zizi, the floor is yours

This comment from zizi is just too good. I didn’t even ask any permission to post it here, but I’m ready to face the consequences…;) Take it from here, zizi:


Y’all want some John Wayne, more so than you want to prevent the taxes of the Middle Class from going up? The extension of the earned Income credit? Unemployment insurance? Reduction of the regressive payroll taxes for employees; a perk that incomes above 109k have enjoyed forever?

You want Pyrrhic victories? You want symbols?

So why didn’t liberals and progressives bust up the phone lines of the Democratic congresscritters when they all REFUSED to vote on the tax cut measure BEFORE the elections?


Why didn’t liberals/progressives get in Saint Russ Feingold’s face when he begged the White House not to allow the vote to come up BEFORE the elections, or Barbara Boxer, or Patti Murray, or Carl Levin?

Your Democratic congresscritters punted on their responsibilities and NOW that the President has to clean up their SHIT, you wanna call him a wimp. Now like Maher you calling on him to gangsta on Repugs? Sorry gangsta moves are for rappers and Pres. Obama is no rapper!!!

Were liberals ever in the streets to champion their causes these past two years. folks voted in Nov 2008 then went home expecting one person who has ONLY 1/3 of the power of government to carry everyone’s water right?

These are the same folks who claimed to have preferred his “calm and rational” demeanor, and now that he using said “calm and rational” demeanor to get legislative victories that no other President has won, or obstruction that no President in the last fifty years has had to contend with; now he is not good enough?

1. Pres. Clinton signs DADT into law, pres. Obama is trying to overturn DADT, but the former is OK while the latter is vilified

2. Presidents over the last one hundred years have tried to get healthcare, this President got it passed even as many within his own party said not to do it, but he is the villain, and “weak”

3. This President got an economy on the brink of collapse back on terra firma and sputtering along to recovery. He is “weak” for getting your 401ks and 403b back in the black again (how quickly the dark days are forgotten)

4. This President single-handedly saved the last manufacturing industry in this country, the auto industry, and spurred the emergence of a new industry (battery tech) in the same mid-West that went ahead and voted at both state and federal level for candidates from the other party.

How many of the Democratic candidates this past election RAN on their party’s accomplishments?

When this President speaks, does the corporate media cover it? But for the Repugs involvement in this deal would the media have covered it?

What has the liberal media and blogworld focused on these past two years of Pres. Obama governing in the face of vitriolic obstructionism? Go check the stats. Progressive bloggers focused like a laser beam on Alaska Grizzly’s every tweet and fart. Think Progress devoted nearly all it’s bandwidth to the crazy antics of Repug wingnuts and teabaggers.

No one tried to PERSUADE the rank and file voter about the wonders of liberal ideology, and then you wonder why they voted for Repugs?

And now you guys are angry that the Pres. whose activities and public statements or policies many of you stopped covering/trumpeting the day after the inauguration is not heaping “scorn” on Repugs?

Did anyone cover his campaign speeches this past Fall where he did a fair amount of that which you ask? No.

So will anyone listen now?


93 thoughts on “zizi, the floor is yours

  1. “Were liberals ever in the streets to champion their causes these past two years?” Exactly! These self-proclaimed angry “leftists” are sitting around crying because they expect the President of the United States to organize a mass movement for them, to change public opinion for them and to pressure Congress for them. That’s our job. Of course most of these talking heads have never organized anything, never been a union leader, a campus activist, a community organizer – never organized anything besides their own blog comments. That’s why real world consequence don’t seem to matter to them – just how tough or angry you appear –
    Here’s an interesting column by Ishmael Reed that ran in the NY Times Sunday
    – What Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama (I hope the link comes up all right)

    I especially like this line at the end:

    “Unlike white progressives, blacks and Latinos are not used to getting it all. They know how it feels to be unemployed and unable to buy your children Christmas presents”

  2. All they wanna do is primary the man. Or all they wanna do is foam at the mouth. Their hatred is deep rooted and him being black and not taking their order is even the more that disgust them. What more could the teabaggers of the left say they haven’t said?

    As to the Dems in congress, they will sell him out before dawn if they think they will save their asses.

  3. waiting to see when DADT pass, how will they spin it. They think issuing threats and being loud for the camera,means you are fighting. you are being progressive.

  4. I just pray we get the tax bill settled, and DADT and DOMA and DREAM this year and then maybe next year we can concentrate on climate change before we all die off from weather.

