seeing the forest OR the trees because you’re too busy trying to chasing gophers. LOL

  25. I don’t know if I am going to be able to watch Rachel after this. I hope I can be forgive her

  26. They’re already spinning it like the president went to the CEOs with his begging bowl in hand, hoping for a few scraps.


  27. Me either. 😉

    I do need a good site for an updated news round-up throughout the day though. I’ve been going to CNN on my phone but I don’t like having to go to any of the MSM sites.

  28. I cannot STAND this ridiculous thing in this country about men (not really women) of power and influence not being seen walking in the FREEZING FUCKING COLD without a hat on.

    It’s so stupid watching our President fall victim to this “rule”. I live in the B’more/DC area. It’s frikkin’ COLD here and fucking idiotic to walk around with no hat on. But the President has to follow this stupid “unwritten rule” to never be seen in public with a hat on.

    Where did this originate? Does our President have to contract pneumonia in order for him to get permission to wear one?

  29. LOL — thanks for the laugh. I’ve got this image of the president, in a backwards cap, wearing a blinged-out American flag medallion around his neck.

    I like Shug Knight, and all, but would anyone want him to be president?

  30. Yes, I too have stayed away from Keith, He wanted me to stop watching him after he came back from suspension, thinking that he had a
    mandate to bash the President.

  31. Hi Symmetry. I too have given up on both of them and it saddens me because their shows were must-see TV for me every evening. I also gave up Huffington but I still go to DK on Tuesdays and Fridays for BK. However that may change because some of the loud brayers have found their way there.

    I am so grateful for this site and a few others because I am not tense, angry, or depressed when I come online.

  32. Well a few scraps will put food on a whole lot of people’s plate and roof over their heads;.

    I love to see the President go about the people;s business

  33. Starky I was not aware of this rule? Is it an East Coast thing? I’m from the other side of the country but….I think over my 5 years in Detroit I saw guys wearing hats
    {thinks back several years}

    I must admit when I think of men in power donning hats Churchill and FDR come to mind. Heh.

  34. William Henry Harrison actually contracted pneumonia and died 31 days after giving his inauguration speech without a coat or hat. You’d think they’d change the sartorial rules after that one.

    It’s silly — and, looking at the photos, I was thinking that the president must be awfully cold without a hat.

  35. I totally agree with you makesense4tulips, I have learned so much during BO presidency. Because of the examples he sets he makes me want to be a better person

  36. He seems to be one of the few in DC who IS going about the people’s business.

    Voters are noticing, too.

  37. The president is trying to lead by example and show us and the rest of the world how democracy is suppose to work. Opponents should take a time out and breathe. and learn that compromise is a good thing

  38. Good for you. I stopped watching all of them too. I ended my relationships with Jon Stewart too – and that was something that broke my heart, but i can’t watch his unfair viciousness against the president.

  39. Thank you and Hi back, GN! 😀

    I am. I can’t keep up with myself right now… or politics, but I’m trying.

    I hope you and yours and everyone here is ready for the holiday season and getting some relaxation in the mix, too! 😀

  40. BWD I must say I stopped watching Stewart about 6 months into BO’s presidency. I could see the tide turning in a negative way so I gladly jumped ship. I watch the odd clip from time to time

  41. God how easy is this man on my eyes. President Obama is too frigging fione! I think he should walk more. I forget how tall, slim and sexy he is.

    Now in more serious info, my comment is….

    I absolutely think because MSM dug themselves into such huge hole of irl trolliciousness they can’t find a way out. So they just keep digging themselves further in. Meanwhile our nation is coming back thanks to pres Obama’s pragmatic and smart decisions.

  42. Interesting I did not know this. I thought, like Mrs. O he hated hats. Except that worn out cubs baseball cap he wears sometimes I never saw him in hats.

  43. GREAT comment, I agree 1000%!!! I was waiting for a comparable group of liberal activist to go and fight at the same time the tea party was frothing at the mouth – not a cricket. By the time some groups organized it was already out of hand. They need to hush about the public option. Enough with what could of been and look to how the bill can be improved.

  44. I too was very shocked at Rachel’s commentary. I thought for sure she was balanced…but then!!!She and Kieth really look STUPID in my eyes now.I have liberated myself from those shows now…and it feels good!!!
    Its fine to disagree with the President ,but all and out trash him is un-exceptable!!!
    total dis-respect…when he always shows respect to everyone,even when he disagrees!!!
    We can all learn alot from him!!!

  45. Please consider joining in on the comments. If many of us do so, maybe that will counter act the hate.
    I make sure I post my thoughts, just to make sure others know I still support our president and the Democratic Party

  46. It’s not just hats, but also facial hair. Particularly amongst politicians. But men of power in general are “not allowed” to have any facial hair.

  47. Don’t forget Michael Moore. He could send thousand to bail Assange out of jail. But did he donate to any Democratic candidates>

  48. Excellent comment… especially re just letting the anti-govt types run wild at the town halls with very little opposition.

    Many of our Democratic politicians are still intimidated by that insanity from last year.

  49. raotflmbo. BWD. I absolutely love this post. It is hysterical.

    Keep up the good work. It is my first time posting but I check out this site daily.

    Thanks for all you do.

  50. I flew from California to Washington in the spring of the Health Care battle, endured being surrounded by thousands Tea Party rabid members, and then finding less than 200 people there at the counter rally. Very few progressives showed up that weekend.

  51. Was the President, “whistling?” I thought that
    s what I saw in those first couple pictures…good for him! Maybe he knows something we don’t:)

  52. Have you read the comments ?? All negative.

    I’m beginning to think that there is a GIGANTIC operation by republicans and their allies (Chamber of Commerce, Koch brothers for example) to flood the internet with anti-Obama rhetoric. Let’s not forget that those guys have TONS of money.

    They’re everywhere. Comments in NYT, WashPo, The Hill, etc… have been dominated by anti-Obama rhetoric SINCE THE BEGINNING.

    And every liberal site with no or little moderation is being infested. Look what happened to HP, DKos, and others. Granted, there are genuine people from the left who have been critical for very long. But that’s not the whole story.

    I mean… with near 50% approval of President Obama, you have a much higher percentage of negative comments in mainstream publications, AND left blogs. And I’m talking about hateful, disrespectful, over-the-top and misinformed comments.

  53. Having filed the lawsuit against BP, they will now finally have the subpoena power that the GOP (Coburn especially) blocked.

  54. Follow-Up:

    On September 27, 2010, Republicans blocked the Presidential Commission on the BP oil spill from having subpoena power to conduct the investigation. Blocking subpoena power in disaster investigative commissions is unheard of. Senate Republicans gave no explanation.

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