Updated: The Mishmash

1. This is how the tax deal really looks like. Tell me again who won this fight?


2. Mojo-Less president closing on another big achievement:

Senate has votes to ratify START treaty: To floor this week

3. That is for the fifth month in a row:

Retail sales rise 0.8 percent in November

And as a consequence:

Retail sales boost 4th-qtr growth prospects

4. And this is for the third quarter in a row, though it’s still way too slow:

Fewer homeowners are underwater


5. Through the noise:

State ramps up program for energy-efficient homes


6. I really really REALLY hate contributing clicks to Huffington Fox, but articles like this one are so rare these days…

Obama and the Age of Unreason

I cannot imagine a worse job than being President of these Untied States in these most trying of times. President Barack Obama has been under siege from every side for the entirety of his time in office. The poor guy just cannot do anything right. Passing health care legislation, wrestling 25 billion out of BP, turning around the auto industry and his many other accomplishments are simply ignored. The good is simply not good enough. In spite of his many courageous acts the common wisdom prevails that he is not tough, not all up in the Kool-Aid of the opposition. A notion complicated by the fact that those who oppose him are often on his home team.

Not tough enough? The guy is made of steel. Governing this wild kingdom of a nation is like a never ending episode of Survivor. Every week we send our leader into a shark tank with a bucket of bloody mackerel around his neck. Then when by some miracle he manages to come back alive with enough fish to feed the team we scream: “What? No tuna? No orange roughy?” “Is that the best you can do”? We moan, we wail, we shake our fists!! “Should a gave those sharks a what for!!” We cry. Then we bait him up again and send him back into the tank.


If we turn into the latte version of the Tea party threatening censure of all but the most purely progressive, this country will continue to be torn apart. Let’s leave the wringing and the rancor to the Republicans. We are not a party known for its unity, but we are united in our desire to work for the common good and to bend the will of history toward justice. President Obama is not perfect nor is he a purist, but he is on our side. I for one intend to stand by his efforts on this mission near impossible. It is a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it and so I pray may God bless him. Really, God please bless him, because God knows he is going to need it. And he is going to need us.


7. Oh well, she’s not the only one:

Reese Witherspoon Speechless Meeting President Obama





Rest in peace, Mr. Richard Holbrooke. Thank you.


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  1. “Obama and the Age of Unreason” is priceless and so true.
    Thanks BWD for giving us this site – it is greatly appreciated.

  2. BWD, you never cease to amaze me. You keep at it, day after day. Thanks so much !!

    I wonder if OFA, and the WH, are aware of the fact that some of the strong support for the administration has “migrated” to new blogs.. They surely need a bit of encouragement these days…

  3. Isn’t that a rare treat, “Obama and the Age of Unreason”? I loved the analogy of sending him into the shark tank every week with the bucket of bloody mackeral around his neck, and when he manages to come back alive and with enough fish to feed the team, people scream, “What? No tuna? No orange roughy? Is that the best you can do???” So so sadly true. It’s just been extremely bizarre to witness, this nonsensical continuous outrage from those on the left and their fierce determination to ignore/diminish all the positives.
    Thus, this blog, right?

  4. The picture of Holbrooke is interesting because of the look on Obama’s face. It is obvious he is paying attention to what is being said and is taking everything seriously. One of the things I like about our President si that he 1) has tried his best to have the various agencies etc staffed by really competetnt people, 2) does not wrap himself in a cocoon where everybody has to agree with him, and 3) is really open to views beyond his own.

  5. I think Latte Party is priceless. I don’t like to add an iota to the rancor, but I don’t think I’ll be able to resist using it.

  6. As the the President said: A giant. I have admired his class act for a long time. Once saw him on the street in NYC and I was almost jumping up and down -the people with me were like- Richard who?? I just said he’s a diplomatic rock star- they cracked up at my political nerdy-ness.
    Thank you again bwd for a fantastic place to get photos,video and info. I am also enjoying the comments and the tone of discussions here.
    Keep it comin’ !

  7. I thought that was an interesting aspect of that quote also. And it’s been spread and plastered all over the place as if it were gospel—because of the nature of it.

