Sunday Mishmash

Hi everyone,

First, couple of Off topics:

1. I could not love you more or be more grateful and touched by your kindness and generosity, but at least for the near future, and for as long I can, I will not involve money in this blog.

This place is for all of us, and it’s only one link in a growing chain of sites and blogs filled with people who got tired of the negativity, of the constant opposition to any progress, of using right-wing talking points as a base for left-wing attacks on a liberal president, and of the racism and vilification of a truly great man. 

When and if I’ll ever find myself in a need for financial help – I’ll let you know, you can be sure about that. 😉 But for now, just save the money for president Obama’s re-election campaign… Again, thank you so very much.


2. Now that I have a little more time, I will try to address some technical problems – like people not getting e-mail notifications, and see what I can do to reduce the misery of those who suffer from the white-on-black combination.


3. I’ve seen a few comments dealing with the length of criticism of the president that is allowed here. Let me be very clear – To steal from Mr. Obama – There isn’t and won’t be censorship of criticism as long as its based on facts and not lies, spins, selective memory or what Keith Olbermann said we should think. I will not accept any form of disrespect towards this president. I will not tolerate aggressive language and definitely will not allow personal attacks and flame baits. Also, I will not add any ‘rec’, ‘tip’ or ‘like’ buttons – all comments are equal in my eyes…

I hope we can keep the positive, productive, Obama-like atmosphere that we’ve got here now.




Now some weekend stuff  (a lot of it came from the comments section, which is just awesome. That’s the best way to spread the truth):


1. President Obama’s goal to double US export over the next 5 years begins to look achievable:

Trade deficit decreased much more than expected in October

U.S. Exports Rise 17 Percent in First Ten Months of 2010, on Track to Double in Five Years


2. Don’t tell anyone, but the president is actually making money for the American people:


3.  More about that really bad deal the “Negotiator in Chief” brought for the middle class and the unemployed (Did you notice that we hear from Mr. Weiner mostly when there’s something to whine about, preferably against the president? It sure does bring him a lot of TV appearances). Anyway, the graph present the entire horror:


The breakdown:

53.1% Middle Class AMT (OBAMA)

3.3% Expensing Provision (OBAMA)

4.2% Tax credits for working families (OBAMA)

6.2% Unemployment Insurance (OBAMA)

6.6% Regular tax extenders such as R&D credit 

13.5% High-Income tax cuts and Lincoln-Kyl estate tax(GOP to the top 2%)

13.2% Payroll tax holiday (OBAMA)

(Thanks to dearmrpress)


4. Nope, still not doomed. But hey, still enough time for Russ Feingold (You know, the “true progressive” who begged the WH not to force a vote on the tax deal BEFORE the election) to primary the president.

Bloomberg poll: Obama’s favorability at 52%


4. A bunch of good stuff to read:

Colbert King:  Memo to the left: Hands off Obama

Ishmael Reed: What Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama

David Brooks: Obama’s very good week

John Cole: Why does Andrew Sullivan hate gay people (hee, not really, it’s just a follow-up, but a very good one)

Clinton was always selling himself.  Obama seems always to be selling reality


I like Fareed Zakaria very much.


192 thoughts on “Sunday Mishmash

  1. I feel so good here! I can breathe again. And that means WORK for our President and his agenda. I phone banked yesterday at our local Dem. office, calling voters in Maine to encourage them to call Senators Snowe and Collins before the vote tomorrow.

    The motivation I had to be able to do that was a DIRECT result of the good feeling here.

    Thank you, thank you ALL!

    (I am still trying to figure out the time stamp on the comments. It seems to be a 7 hour difference? I don’t know what it means. Just wondering. I also wish I knew how to do an Avatar. I never wanted to do one before.)

  2. I just want to say that I admire your approach to all of this BWD.

    Looks like some great links in this one so I’m off to read.


  3. 1 – We were calling ahead of the DADT repeal vote.

    2 – seems to be a 5 hour difference, not 7.

  4. BWD, watched Fareed Zakaria and loved the segment on Beck, Fareed’s little smile at the end was priceless.

    Must watch everyone.

  5. I say David Brooks is still an ass, has been and will always be. How disingenuous of him to talk about facing “reality” when his own Repug party has driven of the sanity cliff into nihilistic territory!

    When have we seen him chastise the Repugs nd their teabagger minions for their obstructionism and vitriol? Or it is only when Democrats make concessions to Repugs that we have bi-partisanship?

    Yeah the beltway villagers are happy with the deal because their precious taxcuts for the wealthy have been spared the axe.

    That is the sole reason for Bitterkraut, Brooks and the whole corporate cabal have suddenly re-discovered their “Obamalurve” masks; which masks they will quickly yank off in a new York minute next week when another issue replaces the Tax deal.


  6. Welcome back. I’m just so impressed by the community you’ve got established here already. Good folks with good hearts from what I’ve seen. Glad to consider myself part of it. And I have reciprocated the generous blogroll link.

    Ever onward and keep winning!

  7. Wonderful roundup. The policies at this site make so much sense but please do not hesitate to offer paid subscriptions should there ever be a need.

    In today’s you get what you vote for news (h/t weeseeyou commenter MonieTalks):

    PUTTING A TEA PARTIER TO THE TEST…. It may seem hard to believe, but when voters elect conservative Tea Party candidates to cut taxes, and those same voters expect public services to remain intact, the results aren’t pretty.

    Take Long Island’s Nassau County, for example.

    Facing a huge budget deficit when he took office in January, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano did not impose a hiring freeze. He did not stop borrowing to subsidize some of the richest school districts in the country. He did not eliminate the Police Department’s beloved mounted unit.

