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Hi guys

Still on the road – I’m actually at the airport right now – but i had to just check in to say Hi, to read some quite nasty comments by people who apparently can’t live without chasing me, to point that it’s truly a very sad day when even Charles Krauthammer looks smarter than the left, and to upload this sample from Pete Souza new brilliant delivery:

Please go give Pete (and the other WH photographers) some love:

November 2010

Have a super weekend, guys. Next week I’m back in full force.

Love you.


208 thoughts on “The non-mishmash mishmash

  1. Why are people just plain nasty? I don’t know. But please know that this little corner of the blogosphere is much appreciated, both for the information you put together and the general feeling of respect and thoughtful reflection. It does make a difference.

  2. This is a wonderful picture that speaks volumes about our President. Notice all of the entuhusiasm and admiration in the faces? Notice all of the arms wraped around the President? Notice how he embraces as many as he can? Wow. What a photo!

  3. Wow that’s such a sad, pathetic commentary on those so called “Progressives” that seem to be acting like full fledged tea partiers who stoop to harassing you BWD!!!

    Remember you are a million times better than they could ever hope to be!! The funny thing? They’re going to poutrage and stew in their negativity and anger, and we just laugh and continue to enjoy you daily postings!!! 🙂

    Peace and safe travels home!!

  4. More Camus, which describes the mentality of those hounding you. It’s from his play, “The Just Assassins”, and is spoken by the strict ideologue, Stepan, after his co-conspirator refuses to throw a bomb at a Russian duke because the duke’s children are sitting next to him.

    “There you go, always talking about children!… Not until the day comes when we stop worrying about children, will the revolution triumph and we be masters of the world… Nothing that serves our cause should be ruled out… There are no limits.”

    Kind of applies to both fringes.

    Hang in there and stay strong.

  5. Hey, bwd, don’t let those miserable losers get you down. Although I must say that I’m glad you read that crap and moderate to keep that negativity and idiocy off of this wonderful website.

    Thanks for all you’re doing! Your efforts are greatly appreciated by many. Take care and I can’t wait for next week when you’re back in full force!!

  6. BWD – pay the hateful stalkers no attention. The delete key is your friend, use it liberally 😉 Unless, of course, someone threatens harm, then contact your local police and the FBI.

    Thank you for your empathy and effort.

  7. Hee, it’s all good. They can’t hurt me anymore. At this point I find it hilarious and I actually feel sad for them – this is what they’ve become. Thanks, mate.

  8. Thanks BWD for all of the positive and thoughtful things you make this site for those who wish to enjoy something good in life. Yes, our president just keeps spreading his arms wide with so much love for the people. Thanks for the photo. Keep thinking good thoughts. We love you for this site.

  9. Yep,
    Pay no attention to the haters. You are doing a great thing balancing the hatred in the blogospheres. A lot of people have lost perspectives. This might make them jolt their memory when they had causes to fight for rather than against a president that has done more for progressive causes in this country the last 30 years than anyone.

  10. Probably would be better if the system here required email verification. As it seems to work now, anybody could just make up a fake email for fill the required field to launch an attack.

  11. BWD, thanks for putting up this site. One often feels isolated. The Tea Partiers on the Right and the so-called Progressives on the Left have very little tolerance for anyone who disagrees with their viewpoint. Who would really want either group in charge of anything important?

    Krugman is no fan of Obama, yet he finds good in the proposed tax deal. Andrew Sullivan and now Krauthammer note what Obama got from the GOP.

    Do the so-called “Progressives” really believe that the GOP controlled House is gong to do anything these “Progressives” desire?

    During the health care debate, the so-called “Progressives” would prefer that the uninsured remain uninsured to prove a point.
    Now they would blow up some relief for the middle class because the bill is not “pure” enough.

    We are trapped between nitwits on the Right and nitwits on the so-called Left. The Tea Party yelled about death panels. Jan Brewer is now handing out death sentences by rejecting transplants in Arizona. “Progressives” will watch as the GOP in the next Congress puts the screws to the middle class if no bill passes now.

  12. I was reading Sullivan today, looking over old entries and one stuck out to me. It was about President Obama cutting this deal now because it was the one issue that united all factions of the GOP, and Boehner making it his first issue could have shown a united strength and built up certain esprit du corps that could have then kept them united as they moved on to other issues.

    By getting this out of the way now what does Boehner choose to be his first issue that will please his whole caucus?

  13. Given the new Senate will be down to 53 Dems, with many of those being Conservadems, will the GOP only have to pull four to pass legislation they offer or can Dems turn and force a cloture vote?

    Since Dems have the majority can they force a cloture, or is that only the tool of the minority?

    Because I can see Landrieu, Nelson, Manchin and Webb siding with the GOP a lot of the time in the next congress. Lieberman and McCaskill will pick their spots as well.

  14. I’m a long time lurker att dkos, with no real interest in adding my voice to the cacaphony…but I just had to break my silence to say..thank you…thank you..thank you

  15. Thank you BWD for spreading the love. Now we just have to find a way to welcome the progressives who are now whining and complaining back to the circle. I believe in liberalism and progressivism and I remember the words of FDR who said–and I’m paraphrasing here because I can’t recall the exact quote–“I am that kind of liberal, because I am that kind of conservative” as he explained his social programs to those who thought he was trying to make this country like Russia. We have to find a way to bring everyone into the circle so we can get things done!

    I love the way the President shows his intelligence, his maturity and his caring. And he puts it right out there. And I wonder, is anyone listening? Does anyone else hear what he’s saying?

    I think I admire him most for his courage. I don’t know how he goes out every day and smiles and gets stuff done with the raging negativity on both sides. I am in awe. The things I could do if I had half of his courage.

  16. I, for one, am really happy to be able to show up here and feel better about things when I leave. *S*

    Thx again, BWD. I was always too afraid to post over at the other place. And I had a really low user ID too.

  17. I seem to get more from these comments because people aren’t trying to defeat other bloggers for status. This is a calmer place for me. I am comfortable here. Thanks BWD. Hope you aren’t reading lots of awful messages from angry people who want to post here. If so, I hope they go away.

  18. Anyone can force cloture – You’re right about our rather long list of slippery Dems so perhaps we should not be pushing for filibuster reform . .

  19. They know it’s a good deal, if course they do. But at this point it doesn’t matter. This 100% emotions. Not an ounce of logic. The problem is that their clueless gurus just keep adding fuel and none of the
    stop for a second to think for themselves.

  20. Travel safely BWD. I’m enjoying watching our prez play chess while the Congress plays checkers. You can tell the prez loves to compete. The House is enraged & Rep Clyburn was on the Tom Joyner Radio Show to tell their side. He’s a really nice man. At the same time, the prez was on NPR. After that he called in to Joyner’s show, got an endorsement from AARP for the plan, and then rolled out Prez Clinton this afternoon to endorse. The Senate has more or less accepted it and the House is now saying they may change it. Looks like Reality time! What’s odd is the House is absolutely positive he was calling them out, the Prog Left is certain he was calling them out, & of course the Netroots are certain it was them. He said “my friends on the Left” so I guess if the shoe fits……….:)

  21. I love this comment. I keep saying that Obama is playing chess while the others checkers. He has a long term vision. He has and will make mistakes but he has the good of the people of this country in mind.