  8. BWD,you made me click on Fox for that Witherspoon article. Yuck lol. I may never forgive you lmao

  9. The comments section of Huffington Post is actually far worse than Kos’. Absolutely despicable.

    And I’m surpassed that site even allowed a pro-Obama article to be written. The political section has become Drudge-lite.

  10. Did you see how they segued into the RW meeting? “Obama’s ratings are hitting the skids…”

    BWD – it’s success after success. The few remaining functional synapses possessed by the Walking Dead have GOT to pick up on that! They will implode.

  11. What a fabulous graphic. I hope that it goes viral.

    And RIP to Mr. Holbrooke; sympathies to his family—they should be very proud of what he contributed to this country.

  12. I personally think that those spaces feature a relatively small yet determined group which resides on multiple spaces, publishing voluminous anti-POTUS content. I’ve noticed familiar names and writing styles at the NYT comments space as well.

    Which is why people continue to get thrown off guard when polling shows that the betrayal thematics are out of left field and are not shared by IRL people.

  13. @ g: I’ll just paste the whole thing. Don’t really want to give them clicks anyway.

    The Latte Party

    by StarkyLuv

    Thu Nov 11, 2010 at 04:01:36 AM PST

    I told him. I told my best friend the Thursday before Obama was elected that his biggest worry would be about the Far Right, that’s a known quantity. He’ll have to watch is left flank. They Far Left will tear him down if he doesn’t do every little thing they want quickly and perfectly. “Watch”, I told him, “they’ll be the one that will bring him down if he’s to be brought down.”

    StarkyLuv’s diary :: ::
    And was I right? Unfortunately, yes. The Far Left that tends to ignore any political reality and basically wants Obama to be like Bush. Y’know, The President of the People That Voted For Him. They don’t want him to even consider that there is anyone else in this country but the obscenely self-righteous liberal “base”. In fact, they want Obama to basically hate conservatives. To do things to spite them. Label them the “other”, the cause of all the problems in the world. They want a kind of Liberal Political Purity where only their aims and their views can be realized…..perfectly. And if not, the boy, you got a shit-storm on your hands. It’s just like the Tea Pary but on the Left. Lets call it the Latte Party.

    And you have your blogosphere champions. The Huffingtons, The Hamshers, The Uygurs, The Sirotas. They bash the President at every turn if something wasn’t done sufficiently liberal enough. They’ve told us for two years how “weak” the President is. How he has no spine. How “he hasn’t done anything”. They play the “Doesn’t Count Game”. You don’t know that game? It’s a game where whenever you bring up a positive aspect of something, the naysayer will tell you why it “doesn’t count” as an accomplishment. The easiest example of this is Health Care Reform. That “doesn’t count” because it doesn’t have a Public Option. In the Latte Party, if something isn’t “perfect”, it’s shit. And you can go down the list. Financial Reform. Consumer Protection Agency. Energy Policy. We still have troops in Afghanistan? Obama’s a war-monger. You get the picture.

    Of course, these people are masters of ignoring political reality. They put nothing in any context. Obama is KING Obama, able to pass legislation with the snap of his fingers. He’s not facing the most hostile opposition party since Reconstruction. Nope. He’s just weak. He wasn’t dealing with Blue Dog Democrats whose votes he had to charm and coerce out them. Nope. He’s just a sellout.

    And after two years of this constant chorus of “Obama is weak”, “Obama isn’t for us”, “Hillary would’ve done better”, the more-liberal-than-thou Latte Party finally convinced enough of the “base” that everything Obama…..sucks. Just enough of the “base” stayed home two Tuesdays ago. Their “principles” couldn’t allow them to vote for Democrats. The “lesser of two evils” thing wouldn’t wash this time. Even the day OF the election, Queen Huffington was on television (the last of a week of this crap) telling people how Democrats didn’t DESERVE to keep control of Congress. How Obama “just doesn’t get it” (I have yet to know what the fuck she’s talking about). Ignoring all of the HISTORIC accomplishments of this President and this past Congress, many of you dumbasses followed Queen Arianna over that cliff…..and the Republicans took back the House. And of course, they blamed Obama for that because Obama’s worst enemies were not the Tea Party, it was this Latte Party.

    Now the possibility that Obama, in order to save the tax cuts for the bottom 98% will allow the extension of the cuts for the top 2%. And the Latte Party have erupted!

