This is all president Obama’s fault

I predict an upcoming “Special Comment”, in which the man who makes Edward R. Murrow roll in his grave, will accuse the president of appeasing the Nazis (ooops, already done).

Senate plans block on Guantanamo transfers

WASHINGTON — The Senate is moving to block President Barack Obama from transferring Guantanamo Bay prisoners to the United States.

An unreleased draft of a bill expected to pass this month essentially puts a nine-month hold on Guantanamo transfers. That includes Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, who had been slotted for trial in New York before Obama bowed to political resistance and blocked the Justice Department’s plans.

Obama could try to find other money to transfer prisoners, but the new law would make that politically untenable.


Yea, Democrats! The party of “principles!” Keep stabbing the president in the back. Cowards.


89 thoughts on “This is all president Obama’s fault

  1. Yep, he broke one of his campaign promises so it’s another Obamafail. Nevermind that it was Congress (yes even some Dems) that derailed it and prevented him from accomplishing it.

  2. President Obama could actually use money from what is called “The Black Budget,” which is a secret budget used by US presidents to do things they don’t want to have to explain. No oversight, nobody to tell you no.

    The last time I looked into about 10 years back, the Black Budget was $35 billion. A Feb 2010 Wired article places it at $65 billion.

    I suspect those on the left and the right will use Guantanamo for their own political reasons regardless of the facts. As always.

    I stopped watching MSNBC a long time back thanks to the sanctimonious bloviation of Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. I just can’t stand it. Fox News and CNN were never watched in our household.

    I love Obama and think he is doing a great job in a no-win set of circumstances. Given all he has to deal with I am confident he will be remembered as one of the best presidents in history.

  3. Sometimes, I wish I could be a fly on the wall, when has conversations with individuals the he trusts… I can only imagine what he has to say about the ‘Congress’.

  4. It continiues to sadden me that so many citizens show disrespect for out President. I think that a lot of these wanna be pundits are wanna be Presidential Candidates. They say that if he can do it any “real” citizen can do it. So let’s get the president out of the way.

  5. Sick. Sick. Sick. This sounds like war to me.

    I actually thought the House’s passage of this was a mistake, as I’d read somewhere that many members didn’t know it had been attached to the bill. I see I was wrong. Wow. Just wow.

    OT, but Jon Stewart’s takedown of the dastardly Republican’ts’ blockage of 911 responders’ aid is masterful and should be spread far and wide, especially since Fox ‘forgot’ to tell their viewers that it was their own party that voted against it, – opting to tell their viewers it was “the Senate”. Bastards.

    Check it out if you haven’t seen it, and spread it around:–k-congress

    Hang in there, folks, things are only getting uglier.

  6. Yes, it’s all the president’s fault. The congress is whole without blame because he could have shouted louder or something at them. The fact that aren’t just not voting for something he asked them to vote for but are actually going out of their way to pass a bill prohibiting him from doing what he wants is obviously all his fault. And proof he is a corporatist as well, I’m sure. Or something like that.

    The way people ignore all the obstacles put in the way of the president’s agenda and the remarkable amount of progress he has made in spite of all those obstacles is astounding to see. I know that in times of economic stress people tend to be overly reactive and look for easy solutions to problems that are too complex for them to understand let alone solve, but it has been truly amazing to see how many people are so easily led into lazy, unproductive, spiteful thinking. It started with the Tea Party then spread to the left blogosphere. It’s no more attractive from either side.

  7. Nevermind that it was Congress (yes even some Dems) that derailed it and prevented him from accomplishing it.

    No,you’re supposed to forget all that and just blame Obama. Just like with the tax bill that the House and Senate refused to take up until after the election and are now revolting because the president cut through all the posturing bullshit. It’s all. his. fault. Everything.

  8. The House and Senate were *always* the problem re: shutting down Gitmo. A campaign of utter disinformation has been spread through the new media listing Gitmo as a POTUS betrayal rather than presenting an honest assessment of the situation.

    Thank you for spreading the truth.

  9. Yes and funny how in the last two years they were riding his coattails. They were also noticeably absent from the Sunday talk shows which would have given them ample opportunity to push back against alot of the media and GOP bullshit.

