The Mishmash

1. First, let’s make some calls. This is more important than anything now:

Senate could vote on repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” and both the Senate and House could take votes on the DREAM Act.


2. Yep. 

Obama’s silent majority.

You can see more articles about this faux progressives myth over at:

The Obama Diary.


3.  Who appointed you speakers of Liberals?

The mendacity…


4. Just like we said: Most Americans love them some grownup presidency and solving problems:

Gallup: 66% support for the tax deal


5. Idiots from all sides.

Maureen Dowd is an ignorant (among other things).


6. The end of a terrible injustice.

The President signs the Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (5:30 PM EST).




Still missing you very much, Johnny.


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  1. I was just over at dkos. They have a action diary if you don’t agree with their bashing of the president, they don’t want your help. they call themselves progressives. LOL! its really funny. Are they for getting done or vengeful that they hurt themselves.

  2. One thing i did find, they are over here looking and reading comments as if that is suppose to hurts my stance. Its like i seen what you wrote on BWD site. I can’t belive the jealousy. I will not worry and contiune to support you and this site. who care what they think. I will start by no longer acknowledging them if you catch me slipping up. remind me of my promise.

  3. Hey makesense4tulips, step away from crazy, or you might start becoming crazy too it can be catching. You’ll get there in time.
    It took me a while to completely break the habit, but after a big event I stayed away for a few days and gradually stop reading the comments and then finally only use the search to find BWD diaries. And now only go if someone recommends a diary and; not always. Peace

  4. Folks as BWD mentioned above. It looks like DADT is coming up for a cloture vote. If any of the following Senators are yours give them a call and tell them as a constituent you want them to vote yes on repeal.

    -Susan Collins (R-ME): 202-224-2523

    –Olympia Snowe (R-ME): 202-224-5344

    –Richard Lugar (R-IN): 202-224-4814

    –Judd Gregg (R-NH): 202-224-3324

    –Scott Brown (R-MA): 202-224-4543

    –George Voinovich (R-OH): 202-224-3353

    –Kit Bond (R-MO): 202-224-5721

    –Lisa Murkowski (R-AK): 202-224-6665

    –Mark Kirk (R-IL): 202-224-2854

    –Joe Manchin (D-WV): 202-224-3954

  5. My question to all the screaming liberals about their so called betrayal,” Where are the votes”. I am still waiting for the answer and I have not gotten any yet.

  6. I just tried ive been calling all morning busy, or mailbox full. I did sign the petition. long ago.

  7. Gregg is mine and the staffer sounded a bit harried I am guessing he is getting a lot of calls.

  8. They haven’t answered me when I have posed the same question. The reason is that they can’t..I also have asked them have they contacted Russ Feingold’s office for voting no on the extension of just the middle class tax cuts, and so far I haven’t gotten an answer on that either.

    Jim Demint agrees with Bernie Sanders that the tax cut bill needs to be blocked. What does that tell liberals? Obviously he is for extending the tax cuts for just the wealthy, but that means that he is mad about all of the things in the bill for the middle class. Liberals should take pause when My dumbass tea party Senator agrees with them.

  9. I beleive Scott Brown has said he’d vote to repeal DADT, unless he has since hedged. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to keep calling him.

    Anybody know which way Kirk and Manchin are leaning? Both Burris and the interim Senator in WV voted for repeal in October but now Kirk and Manchin have been sat. I have a feeling Manchin will only vote for it if there is a fair amount of Republican cover for the vote.

  10. The list above are folks who are on the fence or have said they are inclined to vote yes. And as we know with Republicans you cannot count on a vote until after they have voted. So even if they have hinted they are for it call.

  11. BWD, can I request a pictoral round-up of Elizabeth Edwards? We were talking in the previous thread about her two younger children, and how they can be sustained by their mom’s legacy. The Edwards family has had some obvious bumps and bruises, but it would be so nice to be reminded of Elizabeth’s positive legacy, particularly, her vigilance in terms of advocating for people with preexisting health conditions. Those kids have a lot to be proud of.

  12. At the moment they are like lemmings running over the cliff. One starts it and the rest can’t wait to jump over the cliff themselves.
    If they are starting their new Progressive party…good luck to that and getting a single soul elected.