    “That’s IT! Primary Obama!”
    “He’s spineless and doesn’t care about us!”
    “I’m done with him AND the Democrats!”
    “Make sure he’s a one-term President!”

    This is his base

    I even read some idiot on Queen Arianna’s blog say “why didn’t he get this done before the election?” Again, ignoring that he’s not a king and Congress has to do their part. And of course they take no responsibility for this. Their endless efforts to tell the “base” how Obama sucks these past two years, basically doing the Republican Party’s work for them, has nothing to do with anything. Political reality never factors into their back-patting, “I’m the only one who cares”, worldview.

    And they want YOU to join them. Join them in ensuring a Republican wins the White House in 2012. This will “teach Democrats a lesson”. Join them in voting for some 3rd party wack-job that has no chance of winning, but is so perfectly liberal like them. Join them in ignoring all of the hard work and progress we’ve made (while far from perfect) and point out and exaggerate only the failures. Join these directionless, whiny, ungrateful CHILDREN in handing our country to a block of racist, homophobic, xenophobic, corporatist, religious fanatics and claim that it’s better than sacrificing their principles. You should join them. You should, because I’m not.

    Fuck that.

    I realize the our President isn’t perfect. I realize that he’s made mistakes (and he told us all of this the night of his election). I also realize that he’s fighting an enemy that is ruthless in their hatred of him and everything he stands for. I realize that those that are supposed to be his supporter are actually the “spineless” ones because they can’t play the hardball politics and stand by their guy through thick AND thin. They’ll toss him on the fire as soon as he does anything they don’t approve of. I realize that our President is a 1000% improvement over our previous one. And watching that a-hole on television this week only reinforces that realization.

    I realize that the re-electon of Barack Hussein Obama should be the #1 priority of any liberal with half the brains God gave a tapeworm. And no, not because the alternative (President Romney? President Barbour? gulp President Palin?) is too god-awful to contemplate. But because our President has done an outstanding job with the (piss-poor) hand he’s been dealt. Unfortunately, he has to fight not just one misguided, emotion-over-logic, fact-ignoring group of children disguised as adults. He has to fight two of them. Mirror images of each other.

    Tea? Meet Latte. May you both not get what you want.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m sick of this crap this morning.

  14. Good diary Starky!

    My fav part “Tea? Meet Latte. May you both not get what you want” LOL!!!

  15. Thanks! I just had to vent that. Of course I was addressing DKos itself. But that was before the mass exodus of Pragmatic Liberals from the site.

  16. Excellent rant! Only one quibble — they’re not his base, we are. His approval rating among Democrats is 80%, among liberal Dems 85%. He’s got his base.

    Full props for inventing Latte Party!!

    I posted on another thread that Eleanor Roosevelt said the worst problem FDR had was the Dems. I’m hoping someone here may know how to find the quote. So it’s not new, however frustrating to have is show up when we least need it. But that was true then, too.

  17. There is a cute joke (attributed to Henny Youngman) that also makes the same point that sometimes you just can’t do enough for some people.

    A little Jewish Grandma is at the Florida coast with her little Jewish Grandson. The grandson is playing on the beach when a big wave comes and washes the kid out to sea. The lifeguards swim out, bring him back to shore, the paramedics work on him for a long time, pumping the water out, reviving him. They turn to the Jewish Grandma, and say, “we saved your grandson.” The little Jewish Grandma says, “He had a hat!”

  18. Excellent, wonderful, perfect!!! I noticed your terminology “the other.” Here’s another apt one from Social Psychology. There always needs to be a “pecking order” so that people of low self esteem can have others below them. The AA were good for that role. But now, guess what?

    And, as I guess is obvious my background is Social Services. Some of the people I “met” on DK are deeply neurotic, and would be in ANY situation. Politcs, especially an anonymous political vehicle is just the most readily available and cost effective in 2010. And a site like Kos’ provides reinforcement with their sophmoric reccing/listing system.

  19. Local not much better. Did you notice how they couldn’t resist mentioning and linking to bad poll numbers. Additionally, (wish I could find it) a memo was leaked where FOX national was planning on forcing local FOX affiliates to adopt their “fair and balanced” schtick. If anyone knows the link, would appreciate the assist.

