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  1. This is what keeps me inspired about our 44th President of the United States: He just keep working, leading, and moving things forward for American, no matter how much the media throws in his path daily. This is why I will NOT give up or give in.

  2. He gets so much done in a day and a week. And then he’s got to listen to pundits, ignorants and people in Congress saying he hasn’t done anything, saying that he should be going around the country, doing their jobs, etc. He’s amazing.

  3. He leads, he inspires, he cares … just what it is and the world is a better place because of it.

  4. I’ve heard various people on teevee saying, “he should be touring the country making speeches!”, but imagine if the President missed the lighting of the Christmas tree – oh, the screeching and the horror! Not to mention all the other tasks he has had, which are actually important to the well-being of the country.

  5. He is such an inspiration. He does his job not for himself, but for those who support him and those who hate him. He has a heart so big that he brushes off the critics to do what he thinks is right.

    I will not just sit here and allow the bigots who have surfaced within our own party to try and tear down this great president.

    No way.

  6. hi like minded again at this junction i will like to make a urgent plea can u guys help make it possible to extradict the president down to the uk we a lot of use for him seems u guys hav had enough we are begging in the name of the lord, thank yours sincerly, a soul craying for change in the uk

  7. oh how i wish the transcripts of videos were provided, as my ‘puter can’t get them, because we don’t use microsoft, so have to wait for the better way to be developed; i used to be able to get utube, but then they went and “improved” something, not

  8. What’s happening to the students in UK is a shame. Looks like rich & powerful bankers now rule the world through corrupt pols. Read yesterday in a BBC survey that the most important concern for all citizens of the world today was corruption, next only to poverty. And they go both hand in hand.

  9. i think most americans who care about people are interested in and sympathetic to the demonstrators in london

    when the french go out, only the more cosmopolitan among us identify, but the english? that nation is seen as the mother country, to this day

    someone wrote that thatcher was taken down by such protest, you know you have history behind you

    people i speak to are impressed by the passion and the “guts”, as we know people are getting hurt

    in the early days of the labor movement here, people were in the street, murders were committed by the “authorities”, but that’s how we got an 8 hour day, so it’s happened here once upon a time

    our thoughts and hopes are with the brits and thanks for the example

  10. I listened this morning to NPR interview the pres. He has plans to reform our tax code over the next few years. cut the loopholes and make if fairer for all.
    He said that both the right and left will complain but it has to be done.
    He is amazing.

  11. He really doesn’t give a damn about the lunatics. He’ll do what he think is right and if the American people will have some sense, they’ll let him 4 more years to complete the job.

    If not, well, it won’t be his lose and this country clearly does not deserve him.

  12. You betcha. 😉 😉

    As a non-american looking at the us of a from afar, I can say it’s full of nutbags and racists.

  13. Ok, that was funny! 😀 They’re base, but I wouldn’t call them the president’s base!!!

  14. BWD,

    Several of your headlines have been showing: "
    I also use wordpress. Don’t know if your intent is to code a space; but if it is, I use   and that works.

    Love ya,

  15. The Democrats had a plan? Who knew? And why didn’t it pass – I mean they ARE the majority in both houses? This chart is skewed to get a particular response. That’s why there are no data references.

  16. Yea, see this chart last nignt. Someone diaried it on the daily orange. You are right about it was skewed to get particular response.Erza Klein just made up numbers on the last one and the wasington post graphs debunks that graph.Erza Klein is part of the preofessional left so I was suspecting this. Why does that balls have to be black?

  17. I am no fan of Republican Charles Krauthammer, but his piece in the Washington post is a must read. (Never mind the title) He so gets what Obama did to the greedy Republicans, and the Denos are so off his game that they can’t see the forest for the trees, this article is so worth reading.

    Swindle of the year

    Washington post

    National Review

  18. You have no idea how many times I have uttered those same words:

    “this country clearly does not deserve him”

    I just shake my head in disgust. I thought those two articles posted at The Obama Diary yesterday by Bob Shrum were so good they were suitable for framing. He did not mince words calling out the Democrats.

  19. Start needs 67 Senate votes I believe. So they’re not the votes to worry about. Brown will be there as well. That’s up to 61. Luger will support it, I’d guess Kirk as well, so we’re now up to 63 (assuming all dem support it), I don’t see how Murkowski couldn’t given she can see Russia from her house too I’d assume. That would be 64, Voinovich is an old retiring pol who was around when these things were automatic, so he’ll vote for it. Can’t see McConnell voting against it, Lamar Alexander either.

  20. more acceptable to liberals? oh the tax cuts and credits for the actual middle class weren’t enough? And I thought liberals didn’t like ethanol?

    sigh. I just want this all over with.