    Now to hear the House Dems are the ones that said no to Gitmo’s prisoners being transferred? Eh, but don’t worry; the president is getting the blame for that too.

  10. This another example of how the Dems let the Republicans control the discussion. All this talk about how, if we bring the “terrorists” here for trial we will open ourselves up to attacks, how it will make us unsafe, and , gosh, what if one of them is actually acquited?

    I think the recent case where the defendant was only sentenced on one count instead of all of them helped fan the fear flames.

    It is almost as if the Republicans, with the perhaps unwitting cooperation of the Dems, have decided that the last line of the National Anthem “the home of the brave” doesnt really exist. And when we give into fear we also are no longer “the home of the free.”

  11. You were smart to stop so early on. I was a sucker. Stayed until this uproar. I cannot deal with his holier than thou act any more.

    Once you cross Olbermann, he is determined to bring you down. The man has such an ego that he truly believes he can be the King maker.

    I have been angry with KO many times, but this last one makes me sick to my stomach.


  12. I also want to say that I am sick and tired of the media assuming that if a small portion of Obama supporters hate him, then Obama is dead meat. After all it is the squeaky wheel that gets all of the attention.

  13. I lost respect for keith when he decided he and Kosheads were soulmates. Thought that was odd. Then the members took sucking up to a new level. Ch 3, KO has his feelings hurt on Orange. Ch 4, he grovels back and is FORGIVEN. (Praise the Lord)Ch 5-7. The egomaniac who believes contracts are for mere mortals, breaks the terms of his. Kosheads act as though they had to sarcifice their first born.

    You cannot tell me this is healthy, adult behavior on ANYONE’S part!

  14. The petition to bring him back was 1000 times longer than any petition they organized about REAL issues. It’s all game to them. Bunch of kids playing in a sandbox.

  15. Keith Olberman is bloviating himself into a complete lack of credibility. I had to stop listening to him when his hyperbole got so super-charged, I thought he’d short out the TV!

  16. Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg made the case that the tax cut issue was solid for the Democrats. There was no downside to holding the vote before the midterms. It would have strengthened their hand and crystalized the party differences. But they decided to punt and I bet they are regretting it now. They made their bed now they have to lie in it.

    I can’t count the number of times I heard Howard Fineman on Countdown with Keith Olbermann report that HIS SOURCES ON THE HILL say the Democrats are just “afraid” to do x, y, or z because the Republicans will say mean things about them. How pathetic and embarrassing.

    From the beginning, the Democrats have been a thorn in Preisdent Obama’s side. From the blue dogs in the house to winners like Blanche Lincoln, Jim Webb, Ben Nelson, Evan Bayh, Mary Landrieu and Max Baucus in the senate.

  17. I understand the Democrats are looking for “spine”. Wouldn’t it be great if they themselves had one? This whole mess about closing Guantanamo is a direct result of their total lack of conviction and perspective. They are quick to point fingers at the President, but what they should do is look in the mirror. “Spineless” – yes, you’re looking at it.

  18. According to Google:
    The president can veto the bill. It then goes back to where it originated from, and if it gets 2/3 votes it then becomes law.

  19. yep lazy journalists and lazy purists will have nothing to say about Congress just bash our President.

  20. Somebody wrote about the black budget to get everything done. Can’t do that, it still has to go through congress, albeit, only shows the neme of project and the amount(because it is a black project).
    It is why the Cr is only 1.1 trillion to the end of sept, if it included the black budget, it would be around 2.5 trillion. Not kidding!

  21. Lots of “progressive” pundits have been going Godwin lately, BWD. You of all people know that! Eating one’s own is what liberals seem to do best these days.


    Thanks for getting the good stuff through the muck.

  22. Steve Benen at Washington Monthly has a very important post up about the crisis with judicial appointments in the Obama administration.

    The post refers to a grassroots campaign to fix the senate now. I am thrilled to see this because the traditional media will not cover the filibuster abuse problem. The GOP has not paid a price for their obstruction. The Democrats in the senate have to take advantage of that short window in January to change the rules of the senate.


