But he is EXACTLY like Bush!

Obama To Nominate A Defender For Whistle-Blowers

A federal office that ran aground under the Bush administration is about to get a new leader. The White House plans to nominate Carolyn Lerner to run the Office of Special Counsel, which represents federal whistle-blowers and other victims of discrimination within the government.

Whistle-blower groups applaud the nomination and call it long overdue.

“She’s a great choice,” says Debbie Katz, a private lawyer who represents government whistle-blowers. “She’s going to have her work cut out for her.”

Katz, who is familiar with Lerner’s work, says the new special counsel “has a lot to do to restore credibility in this office, to make federal employees willing to go to that office with their complaints. The morale in that office is terrible now.”

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92 thoughts on “But he is EXACTLY like Bush!

  1. How long before the name Dawn Johnsen is brought up to counter this good news? That President Obama is nominating Lerner knowing she’ll be blocked by the Senate…

  2. Yesss. I knew there was a catch here.

    I read over The People’s View, that the other day someone on the Daily Kos wrote that president Obama was never a real community organizer. The evidence? No community organizer would “sacrifice” Van Jones like the president did.

    These people are nuts.

  3. Very good. Lieberman and Collins have a stand alone ready in the Senate. Collins always complained about the process of DADT as her reason for voting against it.

    This stand alone vote will be shit-or-get-off-the-pot moment for the GOP Senators who claim to support a DADT repeal, b ut always make up excuses to vote nay.

    Dems had 59 votes in late October, since lost two votes when Kirk and Manchin were instantly sat.

  4. Thank Goodness…now on to the Senate for hopefully passage.

    Just imagine if we get START ratified, DADT repealed, UI extended for 13 months and tax cuts in place this would be major accomplishments for this administration.

  5. Which is why I’m worried about DADT as the GOP will not want to give the Administration so many wins in a row. Especially so soon after the mid-term where they stole Obama’s swagger.

  6. We voted the Congress to represent us and not their own agenda. The people want DADT repealed. Let’s see what happens. Hoo Rah!!!


  7. Van Jones has come out numerous times to say. Him leaving was solely his decision and have even told them they need to stay the course. you cannot please them they hate to be proven wrong.

  8. Saint Roscoe, so they have to vote on the tax cut first, before DADT. I heard this is what collins wanted.

  9. NBC/WSJ Poll:
    61% believe that the tax cut compromise is “fair.”
    54% of Democrats approve
    57% of “liberals” approve
    60% of independents approve
    In matchups against Republican contenders
    47 to 40 over Romney
    *55 to 33 over Palin
    47 to 27 over Thune

    Run Sarah Run! LOL

  10. Depends on exactly what she wants, as the Senate voted on the tax cut package already. However she could say she wants the final vote after the House votes and then back to both bodies after the differences are bridged.

    If that’s the case she’s waiting for three more votes – more than likely she is just stalling while pretending that she really wants to repeal DADT but heck, we just ran out of time this Congress.

  11. Unfortunately I don’t think it has a chance at all of passing. So much so that I’ve given up even considering it really.

  12. Palin isn’t going to run. She has to toy with it in order to remain relevant, but she’ll ultimately decide against it saying “there is more than enough good primary candidates, all of which would be better than President Obama and I need to stay home with my family at this time – but look for me in 2016, I’m really going to run then – I promise, therefore my opinions and tweets are still politically relevant for the next four years!!1!”.

  13. PER TPM:

    Two new developments in the long saga of DADT repeal: The House just passed a standalone bill to repeal DADT, which was expected; the bigger news is that Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) has now committed to voting for repeal, after she voted no last week over what she said were procedural issues.

    You never know with those two Maine senators, but if Snowe keeps her commitment, that gives DADT repeal 59 of the 60 votes needed to get past the Republican filibuster. Sens. Scott Brown (R-MA) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) are the key uncommitted senators at this point.

    And the beat goes on!

  14. BTW:
    How in the hell can the GOP possibly shutdown the govt, with these tax cuts going through?
    They would not get funded. I would think that hand just got weaker….
    Another brilliant move by POTUS!

  15. I agree she won’t run, but it will be more of “I can help more from the outside than being on the inside”. Of course what she will really mean is “I can make a lot more money on the outside.”

  16. Didn’t Brown already come out and say he would vote for DADT repeal? Or did he already back out of that?

    It’s ridiculous that the damn GOP want to give it the minimum, to make it a partisan issue in the Military. When they want to sell their bogus wars, the call always is “We have the votes, show let’s send a strong message and all vote for going to war”. Where is that similar call now (assuming the Dems have 60 votes)?

  17. She’s definitely toying with the idea, however she quit being Governor – she doesn’t want the workload, she just wants to cash in. She doesn’t want to get destroyed by other Republicans in the primary because it would hurt her brand.