    Have a safe trip BWD I love your new place

  22. That’s the problem with all outrage all the time. It shuts down critical thinking and revs up fear and anxiety. When you stoke people’s fears they react with their lower brain functions not the upper functions. They lose their ability to even listen to another opinion. It is the tactic or right wing radio and Fox News. And now apparently it is also the tactic of the “true progressives”. I bet if the non diary writers over at Kos were to take a 1 week break from reading or commenting over there, they would begin to see the world in a whole new way and realize they are being played. But as long as they stayed tuned in to the nonstop fear mongering, they will continue to react emotionally.

  23. On my way back to work today, I was listening to Randi Rhodes. She was talking to someone else, I don’t know who, but they were in agreement about the President’s actions of late. They said that what he is doing now…is called governing.They said that we haven’t had someone governing in such a long time that we just don’t know what to make of it.I thought that was pretty much right on target.Governing. What a novel idea:) He’s got them all befuddled…I love my President.

  24. Glad to hear that from Randi. I don’t have any liberal radio in my area anymore after the DC station changed hands. Someone mentioned Stephanie Miller’s show the other day but I couldn’t tell from the comment how Stephanie saw things. Not that I have to be influenced by her or anyone else on talk radio, I just used to enjoy the Stephanie Miller show when it was on locally.

  25. Isn’t rhodes progressives’ dahling ? Wonder how long before she is thrown under the proverbial bus.

  26. Hi BWD

    I wish there were a way we could filter out those emails for you. Change your email address to a fake one, something… those creeps are pathetic. But they leave their “footprints” if you ever need to report them. Safe travels. “Our” side is growing. Their hate mail will be like fingers in a dike as time goes on.

  27. I read over at The Obama Diary that this picture was taken when Obama stopped his motorcade because he saw the children and wanted to take some time to say hello.


    Safe travels BWD.

  28. Sorry you can’t find any liberal stations to listen to:( I listen to Stephanie in the morning…she LOVES the President, and seems to support him now with this tax issue, even though we all hate the oodles of bonus bucks for the people that don’t need it. I like Stephanie…she calls it like she sees it, but with humor. We could ALL use a little more humor…because otherwise we’d cry all the time. Some ugly stuff out there.

  29. I guess I haven’t been reading the comments all that carefully, BWD — people are trashing you here? I suppose that being on the road means you can’t moderate the comments as well as you’d like, but for heaven’s sake, there are plenty of president-bashing sites out there, why do they need to come here?

    And why is it that extremists of every stripe (both democrat and republican) feel the need to stridently impose their opinions anywhere and everywhere? That trait annoys the daylights out of me.

    In the meantime, it’s better to channel the annoyance into writing to my New Jersey senators and representative and urge them to support this bill. We need to get this passed tout suite.

  30. One of the many things I admire about our president. He will always take the time to spend with children. And they just love him.

    Children know good people when they meet them, when they’re at an age when they’re not chock-full of outer-world stimuli. They still have instincts.

    And one of the greatest pleasures of your photo diaries are the pictures of our First Family with children. They really connect.

  31. I was just thinking the other day that there are 3 kinds of photos of Obama that speak volumes to me:

    1. With his children
    2. With other children
    3. With Joe Biden

    That third one is not about Biden being childish (lol). Its about how much they seem to connect, how much Biden seems to admire him, and how much they seem to enjoy one another.

    Biden is an old political hand. But he seems to have new life in his face since becoming VP.

  32. I posted some over there but I always felt somewhat inhibited by the whole “recommend” thing, the sharp responses so many like to make, and the unending one-upping. I’m so glad that alternate forums are popping up that are so much more comfortable for many of us.

  33. I am so proud of our president, especially this week. He managed to garner a bill, the majority of which helps working families, even while having to swallow the tax cuts for the rich.

    He’ll be able to make a great deal of political hay out of this, winning back independents (have you seen the Politico polls today — first time I’ve ever seen them support the president in any way), positioning himself for another term (please!), while doing exactly what he said he’d do in his campaign — fight hard for the American people.

    I so admired his press conference, wherein he solidified, again and again, his position that his responsibility is to the American people. (How long has it been since we had a president whose first priority that was?)

    And while he was getting a lot of good stuff for working and unemployed Americans, he’s also wisely positioned the Republicans as being the “millionaire tax cut people,” all while forging a genuinely bipartisan bill.

    And, if that weren’t smart enough, he’s also managed to create a powerful second stimulus, which we desperately need, but which wouldn’t have gotten any traction at all had it been labeled a stimulus bill.

    President Obama thinks in the long-term, and he always seems to be about ten steps ahead of everyone else, while the media is about ten steps behind.

    While the mainstream press and the politically-entrenched screeds pillory him daily, he generally gets most of what he wants — while ignoring the noise machine and plowing ahead for the good of the country.

    I just wish that people would give him the respect that he deserves. This, more than anything, drives me nuts. This man, more than any president in my lifetime, deserves our respect, yet so many treat him as some kind of governmental janitor, or worse.

    This saddens and angers me. We as a country, probably don’t deserve him, but I’m grateful every day that we have him.

    And I will continue to support him. Quite vigorously.

  34. That’s what I used to ask them over on GOS. Plenty of diaries there to bash the President. Why deliberately mess up BWD’s?

    They do it because she’s a threat to them. She proves every day that this President is loved in this country, and that destroys their preferred narrative.

    And they’re cold-hearted ideological bullies.

  35. Randi Rhodes has been fiercely supporting Obama from the start, all the way back to the primaries. She is a tiger.

    She’d probably love this site. And she can take care of the bullies, too.

  36. I love your chess/checkers analogy. And the president sure does like to compete — he just got stitches in his lip over a particularly challenging basketball game.

    This is what I like in a president, and I especially like President Obama. He’s feisty, and he’s smart, and he knows how to pick his battles. Notice how, despite all the noise and the sturm und drang, he generally wins his battles.

  37. Me too. I used to read DK, but posting anything or responding to anything was just too intimidating. I’m not fond of human flame-throwers.

    Besides, there were so many rules about the strict conformities of diaries, and all the HRs and EIEIOs in posting that I could never figure out how any of it worked, though it seemed extremely restrictive and fairly arbitrary.

    So. Too much to try and remember after a long work day, so I’d just read and hold my tongue, so to speak.

    But I’m done over there. There’s not nearly as much racism (thank heaven), but for political purity, DK is no longer that much different than FreeRepublic (except for the demographic, and the freaky Kenyan usurper racism).

    Sad, but true. What once was a relatively engaging, certainly opinionated, but generally positive site has turned poisonous.

    No good can ever come of poison. I choose positivity and the optimism that comes from at least trying to make a difference, in the real-world sort of way, not HRing everything in sight. (HR is hide-rate — and it means something bad, yes?_

  38. As someone said over on another site today, they are out for revenge, and nothing more. They don’t care about governing, or the middle class, or the poor. They just want revenge to be heaped on the Republicans.

    They want the Republicans publicly defeated and humiliated on all counts. There are no excuses for not achieving that goal.

    But of course, a president has to govern, and the way you govern is not to bash the other side, but to try and work with them. To the frustrati, of course, any hint of working with them is a betrayal, and a betrayal of them specifically (they are the ones who suffered most under Bush, you see).

    So they howl. On the People’s View today, somebody said that GOS is like a psyche ward during a meds drought.

    Oh, and plenty of them really are quite actually nuts, too.

