Saturday Open Thread

Hi guys

Another very quick checking in. 🙂 Enjoy the random slide show and have a great weekend.

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  1. I will never tire of this most excellent President. Nor of the photos of him which reveal his heart. Thank you BWD. Safe travels.

  2. BWD, YOU have saved my political mental health. I really would like to make a donation to your site. How to?

  3. Seriously, glad you’re in greener pastures now and so are we. And thanks for the links to the articles full of logic and not just of “BETRAYAL! KRUGMAN TOLD ME TO FEEL BETRAYED!”

  4. Anybody else see that pic of Michelle and Barack climbing AF1 stairs and this time SHE’S got her hand on his behind? LOL.

    Oh, to be so loved as Michelle. To have a man look at me the way he looks at her. *sigh*

  5. These are the pictures I come to this site to
    see and experience. Someone mentioned the
    saving of their “political mental health.” I
    agree! And these pictures bring us together
    as a people more than any words can.

    Thanks, BWD.

  6. Those were emotional for me. Truly touched something in my soul, heart, whatever you want to call it.Amazing.Thank you so much BWD. Thank you.

  7. Good Afternoon to all of you!

    I have posted a “Know the Facts” Tax cut time line on my blog. It shows the time line from back in August when Democrats first started meeting on the tax cut issue.

    In Sept the President asked them to pass the middle class tax cuts. 30 Blue Dog members of Congress sent Pelosi a letter asking her not to take the bill up due to “vulnerability” in the midterms.

    Reid had already conceded that he did not have the votes in the Senate, and decided to “punt” on the issue until after the midterms.

    Boehner admitted that he would not vote against the tax cuts if it was just a middle class tax cut standalone bill, but the Republicans quickly did damage control and all came out against just the tax cuts for the middle class.

    None of this is the President’s fault. The liberals must answer the question of why did the Democrats punt in September. They need to “know the facts,” This time line needs to be viral because it proves that Reid didn’t have the votes in September as he doesn’t have them now. It proves that the House said that they probably could pass a middle class tax cut bill back in September, but conceded that it would only be “symbolic” because the Senate couldn’t pass it. Um that was in Sept…The situation is the same in November. Again, just how is this the President’s fault?

  8. Ditto on the donations. It just occurred to me that BWD doesn’t run ads and I have no idea what she does for a living but this blog must take up a fair amount of time.

    Id rather donate than have her become part of “the Professional Left” 🙂

  9. Good to see you Eclectablog,
    Your diaries are one of the few reasons I bother to lurk at dkos anymore. Btw, I agree about BWD getting paid.

  10. Thank you, BWD, for all you do. I love and admire the President, too, and I TRUST him. I know that whatever he decides to do is first and foremost to benefit the people and the country as a whole. Party politics and his own personal gain take a backseat to the greater good for all. This is leadership at its best. If only everyone could see this and replace the mindless criticism with an effort to listen, to analyze and to look at the larger picture.

  11. Thank you so much BWD. I love this lovely couple! These awesome pics refudiate everything the fauxgressive poutragers have trumped up against this brilliant man. They can go kick rocks!

  12. Am so glad to read everyone’s comments. They are all my thoughts too. This place has saved my sanity. I could not stand how our President was being vilified. I also would like to donate to this site. Also thank you to Electablog for your sanity.
    Being on this site I know I am not alone.

  13. Hola! Eclectablog!!!

    Damn it’s good to see your name. To me, your a symbol of reason in amidst a sea of outrage. Hope to see you posting at “The People’s View” and “Blue Wave News” for starters. We need to support places where calm rational dialog is the norm.



  14. I really enjoy your blog – particularly the photos. But for the life of me I can’t seem to get your email notification to work. I’ve submitted my email address 4-5 times and I never get a notice that a new blog entry has been added.

    Please fix this. It’s very frustrating.

  15. Hello all,
    Finally some sanity amongst ” the people”. BWD was the only reason I ever visited DKOS. That first picture with POTUS and the little girl is priceless.

  16. Is it necessary for a reader to do more than clicking on your site to demonstrate its popularity, BWD? I hate posting evidence of my mental vacuity, and would rather lurk, but I also want the full popularity of a site such as this to reverberate around the tubes. Perhaps other commenters could advise.

  17. Composition of the reported Tax Cut Deal
    ============================== ==========

    53.1% Middle Class AMT (OBAMA)

    3.3% Expensing Provision (OBAMA)

    4.2% Tax credits for working families (OBAMA)

    6.2% Unemployment Insurance (OBAMA)

    6.6% Regular tax extenders such as R&D credit (OBAMA)

    13.5% High-Income tax cuts and Lycoln-Kyl estate tax (GOP to the top 2%)

    13.2% Payroll tax holiday (OBAMA)

    Wow the GOP got 13.5% of the compromise…All of that from a “weak” President(snark)

  18. Thanks for the break down Latoriam23 . Those name callers are just done right stupid or just plain liars. Peace

  19. That’s about the nicest thing anyone has said to me this week, I must say. After my pro-Obama dKos diary recently, I thought I was a DLC-backed, OFA-hugging propagandist sellout liar without principles. Leastwise that’s what I was told.