    BTW, I shocked that HuffPo allowed a positive word about President Obama on their shriek-fest tabloid. Still glad to see it; possibly a person here and there are realizing that constant undermining is so neo-Nader!

    RIP, Ambassador Holbrooke: your work to bring this Afghanistan War to a close will be sorely missed. Many condolences to his friends and family.

  20. Holbrooke was pulled out of Afghanistan because he hurt Karzai’s feelings. Holbrooke knows that Afghanistan is a quagmire because of weak “leadership” from Karzai, was hedging his bets from the get go having his brother cosy up to AQ and the Taliban.

    Afghanistan is a time warp into the stone age – there is no nation building capabilities there.

    Going to war there was a joke. Accomplished nothing cost thousands of lives and hundreds of billions of dollars and for what? Osama has to be laughing his ass off somewhere – probably in Lahore.

  21. I wanted to take a moment to thank you, bwd, for your magnanimity in helping us find other pro-Obama sites and actively supporting posts that are worthy of our attention.

    When President Obama is re-elected, I am planning a campaign to get you invited to the WH!

  22. And the Walking Dead believes a candidate would WANT to primary Obama??? They are starting to unnerve me. I used to work with patients with schzophrenia (a reason the “off their meds” comment made by Kosheads was offensive to me) When I spoke to these patients, I needed to be mindful of the content of their conversations – reality based, skewed, etc. The Kosheads are getting further and further away from reality testing. It’s just too weird for me. They are not mentally ill, but WHAT is going on? A folie a 2000, I think.

    This is SO unscientific, but XMAS season around here is starting to feel like the old days.

  23. I believe they are very aware of that. I have gone to many phone banks, and make phone calls at home using the online tool. I usually get emails that we exceeded the numbers that they were targeting for. We also got a phone conference from Pres. Obama and Vice-Pres.Biden thanking us for making calls that we did for the midterm elections.

  24. Yeah, I saw that. Trade deficits mean more jobs here in the USA. Unlike the the RETHUGlicans, this president cares about American Workers

  25. That was a great post, StarkyLuv. It should be required reading for every Democratic Representative and Senator as well as all the “latte team”. It’s not just the general public that is in urgent need of a civics lesson – so they may have an inkling of how things work in Washington – no, it’s our elected officials that need to relearn the basics of deliberation and decision-making in a democratic setting. Preachers should preach, members of Congress should govern. Litmus tests should stay in the lab where they are useful – they do nothing for progress in our economy or our society. Thank God we have a President whose intelligence and dedication keep us from going down the drain.

  26. That was a great written diary. I am now going to for now on think of them as The Latte Party. What also bothers me is they continue to say how the tea party and all republicans are stupid and how they always vote against their best interests, and they are doing the same thing.

  27. Nope, hadn’t seen that Eclectablog. One thing I’ve noticed is that the president is doing everything in his power to increase manufacturing exports while budgeting $$$ to support the next (green) generation of manufacturing jobs. This is essential to the future of America.

  28. Wow wow wow!! StarkyLuv that was SpotON. I wish I’d seen it when you wrote it so I could’ve recc’d it. Seriously, you spoke for me – well done, imo.

  29. You’re exactly right. They’re mirror images of each other.

    Demand ideological purity.
    Attempt to vilify anyone who doesn’t agree.
    Attempt to purge to party of the “impure”.
    Logic and reason are replaced with emotion and spite.

    Which am I talking about? The Tea or Latte?

  30. I stopped watching WTTG Fox 5 in DC because they always got in their anti-Obama digs. Can I get the traffic and weather without the commentary, please?

  31. dotster, I think that the constant outrage, the nonstop high temperature, and the jumping from manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis to manufactured crisis is deliberate. It’s to get us acting 100% emotionally and thus open to whatever poison memes and narratives are being spun through the media.

  32. Doesn’t surprise me. People with tunnel vision always bypass anything that threatens their preconceived notions.

  33. Ironic, but not surprising, Starkyluv! I can now add The Latte Party to “fauxgressives” and “poutragers.” Accurate descriptions indeed.

