The audacity of not having to sleep on the couch

President Obama signs the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, to improve the nutrition, lives and health of hundreds of thousands of kids – and no less important: making one lady very very happy.

The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, a $4.5 billion measure, provides more free school meals to the pool, and gives the government more power to decide what foods can offered in those meals, as well as in school vending machines and fundraisers during school hours.


27 thoughts on “The audacity of not having to sleep on the couch

  1. I followed the signing streaming, and laughed out loud when the president made his comment about not having to sleep on the couch. What a wonderful president and first lady.

  2. thanks bwd- excellent post- as are they all imo. I’ve been busy around my house and pulled back a bit from all things political so as to end my addiction to that other place.. so far so good 🙂 Anyway, have been reading here, Norbrook, The Peoples View, Wee see you, Blue Wave News and the Obama Diary.. and enjoying the common sense info and comments… funny how one’s outlook on things can improve after leaving such environments.

    And.. a quote I received today, that I think is appropriate to the times regarding our President and First Lady:

    “Hard work spotlights the character of people: some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, and some don’t turn up at all.”

    – Sam Ewing

  3. All Hail to the “swagger-less” President. Or so says Josh Marshall. I think we ought to go exhume James Brown’s dead body, or Tupac’s or Notorious B.I.G’s and ensconce them at Left Pundit Central headquarters so all these antsy folks can see some real “swagga” deadman style. Or maybe get a remake of the “Shaft” series so they can “dig it” for real! Sheesh!!!

    Meanwhile the rest of us just want a President who can work to get us some relief from a crushing economy. And these kids just want assurance that they can have at least one nutritious meal a day. Is that too much to ask?

  4. I am so glad to see that the bill has been signed. The First Lady has worked hard and know the children of America will reap the benefits of her hard work.

    FYI ~
    Judge Who Ruled Health Care Reform Unconstitutional Owns Piece of GOP Consulting Firm

  5. I just love to see pictures of the President with children. He really gives them his full attention. With all the dignitaries around his desk, it’s the little boy that he talks to during the signing. The cynics,of course, will say that he is just recruiting future voters, but even they will have to admit that these children are just too young. They will never have the chance of voting for him. It’s not politics, it’s a true love of children and an effort to recognize and encourage them.

  6. What a team they make, and thanks to them and everyone involved on behalf of someone I know who worked at a school where many of the kids depended on the breakfast and lunch program.

  7. Shouldn’t surprise anybody really, as the judge who blocked the deep sea drilling moratorium was heavily invested in big oil, and some of the very companies that do the very drilling he was ruling on.

    Then you have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife being a hardcore teabagger and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars on her name.

    It’s too the point that you follow the money with any Conservative judges ruling these days, and more often than not, they’re invested financially in the company that directly benefits from their ruling.

  8. Even TPM lost me a while back. At the end of the day – they’re all playing games. It’s all politics for them. That’s why the president has no respect for them.

  9. That’s just unbelievable. That judge owns between $15,000-50,000 in the GOP consulting firm that worked against HCR. The firm represented Boehner, Bachmann and McCain this last election and other candidates who campaigned against HCR. The judge has earned beetween $32,000 and $108.000 in dividends from the firm in the last few years. The firm launched Palin pac and the Va. Atty. Gen. Cuccinelli who brought this suit paid the firm $9000 for their services in 2010. How can this be? How can this judge be allowed to rule in this case where he is heavily invested in the outcome?

  10. This lovely and wonderful blackwaterdog. I so appreciate you and Chipsticks and all the rest on your great blog roll. And I so appreciate all the wonderful pictures. I often go back during the day, especially while recuperating from an especially debilitating old-age ailment, and look at everything all over again. They’re GOOD medicine, no mistake.

    Love you.

    Oh — something my husband mentioned while reading some of the posts on here today. He said he’d understood from studies of reading and eyesight that white on black is in the long run easier on the eyes than the reverse.

    Hope I don’t get any of my dear fellow readers angry with me! But that’s what he said.

    Love ALL of you.


  11. Precisely. His message has been consistent since 2007 – show up with ideas that can work to make things better for the American people and I’ll take you seriously. He meant it; still does.

