Quick Nightly Mishmash

1. Justice is served. Check another V.


2. The House passed The Dream act  216 to 198. I don’t think its got a lot of chance in the Senate, but should keep pushing.


3. Did everyone read TiMT ‘ excellent, informative, super-factual piece? If not, go read and give him some love. He is awesome:

Barack Obama strike back.

4. Thanks, Donna, for pointing to this hilarious insanity report:

The Incessant Whining of Liberals


5. Finally, please feel free to suggest more possible links for the blogroll. I think we’re building a nice block of positive minds, and we should look to expand it.

Oh, one last thing:  Don’t you just love the display of compassion and warm Liberal hearts by so-called progressives, who are ready to throw the entire middle class and the unemployed under the purity bus, in order to get revenge?


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  1. Wasn’t the DREAM act going to be voted on in the Senate first, but then it was switched to go through the House first?

    If that’s the case that is very telling that it will die in the Senate and everybody knows it, so to give it to the House first so they can force a tough vote and pass it to run on and against in 2012. Because if it died in the Senate there would be no reason for the House to even bother voting on it.

    I mean it’s pretty elementary, there isn’t 60 votes in the Senate. I suspect some of the Republicans who will vote against it will do so claiming “faulty process” and how they really, really hope to see it in the eventual Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill.

  2. I hardly know how “the only adult in the room” got going, but I am grateful for it. It fills in the roar of joy and appreciation that fills my throat every day for the presence of Barack obama in our world, and as the President of these United States.
    What a learning opportunity for us all. He is inexhaustibly the finest leader I can imagine.

  3. Guys

    This is the best of blogs: this is the worst of blogs.

    Best = It has everything – from politics to snark from community to photos. I suggest a BWDNation, 2011.

    Worst = my Carpal tunnel is back!

    BWD – anything you’d like for XKWANNUKAH, just name it!

  4. Your last comment is especially appreciated. The typical sentiment you see expressed is “the country will see what bad people the Republicans are when unemployed benefits run out.” Have these folks no decency? Don’t they care about the unemployed? People like Ed Schultz are especially appalling given his fulsome “support” of the unemployed and the “99ers”.

  5. I love you and most of your works BWD, that’s why I subscribed here after you left DailyKos. But don’t you think the blaming and flaming of progressives and left-liberals is getting a little reflexive?

    This tax cut ‘deal’ is a hold-your-nose compromise at best, and a political disaster at worst. I wish you would re-examine your position on this issue. Even as smart and compassionate as the President is, he isn’t right about everything, and its important that we tell him so when necessary.

  6. The only thing I would change in “The Incessant Whining of Liberals” is the title. I would rather instead it be titled “The Incessant Whinging of Liberals”.

    They’ve long past the whining stage. It’s definitely been upped a notch or two into the “whinging” realm.

  7. There is a diary on KOS of Obama supporters calling out to each other.
    Quite touching really and i was surprised at how many have come out.

    from the diary
    The Front page is a waste. The anti-Obama gangs still terrorize the threads. But i still find this a great community, full of wonderful people, who have been largely silenced by the bullies.

    We will rise up and reclaim our place here after the insanity subsides.

  8. I don’t like this deal any more than you are, and the president isn’t very happy about it either. But what other choice he had? His lame party didn’t want to take the vote before the election – but now they are all so offended – and without this deal 98% of the American people would suffer badly. For progressive to turn this into some Jihad at the expense of the unemployed and blue collar people – It’s disgusting in my eyes. Mindless ideology, and nothing more. Not to mention how they completely ignore the mini stimulus that’s in there and the fact that most economists agree that it’s a good deal for the economy.

    I appreciate your comment and glad that you’re visiting here. Thanks.

  9. Yah i notice that people like Ed shultz say they are for the middle class but today no they are not the problem with these liberal media are in it for the money they get paid million and they are told what to say and they think we are stupid we are not we are democrats and we will stand with obama period they can do and say whatever they want it will not stick not this time we are sick and tired of the media

  10. The President did what he had to do. He didn’t like it either. With regards to the left teabaggers. You reap what you sow.

  11. They still don’t realize that DK is just a blog, just one blog. It becomes a part of your life, and you lose perspective. When you divorce yourself from it, it recedes in importance. I hate writing and tend to conceptualize for myself in visuals. When I was trying to break the habit, I saw myself looking down at DK the way astronauts looks down at Earth as they soar. It becomes smaller and smaller and then a pinprick. If anybody still posts there, perhaps they can be pointed in Blue or Black directions. Once here or there, the real perspective will solidify, until that place is simply comedy. The comm diaries ARE special, but they can be reestablished elsewhere. I’m a bottom line type. Kod does not deserve the hits, since he clearly sanctions, if not, encourages, ugliness and selfishness, which are antithetical to Dem values.

    It IS addictive there, and Psych 101 reminds us that the most effective way to develop intrangient behavior is through intermittent reinforcement, which Kos’ format provides. Will I get recs??? How many?????

  12. I read the diary, almost logged in to comment (not sure if my account is still active after several months of being idle), but then I made the mistake of reading about ten comments, and I ran into the anti-Obama brigade. That place is toxic. The lonely Obama supporter needs to get out of there and join us out in the sane world.

  13. You #4 link leads to a report from Moody’s Analytics. Their numbers are VERY impressive. If their forecasts are correct, I think many liberals will decide to be in favor of this deal.

  14. Given the circumstances, it’s a good deal. A political disaster be having President Obama be fingered as responsible for mega tax increases on the middle class and denying UI benefits to the unemployed. I don’t actually consider those masquerading as purists to be progressive or left liberal since they would willingly do harm to those most in need.