    Instead, Mr. Mangano, a Republican who won one of the first upsets of the Tea Party era, did what he had promised: He cut taxes, adding $40 million to the county’s deficit, which has since reached nearly $350 million.

    Now, with its bonds suddenly downgraded and a state oversight agency preparing to seize its checkbook and credit cards, Nassau is on the verge of a full-fledged fiscal crisis.

    You don’t say.

    The NYT report noted this as a classic example of taxpayers “accustomed to high levels of services” struggling to adapt to “protracted lean times.”

    No such thing as a free lunch!

  8. Yes it seems as if Brooks has merely given up on his party and just focuses on Dems, especially President Obama, instead. As far as I can detect, the GOP leadership is really lurching into fantasy-land and is utterly incoherent.

    Krauthammer is just upset because he’s just now realizing the extent of POTUS’ talent for appearing in the center while wrangling very left of center concessions from the GOP and conservative end of the Democratic party.

  9. Yep, he’s a real ass and always will be. But, it’s an interesting perspective, because i’m pretty sure that he voted for president Obama, and because some of these Republicans sound more reasonable than the Left these days.

  10. Truly terrific. Thanks for your phonebanking rd. I’m hoping that OFA’s push can help to get DADT repeal done.

  11. Just wanted to say love the blog now I’ve got to read the articles, keep up the great work…..

  12. I for one am very glad you are not tolerating the Obama hate spammers coming here to post. I am a fervent supporter of PBO. My late husband used to comment favorably about my loyalty when we conducted Marriage Prep sessions for our church to be married couples. When I commit to someone or something I work very hard at supporting them and helping them. I realize there are shortcomings in everyone and in everything so I take longer in my process of deciding to commit or do not in the first place. I also give them my advise if I disagree with the thinking, but I do not disparage them with smears or second guessing.
    Thank you for the positive posts and for this blog. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for the researched information. I am proud to be part of it.

  13. Oh BWD, I know he supported the Pres. in the 2008 elections. But he always has a tendency to go off into crypto land when the DEMOCRATIC President pursues a DEMOCRATIC party agenda.

    As if to say he would have loved this president if he wasn’t a Democrat. Well, duh, Democratic presidents follow Democratic party agendas!

    He has been nattering endlessly over the past two years about just anything the President does that advances a progressive agenda.

  14. BWD, just want to let you know that you are an inspiration and starting this blog was a stroke of genius.
    If more people had your approach, things would certainly be better.

  15. Fingers crossed. Everyone in the room was talking about how rev-ed up the people we talked to were. I had 20 year old to 80 year old people saying, “Hold on, let me get a pen and get the number.”
    Of course, we shall see what we shall see when the vote is taken, but again, I think it all comes down to a positive state of mind. It leads to positive actions.
    Everyone I’ve turned on to this site has written back to say how grateful they are.

    THIS is the beginning of his re-election campaign. Right here, right now. Us.

  16. Oh GN, I know Bitterkraut has been twisted into a vacuum packed pretzel since Pres. Obama won the election. He has always felt that the Pres. did not deserve to where he is and thus must be a nefarious trickster.

    He exclaimed sometime on Nov. 5, 2008 that Pres-elect Obama was dangerous and had a plan to destroy America by turning it into a Scandinavian socialist utopia first.

  17. I think it’s genuine respect and admiration for Obama on Brook’s part. If things continue like this with obstructionist Right and Left, many more people from both sides will gravitate to the president’s common sense approach to get things done, one step at a time if necessary. I say let’s give these people enough slack to change their positions, not call them hypocrites, whether they are or not. That seems to be Obama’s way, works for me.

  18. My thanks to you BWD for always standing up for the facts, not worship. I love getting my email alerts but they won’t open on my phone for me to read. But they do let me know to come to the site on my pc to read a new posting. The folks who are in it for money, need to be in perpetual anguish to make money. So I will go back to them when there is really something to whine about, like president Palin. They helped me make it through the Bush years and I did appreciate that.

  19. Oops. I meant to add that Bitterkraut is stating a begrudging acknowledgment of the President’s strategic brilliance, something he has been loathe to acknowledge even as he considered Pres. Obama the most evil thing to happen to America.

  20. We’ll be doing the same here, and let me echo what you said about the good feeling being a motivational factor it’s SO important. I join GN in saying thanks for your work 🙂

  21. Fareed Zakaria did a great job criticizing Glenn Beck’s nonsense. It is obvious that he totally disagrees with Beck and yet there was no vitriol involved. He used reasoned argument and facts to dispute Beck’s misinformation. Now if only the “feet to the fire” folks could learn from him. Zakaria masterfully disputed Beck’s points one by one and came off looking sane, reasonable and someone you want to agree with. When your “cricism” consists of hyperbole, mistruths, character attacks and the like you sound just like Glenn Beck, even if you are saying the opposite of what he says. But if your criticism is useful and something worth listening to, you will try to adopt the tone used by Fareed Zakaria in this example. Be calm, persuasive, factual and reasonable. Not only will you have better luck convincing others of the validity of your criticism but you may also get the object of your criticism to pay attention to you.

  22. Hey you! makesense/ tulips. I bookmarked your blog, i truly enjoy your ensight and find reading your diaries informative. You too keep up the good work. BWD has always been my source of information that goes unreported. All of you guys are a blessing to me.

  23. I so agree. I registered with the NYT online today and submitted a comment about the tax cut plan. I was delighted to see that it was selected as a Highlight. We really do need to come together and raise our voices and opinions. I understand that there are people who are very angry with politics right now, particularly, with President Obama. That is their right as an American. But our point of view is very popular within the Democratic party and I think that the national media is due a reminder of that fact. Other people seem very well organized to amplify their voices and attempt to sway opinion. It is far past time that we do the same.