    What’s Going On in the Senate?
    In the U.S. Senate, there are back room deals, secret holds, and filibuster rules that allow a handful of senators to stop the rest from making any progress. Senators don’t even get to debate about really important legislation on the Senate floor, let alone vote, and no one is held accountable. But the rules can be changed by a majority vote at the start of the next Congress. Let’s fix the Senate, now.

  23. I sent an email to KO 09/04/09–K “unMurrow” O. has been revving his engine on this for a while now.

    Dear Mr Olbermann:

    I have watched your program for a number of years but the last few shows have been painful, especially last night and the night before, listening to you and Mr O’Donnell hint that it might be time to “primary” President Obama. Apparently you and your expert are convinced that you have discovered a leftist version of ‘Obamacare’ that needs demolishing as definitively as the deathers feel their version of ‘Obamacare’ needs demolishing. Where is your “01.20.12” t-shirt? It’s the latest fashion statement of the deathers as per your NJ wheelchair shoutdown video, and the enemies of your common enemy, President Obama, will be your friends come 2012.

    I then list PBO’s accomplishments at that time bullet point style ILily Ledbetter, Iraq exit, stem cells lift Cuba ban etc., and the list was long. Never got a response and I suspect my email is blocked. Boo Hoo 🙂

  24. Good to see you, GN. I’m spending my time here and elsewhere. I’d really like to help contribute to a drop in traffic for the other place.

  25. Don’t know where to post this but I just saw Robert Reich on Hardball retract his opposition tot he tax cut bill and say that Dems should pass it.

  26. Robert Reich is such a hypocrite. These guys are all Hillary supporters. so they try to belittle any suggestions the president may have.

  27. “Drop in traffic” is the only way to get a word in edgewise over there. It’s definitely the way I’m getting my point across (not that anyone there knew me although I’d been there for a few years). Thus the drop in traffic gets more attention 🙂

  28. For me, it’s less about getting anyone’s attention or punishing anyone (they did get me through Bushism), but about uplifting spaces which I think would be better positioned to represent for the left flank of the Democratic party and provide a sensible alternative for a media which appears to struggle to understand the pulse of POTUS’ base. BlackWaterDog is representative of a very popular point of view amongst POTUS’ base. I’m glad that slowly but surely, emerging spaces are growing in a really organic fashion.

  29. But let me add: I definitely am of the viewpoint that I’m not adding my clicks to spaces which use sensationalism to get those clicks. Because that is counterproductive in terms of making real progress; I won’t participate in a new media environment which I consider inadvertantly hostile to the interests of average Americans.

  30. Bwd, this president sucks! He promised that we were celebrating his birthday on the 25th of this month. Sike! John stewart will hit the pres on this later.

  31. And the folks that call thmselves liberals will continue to blame the President.
    President Obama gets it- these peopole are criminals and do not deserve to be treated as “enemy combatants” They commited crimes and should be tried where that crme had the greatest effect- NY
    As for the House and Senate- don’t expect any of them to take a pricipled stand on this if they are worried about re-election.

  32. The hardest part of being a Democrat is knowing that this party does not stand behind President Obama. They cower from taking votes and won’t stop the Republicans from making a fool of them in congress. How many opportunities Reid missed by not forcing Republicans to vote on unemployment, tax cuts, DADT, and START treaty before the election. Now that our numbers are down they want to revolt against Obama for trying to save their butts in 2012. Where was their backbone when McConnel held up good legistlation or held up Obama nominees in the senate. Why didn’t Reid force them to stay and vote. Instead, they get weeks off for Easter, July 4th, Labor day, and it goes on and on. The taxpayers are the one’s footing the bills but we don’t see (at least I don’t) see why these folks are in office.

  33. If there is ever another black President, he had better walk into the oval office with about 2 million jobs in his pocket right off the bat

  34. It has got to be that power DOES corrupt. What else can it be? They did not all come to DC THIS craven – or did they?

  35. Listening to the radio today The Some CBC members did not agree with the letter not supporting the tax cuts. Some agreed with President Obama and blasted Barbara lee for putting it out like it was the whole caucus. Also they were saying that they got a lot of calls from there constituents,asking their representatives, why would they sign something without talking to their constituents. So that letter they signed is not causing problems for them in some communities.