  34. This is an excellent diary, Starky! Thanks for bringing these thoughts to us. My only thought/hesitation is that I think that the far left is getting a bum rap due to the excesses of a new media which has usurped the legitimacy of that viewpoint in order to purity troll. Poll after poll after poll reveals a left flank of the party which has a mature viewpoint in terms of what President Obama has accomplished in such difficult terrain. The far left showed up just recently for the tax deal, with 69% of liberal Dems in approval, illustrating a grown up understanding of deal-making and prioritization of helping the real life people who need it over grandstanding and pyrrhic victories.

    Not everyone who claims to speak for us, indeed speaks for us.

    I think that your points are incredibly astute; I’d just like to distinguish the online left from the actual left. And even within the online left, there is a very necessary split emerging between those who are consumers of doom and gloom politics and those of us who choose a different route towards progress.

    My two cents. Great conversation, everyone!

  35. It’s brilliant. I remember the incredulous guffaws when POTUS stated that the route to a *lasting* recovery was via doubling exports within five years. Incredibly ambitious. Yet BWD had a link to a piece in a recent mismash reporting that this pie in the sky goal is actually within reach.

    This is enormous.

    Happy Tuesday, Pamela!

  36. Still laughing over this line:

    “with half the brains God gave a tapeworm”, thanks enjoyed the read starkyluv.

  37. You are right GN. I will start to distinguish between the online left (which I like to call the Walking Dead, a reference to my new fav show, and MB’s resurrecting of “zombies” and the Real, or Far, or just Left. Good thought.

  38. I prefer this space alongside a group of new, emerging, low-drama spaces which I hope will eventually formally ally and launch a scoop-based roundup. I have nothing but good thoughts towards no labels and any effort advocating that Americans come together, but that space seems too high-media for me, a la Huffington Post. I prefer the more organic, grassroots efforts personally.

  39. LOL!! Just saying, they have every right to articulate their point of view. My sole issue is the presumption that they speak for all of us, or that those of us (who are in the supermajority!) who don’t toe their line are in a cult.

    No thanks to that entire scene.

  40. I love this site. Where reasonable Americans can come to discuss their government. I think that Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon put it best when she said that the problem with many of these angry white progressives is that they always championed civil rights and equality, as long as THEY were the ones at the helm of the ship – guiding the oppressed to safe harbor and leading the troops to the fight. They actually don’t trust the oppressed themselves to articulate their own case for equality. Thus the immediate and continued distrust for Obama and the certainty of his inadequacy. They feel that a white president would make a better black president because in their deepest heart of hearts, brown or black people just aren’t up to the task.

  41. I am so glad to know that there are others out there who see and understand the treacherous terrain this president must navigate daily to implement the programs he has.

    What’s amazing to me is how these achievements are so easily dismised by people who prefer to take cheap shots at him.

    But I tell you, it is heartwarming to have seen the president during his press conference, talk directly to these people. Those last five minutes of that press conference could not have warmed my heart any more than it has. Simply outstanding. I can’t get enough of it.

    BTW, anyone else hear about Tavis Smiley and Cornell West calling for POTUS to be primaried? I was listening to Tom Joyner this a.m., and in his commentary, Jeff Johnson commented on this.

  42. Thanks BWD. I love your site and I have recommended it to all my friends.

    It’s nice to see so many folks from that other site. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to find you here since I enjoyed your diaries there.

  43. Terrific Tuesday Roundups:

    The People’s View discusses a potential lame duck session for the record books: http://www.thepeoplesview.net/2010/12/tuesday-open-thread-what-lame-duck.html#disqus_thread

    WeeSeeYou continues the excellent African American science fiction authors series as well as the usual super-sharp, humorous comments section: http://weeseeyou.com/2010/12/14/tuesday-open-thread-65/

    BlueWaveNews Tuesday news aggregation gems: http://bluewavenews.com/blog/2010/12/14/tuesday-open-thread-12-14-10/

    Let’s all intently and deliberately build up these spaces. Going into 2012, independent spaces outside of the editorial purview of the larger new media sites is going to be beyond crucial and the time to lay that groundwork is right now.

  44. BWD, I have a comment in moderation because it contains three links. Just wanted to let you know; thank you!

  45. Very astute. And I’d just add that there is a distorted picture of the lefty viewpoint in the new media. Seems to me that several people have appropriated the far left ideology in order to purity troll by claiming that they speak for everyone. In my real life experience, white liberals are generally not even close to hatefilled or disdainful towards this presidency. This is borne out by polling which reveals that the left flank of the Democratic party is really representing and holding POTUS’ approvals higher than would be expected in such a lousy economic climate. Spaces like this are in tune with that reality; some others, not so much.