    Thanks again for your OFA activism.

  24. Amk for obama helped have to register with world press then select gravatar. any blog i go on my avatar appear, which is great.

  25. You have to sign up with wordpress. I finally figured that out the other day! 🙂 having avatars showing makes it easier for me to scroll down when reading posts, too.

  26. Thanks, mate. Back at you. Always admired what you did over “there”. You helped me get through the tough times and i appreciate it – and your own blog – very much.

  27. LOL at your descriptions! I think that he’s livid with the GOP leadership for being led into this newest deal and acknowledged POTUS’ skill only in warning to the GOP. He sees POTUS as dangerous because POTUS is indeed so persuasive and intelligent. This is why I think that President Obama becomes exasperated with the lefty national and new media: I get the feeling that he thinks that they should be smart enough to pick up on what he is doing.

  28. Thanks. my argument is not so much about Brooks admiration for Pres. Obama or the opportunity for moderates and independents to gravitate towards the President. That admirable quality of his we know and wonder why people thought he had ever strayed from his bi-partisanship mantra.

    My point about Brooks is his disingenuousness in never castigating his own party for it’s egregious obstructionism and nihilistic march of this country to the brink of bankruptcy and collapse of the commonweal. that is my beef with him

    Why is he patting pres. Obama on the head as if he’s a pet and not calling on Repugs to also come half-way to meet the Democratic president’s outstretched hands?

  29. Yeah he’s a conservative alright. But he’s the once chanting about bi-partisanship and this country being diverse and all. But there he is finger pointing the “liberal base” for ideologicalintransigence. Shouldn’t he tell that message also to his side of the aisle as well?

  30. OK, BWD. No site donations. BUT in your honor I’m going to wakeup Mr Paypal for an assignment at OFA.

  31. Thanks! g enjoying your comments. its just great to be blogging with good people. I enjoy talking to people who gives me a different lit without being hostile and rude to others. I learn and understand better,when the conversation is respectful.

  32. Off-topic but good to know – I was reading about the millionaires and billionaires who gave to right wing groups like Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group – one is B. Wayne Huges, founder of Public Storage, who gave 3.75 million to Rove’s group. Public Storage one of those places you can park your stuff when you’re moving, etc. This is the kind of service a lot of us use from time to time, so here’s your tip: Don’t Use Public Storage!

  33. Who’s dismissive tone? The article from the NYT is discussing the calls to primary the President by the predominantly white, far left liberal wing and how that will certainly doom the party as a whole, by driving away the AA base. I don’
    t find anything dismissive about it, I find it to be quite accurate.

  34. One more thought then I have to run. There’s a business columnist with the Washington Post that I like a lot, Steven Pearlstein. I haven’t had a chance to see what he says specifically about the President’s tax plan, but on Friday he had a column ripping into Max Baucus. Baucus, like Mary Landrieu, was one who supported the initial Bush tax cuts and now is beating their breasts about Obama’s plan. The article really makes me doubt the political savvy of my own party.


  35. The Nation? it will most likely be ignored by the left because Greenwald has already declared that they are WH shills.

  36. I’m enjoying the image of Charles Krauthammer as a vacuum-packed pretzel. Was shocked to find that, except for the “swindler” crack, I agreed with him this time!

  37. Oh, yeah there are a few “progressive” commenters there that absolutly hate any criticism of there behaviour. (sorry ’bout the spelling, typing with a border collie in m lap.)

  38. Good to know you’re safe and sound, BWD 🙂 It’s also great to know that, like PBO, you’re in it for the long haul, and we are with you as we continue to undo the damage. (Grabbing shovel)

  39. This is a video of the President and First Lady in India with a really nice song attached to it. Short, sweet, moving.

    [video src="" /]

  40. BWD, Thank you for everything you are doing. I love the white on black, but read the comments from my e-mail, which arrives as black on light gray. Both are lovely.

    I, too, usually like Farheed, but he can have his moments, too, when he seems to go very conservative and be aiming for popularity with his criticisms. The man I always enjoy, and as best I can tell is a Democrat, is Charlie Rose on Bloomberg. He has never disappointed and always digs for the truth no matter who he is interviewing.

  41. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

    1. Pres. Clinton signs DADT bill into law: pres. Obama is working to overturn DADT. But Clinton is great, Obama “sux.”

    2. Presidents over the past 100 years could not get comprehensive healthcare passed into law. They are heroes. Pres. Obama GETS healthcare, a brand new social contract passed into law, and he is the villain.

    3. Democratic congresscritters vote for Bush tax cuts and Pres. Bush signs irresponsible tax cut into law. Yet pres. Obama who’s trying to salvage his promise to keep Middle Class tax cuts is the villain now. Mary Landrieu who voted to bush tax cuts is the hero

    4. Russ Feingold goes to White House to beg that Middle Class ONLY Tax Cuts bill not be voted on b4 the elections. He is the fauxgressive hero being asked to primary the incumbent Democratic president while said incumbent, Pres. Obama is the villain.

    5. Black farmers and native Americans have been denied the just compensation for their land for decades through both Democratic and Repug administrations. Pres. Obama sings the Pigford Settlement into law, and Cornel West and the black soul patrol say he has done NOTHING for black people.

    6. Oh and the Bush clan is ready to coronate Jeb Bush as next Pres. cuz Americans just luuuuuuuuurve the Bush’s and the wonders they have unleashed on America.

    Only Michelle Obama can soothe the apoplexy the President must feel sometimes! Sheesh.

  42. I called Maine yesterday from the OFA’s online tool. The people I spoke to were for the repeal and told me they would commit to phone or email Sen. Snowe.

  43. I was actually looking at one such vacuum pack I created with that little kitchen gadget that is supposed to save our lives from freezer burn moisture and all new-fangled germs.