  21. I need a bit of education, Saint Roscoe. It seems we’re usually trying to get 61 votes, but we need 67 for START? Why is that?


  22. It seems like Bernie Sanders is trying to lead a filibuster against the tax cut deal. He’s now giving an hr-long speech on the senate floor about what’s bad about the deal and the tax cuts. But again, I have to ask: Where was Mr. Sanders with this level of passion last week when the senate failed to vote for the middle class tax cuts, which in effect would have allowed the tax cuts for the healthiest to expire????

    That’s where I’m having this problem with the likes of Sanders, and the other “liberal” Democrats on congress. Where was all this objection in the weeks leading up to and after the midterms up to last Saturday, where the house bill failed to pass in the senate because FOUR Democrats (including Mr. Feingold) voted with the Republicans??

    Why couldn’t Mr. Sanders then convince his fellow Democratic Senators to join him and the rest of the Democrats in voting for something that he was so deeply passionate about? And why would he expect President Obama to easily fight the Republican leadership on this issue if he cannot even sway his Democratic colleagues in the senate????

  23. Totally agree with you on this. They really made me angry with this stunt, and to get ethanol subsidies for their efforts? Thanks for nothing, 54 House Dems.

  24. All ratifications of treaties require 2/3 vote. I really don’t think START is in trouble if it comes to a vote. With Bush the elder coming out for it, along with bipartisan security people, the military and SoD’s in favor, it would be hard to present a no vote as anything other than pure obstinance.

  25. This is my issue as well, hopefruit2. For the past six months they’ve done nothing. Do they have their own tax plan now? Why don’t they put it forth?

  26. Bottom Line

    This is a POTUS whose approval numbers are high during an f’ing recession. Impeach yourselves, Screamers.

  27. I have to say that it is clear that Pres Obama outfoxed both the Democrats and the Republicans.I think that’s why they are both so angry with him. He has shown them up. Yes, there will be more added to the deficit but he knows this and I believe that he has something figurd out all like now. Remember he said at his Press Conference that he has to think the long game.
    He is very smart and we will see the plan in due course.

  28. I don’t understand why they still don’t get that Barack Obama is always the smartest guy in the room.

  29. And the rest is all noise, and he knows it. He probably chuckles about it in the privacy of his living quarters, and with Joe.

    The history books will write glorious tributes. NOT about Congress.

  30. But we do.

    Thank heavens you are all out there 🙂 The Pro-Obama blogs are popping up, the traffic on the existing ones is spiking, GOS is losing hits. If and when this latest is in the rear view mirror, as with HCR, Obama’s numbers will rise, and the Screamers will have lost again. They will become even more marginalized. The Prog Caucus may have second thoughts.

    As the Kossheads say “pass the popcorn.”

  31. POTUS has shown a lot of people for what they are.

    A bunch of the people who have spent years waxing poetic about wanting change, wanting progress, wanting to make a difference are being shown as all talk now that the rubber has met the road.

    A bunch of the people who hold themselves to one standard while holding POTUS and his supporters to another are being shown as two-faced, attention-seeking, and expedient (too many examples to count, one being Jon Stewart’s continuing ridicule of POTUS for seeking deals yet he himself stood in front of his rally for sanity and counseled both sides working together without the angry rhetoric, totally biting what POTUS has been saying, packaging it as his own ideas, and utterly contradicting his snide, ugly remarks for when POTUS says *and does* the same).

    A bunch of people who have claimed to be the purest of the pure and the most loving and concerned for the least of these are being shown as egomaniacs more than willing to toss aside improvements for real life people in order to maintain their purity and belief that they are better than everyone else.

    A bunch of the people who have claimed to be so “of the people,” grassroots, more connected to the pulse of the base are being shown as elitists who presume to know what’s best for us than we do, and who want the moral authority of speaking for us without having to actually give a damn what us rank and file proles on the ground actually think and want.

    Very *revealing* times.

  32. I was listening to the Bill Press show this morning, who has already declared this deal a “bridge too far” and he was talking to a Congresswoman from California who talked about how the Dem caucus (not just the progressive caucus) was against this deal. He brought up the arguement of “What about what woudl have happened if there was no deal in regards to people’s taxes going up and UI not being extended. She said, “That is a risk we would be willing to take. And besides, in the next Congress the Republicans would pass new tax cuts and extend unemployemnt.”

    Maybe she is right, but it isn’t a risk I would be willing to take.

    It is important to remember that not all the criticism is hyperbolic, and some can be ratehr rationaly and sanely presented. But when peopel start using words like “betrayal” or a “thumb in the eye” like she did , I tend to tune them out.

