Warning: cuteness overload…;)

President Obama  shows a young boy how to shave with a disposable razor being packed for homeless people at the ARC, a base for the Boys and Girls Club in Washington today. He was joined by members of the Los Angeles Lakers.


And, more non-smiling swagger-less president:


96 thoughts on “Warning: cuteness overload…;)

  1. OMG, that is too precious for words.

    Yeah, PBO has really lost his confidence!! Just wait until the tax bill passes. He’s going to be sobbing on teevee.

  2. In 2005 the company I work for founded a world class non-profit educational arts & recreation center (THEARC). Ten cultural and social service agencies are based at THEARC, all of which share the goal of helping under-served children and adults reach their full potential. One of those social service agency is the Boys and Girls Club of America.

    Today our President and the L.A. Lakers were gracious enough to make an impact on some great young peoples lives.

    This is the Presidents 3rd visit to THEARC. Makes me proud to be associated with a company that serves the needs of the people here in the DC area and to have a President that recognizes this effort.

  3. I have never seen this much effort by a SITTING PRESIDENT to do community service work!!!

    He is showing by example, that if a President can make the time to volunteer, then so do ordinary citizens!!

    I think I’m going to send a Christmas Card to the President to encourage him that there is a silent majority who is behind him and believes in him!!

  4. Wait a minute…cuteness was just singing the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 early this afternoon. Good grief…dude just know how to play not work. Let primary him even if his tax plan has 70% approval rating. Darn it.

  5. So good to hear about companies doing good in the world. Thanks for sharing, and thanks to your great company for making the difference in young children’s lives. It’s so important.

  6. Hopefully the President also reminded the youngster that razors were not to be played with.

  7. Because of his example, I belong to a community group in my city, called “Yes We Can Pensacola.” It was started by a husband and wife team that knocked on doors in this town for him during the elections. The woman who likes to refer to herself as an old “hippie” (I met her by happenstance in a grocery three years ago) started the group because she said POTUS wanted us to take his message of community work to help the needy in our communities. The group is non-partisan.

    Our oldest member is a 91-year-old feisty Republican. She is one through and through, but we respect each other’s views.

    Ever year from November to January, we ask residents to let us come into their yards to harvest citrus fruits, which we donate to food banks across town. Last year, we harvested more than 5,000 thousand pounds of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, tangerines, kumquats and more.

    This year alone, we’ve picked more than 4,000 pounds. The people we donate to are so grateful for fruits, which we know are expensive in the grocery stores.

    But I only mention this because, these two peole in their 60s and 70s that started this group, believed in the president’s message of doing community service.

    I truly believe in this president and what he is trying to do for the country.

    We all should be, even though we might not be happy with some things he has to do in order to make life easy for all of us.

  8. Love the pictures. 🙂 That goes without saying.

    What I love more? Is the vote in the Senate just now for the President’s Tac Cut Compromise. 🙂 🙂 🙂 That is awesome. 🙂

    Sad to say, but it makes me laugh right now so who cares, what I kinda love even more? Is the Crazies over at DK, FDL et al. are most likely having a collective ” I HATE IT ALL WE ARE DOOMED GAAAAAAAAAAH” meltdown of the highest order.

    Maybe Meteor Blades can go ban some more zombies and African Americans to make himself feel better once he reslizes how insignificant and meaningless all their screaming and fringe left screaming has done. A Pew poll came out just today showing how the fringe far left is so miniscule is barely there.

    That being said and who cares – I am truly over joyed this passed. For many reasons. For the unemployed this will help. For the middle class americans who won’t get hurt come January 1, for all the programs this supports.

  9. Boehner probably figures “Hey this crying gimmick worked for Glenn Beck…”

    I mean seriously, if ANY Democratic leader was blubbering their way through interviews it would be thoroughly mocked by Fox, Rush and the Right.

    Boehner suffered so much as a child, and yet he goes out of his way to make sure young folks suffer now – all except young rich kids of course.

    What a putz!

  10. But of course. Don’t you know it, we, the important folks on the Internets are his base, gosh darn it!

    LOL. The poll is being debunked and spinned like a drunken sailor’s head.

    Go figure.