  5. RIGHT ON ZIZI!!!! this is the HCR debate all over again when liberals(excuse me, progressives) are asking the president to get tough and show leadership and when he does, the chattering class calls it weak. If i recall, I remember him giving town halls and press conferences about HCR but the media decided to focus on Prof. Henry Gates and death panels. And the public option was never on the table because the dems didnt have enough votes and u had people like blanche lincoln and Frank Kratovil(in my district) on TV saying what they wasn’t going to vote for. I have my issue with the Tea party, but at least they got their candidates elected and made their voices heard on HCR. And when did Progressive become the new liberal? They will be their own worst enemy

  6. If you really look at things, im excited he has the republicans in the box. Like he said its time for them to govern, lets see what they got.

  7. If you watched that frontline piece called Obama’s deal you learned a lot about the health care fight. Not only did republicans spin it, the left did not tell the truth.

  8. I’m very skeptical on DADT. Especially since Joe Manchin flaked on us last week. If it fails, they will argue that Obama was stupid to trust that Republicans would vote for it after getting the tax deal. If it passes, they will give him no credit.

  9. Easy. They’ll take credit for “forcing” President Obama to do it.

    “We did it, we held his feet to the fire and made him do what he didn’t want to do!! Yay Us!”

  10. The well-paid-and-doing-just-fine-thank-you professional left wants to make this an idiological fight at the expense of real people in real pain. Their lack of compassion concerning the families that can be helped by this tax deal is very disturbing. The posturing and preening is disgusting. Like Zizi said, they’re the same backstabbers who begged the President not to push for a tax vote before the midterms. I mean, it’s not like nobody knew the clock on this has been ticking for 10 years. They attack our President, who cares about EVERY American regardless of party, for want of political wins (that they can’t muster themselves). The 98% of us who might benefit most from the wisdom of this President are stuck in the middle of a political tug-of-war. And that’s the point – we’re in the middle. We’re neither far right nor far left. Compromise is not capitulation! And while we’re traveling down this road the CBC needs to go somewhere and sit down! Go ahead and primary Barack Obama — I dare you.

  11. This whole post is exactly right. Especially the part about Think Progress focusing on the right wing. Other popular left wing blogs do it also and I thought I was the only one that noticed.

  12. Manchin is going to be a flake for the next two years. He’ll be to the right of even Ben Nelson.

  13. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/12/13/us/politics/13tax.html?_r=2&hp

    “The full scope of those goodies is fully discernible only by poring over the bill and its head-spinning array of provisions

    The single most expensive component of the package — other than the continuation of all of the marginal rates — is a two-year adjustment of the alternative minimum tax, to prevent it from hitting millions more households. This would insulate couples with income up to $72,450 in 2010 and $74,450 in 2011 at a cost of $137 billion, according to a detailed cost analysis by the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation.

    Middle- and upper-middle-income Americans will also benefit most from the one-year payroll tax cut, which will reduce the Social Security tax on income up to $106,800 to 4.2 percent from 6.2 percent. For couples with two incomes, each above the maximum, the tax savings will be $4,272. That provision will cost $112 billion.

    The extension of jobless benefits, by contrast, will cost just under $57 billion, according to the joint tax committee.

    And other provisions that benefit the middle class have gotten virtually no attention, including a temporary repeal of a limit on itemized deductions and repeal of the phaseout for personal exemptions. Together, those tax breaks will cost nearly $21 billion.”.

    What was the President thinking throwing the middle class and the unemployed under the bus like that ?

  14. Everything Obama campaigned on, he’s accomplished and added on stabilizing the economy.

  15. DOMA will have to be settled though the courts, DREAM will be part of the all incompassing comprehensive immigration reform.

    Tax Issue, START and hopefully DADT settled before Christmas Break.

    Collins and Lieberman bringing a stand alone DADT vote to the floor, taking it away from the larger Defense Appropriations Bill, so you have to believe Collins vote will be there for that one and she seemed to be a key holdout.

  16. Oh i called them and blasted them last week, i spoke to Barbara Lee aide and my representative. I asked where was the fight for unemployment when the bushes were in. when talking to the person on the phones i said i hope the phones stay ringing. He said they have and a lot of emails. I was glad to hear that.