  13. I just called Saxby Chambliss and left a message asking him to support DADT and Dream Act. I know both of my Senators are waste of time

  14. LIEberman says that they have “more than 60 votes for DADT.” Will this fly under the radar as well since it will be a promise kept by this President. Oh right they will say that it didn’t happen fast enough.

  15. I would have love to, but I just don’t have the time to work on such project now. It’s a very crazy week for us, I can hardly update this blog once a day. I’m trully sorry.

    May she rest In peace.

  16. At this point, I’ll just be thrilled it happens. Screw the Screamers. I decided I’d try to keep my focus on the bottom line 🙂

  17. Totally understandable, and amen. Have a wonderful week, BWD. This blog is a wonderful accomplishment. I don’t think that I have ever seen a real online community form this quickly.

  18. Your mistake is in asking fauxgressives questions. Since when do these people speak for liberals.

  19. I have a feeling it could get 70+ because once it looks like it’s going to pass a lot of the GOP senators will not want to be on the wrong side of history.

    Also there was quite a few who defended their nay vote in October saying that they wanted to read the report first. I don’t know how they could read the report and now vote against it.

    A 70+ vote will be a good thing as well because it will make the DADT repeal not a partisan vote. If it’s 58 Dems and to of the most left Republicans, then the GOP can play shenanigans with the military for political games and gains.

    The case for war always is “It’s going to pass, so lets pretend we are united with the decision for the moral of our troops and to show strength to our enemies”. The GOP should vote that way now. Make it pass big to send a message to the potential bigots in the military that this wasn’t a partisan decision.

    I’m hoping. I think Luger would be a big “get” vote, don’t have any faith in McCain or Graham who the MSM treats as experts on all things military.

  20. “It is now more clear than ever that we have 60 or more votes in support of repealing ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ so it is vitally important to reach agreement on the right process to move forward,” he said in his statement.”

    The problem is that apparently although Collins supports the repeal of DADT, she does not want it attached to the Defense bill, so apparently her office has asked Reid not to bring it up for a vote. Reid says that more than likely it will come up for a vote around 4 pm. I don’t know what to think.

  21. not a sure thing yet. collins is still playing games. I will tell you this, I’ve already seen a story going around that Harry Reid is more focused on some online gambling issue more than he is on DADT. so if it fails, be prepared to see all the blame placed on him and Obama. Obama because he ‘loves thumbing his nose at gay people’

  22. I’ll be happy with 60. Collins seems to be a big sticking point right now. She is for repeal but wants unlimited amendment debate which means it drags on forever.

    I know we don’t much care what others are saying, but passage of DADTcould go a long way to maybe muffling the sturm and drang.

  23. I’m mostly surprised that Lieberman has stuck with repealing DADT. There’s something awfully suspicious of that. He couldn’t possibly be listening to reason . . . could he?

  24. I had to laugh at the stab at the media President Obama took. he silenced them about the South korea deal. LOL! I loved that.

  25. I’m not a fan of Joe’s, but I will give him credit he has been consistent on this issue

  26. That was a much better roundup. Thank you very much; I hope that her kids understand that they have a really great mother who will always be with them and who made tangible improvements to real people’s lives.

  27. I think the MSM is pissed that they didn’t get their public showdown with heated rhetoric and furrowed brows on the tax cuts. That’s easy coverage for them, and fills their 24 hour news stations quite nicely. They probably thought that they coudl fall back on that through the new year without much effort, but with those hopes potentially dashed they’re trying to create drama by putting on the fauxgressive hacks on.

    No Drama Obama and a Dem majority in the House and Senate forced the MSM to create controversies like the death panels, the Ground Zero Mosque, the Koran burning pastor. Helping get the GOP elected in November was supposed to bring conflict and drama and the first supposedly “epic showdown” was decided through give and take negotiations behind closed doors.

    If DADT is repealed and START is ratified before the December recess – what will the 24 hour news stations have to fill their programming with? What nontroversy will they blow up? They’re trying their damndest with Assange and the Wikileaks as we speak of course.

