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Still very much on the road, so this is another quicky.


So, who got the better deal here, and how pathetic congressional Dems looks when they fight against a deal far better than what they were chicken scared to even vote on before the election? (From The Washington Post):


And here’s Austan Goolsbee explaining the facts to people like they were 6 years old – since apparently so many of them actually are.


This will be good for the economy, but let’s block it because it’s a stain on our purity:

Tax deal may give the recovery the jolt it needs


Slow, painfully slow, but moving:

Jobless claims fall for second time in 3 weeks


This is good too:

U.S. Wholesale Inventories Rose 1.9% in October



38 “Democrats” voted against the Dream Act last night. 38! But oh, they have PRINCIPLES!!! And the Democratic party will continue to stab this president in the back whenever they can:


Which brings me to a thought i had last night: How deep and fundamental is the damage Bush inflicted on this country, that when you get a president who actually respect the law and act like a PRESIDENT and not the head of a militia – he’s being labeled as “weak”.

Have a good one, good people. I’ll try to post again in the evening.

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  1. The left is making themselves look bad! Daily economist and columnist are saying the president did the right thing. The poor and middleclass is getting more than expected.

  2. I have “unsubscribed” from MoveON, and this is what I wrote them:

    Move On has become ultra partisan, and has started taking “unreasonable” positions, and because of that I am not interested in doing things against my own interests. There is no way that Democrats can get a “better deal” on the tax cuts. Where are the 60 votes going to come from in the Senate? Exactly. Thanks but no thanks. I am only interested in being involved with practical organizations, and move on is not one.

  3. Thank you for this blog. I don’t always agree with the President or with you, but at this moment in particular, you are truly one of the few voices of sanity. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the Democrats should accept this deal as quickly as possible and give the President credit for making the best of an awful situation. Then start taking some responsibility for their own actions and focusing on the extremely vulnerable people out there who need their attention and their help.

  4. Dems in Congress have decided to “defy” the President because he hurt their feelings. They’ve now taken over the hostage taking from the Republicans, until their demands are met. So, we may have to say goodbye to the extra stimulus, the unemployment insurance, the payroll tax holiday, the tax cut stability for the lower and middle tax brackets.

    I guess they want the President to apologize to them for trying to help the people, because all I hear from the ones running to the microphones and TV cameras is how he should have/would have/could have. Not a word about their own failure to vote before the mid-term, or to negotiate a deal, or get a second stimuls or the unemployment benefits done.

    My head aches from how bad this is for Democrats, and what they purport to stand for.

  5. Gitmo. Even yesterday I read comments at other sites that mentioned President Obama has yet to close Gitmo.
    From the article you posted, bwd:

    “The US House of Representives have approved legislation that will block the transfer of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to face trial in criminal courts on the US mainland.

    If approved by the Senate after its endorsment by the House on Wednesday, the move will be a setback to President Barack Obama’s plan to close the military jail at Guantanamo Bay by prosecuting or releasing the men being held there.”

  6. i have to, I listened to stephanie miller while taking the kids to school. She said something that now is manifesting. She said the dems is making a mistake not backing President Obama. She seems to think this will effect the passing of DADT and the Dream act.

  7. Maybe he should just release them all, leave the prison empty (of course, I’m being facetious). Congressional Democrats are a disgrace! It’s no wonder that Bush was able to start an illegal war with them all just looking on and endorsing him, and then clucking their tongues when they realized that it was no longer a popular idea.

  8. He has highlighted the dems ineffectivness. The left and the right is getting blasted.

  9. Poll after poll shows that most Americans support this deal from President Obama, and only the poutraging “progressives” are against extending the tax cuts.

    Once again, the poutragers continue to prove how much of a minority they are in the real world where progress gets accomplished.

    I enjoy watching the cynical rants, it shows how clouded their thought processes are. The poutragers seem just as proud of their stupidity as the teabaggers of the far right are.

    Thing is, the poutragers could have waged this fight before the mid-terms, calling and pushing the Democrats to fight to end the Bush era tax cuts. But no, they decided to fumble the ball, and allowed the Republicans to score a touchdown, winning the House.

    Now that Obama has the ball back and is forced to go for a field goal, the Democrats want to call a time out and want to waste time arguing on the sidelines how Obama should have gone for a touchdown when they are the ones who fumbled the ball.

    None of these Democrats crying foul had the courage to wage this fight before the mid-terms because they are spineless cowards of the highest order, Mary Landrieu being one of the prime examples. She didn’t care about stabbing Obama in the back during the oil fiasco, opposing his nominee because he opposed offshore drilling in her homestate. But now she acts like Obama stabbed her in her back, and has the nerve to call him “morally corrupt” when she was one of the few Democrats who voted FOR the original tax cuts when Bush was still in office.

    These poutraging progressives/Democrats have less spine and conviction than they can project onto President Obama. Obama did what he could and got such a good deal, even Krugman is saying “Meh… whatever.” How come none of these poutragers are championing Krugman as their hero of the day now? They seemed to do it a lot when he was criticizing Obama left and right.

  10. It’s going to put a stop to all of it. This is the same Congress that was able to pull themselves together to pass legislation to lower the volume on TV during commercials, but can’t get it together to do the people’s business.

  11. you know you can disagree, but vilifying is what people was doing. No one want the rich to get tax cuts,but look at what he really got. Here you are able to have a conversation, without putting anyone down or calling or disrespecting the president. Thats the difference. People here listens , make their points and respect others.

  12. I am going to make comment I made in another blog about the tax deal.

    Someone was complaining that we had not stuck to our principles.

    If you noticed the main reason many of us like this admittedly imperfect deal is that it meets another important liberal/progressive value. It helps those folks who really need help these days. Where as most of what I have read else where, my liberal/progressive friends seem more than willing to desert those in need just so they can say they stuck to their principles. Well when your principles start hurting people just like Republican principles do, then I think it time to reexamine those principles.

  13. I also unsubsubscribed from MoveOn and DFA (Democracy for the Affluent). The compromise actually will help the people these democrats represent, current polls substantiate support for the compromise, and people are really hurting. Purity doesn’t pay the bills.
    Perhaps the side panel could carry action links with the phone numbers for the house, senate, and white house. We should all be calling.

  14. Good stuff, BWD. It’s sad when the blackboard has to come out to explain the simple things. One more note I’m loving Chris Matthews at the moment, he is definitely in President Obama’s corner on this issues. His segment on the non-existing primary challenger to President Obama was excellent! He ripped those folks a new one. BWD, thank you for giving us a truth telling blog that we can.court on. may God continue to bless you, dear.

  15. I unsubscribed to Move On also. I wrote that there positions are too far to the left and I know longer agree with them an most of what they post. While I don’t always agree with the president, I fully support him now and in 2012.

  16. I, too, unsubscribed from MoveOn, after working for/with them through the last two years. When they asked why, I said that I wanted to use my energies to work FOR things and not AGAINST things. I never thought I’d see obstructionism coming from the president’s own party. What’s with them?

  17. It’s exhausting and confusing to hear the back-and-forth on this (just heard House Dems are refusing to go along with initial proposal on 12:30 news). Does it mean they are making a smart strategic move to get a better deal? Playing a risky game of chicken? Argghhhh…..

    One thing I do know is that these days, with instant news and every single political hiccup being blasted out in the media, there is no way to compare how legislation was hashed out in the past. If we had had similar coverage of getting New Deal legislation under FDR, or Medicare haggles under LBJ – everybody would probably look bad.

    Same goes for how the public sees our leaders – before now, they were not under the microscope.

  18. About Senate Dems – I guess Mary Landrieu is getting all huffy and puffy about this deal, but then I read she voted for the original Bush tax cuts. Wish I had time to check the accuracy of all that but I don’t doubt it, with her record.

  19. you got read lawrence odonell piece on her. Its a the obama diary. He shed a revealing light about her. check it out.

  20. Broken record here

    Can’t thank you enough, BWD, for what you have accomplished. I have wished for so long for a site with Breaking News, Action Items, excellent discussion, and basic support for the administration.

    Safe travels.

  21. Now the unions are backing the northe korea deal. Jane Hamsher called them pigs i get link thing wrong. Its a story of The Obama Diary.

  22. Indeed. I’ve heard a ton of callers and Democratic Congress people say that the President is reneging on his promise to let the rich tax cuts expire. Well, I’d rather he break that promise, than the one that he made to the middle class about improving their lives and supporting those who need a ladder to climb into the middle class. That’s a more important promise to me than the one that sticks it to the rich. They’ll be fine, either way.

  23. If Jane Hamsher is exposed for the hack that she is, then all of this will have been worth it. We don’t need her as a “credible” voice in the run up to 2012, opposing the President and pulling voters away. She’s a disgrace.

  24. “The Senate is voting to drop their version of the DREAM Act. The repubs would not agree so they need 60 votes [I think] to table it. They will then vote on the House version that passed last night so it could immediately go to the President.”

    It only got 59 votes.

    Feingold is going out with a bang huh?

  25. North Korea or South Korea?

    Jane called the unions “pigs”. She has a lot of anger living in her. I wonder what happened in her life to make her so darn angry. It’s not a healthy way to live.

  26. I see that some comments show that house dems voted against president’s tax plan. Here’s a response to that:

    “Well, the AP is reporting that even while grumbling, the House Democrats are saying that the deal is likely to pass. Pelosi has not taken a position on this, but she did say in her press conference (yesterday I think) that Republicans were the hostage takers, and that she likes what Obama was able to get for everyday Americans. Steny Hoyer just said Congress has no choice but to pass it. There will be a few Democrats that decide to vote against it and make a statement. Fine, I guess, but it’s going to pass and the President did the only responsible thing here. He chose to break the gridlock and help ordinary Americans. ”

    This was a response from Deaniac83 from The Peoples View. This made me feel much better.

