No, Mr. Olbermann, you are NOT the base

And the base didn’t “vanish”. The base is very much where it always been: supporting a terrific president, a great man, who in two years has done more than any president but two, to move the progressive ball forward – At least in a century. Ask Rachel Maddow, she’ll show you some clips from her show (When she’ll snap out of the mushroom cloud that caught her too, that is).

The liberal backlash that isn’t

As one prominent liberal after another cried “betrayal!” over President Obama’s tax cut deal last week, I cautioned against reading too much into it: One of the most underappreciated stories of Obama’s tenure has been the consistent disconnect between elite liberal opinion about the president and the view of rank-and-file liberals.

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72 thoughts on “No, Mr. Olbermann, you are NOT the base

  1. Ha! I love it BWD…”The Liberal backlash that isn’t”.

    Just because the PL says so doesn’t make it so!

    They look foolish. I hope they learned a lesson in all of this but I’m not holding my breath waiting…

  2. Loved this post. So accurate and so dead on right. However, will Keith Olbermann dig in or will he step away from the edge remains to be seen.

  3. Thank you BWD, Thank you SO much. You are our shelter from an insane hate storm. I’m not a blogger,just an old 75 year old woman, very happy to find a place that speaks up for our great president and what he is trying to do against all odds. May God bless you.

  4. First, he will log onto to DK to enlist the support/adoration/botulism of his groupies. Man, he’s wack!

  5. PL will learn nothing, and that’s fine. Hopefully other portions of the national media and Democratic legislators will learn that the WH is telling the truth: there is not some great horde of hatefilled leftists who despise the POTUS and envy/admire the teaparties. Thus when someone is launching a sensationalist rant, do not always assume that such person is speaking for the base, rather than speaking for her- or him-self. That’s the audience (media + Dems) which needs to gain some insights from the Great Tax Deal Purity Swarm FAIL of December 2010.

  6. Olbermann is just another useless talking head who goes on TV just to hear himself talk.

    I quit watching Olbermann when he resorted to using hyperbole to attack President Obama. Olbermann seriously has no clue how the government works, most of what Olbermann blames Obama for is actually the fault of Congress.

    I’m seriously thinking that Olbermann should report from Iran or North Korea, countries where there actually is a dictator. Olbermann should be happy that the low/middle income earners are getting any tax breaks/UEI extensions at all, as opposed to having their taxes raised and being screwed out of UEI.

    Keith Olbermann is just like Bill O Reilly, a pompous asshole with a huge inflated ego. Both Olbermann and O Reilly think they are legends in their own minds.

    Olbermann and the rest of the pompous poutraging jerks of the professional left need to fuck off and let President Obama do his job. Giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is fine, but the criticism from the professional left has crossed the line from CONSTRUCTIVE to DESTRUCTIVE.

  7. GN you know what is really a shame in all of this is that it just continues to paint Keith and unfortunately Rachel (who at least has shown this administrations accomplishments balanced with her criticisms) as fringe talk show hosts and they are not really taken seriously by the rest of the journalistic society.

    They have high ratings because liberals/progressive for the most part like to watch their show. The unfortunate thing is that they don’t change a single mind to the progressives way of thinking because they are essentially preaching to the choir.

    In actuality (as proven by this poll) they are completely out of touch and irrelevant. The only real purpose they serve is to make liberals/progressives feel good because everything else we watch is so skewered to the right that they give us a few minutes of relief from the Corp Owned Media’s right leaning perspective. (although recently the criticism has been basically the same as the rights)

    I’m rambling so I hope this makes sense.

  8. That is simply delicious – thank you for sharing!

    BTW, I’m a mid-60’s white guy that was very very close to all those events in the 60s and early 70s and it simply amazes me how clueless the PL is to what it was actually like to live from day to day in the midst of the rabid hatred and violence directed toward anyone struggling on behalf of civil rights and an end to the Vietnam war. Totally clueless.

  9. Makes a ton of sense. As I said on another thread, I hope that Keith/Rachel take a deep breath and reboot.

  10. He’s only edging closer, with one foot on the proverbial banana peel. As noted yesterday, I sent an email 09/04/09 because he was already on about finding “someone” (who would have KO as White House spokesman, no doubt) to “primary” PBO. He has “the bully pulpit” of his own show and seems unable to do more than mobilize the usual suspects at agent orange.

  11. Seems to me that liberals in general are quite sensible and indeed remember the lessons of the past. The sensationalist national and new media spaces are prone to excess and historical revisionism. But as we can see, they are a mere sliver of liberals at large. This is why I’m so glad that the WH was very careful to distinguish the Professional Left from liberals in general.