  28. HOW are they going to accomplish that when they are phobic about actually interacting with REAL people? Neat trick

  29. And if it passes, they’ll claim they did it because they “held his feet to the fire”, though it will only get GOP votes because of they year long review that they hated.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

  30. You also must intone with sarcasm as thick as the day is long, “THIS is our FIERCE advocate?!!”

  31. They always cry “process” to threaten to vote against something that would be politicially unpopular to block. This just means Collins wants something in a backroom deal and is theatening to vote against DADT repeal unless she gets it.

    The 9/11 First Reponders bill is a recent example.

  32. They already broadcast yesterday what their next target is – they are itching to see the fight on the debt ceiling with the crazy tea baggers. And they will likely get their wish for hours of ransom negotiations as the tea baggers, who don’t understand much, decide to destroy the US credit rating and global economy to make a point to their fellow know-nothings.

    I have to admit, I’m kind of looking forward to watching Boehner and McConnell wrangle the crazies, too.

  33. I was just looking at his conference with the Polosh President. he told the United states media, that economist is now saying the will update their forcast, to a better job growth because of this tax deal,he asked congress to look with facts. He is fed up with the dems and the repubs.

  34. Saint Roscoe, I totally agree with you about MSM and their drama. All entertainment all the time, so they can keep getting their ad dollars. I am so sick of it.

    Like you said they create drama and follow almost any none story no matter how trivial. How about reducing cable tv news to two hours a night three nights per week.

    You can sign my petition at: (just kidding)

  35. That question requires them to actually think and not just react emotionally and they don’t seem capable of that. The 60 vote threshold is and has been the major obstacle in getting things done since the beginning of this administration. It is not the president who holds things back, it is the Senate and its stupid filibuster rules. If “progressives” want more progressive policies enacted then they need to work on the Senate where the hold up always originates and where compromises get made. We have had a solid majority but not a solid 60%. And as long as we have the current rules, compromise will be absolutely, positively impossible to get rid of. But moving the senators is much harder work than screaming at the president. After all the tea party is screaming at him already so why not add to the din? It doesn’t do any good because he isn’t the problem but why let facts get in the way of a few thousand good rants?

    I honestly think that some of the loudest voices just like hearing themselves scream and do it for the acclaim they get from fellow screamers but don’t really have any real desire to see actual progress. If they did they would direct their anger at those who are blocking things – the conservative dems and the republicans – and stop the nonstop bashing of the president. The reason they won’t ever answer your question is because they don’t have any idea how to get 60 votes for anything they want. They just want the president to do it for them. After all they voted for him and that’s all they think they should ever have to do. They want an authority figure to lead the way so they can just sit back and bask in the glory of the wonderful progressive utopia they brought about by voting. It’s much easier than actually having to help whip votes by calling, writing, persuading friends and neighbors to do the same, showing up at town halls, demanding that their reps and senators stop abusing the filibuster or face being voted out of office. In their fantasy world they just need one person to fix everything and then they won’t ever have to do any hard work themselves. But they can get lots of kudos and pats on the back by just ranting how all the problems in the country are the sole responsibility of the president and that he is failing at doing the jobs of everyone in federal government along with his own.

    It only works at all because people are already on edge about the economy and therefor are more susceptible to scapegoating. It has happened throughout history. Loud voices give people someone to focus their anger and anxiety upon, regardless of that person or group’s actual responsibility for the problem or the solution. It’s easy, it’s facile and it’s dishonest but it gets lots of attention, lets them vent some of their anger and take control of their fears by telling themselves that they themselves bear no blame or responsibility, it’s all that other guy’s fault.

    What is truly remarkable is that with all the scapegoating from right and left, it hasn’t actually worked. The president is still overwhelmingly popular among the base and has an historically significant approval rating among the general population. They’ll keep trying but as the recovery continues and more people return to work, they will find the audience will begin to react quite differently to their rants. When people are less fearful and start using reason and not emotion, they will see fewer and fewer followers of their doom and gloom message and more of their past followers will begin to be embarrassed to have ever been led by their rants.