  27. oops, I guess I was still typing after you posted the above.

    What the heck is with Feingold? This is the guy that so many are praising!

  28. Thanks Starshine. Forgive me. I mean south.LOL! I think i channel Sarah Palin LOL!

  29. Now it’s no wonder Feingold got his ass handed to him last month. He does way too much grandstanding and not enough actual governing.

    And it’s upsetting that this is the thanks Feingold gives to the Obamas for campaigning endlessly for him.

    To hell with Feingold, not that I’m going to support the Teabagging Rethuglican that replaces him. He can take his so called “principles” to those struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills.

  30. I got my email from the Bernie Sanders list last nite, asking me to sign a petition AGAINST the tax deal.

    I wrote back, saying Shame on Them for working against a policy that will help people with food and shelter.

    This has really shown up people for who they are, hasn’t it?

  31. Vitter, Corker, Ensign voted yes! They would have had 60 but Feingold vote no. check out latorim post above

  32. Great football analogy!

    It is something to behold, how one can be a “hero” (Krugman) one day, and then crickets the next.

    It will be interesting to see if anything about DREAM or Gitmo show up on any of the “progressive” sites. And if information does show up, will they put any responsibility on the Congressional Dems and Repubs.

  33. “Does he ever vote FOR anything?”

    Feingold is the Senate version of Dennis Kuchinich, the best ally Republicans have.

    Their only “principles” seem to be voting alongside Republicans and screwing their constituents, just to establish political talking points.

  34. After watching the White Board support for the compromise seems like a no-brained. How could you not support this boost to the economy and help to your constituents. I’m going to email the link to my representatives.

  35. BWD,

    Same goes for Alan Grayson. Can you believe the nerve of that clown?

    Lawrence O’Donnell schooled him real good… here Grayson is on the record advocating raising taxes on the low/middle class incomes and cutting off their unemployment benefits, yet the poutraging “progressives” praise him as a hero and champion him as a serious primary challenger to President Obama.

    As much as I liked a lot of Grayson’s tactics in demonizing Fox News, that’s not good governance or good policy. That’s precisely why Obama quit picking on Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

    Sanctimonious clowns like Grayon and Feingold have no place being in office if all they are going to do is “cling to principles” that actually end up hurting the folks they claim to stand up for.

    Excellent job with the site, and I’m glad to be posting here.

  36. lol, it’s all good. I thought maybe something had happened with N. Korea. (I haven’t been watching the “news” recently!)

  37. So this was the kind of meaningless posturing vote that the true progressives profess to love, right? Whatever. Vote for or against the bill and let’s get this over with.

  38. Thank you BWD for this lovely community you are building.

    As i sit every day reading the hateful comments on blogs like KOS and watching rachel maddow,keith olberman and ESPECIALLY ed schultz castigate this kind,thoughtful president that America is so blessed to have at this time of crisis,I ask myself were these commentators ever really happy with
    President Obama?

    I find myself looking forward to the comments on MSNBC recently of Chris matthews of all people and the reasoned and balanced arguments of lawrence o’donnell.

    Why do all these so called democrats hate president Obama so much?

    All day every day,all night long you don’t know where to get some respite from this hate whether it be elliot spitzer on CNN,or Olbermann,Schultz,Cenk,adam green jane hamsher,anthony weiner,rachel maddow,james carville,paul begala and all the other clintonites and even roland martin seems to have jumped on the train as well.

    What are they leaving the republicans to say and do…..,nothing I suppose.

    Sometimes for a quick second I wished President Obama hadn’t taken the job and that sarah palin and john mccain were somehow allowed to run this country.

    Count your blessings folks.

  39. It’s amazing that even Austian Goolesbee doing a Glenn Beck with truth as opposed to lies STILL flies above the heads of the simple minded… and I am not speaking only of the Glenn Beck cult.

  40. What I find less than helpful is the jumping from crisis to crisis to crisis. Every policy disagreement or disappointment is taken to an extreme (“this is a sellout!” “this is a disaster!”). These are the conditions which produce irrationality, as noted in Shock Doctrine. And I do believe that it is on purpose. Thanks everyone for providing this oasis.

  41. He should have been lined up with Alan Grayson last night on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and asked what he’s going to say to his former constituents when he’s home watching them get tossed out on the streets, and seeing their children starve over the holidays.

  42. Sequana,

    It shows Bernie Sanders to be another hypocrite. Sanders actually compromised his principles voting for the HCR without a public option and was ranked over the coals by the poutragers.

    Now Sanders wants to filibuster this plan and “stick to his principles”, and guess who his ally is?

    The Teabagging Terrorist from South Carolina, Jim DeMint!

    Sanders can suck it. He’s as much a clown as his teabagging colleague and NOT a true socialist.

  43. Please excuse my French. These weak MFs were too scared to vote on the Bush tax cuts before the midterms and now they’re trying to flex their muscles? Here’s a newsflash – you don’t have any! My guess is that the President told the fauxgressive poutragers to have their runs up to the mike for gnashing of teeth and shaking fists at clouds. And then their dumb asses better approve the deal.

  44. You know, I do see why the Repugs keep beating the Democrats.Just saw on TPM that the House Dems took a voice vote and rejected the President’s plan!
    What can one say to that? Republicans would never do that to any of their Presidents. So little time left in this Congressional session and that’s what they spend time doing.Being short-sighted and disloyal.

  45. She has cancer. But, guess what? Many people do, and many people are suffering. I volunteer with quadriplegics who cannot even feed themselves. They are not drowning in hatred and obsessed with bringing down others with them.

    I’ve loathed this woman since her hateful, sexist comments about Caroline Kennedy.

  46. Now they are saying that Pelosi wont bring the bill to the floor until changes are made. Good luck with that.
    I guess Obama didnt get permission to make this deal and that is why they are pissed.

  47. Latoriam23,

    Saw that video and boy did Lawrence O’Donnell give that clown Grayson his ass. All I got out of Grayson was “Corporations bad! Corporations bad!”

    Nothing about supporting the low/middle income earners struggling to put food on the table.

    It’s sad that Grayson ended up this way, because I admired him standing up for the disinformation about the HCR Obama was working to pass a year ago. Apparently Grayson’s ego got the best of him, and I say to hell with him. We don’t need his kind of ego in office and hurting the average working man.

  48. I wrote back and said Bernie I’m a fan, but . . . Nope not signing. If you are going to oppose something don’t you think it behooves you to also offer up a plan that extends unemployment, saves the middle class tax cuts and tax credits along with it. Just saying No sounds an awful lot like oh I don’t know . . . Republicans.

  49. And guess what criquet… the poutragers will claim that President Obama is the one with NO SPINE, yet he’s the one who worked out a deal that MOST AMERICANS SUPPORT, according to the recent Gallup poll!

    The Democrats fumble the ball yet AGAIN!

  50. Theo67, They may have passed that volume legislation but I’ll believe it when I see it. These clowns are owned by special interests and if the special interests say that they don’t want the volume turned down, I don’t see these clowns following through on actually implementing that bill. These hypocrites are worthless. When they had the opportunity to press forward they didn’t. They are corrupt cowards.

  51. BWD once again thanks for this space.

    The dems are acting just the way the repugs did with the Stimilus deal. The figures let it all. Dems gain way more out of this deal than the Repugs. Dems are embarrass because the President acted like the leader of the Country and did something they were unable/unwilling to do; that is to negotiate for the American people.

    He took away their clout and they are mad; even thought they weren’t able to use it effectively. They are also dishonest because they are unable to give credit where credit is due. And their principles sound like they are opportunists (I am speaking to you Mary, Anthony and Alan) I am not even mad at Bernie.

    But having said all that, I am enjoying the antics of dems. They have a right to their hurt feelings, they have a right to vote against the deal. They have a right to make as much noise, and be as unreasonable and disingenuous as they feel they need to be; God/Allah/Yahweh bless them. In the end this is what democracy looks like, messy.

    My hope is that with Dems all up in arms over the deal, and if a least a third vote against it, then that will force repugs (if they want their wealth taxes) to vote for it, and participate in running the country; do some heavy lifting for a change dam it.

    I will be watch, listening and reading some of the spectacle with my coffee. Peace my fellow Americans.

  52. Had they voted before the elections as POTUS asked them to do, this wouldn’t be an issue and there wouldn’t need to be a concession to the GOP, would there? And they are *still* tripping over their feet.

  53. House Democrats “reject” tax plan unless it has changes. Well well well.

    WASHINGTON – House Democrats voted Thursday to reject President Barack Obama’s tax deal with Republicans in its current form, but it was unclear how significantly the package might need to be changed.

    By voice vote in a closed caucus meeting, Democrats passed a resolution saying the tax package should not come to the House floor for consideration as written, even though no formal House bill has been drafted. Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Ore., introduced the resolution.

    Said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas: “If it’s take it or leave it, we’ll leave it.”

  54. Yup GN. I keep saying the Democrats fumbled the ball and allowed the Republicans to score a touchdown, winning the House. Now that Obama has the ball back, it’s third down and has to go for a field goal, the Democrats call a time out and spend an endless about of time squabbling about how Obama could have gotten a touchdown as opposed to a field goal.

    The poutragers and the spineless Democrats in Congress are why liberal is considered a dirty word nationwide and why no one takes the Democrats seriously. The Democrats and the poutragers have been the biggest thorn for the Obama administration, which is sad.

    About the only good thing I can say about Republicans… through good and bad, like donuts, they stick together, except of course the fringe Teabaggers on the far right who are just as much wackadoodles as the poutragers on the left.

  55. Just dawned on me: the right utterly and totally hates this deal, because of the estate tax in particular. Is this why there is such an effort amongst the Professional Left to join the right and kill it?

  56. And the Democrats fumble the ball yet AGAIN!

    Have fun explaining to low/middle income families this Christmas why their tax rates will be going up and why their UI is getting cut off.