  11. Really. If POTUS continues to frown like that, people are really going to start noticing that his swaggerlessness is showing.


  12. I wonder if I ever saw Clinton volunteering during his presidency? Maybe I’ve forgotten somehow, but I simply can’t recall it. I seriously doubt either Bush ever did. Carter must have. I’m fairly sure I remember his whole family volunteering and he certainly works now.

  13. I’m happy too. I know so many people who are going to enjoy the stuff that is in there. How, in the name of Ted Kennedy, can Liberals be willing to sacrifice the unemployed, the students, the hard working middle class, for the sake of revenge against 2% of the country? This really wasn’t the case to finally find your “principles”.

    BTW, did you read Deaniac’ latest post? It’s a must:


  14. Maybe instead of signing things for kids and helping Americans and thinking what else can I do to fix things? He should write a diary at DKos. That would show me:
    1. He is a serious Progressive.
    2. He cares about Trusted User Status
    3. He agrees he should be primaried.

    Also, it would prove to me that the 39,983 hours I voluntteered for OFA paid off (i never worked so hard in my life. )

    Also, I knocked on five billions of doors in 58 states.

    Also, it would prove to me that the two hundred and fifty six thousand dollars I contributed to OFA was not in vain.

  15. Isn’t this priceless! Yet, none of this cuts through the noise. With all these House dems on tv excoriating the POTUS. And it is not like this is a new thing, Defazio and Weiner have been on tv for two years, abshing the POTUS!
    For example of something not being reported on: did you know the Senate passed a Veterans Jobs bill on friday to allow all veterans to work at the Capitol?
    Or what about the START treaty having the votes, that lynn sweet rreproted today. Does not need cloture, can come up as early as wed?

    Nobody knows the troubles….

  16. Secret Service must have been working overtime with Ron Artest in the same room as President Obama…

  17. Actually they all did. Living right outside of DC you get the news reports of their activities here in the Metro area. Pres. Clinton was very active in the community. President Carter was always doing outreach and his daughter Amy went to Public school so he was very involved with DC school programs. Now GWB did very little here in the area. After 9/11 he kind of hunkered down and closed the WH to the public and was seen very little throughout the community. He did community service for the troops one year before Thanksgiving here in the area.

    But President Obama and his family are like no other. He is constantly doing community service and you never know where he or the first lady will pop up here in DC.

  18. Those idiots really believe Obama is indimidated by them. Look at those photos. Does he look like he gives a good GD what the ProgBloggers are sreeching about? He is bringing joy to homeless kids. He knows what is important. They are “morans.” Scartch each and every one of them and you’ll find neuroses, a team of the best psychologists could not even touch. But, guess what folks, whatever ails you – it’s not Obama’s or any ethnic group’s fault! Look to yourself, people. But since you will not, what WE can do, is to stop looking at YOU. Knock yourselves out. Nobody cares. So sad.

  19. Well damn look at my potus giving us so much handsome and sexy swag right there. Kobe needs a shave but still sexy too.

  20. I love it as well. Community service has been my thing since fifth grade, another reason when whiney blogs seemed so irrelevant and self indulgent to me.

  21. So I e-mailed Josh Marshall at TPM about his’swagger and smile’ piece, suggesting that what he wrote was the ‘dumbest thing’ I’d read on TPM, and saying that if we can find images where the President is smiling and looks like he has swagger,does that mean that the President is the type of leader that he thinks he should be. I also sent him the links to this site. He wrote back instantly, saying that my comments about pictures were ‘silly.’
    So he claims that because the President wasn’t smiling today, he is a leader without a plan and that no one will follow him because he ‘looks like a loser,’ and I respond with positive images, and he says that I’m ‘silly.’

  22. I love the smile, the swagger, the confidence, and the humanity of this President. I am so happy that BWD ceated this blog for those who have moved beyond the tantrum stage.

  23. CNN and ABC just reported that Ambassador Richard Holbroke has died.
    RIP, he was a truly outstanding diplomat and public servant.

    Condolences to his family.

  24. It never ceases to delight me when I see President Obama and Michelle Obama with children. It is so obvious how much they love children, understand the minds of these kiddos and enjoy interacting with them. The children can feel this and show their own joy, getting right into the fun of being with POTUS and FLOTUS. This is just so beautiful and really tells about the true character of a person.