  15. You’re so right, Sara – about the blog, BWD, and the President. Godsends, all of them.

  16. Thanks bwd and donna for that insnaityreport linky. A fine read. Excellent debunking of foxgressive talking points.

  17. No its my first comment down below.. it says “comment awaiting moderation” maybe because I put links in it? Thats the first time I’ve seen that here.

  18. I might have to start watching Lawrence. I know Alan Grayson has a lot of fans, but I’ve always found him to be all talk, and not much in the way of results. No offense, intended.

  19. I like your reply to Will, very respectful.
    Folks need to understand our support of the president does not mean we like the outcome of every bill. I cannot think of any liberals (I am sure there are some) who think giving the rich more tax breaks is a good idea, What were the options? Shame repugs; I mean, those folks?
    Should we allow middle class and the most needy to suffer. That is the part of the argument that baffles me.

    Peace BWD

  20. When I initially quit I needed to block the site on my computer. Eventhough I’d know how to unblock it if I really wanted to, the extra steps I would need to take would be enough time to make me realize what I was doing and that it wasn’t worth it.

    Now I don’t think of it unless it’s brought up here. I won’t even follow links to the site from here becase I don’t want to be counted as a unique page view in their daily stats.

    I wish there was a bug in the switching from the current version to the DK4.0, make a week with it being down. Folks would realize how toxic the place is and never go back.

  21. I agree with you limpidus. Obviously those folks do not speak for how all liberals feel. Personally I am and have been far more concerned about helping the unemployed and the middle class than worrying or being angry about what the wealthy are getting, I just do not get this horror about this. Sorry but to me- anything that will help folks in need of help is worth swallowing something we may not like. And really – maybe Ed, Rachael, Keith, Jane, Adam.. and whoever ought to take themselves out into the world and have a conversation with a room full of unemployed folks and ask them how they feel about all this. Because one thing I’m relatively sure of- Keith et al and most of dailykos will be having Christmas dinner this year.;… so no worries for any of them, they can afford to freak out over tax cuts for the wealthy.

  22. It seems to me that the President has the wind at his back now. It’s the breeze from all the windy people with more air than sense blowing off steam behind him! He has moved on to work on DADT after saving the baby (the unemployed and middle class) from the hostage taking Republicans. We can’t shame the Republicans into doing anything for poor people. We have to move faster and smarter than they are. We have to get things done before the Republicans can figure out how to block what we’re doing to make things better for working people. There are thousands of progressive acts also possible for each of us. Get to a farmers market. Try to look for well-made American products when you buy. Refuse to shop at Walmart…

  23. Yup. The so called compassionate ‘progressives’ is a myth. I posted some links for that guy to tell him there is another world beyond dkos.

  24. I probably agree with most of his politics, but his antics were so off-turning I don’t know if I would have voted for the guy if I was in his district. And Webster is pretty damn odious, but I would have rationalized that Webster could be replaced in two years.

    I think Grayson got sucked in by the faux-gressive left echo chamber, and didn’t realize most folks in the MSM were laughing at him not with him, he was the clown they could count on to say something stupid.

  25. Hi Snowbird42 – read your blog on DK and thanks again for directing people here. I am so happy that BWD found a new home. I will be visiting this site everyday.

  26. Lawrence was great yesterday. I have a post this evening from his last night’s show here

    ps…I don’t know if linking html codes works here. First time trying it in case it does not come out.

  27. I don’t necessarily like it either. But I understand why the compromise was necessary.

    I’m certainly not against criticizing the President or believe he is beyond criticism, but it’s the level of vitriol that is ridiculous. And it’s endless. It’s like a competition where everybody needs to one-up each other in their outrage and in their condemnation in order to get noticed. The ones with a link at the bottom for donations are always the best – people want their endless outrage to be their full time job.

  28. Mr. Grayson hates what the republicans are doing and in that I’m with him. On the other hand, his rhetoric is too over-the-top.

    Some people appreciate his style. I don’t. It could be good in the short term. But in the long term it’s not. He uses humiliation, hateful rhetoric, and sometimes even distorsion.

    When you project hate, hate is thrown back at you.

    There are ways to call out your political enemies without demonizing them.

  29. You deserved a shout out. I loved your piece and you spoke for me, kiddo!

    So does BWD deserve a shout out and everyone here who is posting. I am reading everyone, I just don’t seem to be able to catch up.

    Fabulous posts, daily, BWD. I am grateful!

  30. Ray – I was thinking that too. Of course then I’m looking for salt to throw and wood to knock on 🙂

    I also believe that is why the Screamers have become completely unglued. They know they are on the going down, and this could not have happened to a bigger group of WATB’s.

    Am I gloating? Wellllll….

  31. Suggestion:


    “President Obama this afternoon signed a law funding two major legal settlements for black farmers and American Indians who were discriminated against by the federal government.

    The Pigford II settlement, worth $1.25 billion, will pay claims made by black farmers that they were discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture in the 1980s and 1990s, when the department denied them loans and other assistance. The Cobell settlement, worth $3.4 billion, is for American Indians whose land trusts and oil and gas rights were mismanaged by the federal government, which withheld royalties.
    The Pigford settlement was approved by a judge and lawyers for both sides in February, and the Cobell settlement last December. Several attempts over the months to authorize funding for the settlements failed in Congress.”