  12. I would like to hope so, but somehow Keith does not strike me as a humble man. Unfortunately he is becoming like the same people he tries to shame, ie; Beck and others

  13. I used to watch KO regularly until recently because of his consistant rant against the President. I thank this site and all the great comments here to confirm my thinking and assure me that I am not alone. Pleae keep doing what you do by supporting our great President and keeping me sane. Thank you again

  14. I have to disagree with the opinions here on Keith O. I’ve been watching him for many years and he has, at every turn, stood up for progressive principles. I think this time he did go too far, but I think he’s sensible and hopefully will not be as poisonous as those he listens to on the left. He’s always been better than that. And I don’t think anyone had as much support for candidate Obama as Keith did in 2008. As least in the media. I think he was leaning towards Hillary C. early on, but became an Obama supporter even before Iowa.

    So I haven’t given up on Keith. I’ve just turned him off for a bit.

    Other than that, I can see this website is already a success. It’s beautifully put together and does inspire me to have a brighter day than what I had been used to elsewhere. Logging on here first thing in the morning makes a huge difference to my peace of mind.

  15. All that our “opinion” media does is preach to the choir. Do those who can be swayed watch Fox or MSNBC? Considering what small audiences, statistically speaking, both networks have, I would have to say that the answer is “no”. Fox and MSNBC have marketing strategies; they amp up the rhetoric, cue the screaming, and capture a somewhat captive audience that thrives on the drama.

    I don’t remember when I stopped watching KO. I think it was when I realized I just didn’t have the energy for the constant state of outrage. I like to think of myself as politically aware, but I’m also a normal human being. I have other things to worry about besides the latest contre temps. Most people–the people that Pres. Obama tries to reach–can’t and don’t live on that constant knife-edge of high drama. They (we) just want to work, have time with friends and family, pursue extracurricular activities when we can. The constant sense of doom that both Fox and MSNBC peddle drains a soul completely. I’m much calmer now that I’ve rearranged my blogroll.

  16. Not to get biblical, but KO notices the motes in everyone else’s eyes, while ignoring the beam in his.

  17. I don’t know if you guys listen to Tom Hartman. He’s another one the left who had hard critique of the president because he don’t think or do what he want. Today, he had to admit that maybe President obama knows something that they don’t he is proving it in the polling. He pointed out how the base and the country trust him overwhelmingly. That maybe his consistant gesture of bipartisanship is actually working because the country trust him. He then stated that have to stop stomping on him all the time. My mouth was wide opened.

  18. He reacts with out looking at all the points of view. This is about the third time he reacted for show, and did not take a look at the substance.

  19. That’s quite impressive actually. Any and everyone has the capacity to be mistaken (for some of us like me, that’s a common affliction lol). However, not everyone is willing to admit it, and act on new information which contradicts an assumption.

    Good for Mr. Hartman! That actually just made my day and reminds me of why I really like liberals.

  20. Third time? Even during the Bush years I thought he was reactionary and hyperbolic.

    Some of what’s going on feels like karma to me. During the Bush administration — I didn’t speak out and sometimes went along with a lot of things I knew were over the top. That’s not to say that I didn’t agree with major complaints about Bush — but sometimes the rhetoric strayed away from reality and ventured into extreme speculation and unfounded character attacks.

    I’m wondering what if I had said to some of my friends back then — you don’t know that to be true so stop spreading it — or that action doesn’t have to mean what you suggest it does — and things like that — if maybe said friends and I would still be friends. I thought they were deliberately spinning for fun or effect — and apparently they thought I supported and believed all the things they said. Now — that I’ve begun speaking out about unrealistic comments — we’ve had to part company because they think I’ve fallen for a con-job and refuse to give up trying to scream/shame/insult me out of my brainwashed state — and I refuse to sit around and be insulted.

  21. Good points and we can hope KO steps back and takes a careful look at just how much President Obama has accomplished and how much obstruction he had to overcome ever step of the way since that Nov evening in 2008 when it was obvious how emotionally overjoyed KO was to call the election for candidate Obama.

    I agree whole heartedly with you regarding:

    “I can see this website is already a success. It’s beautifully put together and does inspire me to have a brighter day than what I had been used to elsewhere. Logging on here first thing in the morning makes a huge difference to my peace of mind.”