  36. Wow. I wonder how this will be received. Mr. Reich is ordinary very critical of President Obama.

    A bit of good news. Very welcomed.

  37. I just wanted to say thank you, BWD. I got excited everytime I saw one of your posts on DailyKos, and now I’ve followed you here. I’ve been reading this post for the past couple of weeks, but I haven’t commented until now. I dread going on DailyKos now and frankly rarely go because there is a difference between constructive criticism and just plain abuse. Right now if Obama sneezes they will criticize him. I don’t want to turn this into a negative post, I just want to say thank you for giving me this refuge. I now frequent this blog as well as quite a bit.

  38. Do you guys remember before the midterm elections when Obama kept saying that Republicans would add $700 billion to the deficit if the tax cuts for the rich were made permanent? What happened? Every single day I heard of a new democrat who came out FOR the Republicans’ tax cuts for the rich. Every single day another one undermined Obama by saying he should renew ALL of Bush’s tax cuts. Now suddenly the left is saying that Obama should’ve, could’ve…. Obama can’t fight the Republicans if we’re not united. If our own Democrats are willing to sell us out for votes, then how in the world is he supposed to go against the Republicans.
    The problem with not having the votes is that it’s not so much Republicans we have to worry about as Democrats. So to all those Senators wailing against the tax cut compromise, how many of their own Democrats did they convince to vote for the middle class tax cuts only? The weekend before the senate held a vote and that measure failed with only 53 people voting for the middle class tax cuts only. So where were they going to get the other 7? oh, wait….I forgot…..if only Obama had waived his wand hard enough, or high enough or around enough he would’ve convinced everyone to vote for them. Yeah…I forgot that part.

  39. I’d love to have a bumper sticker on my car that says something like: I STILL support the President of the United States.

    or I voted for President Obama and I’m still glad I did!

    Anyone know where I might look for something like that?

  40. lol 😀 btw I despise corny ass jon stewart with every fiber of my being. after the way he treated PresO on his show. he is top 5 on my list of turn coats. he is the biggest lamest try hard ever.

  41. Well, I’m glad to hear that. I know I let Miss Corrine Brown know how I felt about that letter.

  42. And then Collins will say “I’m not going to vote on DADT repeal until the House passes Tax bill”, keep on finding made up reasons not to vote for it given Congress is supposed to recess on the 17th.

  43. But they decided to punt and I bet they are regretting it now. They made their bed now they have to lie in it.I disagree. They have been blaming President Obama and now everyone is under the impression that it’s Obama who blocked them from dealing with this in the first place.

  44. Not to sound too cynical but, I think many use politics for what it is. A vehicle to get rich. Everyone of them will fight tooth and nail to keep their position. The main reason is all the perks and the potential to make money. Now, maybe not all is greedy but I believe a good many fall into this category. And the ones who really care about making a difference get lost in the shuffle. In part, because of a media that cater to the negative news cycle. The president or his administration does something positive – it will only receive one mention. But a congressman screams “liar” – 72 hour news cycle. We allow our media and people we elect to be irresponsible and shallow in their pursuit of money. We need to do something about it… or it will never end.

  45. I’m friends with a State Senator here. I’ve seen him move up the ladder. I have utter faith in him, If he goes the way of others, I will be shocked and saddened. I bet not, though. John Larsen seems to be the same man that has personally helped a client I had with TBI. I’ll never forget that. And Obama, Biden, Kerry, Rosa Delauro who is a pleasant aswarm as ever. But some others turn my stomach. And the election of someone who makes then feel inadequate is bringout out their My Hydes bigtime.

    The media is hugle culpable in what we’ve become. I hate it.

  46. Sen Kyl is “vowing” to kill the START Treaty and is saying that Harry Reid is disrespecting Xmas by saying he will keep the Senate in up to the 23rd Dec and make them come back after Xmas.
    Is this guy Kyl living in the US of A?
    Does he not know how many people are working up to and after Xmas and on those days too?
    These Republicans have really gone to the lowest point and some people support these clowns?

  47. rd, if you go to the OFA store there is a “I Stand With the President” bumper sticker available.