  39. How sure is this deal negotiated deal to pass? GOP seem to be waking up to the fact that Obama played them and I’m beginning to worry that the GOP will use the House Dems in order to get out of the bad deal they agreed to.

    House Dems try to change any little thing to try and say “see we changed it, so now we can vote for it – we matter” will give the GOP the out they need to go against it.

  40. I really enjoy the pics of people interacting with Obama. They are always enganged and alive. I remember the shots of Bush with foreign leaders, and they scowled, even faced away from him. Obama is a gem.

    We can let him know here, he needs some love:

    The pics that I really enjoy right now are the ones of him working. After the election, with Obama over seas, I felt disconnected with him at parties while we were morning our losses. Ever since then, I crave the pics of him with leaders, in discussion, leading the country. I’m listening to ever speech.

    It’s amazing how much information is available about what he’s done and what he’s doing, and how ignored it is, even by the left that should do a better job accessing and understanding it.

  41. It is changing. I saw a comment today from someone today saying they weren’t going to attack Obama anymore. I have lots of friends on Facebook who support Obama. And, I’ve found lots of articles.

    Love the links here. Thanks BWD!

  42. The only thing I miss about GOS is being able to go down the comments and rec all you guys!

    I’m grateful for this community. Thanks for bringing it together, BWD, it’s so much better here with the focus on the purpose, I’m glad you are monitoring it.

  43. Good to hear that, thanks desertflower 🙂 Blogs and chats with friends are one way of reminding people that there’s been some governing going on, despite all the desperate spotlight grabbing of the frustrati. But there still also something valuable in having this view amplified–especially since it is in contrast to so much of the smug, idea-free pontificating of the gold-plated pundits on MSNBC, the NYT and the orangey, firey blogs.

  44. Hi Kiku, indeed, we just have to make up for the lack of ratings with comments expressing appreciation. It distressing me that BWD has to read troll comments, but I am so glad that they are filtered and not posted on this space.

    Thank you and have a beautiful Friday to the Only Adult In The Room family. A community formed in record speed, and what a positive space this is.

  45. In re sanderthon

    Good topic, bad timing. Where was he since 2008 when he had the proverbial friggin’ bully pulpit.

    As for dkos’s current dahling, saint mary, Really ? Really, really ?

  46. I’ve been having a major problem adjusting to GOS “going rogue”. (Yes, the analogy was intended.)

    I’ve had a UID for 6+ years. I went there initially because I love debating and arguing. I’m not into “personalities” nor easily- identifiable mindsets, nor grudges. I have been a serious debater since my Freshman year of HS and all through college.

    I love debating policy. But not ideology disguised as “policy”. I love people who “think outside of the box”. I realize the only successful change is evolutionary change.

    Parenthetically, I must admit that through most of my teens and 20s I was definitely a “purist” ideologue … my naivete charms and perplexes me still.

    But my background explains why I loved GOS for most of those 6-7 years: one could really debate, and as long as you didn’t attack someone personally, you could in general have a lively, if testy, discussion without name-calling, “hide rating”, and dismissiveness.

    But GOS is no longer a place where debate is possible. It is ugly and hyper-partisan … and I think the label “hyper-partisan” is kind. I must admit I still “needle” there but far more blithely and politely than I ever consistently did in the past.

    I have a feeling that the current crop of “progressive fundies” on GOS will not survive long-term there. But, in the meantime, I really want another site to engage with lively debate. GOS is intellectually a powder keg of a certain kind of fundamentalism.

    Although I find refuge here, this is not the site I am looking for for lively, but respectful debate. I don’t want it to be. I want this to be my zen moment of the day.

    So what sites are there that allow the debater room? Balloon Juice? A possible option. Yes there is some incivility, but far less than GOS. Where else?

  47. you could try The People’s View. Pretty good space for debate. I did hear Balloon Juice is good, but i’ve never posted there.

  48. That’s the only upside I see to the uproar from Dems. If Republicans see us going nuts, they’ll think they got the good end of the deal and they won’t fight it so much.

  49. Here’s my issue BWD. I am an African American and has a pulse in my community which includes access to a local radio show for AA’s. I have sat through quite a few poor President’s and AA’s have been quite loyal. Many do not understand the hatred te left has shown to the President, as he has done or tried to do EVERYTHING he said he would do. The left is really coming pretty close to losing AA’s in this confussion. They will b the cause of Republican rule for a generation. That is tough. What can we do to stop this? I’m sorry, but the President is doing some great things and I just cant explain the left’s reaction other than stating the obvious.

  50. Next week can’t come quick enough for me, because the more this deal hangs in the air before being voted on the more likely the Republicans will wake up to fact that President Obama took them to the cleaners. Charles Krauthammer is fuming over the deal which should tell you all you need to know.

  51. Haters gonna hate, I guess.

    The way I look at is like this – three great new sites have sprung up in the wake of the debacle that has become GOS: Blue Wave News, The People’s View, and our own BWD’s site. And for me, these sites get back to what the blogosphere was supposed to be about – everyday kind of folks creating a forum for people to come together, discuss, and share. So much of the lefty blogosphere has devolved into sustaining the pundit status of certain personalities.

    Safe and happy travels, BWD!

  52. You can listen to Randi Rhodes and Stephanie online on – in the west coast, Stephanie is on from 6-9am (Wednesday are best because Hal Sparks shares the time with her and he always brings great info), and Randi is on from 12-3pm(Pacific time). They were both outstanding this week.

  53. It was inevitable that radicals on both sides would hate Obama, a President who insists on treating radicals on both sides as just any other American. Fortunately about 60-70% of the population in the middle is sane and can generally make a distinction between fairness and favoritism. By definition, this silent majority doesn’t make much of a splash on the big wired-together soapbox called the Internet but that doesn’t mean its rule is no longer absolute. As we wait 2 years for that fact to be crammed into the maw of the radicals, we should look forward to the President working together with Republicans because the alternative is that nothing gets done.

  54. They don’t care about what AA’s think. They don’t do any outreach to the AA community. They don’t come our way. They don’t care. Every time its been brought up, they dismiss and joke about it. The only times I’ve seen the left concerned about AA’s is when they want to use them to attack Obama. Prime example: Velma Hart.

  55. balloon juice has its GOS moments. The FPers are worth reading, but the comment threads lately remind me a lot of GOS. The same people making the same argument having the same feuds with the same people. Name calling, etc. The best debates are only between the front pagers, in my opinion. Its not toxic like DKOS, however.

    I think the most repsectful discussions happen at Ta-Nehesi Coates’blog, but he doesn’t do all politics.

    Kevin Drum also has good discussions but not a lot of participants so its kept short.

  56. I have to agree with you that this is not the time to change the filibuster rules for we are about to enter a bad two years with the publicans. Time for a bit of tit for tat.

  57. You just keep pushing… and pushing… what you know is right.

    Don’t let your voice be shut out.

    There will always be criticism from one side or another, but that shouldn’t stop local activism from moving forward.

  58. Yah – I’d hate to have to read through the hate!! Like no one else has better things to do???!!

    And I never could understand why some people are so bent on picking on those with opposing views. It’s one thing when you’re taking a specific issue, outlining and then open for debate – but BWD was simply putting up all the good the President has done.

    ugh. I do go over there for the community diaries… and sometimes allow myself to get sucked in to reading other stuff. There are still some who are attempting to back the President in other ways – and they get ridiculed and bullied, too.

  59. Yes – I agree!! I think that’s why many are just silent on this. They’re watching the Dems self-destruct at this point!