  32. I dont think that anyone can say that it is the best deal the pres has gotten because eve he admits that it’s not. But lets not forget, he had members of his won caucus vote against the middle class tax cuts and now want to come out against the compromise. All I can say is that I’ve been unemployed, on WIC and currently receive medicaid for my daughter and I know as well as others who are or were in my situation know that any bit of relief helps.
    …and we need to stop this meme about not criticizing the pres because no one is advocating that. not even him. But i also have a right to question the type of criticism that is being leveled. most of it he receives is really not based in reality-u can’t create votes out of an imaginary bully pulpit if there are none- nor can the anger be based on theatrics(he isn’t angry enough at BP) or messaging(HCR). However, I do have faith that the president is doing the right thing based on the facts and information at hand. I hope that u can keep the faith as well

  33. just when my faith was being restored after the 2008 election, the people once again disappoint me. I’m not gonna bet that they will see the light once the republicans are through with this country in 2012

  34. A lot of folks have left that site. You have to have a diary that says…F Obama bombshell to be embraced with viral welcome. Thanks Kaycesf.

  35. From a BJ poster

    The House just passed a resolution congratulating imprisoned Chinese democracy advocate Liu Xiaobo on being awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

    the vote was 402 to 1

    The one lone vote against was by…… wait for it…. Ron Paul. All hail libertarianism!

  36. I have always said daily to myself, we have a brilliant President of the United States! I am so grateful for this man!

  37. Thank you BWD for what you have launched and are now, sensibly, sustaining with your intelligence and empathy.

  38. Really good article – not sure that the President is done working with Dems, as suggested, but it’s a interesting perspective. The comments should be skipped for the sake of sanity.

  39. I think his heart is in the right place but he goes too far with his antics and his righteous anger shtick. He was playing to the “yell louder” crowd. Unfortunately for him the “restore sanity” crowd is much, much larger and not too fond of the whole “yell louder” thing.

  40. I guess we just need to keep doing that. Giving links to those who want them so they can get away from the toxicity over there. It really does start to affect your outlook and getting away from there really helps you gain perspective.

  41. Just unsubscribed from DFA mailing list after getting an email from Bernie Sanders asking me to sign an email in opposition to the tax cut deal. I told them they should be renamed democracy for the affluent due to their misguided opposition to the compromise with it’s close to $800 billion stimulus and lifeline for the the unemployed.

  42. Thank you for posting the links, amk. I was someone who thought I’d stay and fight it out over there, but reading a front pager brag about getting paid per click–and therefore anyone who argues with him is a “sucker”–pretty much convinced me that the management over there is no longer motivated by principle, but by profit. They’re going to try and profit off of progressive outrage and are not above stirring the pot to make a buck. It’s not a level playing field. Time to change the game.

  43. I posted this on a FB thread of a so called progressive who thinks President Obama is “weak with no backbone for NOT getting in the rethugs face and compromising on tax cuts, damn the unemployed, it’s all about the fight!….sigh!

    “Is this a bad deal when people are helped? Do you really think teathugs are going to be shamed/pushed into helping? Does it add to the deficit, yep, at this point in my life, do I care, nope so that may be our differences. I don’t have a job, just benefits, I have been sending out hundreds of resumes a week and either no bites or not enough pay. If I’m living off of UI that I have contributed to since I was 18 yrs old and constantly stressing for the last 6 mos. of will they extend or won’t they, do I have to move or don’t I, can I pay for 1 more dr. visit or can’t I, please let my car hold up until I find a job, can I make 1 more pot of spaghetti stretch? do you honestly think at this point in time, I care about a budget defict in the future when I don’t have my own budget. My point in all this has always been what happened to the compassion we are supposed to feel for others. Is proving a point or being “pure” to the cause sufficient to ignore those of us having hard time? What is going on now that has NOT been going on since Reagan and believe me, I have always paid attention. Somehow and someway, the rhetoric got turned and twisted to make this President Obama’s fault when his record of accomplishments show different. I’m glad you and Carlo have your principles to stand on and I ain’t mad about it but my friend’s and acquaintances are scared, hungry and anxious”.

  44. I’m a poster from Huff N Puff who found your blog through PlanetPoV, another site with folks who are fed up with the BS from the progressive left that continue to talk BS about Obama.

    The way they treat Obama over at Huff N Puff, you’d think he was George W. Bush or worse, Dick Cheney! They’re saying he made a deal with terrorists and saying incredibly horrible things about our President because of the deal he reached with these tax cuts.

    I even made a post (or two or three) about how he was between a rock and a hard place, about how both the left and the right need to QUIT playing politics and actually get something done for the people, and my post went in most of the posters ears and out the other. They’re totally brainwashed by Queen Arianna into believing that President Obama is their enemy, and that she’s their ally. Last time I checked, Arianna was a “former” Republican, but she sure doesn’t act like it. Same with Ed Shultz.

    These fauxgressives, as another poster put it, live in a fantasy land. Most Americans support this tax cut deal, as pointed out by Gallup polling. Heck that same poll shows that 54% of Democrats support the tax cut extension, so these fauxgressives are a minority.

    The fauxgressives want a fight more than getting anything done, which is why they accuse President Obama of having no spine. That is, he has no spine to cause a fight for political theater. He’s not a Rush Limbaugh, he’s not a Glenn Beck, he’s the friggen President, and he did the job that many Democrats should have done before the midterms. The Democrats fumbled the ball and allowed the Republicans to score a touchdown with winning the House. Now that President Obama has the ball, it’s third down, he’s forced to go for a field goal, yet the fauxgressives seem to believe that Obama needs to go for a touchdown.

    The fact that the fauxgressives accuse Obama of “caving” into Republican demands, but also ignoring the fact that you’ve got Republican clowns like Jim Demint saying they’ll join left wing Democrats in filibustering this deal shows how ignorant of reality these fauxgressives are.

    Keep up the good work BWD, I suspect I’ll be posting here more often than not. This is the kind of dialog and debate that should be going on… not the joke of dialog and debate that we see on cable political shows and blogs (excluding this one of course).