  36. Hello Bwd Family~ Happy Wednesday

    Congressional Switchboard: 1-202-224-3121

    I am trying to get through to my ND reps and ask them to Vote YES on DREAM, END DADT.. and to support the President’s agreement for tax cuts/UI. So far I’ve been able to leave a message at Dorgan’s DC office.. Conrad’s DC line is too full of messages, so will try his ND office.. and I’ll try Pomeroy next, again the Capitol Switchboard is VERY busy and hard to get through.

    I hope others here will call today on these issues. PLEASE.

    And I received this from OFA today:

    Friend —

    This week, President Obama laid out a framework for a bipartisan agreement on tax cuts and unemployment benefits. A lot has been said about this plan — by the President, his supporters, the media, and others.

    Tonight, he wants to discuss that plan with you.

    At 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the President will join OFA supporters for an important conference call.

    Listen live — or, if you haven’t already, sign up for a reminder — here.

    It’s important we hear directly from the President about this compromise.

    Tonight, he’ll address some questions and explain why the compromise, while imperfect, is essential if we’re going to continue on the path toward economic recovery. For middle-class families, the unemployed, students, small businesses, and our economy, this is the right thing to do. And with your help, we can tell that important story.

    If you haven’t yet done so, please RSVP for a reminder, and then listen to the President live at 6:00 p.m. Eastern tonight:



    Mitch Stewart
    Organizing for America

  37. Tried Kirk—-keep getting “that mailbox is full” message. And a Big Sigh—-if Alexi had won, I wouldn’t need to be concerned about how he would vote.

  38. Boehner will be the most fun because he is quite emotional; remember “Hell no we can’t” from HRC debate and “chickencrap” from last week house vote on middle class tax extension. I will have to start watching the Daily Show next congress

  39. Rand Paul will be the big thorn. All the others have passed raising the cieling before and any grandstanding is just playing to the cameras. Of the new senators Ayotte will do what she is told, Toomey, Bond and Hoevan will know that they have to eventually vote for it, Kirk wouldn’t default on his favorite country China, Rubio has higher aspirations to make any noise on this issue.

    Lee out of Utah could be another problem. I hope Obama just tells McConnell – they’re your problem, you wanted Rand Paul elected, you deal with him.

  40. Having watched the segment with Lawrence O’Donnell’s guests I have to ask why were three of the four (Jane Hamsher,Adam Greene and Mendacity Man ) on if they did not have a clue about American political history,current tax policy and what is in Pres Obama’s Tax Deal?
    Thank God for Ezra Klein.He seems smart and well-informed and if disgrees it’s on policy not some ridiculous personal attack.

    Good job BWD.

  41. Not a clue. I know Reid, Lieberman and the White House are leaning hard on Collins. So timing will probably depend on those negotiations you know that hateful compromise thing.

  42. Missing John Lennon, too. Listening to “Imagine” still makes me cry.

    DREAM Act – DADT!! Hopefully we can move on at this point?

    I do think that the President does need to do more press conferences – people need to see how he still shines.

  43. Did the staffer say if Gregg will or won’t vote for repeal?

    My Senator isn’t on the list but I still called him.

  44. I wonder if Laurence didn’t do it on purpose. So he could highlight that being against something is one thing, but not having a plan beyond being against it is a pretty damn weak position.

  45. OH right ;0) Judd Gregg hates hearing from constituents, especially Democratic constituent. I was just happy to talk to a live person who said he would pass my message along.

  46. Hey sherijr. i sent a email ive been calling all morning. i get busy and full mail boxes.

  47. You are like me 🙂
    I’ve made an art out of worrying. About…well..just about everything.

  48. I’ve never liked MoDo. She is clueless about what the middle class wants and clueless about politics in general. I’ve never liked her condescending writing style since day one.

  49. Hey Ms tulips.. you and I on the same page, I was just coming back over here to let folks know they were debating DREAM on the floor now 🙂

    Durbin up now: CSPAN2:

    Its hard to listen to because these senators so often play to the most ignorant and hateful of America.

  50. I feel calm when I watch the President speak and a few Democrats, but when the rebugs start lying I find it upsetting and thats why it makes me worry, because a lot of people listening believe them.

  51. They’re both revolting terms. The irony is is that Louisiana Gov Bobby Jindal is the quintessential “anchor baby”!!! Apparently he was conceived in India but born in the US shortly after his mother immigrated to the US. I wonder whether the Republicans will question his citizenship if he decides to run for president in the future!!!