    I just wish they actually made one such widget for vacuum-packing wingnuts. Our lives would be so much easier.

  44. Yep. Historians will scratch their heads, I’m sure.

    No wonder the President seems frustrated sometimes. He’s calm and patient, but good lord the stupidity he has to deal with…

  45. They have a hard time accepting that their actions and words with regard to President Obama are providing quite a sneak peek into their subconscious racism. They are different from the racist element of the TP only in that they don’t recognize their own racism. I see as essentially racist the ease with which they denigrate the first AA president and impute corrupt motives to him and the double standard of worshiping at the Clinton altar (and accepting his much worse compromises) while condemning Obama as a sell out and a failure because he does not have dictatorial powers to impose their policy preferences on the rest of society).

  46. Great to see you here! (UL, over ‘there’) And, thank you for all you DO, as well as, for the good stuff you post.

  47. After watching Adam Green and Jane Hamsher on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last week I emailed him yesterday. I stated when these leftist purist come on cable talk shows touting that they speak for the base in all actuality they are only interested in pushing their own agenda.

    Case in point the EIC (Earned Income Credit) will not be extended if this tax cut deal does not go through. Obama mentioned this at his pres conference.

    These purist who wish to kill this tax cut deal will rail against the tax cuts for the rich, but will not say publicly what the deal actually entails for the middle class.

    So you see they are willing to throw these struggling families under the bus just to advance their own agendas.

  48. These are excellent points bobbie. What I find ridiculous is the tendency to latch onto a single item and like to ignore larger contexts. Thus HCR helps no one because there’s no new public option program (false). Similarly, the tax cut deal is an outrage because it includes a tax cut for the rich (also false, we gave a little and got a lot during the course of this deal).

    Remarkable times.

  49. I’m going to try my new one out—didn’t know what I was doing and might not have made a wise selection for such a small image—but am proud of who lives in the WH now, and I loved that snowy image with the flag lit up atop.

  50. Thanks CN

    Just as he pointed out its the Public Option debate all over again.

    You know I’ve never seen people willing to burn the whole house down just because they didn’t get all of what they wanted.

    As you stated remarkable times indeed!

  51. Hello BWD and friends,

    I just wanted to say thank you for this site and your wonderful comments and attitude toward politics and this president. I was a lurker at DK, and at the beginning I really enjoyed the site. However BWD you were the reason I continued my readership there. Now that you are no longer there, I am no longer there lol. I appreciate this space keep up the good work.

  52. I read the article in the NY times by ishmael and must say that he was on point and right in every aspect about why progressives don’t under stand the pres. I think that it does boil down to the fact that they never had to sacrifice and work for much unlike the poor and middle class do, especially blacks and latinos. but int he comments section, the commentators not only proved the author’s point, but comepletely acted as if the pres is acting like a different person than he was when he was campaigning. it’s a good read.

  53. The two extremes pay an awful lot of attention to each other, and very little to the mainstream. They are either commenting on what the right has said, or distorting the position on the left. The ones who get paid for being Democrats on TV and radio seem to be starstruck by those on the right, and those on the right fall all over themselves to be sensational, in order to entertain their fans.

    Meanwhile, the country goes down the drain, and the mainstream, who aren’t really paying much attention, look to the ones in charge for answers and to cast blame. It’s a very different reality when you’re not deeply wrapped in the comings and goings of Washington. Right now, many can’t name Rahm’s replacement in the White House, they don’t know their own representatives or Senators, and they don’t have any idea what New START means or what is in the tax compromise (or that the Bush tax cuts were designed to expire at the end of the year so that the people didn’t know the cost to the deficit, and these very famous “children and grandchildren” that we keep hearing about).

    I’m so glad the President is focused on governing.

  54. Thanks for validating what I said to the hubby a couple of days ago RE: the Bush family and the coronation of Jeb. Hubby didn’t get the poll that supposedly showed you know who with higher approval ratings now than when he was busy desecrating the Oval office, also didn’t get the release of GW’s book. I explained that it was all an effort at rehabilitating their brand. Believe that’s been tried before with a soft drink, didn’t work just because they put it into a new can.

  55. bwd, do I have to do something official to change my id here from dotster to dotster3? When I signed up at wordpress so I could get an avatar, I had to add the 3 as there are apparently already an abundance of dotsters there.

  56. oh btw, I think that its very commendable of you to not accept any money at this time.

  57. “I like Fareed Zakaria very much”… Me too! Because he tells the truth, he researches to the max before he gives his opinion. Aaaand he’s ‘easy on the eye’ (lol).

  58. Yeah I was struck by how they all (except for Ezra) conveniently ignored any references to EITC or the payroll holiday or even the 13 month UI. They kept getting worked up about the 120 billion Republicans got and were willfully blind to the 770 billion dollars Obama just handed Dems and the American people. It’s a second stimulus. That’s what they were clamoring for so what’s the problem?

  59. I’m glad he is too, but I wish others would see that and stop listening to people such as KO, Maddow, Huff, and DKos who would rather wage a war for ratings than actually be a part of the solution.

  60. This is so well said. The denial about this runs deep. I personally wonder that the frustrati understand that this is problematic yet don’t care because they’d prefer to be out of power anyway (easier to rail against sellouts and opposition than have to participate in a governing coalition). Just a thought.

  61. Q: How do I ad a pic to my name/profile? Not mine but an image, probably one of my little-two dogs or both.

  62. It’s undeniable that we got more than we gave with that deal, and I personally thank President Obama for it. I’m so tired of listening to sloganeering and emotional tirades masquerading as analysis.