    Going to Iowa, Haiti now etc is just her pretending to be really serious in considering it.

    I’ll be gobsmacked if she does run – completely shocked.

  18. The liberal elite thought that President Obama would be their leftwing version of George W. Bush: that he’d do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. They thought Obama would be their yes-man. They never factored in this guy was brilliant, thoughtful, independent, fearless, and feels no obligation to anyone but the American people.

    To hell with them and their tantrums and sanctimony. Obama, has always, and will always act in his own time, doing what he believes is the right thing to do for the country as a whole… and praise God for that.

  19. Hi, BWD: Again, no need to post this once you review for moderation ;-), but if you haven’t already been notified by others or already done by time you see this, I hope you post excerpts from Barbara Streisand’s interview on “Larry King.” In addition, to other nuggets, the two she stated that stood out for me are: 1). she showed exactly why Obama was right to have the Big Dog repeat exactly what Obama had been saying about the Tax Deal, because Babs noted that for her when Clinton co-signed publicly about the deal, for her it proves that Obama really didn’t have a choice in the matter; and 2). within a few minutes after that, Larry asked her if she’d vote for Obama again, and she said of course (and looked surprised that she he would even asked). She talked about how much she admired him. She then went on to wonder why weren’t people supporting the Health Care Bill. And it appears she was addressing the Professional Left, because she brought up pre-existing conditions, etc. and other goodies. Basically, for someone we know was a Hillary supporter it really warms my heart to know that our girl supports Obama as well, and can see through the noise.

  20. Remember that birther nut of an army doctor, who said he wouldn’t deploy since he does not accept this Prez as his CO ? Well, he got canned today.


    “A military jury has convicted an army doctor of disobeying orders to deploy to Afghanistan because he questioned US President Barack Obama’s eligibility as commander-in-chief.

    Lt Col Terrence Lakin, a so-called “birther”, questioned whether Mr Obama was a natural-born citizen as US law requires to be president.

    Lakin pleaded guilty to the charge at court-martial proceedings.

    He faces up to three-and-a-half years in prison and dismissal from the army.”

    Oh, sweet schadenfreud.

  21. She probably won’t actually run but she’ll be out there implying she will until the last minute so she can keep her name and face out there in the public eye for as long as possible.

  22. The thought of her out there, making nonsensical noise for another six years is enough to make me claw at my ears. She is an insult to thinking people everywhere.

  23. Tulips, you know the drill. People like Van Jones are only relevant insofar as they can be used as a weapon to attack President Obama. Van Jones’ actual thoughts feelings and beliefs are quickly dismissed by people who presume a superiority and supremacy to him and believe that they know what’s better for him than he does.

    It is what it is. And is why so many of us have simply stopped listening to and/or engaging the lies.

  24. It’s just a shame that some needed former President Clinton to endorse something that the most successful President in modern history recommends. President Obama always said “there’s only one president at a time” when asked about giving advice to then-President Bush. I wish others would give him the same courtesy.

  25. I guess the real world intervened into the feverish thoughts of someone caught up in the sensationalist excesses of the right. I hope that he receives some counseling rather than jail.

  26. Well, give ’em hell Harry (Reid) had a few choice words for the Senate Republicans today.

  27. Another possibility is that she might have been trying to fight back against the poisonous spin that Clinton’s press conference was a show of something horrible on POTUS’ part; she might have simply been saying that this was another good choice from President Obama. That she defended HCR signals rationality. I take your point as well, absolutely, just wondering whether it applies to Babs in the same way that it would apply to the hatefilled character attackers elsewhere. She might have just been trying to defend POTUS from them by noting the good sense of having Clinton stand with him.

  28. i don’t have any issues with him doing jail time. He was a doctor fergadsake, not some uneducated moran from the woods.

  29. I’m SICK SICK SICK SICK of the republicans.

    They constantly congratulate themselves at the defenders of the Constitution. But they’re the ones who make a mockery of the institutions of government.

  30. Exactly, Harry, exactly!

    To my two GOP Senators – Your constituents who pay your salary want you to quit yer whinin’ at git ta work! And, could you stop acting like children, ’cause you’re really embarrassing us!

  31. Senate? What is this thing you call “the Senate”?
    From my education from the “reality-based” DKos, the president id the sole person responsible for voting on and passing the Senate. In fact, it is HE who is blocking the passage of DADT, the closing of Gitmo, the DREAM ACt and he should have voted on the tax bill four years before he even stepped in the White House. Oh and he could have twisted someone’s arm while waving a gun to make other adults do what he says. Cuz that’s gangsta.

  32. Man, do I hope Palin runs. She is by far the most popular of those candidates among the GOP base and she is the most hated of the bunch among the general public. I’ve said for a long time, if she runs, she’ll win the nomination. The GOP base has lost its marbles and will easily elect her as their nominee.