  52. did you see session, talking about how they can get fake diplomas thru google. He has no argument.

  53. So, I guess he thinks this means his comments were right and that people agree:

    KeithOlbermann Ratings for last night just arrived. During Comment & @Maddow ‘s segment on tax deal, the audience was about 50% higher than usual.

  54. It does seem at times that many want him to use the bully pulpit, they want a dog and pony show – for everything, almost.

    DADT is one piece of legislation I’d like to see him publicly endorse on MSM. But, then again, the MSM would have to be willing….

  55. He is such an idiot, he knows those things will have to be verified. Now people will start repeating that mess

  56. lol….I know. I watch him & Rachel, but not as much as I use too. I can’t get over him not voting.

  57. No when I tuned in McConnel was up.. now Sessions is back again now.. good grief he’s ignorant. Typical repub making up shit as he goes along.

  58. Lawrence allowed everyone to show their true colors in this. And they did. And he hoisted them on their own petard. Only Ezra Klein appears to have active braincells.

    BTW: I have never seen Jane Hamsher live on TV before. (What can I say, I read my news mostly.) I want to know if those were the cheeks she was born with.

  59. I can’t call from work, but I emailed Steny Hoyer, Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin – twice!

  60. Not trying to make you feel bad, but I think Jane’s appearance comes from having a very serious fight with cancer. So this is an area I steer clear.

    I’ll hammer her all day long on her politics.

  61. Olbermann is a bit of a blowhard — always has been since his sportscaster days–but I like and defend him anyway.

    He also has an audience he needs to cater to to keep up ratings. But I can forgive Keith more easily than most, and he will more than likely try to be fair, even when he disagrees with the POTUS.

  62. The entire dialogue about race and culture has to change, it seems that America is a bit psychotic when it comes to policy, references and priorities for people of color.

  63. This is just sickening. Collins just keeps moving the goalposts. It would be great if Lieberman had about 64 votes lined up and he didn’t need her for clouture. Everything has to be a contest with the Republicans. It never ends.

  64. Harry is waiting for the House to vote on Dream Act which will probably be in a couple of hours, after the house votes the senate will then move to vote on the Dream Act.

  65. Looking at that gallup poll:

    Democrats: 52% support extending the Bush tax cuts and 84% support the UI extension. Independents at 67% for BTC and 71% for UI.
    Even Republicans 85% BTC (no surprise) and 43% for UI (guess they don’t all think unemployed people are unemployed because they are lazy and like being paid not to work).

    Anyway, those Democratic numbers show very clearly that those screaming about this being a bad deal are not a majority and are not representative of the base. In fact a majority actually support the extension of the Bush tax cuts! Since Democrats also need independents in order to win, it’s also good to see the support there is high as well. This is what the pundits don’t get. People want action not grandstanding, from government.

  66. Of course they were. People are attracted to rants. I’m sure his ratings are always up when he gives a special comments. I’m sure that’s a big reason why he does them.

  67. I guess who gives a damn about the two million people about to be cut off from unemployment before the holiday; who gives a damn about the impoverished people who benefit from the EITC. Olbermann got good ratings for a bullshit rant seeking a moral victory at the expense of real people’s lives. His ratings were high and that’s all that matters. The Democratic base has NO media representation, none. They pulled this same bs during the oil spill and were dead wrong, hallucinating garbage about a freaking speech and utterly ignoring the substantive work done. These people are all teabaggers IMO.

  68. Fauxgressives on the wrong side of history, on the wrong side of public opinion, on the wrong side of the base…again.

  69. Steve Benen has a great post up about the Democrats and the blame game. The circular firing squad is in full force but they are going after the wrong target. It’s really pathetic.

    Bottom line, the Democrats in congress and the professional left should be calling out the Republicans but they are too busy blaming President Obama.


  70. Thank you again for this refreshing and thoughtful site. I am so glad that we do have an intelligent, compassionate, and caring president. I am watching C-SPAN 2 now, and it breaks my heart to hear how the voting is going right now in the Senate. But we do have the hope that our leader will continue to lead. Hopefully, the senators will look in the mirror tonight and see what they did today.