  48. Actually Robert Reich was a HUGE supporter of then Senator Obama. He NEVER supported then Senator Hillary Clinton.

  49. I agree and it’s so disgusting how they shamelessly allow him to be blamed for everything; don’t even mention the so called journalist; Edward Murrow is rolling in his grave..sickening.

  50. Kyl is up in 2012, hopefully the Dems can find a better challenger for him than they did to challenge McCain.

    Gabby Giffords could probably pull it off.

  51. Only $3; prompt service. I ordered extras for friends to use. Just go to OFA store. On blue background with the logo it says, “I Stand with the President.”

  52. Hello, everyone. I would like to say that it is good to be around SANE people. It seems that some folks completely lost their minds. These “Purists” keep attacking the President’s character. Why attack his character? They keep calling him weak, corporate shill, sellout, and so on. It’s pathetic. They’re acting like Tea-baggers. Also, when you try to have a reasonable conversation with folks they call you names, like Obamabot. They even act like they know more than you and think you are beneath them. My point is that when you bring articles, like this, that favors the President to their attention, they completely ignore it. They may even try to spin it and attack the President with it. Hell, the man can’t win with these people. Look at the faux-filibuster by Bernie Sanders. What he did was PANDERING. Pure, political theater. All the “Purists” ate it all up. If he really meant it he would be attacking Democrats in Congress, not the President. The President did ask the Democrats to vote on the middle class tax cuts, around the midterms. It completely, boggles the mind. Thank you Blackwaterdog and everyone, for creating an environment for folks who STILL support President Obama.

  53. and the Pres was killing it even though John was so disrespectful. Best I’v ever seen the Pres answer. It was great. He is a smart cat

  54. Gotta love this from TPM about Majority Leader Reid’s plans:

    “”Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to keep the Senate in session after Christmas, all the way up to the beginning of next Congress if the GOP doesn’t get out of the way and allow votes on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell repeal, the START treaty and other key Democratic initiatives.

    “There’s still Congress after Christmas. So if the Republicans think that because they can stall and stall and stall that we take a break we’re through — we’re not through,” Reid said. Congress ends on January 4.”””

    The Republicans make the ‘messaging’ so easy for us – they truly detest the majority of Americans and what we need to laser focus on during the next two years is delivering that message to each and every American, not in a hostile manner, but in simple, easily documented examples.

    I suspect that we will have much assistance from our totally genuine messenger-in-chief, President Obama.

    Between now and election day Nov 2012, we need to realize we have a major mentoring opportunity on behalf of all our fellow citizens and we should make the very most of it.

  55. He is insufferable in his arrogant assumption that reflect the president’s base. Recent poll suggest how limited support for his positions, and that of other poutragers is.

  56. Good morning. Tax cut votes coming up. After all the grandstanding, some are coming around to seeing that the president’s decision indeed impacts the lives of real people. Witness the statement from Sherrod Brown in the Washingtonpost, as if he did not know people in his state were hurting:

    “Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said he was leaning toward voting for the package after voting against it Monday “to send a message to the House that there are allies here.” Brown, one of the Senate’s most liberal members who is up for reelection in 2012, said he changed his mind after speaking with his minister and reading letters from constituents who are struggling to find jobs in his hard-hit home state.

    The strong Senate vote also appeared to be weakening resolve among House Democrats to block the measure. Senior Democrats said the House is likely to stage votes to amend the estate tax and possibly other provisions to assuage anger among the Democratic rank and file over what they viewed as an overly generous deal for the wealthy.”

  57. This (the problems facing Obama’s judicial appointments) has been going on for quite a while now.

    Of course, there’s barely a peep about it.

    What’s sad about the Guantanamo Bay situation is that Obama has tried to close the facility, has also tried to follow the rule of law and bring the prisoners here for trial…only to have members of his own party turn on him and the Republicans gum up the works. And yet, despite the fact that this happened and has been reported, I’m STILL seeing the “Why hasn’t he closed Guantanamo?” nonsense at sites such as Smirking Chimp, the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, among others.

    My God…has anyone at these sites PAID ATTENTION to what is really happening in Congress? Or is it just easier to blame Obama?

  58. And that’s the problem, Marc. So few are actually paying attention. Or, Congressional responsibility doesn’t fit into the meme.

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