  17. Amen!!!

    They’re acting like spoiled children, and as if the president can do everything on his own. As zizi stated, the president represents only one-third of the 3 branches of government, so his power of over Congress is limited. Plus, the frustrati forget how spineless some of the dem members of Congress are, and that some of the dems vote with the republicans against what the president wants. I’ve stopped listening to the screamers, because I feel that they’re intent upon blaming President Obama for their own failure to govern.

  18. My,my,my!

    Truer words have never been spoken than that from Zizi above.

    The so-called progressives or rather the Professional Left are bent on destroying the party and on tarnishing the good name and good works of this President.

    What they did not expect to contend with however is THAT 80% of the party faithful still being gung-ho over this wonderful,wonderful human being – President Obama.

    I am starting to calm down now,as I shut out the naysayers – that is,those beltway pundits,those ‘know nothing’ T.V. talking heads and rely on the goodness and common sense of the american people seeing reason through all of the bullcrap spouted by the Maddows,Olbermann,Scarborough,Weiner and the Shultz’s of this world.

  19. One example of just how dysfunctional and disingenuous the House Dems are is that at about the same time as they were throwing a colossal temper tantrum about Obama’s tax deal, they were busy adding a stink bomb provision to the omnibus appropriations bill that would totally hamstring President Obama on Gitmo.

  20. We need to regularly leave comments on every negative aticles we read whether in the NY Times,Washington Post,CNN,MSNBC,ABC,Salon,The Daily Beast,Fox etc,etc.

    We need to play them at their own game,go into the Lion’s Den and flood the comments section with alternative points of view other than those that bash the President.

    These comments under those articles are read by the media personnel who make decisions about guest line up on shows,editorial choices,news headline etc, and if (as they usually area) are skewed in favour of the republican talking points,then these network producers and other media outlets believe the Fox lie that the country is really center-right.

    We must be heard and our point of view counted at every opportunity possible.

  21. Can’t agree more on this. I had always thought the left, and I include myself on this, spent too much time on Palin and the Tea Party antics. By doing so we were giving them a sense of legitimacy. If the left, and by that I mean not only the blogging left, but also the left in Congress and the so-called liberal media (which isn’t liberal at all) had spent as much energy as they are now pushing the accomplishments of the past 2 years, lots of things would be different.

    Additionally, I love those people who are saying they backed the wrong person in the primaries. If naybody thinks that Clinton would have done anything differently in this situation, they are sadly mistaken. I like Hilary, and I think she has been a fantastic SoS, but she is not a friend of the progressive movement.

  22. I appreciate the information I am getting both from the host as well as from those that comment. I appreciate the positive atmosphere of this site more than I can say. I also deeply appreciate the President and feel among kindred spirits here. Thank you.

  23. Yep. And somehow, you don’t see a word being said about it. But in a month or two you’ll get all the Greenwalds of the world shouting at the president yet again.

  24. WORD.

    zizi, you are the magic! You got it all in there and captured my perspective as well. THANK YOU and thanks to BWD.

  25. My oh my, BWD, I just now turned on my computer and you have done me this honor? Thanks for spreading the word. You don’t need my permission to repost anything I say anywhere on the net, as we are all sojourners in the same struggle.

    Last night I was so incensed that I practically went loco on Booman at his site.

    I am calm now. The struggle continues.

  26. Finally, someone said everything the I have been arguing for months to everyone I know. Thank you.

  27. Amen!

    (and I’m an atheist 🙂

    PS Glad I found you again, BWD. That other site is for the Leftea Partiers.

  28. While I don’t really like the tax deal I respect the President for realizing that someone has to be responsible and actually govern. Where were the liberals and blue dogs back during the summer and early fall when they were getting hammered by Republican attack ads. Did they fight back then when it might have mattered? The answer is no, they punted, and now they want to blame Obama. There’s enough blame to go around. I don’t know if messaging from the White House was weak or if the lame stream media just gave more coverage to the tea partiers. I believe it’s the latter.

  29. Yes, they do think being loud and nasty on camera is fighting for the people. That’s why they love Grayson so much. He puts on a show. His shows don’t do anything practical, like get any Republicans to vote for legislation or anything, but it makes the whiners happy. They don’t seem to understand that “fighting” means actually getting stuff done not just posturing. If you want to compare who got more things done for the middle class in this country, none of the congressional people come anywhere close to the President’s record.