    Sort of OT but has anyone noticed just how quickly that sweet little girl Malia is growing into a gorgeous young woman? The most recent pictures here show her nearly as tall as Michelle. Papa Obama will be vetting the smitten boys very soon.

    Having raised three girls and seeing my own Hubby Papa suffer when the boys came round
    I am feeling great sympathy for President Obama.

  25. Thanks, Donna I did have kind of that perception of our Prez and his family but I appreciate you confirming that. It must be really difficult for them to do what they would like without all the Secret Service and the hooha.

  26. Donna, isn’t it something? PBO and the First Family have done so much community service in DC that I think it would be impossible for future occupants of the WH to match their example. Their hearts are not full unless they are in service. I am prouder every single day.

  27. Of course he will. He always puts the country first. Smack the Congress and make them get this done so our Prez and his family can have a break.

  28. I do so want to see DADT repealed and SMART passed for Christmas. And the tax thing done. Please, let it all happen in the next few days.

  29. Kobe Bryant looks as if he’s about to burst! What beautiful photos and what beautiful human beings, devoting their day to helping the little kidlings! Thanks again BWD, as always.

  30. I wish the author gave the real reason why Judge Hudson ruled the way he did – follow the money. In this case follow the judges “investments”.

    Of course calling him a professional hack might hurt just as much as calling him corrupt, but why not combine them both and call him what he is – a corrupt hack.

  31. Just a thought on DK. I noticed that when Clinton spoke with Obama on the tax cut deal, DK didn’t go into an uproar, it was just reported without the usual vitriol. Then, today, there’s a poll report on 2012 that shows Hillary with the highest support. Of course she has high support, she hasn’t had the tough job of governing in public. That along with the calls to primary Obama and the unwillingness to consider the good stuff he’s done, I was wondering about MyDD.

    MyDD became the home for Hillary supporters, dailyKos for Obama supporters. I just took a visit to MyDD, and there are only front page posts, with just a few comments, many with 0, one had 10. I bet these people are coming back to dailyKos.

    That would also explain the immediate negative reaction that some people had to Obama, and the unwillingness to consider his progress. These people are pumas, seeking their revenge on Obama.

    It’s just a thought, I don’t have any proof, but it explains things for me. I’m interested in what other people have to say.

  32. You have an interesting point. I’ve become very cynical about politics in the past two years. And yes, I think that some Hillary supporters, and this includes supporters on the Hill, have always been lukewarm about President Obama. The primary scars have never completely healed.

    IMO, this plays a role in the unusual lack of solidarity towards this democratic president. That, and the difficulty to accept that Barack Obama refuses to do as traditional politicians do, that is, demonize the political enemies.

    To tell you the truth, I’m concerned. President Obama is paying a heavy political price for trying to solve problems in a very dysfunctional political system and a very tense political climate.

  33. BWD, thank you so much for this website.

    Watching our party react to this man has just been so utterly soul-crushing, and I’ve been struggling not to feel defeated.

    Your diaries were always a joy. Having a whole website, free of the DKos bile, dedicated to this kind of uplifting diary is a godsend. I find myself coming back here 3 and 4 times a day just to recharge my batteries.

    God bless. Keep fighting for our remarkable President.

  34. Yes I did my Lady! Thank you so much for all you do. You’ve got mail.

    Deaniac indeed hit it out of the ball park. I would like to see them react to that. That was some straight up honest truth.

    Good night BWD!

  35. Earlier today, someone had labeled the children dressed as elves photo in a comment thread, “Well known Netroots bloggers Avarosis, Markos, Hamsher, and others visit the WH Christmas Party” 🙂

    On a serious note, I’m truly touched by the little guy getting a pretend shave from the president. It’s cute overload indeed, but stunning that I’ve never seen anything like it from a president. He’s very different and that’s a good thing!

    Thanks for the Cute overload & all you do, BWD.

  36. Interesting, jovie. I wasn’t even aware of the veterans bill. And I heard nothing about the START treaty having the votes. Thanks for the info.