  45. Ha! He won’t take them for granted? next time they’ll learn to get ‘er done and stop sitting on their hands. And I don’t want to hear anymore complaints from the Senate about ‘Obama’s not telling us what he wants’.

  46. That segment on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell was a joy to watch. Three self appointed, foaming at the mouth liberals and the brilliant, adorable Ezra Klein.

    One thing you have to say about Lawrence O’Donnell is that he knows tax policy better than anyone on cable tv.
    That was a real interview and not just an opportunity for the guests to get their talking points out without challenge.

    Imagine where we would be now if this type of interviewing was the norm.

  47. You are so right.I saw this as well.
    Luckily, he had Ezra Klein back and amother Tax expert and they both made Alan Grayson and shameless critic and self-promoter Arianna Huffington look silly and ill-informed.
    The real surprise to me was Velma Hart (the lady from the business town-hall who said she was “exhausted” defending Pres Obama -like he asked her to! I always found her comments so odd.Anyway, she seemed to be supporting him on the tax deal.

  48. Man, I love this site. BWD shoulda done this years ago when KOS and HuffPo first started their drudgereportery ways.

  49. No sane person thinks it’s right that the tax on the top 2% should stay in place. Even people like Warren Buffet have said so but the alternative is too brutal.

    For Democratic Congress persons to now come and say that the President should campaign all across the country and shame the Republicans is disingenuous.He did this campaigning for the mid-terms and some of these same democrats did not want to be associated with him in their red states. So campaigning now will be different?
    Why did they not take the vote before the mid-terms as he asked?
    They really don’t have a good argument.

  50. ctually, I don’t think many have considered that Pres Obama also had to think about getting START, DREAM and DADT fitted into the Senate agenda. Had he not tried to get something done, this tax fight would have continued until the last moment and the Republicans who said they would not consider anything else until the tax and funding bills are voted on would have run the clock to the end of the year, so no DADT, START or even an attempt at DREAM.
    Thank God , someone (the Pres) thinks these things through.

  51. I have noticed there is a group of purists who first started bashing the President before the Inauguration ceremony. They were angry at him for inviting Rick Warren to do the invocation. While I was not thrilled about it, I respected the President’s decision to have whomever he wished be part of His Inauguration. Besides, it was a sign he is the President of ALL of America, not just one group. And thus many of his decisions have been based on the fact he is the President of All of the People of this country. Bush was the opposite and only represented the far right. He did not even try to be President of ALL of the people the way President Obama has been.

    Then there is the next group of purists who have been bashing him since very early in 2009 for not doing exactly what they wanted.
    Then there was the group shortly afterwards who became purists because they wanted the President to be a Bully.

    And then there is a group who blames the President instead of the Democrats in the Senate and the Filibuster in the Senate.

    I have noticed some saying he should be more of a bully like Bush. I know I never ever want a President who is a bully ever again.

    I think some purists envy and imitate the Anger and Hatred of the Teabaggers.

  52. DK is still railing about your website – they just can’t get over it. It’s gotten to the point where they look for any weakness simply to have something more to be angry about. As you said, it’s more about revenge than solutions. At the tax deal news conference, I took note of how speechless (bordering on stunned) the “press” was when Obama simply told the truth.

  53. They are worried. They see that many that were frequent participators on that site are here now. They should be worried they have showed absolute distain for this President over this tax issue. There is no adult in the room there. Its one thing to dissent but another to let that dissent evolve into the over the top hyperbole that we have all read over the last few days at dkos. All rational thinking has flown out the window and they simply follow the leader.

    You would think at least ONE frontpager would try and take a different approach to this issue but they like getting all this attention so they just continue to feed the beast.

  54. I said the same thing a couple a days ago CherylAnn. What they don’t understand is that this is simply the old trick of create a controversy. Then drive the controversy by sensationalizing it and watch how people are drawn to it. We see it on cable TV everyday.

    Keith and Rachel were apparently bragging about their ratings from their bash the President shows from two nights ago yesterday. They love this stuff. Well, they can have it. I voted for this President because this nation was in desperate need of positive results. I don’t have any problem with incremental change. Slow and steady wins the race. If you give everything you have at the beginning of the race then you will have nothing left to get you over the finish line.

    I am just fine with the course of this race so far. Not perfect by any means but effective non the less.

  55. Ahh the shoutout for the Incessant Whining of Liberal piece should go to our blogger “symmetry”. She first posted it here and with her permission I shared it EVERYWHERE I could think in the blogsphere 🙂

    Thanks Symmetry!!

  56. That’s so friggin’ crazy. They don’t have anything else to whine about?? I thought they had plenty of topics to choose, why rag on this site (let’s be real, they forced the issue that BWD left to put this up!!!)

    I love coming here. I can read without getting upset over those that attack any comment that puts the President into a positive light. Sure he’s made mistakes – but he is only human, and one who was given a totally thankless job in cleaning up after what bush left behind. Who the hell else do they think would have done a better job?!! Who was willing to take that job?!

    gah. Thinking about the naysayers just drives me crazy.

  57. thanks donna, just watched it… and Lawrence O’Donnell SCHOOLED Grayson.

    I can see why Grayson was voted out of office, he has NO conviction or spine of his own. He’s taking a stance that he’s going to vote against the Obama deal because it contains the temporary extension for the high income earners, yet that is only 37% of the entire package. The majority of the package keeps taxes low for middle income earners and the low income earners, while extending UI, and Grayson is going to vote AGAINST that?

    Also having Huff N Puff the b!tch on angered me, she’s a wealthy Republican who could care less about the middle class.

    The economic guy opposite Ezra Klein really knew his stuff, Obama needs to listen more to him and less of the cynical echo-chamber whining bloggers masquerading as “the left” and “the base.”