  33. Yes! Great news. The House needs to pass the tax cut bill NOW, so that the Republicans can’t use that as an excuse to delay the DADT vote. It’s great that the tax cut/second stimulus bill, DADT repeal, and the START treaty are close to being passed before January! This will be a major win for the president if it all happens. And a major win for the American people!

  34. There is an unsourced rumor being promoted by Democratic rep De Fazio accusing the President of “calling and pressuring other Democrats to vote for the tax cut bill,or else it will be the end of his presidency.

    The WH denies this and said that the President never made those remarks.

  35. Yeah, I too think the Pres is like Bush. They were both our Pres. Both have two pretty daughters. Both are married. See, BWD is right on as usual!!!!!

  36. As is our first lady smoking hot or what??? Dont worry about me guys, my wife doesn’t know that I comment here yet.

  37. You hit it on the nail GN!!

    It’s the subtle racism of the left, that they are so ignorant of…

  38. Personally I think they should discharge him from the military with dishonorable discharge. I read about how the Prosecution put on the stand the Army doctor who had to go in the place of this loser. So there was a last minute disruption of lives to another family.

    What a selfish, idiotic, and irresponsible thing to do ! He doesn’t deserve to stay in with that idiocy. Especially given the fact that there are so many patriotic and skilled members of the military who are being excluded and banned because of their sexual orientation.

  39. This will be a rambling post as I am all over the place tonight!

    RE: Barbara’s comments on Larry King. There are some that find it embarrassing that the Dems needed to hear Clinton in order to trust Pres. Obama. And some (few, but some) have mentioned a racial element. I think it’s more that Clinton earned the trust over the years and Pres. Obama is still newer and young. In these harsh economic times, people liked hearing from someone who governed during brighter days. They trust Pres. Obama more than anyone else out there, but Clinton helped reinforce what they felt. It was risky but brilliant (as is most of Pres. Obama’s best moves).

    Having President Clinton speak was both a show of being humble and being confident. Pres. Obama acknowledged that Clinton could help seal the deal. But, it also showed that he didn’t feel threatened by Clinton.

    Jon Stewart seemed to take it as a display of over-confidence in both himself and in Clinton’s ability to stay on message. He was trying to take Pres. Obama down a peg by saying “hey, you shouldn’t feel that confident just yet….maybe down the road”. Yet, there was something about his tone that seemed a bit mystified. Stewart hasn’t been particularly sharp or assured with his observations about the president lately. This is good, as he doesn’t have it all figured out and he shouldn’t feel he does. Watch and learn, Jon.

    I just think that press conference was a turning point. I caught a glimpse of the man who gave the red state/blue state speech, as well as the speech on race. There was a hard truth to his words that hit home. And I think some progressives were just hurt to see the return of that eloquence and biting truth but have it directed towards them! lol Many feel so defeated and have been yearning for someone to fight for them.

    What they need to understand is, his ability to turn from a “shellacking” and in a blink of an eye, be able to swim with sharks, speaks well help the Dems as a whole in the long run. If he did a press conference where he talked of nothing but bipartisanship and rainbows, well, that would be troubling. But that press conference was reality-based in the coldest possible terms. He showed he knows EXACTLY who he is dealing with on both sides. And just because he’s of the left doesn’t mean he thinks the left is above reproach. Also, he knows the GOP and what motivates them (their “Holy Grail”).

    And he is now in a position to govern, to be seen as a voice of reason, etc. He may very well turn into the “Red state/Blue state” Obama and figure of change that many in the middle hoped he be. Of all the campaign promises he’s kept, the goal of “changing how Washington works” and “changing the tone” are areas that were not within reach because of the GOP’s demonization and obstruction. This tax deal affords him a new look.

    Anyway here’s an article (on HP no less) that I’m sure BWD and you all can relate to:

    Are Progressives Losing Touch With Reality?

  40. This doesn’t even sound like the President. And what’s wrong with these people that they run to the nearest camera to tell all- true or not? Someone said earlier, “with friends like these…”

  41. Hi, BWD!!! A interesting DKos diary from Escamillo about the site’s current state:

    “This is DKos”

    This is DKos. A site for anarchists, haters of the government, where the US is held in extreme low regard approaching contempt, where traitors like Manning are celebrated as heroes (“one of the greatest heroes of our era”, some misguided Kossack posted just today), and President Obama is demonized as being like Stalin and Hitler.

    This is DKos. A site where people look under their beds for evidence of the mysterious, all-powerful “oligarchy” that’s coming to take away their guns (whatver the leftwing equivalent of “guns” would be).

    This is DKos. A site where people feign worry about the “economy” yet moan business making profit (“OMG, look! That corporation made record profits! Those greedy bastards!!! Would that corporations all just die!!!”).