    Heck of a job spineless Democrats!

  57. There are 535 of them in Congress who failed to agree on how to help the American people. There’s one President who stood up and did what was right.

  58. Just got an email from DFA (Democracy for America) telling me to support the rejection of this deal, guess where that email headed?

    Straight to the trash, although I was already in the habit of deleting emails from said group.

    The nerve of these folks, rejecting a deal that helps the low/middle income earners, just to spite the upper 1%.

    Putting politics ahead of the welfare of the country, very sad and shameful.

  59. He’s going to say “I stood up to both parties; thank me for standing on principle.” Do not expect remorse or any feeling of responsibility for the people hurt because of purity politics.

  60. And that President is accused of having “no spine,” “caving into Republicans,” and is the modern day Neville Chamberlain!

  61. Riight. Maybe the 60 that lost their seats are talking more bravely now, and they can join the progressive caucus who are in deep blue districts and try to block it.
    This is just like HCR – the house huffs and puffs to pretend that they have any choice in the matter and then they’ll pass it.

    The house runs into the problem that the unemployed, working poor and middle class all have bigger things to worry about than calling up their rep and registering their approval, so these house members only hear from the fringe bloggers.

  62. Also got an email from MoveOn, asking me to join in shutting this deal down… Straight to the trash it goes, along with my unsubscription to them.

  63. And along with that plan, he would need to show where the 60 votes would come from to get it passed in the Senate.

  64. This is what left-leaning regressives do. Block progress. Their excuse is that the progress isn’t progress enough, but make absolutely no mistake about it from a results-oriented viewpoint: no better than the GOP in terms of turning back the clock and stubbornly standing against needed change.

    I am just disgusted at the moment.

  65. What a hideous day for legislative Dems. They look awful. Mistake after mistake after mistake.

  66. And thus he ends up making President Obama’s point about being sanctimonious… but Feingold’s poutraging “liberal” stans will defend him to death because… he stood up to the “corporatist shill” Obama!

  67. So am I missing something here or did the Dems have the votes to pass the DREAM Act and Russ Feingold killed it?

    Let me guess because it didn’t go far enough to offer blanket amnesty to all undocumented immigrants that he couldn’t dirty his pure soul to vote for it.

  68. Of course, they will all point the finger at President Obama because… he’s supposed to be the Almighty One who comes to save their collective asses!

    I can see why the nation rejected these Democrats in Congress last month… they have NO convictions or backbone to fight for what they truly believe in.

  69. Or perhaps Feingold is being a sanctimonious jerk, as President Obama pointed out in his press conference.

    Either way, to hell with Russ Feingold. He can take his so-called “principles” to those struggling to put food on the table and pay their bills.

  70. It was awful listening to Stephanie’s show today. Complain complain complain, that’s all the callers were doing. And her sidekicks were not much better

  71. Kos is spinning this like you want believe. you got read the front page. They did not mention Feingold, vote, only that decided to take the house version. Wow!

  72. Tulips,

    why inject facts in the equation when it’s easier to stomp your feet like a petulant child?


    That’s why I laugh at poutragers. They seem to be angry at Obama, but they don’t exactly know why they are mad at him.

  73. First, Ninetendow, I love your avatar. That’s just about how I feel about our democrats, not to mention the snippy, know-it-all Jane Hamsher.

    But Bernie Sanders? Russ Feingold? Alan Grayson?

    I think this is the week for all liberal politicians and pundits to put their minds in jars of peanut butter.

    It must be so fulfilling to stand by one’s principles so proudly with their heads solidly in Skippy’s, however meaningless and profitless it is as a maneuver.

    The only hope, perhaps knowledge, that I have is that they will eventually be forgotten, but President Obama will be remembered, like FDR, for generations — for being an actual leader.

  74. That threw me off, so I googled. And they indeed tabled the Senate version because Feingold would not vote for.

    Gotta love how kos’ history of events leaves out important moments.

  75. makesense:

    I cerainly hope not. But then again, Democrats have never let shooting ourselves in the foot stop us from doing it again and again and again.

  76. He got them a deal with some major concessions from Republicans with time and room to maneuver for some additional base-pleasing initiatives like DREAM. And they completely and utterly messed it up. Just totally messed up. With the posturing and the egos and the jockeying for position, they are heading to a screw up of monumental proportions. Dear God what a fail.

  77. yup. Not a pip from him or other ‘progressives’ about saint russ’s back stabbing. I just dropped a comment there but could not put a link where it said russ voted against it. So, I kinda left it as a question.

  78. There are no words to describe how outrageous I find people who value their sense of purity and superiority over helping real lives.

  79. Yup; POTUS did everything in his power to try to help Feingold save that seat, and his reward is Feingold voting against the DREAM Act. This is crazy.

  80. Tulips – you asked us to remind you not to go back to that site, or give in to the negativity. Consider this your friendly reminder. 🙂

  81. It’s one of those really bad addictions that’s hard to shake!!! I can’t resist going back to see just how crazy their reactions are to each bit of news . .

  82. They are looking like they do not deserve to be given any governing authority .. But I am shocked at the behavior of the normally sane and steady like Pelosi and Clyburn . .

  83. High Five!

    It is very hard. The first time I had ‘the urge’ in ages was when learning here, that they were dumping on us. Got curious. Still haven’t succombed though. Kos lies through obfuscation and ommission, and never admits it. It’s a pattern. He’s got the maturity level of a fifth grader. So, who cares what he says?

  84. GN,
    I googled about 30 mins ago and found information concerning Feingold’s vote. I just googled again and can find no reference to Feingold. I think I may be going mad, lol. Can you help find links and post them here?

  85. My recent thoughts on WEE SEE YOU:

    ” I’ll make you an offer you CANNOT refuse ” — Don Corleone The Godfather

    Like many of you I too went berserk over the last three days about the “insanity” of the ‘purist left” celebrities. But last night I sat thinking and something different dawned on me: the DEAL. Why did 66% of Americans like this tax cut +unemployment Insurance+other goodies DEAL and yet balked at the DEAL that was struck with Ben nelson, Mary Landrieu, and Florida seniors during the Healthcare legislation process? This tax DEAL will give more money away to the Republican hostage takers than the combined $600 million to the Conservadems, yet the public thinks this deal is fair but not the healthcare deal that solves a fundamental problem for the American people. PSYCHOLOGY! And who the DEAL is being made with!

    President Obama understands this and he telegraphed as such when he said in his press conference that “this is a diverse country: not everyone agrees with us. I know that is shocking to some people…”

    In this tax deal Pres. Obama won for himself valuable policy real estate for progressive goals, and gave to Repugs two Holy grails with high symbolic value. And he made sure to cut through the media noise and blackout on him by broadcasting the terms of the deal in the press conference. Now everybody knows about the OBAMA DEAL!! Even the Faux news audience knows about “the Obama Deal” Heck Megyn Kelly of Faux news is defending the Pres. on the deal (and he absolutely does not need her endorsement). Brilliant maneuver!!.

    Why? Because it is an offer the Repugs cannot refuse!!! It is tantalizing, but it is a poisoned chalice as Andrew Sullivan noted yesterday as their acceptance of it flummoxes their tea party backers plus it neutralizes the “Obama is not bi-partisan” lie they have trumpeted (it is the reason why Demint is livid cuz he sees the trap).

    The icing? The President has inoculated himself against the charge of “raising taxes on Americans” even if the Repug congresscritters decide to balk at this Deal now thinking they can wait till they take over the House to reintroduce a tax cuts ONLY package and dare Pres. to veto it.

    Now about our friends the “celebrity purist leftist”, I have revised my thinking. Actually the noise racket from their end is a good thing. Their noise pollutes the wingnut’s noise, but exasperated as some of us are I see their antics as inadvertent “sweeteners” to Pres. Obama’s deal. Repugs see how the Left “HAAAAATEEEEES” the deal, and it ups their glee to gloat….”An offer they cannot refuse…”

    Of course we still have to grapple with the long term policy implications and long term fiscal health of this country, but that hopefully is a battle to be fought with no delicate hostages in the mix, as the president himself said, it is a battle he relishes over the next two years.

    So Hamsher, Markos, Schultz carry on in your bold march to irrelevance; you have become the certified decibel pied pipers. But do cut out the insensitive emasculating epithets and borderline racist insults. Many of us WILL NOT tolerate that and we will cut you and your ilk out of our coalition.

    P.S. Hey, Pres. Obama did say that his favorite movie was The Godfather LOL!!

  86. As long as it is nonbinding, I guess let them have their little hissy fit and keep the whiny “progressives” on their side. But, they better pass the bill. I can’t stand these people who whine and complain about the President but who are too craven to even do their part by voting on the tax cuts before the election, or by negotiating a different deal of their own with the Republicans. Our legislature is useless. They can’t seem to do anything without the president having to lead them and he’s the one who gets called spineless!

  87. Remember that the media climate right now is skewed towards Dems making these types of mistakes. And as O’Donnell demonstrated last night, some of the loudest advocates of purity politics are utterly clueless about the deal and are offering no real alternatives other than failure. Quite the sight.

  88. Frankly I couldn’t agree more and I wouldn’t blame Pres. Obama if he DECLINED to run again. Who needs this bs!?! He certainly has done more for those who claim they’re so devoted to their “ideals” than anyone could have hoped. Funny isn’t it, that they aren’t championing the repeal of DADT or the Dream Act loudly and publically. What a bunch of cowards!

  89. Yup; they couldn’t hold a vote on the tax cuts before the election, but now everyone’s Mike Tyson when POTUS rather than the GOP is the punching bag.

    This is bananas.

  90. zizi:

    You’ve just voiced what I have intuited for weeks.

    The WH knows it has polarities on either side and are forcing both parties to work in the middle. So the voices are a bit loony on either side, but it is like a lid on a pressure cooker. It gets the meat tenderized.