  60. I think that the President has what many said that Prez Clinton has – a type of charisma that really just draws. It’s funny, I know people who had the opportunity to meet Prez Clinton through their job – they were never really big fans of his (although they are Democrats), but when they met him in person, they all said that he really has this way to connect. He looks at you straight in the eye when he speaks with you. He makes you feel like you are the most important person in that room. I think that President Obama has that same sort of character – because people mean something to him, and they’re not just tools to get him into office.

  61. So true… they really are missing the forest for the trees!!! I can’t abide this type of behavior – it just breeds more negativity. And worst, they are just cheering each other on. 😦 Which makes things worst. I hate seeing how there is still some attempt to reason things out with diaries taking a different angle in backing the President, but then they jump all over those. gah. Thankfully, there are still _some_ reasonable people – but I think eventually they will leave, too. I’ve seen way too many good people leave because they tried to focus on the positive and were bullied away. Wish I knew where they went!

  62. Kos is changing their format in a few days. I wonder what that will do to either help discussion or make it worse?

  63. qmasteroo: i agree and believe much of the rejection of the prez by some on the very left is, at its root, caused by race-prejudice

    also think a lot of the haters are young men who have no experience of history and indoctrinated by violence in the media, they go off on the net, where there’s no real danger

    my prescient mate years ago told me that the blacks becoming mainstream will be the key to the survival of our society

    i hope this is the last gasp of those who see fellow humans as others

  64. another good thing to come out of this latest development is that the regular voter, dem or indie,who has always distrusted the left left, will like the prez even more now

    it wouldn’t hurt him a bit for them to keep this up until the 2012 election

  65. (Is there some reason my comments aren’t showing up? This one doesn’t need to be posted if there’s a way to answer privately – email or ? Thanks, BWD!)

  66. so glad to learn the prez is going to the people, as it was my impression that the msm wouldn’t give him air

    but calling in on their shows is brilliant

  67. to GoBrook’s point, Shultz tried to get Sheila Jackson Lee(sp?)to trash the President yesterday and she did just the opposite while citing the problems that the President, and all of have already said we have with the deal. Having spent a life making deals to better the life of the poor, The President learned a long time ago, that these deals are give and take and almost never perfect. She(SJL) seems to think that in the end CBC will stand with the President and kind of left the crazy man speechless as he went to a commercial and I changed the channel.If ya’ll saw it, I imagine you smiled like I did.

    The fact that the people who refer to themselves as Kossacks go to the trouble of trying to post nasty stuff here that they know wont be posted but will be read by BWD, highlights the hate these people have in them . Maybe it’s just not fun for them over there any longer, trashing the President knowing most of the people they enjoyed calling Obamabots or worse have pulled up stake in search of a blog with sane,realistic Democrats who always understood that if you dont have 60 votes in the Senate, you got no bill unless you can make a deal.

  68. Ok so for months I have complained that the Sunday morning talking shows lead with Republican talking points and basically the balance of commentary has always been in the Repubs favor. Now guess what the Sunday morning talking shows look like this week. You guess right if you said “Mostly Dems”. Now they get to talk about how bad this is for the President with his own Party.

    Lazy, Sloppy journalism is all we have left. They disgust me!!!

    Meet the Press: Austan Goolsbee, Michael Bloomberg, Rep. Weiner, Fmr. Rep. Harold Ford Jr., Savannah Guthrie, Paul Gigot

    Face the Nation: David Axelrod, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, Howard Dean

    This Week: David Axelrod, Salam Fayyad, Tzipi Livni, Gordon Brown

    Fox News Sunday: Reps. Ryan, Van Hollen, Justice Stephen Breyer

    State of the Union: David Axelrod, Sen. Durbin, Reps. Cummings, McDermott, Dennis Blair

  69. I’m not sure why that happens Juli because it happened to be yesterday. BWD is travelling so I doubt she will be able to answer you right away. I think it happened to me because I was trying to post a link that for some reason wouldn’t post.

  70. As another refugee from the GOS, I have also been really happy to find these three sites. I’m still at a loss to know what else anyone thinks could have got past Republican obstructionism at the moment.

    There’s a good article on the Guardian website today from Michael Tomasky:

    It struck me with some of the comments that there is confusion between two separate debates. I suspect that most people here would agree in principle with what Bernie Sanders said. But there is no conflict between agreeing with that in principle and also recognising that with the Republicans as they are, no better deal was ever possible at the moment.

  71. Let em change it, Im not going back there ever. It’ll still be the same bunch of idealists who could care less about a poor family in Dillon who now gets real healthcare instead of a trip to the ER after it’s too late. The same goes for a family depending on an unemployment check that has to live without knowing if the checks will still be there in a few weeks. I say G bless a President who isnt willing to play chicken with these poor folks as pawns for the sake of purity.

  72. There is a diary up at DK revelling in the fact that McClatchy has a new poll with Mitt Romney beating Pres Obama and the reason is that his approval on the left has plummeted.
    What is wrong with these people?

    They prefer to prove a point by opposing Pres Obama and have Pres Romney or Pres Palin.

  73. I had the same feed back from black radio here in chicago. The phone lines were hot and they were speaking of disapproval of the left. You hardly hear them come out against the dems, but not anymore. some questioned if we should continue to be a democrat.

  74. It’s clearly insane. They’re all helping to destroy the Democratic President in order to ease the way for a Romney/Rubio or a Palin/Rubio or a Whomever/Rubio, and then they will really have a bunch more stuff to be outraged about. It will be back to Square 1, with no chance of anything they are supposedly interested in moving forward. Instead we will likely see some of the most detestable legislation, all in complete opposition to the social justice interests of Democrats. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  75. I’m telling you guys; stop driving yourself crazy by consuming that unsafe media product. Because that is what dkos is: a media product which is uneven and unsafe IMO.

    Rotate between: here, weeseeyou, bluewavenews, and the peoplesview, and you’ll have a very satisfying blogging experience with many of the better (familiar) voices. DKos is now an utter distraction IMO. Who even gives a sugar honey iced tea what a poll this far out reports anyway? This is nothing but continuing duplicitous agitation for a primary. Build up alternative, more diverse, and more realistic spaces like this one, and we won’t have to worry about what is being said at the purity spots. My two cents.

  76. Which is why purity spaces deserve irrelevance. I wish people would leave them to it rather than being so invested in pushing back or balancing it out. The editorial point of view there CLEARLY favors purity politics. Why give them more money? Why give them a large audience with which to claim that they speak for us?

  77. Thanks, Donna- so this one went through – yay! I think I figured out what the problem may have been. I added a link to my Facebook page under the “Website” blank in the posting form. Don’t know why that would do it, but I took that out in posting this form – et voila ….

    Too bad, because one of my posts was longish … I’ll try again!

    (Btw, I’d love to connect w/any of you on Facebook, so feel free to look for me there – Juli Lundell Tarsney … we should have a BWD fan site there, but then someone would have to moderate it!)