    This is DKos. A site where the US government is regarded as utterly corrupt and the root of all evil, yet the members call for that very same government to take over multiple industries (banking, insurance, energy, etc).

    This is DKos. A really screwed up site at this point, and circling the drain into irrationality and paranoia, as the rational folks increasingly flee the site, leaving the conspiracy theorists more and more prevelant. I’ve read that site traffic has gone into the toilet over the past month, by as much as 20%. Quantcast shows this site “whiter” than ever, with 94% of readership being white, black readership down from 9% to 3% over the past two years, and Latinos and Asians each down to 1%. Not a surprise, really, minorities aren’t into the consipiracy theories that white upper class liberals indulge in, for they’ve got real problems to deal with.

    This is DKos. A site whose only redeeming values at this point are the LGBT equal rights activists and sub-communities like Black Kos, She Kos, etc. The rest of the site, including the front page, is trapped in an echo chamber of its own making.

    This is DKos. A once great site that has a choice: either follow MyDD into oblivion or reverse course and become great once again.

    by Escamillo on Wed Dec 15, 2010 at 10:14:27 PM PST

  42. You made many interesting points in your “rambling post” – lots of food for thought. Interesting perspective on Barbara’s comments about Pres. Clinton. I agree with you about Jon Stewart – I don’t watch him anymore. He seems to be one of the “sanctimonious” gang. Press conference was definitely a turning point – an important one.

    I think President Obama is already the figure of change – people just don’t recognize it as change. He’s stuck to his guns about how he’s going to treat people, how he means to govern, and his intent to bring people together. It’s been difficult, especially in the face of such fierce opposition – but without his persistence, democracy would be dying a quick death in America.

    I couldn’t click on your Huff&Puff piece. Sorry, already clicked there once this week, and I can’t do another click.

  43. MY BAD!!! CORRECTION ON ABOVE…Okay, this is what happens when you post too late at night. It wasn’t a DKos diary from Escamillo, it was Escamillo’s comment to the DKos diary, “Too Much Obama Bashing on DKOS for me” by RNmakingsense. Sorry, for the mix-up.

  44. P.S. Looking at the DKos economic demo on Quantcast gives credence to StarkyLuv’s utilizing the term “Latte Party” the other day 😉

  45. Thx for huffpo link, Corrine. The nutz at dkos do not seem to realize that spiteful insults thrown at this Prez undermines the office of the presidency, especially any of their future ‘golden progressive one’.

    And I bet no dem presidential candidate is going to seek the “approval”of nutroots given their sliming this prez.

  46. From the GOP’s perspective, there would be a lot to be said for allowing this.

    If she is the nominee, she will get obliterated in the general. From the perspective of the GOP establishment, that has two benefits. First, it wipes her out as a power base in the party. Secondly, it avoids tainting a better candidate with the likely defeat to Obama that the GOP nominee, whoever it is, looks set to face.

  47. If there is one thing Obama has never been guilty of, it is this sort of hyperbolic, panicked messaging. It is so at odds with everything I know of Obama’s character that all it makes me ask is who the hell is de Fazio, and why is he lying about Obama?

  48. agree, he should be dishonorably discharged

    no worries for him, Xe or its ilk will hire him immediately

  49. another side of the opposition to the prez from dems in congress is that eternal bias of the insiders/villagers against a potus who hasn’t been in congress long “enough” to have bought their injunction that there’s only their way of doing, really not doing, things

  50. Yes, I find it hard to believe that President Obama would be so desperate to pass a bill that went through the senate with such a huge margin of 81-19. This is one of the largest margins in his entire presidential history!!!

    It sounds like some Democrats are trying to cover their arses because THEY wanted the bush tax cuts, but to retain their “fauxgressive” cred with certain folks, they have to give the appearance of being pressured into voting by the President.

  51. BWD, you’re a psychic ;-), because there was definitely a bit of “procedural” chatter re: aspects of RNmakingsense’s original diary content (including the diary’s title and what labels are HR’able, etc. ;-), and Escamillo’s comment. Sigh…

  52. Corrine, I too find your “rambling post” quite interesting and insightful. I have mixed feelings about President Clinton but I understand how many in the democrat party adore him. I’m okay with that and saw nothing wrong with President Obama using him in that situation.

    We all do this with political figures at some point; me especially in local and state elections I sometimes have no problem voting for something that a politician that I trust and have “known” for years endorses.

  53. Trump, now dont forget about the mighty bully pulpit the President could use to automaticly make the republicans roll over. It worked so well with people supposedly on our side like Weiner and whats his name DeFazio(is that his name?) from Oregon that they quit making anti Obama TV appearances as early as 6:00pm yesterday when they tag teamed the President again on Shultz. Having said that,who am I kidding? Those two almost certainly were on CNN and probably KO and RM’s show later on.

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