    I figured Obama has never been in it for the popularity contest, given the way his own party treats him as he soldiers on is proof. He is and always will be a pragmatist. After decades of mess in DC, we need it.

  91. Apparently, russ voted against the motion. he is expected to vote for cloture. Whats the difference.

  92. I think Grayson is angling for a pundit job on MSNBC now that he lost his re-election. He has always been long on theatrics and I think he wants to parlay that into a high paid job on TV or at least frequent guest appearances like Hamsher gets. I’m so glad Lawrence called him and Hamsher both out for their short sightedness and incomplete knowledge of the actual issues.

  93. Here’s a pretty poor one (Republican blog):

    If the GOP is unified (or almost unified) in opposing the bill, why didn’t they all vote no on this latest measure, which would have forced Reid to proceed so that they could kill it? Five Republicans voted yes: Corker, Crapo, Murkowski, Risch and Vitter. (Four Democrats — Feingold, Menendez(!), Merkley, and Pryor — voted no.) Murkowski is iffy on DREAM and allegedly is leaning towards yes this time, but the other four GOPers have all voted no on previous iterations of the bill. Are they … switching now? Sure doesn’t sound like it in Vitter’s case, at least. If so, after today’s 59-40 vote, Reid’s a lot closer to passage than I thought he’d be.

    They are guessing that Dems are going to take another bite at this. I truly hope so.

  94. I worry about his and his family’s safety all the time given the level hatred from both the right and the left. If he decides not to run again, I’ll fully support that decision. Americans don’t deserve this man at all.

  95. They pretty much expect him to do all the work, it seems. If they’d had discipline and taken the tax vote before the November disaster, they might have kept a few extra seats. Hell, they might have held the majority. Now they’re not only bitching about the deal, but when they voice their displeasure in a caucus vote, it’s meaningless and non-binding. Useless.

  96. And yet, according to the purists, it’s Obama who is the one with no spine or backbone… what the heck is he supposed to do when he can’t get his own party in line?

    These “liberal” poutragers should try living in Iran or in North Korea under an actual dictaorship and see how much they enjoy it, since that’s how they want Obama to govern.

  97. Of course not. To them the only person ever responsible for anything is President Obama. The congress wouldn’t vote on the tax cuts before the election and they say that is Obama’s fault. Feingold stops the DREAM act and I’m sure that will somehow be Obama’s fault too. Surely, if he had just used the bully pulpit, Feingold would have voted for it, or something equally stupid. They are truly obsessive in their hatred and can’t see beyond their irrational dislike for the president. It really is the mirror image of the Tea Party.

  98. Haaaaaah, got an email from MoveOn asking to rejoin after I unsubscribed…

    Into the trash bin it goes!

  99. kishik, the Repubs only care about exploiting 911 to create fear… remember the whole “Ground Zero Mosque” BS and how they wanted to Willie Horton Muslims into being the bad guys?

    Also recall, it was Ari Fleischer who equated 911 to Saddam Hussein.

    They have no shame.

  100. amk, true. We deserve a President Palin or a President Romney, someone much MUCH more stupid and inept than the eight year reign of terror under President Bush.

    Frankly, the “liberal” poutragers don’t care about actual issues at all. They only care about political theater and fighting “the other side.”

    I thought that the liberals would be glad that Obama is in office after the eight year terror that was Bush. But with some of the poutragers at Huff n Puff equating him to Bush and saying he “made a deal with the terrorists,” it makes you wonder.

  101. Or read the comments for cheap giggles.

    The groupthink on Kos is funny and pathetic at the same time.

    At least they aren’t like Freeper where they actually delete comments and ban posters who don’t toe their ideological line.

  102. Same phenomenon as in the GOP. The more vocal wing of the left has spoken and elected democrats are scared of them.

    So in each party, the ideologs are scaring the moderates and nothing gets solved. Great.

    I’m getting very very concerned. America is becoming ungovernable.
    And incapable of solving its problems.

    I’m beginning to think that President Obama shouldn’t seek a second term, and leave politicians to their mess. He’s preaching in the desert.

  103. Russ is all about the symbolism. When it comes to actually getting anything passed, not so much.

  104. Don’t worry. That day is not far off. Did you notice that FP’er lawrence lewis taunting the diarist, Troboudor, to leave the site. Ugghhh, what a set of ugly people.

  105. I would be really happy if he moved out of US to Europe. I am sure he will be welcomed with both arms there. An Oxford don may be ?

  106. Was just coming over here to talk about that same diary!!!

    Loved it – too funny 🙂 And the comments are to die for.

    Personal note to BWD:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you…well you get the idea.

    I needed this site so much. I was getting so bogged down in the rush to condemn Obama’s choice of a tie with too much red in it.

    I am not always completely happy with everything this Administration has done or the speed at which things are happening, but it is so nice to be reminded how far we climbed out of the Bush/Cheney abyss.

    Keep the faith and the hope!


  107. “When it comes to actually getting anything passed, not so much.”

    That is most likely why he got his ass handed to him last month. He did plenty to appease the netroots/”liberal” poutragers, but little in actually helping his constituents back home.

    I’m willing to bet those that did vote for Feingold had to either hold their nose in voting for him, or voted for him just because President Obama and Michelle Obama campaigned endlessly for him. I suspect the rest of his constituents were probably fed up with his grandstanding and decided not to vote, thus ensuring that his Republican opponent won.

    And the thanks Feingold gives to the Obamas for giving their time and effort campaigning for him is to vote AGAINST the DREAM Act.

    To hell with Feingold and his “principle standing” ilk.

  108. All I know is that I have direct memory of that day. Fire engines pushing their way down through the streets and people were on the streets walking away from lower Manhattan (after all, subways were shut down). Seeing people covered in ash. And the months after – people from all over working on recovery.

    And KNOWING people who died, years after… lives shortened. No answers.

    It makes me sick sick sick to think of the idiots who decide to use this as a political pawn.

  109. Shouldn’t surprise anybody really, the GOP doesn’t give a shit about soldiers once they have them enlisted. All this talk about honor and thanking them for their service is all lip service. They don’t want to take care of them when they come home, just like they don’t want to take care of the first responders.

    The senate will probably try and get more tax cuts for corporations added to any 9/11 Bill.

    9/11 to them is a political talking point, nothing more. They’ll use it as a tool in political debate to try and gin up fear, but won’t actually take care of the folks who went running to the buildings.

    Fox and the right can gin up outrage for a 9/11 “Mosque” but where is the outrage from the Right when the first responders are left out in the cold? Where is Fox calling for the GOP to take care of the first responders?

    A Muslim community center blocks away from the tower footbrint gets wall-to-wall coverage. GOP blocking a bill that would take care of the first responders – crickets.

  110. I read a few of the comments an remember why I want to stay from there. I just can’t accept the lack of respect for each other. We should be able to respectfully agree to disagree. <—— this is one of the things that I admire about PBO. You can disagree with someone without being disrespectful. We don't have to disparge each other just to make a point.

  111. Let’s hope that I’m wrong and there’s an emergency injection of some sanity in DC. They are *this* close to a few major achievements. They need to stop listening to the media and avoid screwing this up.

    There is zero reason for this deal to be a crisis other than a media which keeps up operating at high temperature by manufacturing nonstop crises. For the sake of the people out of work, working at food banks worried about yet another congressional f-up stopping benefits (remember the summer?), I hope that Dems get it together.

  112. Hello dear friends,

    I just wanted to tell you that I am French,I live in Paris, and I read your posts regularly with passion.
    I just admire your dear President very much, and I support all those who support him.

    With love,


  113. Awesome analysis.

    But do cut out the insensitive emasculating epithets and borderline racist insults.

    If their nonsense were in actuality confined to policy dispute, I’d consider them important and I’d consider them change agents. But because they are so focused on attacking POTUS personally and jumping from drama to drama to drama, I don’t find them useful at all; I think that they are utter regressives. Running from crisis to crisis in order to keep the temperature as high as possible and get us to work against our own best interests (remember them declaring the oil spill POTUS’ Katrina?; this is about “shocking” us into supporting a counterproductive primary).

  114. Rudy Guiliani actually attempted a run at the Presidency as the 911 mayor. All he did was talk about how he was the hero on 911. Like Biden said, a noun, verb, and 911 was all that he could say… fitting that his candidacy ended with one delegate in Florida.

    And it’s not just the right exploiting 911 for a political pawn, it’s the few Truthers on the left who want to believe that 911 was an inside job to exploit their paranoia about the government.

    Apparently a bunch of the 911 families have taken Truther Judge Andrew Napolitano to task for his paranoia, which essentially shuts these “insider job” claims down, which are based without facts… sort of like the “liberal” poutragers voicing their anger at President Obama and his supporters/allies.

  115. Apparently Grayson left a lot to be desired in terms of constituent services. If representatives took their responsibility to their constituents we would not have the phenomenon of media darlings like Bachman and Grayson who love to spout off provocatively on their media spots but can’t be bothered to do the basics of representation (listening to constituent requests, interfacing with government agencies, etc). And we wouldn’t have the current spectacle in the House of hurt egos voting against the interests of their constituents who will be harmed when taxes go up and unemployment runs out. Not to mention trashing the economy which has been recovering slowly.

  116. Trouboudor is literally one of the smartest people who I have ever read online. I’m sorry to read that he’s casting such pearls before swine and I do hope that he migrates elsewhere (like here, or weeseeyou). People like him “balance” insane content and give that content a legitimacy which it does not deserve. That space thus uses POTUS’ base while holding us in contempt. I really disagree with the choice to continue to build it up, although I understand the point of the view.

  117. Honestly, they all remind me of angsty teenagers faced with an existential crisis every other week. What is it with Congressional Democrats being unable to maintain party discipline? The party barely challenged Bush during the last two years of his regime, but now they’re up in arms over one of their own when he reaches a deal that brings most of what they wanted. Again, as I said, useless. European parliamentary parties know how to maintain a united front.