  30. what good about what you said,is the fact some is thinking and seeing the same thing you are. I just don’t have the eloquent words to say it. All i can say is AMEN!

  31. Finally you went loco!!! About time that you show some fight, you spineless, weak sell-out!!!! 🙂

    This is just the most awesome post ever, my friend.

  32. I hope you are right. The republicans always seem to find some reason for being obstructionist, no matter what is done to answer their objections.

  33. of course. i really don’t understan why it’s so eeeevil. it’s not the best plan, but congress watered it down so bad that it could have been a lot worse. now republicans wanna water it down some more when they take the house

  34. I wish people would realize that the majority of work on bills, negotiating, bargaining, whipping votes, etc. happens out of the public eye. If the president knows that there is not at least a solid block of Democratic votes for something (and you can be sure the Republicans know it too) he will have to take it out of consideration. That is not caving before you even start, that is the public not seeing the start.

    As for the left being dishonest about HCR, that is the number one thing that started turning me off about some of the more prominent diarists at DK. Even when presented with proof that what they were saying simply wasn’t accurate, they just attacked the messenger instead of correcting their misinformation.

  35. I think that some on the liberal side don’t like or want to see any thing positive. If you tell them a good news, they will find something very wrong with the good news. Obama can cure cancer and they will spend their time finding something wrong with it. You cannot get any positive news from HuffPo, Dailykos and FDL.

  36. And bloggers will be villifying him for not closing Gitmo as promised. It’s is mindboggling how far people are willing to go and what pretzels they will shape themselves into in order to put all the blame on the president. And then will complain that they aren’t being listened to to top it off.

  37. BWD. They have been revealed themselves to me. Its very hard to hold them as being creditable.

  38. So true. Many in the US have fallen into the cable news conditioned stated of constant anxiety, fear and blame. They want heads to roll without knowing the facts. Truth be damned.

    If people had any short term memory they’d understand what has been promised and what has been achieved. But the rapidly purist on both sides now have a take no prisoners attitude, which is unhealthy at best and leads to the polarity we now see.

    The real blame goes to the Democratic Reps and Senators who are as greedy and power hungry as their GOP counterparts. We have been sold down the river.

  39. Go zizi! Much applause!
    Don’t know if anyone referenced this article by John Avalon at the Daily Beast where he applauds Pres. Obama. He said the last 5 min. of that press conf. should make the Obama admin. highlight reel. It’s where he makes clear his philosophy of governing. He asks himself, “What is helping the Amer. people live out their lives? What is giving them more opportunity? What is growing the economy?…And at any given juncture, there are times where my preferred option, what I am absolutely positive is right, I can’t get done. And so then my question is, does it make sense to tack a little this way…because I’m keeping my eye on the long term and the long fight, not my day to day news cycle, but where am I going over the long term.”

  40. Unfortunately I have to agree with you. If the vote succeeds, no way they’re going to credit President Obama.

    Some of it is ignorance. Ignorance of the law, ignorance of the rules of Congress. Ignorance of all the work done behind the scenes by the President, the VP and others in the WH team.

    Some of it is … total irrationality. Look at what one of the heroes of the LGBT community, Lt. Dan Choi, said:

    CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ?????!!!!!

    In the last two years, I’ve struggled to not be angry at a certain faction of the LGBT community. They were mad that DADT was not on the priority list in the first year of the Obama presidency. I’ve never understood that THEY didn’t understand the President was overwhelmed by other emergencies. The economy falling apart with all the potential consequences to national AND global stability, two wars, people suffering and DYING because of a broken health care system. In other words, he concentrated on matters of life and death, on matters of social stability, on matters of survival. What was so difficult to understand that DADT would be worked on during the SECOND year instead of the first year ?? What was so difficult to understand that the circumstances were EXCEPTIONAL ??

    If President Obama is guilty of something, it’s of “projection”. He projects his own maturity, rationality, patience, resilience, onto the american people.

    If DADT gets finally repealed, not only President Obama won’t be credited for it, but within a day or two they’ll turn their attention to DOMA and attack the President about it. Mark my words.

    Yep… it’s always about “holding his feet to the fire”. And NEVER allowing the President to let out a bit of frustration at their constant criticism.

  41. Thank you, BWD, for starting this wonderful site! I gave up on the news months ago, except for going once a week in search of your posts and reading those. The only downside is that I can see, between your posts and your links, that it will be addicting!