  22. I definitely appreciate your point of view re: Olbermann. I do think that he is prone to overreaction and sensationalism. It would indeed be wonderful if he took a deep breath and revised the inclination to knee-jerk or play to a purity audience.

    Glad that you’re here New Dawning!

  23. There’s one difference however: Bush really had an awful presidency. I think that where so many people are tripping over their feet is with the assumption that the rhetoric which was used during that presidency has to be matched now lest we become “unprincipled.” But there’s no comparison between these presidencies at all IMO.

  24. When I think about Keith, I think about more than anything all the standing up he did against the racism towards President Obama. There are certain things Keith won’t put up with and racism towards our president could very well be at the top of his list.

    I’m not crazy about Howard Fineman and Arianna Huffington and all the people whose only mission in life is to spread the negative. Keith is a journalist first and foremost. He hates the wars, he hates that we didn’t prosecute GWB & Cheney. He put it all on the line for health care reform. And on and on and on.

    He’s a complicated person. But I do think he likes President Obama. He tweeted about that just the other night. He thinks the president deserves a second term.

    I just think he reacts to all the negativity surrounding him and he becomes one of them. He needs to hear the points of view of those who aren’t Kossacks. Some of us are just Democrats who admire our President and have his back, through thick & thin. As we should.

    As a journalist, I’m not so sure Keith can go down that road.

  25. Again, I appreciate your viewpoint. I think that we might have to agree to disagree, because I think that journalism requires a nuanced, calm view and analysis of events taking place; not the sort of knee-jerk screaming so popular in some new media spaces. A rational, calm look at the tax cut deal should have yielded, “this is a broken campaign promise yet we received some great and necessary items in return” rather than the “I’m betraaaaaayed” “he won’t fight!!!!111!!!” nonsense which passes for reportage in too many areas of the national and new media. This country is long overdue for the emergence of a better quality press. That any of our media figures would be open to thinking about better ways to inform the public would be very welcome news.

  26. Even if you don’t agreee be civil , give ideas, understand and respect another point of view.

  27. Even if you don’t agree be civil , give ideas, understand and respect another point of view.

  28. Keith certainly didn’t start tonight’s show with any reboot. I barely got through the introduction of the show and had to turn the channel. Someone is going to have to explain to me how Obama stomping his foot and letting Repubs run out the clock and get everything they want with nothing for the rest of us, would have been a better ‘strategy’. And I’m pissed as hell that Obama is getting such grief for this compromise when it was Pelosi herself who didn’t hold this vote before the election. Were these people really clueless enough to think they weren’t going to lose? That the ONLY was NOT to lose was to make tax cuts an issue BEFORE the election? No — instead now they’re on their high horse when they could have and should have fixed this before the the midterms.

  29. It’s a bizarre day when Chris Matthews in his “Let Me Finish” segment makes more sense to me than Keith Olbermann. But that’s what happened tonight.

    Keith conflated ‘surrender’ and the ‘end of Social Security’ in the first sentence of his intro and his evidently packing the show with guests to prove his bias.

    Obama wouldn’t have had to cave at all if Pelosi and Reid had brought this to a vote before the midterms. Now the Dem’s in the House are all outraged? Chris Matthews had it exactly right: if no compromise had been struck, the Repubs would have said Obama raised taxes on everyone and they lowered them in January. Of course without any unemployment extensions or anything else that might just help ordinary Americans just a little bit.

  30. In all honesty, I can’t disagree with what you wrote. I’m having a tough time with this. Keith was always the intelligent one in my eyes for the past several years.

    It’s hard to see him become a carbon copy of Kos & Hamsher. Same with Rachel.

  31. Wow, great to hear that. I have to admit I’m amazed that any of them have the capacity to admit that. I don’t know he is, but I’m amazed and happy to hear that any of them have noticed they are wrong! I don’t expect it to catch on though.

    I also used to love KO, during the Bush years, but now he’s playing to a rabid audience who wants nothing but red meat and he dishes it out to them. His commentary is completely ridiculous most of them time nowadays, which is sad because it just means he has no credibility. I certainly don’t expect any real news or information there, it’s always spin from a certain point of view, which is that President Obama is a huge failure and disappointment. Everything gets looked at from that angle no matter what. I completely lost interest in watching him quite a while ago. I used to still watch Jon Stewart, Colbert, Rachel Maddow sometimes… but they all seem to be going down the same road. So my TV rarely gets turned on anymore. I’m considering pulling the plug for good in the new year. I watch everything online now anyway, that’s worth seeing.