  118. President Obama will run again and win even if I have to personally vote for him a billion times myself. Let’s just forget this not running again stuff. The country needs him.

    Now…Am I the first to have a birthday on this shiny new blog?

  119. Here in NYC it’s always – and most likely will always – be big news.

    “we will never forget” really isn’t just a slogan here.

  120. Actually you have a point. The angry commenters just reinforce what’s in the diary.

    I did giggle at several of the vitriolic SYFPH comments

  121. I’ve had a new thoughtful analysis re: the “liberal” poutragers.

    They’re a crisis jumping circus tent. First it was the death of the public option with the healthcare fight, and they wanted to join Coward Dean (sorry that’s how I view him) in “Killing the bill because it’s a giveaway to the insurance companies.” When the kill the bill movement failed, they jumped onto Financial Reform, claiming it protected those greedy bankstas. When that failed, they jumped onto the oil disaster in the Gulf with BP and claimed it was Obama’s Katrina and that Obama was appeasing big oil and the oil companies. When that failed, their current rantfest is this tax cuts deal.

    They’re just a bunch of disgruntled folks probably not happy in their own lives, so they project their unhappiness onto President Obama. And their unhappiness is enabled by the political pundits on cable who supposedly “stand up for them.”

    The only standing for those less fortunate I’ve seen from a pundit was Keith Olbermann when he did the free healthcare clinics, but he’s been a sanctimonious twit ever since then. I’m going to pull a quote from Dickens and ask, have any of these cable pundits angry with Obama for supposedly “harming the low/middle income earners” with this tax deal actually visited and talked to the low/middle income earners they speak of? Because those low/middle income earners are the ones Gallup shows as supporting the deal, and guess what, they are the MAJORITY. Only the “liberal” poutragers are mad at the tax cut extensions for the upper 1%, the sane folks either don’t mind the extensions, or are just glad that SOMETHING that helps these low/middle income folks is on the table.

    Leave it to the sanctimonious Democrats to F_UCK this one up. They have a good deal right in front of them, and are allowing the cable TV pundits dictate how they do policy. No different from Rush Limbaugh dictating how the Republicans should govern, except that Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Hamsher and others claim to stand for the “working man.”

    Thus far, Lawrence O’Donnell is the ONLY cable TV pundit who has it right, and that’s perhaps he has actually experience working in Congress and pushing actual legislation to get passed while Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Hamsher and the rest of the poutragers have NEVER had any experience legislating or having to make tough decisions.

    But I digress. After this is said and done (this will pass, the Democrats right now are just grandstanding so they can say “We voted against it” before they have to vote for it), they’ll jump to the next crisis and pout and rave about Obama caving to Republicans on (fill in the blank).

    Thing is, Clinton did much worse than Obama is now with “caving” and such. He failed on HCR, taxes, DADT… yet I didn’t hear a single voice from the poutraging left calling for Bubba to be primaried. What changed between then and now?

  122. I just called Congresswoman Lee asking her to support the compromise and cancelled my monthly contribution to the DCCC until they can start supporting our President! I encourage everyone to contact their representatives.

  123. I just unsubsribed as well and left a comment in the box of why.
    Maybe later I will join again, but I’m not too happy with the stance they are taking right now.

  124. I guess that’s true, but I was actually thinking of the bad economy. The economy was excellent under Clinton despite the fact that he “caved” worse on issues than Obama is accused of doing now.

    As the economy improves, expect these sanctimonious twits to shut their yaps about Obama being a corporate shill and being George W. Bush’s third term. Clinton didn’t need them to be re-elected and neither does Obama. “The base” is bigger than a bunch of cynical bloggers on the net who have nothing productive to do with their time besides badmouth Obama and hide behind “progressive” stripes.

    I doubt President Obama actually logs into these blogs to read the rants, and even if he does, he probably isn’t going to lose any sleep over it. The netroots give themselves way too much credit for getting Obama elected; fact is ANY Democrat would have won in 2008 because the nation was Bushed out. If Donald Duck ran as a Democrat in 2008, he would have won.

  125. Yep, groupthink echo chamber is what they want. Sad, really.

    With the way kos is planning to change his website, it almost makes me think he’s going to sell it.

  126. I didn’t realize until now that O’Donnell worked for Moynihan. Thanks for that information.

  127. I hope he has Collins read right. I think the GOP moderate block votes as a “gang” and if he doesn’t have Collins, he won’t have the rest of them.

  128. Here’s something I thought of that made my outrage at the tax cuts for the rich seem comical and helped me understand what the President negotiated. I don’t know many wealthy people, but I know an accountant who works with some. They spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to pay MINIMAL taxes, as close to zero as possible. You can really work the tax code if a good accountant can help you. The rich can buy good accountants. Why should we waste a lot of time worrying about making the tax rates high on them? They will simply evade the laws or take off for another country which is what they did in England for decades. We are not going to be able to get at their wealth easily. Why get upset at this agreement. All the good things are great, and we’ll never get much money from the rich anyway.

  129. Just watched the clip of O’Donnell taking Grayson down. Talk about sanctimonious pricks. He couldn’t answer O’Donnell’s question about raising the taxes of the lowest income bracket by 50%. No one is addressing the devastation of $3000 average tax increase for low and middle-class Americans, not to mention the $2500 tax credit for college tuition. The Senate already failed to pass the tax cuts for middle class families. They don’t have the votes!

  130. That clip was very telling.

    First, this confirms my instinctive resistance to Grayson. To be fair, I respect his passion for fighting inequality. However, this clip demonstrates that

    1) he’s not competent enough when it comes to economics. He was contradicted very sharply by two peope whose competence is without doubt.

    2) he has a big fat ego. The tone, the attitude, the way he says things, and the way he keeps insisting he’s right even in the light of solid arguments. He’s an awful listener. And some people dream of this guy as President ? Good Lord.

    As for Arianna Huffington, what was evident is that she’s not really discussing the deal. I bet she has not taken the time to read the provisions and inform herself. She’s not listening. She keeps saying that the preoccupation should be jobs, jobs,… Yes Arianna we get it. Now, what’s your PRACTICAL solution ? In regards to the REALITY of the political environment ?

    I hope that many critics saw this. The two policy experts were reassuring. RATIONAL, COMPETENT.

    One interrogation I have: the negociations between the WH and republicans seem to have happened without anyone from the democrat leadership. Why ? And could it be a big part of the problem ?

  131. Oh you are right about the “shock and awe” effect of moving the window on taboo discourses. You’ve nailed that in ways similar to the argument I made in 2009 about the method tot he tea party madness (I notice you’ve spread that piece around on my behalf, thanks).

    I think that the President has inured himself to personal insults from all quarters precisely because he has never been ego driven and thus has little use for praise or insult. His self-esteem is intact and needs no validation or invalidation from anyone. Instead he is working with an eye on posterity. It is the reason he holds up Lincoln and Truman as models; they were vilified in their time only to be appreciated long after their death.

    This fight he is waging is first for the American people, and secondly for the history books. He wants to be remembered for more than his racial/ethnic identity,a nd said so unequivocally during the 60 minutes interview the day after the Democratic Convention in 2008. His words were “This is not a symbolic exercise on my part.” Truer words never spoken.

  132. Oh dear “the purists” are all aflutter because
    Krugman wrote on his blog:

    “On the straight economics, the tax deal is worth doing. But …..”

    He goes on to say he thinks it will hurt Pres Obama’s re-election bid.

  133. The vote is to invoke cloture to proceed with debate. Collins, Snowe and Brown have all voted “no.”

  134. I believe that Feingold was actually one of the many Democrats that voted AGAINST the Obama plan this past weekend that would have ended the tax breaks on the upper 1% and made the tax breaks on the middle class permanent, Landrieu another.

    And yet these twits claim moral superiority and call President Obama “morally corrupt.”

    Landrieu had no problems backstabbing Obama during the oil crisis, opposing his nominee, and Landrieu had no problems voting for the original tax cuts under Bush that she is now criticizing Obama for.

    Grandstanders, the lot of them… blaming Obama to cover up for their own cowardice and lack of a spine.

  135. I am so excited about this DADT vote. I have to leave my house and pick up my daughter at high school and I don’t want to leave without seeing what happens!! I wish she had her driver’s license and that’s the first time I’ve said that.:)

  136. The Cloture vote on DADT which is included with the Defense bill is not expected to pass. The Republicans have said that they will continue to block everything until the tax cut deal is voted on. With Democrats wavering on the President’s plan, they could be the cause of some of these other agenda items not passing. Will liberals be “proud” of their actions if their stance on the tax cut issue causes them to lose the repeal of DADT, and DREAM? Who will Dan Choi blame then? Democrats are just the lesser of two evils, and I honestly wish that we had more choices than simply Democratic or Republican. They all want what they want, and that’s it.

  137. The Republicans are trying to block it for now. Collins, Snowe, Brown and Murkowski all voted “no.” Collins is now acting as though Reid misled her. She’s just being a royal pain in the neck. It’s very likely that Reid will have to bring it up again over the weekend or next week.

  138. Krugman has always been a PUMA. He wanted Hillary to be the President and not Obama.

    Having said that, Krugman has admitted he’s not a team player, so why would he be one now? Criticizing Obama is what he gets paid to do, just like the other poutraging pundits.

    I find it telling that the only bad thing about this deal that the poutragers find is the part about the tax cuts, which is just 37% of the total deal. And how is it giving to Republicans when the tax cuts aren’t permanent, aren’t for the rich only, and the Republicans have to vote for UEI extensions, which they’ve been staunchly against?

    As I pointed out, the recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of voters polled support this deal, but I don’t expect that to be mentioned in the 24-hour drama political media cycle. It virtually counters all the silly rants that the poutragers are having.