  58. DonnaDem,
    Thanks for the link. I can barely tolerate MSNBC right now but good to know not everyone there has lost it with hyperbolic vitriol.

    When I hear people suggest the President is weak and won’t take on the GOP, I want to show them the video of him blasting the republicans at their own retreat and Mike Pence and company whining afterward. Notice they will not meet with him in public anymore–

  59. My pleasure. I am so extremely excited about this site. I don’t blog or write diaries, but I read an awful lot of them DailyKos was one of my go to places. Went there everyday, several time a day. I always read BWD’s diaries as well as some others. That place became something horrible and so I started only going there to search for BDW’s diaries. So needless to say, I am happy to be here, where I feel comfortable having dialogue with reasonable people.

  60. I really enjoyed listening to Lawrence take down Alan Grayson. I also noticed that Arianna had not answer’s for Lawrence’s question. For each question he asked her, she went into excuse/complain/blame mode, but never gave an answer. We need SOLUTIONS. If if they have non to offer up than I really wish they would go away b/c where I’m sitting, I have seen them do nothing but find ways to make lots of money of the back of Barack Obama i.e. website, books…..

  61. I have to say thanks for posting the piece about the whining liberals:) That was right on! That’s a keeper. Lawrence O’Donnell was going to have a brain bleed last night going after Alan Greyson…He was so passionate, and he never backed down. I thought that was some real goodness.. Did anyone notice that Velma Hart said that she thinks the President made the right call on the taxes? I guess THAT’S the fight she was talking about:)Maybe she won’t have to be tired of defending the President now…

  62. It occurred to me how frustrating this all must be for the President.We don’t need a bully in the President’s seat, or a cowboy,we need exactly who we have.Wonder if the stark realization has hit that poor man in the face that he isn’t dealing with responsible representatives of the people that are voted in to do right by the country, but instead is presiding over a room full of kindergarteners that forgot why they are there.Not meant to slam kindergarteners…in fact, I think I should have said preschoolers!

  63. Hey Donna i gave you props for being the go to guy on linking informatio. i hope you don’t mind.we were trying to get a link from Lawrence show when him and grayson was having it.

  64. Blackwaterdog…you were one of the main reasons I went to DKOS. The last couple of days, I’ve only went to get a laugh. The people on the site have lost it.

  65. Of course the few commenters are in disagreement. Good article though.

    The way I see it President Obama is the “only adult in the room.” The man truly is phenomenal; je just keeps on doing what he feels is best for this country. Doesn’t seem to matter to him who he has to do it with to get it done. At the end of the day both sides whine because he ends up making them look bad because he is the only person that actually seems to be able to get ANYTHING done.

  66. You know what’s so very interesting to me? How so many of these Dems/Liberals/Progressives (however they define themselves) are suddenly so concerned about the deficit. Deficit and budget over people who need UI! Is that not a Republican thing? When did they become so Republican in their thinking?

  67. DKos and related sites and groups like FDL are part of the Faux News media that have claimed the role of speaking for “the left” or “progressives” and claim over and over again to represent “Obama’s base” — which is obviously absurd since they don’t even support him, they want to primary him or worse.

    Those people and their followers are not liberals — they don’t care about the people who get hurt in their ideological wars. They are not progressives, they would stop progress that doesn’t go far enough, rather than take a step in the right direction.

    And they are definitely not Obama’s base. They are at best fickle and self-centered, and at worst they are doing everything in their (thankfully limited) power to defeat him now. Driving this narrative about how weak and useless he is, and/or what a corporate sell out he is, is the basis of their attack plan for the next election and they have put it into high gear since the midterms.

    They exist is make money; the way they do that is by generating controversy and outrage, because that gets eyeballs on the page and clicks flying in the comments threads, which makes money money money. Get it? They are in the business of selling emotional outrage against President Obama. Just like Fox News, but for a different audience. That’s why I have all but stopped visiting that site… I avoid it as much as possible just like I do Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. It’s the same shit though a different lens.

  68. Amen. They’ve been putting this off since September (at least).

    Taking them for granted? What, did the President hurt their fragile egos?

  69. That’s still a little too mature for the average fauxgressive. Perhaps Goolsbee can create a crayon drawing for the denizens of Lollipop Land.

  70. The thing is if you spend your time looking for things to be critical of you will find plenty.

    What exactly is perfection?

    I personally find it more productive to focus on the positive, rather being a full time critic. I would rather spend time trying to build up something positive in a constructive way rather that continually tear it apart. In the long run it thing that is more productive.

  71. Good morning everyone! I just wanted to stop in and show my support yet again, for this blog and our President, who is doing the best he can. I agree with the general consensus here that the people at DKos and elsewhere in the blogosphere, do not represent the President’s base, and have demonstrated just how grossly out of touch they are with core Democratic values.
    Thanks again for this wonderful space to discuss policy wthout the vitriol and hyperbole!

  72. The same thought occured to me. When the stimulus bill was being debated they were all for a larger one (so was I) and when the deficit came up they argued it didn’t matter, that to do something good sometimes you need to increase the deficit.

    Their complaining now is that same as that of RWers. The deficit only matters whhen money is being spent on something you don’t like.

    I have become very saddened at what has happened to this country in terms of the rigidity on both sides. I remember the Eisenhower administration and I have never seen it this bad in terms of the number of people who have adopted the rigid stance with no give.

  73. The Velma Hart incident was ALWAYS about tax cuts for the rich. Always. CNBC knew her question in advance and selected her because (IMO) she could serve as a “sympathetic” face for the “struggling middle class” double six figure income households. Fauxgressives are too stupid to understand how the media plays the hell out of them.

    And BTW, Velma Hart is now working for CNBC. Lives in a huge house with a lake in the back.