  63. They’re willing to burn the house down because they are not focused on outcomes. It’s that simple IMO. And others know that the outcome will be passage of the deal and are merely grandstanding and trying to create the illusion of having solid liberal creds because their skin isn’t in the game. I find the behavior of several people to be deeply unattractive.

  64. You have to open a “WordPress” account, and then click on “gravatar”. You can download your image to your account.

  65. That’s why Republicans pundits are going crazy. They understand that the president is totally counting the money in the stairs. It’s quite embarrassing how the Left can’t/refuse to see it.

  66. You have to register at WordPress and add a gravatar, Maritza. Can’t wait to see your doggies 🙂

  67. Oh, i won’t and will not. Even when he makes mistakes, i know that the man’s heart is always in the right place – therefore i will not tolerate anyone who will question his motives or use even 1% of the ugly names he’s been called since January 21 2009. Not here.

  68. Best, most wonderful, enlightened, beautiful president this country has ever had. Most days, I don’t think we deserve him. I thank God every day that he believes we need him so much, he’s willing to take all the hatred, fear and disrespect thrown at him, while he works his ass for us.

    Thank you, bwd. You are serving a HUGE community! MERRY CHRISTMAS, OBAMA SUPPORTERS! There are MILLIONS OF US!!! 🙂

  69. Whee! I did it. I have an avatar. I don’t know if you all remember the word under the picture, but it was Progress. And that is what we have had every day since President Obama took office, progress on every front.

  70. So great too see BWD’s readership delurk and add voices to the conversation here. Welcome Beedy!!

  71. Congratulations on the avatar, overseasgranny! I did a “whee” too, when mine finally worked.

    I agree with you that we have progress on every front. Even the things that are stuck can be counted as progress, because they are up for discussion and entering the conversation/debate arena. When health reform was done, the President said “this is what change looks like”. That was poignant for me, because I realized that some people just don’t know what change looks like when it’s taking little steps and isn’t huge and slapping them in the face. People felt like America had arrived when the first black president was elected, but that victory came after generations of small, sometimes seemingly insignificant victories. It’s the same thing with DADT. A lot of little victories for gay civil rights have been won this year, but many refuse to acknowledge any of those progressive steps because the big hairy one isn’t done. And because they can’t see the little steps, they don’t realize how far they’ve gone. Already I’ve heard pundits talking about how disappointed they are that the President let this drag on for so long. He hasn’t even been in office for two years yet, and this has been a law for 17 years!

    We’ve been making progress all along. Some just don’t know what it looks like.

  72. Try going to your blog “Dashboard”, click on settings, on the drop-down box under timezone select “New York”, which will set all comments on this blog to U.S. eastern time.

  73. Thanks, Maritza! So great to be welcomed instead of heckled. When I was expressing this over at that”other site which will not be named” (lol), I was called every name in the book! I guess I got a tiny taste of what our president gets every, single day.

  74. And in addition to pushing their own agendas, they don’t even have a grasp of the issues. I am no Lawrence O’Donnell fan, but I was so thankful for his direct confrontation with these folks last week.

    My hubby and I had an argument about O’Donnell’s interview with Grayson. My hubby thought O’Donnell was a bit rude to Grayson.

    I told him that Grayson came on with his sloganeering and did not know who in the tax bracket that was going to be impacted if the deal failed. I guess that really pissed O’Donnell off. That you can have people vehemently opposing the deal, but don’t know what they are talking about. Imagine that.

    And to boot, I understand Grayson is a millionaire. No skin off his nose if the people who stand to suffer if this deal fails. He goes back to his luxurious life.

    I am so done with all these people who fall in love with the microphone when it comes to bashing our president.

    Go figure.

  75. I too,am glad the president has kept his focus on governing. But what I think people on the extreme left and right will find out is that this man is working as best as he can for the American people, and the people, I believe will see that is what he is doing.

    What keeps me hopeful more than ever is the calm with which this president approaches everything he does. I hardly think that he comes to conclusions without looking at an issue from all sides. I remember him giving such a response in one of his press conferences long ago.

    Precisely because of his calm, and his ability to focus, even in the worst of times, is why I continue to believe in this man. If this makes me a worshipper, then so be it.

  76. My sentiments exactly, this site and others are becoming an Oasis in the desert.

    But what’s encouraging and telling is that more and more of these sites are emerging.

    People are getting tired of the 24/7 hate fest.

    Any more when someone post a response on a blog stating that Obama is losing or have lost his base, I will never let those words go unchallenged. I immediately fire back.


  77. It’s unfortunate that pundits fail to assign responsibility to the real culprits: senators who are still stuck in the 20th century with homophobic attitudes, both GOP and democrats such as Manchin. The president should be commended in all that he has done so far, laying the groundwork for repeal, getting the support of Gates, Mullen, etc.

  78. Hi BWD! Thank you soo much for this site! in the words of Charles bukowski “These words I write keep me from total madness”
    I come here for sanity, I just cannot believe how poisonous our discourse has become not only at Obama but at ppl (whose beliefs, color or sexual orientation, etc may be different) are just trying
    to live their lives Thank you for being a shining light!

  79. Welcome back BWD! Merry Christmas to all on this wonderful site. I was also a long time reader at “that site that we won’t name”. Finally joined this year after two years of reading just because I so enjoyed BWD! Have not gone back since I found your new site. Thank you for listing other pragmatic progressive sites, i.e. theobamadiary and the peoplesview and blue wave news. I no longer need that other site!

  80. The president was smart to focus on exports. For a long time American businesses were afraid to try and sell abroad and no one in the government was willing or able to help with the language difficulties and the red tape. I want to know the details of how Obama has helped to increase exports. What continents and countries are we focusing on? Where are we doing better and how? Are there some sites that have these answers?