  78. I’m with you on that thought! I think that the R’s will realize later that their pants are down around their ankles…Something in this national conversation seems out of kilter to me. All the venom from the left just doesn’t seem right. I don’t think it’s necessarily manufactured anger, I really think that extending these bonus cuts to the wealthy really ticked them off, but I can’t imagine that all the middle/lower income people of this country would all get thrown under the bus because of this. I think that this may be an orchestrated outrage to prove a point to the American people, and to show the stark contrast of where the loyalty’s truly lie with those elected officals. Too many things have come out into the sunshine of late regarding the true thoughts of Republicans. Voting against taking care of the 9-11 workers,immigrants with the Dream Act,voting against DADT etc. You really have got to be living under a rock not to see the differences in these parties and where their true alliances are.The President has been VERY clear that he doesn’t like these extra cuts for the rich, but I think that he knows that if this passes, it will bolster the economy enough that most people will begin to see it effect them…which is NOT happening now. Thus, we have this problem. Though many wonderful things have happened BECAUSE of the President’s actions, people aren’t feeling them yet, so we get the anger and vitriol constantly. People are afraid.I am constantly amazed at the president’s long game..he sees things far into the future that nobody else does. Not only is he the only ADULT in the room, he is the SMARTEST adult in the room, and everytime I feel a twinge of “what the heck is he doing?” I am always amazed that I never saw what HE saw coming.I’ve quit doing that now:)We need this vote to pass, and we need to move onto other important things…as President Clinton said in that press conference yesterday…this will have a psychological effect, in a good way, on the American people.We shall see. Am I off my rocker in thinking this way about the bluster about these wealthy tax cuts and the point that is being made by the Democrats? I have no idea. Time will tell…but I still believe that the majority of people don’t think about politics the way we do, they just want to feel the effects of the policies that are enacted…and so far,that hasn’t happened. One big victory, like DADT or DREAM, will put those lefties right back in the fold, and singing the President’s praises again. That’s how short sighted and shallow some people are.Not that those things aren’t extremely important, but it goes to show how easily things can turn.

  79. One of the leftie groups on Facebook – American Progressive Party, or some such, yesterday posted a link to a nasty anti-Obama editorial in the Washington Times, by some guy who fills in for Michael Savage on his show. They posted it with a comment like “What do you think?” I immediately blasted the source, and thank goodness most commenters had the same reaction. What are people thinking??

  80. Exactly right. I personally think that it’s terrific! Now if people would just think about how they are giving money to a brand of purity politics with which they don’t agree, every time they log onto GOS to argue or try to balance out ridiculous commentary, we’d be getting somewhere. Every comment “pushing back” just legitimizes bizarre statements and gives that site more money with which to disrupt progress. It’s a much better idea to continue to build up these emerging spaces instead. They claimed we couldn’t do it, but look where we are: multiple vibrant communities (I’d also include in which some of the best and brightest still have access to each other. Never before have I seen spaces this new get this popular this quickly. Great job everyone!!

  81. Also and (African American blog similar to Black Kos).

    I have found that rotating between all of these spaces produces a blog experience as satisfying as early GOS and far more satisfying than GOS in its current incarnation. I think that we have a responsibility to build these spaces up so that the lefty new media can regain its voice.

  82. I think it’s going to hurt the site. All is more complicated. Much of the success was due to the easy click and go access. Now it’s all about joining interest groups and tags and the ability to post multiple times a day about any subject. Is he trying to be Huff Post? No current diary list on front page which had slink & co. up in arms, fearing the loss of exposure. She gave a hilarious example of why it would be bad in a comment—that if someone posted a pro-Obama diary, even if they didn’t agree with it, most would not be exposed to that differing opinion. hahahahaha. I’m sure she’s really worried about peeps not being able to see a pro-Obama diary—I’d guess her concern is the exact opposite of that.

  83. You speak for me. I have no interest in giving that space money, and that’s what clicking there represents: money for them to continue to pursue politics with which I don’t agree. Much better to build up spaces with solid editorial policies.

  84. You know just ANY Democrat won’t do…they need not be the “D” behind their names, and be a CONDEM, that’s nothing more than a Republican in an off the rack suit! We need to elect and work for electing BETTER Democrats that hold to the principles of an all inclusive party that holds civil rights and equality for ALL as a priority.Don’t give up on the party, fight hard to make it a better party:)

  85. Hi kishik. I don’t go there at all because I believe that it is a media product which does not represent my best interests and that of average Americans. I’d rather help to build up these smaller blogs which have a better editorial point of view. I wish those people trying to balance out that space would join this effort instead.

    BWD seems to have a cohort of people who are incredibly angry that she has the temerity to post pictures of POTUS going about his job and good news roundups. I will never be convinced that all of these people are actually on the left!

    I hope that you’re having a great Saturday.

  86. Pat, they’ll wake up or they won’t. It’s far better to concentrate on making our voices heard rather than playing stooge to the fringe.

    As for House Dems, I really think that they are waking up to the reality of this deal, as well as the reality that people in the lefty media who say that they are speaking for the base, are really merely speaking for themselves. It’s really easy to get confused into thinking otherwise.

    I hope that you’re having a terrific Saturday.

  87. Laura, I hope that you stay de-lurked here!

    I have found that rotating between this space,,, and is a terrific blogging experience with the better voices formerly at dkos. Try it!

  88. I agree. Because is no other reason for the left to treat a fellow Democrat like they treat President Obama.

  89. To qmastertoo…Please tell me you are not serious. Blacks should not let this turn them into Repubs. Repubs are worse. The biggest racists in the country.

  90. Thanks desertflower! Just saying, the agenda is so obvious: creating manufactured crisis after manufactured crisis while trying to make the case that POTUS couldn’t beat a Republican. They want to try to build a case to primary President Obama (and are lying about it to boot). This is just so utterly fact-free and out to lunch that consuming that media product is just unhealthy at this point. Their entire purpose is to get us talking about them, and their desires. They consider it a victory that we’re talking about primaries at all, or talking about their self-serving polls at all. If we try to “balance” or argue against their concepts, that is a victory for them because we are debating on their terms.

    I say walk away. Let’s build up our voices and stop reacting to people who have (IMO hidden) agendas.

  91. Sorry you are harassed BWD. It is a shame that the stereotype of the tolerant progressive is just a myth.

  92. I agree. Don’t give up on the party. Just elect better Democrats. We have to get rid of the Blue Dogs. They are closet Repubs.

  93. Polls are good but I have my doubts with the one being used to reaffirm some people’s world view of the moment. The soak time was from conducted Dec. 2-8 which is forever in polling time and the tax cut compromise wasn’t even announced by President Obama until December 6th.

  94. Maybe try coming back to DKos after the upgrade. It sounds like the community will be splintered a bit (by design) and it may be possible to find space for true debating.

    I totally get what you are saying. It is so toxic there right now, I click on a diary only when it is a diarist I respect from previous contacts. I have been there since 2004 and this is absolutely the worst it has been.

  95. Fine points, GN. When rage and frustration become a way of life, one must constantly search out reasons for rage and frustration out of fear of losing oneself. Why feed this kind of thinking?

  96. One of my FB friends actually came out and said that the only hope for a primary challenge was to find an African American candidate willing to challenge Obama.

    Yeah, right.

  97. Glad she caught on. Velma Hart caught on AFTER the fact and has been practically apologizing for it since. Not saying AA’s shouldn’t criticize the president, but we must recognize when the media is trying to exploit us. I read that Sheila Jackson brought up help for 99-ers which is exactly what the House and all these true progressives should have been doing instead of these faux concerns over the deficit.

  98. what are these people thinking? really, we must try to forgive them and be patient. They are clearly angry and desperate. Such a waste of time. Instead of putting their efforts into fixing the senate, trying to win back the House, or to prevent the GOP from taking over the Senate, they want to focus on Obama.