  32. I hope that attitude can spread to some of the rest of the professional left. I wonder if they are losing ratings as more and more people seem to be losing patience with them. They truly do seem to live in a bubble that is very disconnected with the electorate. Most of us don’t like constant, unending drama. It is just too wearing and emotionally exhausting. People actually like the “no drama” Obama because of the no drama part, not in spite of it. Maybe they are finally starting to realize that. We can hope anyway.

  33. I only caught the very end of the show and was very surprised. He has been critical of the deal and somewhat critical of Obama, but not in the raging anger way of some people. He still is not sure this deal was the best way to go and does say that if he were advising Obama he would have counseled a different curse of action. But he also admits that from a political perspective this may well have been the best way to go about it.

    His arguement is that if Obama had waited then the Republicans would have pushed evrything through in January and they would have excoriated Obama for letting taxes go up and talk about how they rode to the rescue. This way, Obama can say, look, I didn’t want the higher income taxes to go up, but my only other option was to let the middle cass cuts expire and UI not to be extended, etc. He becomes the rescuer.

    Hartmann gets that and although he doesn’t necessarily agree with it, he does want Obama reelected and is downright dismissive of any talk of primarying Obama. He says Dems, liberals and progressives have two choices: blindly follow Obama (which there really aren’t that many people who do that) or really push the things he has done well and that you agree with and hold your nose and go along with the other things. He doesn’t say you can’t citicize, but he does say abandoning Obama is going to result in very bad things come 2012.

    I couldn’t have said it better myslf. What those who are doing the most violent screaming don’t realize is that they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. They really think Obama is worse than having a Republican president. To me, that is pure delusion.

  34. Well, I fall somewhere in the middle. The RW always compared KO to Beck and Limbaugh but even at his most extreme tirades against Bush he never went to their level. ALthough I was a strong Obama supporter KO’s hits on Clinton, basically demanding she drop out of the race, turned me off.

    I really think this last episode really touched a nerve for a lot of people. They were so into the tax cuts for the wealthy being stopped that they really did not see anything else. They were so focused on that tree that the rest of the forest disappeared. I have a feeling that down the road, KO will step back and reduce th level of rhetoric. I also think Maddow will do the same.

    Maddow has been a big Obama supporter, even while criticizing him on things, specially DADT. But she always recognized the good that had been done.

    And they both still do work on destroying the RW machine by showing the hypocrisy. By the end of January ,specially after Obama hits a home run with the State of th Union speech, they will have forgotten all about this.

    Some people will call me a dreamer, but I really think everything Obama is doing is laying the groundwork for an unbelievable second term.

    For example, regarding any prsecutions for war crime, Obama has never actually ruled thm out. But he also knows that if he had even brought them up as a possibility he would never have gotten HCR, the stimulus or any other of the important things done.

    He has a real sense of the need for incrementalism. What those same critics don’t realize is that HCR will, within 10 years in my estimation, result in single payer.

    Additionally, this latest move will, hopefully move the economy forward which will result in higher revenue thus lowering the deficit. And he will have shown that the bottom up approach works better than trickle down.

    The whole key will be the messaging.

  35. I think Keith’s heart is in the right place most of the time but he has a tendency to bombast and always has. He’s not a journalist in the sense of trying to be a neutral observer giving out “just the facts”. He is an opinion journalist and as such he does put a lot of spin and emotion into his reporting. That’s okay but there is some risk in taking the opinion road to journalism. It makes it more necessary that you get the basic facts first before you give your opinion if you want to be taken seriously. And lately, I think Keith has fallen a bit in that area. He has fallen into the trap of believing the beltway opinion is widespread and then basing his own opinion on that. He tests things out on DKos and since moderate voices, those most reflective of the general population, have been driven out, he has perhaps fooled himself into believing that DK represents a wider segment of his viewers than they do.

    I hope that some of the polls and the rise of new Democratic sites, such as this one and the others listed on the front page here, will break into his awareness and make him perhaps rethink some of his late opinions and comments. He has done some great work in the past and I’ll always appreciate him for that, but recently he has become unwatchable and just another voice that is out of touch with how most people feel. I still have hope that he will recover from this, though.

  36. “As a journalist, I’m not so sure Keith can go down that road.”

    It depends on the perspective, I suppose. As a newsman, no, because he’s not a ‘true’ newsman. He’s not a journalist first and foremost, and he will never be – but only because he chooses not to be.

    Seems to me he is an advocacy journalist. He knows his audience, he plays to them and he plays to them very well.