  81. Agent Orange aka Boehner will be full of “water” works tonight on 60 minutes. They showed a clip of a river flowing from his eyes again. The interviewer was asking him “why are you crying.” That was all of the clip. Wow can you imaging the President of the United States crying as much as Boehner.

    I also watched a clip where he suggested cutting some agencies by 5% garnering a savings of only 35 million dollars and saying “we have to start somewhere.”

    Well let’s look at the hypocrites statement when the President suggested shaving off $100 million dollars.

    “Republicans belittled the administration’s move. House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio pointed out that $100 million in cuts would amount to just 0.0025% of total federal spending for fiscal 2009, expected to reach $4 trillion. Other Republicans noted that the federal government spends $100 million about every 13 minutes.

    “Let’s not forget that at the same time they’re looking for millions in savings, the president’s budget calls for adding trillions to the debt,” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky”.

    The MSM should be calling out these scumbags, but they are too concerned with the dumbing down of America.

  82. This is just a test to see if I did the avatar thing right. I had to change my screen name slightly by adding a 1.

  83. I just saw a post at a place I will not mention (just COS)that went on and on saying how Pres Obama has betrayed all Democrats with this tax deal and that those in the $20,000-$40,000 income range will have taxes go up and the deal is an abomination.I don’t know if his claim is correct but what astounded me was that his/her preference is for ALL tax rates to go up. Yet he/she does not see the irony in that nor did anyone else who joined in the hatefest calling for Pres Obama to be primaried,better to have a real Republican than this pres who is Repub-lite and the usual talk of being finished with politics and the democratic party.
    If only that were true!

  84. LOL here too, I was just going at it with a troll over at an unnamed place but had fun doing so!

    Let’s keep on fighting for our President but with some fun in the way!

    On another note: I attended a party the other day where this 37Yr person (mentally challenged) kept asking, “Are you happy? I am happy?!” We all said, “Absolutely, I am happy”!

    I say today that I am happy, very happy with President Obama and not mentally declared-challenged at the moment! I cannot wait to vote for him again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. criquet that will be true if the compromise does not pass I believe. That is the main thing that Lawrence O was arguing with Grayson about the other night. He told him to admit that people making 40,000 will see their taxes go up the most if this compromise is not passed. Of course Grayson denied it, but he was wrong.

  86. BWD:
    Thanks for your blog. I think we all appreciate the amount of time and energy you put into it.
    HOWEVER…a tactic I cannot handle that the Obama admin and this blog embraces is: Those stupid lib’s don’t understand what is in the bill, if only we keep treating them like they aren’t knowledgeable about it and keep jabbing at them with snide comments then they’ll hop on board.
    No. I. Won’t. I think all the people legitimately upset about this know what they are getting. IMO that is a compromised core principle and the start of a very slippery slope. If I had seen this Administration vigorously go after Repub’s like they have with Lib’s on this and all other issues then I wouldn’t be so apprehensive about Obama’s ability to negotiate. These taxes aren’t going anywhere in two years.

  87. Ok, BWD is tired of this but have to say it again: BWD, my husband and I totally love you!
    This old man (my husband) cannot get enough of your posts but I also look forward to every one of them!

    Let’s keep STRONG and keep on going jut as our president does!

    I cannot imagine having all the responsibilities that that this man confronts unlike you know who!?

  88. You were missed – truly you were. Welcome back!

    I wholeheartedly appreciate your allowing “factual criticism” within the comments – just as much as I respect your not being tolerant of all of the things you’ve stated. The lies and the non-forward-moving posts do not serve a good purpose here.

    So hip hip hooray for you! This is ‘your baby’! I, for one, like your rules and regs. You’re doing a splendid job of getting the facts out there. It’s so vital that there are sites like yours that spread the truth instead of the constant barrage of lies coming at this administration. I know that folks might have honest disagreements & wish lists – but spreading lies, embellishments & hatred just makes no sense at all if we want to move our country ahead. And, frankly, I don’t see how the administration can keep on top of all of the misleading information.

    Must be good reason that the administration has attracted you to it’s cause I figure:)

  89. On 60 minutes with John Boehner, they just said that his family were “Kennedy Democrats” until they made millions off of a business, and then switched to Regan Republicanism. What does that tell you? When they were middle class, they were Democrats. When they became rich, they became Republicans. Republicans look out for the rich, Democrats lookout for the middle class and poor.

  90. Hi wonderful NL. I’d argue that they never had sight of it because they never thought they needed it. The colorblind disdain for workers ushered in by the age of Reagan has changed that calculus. Yet they are too blinded by privilege to accept reality.

  91. I’m still trying to figure out how to add my avatar. Clicking on my “picture” does not work.

    There must be some other way to access our accounts?

  92. Good evening family, just watched the upcoming speaker and he needs to get a grip with the crying. I respect men who cry but he is out of control….. It would have been great if Leslie would have reported the checks he handed out on the floor from the lobbyists….and to hear him apologize for what I deem as an impeachable offense…

  93. I am watching the HGTV Christmas Special at the White House and I just can’t wipe the smile off my face. So far, it is absolutely amazing. To see behind the scenes is fascinating. And what a lovely theme that First Lady Michelle Obama chose this year “Simple Gifts”.

    I am bursting with pride and we are only 10 minutes into the presentation. I am sure the flood gates will open before the show ends.

  94. I am glad you don’t have the rec button here. It kept me from posting on that other site. Things are fact-oriented here and I think we are people who want to work on the issues, not run in popularity contests. The positive pictures of the president keep our thoughts positive. I think I’m going to google the details of how this administration increased exports. I know there will be interesting facts there.