    I don’t worship Obama and disagree on several fronts with him, but I respect him and do think he really is trying to do what is best for the American people as a whole. Remember his 2004 convention speech. We aren’t red states or blues states, we are The United States of America.

    Interesting that there is a diary over at DK today about how the Dems, out of spite for some, are refusing to fund the closing of Guantanamo. A lot of people are supporting Obama in the comment thread. Others just say if he pressured Congress they would do what he wants.

    First of all, I don’t want to have a country where the President (whoever he is) gets whatever he wants. We went through that with Bush (except for his plans on immigration reform, which I agreed with and wish he had gotten his way).

    Secondly, he could have pushed the public option all he wanted and it still wouldn;t have gotten past the Senate. It’s like these people believe that they don’t have any responsibility to act like grown-ups and when they act like kids, it’s his fault.

  33. Excellent comment, japa. I personally refuse to conduct political discussions in spaces in which facts and reality are optional. No ma’am, so you’re better than me, lol.

    What you’ve just witnessed is precisely what I’m talking about in terms of these so-called principled, pure, better than everyone else people being exposed as egotistical, expedient, two-faced, elitist, and without principle. Waste of time in my view.

  34. okay – but with Jon Stewart… don’t forget, as he does try to continually remind everyone – he (meaning Jon Stewart) is NOT the media. It is a comedy show… and in fairness, he’s made equal “fun” of presidents. And in entertainment, regardless, everyone is fair game – including the president!! Remember when he was taking shots at bush? And the repukes were getting all bent out of shape?? Even then, Stewart tried to remind everyone – hey guys – I am NOT real. This is comedy!

    But it’s another thing when you get real media shows that take jabs. Like Olbermann.

    Just my two cents!! I haven’t heard the Jon Stewart piece – but I also don’t always think he’s funny. But I’d say he is at least 85% of the time pretty funny.

  35. I definitely take your points. I disagree, because Stewart knows that he has an audience which indeed relies on him for news delivery and analysis, not merely jokes. I think that his thought that President Obama should be as equally derided as Bush says it all in terms of Stewart holding a falsely equivalent view of these Presidencies. I don’t mind people clowning POTUS at all; but it must be fact-based, one, and it must be fair. And it is highly unfair to deride this POTUS as weak for doing the same things (cutting through partisanship in order to deliver progress) that Stewart himself counseled when convenient.

    I think that your comment is a little too generous, but I do get what you’re saying.

  36. I think overall… and you know, I do admire the President and will always stand behind him, that sometimes we tend to lose sight of the light side. There has to be a balance somewhere. I look at my own situation in life and have realized I’ve oftentimes lost that ability to laugh at myself.

    I guess I’m looking at it like with the repukes – and their usual everything is sacred in politics stance. no sense of humour at all.

    Peace –

  37. Interesting analysis by Leanne at
    House Dems Put on Quite a Show Against Tax Deal – But That’s All It Is

    If you’ve been listening to the media coverage of today’s angry demonstration by the Democratic Caucus in the House of Representatives, you could be forgiven for believing that the Dems had killed the deal by voting against an actual bill. Judging by many of the headlines the media is using to describe their action – of which the Boston Globe‘s >’s House Dems reject Obama’s tax plan was representative – they were probably aiming to create exactly that misperception.

    But the fact is that today’s “rejection” of the Obama tax deal framework was nothing more than a non-binding resolution, a symbolic gesture that could rightly be considered a dramatized sternly worded letter. It has no concrete effect and no official impact on any legislation. Sure, it stated that Speaker Nancy Pelosi should not allow the bill based on the deal to come to the floor unless changes are made to it, but these people aren’t fools. They know damned well that any changes they make that cut back the estate tax proposal or try to monkey with the Bush tax cut extension for the rich will never make it through the Senate. They know this because every liberal bill they’ve passed has been systematically killed or weakened in the other house for two whole years.


    The entire piece is well-reasoned and thought-provoking.

  38. Do any of you read The Daily Howler? they analyze the pundits and today’s is really good. Its everything we’ve all been saying for a very long time.

    I’ve only been reading for the past couple of weeks since it was recently brought to my attention.

  39. Hey, don’t get me wrong. I don’t see POTUS as sacred, and if Stewart wants to clown him about legitimate issues, I say go for it. But it’s not fair, and it’s not right to paint a picture of a weak President (and this accusation is more offensive than he thinks) based not on fact, but a silly narrative which runs counter to what Stewart *himself* counseled at his own rally.