  71. I’ve faxed and emailed McCain and Kyl. Can’t get calls through. Doubt it will help with those two but got to keep trying.

    Thanks BWD.

  72. Take Starm’s advice, Tulips. And another good thing to do is to disengage your ego: “we’re glad that we’re running people out of here” is meant to engage your ego and make you hang around there out of defiance. It really isn’t worth it to be around that type of poison, trying to correct or balance them. Use your energy towards creating better things rather than going back and forth with the malicious, duplicitous people who caused so many problems there. They will turn on a dime anyway when it’s popular to give props to POTUS again. Fingers to the wind expedients.

    That space just isn’t worth your time. My two cents.

  73. Thanks for the reminder. I called both of my Senators and my Representative

    Gillibrand’s office was either overwhelmed or just not with the program to care about passing along my concerns to her. A dissappointement.

    I had a much better reception with Chuck Schumer and Carolyn Maloney’s office. While all expressed support for DREAM and END DADT (a no-brainer in NY State) no office could report an “official position” on the tax proposal.

    But I made my “66% happiness” (a la Gallup) with it clear.

  74. Feingold likes to vote with the Republicans supposedly because the Democratic bills aren’t good enough for him. It really doesn’t matter what his reasons are when his votes tend so often to be on the wrong side. It doesn’t lead to a stronger bill likes he pretends it will.

  75. This is something I do not understand. Why Feingold keeps getting thrown out there by the cranky left as a primary choice. Russ is a deficit hawk. Always has been always will be. He is progressive on social issues, but very conservative on the fiscal side.

    He voted against the 250K tax package as well. Why because he wants them all to go away. A 50% increase to the working poor’s taxes . . . life’s a bitch.

  76. Well the measure failed. No checks for seniors..The House also couldn’t get the bill passed earlier so what’s up with that? The liberals need to pay attention because people like Feingold that vote based on purity would never get legislation passed if they were President.

  77. I’ve deleted the KOS bookmarks from all my computers (not that anyone will miss me- was a 99.44% lurker, but I’m not even going to give them my page hits) and have unsubscribed from any email list that have sent me attacks on my President- was glad to tell those who asked for a reason exactly that.
    Very glad to have found you here, BWD. Keep up the great work!

  78. The other problem with this is that now the media will report it as CONGRESS Failed to pass this assistance for the Seniors.

    Had we held our Caucus together we could have gone before the cameras and let the country know that the Republicans all voted not to assist our Seniors but oh know the sanctimonious purist had to go vote NO along with a few other bozo’s on our side.

  79. thank you Donna, I was afraid I’d missed this 🙂 One more decent thing this president has done to right America.

  80. Sign seal delivered, now lets get DADT, and Dream Act Today and Start and Taxes sorted soon and then we can finally sleep for a little while. Peace

  81. Hi Theo, So did I. I left a message of encouragement at, called Senators Boxer and Feinstein. Will call Hamsher, thanks.

  82. I’ve heard so many people say “He should have threatened to veto all the tax breaks.”

    That would have had the GOP cheering.

    Because we would have seen these kind of headlines (and comments) from the MSM:

    “Obama blocks tax cuts for working people!”

    “President will veto tax relief bill for the middle class!”

    “Obama refuses deal that could extend unemployment benefits!”

    O is not stupid. He knows exactly what kind of half-truths twisted into whole lies the right-wing loves to pitch. With this deal, what the hell can they say? “Obama refuses to stick it to the rich!”

    Now, he gets unemployment benefits extended, middle class tax cuts extended, payroll taxes cut, and the GOP doesn’t dare scream about the deficit. Millions of desperate Americans helped, a “stealth” shot of stimulus, and only a temporary extension to the tax cuts for the wealthy instead of the permanent cuts the GOP wanted.

    Obama wins, the middle class and the unemployed win, workers win. This is a bad deal?

  83. I didn’t even pay any attn to the ins and outs today because I just KNEW someone would balk.

  84. I’m actually relieved. TPM had me worried that it was dead if the vote was taken tonight.

  85. Hes on OFA explaining it very well right now:

    No 60 votes – even less next year

    Having that battle now would put folks in worse conditions.. 2 million folks without Unemployment benefits

    To break stalemate.. had to come to agrement with the other side.. even though he disagrees with them.

