Something for the soul

The Obama family at  the National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony today. Enjoy the very long slide show.


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54 thoughts on “Something for the soul

  1. This is wonderful. Great ending to a very frustrating day for this political observer and a reminder that at the end of the day: everyone’s just trying to survive and do the right thing.

    Have a terrific evening everyone!

  2. What a lovely comment GN, and so true. Thank you bwd.. it was a lovely ceremony and all the more special with BB King, look at the President’s eyes light up over that guitar pick.

    I’d also just like to say that I’ve been reading all of the comments on the threads everyday.. and folks you are all so smart and thoughtful.. I am so grateful for all of you and for you bwd. Have a good night~

  3. As I watched this Christmas show with the people enjoying the presence of Obama, I got to thinking, “How can there actually be a group of folks who hate this man?”

    The people LOVE Obama, they might disagree with some of his politics but they enjoy seeing and hearing from him as much as they can. That is why whenever Obama is scheduled to give a speech, people have to be turned away because the venue fills up fast.

    All this bluster from the poutragers about Obama being a one termer is just that, bluster. They don’t even come close to representing “the base” as they claim to. They only represent the base of poutraging immature twits plugged into The Matrix as controlled by Olbermann, Hamsher, Maddow, Shultz, Greenwald, and other fellow ratfuckers.

    Clinton didn’t need these ratfuckers to be re-elected, and neither does Obama.

    Having gotten that off my chest (WOOOO!) it was an excellent sight to see so many folks enjoying the President and other performers kick off this holiday season, especially with Michelle reading “The Night Before Christmas.”

    A classy bunch.

    May they be blessed this holiday season for all that they have done thus far.

  4. What a wonderful slide show!! Definitely helps to think about more positive things, and to give us hope!!

    I hope everyone is safe and happy this Holiday Season!!

  5. Such a beautiful, loving, decent and good President and family. I cannot understand for the life of me the level of animosity toward him and the refusal to understand the difficult circumstances and the necessity of his decisions re. this legislation.

  6. Thanks, BWD. You make my day! You are right, nintendowii10, very classy bunch. Malia and Sasha are growing up right before our eyes. What a joy they are. It is a Happy Christmas having them in the WH.

  7. A perfect note for me to get offline. Hating politics, loving the Obamas, Bidens, and my blog families. Good Night!

  8. Thanks BWD for the visual feast. If only everyone could take the message of the season to heart: peace on earth and good will to all. I am by brother’s/sister’s keeper.

  9. Love it. People love our president despite the whiners.

    I posted a link to the latest on the tax cuts in the thread below because I just want to leave this thread for admiration for the First Family.

  10. We’ve got to pull together for all the Americans in danger abroad and at economic risk here at home.

  11. Thank you for the holiday cheer, it did me old heart good to see the tree and the kids and, of course, the beautiful First Family.

  12. I just came to a revelation. I am not a liberal or progressive, but I am a TRUE DEMOCRAT in my heart.
    I now know the difference. I am pragmatic, want to get stuff done, common sense democrat. I realize that I am really not an ideologue. It really hit me this week when I kept reading the left wing bashing on this tax cut thing. I understand their frustrations but I realize that given the circumstance he was under and how the fact that getting anything passed the senate is damn near impossible, he had to make a decision that was the best deal he could get with GOP just to get something passed

    Last year, I switched to Independent because I was so sick and tired of the liberal wing bashing of this president and why they couldn’t understand or put themselves in his shoes on the fact that campaigning and governing are 2 different things. Hell I disagree with a lot of stuff he does, but I know in my heart that the decision he is making is the best decision he can make with the choices he has. He is always given 2 choices. A bad choice or Worse choice. Take ya pick.

    So I really understand that being president of the US of so many different people you have to come in with the attitude of getting things done if it means sacrifices and compromising. I want obama to fight these Republican thugs but there is a time and place for that in the next 2 years.

    So I am a pragmatic left leaning Independent. What do yall consider yourselves?

  13. “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”. Let’s hope the senate hears enough of the celebration to finish the job. If
    (Lieberman) can get DADT through the senate, well, the 8 days of Hannukah and the tree lighting tonight will be bright indeed 🙂 So get legislating senate, so PBO can get signing! And I guess we’ll have to keep calling 😉

  14. Just a Dem, or Lib if I must parse further. But I usually don’t. Case by case basis as we say in Social Work. ie, issue by issue. (and mood by mood 🙂

    And mindful of music and one’s soul, I will now enjoy my IPOD!

  15. Nonie, As per latest pew poll the majority of americans (including dems) support the President’s tax proposals. Extreme left has always kneecapped their own side. Nothing new there. Time for the moderates, from both left and right, and the indies to move on and ignore the fringes.

  16. A gift for the soul indeed! Thank you all so very much. It is a relief to have a site that can demonstrate love and support to the Obama/Biden team and families.

  17. Problem is most folks don’t call their congressmen/women or Senators – only the raving nutters seem to do that. Same raving nutters write Rachel and Olberman(hell Olbermann posts at DK) and spout off.

    I think this is more effective on the House, both because they usually have more novice politicans and because they’re up every two years which makes them more reactionary.

  18. I watched the whole ceremony. I had a smile on my face the time. The pictures are fabulous. Thanks BWD.

  19. Dear Dotster,
    It is because he is “such a beautiful, loving, decent and good President and family”. He mirrors everything they are not and cannot be. He makes them see their negativity in ways they cannot stand. It makes me love him all the more.

    BTW, thanks BWD for this closing post. It made me remember why I support him so totally.