    We can agree to disagree but I love your thought about the need to not take everything so seriously and be able to laugh. I just think that Stewart can do a far better job ensuring that his analysis and jokes more fairly reflect the situation.

  40. I was just reading an interesting piece by Andrew Sullivan. I know some people don’t like him, sometimes he drives me crazy, but when he is in a good mood he can be quite sensible. Anyway, he was pretty much saying what everone here has been saying that he can’t recall any other president in recent history that has been demonized as much as our current president. I did’nt include the link because I am not sure how to do it, but the article is called “How Do You Compromise with Stalin” if anyone is interested.

  41. Thanks for the head’s up. Sullivan is absolutely correct in this respect IMO. This is quite obvious to me.

  42. “Things that make you go, hmmm” comment at

    I just want to note that the self-proclaimed “civil liberties” critics of the President have exposed themselves as hypocritical lying frauds – again. The House of Representatives, with a Democratic majority, put a provision in the budget bill that prohibits spending to move Guantanamo prisoners to the US for civilian trials. There was not one peep from the Civil Liberties Guardians of American Against Obama’s Evil like Glenn “Triumph of Will” Greenwald. Holder was lobbying the Senate last night to drop it from the bill and still not one word of support from the fake-left.

  43. Yes, the “only adult and the smartest one in the room”. He’s always 2 steps ahead of everyone else, and jealousy burns.

  44. Dear BWD,

    Once again thanks for your corner of sanity. Now that DKos has almost driven out my like-minded ones, I find myself coming here a more frequently.

    But I can’t stay long. Your white-on-black theme HURTS MY EYES because it is so nearly unreadable. I have to cntrl+ to enlarge my view so much, it destroys the flow of articles, comments, etc. I have no idea what I’m replying to…

    And besides it’s gloomy and depressing – like a dark tunnel. Not at all in keeping with the hope and positivity your aim to spread.

    I know you’re proud of your blog and the last thing you want to hear is criticism about your color scheme. But I can’t participate fully – it’s a real barrier to me – and I know I’m lot alone. I’m probably just one of the few willing to write about this.

    So with all due respect, would you please, Please, PLEASE give us a color theme that is lighter, more refreshing, and above all readable?

    Many thanks for reading this.

  45. What is this about Democrats chanting “no we can’t” led by Weiner yesterday when I guess they decided to vote against the tax cut deal in the caucus. I am getting real tired of these former Hillary supporters acting the fool. Are they still “bitter?” I mean geesh Secretary of State Clinton is doing an excellent job in my opinion, but I can’t help but to think that many of her supporters from the campaign are trying to sabotage this President. They will wear the blame if unemployment extension gets canned, and the economy tanks further, not the Republicans. It is too late for them to start acting rogue. Why didn’t Bernie Sanders filibuster the Healthcare bill being that it did not include the public option? I mean this is getting ridiculous and I am ashamed of the Democrats behavior.

  46. Gobrooklyn,

    It saddens me because I agree with the Author of Daily Howler regarding Rachel Maddow. I had great hopes for her. But her snarkyness, tantrums and self indulgence are a turn off; even when I support her point of view. Sorry Rachel I have to let you go, I need my sanity

  47. Just read the article you link. The left wants you to know certain things, he is right,we have the majority, but the majority is not liberal. my eyes are open.

  48. WOW, GN! I keep hearing people complaining that he hasn’t kept his promise with regrad to closing Guantanamo. How can he keep tha campaign promise if Congress won’t fund it?

  49. Jan – It was difficult for me as well. We are fortunate to own two computers. The family computer, I made no changes to. But I set my laptop to disregard all site color choices (forgot the exact wording) Now everything on this computer is black print on off white background. It was odd getting used to a few places I visit often, but a most workable solution for me. I understand not everyone has a spare laptop.

  50. Blackwater Dog, this is a great site and I enjoy reading it. I have been over at Blue Wave News for many months and don’t have time to comment regularly on more than one site, but I hope I can make an occasional comment here. Thank you for providing this excellent opportunity for positive discourse. It is what will prevail in the end.

  51. I hope does not blow gasket, he being at his filibustering for about 4 hrs now with a little help from Lady Mary. We need to pray for the dude cause he might give himself a coronary

  52. Weiner is someone who has a lot of drive to get to his goal (which ultimately, I could see him striving to reach presidency…) He’s young, he’s got the energy – and a lot of hutzpah! But I also see him as someone who goes the path of what he can get most out of political gain – yah – like someone willing to sell his soul.

    Have had dealings with his NY staffers on a regular basis… he and they are very aggressive in getting what they want.