    At the core, this is progressive for the families we’ve been fighting for. Overall a good deal for hardworking Americans. And does not end the discussion on taxes for wealthy.

    prevents huge tax increase on middle class

    Critical extension of benefits to unemployed for 13 months- that is a huge victory against repubs

    Boosts the economy in short term

    helps small business

    extends tax credits for working poor, college students (I always relied on this as a working parent)

    profound impact on job growth

    I’m sorry but anyone thats against this ain’t no liberal. imo

  86. Some progressives. How can anyone vote agains an additional $250 payment to struggling senior citizens is beyond me. If we gave every senior citizen 250, it wouldn’t begin to make much of a wave in the pool of deficits.

  87. Thanks ACD.. I gave a little last week when that nasty ad came out by Adam Green, I went straight to OFA 😉

  88. He sent something out, email recently – via OFA I think and signed it “Barack”.. and I thought never in my life have I seen a President do that with the people.. I know its a small thing, but to just average people it is meaningful.

  89. I thought that “Hello this is Barack was funny as hell” apparently thats how he usually introduce himself when folfs meet him at whitehouse

  90. MSNBC wants to be the new Faux News. It’s a ratings game – pretend outrage and one sided arguments. Maddow is probably the only one I can stomach sometimes; and O’donnel, but the rest just scream nonsense. But sometimes even Rachel seems a bit much like a sanctamonious purists (last night segment was a good example i.e. leadersjip). I’m sick of folks telling Obama how to act. It makes me SCREAM…I say let him be.

  91. The “Professional left” is looking/sounding more and moree like the Teaparty. What a disappointment…

  92. Oops, forgot the other part of my comment.
    Jane did not answer the questions put to her but went on a rampage to make her point that Obama was a sellout. Adam stuck to his talking point that Obama gives up before the fight starts. And Roger, well I couldn’t figure out exactly why he was on the panel – except to call Obama a weakling. Erza was reasonable and pointed out why the deal would benefit the middle class.

  93. I’m not sure about everyone else but I am just starting to find my way around BWD’s blog. I found the “Like” key just above^^. I’ve been told this this is a show of appreciation to the blog administrator (BWD) for her hard work preparing the thread.

    Then at the bottom of the thread there is a listing of users that shows you who made the most recent comments so you can CTRL-F the persons name and it takes you right to the most their comments.

    Pretty nice I’d say!

    Thank you BWD for creating a great space to communicate!

  94. I’ve been avoiding DailyNO’s and it really feels good. It reminds me of the time I stopped watching Morning Joe well over a year ago. It just calms the nerves.

    I’m also avoiding MSNBC. Rachel was in rare form last night. It’s amazing how the professional left spends the majority of their time whining and complaining about President Obama. He calls them out by making a very legitimate point and they have a cow. Talk about thin skinned.

  95. I am getting tired by all this outrage because of ideological battle between Democrats. Republicans hate that deal as well but for very different reason. Their ideal deal would be : tax cuts for wealthy, more tax cuts for wealthy and no tax cuts for anyone else. So if someone think we could have better position in negotiation in coming January with Republican House then they have to be dreaming because House is the part of governing body where tax law is structured and written.

  96. There’s a national ofA phonebank today calling to supporters in states of possible GOP yes votes. Also a remote call option. Time for the silent majority to be heard!

  97. That’s the very thing that I find amazing. They call him every name in the book. They question his manhood, his leadership abilities and then they refuse to support him and when he responds they go “how dare he”.

  98. As I said at weeseeyou, I have also chosen a fauxgressive-free blogging lifestyle. Wonderful isn’t it, Ladyhawke? Facts, information, no sensationalism, and no poutrage. It’s very nice.

  99. Thirded! The man with the master plan hooked us up. I am no fan of these tax cuts for the rich yet POTUS extracted a laundry list of concessions in exchange.

    Thank *you* POTUS. I will most certainly be talking this deal up to my neighbors!

  100. I think it’s more than Collins. I think there is a secret moderate Gang of X (could be just Snowe, Collins and Brown) on the GOP side that votes as a block and will only all vote one way if all agree. So Collins out means they’re all out.