  74. I was really upset when they wouldn’t address the middle class extensions prior to the election. It reminded me of the Republicans doing the whole Patriot ACt thing before the 2002 elections and forcing the Dems to vote against “national security”. It was one of the reasons Bush didn’t lose his majority that year. I really think that if the Dems had done what Obama wanted, and forced votes 1) the Dems woudl not have lost their majority in the House and 20 this compromise would never have had to take place.

  75. Yes I saw this segment, and it was excellent. It’s amazing how some people allow themselves to be easily manipulated just so they can continue their “Obamasux” narrative. They would rather now view Landrieu as an ally of progressives, and appreciate the positives about the President.

  76. Agreed. This site is still in its infancy, as are several others. We can absolutely spread the word and help it to grow. I will be emailing links to this space today.

    I noted yesterday, this space is diverse like the base and pro-President Obama like the base. Liberals here say things like “I feel more allied with African Americans than teabaggers” which is COMPLETELY in line with my experiences in real life in which white liberals were far more inclined to be very critical of white conservatives than sympathetic to them (in contrast with some other spaces which claim to represent the base yet curiously find the teaparties sympathetic—-that is *suspect*). The editorial decisions made here are far more in line with what is typical of Democratic thought.

    So long as BWD does not allow paid shills to descend upon this site and utilize sensationalism to build their businesses and consultancies, I think that this space is going to continue to be positive, forward-thinking, and constructive.

  77. They must be worried over there. Now a couple of them now quote how many is on the site. So it is bothering them. 2 more signed off yesterday.

  78. They lost it a long time ago. What’s happening is that there are fewer people wasting time trying to balance their nonsense out. Why the hell should I purchase a media product as poisonous as dkos?

  79. It’s a battle to see which side “wins”, doesn’t matter who gets caught in the cross-fire.

    I would say the majority of Democrats (including myself) wanted to see tax breaks for millionaires go away. It didn’t come to pass, but we’re capable of sitting down and looking at the information in its entirety. It’s called being an adult.

  80. Hello good to hear you. you think we will get a victory today on DADT and The Dream act.

  81. Thx Ladyhawk. LODdy duck. He made a mincemeat of that lying, hypocrite.

    One point,as LOD noted, is that the south hates this prez. Hope his team has a strategy to offset these racists.

  82. Hope you hold your own. I try to back you up as much as possible( i know you don’t need my help). I appreciate you being there and I learn a lot from you.

  83. They should never have listened to the sensationalists at DKos/FDL/HuffinPuffin. They should have utilized reason and common sense to examine the deal, and they should have waited to hear about what the actual base thinks, as we are not as stupid and easily distracted as the media (including those sites) thinks that we are.

    Time for the Democratic party to get their shit together. Listening to sensationalist sites is utterly counterproductive and is going to get them into hot water with POTUS-loving constituencies. The guy has a 80+% approval rating with Dems.

  84. When it became something els they could bash the President with. Look, I get the argument that tax cuts aren’t as as stimulative as direct spending, but they do provide SOME stimulus. I’d love to have gotten more dollars as stimulus, but the extra stuff that the President got goes directly to lower and middle class people who really need it, and it’s more than I ever expected repubs to agree to at this stage.

  85. Wow! Wow! Damn! Landrieu must have whiplash from that powerful punch to the jaw from Lawrence. I don’t usually get all excited about anything talking heads have to say, but that was a thing of beauty.

  86. The House also refused to pass a budget before October because of cowardice. At this point I just have no sympathy for any of them.

  87. Bingo qmatertoo. Dkos is just a news aggregator, mainly cut and paste, from other blogs and then generate poutrage. What investigative journalism was ever done by Markos and other FP’ers ? At least Think Progress digs up the quotes from rethugs while dkos FP’ers just copy and paste them.

    And these are the people whining about lazy msm.

  88. I have to agree. They possibly could have framed it as, “The Republicans are voting against the middle class”. Even if that framing failed, would the election have turned out any worse than it did?

  89. I think that as long as they pass the thing before the end of the year they can throw a fit in Congress all they want. In fact their complaining about it will probably work to Obama’s benefit in the end.

    It really helps to stifle that “socialist” nonsense–at least for semi-rational people. Independents will no doublt feel that Obama is a stablizer between two stubborn points of view in Congress.

  90. Yep, if Congress does their job then the GOP will have been denied the opportunity to turn this into a left/right shouting match. Now it’s just going to be a left/super-left fight.

  91. I would love to hear what Lawrence says but I just can’t watch Arianna or any of the others in the first video. I just can’t do it. There are transcripts so I will get to those.


    How do we send you links, video, newsworthy stuff?

    Here is the latest WHITEHOUSE CHALKBOARD that explains this Tax Cut Deal. More and More people need to see this


  93. Oh my! Thank you, Lawrence O’Donnell. I’ve been saying the same thing about the Senate Democrats. They have more control over Senate than does the President. They didn’t have the votes on Saturday, the President did what he had to do and now the Dems are crying. If Obama had done nothing, I could see why they would be upset. But, it’s just not the case. They must think we’re all stupid, uninformed reactionaries.

  94. Not all in the South hate this President. But, yes, I do get the point he was trying to make.

  95. Because they’re trolls. I believe some of the poutrage crew are even professional trolls (they even caught one posing as a “progressive” and concern trolling a senate candidate’s diary). This is the hard right, and you had best believe that they’re watching the new spaces and trying to figure out how to troll you.

  96. Yep they talk about principle and the #1 democratic principle is protecting the poor and the middle class.

  97. I don’t think there is a DADT vote. Last I heard Collins who is yes vote has said she will not vote yes until the tax deal is passed. She is insisting that be done first . . . she is toeing the party line.