  53. I don’t believe the President is being hurt with this issue, but to the contrary I think he’s burnishing his moderate credibility. It’s being reported on, at least in my neck of the woods, that “The Democrats are saying they will block President Obama’s negotiated deal that would see tax cuts and unemployment insurance extended” along with they hyperbolic quotes coming out of Congress.

    Now one regular question for sitting Presidents running fo re-election is name times when you went against your party. Before he had the public option in HCR and staying in Afghanistan, but neither sparked the public venom we’re seeing now.

  54. You read my mind. And that’s what really gets under my skin. The Democrats are happy to once again leave our LGBT brothers and sisters standing on the sidelines.

    Have they taken a vote on START?
    Do you know when they are supposed to vote again on DREAM?

  55. Glad it worked for you, but that is NOT an option for me. Not only do I not have a spare computer laying around, but I earn income creating & selling artwork on my computer, so the last thing I want to do is mess with the color settings 😉

  56. If you’re using IE or Firefox you can chance the look to a bare bones white background with black typing.

    Under the “view” drop down button at the top of your browser, click on it and then go down to “style” or “page style” and then change to “no style” from default style.

    “No Style” is very basic, but it might be better for your eyes and that will allow you to stay around here more.

    Hope this helps.

  57. As I said above, I’ve already changed my browser as much as I can. My point, this type of color scheme is well-known in blogging circles as a barrier to readership, so I’m offering these comments as (hopefully) helpful suggestion in addition to a plea for my own readability.

  58. Greetings from another former Orange page lurker – I’m just tired of all of the reactivity – such an energy sink! I’m not likely to post often here, but I’m grateful for this site & some of the others I’ve visited via the links posted by BWD.
    Just wanted to wave and say, “Thanks!”

  59. Please see my comments above. I don’t use firefox, and I’ve made all the changes I can to my browser.

    Note: A blog should readable in its own right. Readers should not have to change their system to be able to view a blog they badly want to read.

    Just sayin’

  60. Fair enough. Other folks will like the look and not like the changes. Readers shouldn’t have to change their systems, but BWD isn’t going to please everybody no matter which design she chooses.

    I can certainly appreciate that it is hard on your eyes, as colored printing other than white, black or dark blues hurt mine in short time.

    I don’t know about the design being gloomy and depressing though. No more than DK and the orange is sunny and uplifting. Ideally wordpress would make other skins available, which would allow BWD to set her default and then allow others to choose a skin that better suited their own perferable designs, but I don’t believe that option exists here.

  61. So am I ashamed of their behavior. Anthony Weiner called the president the “Negotiator in Chief,” as though that were some kind of withering epithet.

    Isn’t negotiating part of a president’s job? And especially necessary considering the fractious, juvenile acting up in both houses of Congress these days.

    President Obama is not just the only adult in the room; he’s the only adult in DC.

  62. I just called the my representative and dissapprove of him signing a letter against this tax cut deal. i also called the cbc

  63. He can’t, but that won’t stop people from blaming him for it anyway. It’s just what they do with this president. Sigh. Nobody held George W. Bush to these standards.

  64. Since he was stuck with the tax cuts on the rich, the president took this as an opportunity to essentially create a second stimulus package, which was incredibly smart (and a good example of making lemonade out of lemons).

    He has also completely destroyed the Republicans’ deficit-reduction argument. They’re now painted into a corner when the debt-ceiling issue comes up next year. President Obama is usually several steps ahead of everyone else, thinking long-term, and in general, he does get much of what he wants.

    We are incredibly lucky to have him.

  65. Well, not all of us, but sadly, we do have more than our share. Perhaps it seems like everyone because the nutbags and racists scream the loudest.

  66. Im listening to black radio and many so far is coming out against the dems as well as the republicans, dems are making a mistake. The phone lines are hot.

  67. Ok, Bernie Sanders has been speaking for at least six hours. How long does he plan on doing this?

  68. Does anyone have any thoughts re: this being a huge waste of time when we have some seriously needed legislation to attend to? From an outcome-oriented viewpoint, precisely what is Sanders hoping to accomplish?

  69. Yes I find this day-long endeavour a bit over the top. Interesting that the Democrats have never staged a filibuster for the last 2 years except to sabotage their president.

    Where was the filibuster in the house and/or senate when it came to defunding ACORN on false evidence?

  70. I agree, GN. This is a complete waste of time. I’m sure the Republicans are happy about what he is doing. As long as this is going on, nothing else is being worked on.

  71. How embarrassing for him to be openly emulating the teabaggers. I have said many times that the national media tends to falsely equalize the parties, and that Dems at their worst are not like the GOP. I’m unhappy seeing my theory proven so utterly and completely wrong.

