Sunday Mishmash

Hi everyone,

First, couple of Off topics:

1. I could not love you more or be more grateful and touched by your kindness and generosity, but at least for the near future, and for as long I can, I will not involve money in this blog.

This place is for all of us, and it’s only one link in a growing chain of sites and blogs filled with people who got tired of the negativity, of the constant opposition to any progress, of using right-wing talking points as a base for left-wing attacks on a liberal president, and of the racism and vilification of a truly great man. 

When and if I’ll ever find myself in a need for financial help – I’ll let you know, you can be sure about that. 😉 But for now, just save the money for president Obama’s re-election campaign… Again, thank you so very much.


2. Now that I have a little more time, I will try to address some technical problems – like people not getting e-mail notifications, and see what I can do to reduce the misery of those who suffer from the white-on-black combination.


3. I’ve seen a few comments dealing with the length of criticism of the president that is allowed here. Let me be very clear – To steal from Mr. Obama – There isn’t and won’t be censorship of criticism as long as its based on facts and not lies, spins, selective memory or what Keith Olbermann said we should think. I will not accept any form of disrespect towards this president. I will not tolerate aggressive language and definitely will not allow personal attacks and flame baits. Also, I will not add any ‘rec’, ‘tip’ or ‘like’ buttons – all comments are equal in my eyes…

I hope we can keep the positive, productive, Obama-like atmosphere that we’ve got here now.




Now some weekend stuff  (a lot of it came from the comments section, which is just awesome. That’s the best way to spread the truth):


1. President Obama’s goal to double US export over the next 5 years begins to look achievable:

Trade deficit decreased much more than expected in October

U.S. Exports Rise 17 Percent in First Ten Months of 2010, on Track to Double in Five Years


2. Don’t tell anyone, but the president is actually making money for the American people:


3.  More about that really bad deal the “Negotiator in Chief” brought for the middle class and the unemployed (Did you notice that we hear from Mr. Weiner mostly when there’s something to whine about, preferably against the president? It sure does bring him a lot of TV appearances). Anyway, the graph present the entire horror:


The breakdown:

53.1% Middle Class AMT (OBAMA)

3.3% Expensing Provision (OBAMA)

4.2% Tax credits for working families (OBAMA)

6.2% Unemployment Insurance (OBAMA)

6.6% Regular tax extenders such as R&D credit 

13.5% High-Income tax cuts and Lincoln-Kyl estate tax(GOP to the top 2%)

13.2% Payroll tax holiday (OBAMA)

(Thanks to dearmrpress)


4. Nope, still not doomed. But hey, still enough time for Russ Feingold (You know, the “true progressive” who begged the WH not to force a vote on the tax deal BEFORE the election) to primary the president.

Bloomberg poll: Obama’s favorability at 52%


4. A bunch of good stuff to read:

Colbert King:  Memo to the left: Hands off Obama

Ishmael Reed: What Progressives Don’t Understand About Obama

David Brooks: Obama’s very good week

John Cole: Why does Andrew Sullivan hate gay people (hee, not really, it’s just a follow-up, but a very good one)

Clinton was always selling himself.  Obama seems always to be selling reality


I like Fareed Zakaria very much.