  37. It seems like he is comfortable wherever he goes…
    Swagger? Really?
    Whatever you might think of things Obama does(and I trust him, for the most part, though I’m not a big fan of this compromise compared to more stimulative projects) “swagger” seems like a dumb way to assess anybody. Bush had tons of swagger, but the problem is, he couldn’t swagger and chew gum at the same time. So he had half an idea in his head, and kept it there, no matter what.
    Personally, I don’t miss that.

  38. okay – i’ve not come here for a week – hoping the internecine wars were dying down.

    this type of comment directed at other blogs does NOT make this site better. it will stand on its own merit – not as a reaction to other sites and their opinions.

    please PLEASE people – stop the bashing of other blogs – let the positive information do it’s work. i would link this site everywhere except for the negative tone. it doesn’t matter where that tone originates – it is still negative!

  39. interesting observations… worth watching.

    i still believe that many of the most popular websites are under rovian attacks. the republicans are notorious for disruption and deceit… too much on the blogosphere now is straight out of that playbook.

    oh, and my earlier comment today – i’m pleased to see very few comments continuing the blogwars. the infighting (if it IS infighting and not plants from the republican playbook) is so destructive to the sitting dems and the white house.

  40. just remember who the attorney general of virginia is – ken cuccinelli. virginia is making its mark as the neocon state of the nation!

  41. Can’t I just loathe Republicans? I hate being at war with my own party.

    Thanks bwd — I feel some of my sanity returning the more I visit this site.

  42. Ah, my Cee, missed you 🙂 You probably missed this, but I tried a Chocolatine in your name! (Ceetini)

    I’ll be here a lot for a bit – on MLOA.

  43. I think that the children in the picture might be a little too mature for the netroots lol; they were a little too orderly (and cute!) to resemble the sour-mouthed new media. 😉

  44. I actually posted that from work. I can actually do that for the first time ever. I refused, refused, refused to ever ever ever ever ever ever ever post from work or my work PC when I was home working – on DK. EVER. This site? One hundred percent work safe! 🙂

    It’s kinda hard to catch some things here, but I did catch the Chocotini post. NICE! Its how i knew beyond a shadows of a doubts it waz you.


  45. Cee – I had some craptastic medical news. I want you to make a vat of Ceetinis and come minister to me. On the way you are to pick up Richard Armitage from England in his Guy of Gisborne costume. Oh, and a hair and makeup guy for me. Although Can in A Tan is a great product 🙂

  46. Bizarro moment at work today. Big Time!

    For the past year I’m the one who sends out a email to about 20 people at work. And what I sent out was was BWD’s diaries from Daily Kos. And then they would send it to another 20 and so on. I work at Corp. Headquarters for a very well known company – so BWD’s work got some cool attention. A lot of times I would copy and paste her entire diary in an email. With the link provided. Sometimes just the DK link.

    So today, I was the recipient of an email with about 30 pictures attached, but you had to click on each picture. They were attachments. And then I see links on the email. And they were all from BWD’s new site. I was so happy! I don’t know why. But how cool is that. The person who sent that out never sent out that type of email. She actually forwarded it from a friend of hers.

    I was all like I KNOW that site! I know that site!!! wheeee!

    Just weird for some reason. And nice.

  47. Christin! 🙂 Not weird; wonderful. I, like you, feel this sense of joy that this wonderful lady who I can’t help it, evokes my maternal grandmother (who would be just as fierce about this Presidency), has created this beautiful space when a group of malignant, sour, hatefilled people wanted nothing more than for her to remain under their thumb at dkos for constant abuse. I have NEVER seen a genuine, true blue community spring up so fast. That the roots are so deep that you’re getting links here? Couldn’t ask for more.

    Thank you Christin for being who you are. I’m so glad that you’re here. No one keeps it more real.

    Did you get those Christmas lights all up, despite some faulty bulbs?

  48. 🙂 {{{{{GN}}}}}}}} 🙂

    Yes – after 48 hours of non stop “hmmmm. not there. there. no. not that way. this way. no. that ball goes here. no. that bow goes over there. no, the star is crooked. No. NOT RED LIGHTS for the window candles. I told you WHITE! blah blah blah ” I am done.