  20. To Eclectablog – I checked out your site for the first time this evening and enjoyed it, especially knowing you are a Michigander (I am born and raised there, now in Maryland). I saw your post about your Cong Rep Tim Wahlberg making a big deal about not taking the health care he could get through Congress without saying that he already gets it through having been in the Mich legislature – isn’t that a great weak point to beat him up on? Is there a local paper you could send a LTE about this to? And mention it every time you write in the future? I really believe that for everyone whose Congressperson is a Republican, they should be constantly bringing up these kinds of things,which hit home with readers more than abstract stuff.

  21. Stepping in to say hello, we know one another from that other place (different user id then) always read you and was guilty sometimes of calling you “electablog” LOL. Hey if there’s a supersecret club for “OFA hugging propagandist sellouts” can I join? 😉

  22. Hon – You do not know what you’ve been missing. All of your fans are amongst the members of the wonderful sites on BWD’s blogroll. We KNOW the “insults” you received elsewhere are, excuse the expression, CRAP, because we are in various stages of deprogramming 🙂 Please join us in this new extended family of sane blogs.

    BTW, I was banned, and the cockroaches remain. I set up my own banning, but hey, minor detail. I had this notion that there would be an (imaginary) list of most excellent EX-Kossacks, while the existing Kosheads would be:
    x and y and z. Thereby making some point or other.

    I hope DK4 does not increase their traffic.

  23. Yes, his heart and his humanity and depth of character always shine through these photos.
    I am just at a loss to understand the amount of animosity directed at him. It’s senseless.

  24. Thank you, BWD!
    There is nothing like seeing real love displayed between two people. I love seeing them together. There is nothing fake about their interaction. They are a wonderful example of a what true love looks like.

  25. My friend, if you keep this up, you’re going to swivel right out the window!

    Thank you for posting about e’s name. I had it wrong for years – whoops 😦

  26. Oh, I like the pic with the strawberry. *S*

    I’d be happy to donate here too. Anything to make it easier for BWD to keep it up and running.

  27. Sorry, love, can’t log on because of the banning. Hope you let them have it 🙂 Have a great weekend, G

  28. Like your blog too. It’s one of my bookmarked sites on the pragmatic liberal, sane sites. Food for thought and inspiration for common action for the public & our good!

  29. It’s glad to take a break from Huff N Puff Post and find Obama supporters who actually back the President and won’t throw childish tantrums every time they don’t get their way!

    President Obama rocks, and he continues to be a positive influence towards many. Under the pressure from both his left and right flank, he remains calm and respectful.

    GOBAMA and BWD!

  30. The House Passed 372 Bills that the Senate didn’t..just add the middle class tax cuts to that stack.

    What no liberal “poutrage” about those 372 bills, some of which are very important. Those bills are now “dead” and will have to be taken up again with the new Congress convenes. With Orangeade in charge? Ha!

  31. Trying to figure out how to do housework and cook while swiveling, that way can look busy while I’m actually waiting for my next opportunity to check in on the latest developments. I kept typing eclectablog’s name wrong due to my subconscious desire for it to be electablog.

  32. You have done well brotha E and we all know that is hogwash. You have been a voice of reason and very much appreciated. It is nice to see you hear.

  33. Eclectablog! (Yes, I’m one who used to spell your username – Electablog)
    Good to see you here!

  34. In all the poutrage about the cause du jour much is missed about the quiet progress on many fronts. Kathleen Sibelius had a post about increased coverage in CalPERS, the large group where I work is focused on improving affordability as a result of HCR, the battery industry is taking off, better enforcement of civil rights and hate crimes, etc. The People’s View had a great post on the battery industry today.
    The president is quietly focused on jobs, building American industry for the future, R&D, export initiatives. Interesting that the Chamber of Commerce is supporting him on the Korea trade deal and tax compromise. Many CEOs went on the Asia trip. If Altman replaces Summers the ground will be laid for greater cooperation in pushing the economic recovery. These initiatives will be branded on some sites as a sellout, but, to my mind, anything that increases jobs is a good thing. We’re still 7+ million jobs in the hole. Purity leaves a hollow stomach.

  35. Oh…I did and did it with facts. I was going to say sorry but damn it, you are blessed to get away from all that crap. I am just trying to expose the crap we all see in a place that stands for electing more and better Republicans.

    You have a great weekend as well.

  36. Eclectablog, one of my favorite kossacks. So good to see you here now that I don’t visit that other place any more.

    Hope we get the honor and pleasure of your insights here now.


  37. PS – Just took a quick trip around your blog. I may need to take time off from work for medical reasons soon, and visit again at length.

    BTW, and Kittypat, don’t you agree – e’s photo – could be Jason on Ghost Hunters! (Jason’s handsome, e :))

  38. thanks so much for the slide show. I am almost 60 years old and hoped that one day I would be able to see pictures as inspiring and lovely such as these.

  39. This week the legislation up for consideration is potentially huge. Taxes, new START, DADT. I want to savor it all and I hope things go well for the president. I think Obama’s presidency is turning an important corner and he may get more respect from the center of the country. At the edges and in the media, he will still be ridiculed, but I don’t sense the sensible middle of the country feels that way. Something has changed. Maybe it’s the season or the tax compromise. I don’t know, but it feels good.

  40. I read your blog today. It’s terrific. And I shall remember to click on the ads.

    Still laughing over your “Hell” sign comment.

  41. I tipped and recced that diary but decided not to comment since it would likely have added fuel to the pitchfork crowd’s fire.