  12. On my way home today, I heard alot of criticism on the conservative radio shows and wondered why there’s such rancor for school lunch. The first lady is trying to make life better for the millions of kids who eat school lunch. If the government is supplementing school districts to provide meals they might as well ensure the meals are healthy for kids. I agree with Mrs. Obama, obesity is not only a health issue but an economic one as well. Besides, most of what is served in school is in the powdered form – so making the case for fruits and vegetables is a good thing. I am happy the bill is law and glad for the parents who rely on school meals for their kids.

  13. They THINK they understand what struggling families feel . I suspect they don’t. They consider the problem from an intellectual point of view. But President Obama said it clearly: this is NOT an abstract debate.

    My fantasy: put all those loud voices of the punditariat in the same room with struggling families. With people looking for jobs. People on the verge of losing their UI benefits. With parents who are struggling to keep their kids in college. Force the critics to SEE what the President is talking about. To FEEL it.

    Maybe they would finally understand the dilemma President Obama was faced with and the difficult choice he made.

  14. This judges ruling on this healthcare law and the fact that this will wind up at the supreme court highlights that elections have consequences. If folks think 2010 wasn’t important to vote 2012 needs to be drilled in their heads. We have 2 Supreme court justices who are in their 70’s. Scalia is 74 and Kennedy is 74. In 2012 they will be 76 and if Obama gets reelected they will be damn near 80 which will give Obama a chance to nominate at least 2 more supreme court justices to the bench, so that is what needs to be drilled in folks head now. 2 right wing judges are probably going to retire this decade, so the democrats need to start rallying around obama and stop this nonsense about primarying him.

  15. It’s just reflexive criticism at this point on conservative radio. If the president or first lady are for something, they are against it. It doesn’t matter what it is. Eventually it will wear out its audience. I just hope that time comes sooner rather than later.

  16. We can only hope that these poll numbers about the tax bill get through to the congressional democrats one of these days. They really are out of touch with their constituents and they just don’t seem to get it. Their approval rating is so low, not because they are too liberal, but because they just don’t seem to be able to do the job they were elected to do. They need to realize that people want the two parties to work together and stop obstructing things. This country needs law makers who are willing to actually write laws that address our needs. Grandstanding and making angry speeches just doesn’t cut it.

  17. Although I seldom watch CNN anymore, I was flipping past it this morning and paused when I saw President Obama about to speak. As he was making his preliminary remarks, CNN was interviewing a guy from USA Today who had done some kind of expose on school lunches. He was positive about the bill being passed but when Kyra Phillips asked him who had been the main proponent of getting the bill passed, he waffled and said it was pretty bipartisan and had a lot of general support. My jaw dropped at that.

    After President Obama had spoken and made the oke about having to sleep on the couch if he hadn’t gotten it passed, Phillips and the USA guy grudgingly spoke about it being a pet project of the First Lady, but they would have given her NO credit if the president hadn’t been so effusive with his praise.

    Earlier, again on a bit of CNN that I happened to listen to, they had someone on talking about gift cards and the pros and cons of how they worked. The ‘expert’ mentioned that new rules had been instituted last summer that forced the companies to change their fees and be transparent about what fees were being charged. There was some discussion about what a good idea this was but not once did they mention President Obama or the Democrats and their role in getting this legislation passed.

    It’s so infuriating how they spend hours denigrating everything this president does and how they never give him credit for the good things he has done.

  18. On the local news, after they finished talking about how “Obamacare” had been “struck down” by a federal judge as being unconstitutional, and playing the one soundbite of the guy who said “it’s not about health care, it’s about liberty”. Then they moved on to talk about the child hunger act, saying that it will give the government more power to “dictate” what kind of foods are served at schools. This is California.

  19. Excellent! As a kid who grew up eating free school lunches, I am so happy to hear about this. I’m thankful that when I was a kid, I could always count on a hearty lunch at school when our fridge at home was almost empty. This will be a life line to so many children all around the country,

    Thank you Mr. President and First Lady.

  20. I agree. I though that if you were a judge you would have to excuse yourself if you had a conflict of interest. Maybe they could use this to impeach Clarence Thomas.

  21. The POTUS is awesome. But the FLOTUS is the MOST awesome evah. Even if I hated the president (which I do not), I would vote for him just to continue having such a rad first lady.

    Luckily, he is doing a good job so I will vote for him for that (and his cool-assed wife).

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