    Where are the grownups?

  72. I’ve suggested a white-background crosspost, at a space like weeseeyou, thepeoplesview, or bluewavenews to enable people who find this background to be difficult on the eyes, to enjoy this work in a lively community. I hope that this idea takes roots in the near future. I personally like the background, but it would be a shame if people who want to enjoy this content end up not being able to do so when there are other light-background spaces with wonderful, terrific communities which could host BWD’s fabulous roundups and thoughts about some of the current political excesses taking place right now.

  73. Just saying…where are all of the thunderous complaints, the allusions to being an extension of Bush, the raging and hyperbole? So very telling that such seems confined to President Obama and his administration only.

  74. *Crickets.*

    I keep saying: everyone is Mike Tyson so long as the punching bag is POTUS rather than the GOP. It’s amazing, isn’t it.

  75. And they also are having a chance to regroup and think about how to turn this win for POTUS into a loss. Dems need to get on this IMO.

  76. More meaningless drivel from Congress. Similar to the non-binding voice vote resoltion against the tax bill from House Democrats, Bernie Sanders filibuster today is meaningless. According to MSNBC, Harry Reid allowed him to talk as long as he wants because the vote is not scheduled for today. It’s scheduled for Monday.

    It would be nice if these guys showed these cajones in their fights with the republicans. Geez……

  77. someone at balloon juice referred to it as progressive porn. Let him do it. Did you see Landrieu? Now she can go sit down some where.

  78. I read at Talking Points Memo that the cbc produced a progressive friendly tax cut plan. Yeah, uhm, AFTER the president forces your hand you come up with something? I’m glad Obama pissed them off. I hope he keeps them on their toes in the next session. Let’s see how real their fire is, huh?

  79. I’ll be interested to see what get’s added to the bill to appease landrieu. I’m sure she doesn’t plan on walking away without something.

  80. fleetadmiral at bluewavenews asks whether House Dems are going the way of the frustrati:

    House Dems now like the Frustrati?

    There may be a very simple reason why the House Democrats are suddenly sounding more and more like netroots, or as some here like to describe them, the frustrati: just like many liberal blog writers, the House Democrats are now facing a situation where they’ll have no power and can afford to scream and yell about how things should be, without having any power or responsibility to actually get those things done.


    The entire piece is excellent.

  81. And they’ll get props from the Proggers because they are Standing on Principle, despite the fact that the Proggers were ready to PRIMARYOBAMA for not being a “fierce advocate.” It makes my head spin.

  82. Apparently, they’re only voting on Monday. So he could go all weekend. Maybe he should have done this last Friday, since the Senate took their vote on Saturday – and failed. His points on the moral bankruptness of those who are pushing for tax cuts for the rich are valid, but too late. I don’t think anyone doesn’t see or feel sick about having to pay that ransom. But, the deal we got at that price is amazing. Unless he’s up there presenting a viable option for getting everything that the President got in the deal, and the votes to secure those things, then maybe he should step aside now. His complaints are on record, and they’ll be useful in the tax reform fight to come.

  83. Meanwhile, Obama continues to punt on DADT /not:

    I hate that so much important legislation is being held up (pun intended) while everyone wrings hands over the taxes. By the way, how true is it that the additional concession (to the President) in this compromise are in total equal or greater than a second stimulus package? I’ll have to do more research later.

  84. IMO, the majority of progs at certain sites don’t seem to care too much about DREAM or DADT. Very rarely is there a diary on DREAM and DADT can fall off the rec list fairly quickly.

  85. More oil drilling as a sweetener for her? What a joke that anyone who claims to be on the left chose to elevate her opportunistic complaints.

  86. ugh.
    No, Congressman Weiner, he’s the Commander-in-Chief. He took command because you lame-butts in Congress didn’t.

  87. Do they have the votes? If not, then they need to take their “progressive freindly tax cut plan” and … get behind the President. Don’t they get it that the President isn’t in favor of the rich bonus tax, but he is in favor of doing what’s needed to help the American people? Why aren’t they in favor of that? The posturing is disgusting.

  88. Our Corporate Owned Media has again let the Amercian public down by failing to inform.

    Just disgusting what this countries media gets away with. Whatever happened to the 4th Estate?

    GOP blocks 9/11 first responders bill; ABC, CBS, and NBC ignore the story

  89. I didn’t know the vote was scheduled for Monday. So, while he’s making some salient points about our broken economy and tax system, basically it’s grandstanding. Useless.

  90. He will never be President. He’s basically someone who preens in front of the cameras, but doesn’t have any pull to get his colleagues to do what he wants. He achieves nothing and doesn’t seem to be too politically savvy, given that the majority of Americans are in favor of this deal, and the majority of Americans love the President – the one he keeps calling a coward.