    That was an excellent fact-filled and accurate diary, something that is lately in rather short supply on the GOS.

    Great to see you here.

  42. I too sense a change — a shift. It’s hard to describe but feels undeniable.

    Sure hope so, because I don’t want to imagine two more years of freak outs from the edges.

  43. Weiner has the nerve to call someone weak. Look how long he took to put out a statement on the “ground zero mosque”? It was happening in his state and all we heard was little peep from him.

  44. I’m still skeptical. I don’t trust Republicans at all. I would love for you to be completely right though.

  45. I do sense it as well. Of course, having just consumed a Chocolatini , who knows what I sense 🙂

  46. Eclectablog I always liked reading your diaries. I also think it’s a great idea to set up a way to pay BWD.

  47. MB was discussing rules and regs in some thread. I had been wanting to be banned, but was too bored to write a GBCW. I asked him (innocently) how and why people were banned. He answered that Failure to Acknowlege a Warning was a culpable offense. I asked (more innocently) how ones earns a warning. he responded that Warnings are given for Hring a poster you are in a dispute with (I kid you not. He was obsessing about trees when the DK forest was ablaze). I chose a man named Willibro, picked a fight with him, HRed him, got the Warning, refused to acknowlege it, told MB in an email, that I had no intention of doing so. (I was polite, did not realize what a hypocrite Mr Blades was back then). When I saw how dreadful the blog had become, I acknowed the warning with the express purpose of posting a GBCW to engage in some petulance plus give a shoutout to the Diabilities Sub-Com (I was a Rehab Counselor) It was too late. Blocked. I was just in a mood to dump on them, having gotten some bad news. But c’est la vie. So I’ll say it now: Bugger Off, DK! And stop deluding yourselves – you are in many ways, no better than teabaggers.

  48. Your blog is the best, BWD. It’s great to

    read all the comments from people who admire

    President Obama. I certainly do! His style of

    governing has caused me to rethink what I can do

    to advance change in my small sphere of life.

    BWD, I followed your diaries over at DK, and so

    here I am at your new place:). I tend to zoom

    read, so photographs help me slow down and

    reflect/savor true moments.

  49. Who took that awesome b@w photo of Obama leaning over the child, with his eyes closed, listening? What an awesome photo.

  50. What is eating Glenn Greenwald anyway? I think smart people like Greenwald sometimes try to prove how superior they are by being constantly critical. I think they also resent the power you have to reach people on an emotional level. And they might suspect that what you are doing is a lot “smarter” than what they are doing. Keep up the good work.

    And I hope that his attack had the effect of driving even more people to your site.



    Never thought I would glad to see someone over here beside BWD

    Welcome and hope you come back and visit often

  52. This is a great community!

    And the folks on BWD’s blogroll – it’s like we culled the best from DK 🙂

    With All Modesty, ACD

  53. Great website. I have been trying to figure out for days the hate that is coming from liberals. Does any Democrat in Washington have a plan that will keep tax cuts for the middle class and lowest tax bracket and provide unemployment insurance and at the same time raise taxes on the wealthiest people that can not only pass in the House but overcome a fillubuster? Not a chance. So what is it that they expect from this president. He is the president and has the responsibility to govern and protect the little guy even if it may not be politically correct.

  54. Hi Eclectablog, we didn’t interact at the other site but I read and recc’d you on the other site and enjoyed your diaries and comments, especially some of your comments…=0) Anyway, it’s great to see you over here, please come more often and stay.

  55. Agree with you….seems like liberals forget that Obama consistently said during the 2008 campaign and even on election night that change will TAKE TIME and BE HARD and that there will be BUMPS IN THE ROAD but we will get there. Some liberals want change like yesterday and that is not goign to happen….not in this political environment. I have had it with Huff Post, Democratic Underground, etc….I am finding myself agreeing with Andrew Sullivan alot these days….so besides this website check out Andrew’s blog at the Atlantic website.

  56. Thanks BWD – you don’t know how much those great pictures brighten my day. Is he sippin’ on a Slurpee in that last photo…?

  57. Thanks for these BWD. Again you make it so nice to come to this site and read and behold such wonderful things happening in our president’s life. Of course, our First Lady makes him smile as well as all of us who believe in our First Family. It is a joy to be alive and live in this history of this presidency. I am grateful. Thank you so much.

  58. Eclectablog, please don’t let the sketchy inhabitants of dkos get you down. The big lie still at play is that dkos is the be all to end all and there is no worthwhile political blogging away from it. Hogwash. You really do not have to continue to cast pearls before such swine.

    Your writing has always been fabulous and you know it!

  59. It will take time, but I have this sort of “half-time” sense, where the second half of the game gets better for the A Team. Silly analogy — I’m not a sports person.

    But there’s something about this tax bill, and the compromise (no matter how frustrating), that seems to be a turning point.

    Certainly, the many millions of people whose taxes will not go up in a couple of weeks, and the millions of people who will receive their unemployment checks, get more back in their paychecks, continue to get college tax credits, etc., will notice.

    Our president is working for the American people.

  60. Greenwald, like so many others, seems to be looking for attention. In this hyperactive 24-hours news span, everythin melds together into a kind of noisy but monotonous slog. So there are essayists who try to climb Everests of rhetoric in order to stand out.