  20. This was a great event. Love the reaction of the people to our president and the first family, always so different from the noise on cable news. POTUS Obama is a good man and the people know that.

  21. I’m a Democrat through & through – and pragmatic to core. Screw ideology; let’s go for the best thing we can get and do what works.

    Like you, I formerly considered myself liberal & progressive, but after seeing the filth that’s being posted on DKos & HuffPo these days, I have to seriously reconsider that.

    I believe in party registration for the purpose of voting in the primaries, so I’m not into the Independent route. Other than that, we’re on the same page!

  22. Thank you for posting this – What a great way to get the noxious taste of DKos & HuffPo out of my mouth 🙂

    Best wishes to Pres. Obama and his wonderful family over the holidays – and to all who stand by him, too!

  23. This is great news. He is definitely made of strong stuff – to quit smoking with all that’s on his plate, and the long hours, and the recalcitrant party members and obtuse media? And only have a public smackdown of those juvenile party members the whole time? He’s simply amazing.

  24. I have many political differences with the President, but I know that he’s an honest and honorable man — just not right on every issur. 😉
    They are a beauiful family and I admire both Mr and Mrs Obama greatly. This is the first time in my long life that both the President and the First Lady were way smarter than me and, in fact, anyone else I know.

  25. Great pictures – sure looks cold there.

    thanks so much. such a relief from the hoohah elsewhere.

  26. May our First Family’s Christmas be a very joyful, blessed, and happy one. It is such a joy to see POTUS smiling with his girls.

  27. Exactly. Not everyone will agree with him on all issues, but there is nothing wrong with those who see the good, also.

    Thanks for an even-keeled post. I think we can have these adult conversations and hear each other without spitting on each other or tearing down this president and Democrats.

  28. I hope this fighting stops soon. We all need to support each other, and it’s a shame DKos has gotten to be such an angry place as of late. I can certainly understand being frustrated that the Repulicans seem to always bully their way through to what they want, but too few over there are giving the President credit for negotiating a tax deal that helps a lot of people out.

    Hopefully this odd scenario of the extreme left and right hating the deal so much will have the effect of driving everybody else to a less polarized middle. It wil lbe pretty hard for unemployed conservatives out there to be too angry about getting their UI, and bigger tax cuts and credits. Suddenly they find themselves supporting Obama’s proposal over the tea puritains.

  29. You are so right about this entrenched fighting. I am trying to understand this anger emanating from the left. The Democrats had a chance to bring this to a vote before the midterms, and never did.

    Part of this deal, correctly is odious. But a good part of it goes to helping people NOW that will be suffering otherwise. So, this great anger at the part of the deal in the Republicans’ favor is just baffling to me. I certainly don’t want the rich to get those tax cuts.

    But does that mean we should let millions go without too?

    And the hypocrisy from some on the left is just so rich. Take Mary Landrieu. She voted for the Bush Tax Cuts, but has the nerve to call this deal morally corupt. I was so glad to see O’Donnell call her out for this.

    Notice how no one on the left is quoting her anymore?

    And another thing, all these rich guys yelling about killing the whole plan, don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from.

    Go figure.

  30. ”What a great way to get the noxious taste of DKos & HuffPo out of my mouth.”

    HP has run me away. They are so hostile towards President Obama. The contributing writers, the whole atmosphere over there is hostile towards him.
    I am glad to have found this blog.

  31. I just want to say thank you. I’ve followed you from Daily Kos. I too love our President, and all he has done and all he is trying to do.

  32. I have a differing view. To me, this is not really about a fight. This is about diverging interests. I’ll be blunt: I came to blogs because I was upset with the sensationalism in the national media which whipped this country into such a fury, that we committed a gross, grave assault upon the Iraqi people at NO provocation. Blogs “got it” that this sensationalism was a problem and fact-checked the media. I did not come to blogs so that a small group of people could build media and political businesses at the expense of progress. Insofar that a new media space does not suit my interest, I have no intention to purchase its product (which is in essence what page clicks and ad clicks represent).

    Sensationalists jumping from crisis to crisis can do what they please. I don’t see where I need them at all, and I don’t see where I need to support any space so utterly lost editorially that it entertains that level of toxicity and excess. Such spaces have *become* the Villagers which I came to the Internet to flee. I’d rather build new spaces from the ground up. That’s my opinion.

  33. The left is upset because their fake outrage is being debuked by the media. Daily someone is coming out saying they are making a fool of themselves. the right is upset because yet again President Obama out smarted them It took them all week to figure out he played them when they came thinking the played him. Once the dust settled President Obama made them all look like amatuers.

  34. I just had to share this:
    I sent an email to the Baltimore Orioles today about the idiot player Luke Scott, who is Orly’s newest hero; he’s convinced Obama must be a furriner because everyone, like him, has their birth certificate in a drawer at home, so why can’t Obama produce his?

    Just got this from the Orioles:

    Thank you for contacting the Orioles. We appreciate your feedback.

    The Baltimore Orioles organization has issued the following statement regarding Luke Scott’s recent interview: “Luke Scott’s comments do not reflect the opinion of the Baltimore Orioles organization. The fact is that Barack Obama is our President, duly elected by the people of the United States. End of story.”

    To be perfectly clear, Mr. Scott does not speak for the ownership or management of the Orioles, and we reject the implication that the President of the United States is somehow not a natural born citizen.


    Carey Paytas
    Communications Assistant
    Baltimore Orioles

    You think ol’ Luke is perhaps going to be told to shut the hell up? Yep.

  35. Good and thank you. I know MLB is top heavy with Pubs, but birthers too? Luke will have a meeting with his PTB, as he should. Fool.

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