  91. I don’t think Republicans would have extended unemployment in 2011 wtih the 112th Congress, given that Demint has already said that UI should be a loan, or abolished. And when she says that it’s a risk they were willing to take, what about the children who would have gone hungry over the holidays, over the season of charity and giving? How would they have handled the fall out of all of that? And the economy? What was she going to do when everyone stopped spending over the holidays? I wish they had talked about that, and how they were willing to risk the state of the economy and actual lives.

  92. I agree – he may have started as a comedian, but a lot of people now look to him for news and analysis (especially the young people). He knows this, and therefore he has a responsibility. He’s a citizen, after all. It’s his country, too.

  93. Exactly….if Sanders does this Monday, I’ll give a rat’s petuti but until then, it’s just political kabuki theater.

  94. Hey BWD, just to add to the crazy; why don’t we start a petition to primary Bernie Sanders with Ron Paul

    Sign petition below at:

    1. Harry Reid
    2. Nancy Pelosi
    3. Mitch McConnell
    4. Rachel Maddow
    5. Michea Jackson (sorry Micheal RIP)
    6. Bill Clinton
    7. George H Bush
    8. Meg Whitman
    Please name and pass along

    Just kidding

  95. LOL, touche. And thank God for that. Here’s to hoping that during primary season we might find a few adults to give the WH an assist.

  96. Yup. I certainly understand kishik’s points, but I think that Stewart retreating to the “I’m just a comedian!” is kind of a cop-out at this point.

  97. Agreed! We have too many Dems willing to throw everything overboard because—-why?—feelings are hurt—-grandstanding too little too late? I heard today that Jim DeMint is urging all Repubs to kill this bill because they can get something better with the new and “improved” Congress. Dems are being dumb if they don’t see how much worse it can get.

  98. I agree theo. The GOP leadership have proven disruptive to unemployment benefits extensions before; I think that it is utterly irresponsible to simply hope that they could be shamed into behaving decently. What’s clear to me is that those who are grandstanding have no plan which provides a reasonable and viable path to replacing this deal with something better; merely platitudes and emotional slogans. I still can’t believe that Dems turned a deal for which we benefit the most into a manufactured crisis. Hopefully, sane, responsible voices will prevail.

  99. They only care about DREAM or DADT when they can use it against the President otherwise they pay it no mind.

  100. Bernie Sanders has lost any and all credibility he had filibustering with the GOP.

    And the poutragers will defend him as “standing on principle.” Standing on WHAT principle? I recall that if it had been a BlueDog Democrat like Landrieu or Lincoln filibustering with the Republicans, they’d be raked over the coals, but Sanders is coined a hero in poutrager Lollypop land despite the fact his new BFF is the Teabagging Terrorist from South Carolina Jim Demint!

    I’m begininning to understand why and how the right wing has despised liberals for so long. All they do is whine and cry like little bitches when they don’t get their way… at least the poutragers. I’ve encountered real liberals on other blogs who aren’t so prone to reacting with their emotions. I’m starting to find some REPUBLICANS saner than the goddamn DEMOCRATS!

    Bernie Sanders and the Democrats need to quit with the gtandstanding for political gain and just take the deal. Poll after poll has shown that a majority of the American people support it, what part of that don’t these liberal loons in Congress get?

    But most importantly, these poutraging fools need to quit attacking our President. It is NOT his fault that he had to do what the Democrats failed to do before the mid-terms.

    Seriously poutragers, man the FUCK up and quit acting sanctimonious.

  101. And while the poutrage media circus sucks all of the air from the room, the WH marches on, making tangible improvements to real people’s lives:

    New Analysis Shows Families Are Benefitting from Health Reform Law

    Posted by Kathleen Sebelius on December 10, 2010 at 01:55 PM EST

    Today, we got some good news about how the Affordable Care Act is already making a difference in people’s lives across the country. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), which provides retirement and health benefits to more than 1.6 million people and their families, sent me a letter detailing how the new law has already helped them improve benefits and keep down costs for thousands of retirees and their family members.

    One of the new law’s key first-year provisions allows most children who don’t get health coverage from their jobs to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26. CalPERS reports that under this provision, 27,000 young adults will get coverage by the beginning of next year. That’s not only good news for those young people, but imagine what a relief it is to their parents and other family members who worried that their sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters were going to be uninsured. Instead, thousands of families will have new peace of mind next year.