  46. I came here straight from the “age of unreason” article hoping you hadn’t missed it. of course you hadn’t, what was I thinking?! 😉

    thanks again for this space, bwd.

  47. Me too! I have sent it to all of my friends! We have been wondering if there are any progressives on the internets who have not lost their entire minds! This place rests my soul.

  48. LOL I just replied to a comment downthread with “righteous rant, sorry I missed it”

    but I DIDN’T LOLOL I’m literally the only comment in that diary.

    totally forgot about it, but at least you’ll see I’m consistent! 😀

  49. That would be a mess. A hot mess.

    Anyone else see a great deal of coordination re: this sudden “he must be primaried” meme? And is anyone else unsurprised to the Soul Patrol (h/t weeseeyou) pick up and spread that meme?

  50. Great point, GN! IMHO the value of dkos was it’s ability to alert people immediately to issues so we could donate, make calls, write editorials etc. This site and others like it will need to be that now.

  51. I wrote about this here, but i guess it never went through. But i listened to the show this morning and although i may have my moments with jeff johnson, i thought he had a point about the way progressives treat the president and calling tavis and cornel to task about having him primaried. it’s interesting that i never once heard these men and quite frankly dyson as well, call on the community to vote especially back in november but everytime you hear them, they criticize the president while promoting a book or tv spot. and johnson brought up an interesting point about why they never called for clinton to be primaried even though he passed DADT, the crime bill, HCR failed and he lost BOTH chambers of congress and the dangers of primarying an incumbent president.

  52. Exactly. And we have numerous disparate voices in clusters all over the internet. There needs to be a space for aggregation with a strong, sane editorial policy. My two cents.

  53. I recall someone asking Cornel West if he would join the administration if asked and he said no. He knows he can’t walk the walk.

    This was at the very start of Obama’s term by the way.

  54. Very welcome! Here’s another great piece of news, re real improvements to real lives (h/t weeseeyou’s MonieTalks):

    Working-Family Tax Relief in Tax-Cut Deal Would Keep 2 Million People Above Poverty Line

    Three major tax benefits for middle- and lower-income working Americans in the tax-cut deal between President Obama and Republican leaders (that go beyond extending the Bush tax cuts) would keep more than 2 million Americans above the poverty line and reduce the severity of poverty for 19 million more, Center analysis finds.

    The three provisions are a temporary payroll tax cut and temporary extensions of the 2009 Recovery Act improvements in the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). In 2011, they would:

    * keep the family incomes (after subtracting federal income and payroll taxes) of 2.4 million Americans, including 1.2 million children, above the official poverty line; and
    * lessen the severity of poverty for 19.4 million poor Americans, including 7.2 million children, by lifting their incomes closer to the poverty line.

    By itself, the CTC provision would keep 1.3 million Americans above the poverty line; the EITC provision would keep over 300,000 out of poverty; and the payroll tax reduction would keep about 900,000 out of poverty. (Continuing the Recovery Act’s Making Work Pay tax credit would have kept 500,000 more people out of poverty than the payroll tax reduction, but Republican leaders negotiating with President Obama were willing to extend Making Work Pay only as a non-refundable credit, which would have eliminated its poverty-reducing impact.)

    The analysis assumes that without the agreement, the EITC and CTC would shrink in 2011 to the levels enacted in 2001.

    The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy organization working at the federal and state levels on fiscal policy and public programs that affect low- and moderate-income families and individuals.



    *This* is what interests me. Not loose rants or principled yet pyrrhic victories. Helping people. Or we might as well all go home.

    Good to see you Jordan!

  55. yah. This morning, was flipping through the channel and stopped on this station (local for me) when they the news guy started to talk about Mrs. Obama’s nutrition program for kids. He starts of by saying yesterday was a big day for Mrs. Obama when the child nutrition bill was passed… then he turns to the side (I guess to look at his co-anchor off camera) and makes a face and says – Huh!

    Like snarky way Huh.


    Then the camera pans to his co-anchor who picks up the story. She at least handled the rest in a more professional manner.