    It does stand out, but in a way that sounds hysterical and “look at me!” rather than well-reasoned, and because he was successful at getting people to look at him, his meme gets its 15 minutes.

    We never do have to wait long, though, for somebody else to get even more hyperbolic and red-in-the-face.

  61. Hi AL. Personally I love comments but I’d imagine that BWD has far more lurkers than commenters as is usually the case. I think that spreading the word could work wonders!

  62. I highly recommend the last 3 video posts on TheObamaDiary. They are lovely and moving, must-sees.

  63. Ok, I’m going to use the picture of the President and the darling little guy missing his two front teeth as my screen saver.

  64. Hi Eb. Nice to see you here. Hope you, deaniac and muskegeon critic get to crosspost your ‘diaries’ at bwd’s site so that more people (mainly ‘obamamots’ like us) get to read them.

  65. Hey, Eclectablog, great to see you!! I was a fan of yours over on that dark site that shall not be named . . Between this site, your site, and the great sites that BWD has linked on her blogroll, we should be able to find our own way for the sane to talk about our shared goals without lining the pockets of the forces of darkness. Hope you get with BWD on that monetizing idea!!!

  66. I’ve been enjoying your posts, pictures and videos. The last Gallup poll showed the President with around 80% approval with Democrats.

    I wanted to pass on a DKos diary to recommend:

    I stand with President Barack Obama

    He has some excellent points. I didn’t even read the comments, but just let one of my own in agreement. I see balance coming into the blogosphere and this is one of the ways — the quiet ones are speaking up!

  67. Imagine that. A “big time” man with such high minded followers having to grudgingly chew his words after his mean-spirited uttreings.

    Thought he could get away with it, but lots of good people were not having it. He got called on the carpet royally for his insensitivity.

    Oops, not so superior after all. But most telling that a supposedly small time blogger could threaten the likes of the literati, so much so, causing them to tweet about her.

    Go figure!

  68. Very welcome africa! I love that space and it has been growing steadily. Anthony Weiner’s grandstanding is just absurd. He is the posterchild for congressional Dems tripping over their feet by acting in haste.

  69. Let’s make sure this time that people realize they have a tax cut! Polls show that after the stimulus only a minority knew that their taxes had been cut since it was done in small increments.

  70. Hi ParkRanger. I personally see the efforts to “balance” excesses at certain spaces to be counterproductive: it only legitimizes the excesses of the editors IMO. Far better to build up alternative spaces with different editorial points of view than to contribute to a space which hosts such excessive vitriol towards POTUS. I understand the arguments to the contrary, but that’s my two cents.

  71. I think he’s just a jerk. Beloved by other jerks. It was utterly unsurprising that BWD’s new space got under his skin, because to people like him, there being any space on the Internet which doesn’t tolerate the most extreme vitriol against President Obama—any space like this is a problem to him. He helped traffic here, though, and is a fine example of sensationalism being counterproductive re: desired results. He wanted to label BWD a Nazi and ended up alerting many admirers to her presence. Good job, Glenn.

  72. That photo encapsulated what this president means to me, and hopefully, to our country, at least once (or if!) people calm down.

    This president listens. And it doesn’t matter whether he’s listening to a child or a family around a kitchen table; he’s listening. He gets it.

    His efforts are eclipsed by the noise because he’s the quiet, stable person in the center of the storm, focused on his job, focused on the long-term future of our country, and just plain focused.

    It’s astonishing to me that this quiet listening, this strength of his, his steadfastness in the midst of all this sturm und drang is considered “weakness” by the noisemakers.

  73. Really. It’s like a modern-day David and Goliath.

    And while Greenwald was ranting about BWD, what he accomplished was a lot more attention to BWD’s blog.

    And now there are more people who’ve found their way here and have found a place of peace and calm and a most interesting and friendly exchange of ideas.

    We are the change; and places like this allow people who truly want to be part of the solution to be able to do that.

    So, thanks, Glen Greenwald.

  74. Totally. And Sherrod Brown — I thought he had some good sense. Fooled me. Tell me how one is going to shame Republicans into signing off on to unemployment insurance. Men like Brown and Weiner couldn’t get them to do it for nearly two years when they were in the minority, how is POTUS to supposedly to get them to do it?

    BTW, thanks again for pointing some of us in the direction of these other terrific communities. All the time I spent on the other side, I never got to venture out to hear other balanced voices.

    I let myself get riled up with the silliness. Now, I find this place and the others so useful.

    As I have always said, we won’t agree on everything, but the manner in which we address each other will mean a whole lot.

    How we treat people we see face to face in our daily lives, should be practiced in these communities.

    I would really like to see this community grow into a force that can be recokened with.

    There is one person on the other side that I think is a complete bully. I think that person has caused a lot of the ugliness over there. I know the likes of that person. I saw that person in my boarding school back home. The instigator, the old poor me, when people push back and the manipulator. That person is so predictable, childish and mean spirited. You almost know exactly when and in which diaries they will appear to cause trouble.

    And then there’s another one that tries to be middle of the road, but is a mean snake. You live long enough, you can spot these people for miles.

    Oh, well.

  75. Oh, thank you for recommending these. I just looked at them; they’re wonderful. And just the kind of optimism and strength that’s fulfilling at this time of night, so to dream and hope anew.

