Just to kick off the week…

The first family at the taping of Christmas in Washington, last night.



46 thoughts on “Just to kick off the week…

  1. I love the pic of the President smiling from behind the desk. I couldn’t be more proud of him – the way he walks through the fire yet always keeps his cool. He is an amazing man.

    Have a great week, BWD and thanks again for all you do.

    Chaseyourtail (AKA: KHinSF from DK)

  2. Oh, and I love Michelle’s look in these pics. She looks stunning in that black dress…love the earrings too…and the hair. The whole look comes together perfectly.

  3. Love the last pic. All cuties… Except that guy with big ears. Who the hell is he ? And what’s he doing the pic ?

  4. Now that show makes me very sorry not to be in the States to see it! Darn. Is it stored as video anywhere yet? I’ll keep checking with whitehouse.gov and hope it appears. We are about to have horrible weather again in Ireland. I just got over 9 days of not being able to go out and now it seems we will have another 9-10 of bitter cold and snow and be housebound again. Watching the President’s Christmas show will help make the hours seem less, specially since all the Senior’s Christmas parties have had to be postponed (until Spring ;-)?) this year.
    I do love seeing these pictures, BWD!

  5. Oooo, now I see more how this site works. Once you are logged in as a member, the Like button works.

  6. The daughters are growing up so beautifully. Malia has really gotten taller. Good looking family.

  7. hi everybody what can i say they are simply beatiful family with a real adult as the head of the family…..we still would like to have him in the U.K though

  8. Good morning all
    I love to see the first family together. The Obama daughters are absolutely wonderful. They are really growing up to be beautiful young ladies and their parents- oh, how I adore them. 🙂

  9. I remember how we loved the Kennedy family in the White House. I hang on all the pictures of this family too. I am so proud to have him as our President.

  10. Whew!!!

    I thought I had missed this.

    “Christmas in Washington” will air on TNT on Sunday, December 20 at 8pm EST

  11. BWD- it is amazing that I only see photos like these posted by you.
    Thanks for your efforts to make sure some of us at least see all sides of the Obama Presidency in action.

  12. I thought the same thing, africa, about Malia getting taller. Also had a moment of fleeting regret looking at her dress: my mother wouldn’t allow me to wear black until I was like 17. Anyone else have that experience? BTW, that is one beautiful First Family!

  13. snowbird…I remember growing up as a kid, and my parents had a framed picture of President Kennedy in the living room. I was young then, but I remember that. Today, I have a painting that my daughter painted, the very same one as Overseasgranny has as an avatar, hanging in the library of our house…I love that my daughter is such a fabulous artist ( I had no idea she had that talent…funny story) but I’m also proud to see my President hanging in my house!

  14. Thank youfor posting the info on when this will be aired. I will set my DVR

    Thanks also to BWD for posting these pictures and letting us know about the show.

  15. I couldn’t wear black, panty hose, shave my legs, wear nail polish or makeup – the list goes on! LOL I just knew I was grown when my mother let me wear without plaits – around 13 yrs old! 🙂 Telling my age…

  16. The show will be aired on TNT this Friday Dec 17th @ 8PM. They will probably show it again at some point during the season, but I’m not sure.

  17. Do anyone know whats going on today! Im ready for him to get a victory.silence the naysayers.

  18. The senate is going to do the procedural vote for cloture on tax-cut deal at 3PM. This will be carried live on CSPAN from 2PM.


    I’m not sure when the actual vote will take place, but we should know more by this afternoon.

    The DREAM act will be voted on this Thursday, when the senate takes up the house version of the bill.

  19. i’ll make sure i watch i want to see who votes with the president and who is against.

  20. Hey pamela, good to see you. When I was growing up back home, the only time I saw even grown ups wear black, was during a funeral. And people who lost their loved ones would continue wearing black for about six months to a year as part of the mourning process.

    But it is much different these days. In fact, black is one of my favorite colors now. I’ve got tons of black stuff in my closet.

    I hope everyone is enjoying this site as I am.

  21. The first family looks beautiful.

    It is hard to believe the fist grandmother is in her 70’s.

    Those little children are so precious.

  22. Just read his schedule on whitehouse.gov. He’s doing everything from honor the Lakers to sign a healthy children act of some kind to meeting with Baruk of Israel. Oh, and in between he’s dealing with Congress. Yipes.

  23. Once again thanks for the great pictures of our First Family. They really show what Family Values are.

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