  95. Et tu Booman…?

    Booman just put up a post where he too has shifted from his earlier support of the president’s calm style to now wanting him to bark at Repugs. Notice the title is very telling:

    Not Really An Excuse Anymore
    by BooMan
    Sun Dec 12th, 2010 at 04:56:58 PM EST
    I don’t think the president should morph into “an angry black man” but I do think he needs to start calling the Republicans on their bullshit and showing some scorn…. He can’t afford to look like he’s getting rolled by a bunch of yahoos. And that’s an impression he has been giving in recent weeks. Impressions do matter in politics….

    ……His deportment has sucked recently and needs improvement. He needs to start taking the people’s side against powerful interests in some high visibility fights. He might even win for losing once or twice. I know Obama doesn’t like to lose, but it doesn’t look like you’re fighting when all your victories are quietly assured behind closed doors.
    We need more fight and fewer deals…. I say it because the president needs to repair his tarnished image with his base and win back some hearts. He’ll need that good will for his reelection campaign.


    Sigh. Some folks want their John Wayne,and they want him NOW.

    One commenter said he needs to win back White progressives. These liberals want some Pyrrhic victories, as if we are sitting at the ringside at some WWF match. This is all “TRANSFERENCE”.

  96. Thank you so much for this site/blog. Your photos are amazing and together we will have our President’s back!

  97. All I have to say to Booman and everybody else is LET PRESIDENT OBAMA BE PRESIDENT OBAMA. Sorry i didn’t mean to yell. I just get fed up with the people trying to script his every move.

  98. Is this finishing school? He says “His deportment has sucked recently and needs improvement”, as though the President is his little performing pet. These people have nothing to lose. That’s why they can gamble with people’s lives. They stand for nothing.

  99. Yep, I guess Pres. Obama needs to do some book balancing on his head to straiten up his gait or something. Sheesh!

  100. Thanks for your clarifying points 1,2&3, BWD. It’s to have that communication, and I support you all the way. I’m impressed, actually, with your stand on keeping $ out of the blog and on comment moderation – very well said!

    Also, as one who has complained (vociferously sometimes) about the pain of white-on-black typography, I’m really glad this has been noticed. If I can offer from my experience as a blogger (although I use Blogspot so I’m not that familar with WordPress) I know it’s quite feasible to change your blog’s template in midstream. Software companies are smart that way 🙂 I’ve done it 3 or 4 times with my blog, and while it requires some attention to detail, it’s not rocket science. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with 🙂

  101. Great links bwd. Loved zak kicking the nutz of glenda and cole calling out teh progressives (from a comment here).

    Cole’s best line

    “So what do the members of the dickhead colony do?

    Loudly scream “F**k you for feeling that way and f**k you for calling me racist and f**k Obama for being such a weak p***y.” And it is the same five to ten a**holes in every single thread. It is getting to the point that reading the comments here is just no fun. I may have to install Cleek’s pie filter to read my own damned blog.”.

  102. What’s funny about pundits on the internet ACD is that so many of them decry the conventional wisdom inside the beltway, yet they have created their very own beltway and their own conventional wisdom.

  103. I think the president has taken the people’s side in negotiating the tax compromise. Surprised that Booman fails to see this. He has generally been good in the past.

  104. Booman wasn’t too bad. I’d hate to think he’s joining the frustrati to increase traffic. If he is, however, he’s behind the curve – witness how our loose association of sites has exploded in number and hits these last two weeks.

    Hope you had a good weekend BEPKP. I’ve got a full week coming up. Will be in touch! But we did decide to get away for a few days at the end of Dec, before things go weird.

    Back to business, though. I was just praising BWD to my husband – how does she do it? Talk about “spine straight as a ramrod.” *

    what’s a “ramrod”?

  105. Hi overseasgranny. I just wanted to share a neat story with you. As you probably know, your avatar is a reduction of Shepard Fairey’s iconic work. We had the opportunity to meet him at a museum in Boston last year, which was exhibiting his work. Really nice guy!

  106. Once again thanks BWD for a wonderful post! I will send a donation to OFA in your honor. It is so wonderful to read information that is factional and not spun! Thanks again for all your work for all of us!

  107. dotster, if you go back to your WordPress profile, you can enter “dotster” in the field for “Display name publicly as”.

    To get to your profile, go to

    If you’re already logged in, at the very top of the page there will be a button labeled “My Account”. Click on it and it will take you to your profile.

    If you’re not logged in, at the very top there will be a place to type in your username (“dotster3”) and password to log in. This will take you to your dashboard; click the “Profile” button on the left to get to your profile.

    Once at the profile screen, you don’t have to enter anything in the other fields, just the one for “Display name publicly as”. Then click “Update Profile”.

    I think this should work.

  108. Hello BWD blog family! I trust everyone’s Lord’s Day (everyday is the Lord’s Day) 🙂 was a Blessed one. I 2nd your like, BWD. I like Fareed Zakaria too. He is so nice to everyone he interviews. He is very intelligent. I don’t watch CNN but on Sunday’s before Church I make it a point to watch him.

  109. “deportment indeed”!
    I find these barbs to have a racist content that bothers me. Either he is a little boy who is mis-behaving, a juvenile deliquent, or an effeminate, weak, spineless, etc. I cannot help but feel the racism seeping through.

  110. Hey! That was my sig line at that other place. 🙂

    “Let President Obama be President Obama.”

    I meant it in two ways.

    First, it means let him be the kind of President that he is, not some fantasy President that pugnacious progressives crave. He knows what his strengths and weaknesses are, and he should play to his strengths. Doing anything else is a losing game. Snarky belligerence may work for some (actually, it rarely “works;” see Alan Grayson), but if it’s not something he excels at, he shouldn’t try to do it.