    That’s the thing about President Obama. He inspires me, makes me hope for the future of our country, and while it gets hard sometimes, I know we will get there.

  76. My issue had more to do with the editorial point of view of management. The people you cite here are easily dealt with when we are given a free hand to do so. However, management is so closely aligned with the sentiments of purity partisans and two-faced “moderates” that it really is a waste of time to try to balance that crapola out.

    Much better idea to organize new spaces. We’re still in the “detox” stage here it seems, but I think that something as simple as organizing a letter to the editor response at the NYT can yield some utterly terrific results. The energy draining media spaces can and should be left to their own devices. Let’s create something better here, and sooner rather than later devote this energy to reminding the national media that our point of view exists and is widespread within the Democratic party.

  77. I hope that this space is not turned into a commodity. I’d love to purchase a subscription to aid in an effort to avoid that.

  78. I’ll third that. Don’t know what I said to get banned by him (Meteor Blades). I was hounded down, told to get my ass outta Kos, called a Troll, insulted, harrassed by a bunch of unhinged idiots. Guess I talked about being black and proud to much for the white folk and didn’t bow to them and didn’t watch my mouth or get in the back of the bus. How many black folk he going to ban anyway? Is the whole site boing to be about WP only? Every time I turned around felt like another brother was being kicked off the site, courtesy of the man who defends Teabaggers and Firegbaggers, Tim Lange himself. You just can’t be black on that site and speak your mind. Fact. Some bad bad stuff going down there.

  79. Every time you click, they laugh at you. Do not click.
    Number one Offender *signed up last week only to get my black ass banned *

  80. How did you manage to get banned? Did you say that Obama is not the Antichrist?

    “Deprogramming” is a good word for it. My last couple of visits to the GOS showed that it is lost, and yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I managed to go a whole day without checking in there. What is it about the five stages of grief? I was in denial that the DKos I used to enjoy is dead. No more. It’s here, BWN and People’s View for me now. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people I recognise from the sane wing of our old haunt.

    It’s the human side that comes through in these photos. Regardless of who they are, what comes through is two people deeply in love with each other. These photos catch little moments that can’t be faked. And they are so rare in politicians, who so often seem to think such things frivolous or showing signs of weakness. This is a man who is grounded in family, in his marriage, in the real world, who knows what is important and what is just pointless posturing.

  81. Good News, Everybody
    I don’t expect CNN to air it (and I won’t bother posting it on DK).

    “Americans, who voted for a divided government in November, say they want the parties to work together, with a majority opposing at all costs any federal shutdown over budget matters, a Bloomberg National Poll shows….9 out of 10 say they want Democrats and Republicans in Congress to cooperate to solve the nation’s problems, according to the poll conducted Dec. 4-7.

    The Republican Party, a month after an electoral triumph that netted 63 seats and control of the U.S. House, gains in the U.S. Senate, and increases in state offices, remains unpopular, with a plurality having a negative view. Democrats do slightly better: A plurality have a favorable impression of that party….

    President Barack Obama is more popular than either party, with 52 percent of Americans holding a favorable view, compared with 44 percent unfavorable. In an October poll, 55 percent held a positive opinion and 40 percent a negative one….

    Obama’s re-election numbers are higher than those Clinton had two years into his first term, in a Gallup poll. In October 1994, 38 percent said he was worthy of a second term. He won in 1996 with 49 percent of the vote.”

  82. Glad to see another positive site (I linked from the obama video and diary), but it is time for those of you who are refugees from KOS to let go of the hurt and anger regarding your treament there. Those days are over; BWD has rescued you. Now is the time to focus on getting the truth out about the Obama presidency and to share our love and support for the only grown-up in the 3 branches of govt. I, too, am in awe of his level-headedness, strength, intelligence, and of the love that he has for his family (smart, gorgeous, funny and kind) and us. Hang in there everyone; he is the right man for the right time and he, with God’s and our help will prevail and the country will be better for it.

  83. Thank you for brightening the weekend with these beautiful photos. This site provides so much positive energy, it’s like a tonic and I feel healthier for coming here. I have deleted all the negative sites from my bookmarks. DK, HP and FDL are cesspools that wallow in hate and don’t deserve any attention or credence.

    I, too, would like to contribute to BWD’s efforts to keep this site going. A subscription, rather an ads, would keep the look cleaner and avoid some of the annoying messages that get pushed out during election times. BWD, you need support for all your hard work and whatever it takes from all of us to keep you going strong.

  84. Have you guys seen this beautiful video? I just got it from a friend (maybe she posted it here already, I haven’t read all of the comments). I think the song is “He’s Only A Man” ?? I don’t know, but it’s a compilation of his and the First Lady’s trip to India set to this amazing song.
    Check it out, it’s short.

    [video src="" /]

  85. the relationship we see between the potus and the “first lady” attests to the self-actualization of each of them, as they remain a complete person apart from the other, yet in the things they do together they work like an effective system: all the parts in sync

    the entire population could learn a lot from it

  86. Thanks. Folks, we need to keep our eyes on the prize — continue working to spread the word about the initiatives this president and some other Democrats are striving for.

    I believe that after all is said and done with all the yelling from the extremes, good people in this country will see that this good and decent president is working for their interest.

    It must be frustrating to the over-the-toppers to see this kind of sane response from the general populace.