  99. Thanks Sheila! When they are ready, they can come back to reality. Or not. Either way I’m glad that we’re choosing to uplift and build our own voices.

  100. I don’t know much about the new DK, but I suspect the site is losing commenters and this is a way of attempting to bring them back. I say don’t go there anymore as there are some fine alternatives elsewhere. Even if you can avoid the frustrati there, why walk through their neighborhood if you can reach your destination via another route?

  101. LOL, yup. I read this astute comment on thepeoplesview:

    I think I spent too much time at the Orange place because I have been getting to be kind of paranoid about what goes on in “the blogosphere”. For instance, some weeks ago I read a diary over at MyDD about primarying the President and how to gin up support for that idea and get it out there. They were strategizing how to go about getting the meme out there and getting support for it. Then, within a day or so of that, all kind of “primary the President” diaries started to show up at Kos and fewer people shot them down and more people who’s names I didn’t even recognize started to rec them up. Yup. I’m paranoid and believe that from some of the PUMA quarters and the Firebaggers, there has been a concerted effort to drown out reason and rationality and destroy any comity or unity within the Democratic party solely to further their own aims. Which are all anti-Obama more than they are Democratic or anti-Republican. Which is why I won’t be a party to any of those blogs — my curiosity be damned! — any more.

    No need to waste another second of energy on this sort of foolishness. I love that BWD moderates these comments to ensure such a productive space, reading the bananas content so that we can focus. I’m proud of how quickly this space has developed into a community.

  102. Just a comment/observation on this site.

    I started coming here at the beginning. It is interesting to see how many new names have shown up the past few days. And when you consider that many people stop by, read and view what BWD has poste, maybe read the comments, but don’t comment themselves, it is easy to see how fast this site is growing.

    I, quite honestly, am glad there are no recommend buttons or user ids. I have to admit, when I posted comments on the site that shall not be named, I would be interested in how many people would recommend my comment. Since all my comments were insightful and wonderfully worde, I was always disappointed I didn’t make top comments of the day. 🙂

    And it seems like the other site is really coming down on people who disagree and have more recent UIDs. As if only the poeple that have been around really know the right way to think.

    One suggestion I would make is if the comments could read in the opposite direction with the oldest at the top. It is ometimes easier to follow when a comment might refer to an ealir one without being a direct reply. When you haven’t read that comment yet, it is more difficult to follow.

    And, to respond to Glinda, downthread, I think there can be reasoned debate on this site. Many people have said they don’t agree with Obama on everything, and I think that can be brought up in a legitimate way here. If not, this site can be easily dismissed as a “worship” Obama site. And dissenting voices are good to hear once in a while. Keeps us from getting to set or smug with ourselves, which I think is what is happening over at the other site.

  103. I’m utterly dismissive of the worship meme. I think that there are already dissenting voices and disagreements here, as no one is going to agree with every policy or decision. I think that the worship meme is nothing more than an attempt to shame people out of expressing admiration for what is an inescapably admirable presidency. I read Krauthammer and other voices of dissent in other spaces. Hosting debates with those voices here is of limited to no utility IMO.

  104. I love this site, and many of the recommended blog sites on the side. I’m replacing a lot of my news feeds with these, one by one. Who needs the negativity??

    One thing I can’t figure out is the TIME STAMP on these posts. Can anyone help me with that?

  105. Interesting insight posted by zizi at about President Obama’s allusion to the North Star during one of his press conferences:

    So President Obama does not care which path he takes to get to the NORTH STAR. After all Harriet Tubman had to be very wily, dogged and resourceful to get her people to freedom. Drawing silly lines in the sand would not have gotten a single fugitive across rivers, swamps, or avoided hound dogs or bounty hunters. Her people used Negro Spirituals as coded vessels to convey tactical information, shacks had to be disguised in the woods as way stations for weary fugitives. herbs and potions had to be used to deflect hound dogs.

    OUTCOMES were more important than the means to get them!!!

    Krauthammer and other astute wingnuts get this fact hence, their fear of Pres. Obama. They know that President Obama has no SACRED SYMBOLIC COWS. Instead he has a hungry nose for capturing the ultimate herd. Symbols without substance are VACUOUS.

  106. Glenda, all of the sites that have been recommended are great. It was hard for me at first to do the rotating thing, because Kos used to be pretty much my one-stop shop because there were so many different diaries and comments and it used to be that you could still get a diversity of opinions. But now I couldn’t imagine just going to one place anymore, even if Kos ever gets its sanity back. I’d also recommend Booman’s site as there’s a good mix of commenters there as well. Unfortunately Balloon Juice seems to be having a bit of a moment, but the FP’ers are still good for the most part.

  107. Comments are moderated here, and I don’t even want to think of what Blackwaterdog has to delete daily that we never see.

  108. Bravo GN, I just had to say something because Sugar Honey Iced Tea is what my gentle grandmother would say, no matter what. She could be in the worst pain, and that would be the worst thing she’d let slip out 🙂

    But you’re so right, ignore the noise. And honestly, I think going to those sites only zaps energy that we could be using more productively.

    I’m on my way to a local Dem. phone bank to make calls to repeal DADT. I’m taking this website address with me to pass along.

  109. Love that, gn. A million times more poetic than the thought I had before falling asleep last night. Obama has one goal – to make his country a better place. We all feel compassion for his travails, but I will bet that as long as he knows in his big heart he is doing what he set out to do, he is cool. In every way.

  110. Precisely, and he is focused like a laser on that goal. To people who are less outcomes-focused, POTUS’ actions are mystifying.

  111. That is a very astute observation. I just marvel at the mindboggling stupidity of some so-called progressives as well as disenchanted Congressional Democrats. They obviously completely miss the opportunity that the President created for improving work in the next Congress as well as the far bigger than expected benefits for families and the economy in general. Their tunnel vision is in desperate need of correction. Political ophthalmologists, please attend to this problem!

  112. Already there, my friend! I simply don’t give a damn about the others. I posted this at DK a long time ago. I WOULD care if they were powerful. But has anything DK ever supported, promoted, spammed for, etc, etc, EVER panned out? Life is short. And when you have health issues or follow contemplative philosophies, you begin to feel almost criminal when expend energy in soul damaging ways. And that is (obviously) just my opinion.

    Other points – BWD is in Europe, I believe, so her time stamp is hours different. I love not being able to “rec.” But I’m still having trouble following “conversations.” BWD, is that by design, to avoid the off to the right out of sight business?

  113. Wonderful RD! Talk about a positive use of energy, what a great thing you’re doing re: the phonebank. Thanks so much for spreading the word about this new positive space.

  114. I adore Deaniac, and have for years. But a few days ago, most of the posts there were trashing DK, and I’ve BEEN there. I also needed to vent for weeks after I left. But I’m past that now. I understand many people are not at that point. I have no trouble, and I believe it’s worthwhile discussing what the poutrages are doing and why, but specific to Markos’ site – I do not even like thinking about it anymore. Makes me ill. I’ll visit Deaniac’s again of course.

  115. Romney is a Mormon and will never get the support of the Evangelical Right. He’d need to bring on Huckabee as his VP to appease them and that tiket would have no foreign policy credentials other than Mitt coming out against START in that much panned Op-Ed.

    The belief is Romney would play well in Massachusetts and Michigan, and his business backgroud would be trumpheted, however he was a robber baron and laid off thousands in order to make his money, and no doubt off-shored parts of businesses as he bought them, broke them up and sold them for parts.