    No, that is a lie.
    I am not done.
    I have this little cute tree to decorate.
    It’s only two feet tall – so cute (it’s real).
    Cost only ten dollars less than our seven foot! Bizarro!
    It’s so perfect though.
    I need to finish that but am so tired right now.
    I’ve been at work until nine p/m or the past few days.
    Last week. monday. today.
    I come home. And it’s late. And then get up again.

    I am going to pass the link around for the web site you love so much.
    It’s weseeyou.com?
    A lot of the people on my email list are AA – so this site would touch them in a special way .
    A few of them have told me how much they hate blogs.
    And you don’t have to wonder why.
    Some hung around DKos to read after I sent BWD’s diaries.
    ANd were repulsed.
    It was one of those many horrific days of non stop vitriol.

    So much light here. So much goodness.
    I always said – just because things are not easy.
    Does not have to make you bitter and angry and always yelling.
    You can struggle and acknowledge things are effed up.
    And still keep faith alive. And have hope.
    And not just crumble and go “we are dooomed. ”
    See Keith O et al.

    I did miss you. Your fire. Your passion. Your sincerity.
    There’s a few of you here like that.
    And for some strange reason, MB would not leave you be.
    Sad. And interesting. But telling.
    So it’s all good, right?

  49. LOL@your small tree: hey, the point is to have that pine smell, you don’t need a huge tree; you get the authentic Christmas smell without the guilt of taking down a bigger tree. Sounds good to me.

    Hey, my time had come and gone on that space really. I wouldn’t expect freerepublic to love my offerings; wouldn’t expect any better reception at any other virulently anti-POTUS space; my ratings were kept on longer there than expected, no? No bitterness.

    weeseeyou; you’d love it there, Christin. They keeps it real nothing is sacred. As an honorary sista it is your cup of tea, but I disgress.

    Enjoy, everyone:

  50. 😦 😦 not liking what you wrote . at all. 😦 😦 and have to think of what that means. 😦 and yes that is my face right now.

  51. An honorary sistah…heeeee. you remember that?

    If you only knew how I just got more free coupons too! OH yes. I AM IN and no one can kick my big WA out. They can try. But it got bigger so good luck with that. EWWWWWW EEEEEE what’s up with dat? Okay , you have to watch SNL to know what dat means.

    I disagree with you about the R’s comment. That you kept it long. Not when I see the many who have have been given passes for four years and who was a thousand time worse G – and I mean a thousand. I don’t want to harp on it. I am just creeped out. And creeped that hell out that BWD’s diaries are locked out to her. Ugh. They never did that. Strange and quite effed. up. But it is. What it is. And that is that. Fun to talk about something when you’re free though, ain’t it? 🙂 Just fun. If you ask me.

    So! I’m waiting for you to come decorate my baby tree.
    That big tree took me forever and ever. I have my balls all arranged by awesome balls, nice balls, good balls. eh balls, ok balls, back of tree balls, filler balls.Laying them all out took me ten hours alone.

    Now my baby tree goes what about me?
    It does have little lites on it though. So cute!

    SO is over there snoring. Why?

  52. Chistin – If you still have my email, write me, or if I remember correctly, you and Marabout were penpals. She knows my story and I have no problem if she shares it with you. I plan to get through this. I did want to let you know about this, but I know we are both pretty private about the email address thing.

    XXOO. I still have my priorities though – time for Chocovine!

    BTW, your sour face looks like Keith Olberman’s when he faces the camera in faux gravitas and I want to slap him 🙂 YOU get a hug!

    Buenos noches!

  53. Yes – I have yours. Not sure if I have Mara’s. Where is she anyway???? I saw her…here? And now?

    Anyway. Yes. I have yours saved. OH SO NOT LIKING what I am reading between the effing lines and hoping I am seriously effing overreacting.

    Keith has been banished forever. Drama queens I don’t need in my life. He’s lost it. We do watch Lawrence O’Donnell. I love him.

    ANd i am purposely digressing.
    You sound like lalala….which means nothing.
    You go LalaLA no matter how effed up something is I am thinking.

    I am going to email you.
    sorry. still looking like that.

  54. Hi Christin,

    I fell asleep on you last night. I can so commiserate with an expanded posterior lol. And the lights organizing is hilarious. Wonderful chatting with you, as always!

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