    When you take a look at the brouhaha over the tax cut deal, think those republicans, independents or democrats that stand to lose their unemployment insurance are going to be screaming at this president for doing what he did? I find that hard to believe that people will put principle over paying their mortgage or putting food on the table for their families.

    That’s not to say people don’t have principles, but they live in the real world and they know difference between trying to prove a point and surviving.

    The difference for people who don’t see this is that after all the yelling and screaming, they can go home to their warm beds. Some of us don’t have that luxury.

    In that vein, these people certainly don’t speak for me, and I definitely don’t want them working on my behalf.

  87. the majority of voters are not idiots, i think optimistically;

    they’re offended by the vitriol against the good man who is president, who is a tremendously different person from what went before him, and the voters know it

    they also don’t like extremists of either side

    they like that the prez just keeps on keeping on

  88. From the NYT

    In a basement room at the Capitol, Mr. Biden was trying to convince Democrats that the deal was the best one they were going to get.

    Then Representative Anthony Weiner of New York got up and asserted that Mr. Obama was acting like a “negotiator in chief” instead of a “leader” who gets things done.

    Mr. Biden erupted. “There’s no goddamned way I’m going to stand here and talk about the president like that,” the vice president said, according to two people in the room.

    Im so glad Biden said this.

  89. A nice editorial from Andrew Sullivan of the Atlantic:

    DADT Repeal: Do Not Blame Obama

    I’ve had many criticisms of the Obama administration’s tardy and milque-toast efforts on civil rights for gays and lesbians. But at this point, the peril facing repeal of the military’s gay ban is not the administration’s fault. In fact, it seems to me the events of the last month or so reveal that the Obama administration has finally delivered the goods for the military, which is hobbled by this dated, counter-productive policy, and for the gay community, by moving the issue deliberately through the Congress before the executive branch or the judicial branch. And the fact remains that in the current Congress, we have essentially achieved repeal, with the military’s support and blessing – only to be foiled by tricky parliamentary maneuvering by a hard Republican faction that is impervious to reason. That’s some achievement, however tragic the possibility of defeat.

    I mean: look at it. We have the support of the Joint Chiefs, the Republican defense secretary, the majority of the troops, a hefty majority of the public, a majority in the House, and 57-40 majority in the Senate and a president ready to sign the bill. What more – to be frank – could we ask of the administration? Yes, I know there are executive branch ways forward, and judicial intervention looms as well. But it is far, far, far preferable that DADT be undone the way it was done – by the Congress.

    The rest of the editorial is here….

  90. gah. Weiner really is such a whiner!!!

    He really pushes his way to the camera – similar to Schumer.

    sigh… great. And I live in NY. What an embarrassment.

  91. I thank Biden from the bottom of my heart for cutting off this disrespectful condemnation of the President. He has been an utterly terrific VP.

    Note to Mr. Weiner: running your mouth, looking the fool on TV: “daddy promised I’d get a bike and flat screen; he lost his job and I only got the flat screen; I hate him because I didn’t get the bike;” making ridiculous, ludicrous, and unrealistic demands of someone else because legislative Dems failed to do *their* jobs (see, articles from September 2010 in which legislative Dems refused to hold the tax cut votes despite WH requests)—all of this drama is not leadership, it is grandstanding. Leadership is making decisions which result in progress and improving lives. President Obama has demonstrated that quality over and over again. A bunch of these politicians in congress; not so much.

  92. I don’t think the Lady will stray from what she is, a good democrat who appreciates the fact that we have an outstanding Democrat in the White House. It’s amazing that this President has accomplished so much in the face of so much obstruction from the right and the unfounded( goofy even) critisim of the far left who’d rather do nothing and let the poor continue to suffer and the rest of us take our chances with a health insurence industry writing all the rules while we wait for an ideological pure bill that historicly never happens in this kind of legislation. I just want BWD to be recognized as the real typical mainstream Democrat and not see Huffington, Maher, or that Kos founder being trotted out on TV as if they represent the average Democrat’s beliefs. So, for that end, if it takes money to be able to handle a large membership or operate a website with a lot of traffic, or even to attact the traffic, I’d say sell space if you have to. This place seems much more likely to rev up mainstream Democratic voters than daily Kos or Huff Post which I think actually had the effect of depressing the the vote last November.

  93. I’ve been thinking about actions which we can take in terms of furthering progress in this country.

    Right now, the NYT online comments section is utterly dominated by wingnuts and sour, disenchanted progressives (some of the names are even familiar from other sites; I kid you not).

    Thus I created a registration and will be writing my own comments and recing the comments which make sense. I think that everyone should do so:

  94. A common mistake. Don’t worry about it. I just wish there wasn’t already an “Electablog” online. And, yeah, you can be a charter member of the supersecret club!

  95. Right!

    And none of these grandstanding dems in Washington have expalined to me how you are going to get a bill throught the senate that provides tax cit extensions for the middle class and those in the lowest tax bracket but no extension for the wealthy? How will such a bill over come a fillubuster by the repubs (as a matter of fact 5 dems, including Feingold, votes last week for a fillubuster of a bill that gave tax cut extension for the middle class only). So before they run their mouth off at Obama that should tell what their plan is.