    (just my thoughts)

  37. I think Keith’s ego has gotten the best of him. When all the people rose up in protest when he was suspended, gave him a false sense that whatever he says will be taken as gospel.

    I am more surprised at Rachel. I always saw her as smarter than other pundits, but alas, even she has jumped the shark.

    Ed Schultz is totally and thoroughly out of his mind. He is as nuts as Glenn Beck. But then I am suspicious of former Republicans who suddenly become uber-progressives. Sort of like Cenk and Arianna and Ed and Markos.

  38. I am an aging baby boomer. I consider myself very liberal. I was out in 1964 bashing LBJ about Vietnam. I was one of those, at the time, who only cared about one issue.

    The progressives today remind me of- well- me back in the day. The progressives today fixate on one issue and use that issue to trash the President.

    They should be careful. Back in the 60s we set up a primary for LBJ, and despite all the incredible domestic issues Johnson passed, he was hounded out of office.

    I worry that all this talk of Obama selling out and needing to be challenged in a primary will take its toll on him. For the first time I can see him walking away in 2012. That would be a shame, for he is the smartest president we have had.

    President Obama, when solving a problem, looks at all options, but thinks what is best for the American people, not what is best for politics or right versus left. Americans are not used to having a president who is intelligent and thoughtful.

  39. I visit several blogs and various sites but have never written responses until I came here. I knew there had to be a place to highlight the facts.

    I stopped watching Keith and Rachel last week after they attacked the President for the tax deal. They’ve criticized him before but this was more than I could take. The national news media was negative during his campaign and they never let up. I read Micheal Jason Overstreet’s “71 Days The Media Assault on Obama” (which he had to self-publish, wonder why?). I watched a lot of news during that time and I remember each day, except two, that Overstreet wrote about. He wrote exactly what I was seeing, thinking and feeling.

    I’m still watching Lawrence. He understands that nothing can get done without 60 votes and that’s very difficult when people want you to fail.

  40. Great article!! I love it BWD! It looks like the silent majority is finally starting to make an impact in the media; well for a little while at least.

  41. I agree but I can’t stand to watch either one of them lately. If I can stay up lol, I try to catch Lawrence or his repeats.

  42. Howard Fineman is out of touch to me…he jumps on any bandwagon thats moving…now he is irrelevant to me,and needs to retire…and for Ms.Huffington, just another opportunist or should I say rich opportunist who is greatly mis-informed most of the time!!! When does she have any good news to report??? I mean really??? Everything coming out of the Whitehouse cant be negative!!!!!!!

  43. So True; I hate to say this of anyone but I so detest Ms.Huffington and Mr. Fineman has rendered himself irrelevant when I use to respect him..

  44. Thanks for the update I stopped watching Chris ages ago maybe I’ll “peek” at his show.

  45. I was impressed with Lawrence since seeing him on the MacGroup years ago. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an attractive man as well 🙂

    I think KO is very much a performer, Lawrence is not. It’s also difficult to imagine him currying favor with Kosites. But a caveat here, my knowlege of the political process is paltry compared to all of yours. But my instincts are finely honed after many years in social services/teaching and probably some genetic material thrown in 🙂 I don’t think Lawrence will begin to “believe his own publicity.” I don’t get KO, but the first time he did his thing turning toward the camera, making That Face…I turned toward the remote and turned off HIM. That struck me as narcissistic – “Look everybody. Got my mad face on.” my students do that all the time.

    And finally, thank you New Dawning for being here, and proving we can disagree like adults.

  46. KO and the other blowhard Ed are constantly whining sbout how this prez is acting like a rethugliken. Hmmm…childrens health coverage for 4 million kids, 39 million people covered by healthcare, student pell grants, wall street reform, 800 billion stimulus that funded long term alternative energy projects, state government, unemployed, saved 3 million jobs, stem cell research….the list goes on and on. Yeah, these all sound like repug ideas….right! Contrary to some of my progessive friends, Obama scored a home run on this tax cut deal. It’s a cleverly disguised 2nd stimulus that will accelerate the recovery and exposes the hipocracy of the Elephants – yeah, I’m for deficit reduction except for tax cuts. It splits the tea party crowd from the fat cat coporate ones. Obama claims the high ground of protecting middle class taxpayers and eliminates a big talking point that the prez raised taxes – which surely would have occurred if he let them expire. Plus, this decision shows us that the prez is simply being presidential – the only adult in a room of screaming children.

  47. I hope you read the comments because I really want to thank you for starting this blog.

    I love and support the first family and had reached a point where I was getting more and more distressed by all the BS about them.