    And thanks to Dotster3 for the link to John Avlon’s good article. It underlines something I wanted to say in my first comment — let’s not let the screamers take over the words liberal and progressive. I’m a proud liberal, have been for many decades now, and, as Avlon says of PBO, a pragmatic progressive.

    Glad to be with you all.

  42. You are absolutely right. It’s an information war.

    There needs to be a grassroots movement of “fighting the smears”.

  43. That is something I wish for too, all this line drawing in the sand publicly does not ensure that your negotiating position is any stronger. The President himself mentioned that during the press conference, the case for letting the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy has been made to the public and they support it, but it hasn’t made any difference to the Republicans and a few Dems. It all boils down once again to math, can you count your votes.

  44. Agreed. I have to give credit to Andrew Sullivan who finally realized just how much work Obama put into overturning DADT and how important it was to do it right. One of the things that people neverunderstood is that DADT was summarily ended, it would have been a return to pre-DADT rules, which still allowed gays to be discharged and had less restrictions. DADT was not the best way to handle the situation, but just ending it wouldn;t have been either. The way it is being done allows the military to create new rules and procedures which will finally work.

  45. Hi zizi,

    I went to the Booman post and read your comments. Damn, you were on fire. Some great assists from rootless too.

  46. Thanks. ;o)

    Anyway let’s hope some of these people get back with the Obama coalition so we train our sights on the REAL villains, the Repugs.

    This fratricidal mess does none of us any good, certainly not Pres. Obama

  47. Oh yes, that was a very important part of the press conference. To me its such a common sense way of governing and I don’t see why the left didn’t know this or doesn’t accept it.

  48. ” Bush tax cuts for the wealthy has been made to the public and they support it,”

    Oops that should read “Bush tax cuts for the wealthy expire has been made….”

  49. Man, I love this website. Thanks for the truth. You all are going to have to work harder now because I will not be going back to the Huffington Post or DailyKos.




  53. hem… I have to disagree here. I don’t think racism is at play here. And I a dare say, we should be very careful to throw that type of accusation. It’s not helping.

    If President Obama was a white man and was acting EXACTLY the same way, the reaction would be the same.

    What’s at play here, IMO, is that the critics of the left don’t accept nor understand how President Obama operates. Concentrating on results in an emergency situation. Evaluating the risks and consequences of every choice, then choosing on the basis of what will help more people. The priorities of President OBama are not the same. And he’s more realistic about the political power he has.

    Yes President Obama is influenced by his years of community organizing in poor minoriy communities. So there is a cultural difference here between him and the left punditariat. In that sense we could talk about a race factor. But is it sufficient to conclude that the critics are “racists” ?? In my opinion no.

    I hope the left comes down and is able to at least see that President Obama shares some ultimate goals with them, but simply disagrees in the WAYS to attain those goals.

  54. Exactly. I have to say I’ve watched the hearings and I’ve been very impressed at Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen and some others in the military leadership. With them at the helm, the repeal will go much more smoothly.

  55. Karma, baby!

    I saw this post – believe I followed a link from GN – the other day, and wanted to track down zizi to give her a cyber high five. So, what happens? BWD posts an entire article based on it! This is getting weird. Maybe we are being cosmically rewarded for putting up with DK for so long 🙂

    zizi: HIGH FIVE!!

  56. WashPost wasted front-page space on saying that the buying disparity between the wealthy and the not-wealthy remained this Christmas. This is news?

  57. Did your love for politics start in 2008 or were you previously plugged in? To ignore/deny that race plays *a* role comes across as not progressive in thinking but unrealistic.

  58. Because few of them have actually been in the position of governing. I once was a staffer on a committee is not exactly the same as being a high-powered negotiator who’s at the table. And the self-professed staffers are rare. Who are these people in the grander scheme of things?

  59. Interesting points you raise. However from empirical evidence garnered from how Democrats have treated past Presidents, all of who have been White, of course, it does appear baffling that the one President who has gotten or is on the way to getting most of what Democrats have said they want, is being vilified.

    So the question is did liberals/progressives not WANT these concrete things and problems solved at all? Did the loud Left, like the wingnuts only want to have these issues as fire catalysts for ideological warfare, much in the same way that Right Wing does not care to solve the Roe v. Wade “problem” for their base? Because keeping the issues alive is a perennial motivator for said base. Is that what the Left also wants with our causes?