    Most Americans support this deal, it’s time for the spineless Democrats and the poutragers to listen to the people, and not cable TV pundits who don’t have a clue about governing.

  139. President Obama will sit down Thursday afternoon with NPR’s Steve Inskeep at the White House to sell his tax-cut compromise. A one-minute excerpt of the interview will air during the 5 p.m. broadcast of “All Things Considered.”

  140. OOOH Miss Collins just changed her vote from a “no” to an “aye!” Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this….

  141. Taxes on the lower/middle income earners will go up, UEI will be cut off for them, and many will be living in boxes on the street just to make ends meet.

    “BBBBBUt…. we stuck it to the greedy filthy rich, we stuck it to the corporations, and most importantly, WE STUCK IT TO THAT CORPORATE SELL OUT OBAMA!”

    Sad how self centered and short sighted these folks are… and they wonder why no one listens to them. It’s like listening to a group of children yell at the top of their lungs. After listening to them yell for a long time, you WOULD ignore them too.

  142. He probably didn’t like the watered down version. I don’t know what to think honestly. Is the bill still worth passing ? Does the Latino community accept it as it is now ??

  143. I wonder how much seething PUMA anger underlies some of the current attacks on President Obama. You’re spot-on on Krugman – he was a crazed advocate for HRC although I never understood quite why since the difference between their health care plans (the putative basis for Krugman’s devotion to HRC) was too inconsequential to be worth talking about. Interesting how HRC managed to move on and find her own spot in the Obama administration but a number of her supporters remain devoted to tearing President Obama down.

  144. Heck it’s been Hillary herself that has had to denounce the BS of her running for President again, yet it’s these PUMAs hopes that she does run again.

    But I think that her running again was put to rest when Mini Me Palin Christine O’Donnell said that she would support Hillary running in 2012 against President Obama. Why would Hillary even consider giving up her Secretary of State position to run for the highest office in the land with that queen of gaffes giving her an endorsement?

  145. Excellent analysis Ray.

    As much as I myself believe the wealthy need to pay their fair share, that’s a fight for another day. Right now, the current deal proposed by President Obama is the best deal he could have put together. The tax cuts extension is only 37% of the entire deal, yet the poutragers want to focus on that 37% and ignore the rest which helps low/middle income earners by keeping their taxes low and extending their UEI benefits. Nothing at all what the Republicans wanted, yet Obama supposedly “caved” to them… on only 37% of the entire bill!

    Like a poster posted, Obama could cure cancer, and the poutragers would be up in arms because he didn’t spit in Boehner’s face at the signing ceremony.

  146. Stephanie miller said that they should not have went against the president ( dems) she was right.

  147. Don’t worry it’ll all be Obama’s fault. If only he hadn’t made a deal with the republicans then they would have surely bowed to the pressure and voted with the Democrats or something like that. It doesn’t really matter, there’s always a reason to blame it on Obama, don’t you know?

  148. I think that POTUS has been pretty clear that his reelection is less of a concern than helping people. There should be no “but.” This is a better deal than expected, and everyone currently screaming knows it.

  149. States gaining the most money include California, $624 million; Florida, $342 million; Washington, $161 million; and Illinois, $42 million. Other states receiving lesser amounts include New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Oregon, North Carolina, Iowa, Vermont and Indiana. Obama is not playing with these republicans Governors, he took the money from Ohio, Wisconsin rail project.

  150. At least the Republicans supported President Bush and agreed with his agenda, and of course few Democrats challenged Bush’s policies until it became politically convenient to do so, i.e. when Obama became the clear frontrunner in 2008.

    Now we have Democrats who can’t seem to support the President’s agenda because he did their work for them countless times, even though he’s not supposed to. What Obama should have done is said to the Democrats “I’m not fighting your battles for you,” sat this fight out, and watch the Democrats run around like chickens with their heads cut off, even though that is exactly what they are doing now.

    The Republicans listened to Bush until it became politically inconvenient for them, but yet we can’t get the Democrats to listen to President Obama, and it’s causing them to get their asses handed to them, indicated by the mid-terms last month.

  151. You speak for me. I’d rather grab at the concessions which POTUS obtained and fight the tax cuts for the rich right before the presidential elections. He’s successfully convinced the country that the rich don’t need these tax cuts before, and it’s my opinion that he can do it again.

    Dems need to stop posturing on this, get this deal done, and move onto some incredibly needed legislation like DREAM.

  152. The money was for high speed rail, they wanted to use it for other things he took and will be giving it to other states.

  153. I keep saying, this series of never-ending crisis evokes The Shock Doctrine. Everyone is constantly keyed up and emotional, which is when we as people are at our least rational and are at our most open to be played for fools.

    Sensationalism is a very poor strategy for progressives in terms of creating counterproductive outcomes, as we see here.

  154. LilaF, it reminds me of what I read from Sherrod Brown where he said Obama could have shamed the Republicans into voting for UEI extensions.

    This coming from the party that has long claimed that Republicans have no concept of shame.

    I don’t recall seeing Sherrod Brown, Alan Grayson, Anthony Wiener, Bernie Sanders, Mary Landrieu, or any of the disillusioned Democrats criticizing Obama pushing to have this fight before the mid-term elections. Where was Olbermann? Maddow? Shultz? Hamsher?
    These clumsy oafs fumbled the ball and allowed the Republicans to score a touchdown with winning the House.

    Now that Obama has the ball back, it’s third down and he has to go for a field goal, the Democrats call a time out and want to spend that time arguing how Obama could have gotten a touchdown as opposed to a field goal. Meanwhile the crowd becomes impatient and rowdy because the Democrats are just as much being hostage takers to the people’s money as the Republicans are.

  155. The way they did it in the old days was to offer incentives in the tax code to put money into the Government or into their business through bonds and general write-offs, so money went into the economy anyway. In other words, investments instead of hoarding money. Only a handful paid the 91% rate after all of the deductions, and society benefited as well.

    I’d bring back all of the useful incentives, double the charitable deductions (especially if the gifts were for helping the needy and education), and put a tax on financial transactions.

  156. Heck, President Obama had the same reply when he was asked about Sarah Palin. When he was asked about Sarah Palin, he said “I don’t think about her,” and she’s been ranting and raving about him ever since, just like the poutragers who rant and rave over the mainstream media nontroversy of the moment.

  157. Well said, and indeed, your writings about the method to the teaparty’s madness were an enormous eye-opener for me. I was very dismissive of the teabaggers and joined the laughs/guffaws. It turns out that you were prescient and spot-on in terms of what they were in actuality trying to do. What is sad is seeing the attempt to coopt their tactics by sensationalists in the new media without regard to the counterproductive end result.

  158. There’s a comment on W.E.E.SeeYou that he had been negotiating to sell to FireDogLake. Similar outlook/poutrage.

  159. Already blaming Reid for not negotiating with Collins. Reid secretly wants it to fail…

  160. I guess the people forgot about how close Nevada got to electing Senator Angle.

    Reid isn’t the bully that the poutraging left wants. He’s an older version of Obama: willing to get things done silently and practically.

  161. Yup; Grayson has his strengths and he has his weaknesses just like everyone else. There’s no such thing as a liberal hero. Every one of these Dems has some weak areas and some strong areas. The sooner that people would grow up and realize that, rather than constantly looking for heroes, building people up then feeling so unhappy, hurt, and betrayed when they true to form display mere human tendencies, the sooner that the lefty new media will go back to being a change agent. Spaces like this are simply terrific and I look forward to continued growth.

  162. donna, thanks for the link.

    What a coalition of people I see, all out in the freezing cold waiting to see our President!

  163. And the crowd went WILD for our President… they LOVE seeing him!

    I seriously cannot buy that this is the President who is going to be a one termer in 2012. These poutragers and teatards are fooling and deluding themselves.

  164. He was never going to do that; President Obama was never going to sit and watch yet another interruption in unemployment benefits and the expiration of good provisions in the EITC and the expiration of the middle class tax cuts.

    This is why his hostage analogy is so apt. It is so easy to be in a “negotiation” if you’re the scorched earth party which really doesn’t give a damn beyond ideologue considerations and “standing on principle.” It’s so much harder when you are the party who does give a damn. Which is why people pay ransoms to kidnappers.

    This has been a communications fail for the Democratic party and they cannot blame POTUS for that. They lost the chance to make the case to the country that the GOP cares about nothing but the rich, yet they are willing to do whatever it takes to deliver for people. That message is now muddled.

  165. And it is bitter cold here in DC this week and we do not like cold weather but there they are standing in that cold cheering on our First Family.

  166. So true. It is unreal how the new media is just led by the nose by the excesses of the national media. Those spaces used to factcheck ridiculous narratives and memes, not merely repeat them and give them street cred.

  167. Lewis is someone I’ve never trusted.. I will never forget his defense of Jane Hamsher all over Deoliver’s diary “Dear Miz Hamsher”. He showed his true affiliations long ago, imo.

  168. Watching the people admire Obama’s President at the National Christmas tree lighting says to me they LOVE this guy and respect him.

    This man isn’t going to be a one termer, too many people outside of the blogosphere respect him to allow him to be run out of office.

    These poutragers and teatards are deluding themselves.

    Happy Holidays Mr. President, and to all the posters here!

  169. Wow. The Democrats sure know how to screw up. But more importantly, all these people that were screaming for months about DADT, you would have thought there would have been a huge push to get those hateful Republican Senators to get this thing done.

    Instead we have people blowing a gasket over the tax cut deal that will help ease the pain of millions of Americans. The hate for rich people outweighs the hurt Americans will feel? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see any kind of tax cuts for the rich, but to sacrifice the poor to prove a point is nauseating at best.

    Let’s just throw the baby out with the bath water. How many of these who claim to be fighting for the poor, will go home hungry, to a home without heat or will have a child go without dental care today?