  98. I am going to have to start watching Lawrence more often. Thanks for the clip. It is refreshing to see someone on TV actually lay out the facts and not just rest on opinion.

  99. Thats right all dems is not voting yes. webb, nelson this why her vote is needed.

  100. Folks don’t seem to realize Obama got a lot from the GOP here because they were up looking at deadlines as well. Sure they got their extra tax cut for the rich, but what they really didn’t want, especially GOP House leadership was a big fight in their new caucus over UEI extensions. McConnell and Boehner are more practical (at least privately) and know UEI needs to be extended, but politically it’s not the Republican platform and there would have been a good chance that their caucus would be able to block in in the next congress. That the GOP Senate would need to supply seven votes, and in the House Speaker Boehner didn’t want to split his caucus so very early in his leadership. And he didn’t want to be the leader who kicked 2M folks out of their houses.

    Boehner wants to hit the ground running and doesn’t want to use his “political capital” on a drawn out fight on UEI extensions when he’d be fighting either on the wrong side or fighting his own caucus.

    GOP was up against the wall just as much as the White House was, so they were negotiating from equal footing.

  101. If Collins stop being an asswipe, yes on DADT. I don’t think the DREAM Act has a chance.

  102. Webb and Nelson voting against DADT repeal? Didn’t they vote for it’s repeal in late October?

  103. I dunno… somewhere things changed. Could be that the base of that site simply has changed (I see it as a takeover!!) When I first joined up, it was a far different tone. Angry (this is before Obama appeared on the scene!) at bush, dialogue even then was more respectful in debate. Also, other topics abound (science, food, green diaries). Now it just seems filled with the same point of view ad nauseum. People don’t respect the one diary per “breaking” news rule… everyone just wants to scream louder than the person next to them.

    I still hang out within community diaries – I stay far away from politics there.

  104. The Emperor Has No Clothes:

    See the ignorance and lack of command of fact and reason on display by “progressives” Hamsher and Green on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show. They have nothing but slogans and emotional rants. Their policy knowledge was breathtakingly low.

    Let’s call these folks what they are: a media product. One designed to stop POTUS, and stop progress, from “the left.” A regressive media product.

  105. I think they miscalculated. The fpers decided to go full on critical, encouraging the outrage and screaming, thinking it would increase traffic. It probably even worked for a while. But, they didn’t know when to rein it in. The place became toxic and people started fleeing in droves. Lots of new sites have popped up where rational discussion can take place, like this one. Now they are mad that people left. The bullies are mad because their victims are gone, the fpers are mad because they are losing traffic and others are mad because they are always mad about something.

    But guess what, DK, you can’t be abusive to people day after day, you can’t only allow one side of every story to be told on the fp and then heap ridicule on anyone who dares to disagree and expect them to just keep showing up and taking it.

  106. Wouldn’t surprise me. No one’s going to tell them what to do! Especially if the color of his skin is different from theirs….

    Can you imagine the sheer panic in this country if a Native American were ever to be elected President?

  107. Yup; this is the Shock Doctrine which they have the utter nerve to try to use against other liberals. Run from crisis to crisis to crisis, keeping the temperature as high as possible with excessive levels of drama and sensationalism. This is how they can twist people into thinking that POTUS is an enemy.

  108. I can’t help thinking about Kayne West’s notorious outburst about Bush – paraphrasing – “He doesn’t care about Black people.” I think of that constantly when reading about Hampsher and those jerks: “They don’t care about ANY people.”

  109. Of course they don’t care about anyone else. As I’ve said before, they are making alot of money off of Barack Obama. They are selfish individuals.

  110. I work with a Lakota group. Not to stereotype, but the mindfulness, wisdom, and compassion beats the typical Pubs and most Dems a thousand times over. They also, BTW, feel Obama is “family” (forgot the term).

    Thank you BWD, for letting us acknolege the “elephant” in the room here. (racism). You’d get HRed to hell and back for doing that elsewhere.

  111. BWD – A $0.02 site suggestion. Instead of nested comments, which makes it to harder track all the latest posts, can we have straight posts with links to the posts you replied to, a la Cole’s BJ ?

  112. And your way is much more productive. People who get non stop criticism are much more likely to stop trying to please the criticizer than to keep trying to please them because they feel like they can never win no matter what they do. So they tune them out. If you do nothing but criticize, and especially if you move from criticizing what they do and focus on their character, you will lose any chance you ever had of influencing that person. That’s what the “progressive” critics need to learn. If you give praise for all the good things and then gently put in suggestions for improvement, the person will want to listen to you. It’s just human nature.

  113. Yeah, I thought it was weird a year ago when dkos was running advertisements from conservative groups and candidates. The excuse they gave was pretty lame.

  114. They are not just selfish and greedy like Reps, but IMO, realy, REALLY emotionally stunted. Never got over the angst of HS. Hey, my HS years sucked – I grew up!

  115. The latest poll on support for the compromise demonstrates how out of touch the Frustrati are.

  116. Just went and checked out pmcarpenter’s blog. I love this line:

    “Would the American left please get out of the way of the GOP’s otherwise linear self-destruction?”

  117. Perhaps it would be better to say the “white south.” There is fierce support from AAs and, I would guess, Lainos as well. Let’s face it, much of the southern opposition is racism, state’s rights, a return to the original constitution (AAs only 2/3 of persons, legislature’ electing senators, rule by white male property owners …)

  118. IMO, I think that it would be a good idea to not reference DK site/members at all, particulary in a negative way. Having discussions about them and them looking at the comments only makes them feel more important than they really are. They need to see that the people on this site have moved on and that we have no use for them or that site. Continuing to give them attention is exactly what fuels them. Let’s not give them anymore power than they think they have. Let’s show them what respectful and reasonable dialogue should look like. Maybe in the process of the comment trolling, they will learn something.