  96. I just read this on FB and thought I would share:

    By: Founding Director of, We C.A.N. (Change America Now), Sharon H. Lions:
    Letter to Democrat, Liberal, Progressive and Moderates in Congress: In this time of crisis we need your unity and leadershp more than ever. The GOP, has remained solid in their attacks and disrespect toward the President and our party from the beginning.

    Conservitives are coming at us from every direction, with the help of the Tea Party, it is relentless. Their greatest victory is in undermining and dividing the President and the Democrats, while finding any weakness to inflate and agitate. During the 2010 elections, the Democrats abandoned the President in droves. The silence and distancing was enormous. There were no strong statements or rallies of support of our accomplishments, and our direction. Their were no emphatic, passionate speeches, talking about “the needs of the people”, or calling the GOP out for their greed, self interest, and desperate attempts to pulverize the middle and lower income 98% of our country. Before and during the President’s recent negotiations with the GOP, we did not hear, any “rally of the troops,” cries from the Democratic party, in support of “the people” and the President, who needed their support. We did not hear you yelling, that you would stand and fight to the bitter end, with the President, against the top 2%, who were trying to change the entire face and guts of our country. Instead, we saw you wait until many of the 98% felt unrepresented and powerless as the President went alone, to battle with the dishonest manipulators on the far right. We heard the slow rising and divided voices of “the people” asking for someone to stand up for their welfare but, no clear loud voice of strength and support came from the congressional Democrats, until the deal was done. We knew the direction the President was headed, without his parties united outspoken support, as he went into this, he told us all. Now, after the President has tried to negotiate a best effort framework, we see and hear, Democrat and Liberal critics running to microphones and the press, looking for opportunities to quickly criticize the President’s effort to do what he could to protect the majority of “the people.” The GOP are succeeding in further dividing the Democrats, as they sit back and watch the fruits of their efforts cause loud and angry rants among party members, against one another. They watch and quietly contain their jubilation, as they see the President and the “left-Leaning Congress” publicly blame one another for not doing their jobs well enough. The thing that remains most consistent within the Democratic Party is their inability to find a united, strong voice and use it well, leaving our President alone to be the scapegoat for all our woes. This makes any progress for “the people’s” welfare, monumentally more difficult. Will the Democratic party in Congress, ever learn to problem-solve, plan, and work together on our behalf? Will you learn from experience that the wise approach is to work out your differences privately, and then come together with a unified voice and plan, in support of our party’s President? Dividing your very concerned “base”, is not in our best interst! PLEASE, work together and lead us to a strong and unified approach toward success for our country! This ongoing, non-productive approach among the “Left”, is one of the reasons a group like ours, is needed. We will only be successful when the true party of, and for, “the people”, is able to work in unison with our party President. It is our mission to make it known that we need and expect our congresspersons to work in concert with President Obama and the agenda we voted for in 2008. Together, We C.A.N. (Change America Now), a FB action group

  97. Purity politicking does not require such a thing as a viable alternative or plan of action. It requires nothing but ego and passivity.

    Fact of the matter is that Dems have had since 2006 to create an alternative, and Dems punted the WH’s preelection vote plan, and Dems failed to pass the middle class tax cuts on a standalone basis. Fail after fail. At this point, sanity and reason need to prevail.

  98. That is the most clearly defined description of what has been going on and why we find ourselves in this precarious situation. Why aren’t more Dems aware of this and how their decisions to stay silent or scream righteous indignations fell right into the GOP playbook? Why did they choose to offer no support to the President, why did no one have his back? Why did they not realize all the damage they were inflicting by creating division? And now they step forward to showboat their criticisms when they were all pretty useless and detrimental up to this point? Pretty disgusting all around. It’s past time for unity which is the only chance we have for not throwing every Dem interest overboard.

  99. Great points, Greg.

    Sadly, it wasn’t until I was completely (if I’ll ever be) deprogrammed from DK, that I really “got” how alternate reality they actually were. When I worked for Blumenthal/Malloy this season, with actual humans who were contemptuous of GOS, I’d get some perspective back. But..what is that saying…if you are hungry, everything looks like a cheeseburger…(I made that up. Don’t Google it :)) When DK was my political world, I started to filter news through their eyes. People talk about becoming petty over there. I was victim to that defensive state as well. But it was primarily that I lost perspective and objectivity, that I am hoping GOS is neutralized.

  100. Meteor Blades (Aka Tim Lange) is smart, or sly, depending on how you want to frame it. Anytime he wants to get rid of Obama supporters, Centrists, or loud mouthed AA’s? He makes up some statement that no one can check on – I.e. “394389438 times banned zombie. ” or “previously warned now banned. ” And they have to accept it. He gets the final lie.

    So he molded the place into what he wanted. What’s left is behind is people who hate Barack Obama, who scream out in pain “I’m White and a victim of Racism”, who hate the Democratic Party, and who pretty much hate anyone who does not agree with the fringe element that they exist in. You know he he left behind. You know who he kicked off. He’s an old, sad bitter hypocrite. But, that’s just the way it is. It’s what they want, hoping to boost their numbers back up. Hence. DK4. Which is in essence, a bad bad mish mash of Huffington Post and Facebook. But one you fall out of the top 100 sites? You don’t get it back. I think they’re at 4000 or something?