    Governors have the experience against Senators when running because they have executive experience, balancing budgets etc, however that is wiped away when challenging a sitting President.

    Also Romney can’t attack the HCR as Romneycare in Massachusetts is said to be pretty similar.

    Huckabee would bring nothing to the ticket other than likability and certain folksy charm. However it’s also said that some of his sermons over the years were pretty fundamentalist.

    Anybody who was in Congress during the Bush years will have to answer for their votes that exploded the deficit.

    Pawlenty is a cure for insomnia. McDaniels is an interesting possibility.

  116. White man’s privilege. I am not AA, but I believe it exists. And yeah, in liberals too, more’s the shame. I’m of Jewish background. We are more readily accepted, in a WAY, because we look the same and we are considered good with money. The biggest disappointment I’ve experienced in recent memory is to learn that in some ways, Dems were no better than Reps. It sucks.

  117. I know this is what underlies it. And I’d bet a million bucks, if Obama were even less dark in pigmentation, he’d get less crap.

    I work in the classroom, and one of the most exciting things I’ve experienced were the “he looks like me” comments from AA students. But for others, it’s the opposite.

  118. I don’t think that Hart meant to serve as a posterchild for black people and despite my earlier annoyance I don’t think that she meant to try to hurt POTUS politically. I think that she (and CNBC) meant to present what they believe is a sympathetic face for tax cuts for the rich, as applied to households making double six figure income salaries–households like that of her own. Remember her complaints: two kids in private school, one of whom is going to a college with $50K in tuition fees creating somewhat of a cash shortfall. Translation: “I need to keep the tax cut.” I find that argument less than sympathetic lol but that’s what she was saying. That the new and national media took occasion to create a meme and narrative that African Americans have abandoned POTUS just speaks for their wishes that this were true as they’d love to get him out of office without incurring the wrath of black folks and liberals of all stripes. But the Hart media creation was intended to be about those tax cuts for the rich IMO.

    My two cents.

    For anyone interested in reading more about Velma Hart and her relationship to CNBC (she’s now a contributor) this is a great piece (I know that I already showed it to you, gobrooklyn, but others might find it interesting):

  119. can someone explain to me how bringing clinton in to do a press conference and explain the tax bill is a sign of weakness and desparation for the current pres? because that’s the new talking point that is being ginned up as we speak..smdh….

  120. Focusing is what your President does best, he really doesn’t listen to these idiotic talkingheads. Let them talk, he’ll just keep working

  121. Because “POTUS sucks!” lol and any fact can be fit into that narrative. Utterly agreed: much ado about nothing!

  122. This is in line with the thinking that black people only support POTUS because he’s black and we’re black, thus he can be interchanged with any other black politician. Words cannot describe how mistaken this thought is. Black people have said over and over that the disrespect is angering, not disagreements or critiques, but the condemnation light of how much POTUS has already delivered. To think that this can be addressed by continuing that disrespect and just parading a new black face in front of us…I just hope that more people continue to wake up and understand just how ridiculous and fringe this thinking is.

  123. Totally agree GN. Well said. I am so over even caring what they are saying over there. It’s a cesspool.

    They sell outrage, and that is an unhealthy and totally unnecessary product. I feel much better since I stopped contributing any of my time or energy to supporting its continuing existence.

    The sites you listed are all on my daily bookmarks now too, and I dont’ miss DK in the least anymore.

  124. I think as people leave DK they need time to vent about how awful it was for a bit. Then, they get over it and move on.

    Deaniac just got a ton of new readers, so there will be a bit of DK bashing but I expect it will die down soon.

  125. The culture of that site has always promoted one goal – winning the argument.

    Its not about learning or connecting or progressing or persuading.

    Its about winning the d**n argument.

    So for those who think Obama is a looser, they’ll see polling like that as a reason to celebrate because they think they’ve won the argument. That’s all that matters.

    Its really sad.

  126. If they get rid of the diary list and the recommended list, the popularity contest comes to end and that is what is freaking posters like slinkerwink out. It was more about being in the popular clique than in politics.

  127. Well to me,what Pres Obama did in leaving Pres Clinton to speak shows that he is a big person who is confident about himself and his ability.

    He was also clever to get Pres Clinton to endorse his Tax Plan since Clinton was saying not to go back to his tax levels but that the present economy needs it.

    These “Professional Left” jokers need to stop tearing down the President and work to get better Democratics in Congress.

    It’s not ugly — YET.

    You can debate there, but it has not delved into the nastyness you see at DailyFox. I implore you to post; more positive voices are needed at that site.

  129. No matter how they try to frame. things, the left has made a mistake and revealed the ugly. the are aware of the decline from that site( you know the one in which i speak). They are trying to counter thee negative. Millions wrote into congress and a lot for this tax deal. they are losing with their antics. A lot of people is now questioning the left along with the right.

  130. These polls are really fact free. No way any of these GOP wannabes could stand up to the president in campaign mode: he is smarter, more likable, and has a vision. He is now laser focused on continuing the economic recovery. We had more exports last month, business is lining up behind export initiatives like the S. Korea trade initiatives, the tax compromise with its large stimulus. People’s View has a great diary today about one of those initiatives, the birth of the American lithium battery industry. The president will have the wind at his back as all these small steps lead to economic growth and more security for the people who are voting. And no way is his real base, the Obamacrats, going to abandon him. W.E.E.SeeYou has also had some great diaries about this in the past few days.

  131. I love Hal. He’s really good and always has positive points to say about the president. During the health care debates, he shared a lot of good info. “Hump Day with Hal” is the best.

    I also really like Stephanie. She’s had the president’s back since day one (when him and Hill were slugging it it out) Stephanie still sticks up for him and catches flack for it. Her sidekicks are always doom and gloom. Though I must say, Jim does the best voice impersonations.

    I like listening to Randi as well. She always points out the good things thing President Obama does. She also hates the whinining from the left too.

  132. Hey Kiddo

    Perhaps we should thank certain players at DK. Without their egomamiacal destroying of that site WITH the complicity of their ADMIN, our piece of the blogworld might never have exploded in popularity as it seems to be. I was just complaining to my husband that our sites are taking longer to load – so many comments 🙂
    In the past, “Kossacks” (idiot term) would sample our sites, and return to DK. I don’t believe (I hope) that will not happen again, even with DK4 or whatever the hell it’s called.

  133. Authoritarians tend to see power in dominance – or “power over.”

    If Obama shares his with anyone – they think it diminishes him.

    Obama, however, tends to see power in partnership – or “power with.”

    This is a fundamental transformation in the political arena – although many of us have experienced it in our grassroots organizing and/or professional lives.

    The old habits of patriarchal authoritarianism dies hard for some.

  134. She had a lot of callers phoniong their disagreement with her this week. I don’t know if the DailyFoxers loved her before, but I’m sure they don’t care for her now.

  135. weak people tend to project. This president couldn’t care less what the echo chamber, the professional left, the beltway and the Daily Fox think about him. If he needs to bring Clinton to help get some sense into the lame Democrats minds – Where was that “fighting spirit” before the election? When progressive god Russ Feingold begged the WH not to bring the middle class tax cut to a vote? – then this is what he’ll do.

    He is the definition of a public servant, he really went to Washington to serve, and to govern. You’d think that Democrats will love that.