    Second, it also means let him be The President. He’s not just Mr. Obama, or even Senator Obama, but President Obama. Give him the respect that comes with the office and the authority to make decisions that only a President can make. He is the one in the Oval Office, and he is the one who will be credited or blamed with what happens while he sits in that chair. He is the one with access to all the best information we have, and he is the one Americans elected to make the difficult judgments that need to be made.

    Let President Obama be President Obama!

  111. They all see how hard this job is, and how rabid the media and the corporate minions are right now. It takes a strong person to take this job and do it well (i.e. President Obama), or a crazy one to seek it for power only without having the gravitas to do it right (i.e. Palin).

  112. Ron Paul to head Finance Committee in the House. He once vowed to shut down the Fed, and has his sights on ripping the place open. Not sure what to think about this. I’m not a Ron Paul fan – he’s not realistic, in my opinion, and too extreme. I think the Fed needs some exposure to sunlight, but I just think Ron Paul is too reckless to do this right, and may end up doing more harm than good to this economy. Thoughts?

  113. bwd, as long as you’re thinking of site changes, I suggest Cole’s BJ format. Sequential posts with reply option and with back links to the OP you’re replying to. The present format makes it harder to follow the latest replies. My $ 0.02.

  114. People are talking about how President Obama’s popularity is tanking.

    His appearance on the December 8th edition of Mythbusters garnered more than 2 million viewers, making it the most-watched cable show in its time period among men. It was an extraordinary number of viewers for Mythbusters.

    Huh. How’s that possible if the president is now a pariah, as so many in the media are saying?

  115. Ron Paul has “some” legitimate criticisms on the Fed, on foreign policy. But he always goes too far. He’s an ideolog. One of the biggest purists you’ve ever seen. Like all ideologs, he’s not a good listener and is rarely able to see things from the other’s point of view.

    I think there will be some tensions within the comity.

  116. I usually read John’s blog daily. I lurked today and he had a real flame war over that article. It was sad to watch. He came into comments & tried to reason & explain. The more he tried; the more obstinate they got. I feel sorry for him because the attitudes/tone of some of the Commenters truly bother him. It only seems to encourage them. It’s just sad but he just keeps trying…Good on Him.

  117. Jeezzzz…. the media won’t let it go. They’ll hammer this over and over and over again. It’s legitimate to think that President Obama took a bit of a hit last week because some democrats are not happy. However, you can count on the media to amplify the problem.

  118. Welcome back BWD. I was at Bloomberg looking at the good poll for the president and saw an update on Amb. Richard Holbrooke, AFPAK. Quite sad as he had to have 7 more hours of heart surgery today after the 21hr surgery that began Friday afternoon after his collapse. The Drs. said it would be several days before they would know his actual prognosis. Adm. Mullen & Secy Clinton have visited his family and the president has called his wife. It just sounds so perilous. Good Wishes & prayers to them.

    Good wishes to all of you too.

  119. The export/trade meeting that happened a week ago was actually quite an important meeting. The video is over two hours long, but offers really excellent insight into how trade will benefit the US economy. I recommend watching the video, at least the part that the President sat in on, which starts at abou the 1:18:00 mark. So smart, and so informative. Here’s the link:

    The 60 Minutes propaganda piece was also worth watching. Not just for the Boehner crying fits, which were entertaining. But also for the piece on Brazil. I’m not yet convinced that Brazil is the “superpower” that they are saying it is, but it’s interesting that the billionaire they interviewed said “wake up, America”. This is effectively what the President said in his speech in North Carolina; that there are other countries that are catching up to the US, and will soon overtake if people don’t get their priorities right. I definitely recommend viewing that North Carolina speech -it was full of insight. Here’s the link again (I think I posted this earlier):

  120. I’m not sure about the snide comments from the administration about liberals, are you referring to the President’s news conference? If so I watched it too and heard him make reference to the Republican’s intransigence numerous times.

    I know three families relying on unemployment who are very relieved that the President negotiated a 13 month extension, this was a matter they wanted settled. Why? Because depending on unemployment is already stressful enough without having to hold your breath every three months wondering if you will get an extension and be able to pay your bills and feed your kids. And speaking of slippery slopes and core principles, maybe members of Congress who didn’t want to touch this issue with a ten foot pole before this compromise was struck should be asked what their core principles are.

  121. Like clockwork, Booman of all people is doubling down on the “weak” meme, and saying that wins are not as important as “fighting”.

    I have spilled considerable cyber ink on his site responding vociferously to the posts and comments in his blog today and I cannot believe people like Booman too are falling hook line and sinker for this orchestrated okie dokie like a lemming. Sad.

  122. No Lord for me, but happy greetings nevertheless:-) I do remember Zakaria was one of the voices drumming us to the Iraq war. And I did not see him apologizing like Andrew Sullivan did. That leaves Zakaria somewhat tainted in my view.

  123. Boehner’s crying…I am reminded about two times in my life when I was crying uncontrollably. The first was postpartum depression after the birth of my child, and I don’t think Boehner can go with that excuse. The second was when I had sinus surgery and the surgeon gave me cocaine as part of the sedation; I started crying a few minutes later and just could not stop. Not that I am saying that might be his problem, but maybe some sort of med problem. If not that, it almost has to be a mental health problem. Or he has been dipping into Beck’s Vick’s.

  124. Was he one of the guys who was bitching when President Obama was out campaigning so hard in October that he should go back to the White House and govern the country? It just kills me how the critics say Obama hasn’t had a consistent message and that he hasn’t told the country what he wants to do.

    The only thing the president hasn’t done a good job of is tooting his own horn and making sure everyone knows exactly how much he already has accomplished. Of course, it would be nice if a few Democrats who are so quick to get themselves on every tv program around were as quick to toot the president’s horn too.

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