    This selfishness is raw and ugly. For the sake of principles, let’s let the poor suffer. There is a certain disconnect here.

    Bob Schrum has a couple of columns over at The Obama Diaries. If youu haven’t read it yet, check it out.

  170. Yup, sad indeed. But I am thinking temporarily the noisemakers from the left are filling valuable media real estate that has drowned out the right for now, which ironically gives Pres. Obama cover and renewed appeal to the independents who have been told that he s a socialist partisan.

  171. Oh thanks for that link, I was just listening via the whitehouse link.. but would rather ‘see’ too.

    Missed the young lady singing, Common seemed quite taken with her talent.

  172. africa, you no doubt hear the progressive “principled” hero of the poutragers Feingold voting AGAINST the DREAM Act, while three Republicans voted yes… and it was Feingold’s vote which was needed to pass!

    Some “principled” man Feingold turned out to be, eh?

  173. And may we remember the message which he included in his introduction to the tree lighting: to love one another.
    And, as Jackie Evancho, said (what a voice): to love the world.

  174. I notice that lately. The president has aged a ton, he looks tired, red eyes and all. I always pray for him to have good health given the schedule he keeps.

    I don’t know if anyone else ever noticed. But this president has been going since the day he announced to run for the presidency. His primary season was extended with the whole thing with Hillary. And then after he was nominated, he had to spend time out there battling McCain. And after winning the presidency, where others took time with their families, he was in Chicago working his behind off trying to get a handle on the economic disaster he faced.

    He gets in a few weeks here and there, but he has been going non-stop. I worry about his health.

    But I was tickled by something he and the first lady said during their interview with Barbara Walters. That they pray to live “Long and Strong.” I hope I am saying it correctly.

    We all need to keep the first family in our prayer

  175. I read that the reason Harry Reid is not allowing debate or adding amendments is because he has an amendment in the bill that would legalize on-line gambling.

    Collins wants to vote for the bill. She apparently begged him to allow for the introduction of other amendments, but Harry said no. This may be the reason Scott Brown has backed off also.

    Perhaps Harry is afraid of losing the vote on his amendment. I read this yesterday on a new Obama friendly site. If we lose this over pork for his state, I am going to be furious. This is the reason I get so angry with pols.

    If someone knows I am wrong, please tell me.

  176. Agreed that this is a major fail on the part of the Democratic legislators and lefty new media. Utter knee-jerk reactions. Even Paul Krugman had to concede that POTUS was able to obtain unexpected concessions. I cannot believe that they turned this into yet another in an ongoing and utterly exhausting series of political crises. They missed a big opportunity to direct their wrath towards the GOP and direct political energy towards DADT repeal and DREAM. Someone wrote today asking me to insist that my senators stand against the tax cuts deal. I was like, wtf, you’re using this list for this nonsense, and unsubscribed. Liberals do not have time for this bs nor can we delude ourselves into thinking that we have a clout which we quite frankly lack (witness the failure to pass middle class tax cuts as a stand-alone).

    The perfect cannot serve as the enemy of the good. I don’t mind people who have reasoned, calm policy disputes with the deal. But the “this is a disaster!” people are just not freaking helping. Once again excess has replaced reason.

  177. wooo.

    my world is just upside down these days. People I normally do not like are coming out with opinions similar to mine!

    I just wrote to Kirsten Gillibrand to please support the President on the tax cut deal – so we can move on already!!

  178. His work pattern is not new. In the Young Mr. Obama the author notes that he typically slept no more than 5 hours per night and did not eat that much since he did not want to be slowed down! I think he knows how much needs to be accomplished and begrudges any down time.

  179. Yeah. Isn’t that special. This is the hero that’s being pushed to primary POTUS. You wonder if there will be any criticism thrown his way at all. What was his excuse this time? Vindictiveness?

    But speaking of primary candidates, every day there’s a new flavor of the day. Grayson, Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Nancy Pelosi or Hillary are just a few.

    I guess soon we will see Anthony Weiner added to the list. Every time I read about this, it makes me laugh.

    Not that I am saying these people don’t have the right to primary POTUS if they choose, but what’s so hilarious is that people let their emotions get in the way of reality that they just spout out stuff without any justification for why they think such and such would be a successful candidate.

    How anyone can take these people seriously is beyond me.

    I go to some of these blogs lately to get a good laugh. Talk about a circus.

  180. I think that attacking his *policy* as too centrist is fine. The character attacks, however, really aren’t useful at all IMO. And the “noise” led to mistakes on the part of congressional Dems, who knee-jerked rather than examining the deal in its entirety, the pros and cons, and creating a reasoned analysis based on those pros and cons. TIMT’s piece at ThePeoplesView contains a media segment in which some of our self-professed lefty spokespeople made their way onto Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and exhibited an utter lack of knowledge re: what’s in the deal, and what is a politically feasible alternative:

    This is not helpful to liberals IMO, and Dems in Congress have made themselves look “not ready for primetime.” I agree that POTUS comes out looking the best here, but I am upset that legislative Dems missed the opportunity to make a solid case that they are not merely the mirror equivalent of the GOP (which they absolutely are not). I just hope that they get this together, and soon.

  181. The Christmas tree lighting – Holy cow! B.B. King still going. I used to listen to him 53 years ago on Chicago radio. Brings me right back to the old times. The mans got soul still.

  182. I so agree withyou. Where was the outrage when congress refused to bring the tax cuts up before mid-term? In fact why have they waited this long to even seriously address it?

  183. That’s what I always liked about President Obama.

    He marches to the beat of a different drum.
    He doesn’t care to do what’s popular. He does what’s right.

    He’s not there to be on a soap box to sound off to hear his own voice. Unlike the many in Congress.

  184. I’ve been watching a majority of the National Christmas Tree lighting with the President, and looking at the respect he has been given, you wouldn’t guess that there’s a coalition of folks that actually despise him.

    Like I mentioned, getting outside of the blogosphere/ poutrager pundit cable media echo chamber and getting into the real world gives you a new perspective.

    I suspect that the folks getting pouty over the blogs/poutrager “liberal” cable TV shows are just a minority of the actual electorate, and pose no actual threat to Obama’s candidacy.

    I recall some of these folks saying that there was going to be a showdown with Hillary at the DNC in 2008, that she was going to steal the nomination from Obama. Didn’t happen.

    These folks aren’t going to be happy regardless of whom is in power in Congress or the White House. And they foolishly believe that the way to get more actual liberals in office is to start at the top, and hope that the liberalism “trickles down…” I thought that they were against trickle down?

    If they want liberal politicians in government, then they need to start at the LOCAL level, that’s how Obama got elected. It’s not like Obama came from nowhere and became the President, he had to be a community organizer, Harvard law grad/professor, State Senator and then United States Senator before becoming the President.

    Like the saying goes, “politics is local,” that’s what these poutraging loons don’t get or want to accept… unless they think that it was the poutraging liberal vote that got Obama Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico, all states that went for George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004.

    But I digress (again). Too many people love and respect President Obama to allow some poutraging “liberal” or teabagging Republican to defeat him.

    The media said Obama was un-electable in 2007, he proved them wrong in 2008 and he’ll prove the poutragers and the teabaggers wrong again in 2012.

  185. Interesting rumor I just saw posted at weeseeyou; does anyone know anything about this?

    CitizenK! like a mofo! I love this place. So did you know that Kos was to be sold to FDL? They were going through the sale apparently right about the time they allowed the FDL crew to take over there. Remember when there was all that let’s get along and everyone was supposed to have apologized and been free, but it looked like the criticizer crowd was allowed to continue? It’s because that place was set to turn over to them. I wrote a note calling jane hamsher a snuff film producer, and got red letter disciplined because her film Natural Born Killers is actually only simulated snuff film. I thought at the time he was correct, but that was interesting hyperbole to latch onto accurate, but I was curious why. Now I know, and now I know why Slink is the force she is over there.

    If this is not mistaken, it explains soooooooo much. So very much. OMG I am so glad to have gotten a divorce from that space. There was definitely a feeling of a lot of hidden agendas and behind the scenes things going on. As well as a feeling that POTUS supporters were being used but are not respected there. This would explain everything.

  186. I unsubcribed also, but after I called left messages, as to why, and to stop my monthly injection of funds. Got a call back and talked for about 10 minutes. She tried to tell me that they don’t support politians but progressive action. (As I see the 2010 pix of winners to the side. Of course I begged to differ. In essence,I asked her where was the angst of no tax vote prior to the election, and that the compromise was just that and they need to chill.

  187. OMFG. It’s all good. All our opponents rolled into one crazy basket.

    Now the folks who have claimed they can tolerate DK, but not FDL (the pet lovers, BK, which was specifically targetted by FDL, for instance) will have a decision to make.


  188. yes… people need to remember how the President came to himself BEFORE his presidency!! what he did to get where he is today. I think too many either forgot or never bothered to really find out.

  189. I’m in the middle of a short literary biography of Albert Camus, and I just came across this quote that seems apropos to the moment: “I am growing rather tired…of seeing veteran militants who never ran from struggles…receive countless lessons in effectiveness from critics who have done nothing but point their seats in the direction of history.” Every age has its keyboard kommandos.

  190. I’m glad to have left Huff N Fluff. Too much childish whining and drama over there about Obama being a corporatist shill, being a puppet of Wall Street bankers, being George W. Bush’s third term… all accusations with zero substance to back it up with.

    And if you were going by what Huff N Fluff posters believe, Obama is either going to resign soon or be primaried in 2012 by Bernie Sanders, Alan Grayson, Anthony Wiener, or the PUMA darling Hillary Clinton. They have no connection with the real world and only know how to repeat the same old talking points from Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Hamsher, and the Devil Queen herself, Arianna.

    The only media pundit that seems to get it is Lawrence O’Donnell, because he’s actually had to work to push legislation to be passed by Congress. He actually knows the ins and outs of Washington and the push and pull needed to pass or doom legislation.