  119. Exactly. “Political disaster”? This is the type of hyperbole and sensationalist overstatement which helps no one.

    This was a deal. A deal which includes a provision which many of us find anti-stimulative, and contains several other provisions which many of us find useful to the impoverished, working and middle classes.

    Amazing how POTUS gets credited for nothing.

  120. He seems to be one of the few MSNBC talking heads who doesn’t follow the empty fauxprogressive wisdom conventional wisdom you get form Schultz, Keith, Ratigan, and, on some nights, Rachel M.

  121. Mindfulness, wisdom and compassion scare most, especially in D.C.

    Without these, who are we as a society? The state of humanity in this country today saddens me to the core.

  122. Well said. We’ve been playing this “you just don’t want him criticized” game for far too long. It’s tiresome and useless.

    “I don’t like the tax cuts for the rich component of President Obama’s deal.”–criticism.

    “This is a political disaster.”–utter freaking nonsense, more suitable to the plethora of spaces in which hyperbole and sensationalism reign.

    Not everything is a political crisis; time to have some spaces with lowered temperatures and thus intelligent, contemplative conversations.

  123. 100% agreed. Amazing how the effort to claim that sensationalists speak for all progressives, as well as the effort to deflect away any accountability for those excesses, continues.

  124. Sad that no one talks about the best way to reduce the deficit which is to revive the economy and boost the revenue stream. As the president said in the press conference his immediate focus is jobs, economic security for those most affected by the crash of the economy and the middle class, then once these immediate objectives have been met a serious discussion with the American people about our long-term economic health.

  125. Like I keep telling people….the President of the United States is one of three branches of the Federal government…and he does not control the branch that passes the laws or okays the funding.

    Obama is not Dumbledore. He’s not Superman. He has no magic powers, he has no magic wands, he can’t FORCE Congress to do anything. All he can do is veto legislation and work behind the scenes to create deals like this one.

    Considering he got unemployment benefits extended, tax cuts for the middle class extended, a payroll tax cut, etc etc. and the Repubs only got an extension of the tax cuts for the rich, which they wanted made permanent, I think the “winner” in this deal is the President….and the vast majority of the American people.

  126. I am white, as is my husband and mother. The vast majority of my friends voted for Obama and still support the him. And, yes, they are all white.

    Don’t allow the folks at dkos and in the msm fool you into thinking that all of us white Southerners are racists and therefore despise President Obama. Please don’t use broadstrokes as they do.

  127. They are showing their true colors more and more, which is that most of them are fauxprogessives. They can’t keep their stories straight so slip into teabagger mode when they forget on which side they are pretending to be . . . . .

  128. My apologies, I should have said the new confederate south. There are many progressives in the south but their voices are drowned out by all the conservatives and tea party types.

  129. WHAT! He doesn’t! He isn’t!

    Well that’s it then I’m done 🙂 I’m calling JK Rowling right now to see if Dumbledore would be willing to mount a primary.

  130. And the liberal voice is being drowned out by by the angry “progressive” voices.

    Recently I’ve had a few short conversations with acquaintances who do, or in the past, define themselves, politically, as Republicans, conservatives. But, because of the TeaPartyRepublicans they are now embarrassed to say they are Republicans and they are very much dismayed by the condition of political disharmony in D.C. The tide is slowly, slowly turning. But, you’ll never know it because it doesn’t make good copy for the MSM.

    That being said, of course there is racism in the South. I tend to think most of it is based in fear. Fear of “revenge” for all they’ve done in the past.

    (my type keeps running out of the box to the right. hopefully, even though I can not see all I’ve typed, it will make sense!)

  131. House Democrats vote not to bring up tax deal he negotiated with GOP in its current form. The House Democrats are delusional. They think that they are going to come up with new legislation that the Republicans and some Blue Dog Dems are going to agree with. Whatever! These are really messing with peoples lives. This is shameful.

  132. Just empty posturing. These cowards didn’t take the vote prior to the elections and now they want to renegotiate ?

  133. Tell it. I usually don’t watch The Last Word, but that is about to change if Lawrence keeps up with these amazing segments. I found the Mary Landrieu evisceration so delightful I have watched it three times.

    I haven’t watched Countdown all week. And Rachel was plucking my nerves on Tuesday night. I haven’t watched her since.

    Lawrence is giving Rachel a run for her money. I used to think she had the connecting the dots thing down, but Lawrence is on her tail.

    I think what bothered the professional left the most about the press conference was two simple words uttered by President Obama:

    Purists and Sanctimonious

    I mean, if the shoe fits, wear it.

  134. She seems like a perfectly lovely person but in terms of a spokesperson for the struggling middle class, she’s doing far better than 80-90% of the country.

  135. What is happening now, made me think of something President Obama said in his inauguration speech. What I remembered was something about the ground shifting. I searched the internet and found the paragraph. It’s timely and poignant.

    President Obama (January 20, 2009):

    What the cynics fail to understand is that the ground has shifted beneath them – that the stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply. The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works – whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. And those of us who manage the public’s dollars will be held to account – to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day – because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government.

    I could not be more proud of our brilliant and charismatic leader. We are truly blessed to have him at the helm. He amazes me every day with his passion and desire to do the right thing for the American people. He’s just good inside.

  136. One thing I have noticed about LO is that you can’t just slide crap that remotely is bullshit by him especially if he knows the subject well. Those fools found out the hard way indeed. 🙂

  137. Hello everyone. First post but daily reader. Thanks BWD for this site and thanks to all for the wonderful comments. This place really restores my faith in the country. I knew I wasn’t the only other adult on the internet.
    Thanks a million. I don’t post often but I wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.

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