    Anyway! 🙂 Meanwhile. Back in the Real World. This Tax Cut Compromise Passes, the middle class and the poor are protected. And we finally have a President who understands that leadership is about compromise, negotiation, and give and take in order to move forward and do what’s best for everyone. And that’s the the fringers have forgotten. He’s the President of the US. Not the far left Lunatic fringe. Bush never remembered that. And shit on everyone. Barack Obama respects people. Even if they did not vote for him and do not agree with him.

    I did not vote for Bush. I did not agree with him. He shit all over people like me and laughed at me. At us. And the fringe lunatics led by Meteor Blades and Markos (and thank god their numbers are so damns small and meaningless ) want Obama to do the same. It’s heartbreaking to say the least.


  102. Hi British friend. I managed to set up two accounts here. Yes, I’m THAT technically out to lunch, LOL. I’m also here as ACD (Another Ct Dem) which I was at GOS. My “banning” I described somewhere among all these many great comments.

    I had a miserable time breaking free of DK. I literally had to block it from my computer, the temptation/habit was that strong. But I believe their REC system facilitates that. Got to get those “rewards,” how many did poster x get?, by whom?, etc, etc. A never ending game. And a game it was.

  103. Either guy, it’s great to “know” you!

    My avatar is in the shop. But if it were functional, you’d see a resemblance to Angelina Jolie crossed with Keira Knightly.

  104. Good sunday to everyone…I’ve been
    spreading the word on this blog as well as
    the other excellent blogs on the blogroll
    all over the twitters this morning to 4,100
    of my followers…DK who..?? hehe 🙂


  106. Koran-protest pastor Terry Jones may be banned from UK.

    Home Secretary Theresa May has said she will be “actively looking at” whether to ban a controversial US pastor from entering the UK.

    Terry Jones attracted condemnation when he threatened to burn copies of the Koran on this year’s 9/11 anniversary.

    He has been invited to the UK to share his views on Islam with activists.

    Ms May told Sky News that Mr Jones had “been on her radar for a few months” and that “this is a case I will be actively looking at”.

    She said she had the power as home secretary to exclude an individual from coming to the UK if she considered they were not conducive to the public good or threatened national security.

  107. Greg, I agree 100%, that was just snark. I can’t imagine any circumstance under which BWD would even vaguely consider becoming a jaded, president-bashing, mean-spirited talking head for sake of making money.

    I was there in those dKos diaries when she was getting bashed for doing what I viewed as a service to the community–i.e., providing links to stories that otherwise were overlooked by the MSM and many dkos diarists.
    Her contributions were diminished and written off as just pretty pictures of the president.

    I was disgusted and when I questioned why these petty individuals felt it necessary to come to her diary when there were roughly 15-20 other diaries they could enter without being offended, the responses were usually devoid of logic. As a psychologist and human being, I thought it demonstrated the strength of her character to walk away and start this new blog without being overwhelmed by anger and if I can contribute to maintaining it , count me in.

  108. For anyone here who is looking to get involved, please remember OFA, there are a number of issues being worked on nationwide. Check out the link bwd has so thoughtfully provided in the sidebar.

  109. oops! that message was for the general audience not for you EB, still don’t know what I’m doing when I get in front of a keyboard!

  110. May I answer for her? It sure as hell is. It amazes me – it’s like a reunion of all my friends from DK here. I kept thinking, only C is missing. And now she’s here 🙂

  111. Yay!!! She needs this place for positive energy. She’s gotten way too much shit over there….

  112. Anyone here from Democratic Underground? I had to get out of there…the hate for Obama reached and at times surpassed that of Bush after he started the illegal Iraq war!

  113. Grea idea, GN. I agree that we need to start getting our voices heard. The suggestion you make here is sound.


  114. 🙂 hola 🙂
    I just got back from an xmas concert.
    Too much German wine! It was warmed up with spices.

  115. 🙂 LOL. Love you K – but it’s ok. I get enough energy , positive and not so positive in real world to last me ten lifetimes.

    DK because a hotbed of crazy unhinged crazy (SMGB et al of course excluded) so in the end, it didn’t matter. As my last posted comments show, i was in a good good place. 🙂 The day I accept MB’s lame ass hypocritical warning because I Hr’s a vile comment? Just so I can post again? Is the day I stop taking in loser animals. Ain’t. Ever. Going. To. Happen.

    The only thing I miss is sharing my garden stuff with you guys. We threw out our two old greenhouses…Old? Like only four years old really. And bought this gorgeous larger new one. And that kinda makes me sad a little because my very first post in the wonderful garden Franky created was about my evil cats who spilled coffee on my white rugs, and should I invest in buying green houses. Yup. That is the ONLY thing I miss. And it has nothing to w/ Daily Kos.

    Hugs. Many many hugs to you.

  116. If we never ever never get to meet in the real world sometime?
    That would be sad I think.

  117. We DID have fun times over there 🙂 But OMG, what a horrible place it is now. I haven’t been on forever, but I’m picking up from online friends what a cesspool it is.

    BTW I tried a Chocolatini last night which you recced. YUM.

    I’m home on MLOA now. Not going to get into it here. But I should be OK. Early dx and all that. My husband bought me a new toy, so that I can goof around online while recovering – an IPAD. The clarity with which I can watch videos of my new fav actors is awesome. (I’m now into BBC guys)

  118. please forgive the comment above!
    The joys of living back at home with a teenage sibling and leaving my computer on. I am sorry 10x for the horrible disrespectful comment addressed to whoever it was too.

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