    Maybe then, Pres. Obama misread his party’s WANTS when he ran for President.

    Do you fault his supporters then for thinking it must be his race that triggers this level of animus toward him as the goalposts of achievement seem to have been moved? Why are other Democratic Presidents allowed to be imperfect (Clinton, LBJ, FDR, Truman, Carter) but this one is not?

  60. I think the real issue is that people want GOP blood because they remember the way Bush Inc manhandled their own members if they didn’t tow the company line 100% of the time. That was Karl Rove to a tee. In Ohio, George Voinovich voted one time against Bush on an issue and within a week Rove was running anti-Voinovich ads in Ohio against him!

    That is hard core. But that is not what progressives do. We are more inclusive of ideas and differences. The GOP is not. That is why the left gets its clock cleaned seemingly every time. Meanwhile we get things done that help others rather than hurt.

  61. I am so enjoying a the positive, constructive atmosphere here. Thanks BWD and all of you who comment.

  62. Good Lord what a comment. It’s everything I have felt but certainly could not put into words. So perfect. *tears up* Zizi thank you.

  63. Well these people that are looking for “GOP blood” must have the luxury of fat bank accounts to which they can pontificate and cheer for some random unwinnable fight while getting their car note, mortgage, school loans, business loans, etc paid. I don’t have that luxury so I thank President Obama for cutting the deal.

  64. “If President Obama was a white man and was acting EXACTLY the same way, the reaction would be the same.”

    No, it would not. I’m sorry, but you’re wrong. How else do you explain Obama, the first black President, being vilified for DADT, which was signed into law by a WHITE president, the same white president whom liberals shower with praise. They conveniently forgot that he did that, for some reason, but Obama gets all the blame for not moving fast enough to get rid of it.

    I’m sorry, but Obama’s race does play a factor.

  65. Indeed, Zizi. Makes one wonder how they personally ever “got him elected” in the first place! 🙂

  66. This comment is a keeper!! Zizi, you have said everything that I wanted to say. I was a lurker at DK and a number of other sites for years, until the bile and venom began to mount up. I thank you for your words. I thank BWD for this site.

  67. Fortunately, I don’t think that Choi speaks for the LGBT community, and in some circles, he’s actually dismissed as an attention seeker.

    I have long been suspicious of Choi’s motives, and he was further exposed when he appeared on the Chris Matthews show in November, and was reduced to a stuttering angry idiot when Matthews pressed him on the fact that the Republicans in the senate voted to filibuster DADT repeal. He was extremely reluctant to blame any Republican. Choi has been so invested in his new Obama-bashing career that he is not particularly interested in discussing or knowing the procedures necessary to get the law repealed.

  68. I feel the same way as you do.
    I noticed it all during the primary. How when Hillary lost, some Dems shows their true colors.

  69. The have never treated any other Dem president so disrespectful. Even Clinton was not treated this badly, although he was treated badly. So if it is not racism what is it?

  70. The Dems in the House and the Senate cooperated with Bush, and handled Cheney with kid gloves. BUT they act like they want to make their own party president fail.
    I would like for liberals to replace them when their re-election comes up.

  71. That comment is just so on point I am speechless, and that doesn’t happen much!


    Great job zizi!

  72. Sometime in the past two years I came across a post with a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt saying that FDR’s worst problem were the Democrats of the day. Does anyone know it? So, the go-for-the-jugular but revere him later is not new, sadly.

    I often think of the old Will Rogers line, “I don’t belong to an organized party. I’m a Democrat.”

  73. And only because President Obama did a lot of behind the scenes convincing and bringing the military brass round to his way of thinking…

    He not only avoided destructive ego wars that would have ensued had he gone it alone at the executive level, but did a very good job at selling this issue on a deeper, broader, far-reaching way that even Mullen and Gates are now as passionate in their fight to repeal DADT…thanks to President Obama!

    President Obama continues to do things the adult, smart, compassionate, wise and effective way -inviting responsible people around him to participate in real nation building while the fit-throwing short-sighted set continue to thrive on petty knee-jerk responses…

    By the way, people like Dan Choi never voted for or supported President Obama…It’s like that bloody log cabin republican Charles Moran who started flaming the fires the very day President Obama was inaugurated, demanding he keep his promises to the gay community…

    Yes, Charles Moran who never held his own party to anything…

    The hypocrisy and nerve is astounding to say the very least…

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