    …But you’d also think that “progressives” can’t be racists. Life is full of surprises.

  136. I was trying to figure that one out too. Doesn’t make sense to me as to why it is a bad thing, or weak, or any of the other nonsense we are hearing.

    “Ooh look, Obama rolled on his back and exposed his tummy, that’s a sign of submission”… sorry, been spending too much time with my cats!

  137. An excellent and much overlooked element in P0’s world view very well stated: “power with” as opposed to “power over”.

    I’ll be using this in conversation with my friends (and adversaries).

  138. There will be no ‘rec’ or ‘tip’ or ‘like’ buttons here. It’s nothing more than a ratings bite, and it’s the source for a lot of what’s wrong on some other sites. For me, each comment is equally important here.

    As for the comments order, i can switch that. That’s not a problem.

  139. The more i think about this tax cut deal. The more impressed i am with this president.

    The right is holding my unemployment hostage,to give the rich tax cuts. The Left is holding my unemployment hostage to seek revenge on the right. I say revenge because they could have voted before the election. The principle decision is being made by the only adult in the room. President Obama.

  140. That is one of the barely noticed things about the Obama Presidency. Biden is the most supportive Vice President I can think of in my lifetime. There hasn’t even been a rumour of bad blood, nastyleaks, or a feeling that Biden is trying to undermine Obama.

    Compare to Agnew, Cheney, even Gore (though I love him dearly too). Obama never has to apologize for his VP at all, trusts him fully. Theirs is a true friendship, and maybe one that could last (health willing) after Obama’s 4-8 years.

  141. He just pulled a politically impossible second stimulus out of a hat. Yeah, this is impressive. I just hesitate to ascribe the reactions of the sensationalist new media to that of the entire left.

  142. LOL indeed BWD which is why I run like FloJo from purity! Happy Saturday and thanks a million for creating this beautiful space. I can’t believe that it is already this popular.

  143. Because the MO for some is to spin everything Pres. Obama does as a sign of weakness. They have a preset criticism of him predicated on framing anything and everything he does as weak.

    I’m surprised their not spinning Bush 41’s letter in support of START or support for START from five former GOP Secretaries of State as a sign of weakness and capitulation. But the frustrati have completely dropped the ball when it comes to START anyway, so maybe I shouldn’t be that surprised. Seriously, the lack of support for START by some on the left is mind-boggling. Anyone who calls themselves a progressive and doesn’t care deeply about getting START ratified is a fraud in my book. Yet what have you seen from these folks on the issue? NOTHING. Not a word, which just goes to show that they are more interested in posturing with their perpetual rage than anything else.

  144. agree, askew. Folks that were going there for a while just need to get their feelings about the precipitous decline of that site off their chests. It’s like therapy – better to get it out than let it eat you from within.

  145. It’s early, and before anyone has officially declared. I wouldn’t take much stock in a poll like that. Wait until someone has offically declared, and then see. People feel differently once it’s a real possibility a person can be President.

  146. Exactly, and because they like to state their *opinions* as if they were fact, people mistake this for the thoughts and beliefs of the entire base. I personally don’t buy it. This space is just as, if not more so,typical of the thinking of the average liberal, than anywhere else. And this space is already more diverse, in line with the Dem base, than many others IMO.

  147. 🙂 You know who stalks? obsessed losers with nothing to live for.

    Who cares BWD?
    There’s a fringe element of unhinged and unwell people and pretend anarchists over at DK posing as Democrats, still obsessed with you and still seething over their hatred for the President.
    Just be grateful to whatever higher power you may believe in that it’s not you.
    Or, just be grateful.

    Here’ s a tribute to your unhinged DK stalkers.

    Obama derangement syndrome
    Insane state of mind and lack of critical thinking or reasoning on issues surrounding Sen. Barack Obama’s bid for the 2008 White House; usually used in reference towards his supporters.

    Sample of typical DK stalker. 🙂 After listening to Sen. Barack Obama’s speech, I couldn’t help but think that everyone had lost their minds and had come down with Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    (i did not write that. )

    Love you guys.
    Happy happy happy holidays.

  148. Ceeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was never going to go back to politcal blogs again, but I am addicted. Between this and many on the blogroll, I am home.

    Have a wonderful holiday season!

  149. I am very disheartened with the democratic party right now…I see them in a whole different light now.As Ive said time and again,I am still waiting for one…anyone of them to stand up for this President. Not one dem has spoken out against all the racism and hate.Its fine to disagree with his politics…but when it becomes personal as it has…someone needs to step up!!! My God,he has to do it all and still put on calm face thru it all….it is just appalling to say the least!!!
    Well me asure the dems, after it is all said and done…when this President is out of office(2016 hopefully)I will no longer register as a Democrat..I and my husband will become Independents!!!
    This has all become way too much…this President certainly deserves way more respect than he’s getting!!!

  150. From the Nobel Peace prize winner Liu Xiabo: “I have no enemies and no hatred. Hatred can rot away at a person’s intelligence and conscience.”
    Thanks for creating a hate-free space and community for Obamacrats!

  151. With my cat, that is a feint. Touch that belly and your arm will be shredded up to the elbow and a transfusion will be necessary.

  152. We are Obamacrats now: our North Star is what makes the life of all people better, more safe and secure, and continuing to perfect this union. We recognize the need for compromise in the interest of progress on achieving long-term goals. Purity may feed the ego but not the belly or the soul.

  153. Hi Gorgeous! 🙂 We’re in the middle of decorating the whole house. And I need more lights. So we’re leaving in about five (truck warming up. ) You better have the most beautiful holiday ever!
    Love ,

  154. I know that feeling! Of my three, two will enjoy the tummy rub, the third will shred you.

  155. Hey there – that is true. It’s nice to see sites that so many of our cohorts worked on blow up because of DK’s crazy. Somehow, I don’t think DK4 is going to be able to remove the bullying and crazy aspects of that site.

  156. Very well said. The nonstop crises are absolutely deliberate. Those who believe in the bible of the sensationalists “on the left” are being taken for the ride of rides.

  157. Exactly right. Merchandising outrage and sensationalism. I’d rather uplift the positive than obsess about the negative. Have a wonderful weekend rae!

  158. Because whatever Obama does is a sign of weakness.

    Jeebus the folks at DK, FluffHo and elsewhere have lost their minds – all for hits and ratings.

  159. I think that this is really true and is one of POTUS’ most useful qualities: persuasive ability.

  160. So utterly true. I’ve been extremely impressed with Joe Biden (and his wife as well; she actually still teaches {she’s with a community college in DC; how cool is that}).

  161. Sad, if only because Scoop is one of the best content management SW products out there. For following posters and checking responses, it can’t be beat.

  162. I quite frankly don’t believe her concerns are genuine at all. I do not believe *anything* which comes from that site management and everyone aligned with that site management. They have more games than Parker Brothers. I’m sure that there is a way for anti-POTUS partisans to continue to spread their venom in whatever new build they are releasing. Her “concerns” are meant to placate people who are on the edge of leaving and can’t stand her. My two cents.

  163. Scoop is free shareware. No reason that we can’t use it to create a new clearinghouse. Just takes some focus and organization.

  164. I love this site. First time to post here. Next time I will post a bit expanded comment. Thanks BWD, I love your mind! Saku.

  165. Why moderation BWD? I don’t understand, am I intruding something? I am really sorry but I didn’t expected moderation at all. Sorry!

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