    And it’s telling that the poutragers dismiss him and praise Olbermann, Maddow, Shultz, Hamsher, Huffington, the pundits with NO experience in governing or legislating in Washington. Heck, Huffington failed to defeat the Terminator to be Governor of California, and I believe her ex husband had a failed run at a Senate office.

    And her blog was co-founded by Andrew Brietbart, the popular right wing scam artist.

    These poutraging pundits all have skeletons hiding in their closet that they don’t want to reveal to the sane.

    Once again, I digress, poutrager echo chamber land is pathetic. Too much shouting, yelling, and no actual debate on policy, just the politics.

  191. I don’t know–just repeating a rumor. I had never heard anything about this. I’m presuming that the use of past tense “was” means that this effort must have fallen through.

  192. All blogs are echo chambers to some degree IMO. The point is to choose spaces which further objectives or are aligned politically. It’s nice to be part of an emerging effort to build new spaces from the ground up.

  193. When I heard about the changes, I knew they were selling. C’mon, you’ll be able to “friend” people there? A political facebook? And to Hamsher! No wonder there’s no longer any room for opposing views. lmao. Wow, kos did kind of sell his soul, no? (and I mean that metaphorically, not literally)

  194. First, I hate asking so many questions so please forgive me for asking another one. Pet Lovers diaries are the pooties and woozles. What is BK? I should know, but it’s flying right over my head.

  195. Exactly. I quit HP more than a year ago. It took a while for them to unsubscribe me from their mailing list, but I finally got them to do it. I have never gone back there. Even when there is a link to their site, I never click on it.

    I used to be a regular commenter there for a long time. Not anymore.

    You are right about how people cherry pick what to and what not to discuss. They accuse the media for not commenting on issues when it does not fit their narrative. But some people are no different.

    Notice that Ezra Klein was a fixture on the other MSNBC evening shows during the health care debate, but because he is not saying what people want to hear, even as he criticizes parts of the paln, he is only relegated to Lawrence O’Donnell’s show, based on the clips I have seen. I don’t watch TV anymore.

    But to the point I am trying to make, the other day when someone commented on Ezra Klein’s take on the plan, a commenter at one of the other blogs said Ezra sucks.

    He was further criticized throughtout the particular piece. It was really funny to see how people stretch.

    Feingold has been touted as the hero to primary POTUS. Today, he killed the DREAM ACT. We will see if he will be taken to task.

    Krugman did not come out swinging against the tax plan, in fact he grudgingly said it had aspects to the plan that was unexpected. Gallop said 66 percent of the people polled (although I am not one for he polls) supported the president’s plan. If you check some of the places that usually dumps on this president, you won’t find those topics covered.

    But imagine if Gallop’s numbers were reversed or if Krugman’s comments were reversed. He would have been quoted in posts after posts.

    If this issue was not so serious, it would be laughable. People get on TV to protest the tax cuts and they don’t even know what the hell they are talking about. All this bloviating from people who stand to lose not a single thing in this struggle, except for the very people they claim to be fighting for.

    What is freaking wrong with that picture? It is maddening.

  196. I agree. While we may not all agree on everything, it is good to have adult conversations about the issues.

    I am particularly glad that this site is starting off in very nice way.

    I have since sworn off places that, even if they disagree with you, can’t carry on a conversation without getting ugly.

    Even when I refer to them here, I won’t give them power by using their names directly.

    I can’t say enough about how glad I am to be a part of this place. One other important thing for me is that, I am finding out about all these other neat places, thanks to the blog roll listed here.

    I am just loving this. Thanks to everyone here for the civil discourse.

  197. Wow GN that is actually not too hard to believe is it.. considering how whacked out things have been there for months. Color me not shocked if its true.

  198. Hello Claire, its so nice to have you here.. and thank you for your support of our President 🙂 WELCOME~

  199. They good for nothing Democrats in Congress demand respect from the PBO, but they never give him any respect. They make me sick! I just read this over at roll call:

    Profanity, Anger Spill Over in House Democratic Caucus Meeting
    • By Anna Palmer
    • Roll Call Staff
    • 2:29 p.m.
    The frustration with President Barack Obama over his tax cut compromise was palpable and even profane at Thursday’s House Democratic Caucus meeting.

    One unidentified lawmaker went so far as to mutter “f— the president” while Rep. Shelley Berkley was defending the package the president negotiated with Republicans. Berkley confirmed the incident, although she declined to name the specific lawmaker.
    “It wasn’t loud,” the Nevada Democrat said. “It was just expressing frustration from a very frustrated Member.”

    Rep. Jerrold Nadler (N.Y.) was also overheard saying that “we can’t trust him” not to cave to Republicans and extend the tax cuts again in two years, according to a Democratic source.

    The anger aimed at the bill was widespread. As Democrats moved to block the bill from coming up on the floor, chants of “Just say no!” could be heard by reporters outside the room.

    Berkley is one of the few Democrats publicly supporting the package. While she said it wasn’t necessarily how she would have written it, the bill should go forward in her estimation because it is “chock full” of tax cuts that will help the working class in her state.

    “I’m not willing to play Russian roulette to see who blinks first,” Berkley said

  200. Oops! I meant “the” not “they”

    From The Speaker:

    @SpeakerPelosi ~ If new Lieberman & Collins #DADT bill passes Senate, an army of allies stands ready to pass standalone repeal in House

  201. Wow. These people are showing their true colors. No wonder hardly any of them have come out to defend the president against the ugly tea partiers.

    I will say it again and again. The disrespect afforded this president, is one that I have never seen. I will never forget this. Never.

    As long as you have liberal behind your name, it is OK to be ugly. But let a Republican say the same thing, and all of a sudden they all want to pretend like they are enraged.

    How disgusting. That person so brazen to call the president an MF should be brave enough to step up and tell us that he did the name calling.

    I want to know who he is.

  202. The coward should be mature enough to speak to the President face to face. Only cowards talk shit about a person behind closed doors.

  203. The left is begining to show their true colors. These guys is just as corrupt and dark as the Republicans but I think that it’s a good thing we found out.

  204. Definitely a lot of folks showing their true colors. Adept2u has a diary up right now (just went over there for the first time today)- anyway his diary is about Al Sharpton calling out Anthony Weiner for attacking the president.. and though Al is like most of us, not thrilled about the wealthy keeping their tax break.. he also agrees that the President had little choice in order to look after the folks in the middle and the unemployed.

    So the comments are more ‘concern’ that Al would call out a Democrat- Weiner.. when Al should call out the republicans (which of course he does, by likening them to hostage takers).. the double standard is my point. It is okay for dems in congress to attack the president, it is okay for ‘progressives’ all over the teevee to attack the president.. it is okay for ‘progressives’ on blogs to call this president (and yes I’ve seen all of this): a murderer, a corporate schill, a liar, a republican, a manchurian candidate, a plant,… and the list goes on. Yet this president refers to them as ‘puriests’- a word they’ve actually used to define themselves.. and he gets downright TERRORIZED by the fringe of this country. For a congress person to sit in a meeting amongst other congress people and say FU in regards to President Obama is the same kind of ignorant shit as that creep who said “you lie” during the SOTU. And imo it is a bunch of priviledged white folks being effing ignorant and SPOILED. Oh man I’m getting real pissed about all this crap.

  205. It’s White Privelege. It was discussed at DK, but admin shot it down. We were crucified for suggesting that such a thing could exist.

  206. President Obama just can’t win with some folks. If he lets Congress do things their way, it takes a year and he gets bashed by the professional left for not taking control.

    When he takes control and presents Congressional Democrats with a good deal that most average folks approve of and lets them “moveon” to other priorities like DADT, START, and DREAM, he gets bashed for leaving the lawmakers out of the loop.

    I hope to God that this posturing on the part of Congressional Democrats is like someone said above: to psych the Republicans into believing this will hurt the President so they won’t have buyer’s remorse before taking the vote. I would believe it except for the stupidity of the Dems insisting on tinkering, which will only waste time.

    I also don’t get why DADT was brought up for a vote now. Seems completely premature to me–Republicans made clear that they won’t agree to anything before the tax issue is resolved. Every now and then Harry Reid just leaves me befuddled. Does anyone have a clue as to what’s behind this, strategically?

  207. WOW! GN, if this is true it would sure explain why some people have been allowed to ride totally rough shod over there. And why they were so evil to BWD and any who gave her support.

    I’m glad to stay completely away from there under any circumstances.

  208. Yes we do! The work he does is amazing
    and then he gets blasted if he takes a
    few days off to take his family to the

  209. Bonjour, Claire, bienvenue!

    Don’t expect much more from me my French is not that good. Great to see you post here.

  210. “he thinks it will hurt Pres Obama’s re-election bid.”

    He prays for this daily, don’t cha know? The man is purely jealous of President Obama, as are so many, many others. The president consistently makes them look like the children that they are.

  211. GN:

    Could you send a link to a verification of that? If true, I am deleting my account. But not before I ask about it in a diary.

  212. Hi, great topic. Great replies.

    I am so endlessly sick of fauxgressives and their pathetic hidden agenda. These people are no better than the Tea Party.


    I still don’t get the vote to “reject” that went on in the House today. All the puffery is absolutely ridiculous. They can’t change a damn thing and they know it.

  213. I’ve noticed it too–the President seems
    to have aged ten years before our eyes.
    I saw the same thing with President
    Clinton, who was a workaholic (like President Obama) and never seemed to take a break.

    Now, President Bush II…well, nothing like that there. And that’s because he barely did a darned thing (except run the country into the ground, leaving this mess that this President has to clean up….but that seems to fly over the heads of a lot of “liberals”).

  214. Jane Hamsher is battling breast cancer. I was with FDL when she was sick. During the Plame debacle.
    But she is also a movie producer. “Dead Man Walking” I think

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