    According to the letter, another of the Affordable Care Act’s provisions CalPERS is making a big dent in the cost of insurance. The new law created the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program to help plan sponsors like CalPERS maintain health coverage for early retirees and their families, for whom premiums have skyrocketed in recent years. So far, approximately 4,700 employers and unions have signed up, including CalPERS.

    In its letter, CalPERS explained that by factoring the new program into its 2011 health plans, it was able to provide approximately $200 million in premium savings to 115,000 early retirees and their families. That makes a huge difference at a time when many families are struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet.

    This letter is good news for California families, and we’re seeing similar signs of progress across the country. Just nine months after it was signed into law, the Affordable Care Act is already fulfilling its promise to help working Americans get and keep insurance, and to slow rising costs for those who have coverage, while ending some of the worst practices of the insurance industry with a new Patient’s Bill of Rights. And in the months to come, we look forward to working with CalPERS and employers across the country to implement this new law and make sure all Americans can get the care they need.

    Kathleen Sebelius is Secretary of Health and Human Services


  102. Oh they are loving every minute of it. be prepared to see all the progressive pundits tell Obama that he needs to be more like Sanders.

    The Sunday news shows are 99% Democrats. Do you think they will use that time effectively to call out Republicans or continue to trash Obama?

  103. Of course they don’t have the votes. they know it won’t pass. they know they won’t have to sell it or even work to get those votes.

    ticks me off.

  104. Can somebody tell me when did the deficit become a “progressive/liberal/democratic” talking point?

  105. Well Bernie Sanders on the Floor of the senate and being covered int eh news is 6 hours plus of not hearing about Alaska Grizzly. thank God for small mercies.

    That the Sunday talk shows are saturated with Democrats many of whom will be bashing Pres. Obama is talk show hours not hearing from repugs and their wingnut minions. It’s Democrats are in the news.

    In the end they vote for the bill. Everybody knows this is Pres. Obama’s COMPROMISE bill. Even the faux news crowd, knows this. The erstwhile news blackout on the President is over at least for this week. He capped it by bringing out the Big Dog. Everyone will remember that.

    As of today he is NOT a commie/socialist. That is the reason Charles Krauthammer is livid. In one fell swoop the wingnuts and teabaggers’ caricatures of the Pres. have been rendered meaningless (See Andrew Sullivan from Wednesday on The Dish).

    Nobody will remember all this brouhaha come New year’s Day. Trust me. I am taking the long view.

  106. So Saint Russ Feingold went the White House to ask that the tax cut vote not be brought up to the floor BEFORE the elections? Et tu…Russ?

    Well well well. (see second to last paragraph)

    So apart from the blue dogs and liberals Barbara Boxer and Patti Murray, we now have Saint Russ in the mix of congresscritters hiding behind the White house’s skirts.

    Yet there they are putting up a splendid show on the floor and in front of cameras plus fauxgressive cyber-lights.

    Ain’t politricks (that is what it is aptly called in Nigeria) a b***h?

  107. Thanks for the “View” tip! I’m running Firefox and now I can read here much more comfortably. It’s worth having to bop up to the tab and switch back for other webpages. Sixty-almost-two-year-old eyes need all the help they can get.

    Oh, I should introduce myself, this being my first post here: I be ETF at Daily Kos (that’s all right; I don’t expect to be remembered, not being very prolific), EddyTeddyFreddy at the Straight Dope, now changing identity to janicket here and at Blue Wave (and who knows where I’ll wind up from there?) — it seemed like a good idea to shake all the dust off as I departed the orange dustbowl.

  108. No kidding! The primaryhim! people regularly dredge that up as yet another stick with which to beat President Obama (two years on and it STILL delights me to call him that!), but when you ask them howinhell he’s supposed to close it without Congress backing him up, you get either crickets or some yawping about bully pulpits and such.

  109. It just astounds me how cowardly they are – they were too craven to bring up the issue during an election but have no problem unloading on the President after their legislative malfeasance put him in the position that he had to negotiate to get a deal before the GOP assumes control of the House in January.

  110. Everyone’s Mike Tyson when the punching bag is POTUS instead of the GOP. How utterly revealing this incident has proven.

  111. This is simply terrific. I remember that people scoffed at POTUS when he set some incredibly ambitious export targets. This focus has been present during the trade negotiations as well (which is why the UAW likes the South Korea deal: for once, trade agreements are being discussed with US labor as a priority rather than an afterthought). Thanks for reporting, Nonie! There are better days ahead for this country if we stick together and use common sense, ignoring the screamers on both ends.

  112. Criticism of Bernie Sanders is not fair. He has been out there passionately taking the side of the poor and the middle class when no one would listen. He’s the real deal, not a typical politician.

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