  56. yah. People there must have missed it coz no snarky remarks or hate on you. Or nothing like – I demand that you list your citations of fact and blah blah blah.

    Here at least you have an appreciative audience!

  57. BWD

    I loved your line so much – if you don’t mind, may I repeat it – often? (Of course I won’t take credit for it. OTOH…:))

  58. Two million – a “big f’ing deal!” I work at schools where 90% of the kids are on the subsidized breakfast plan. REAL people, Obama cares about you, NOT the bankers or whatever other scream about. But then, REAL people already know that.

  59. I am not up to putting links in yet, but I discovered that the President hopes to double exports in five years using several strategies. First, he is targeting selling more to Russia. It seems we have some out-of-date restrictions on selling them technology. We can get wood from their forests in return. Secondly, we want to sell more to the emerging middle class in Asia-Pacific countries, thus the Korea deal. India is another potential customer on the Asian continent. There is a good article I saw from Reuters on this.

  60. Tavis Smiley is PO’d about Obama since the 2008 primary when Obama didn’t show up for his Black America forum and Clinton did. Tavis never had faith that Obama would win and when he did the Black community pushed back hard against Tavis and caused him his job at Tom Joyner morning show. So, he has an axe to grind.

    Cornel West – I really don’t know what his game is, other than he’s sympathetic to Tavis situation. He made several appearances on Bill Maher and he made statements that Obama was not living to his promise to Black America. It’s almost as if Obama should be focused more on the plight of AA because of the economy. I’m sympathetic to West point of view because minority communities usually suffer more in bad economic situations but I believe as Obama does if we help the lift the middle than everyone benefits. Focusing on one segment of the population is not the best way to help people out of poverty but, focusing on increasing opportunities in low income neighborhoods would do more for all.

  61. You have to pay them to speak. Not one of them every came into a inner city school and discussed anything about the black community.

  62. I missed the music behind a movement. There is none. Curtis mayfield, Marvin Gaye and others brought the message home.

  63. What a great diary. Thanks for posting here: I refuse to give clicks to GOS or daily fox.
    Saw a retired exec from a national dept store: sales up 6x from last year, Penny’s up 9x. Other business people have told their sales are way up. Our president keeps on creating the ground for economic recovery.
    Thanks BWD for a great site/community

  64. Tell me about it, I have dropped in there once in a while, and oh, boy the comments are angry its like the tea baggers. Thank God, I now visit BWD and obamadiary, to get a balanced perspective. I am done with Kos and the Huffpost for good. If I wanted to read about the obama hate, I would watch Fox or read Drugde.

  65. Hehehe, Starky, way to go. What a rant, for surely you speak for me and couldnt have ranted any better. Wow, I had this huge smile while reading. Thanks for your logical thinking and for standing by the President midst all the hate from both left baggers and the right baggers. Again, a big thanks.

  66. It doesnt surprise me at all that most people here read it than on that site. Our brothers and sisters on that site have really gone over the edge, no rational thinking for them ant more. For they are the ” we know better” party. For sure they need our prayers to wake up.

  67. very glad to have the read the hp article; i never go there, like the recommender, but realize now how helpful it is to have it on a site that is so, how shall i put it? eclectic?

    because this way such a reasoned attractive take on the prez will get much more attention than if it were here or on the site-which-need-not-be-named

  68. necessary for me, as I’ve not trained myself to check those sites on my rounds yet lol.

    thanks again, GN 🙂

  69. Hello BWD,

    glad to see someone sticking up for the truth, now that our side seems to have joined the professionals on the OTHER side.

    One thing wrong in the graph is that there is actually FAR MORE renewable green energy stimulus funding in the tax bill than $3 billion.

    I cover renewable energy for Cleantechnica, and even just one Recovery Act green stimulus extension alone, has already pumped $16 billion into the economy for green energy in the first 18 months after the Recovery Act passed it. (Actually more: $48 billion in green investment is needed to leverage the 30%: $16 billion)

    That is cash grants of 30% of the investment needed to build utility scale solar and wind and geothermal power.

    Depending on how many companies will take advantage of it, now that it got extended a year, this could wind up being more than $16 billion this time – as it took a while for state environmental bureaucracies to catch up and approve these at this ramped up pace.

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