  101. And appropriate quote for the times I think:

    “The secret to changing your life is in your intentions. Wishing, hoping and goal setting cannot accomplish change without intention. What is needed is a shift from the inert energy of wanting to the active energy of doing and intention.”

    – Wayne Dyer

  102. DailyKos free day for me. And boy did it feel good! I have a MUCH more positive attitude. I dropped a bunch of groups on Facebook, too, including Rachel Maddow. Keith Olbermann I got rid of long ago. My Facebook is now a much kinder/gentler place.

    Speaking of whining, though, I did happen to pop on our local Air America today for a few minutes and caught Ed Schultz. He was going on in a whiney cry-baby voice about what a bunch of whiners the Republicans are for complaining about being called “hostage takers”. And he immediately pivoted and went right into how outraged and insulted he is by President Obama comparing the Tax Cut issue to the Public Option. It’s a personal insult to him to even make that comparison. And the irony and hypocrisy of that entire 5 minutes flew right over his head and those of much of his audience. If it weren’t so pitiful, I’d have laughed my ass off.

  103. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this website! Also, not political and perhaps frivolous , but the President will be appearing on Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel tonight at 9 Eastern. He gives the Mythbusters a job to do. 🙂

    A bit late notice, I know, but I just wanted to give people a heads up since it hasn’t been mentioned here yet.

  104. I will take the “professional” left and the angry liberals serious when they say that they will not accept the tax credits that will help them. If they pledge to take all of the extra income that they will be getting, and donate it to somebody else that will appreciate it, I will take their anger serious. I will take them serious when they turn down the educational credits, and also refuse unemployment insurance(but obviously none of the Professional left fits into that category). Its time to put up or shut up. How many of the Professional Left are willing to “pretend” that the Bush tax cuts have been rolled back, and take that money and donate it instead? Odds are not many of them. Hell Arianna Huffington aka Huff and Puff isn’t even donating the proceeds of third world America to any charity as far as I know.

  105. I understand the Dream Act passed the House. This is great news and it will make my spooky governor Brewer nervous(a special bonus). Hope this passes in the Senate. Now, on to the repeal of DADT. This president and the house and senate are hitting on all cylinders at last. Please, let these bills pass! I think 2011 will have to be a year of foreign policy achievements and low-key domestic work for Obama. Part of our job is to change things for the better in our own backyard, literally. How about a vegetable garden like Michelle’s? Or buy something at a farmers market. Also, write emails to your local groceries asking for more produce and less processed food. You will be helping the first lady and the country.

  106. Oops! I didn’t know. I just noted that her face is like a mask. I thought it was “vanity botox”.

    Very sorry to hear that she was afflicted with cancer. Glad that she is a survivor.

    Don’t have to like her or respect her opinions though.

  107. Ray:

    Great ideas and keeping with the times. The consumer has just as much as power as the voter. We need to guide the providers and producers to the products we get to eat by demanding they provide the products we want.

  108. I’ve always loved Ezra even when I disagree with him. He gets economics and policy and can argue points on the merits. He was one great source in pushing back on Jane (and slinkerwink/nyceve’s) lies on the health care bill.

  109. It definitely can be catching. There are some posters who used to be reasonable but got caught up in the drama and have become clones of the unreasonable posters. It’s sad.

  110. I listen to Randi Rhodes (liberal talk) and Stephanie Miller who try to give the rational side of the issue. I just don’t understand liberals. I can’t but help recall when Jimmy Carter was President and the liberals treated him the same way. I would rather President Obama be a one term president (like Jimmy Carter) and get a lot done, in spite of his party. Jimmy Carter was so mistreated by his party and it’s de ja vu.

  111. Feingold’s always been a problem on the big issues – he likes to vote on “principle” by voting with the Republicans if the Dem proposal does not meet his idiosyncratic standard of perfection. Obviously, it hurts to lose a Dem senator but he competes with Ben Nelson as the least reliable Dem senator. He ends up on the wrong side for different reasons but in the end he is voting with Jim Demint, Tom Coburn, Jim Inhofe — those are some interesting “principles” that create those partnerships, Russ!!

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