    So, again…thanks a million.

  48. yes. one of the excuses I’ve heard for the 24/7/365 criticism of Obama is that bush went without criticism for near 6 years before anyone noticed that he was f*cking up. Well, there is no shortage of criticism now so I think they can ease up a bit.

    Also, that was an excuse used by many when they were trashing bwd diaries.

  49. With the exception of a few clips posted on political blogs, I haven’t watched cable news in more than a year. I want to give KO a chance to reboot and I want to believe that he means well, but its not happening. From what some of you have written he has been acting as if he heard the news for the first time while taping the show and just couldn’t help himself. He had time to put his shtick together. He had time to gather facts and read the opinion of experts. He has had more than enough time to let it cool and yet he continues with his poutrage. Its premeditated. In my opinion its all for ratings at this point.

  50. I can listen to him sometimes, but he can be a little know it all. Sometimes that annoys me but you can hear a civil conversation.

  51. “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” ~ Albert Einstein

  52. Ms. Huffington is so negative. She sees nothing good. I agree she is an opportunist who cares nothing about his country.

  53. P m carpenter ( had a great blog today on Knowing When To Fold Him, in which he said that President Obama has a “feel” for what the legislative outcome of any dispute is likely to be and cuts to the chase, skips the time-consuming drama, to go on to the next battle that needs to be engaged.

    “At the heart of this White House’s Beltway-infighting operations, it seems to me, is President Obama’s practical ‘feel’ for what the final legislative outcome of any partisan dispute will be. Being in an understandable hurry to get things done–and dismissing the ‘drama’ of it all, which in the long run only avails time-consuming, so ultimately pointless, drama–Obama settles for what he’s already read in the soggy tea leaves.”

    One of the things I love about our president, “No Drama” Obama: he is focused on the long-run and does whatever needs to be done in the short run to get there, zigs and zags as needed. Very glad our taxes are not going up, that unemployment insurance has been extended, and that a second stimulus is on its way to approval if only the House Democrats put the interests of their constituents above scoring purity points.

  54. I think Mr. Olberman should put his money where his mouth is, so to speak. How about if he starts a campaign where he and other prominent people who are in the tax bracket that the dispute is about make a public showing of sending in what their tax would be if the cuts were eliminated and then adding in the extra amount for one of the reps/senators that voted against it.

    For example, Keith could go on the air with his check made out for the full amount he would be paying if the Bush tax cuts had expired without renewal and then hold up another check in the amount of the extra tax that John McCain would have had to pay. Then he could loudly state that since he is a proud American he wants to show his support for his country by paying his own way and even chipping in to cover one of the greedy millionaires who refused to raise taxes on themselves.

    Then he could urge others to do the same. It could get huge publicity, make the republicans and dems who voted against ending the tax cut look greedy and get the public to see that the increase really wasn’t that big of a deal for those it affected since many of them are now paying not only their own increase but someone else’s as well and they still aren’t suffering while doing so.

    And think how much that kind of public pressure could help in ending the tax cuts for good when the extension ends. Wouldn’t that be a much better way to sway public opinion than just joining the right wing in ranting about the President?

  55. I have written the white house and my congress people suggesting that they create a deficit reduction fund that anyone concerned about the deficit can contribute too with the assurance that every penny would be applied to the deficit. Then we could ask anyone, particularly all our wealthy representatives and pundits whining about the deficit, whether they have contributed.

  56. Thank you so much BWD for creating a sight that promotes factual information as well as pragmatic and reasonable comments. President Obama inherited two wars and an economy on the verge of collapse. With his flair for “no drama” he has worked tirelessly to save the country from going into another great depression, while at the same time he had to deal with the two wars. As you have ably documented, this President’s accomplishments are quite impressive even though they are widely ignored by both the old media and new media. This is a shame! Thankfully, your blog is making a small dent in highlighting the achievements of this most maligned President. Hopefully, over time, people will come to their senses to realize that President Obama is a special person who, though not perfect, is working tirelessly to improve the condition of masses of Americans. Again thank you BWD for you dedication to disseminating the truth about this President. I am glad I found you having missed from the other cite which is now dedicated to destroying this President.

  57. As a survivor of those years I join you – I suspect most of the screamers would have peed their britches if they’d marched in that environment. I nearly did, and I haven’t forgotten what it was we were/are fighting and how powerful the entrenched interests are. I’m really starting to despair about our education system as I encounter so many intelligent people who have no awareness of history, no sense of politics as it really works, and little ability to think in complex ways.

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